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A first National Star 



From the collection of the 

z n 

o Prelinger 

i a 


t P 

San Francisco, California 

The continued supremacy of 

(paramount (pictures 

is due to the same reasons that 
put Paramount at the head of 
the picture industry years ago: 

L A huge and highly efficient producing 

2. The greatest living authors writing original 
photoplays for Paramount. 

3. Stars and artists whose enormous popularity 
is second only to their ability. 

4. Directors whose very names are synony- 
mous with the highest screen art. 

5. Five years of national advertising, backed 
up always by the goods. 

6. Ideals that have remained true to the ever 
higher standards demanded by the great art of the 
motion picture. 


Advance Announcement of a few of the 

great Paramount Pictures coming 

in the season 1921-1922 

Cecil B. DeMilles production "THE AFFAIRS OF AMATOL," 
with Wallace Reid, Gloria Swanson, Elliott Dexter, Bebe 
Daniels, Monte Blue, Wanda Hawley, Theodore Roberts, Agnes 
Ayres, Theodore Kosloff, Polly Moran, Raymond Hatton and 
Julia Faye. By Jeanie Macpherson, suggested by Arthur 
Schnitzler's play and its paraphrase by Granville Barker. 

George Fitzmaurices production, "EXPERIENCE," with Richard 
Barthelmess as "Youth." Marjory Daw in the cast. From 
the great play by George V. Hobart. 

"Peter Pan," J. M. BARRIE'S masterpiece. Produced under the 
author's personal supervision by John D. Robertson. 

Wallace Reid in "THE CHAMPION" from the season s Broadway 
success by Thomas Louden and A. E. Thomas. 

Wallace Reid, Gloria Swanson and Elliott Dexter in "RAINBOW'S 
END," a spectacular new production. 

Elsie Ferguson and Wallace Reid in "PETER IBBETSON," a 
George Fitzmaurice production. Cast includes George Fawcett 
Elliott Dexter and Montagu Love. From the DuMaurier play, 
in which John and Lionel Barrymore scored their greatest 
stage success. 

Betty Compson in J. M. Barries "THE LITTLE MINISTER," 

directed by Penrhyn Stanlaws. 
Cecil B. DeMilles production "Fools' Paradise" adapted from 

Leonard Merrick's story "THE LAURELS AND THE LADY." 

Cast includes Dorothy Dalton, Mildred Harris, Conrad Nagel 

and Theodore Kosloff. 

Thomas Meighan in "A PRINCE THERE WAS," George M. 

Cohan's great comedy success by Darragh Aldrich. 
Elsie Ferguson in "FOOTLIGHTS," from the Saturday Evening 

Post story by Rita Weiman. A John S. Robertson production. 
William deMilles production "AFTER THE SHOW," by Rita 

Weiman. Cast includes Jack Holt, Lila Lee and Charles Ogle. 
George Loane Tucker's production "LADIES MUST LIVE," with 

Betty Compson. Presented by Mayflower Photoplay Corp. 

By Alice Duer Miller. 

Betty Compson in "AT THE END OF THE WORLD," directed 
by Penrhyn Stanlaws. . From the play by Ernst Klein. 

(paramount (^pictures 

) <gXsXS)<gX2)^^ 


Gloria Swanson in Elinor Glyn's "THE GREAT MOMENT," 

a spectacular knockout. 
Wallace Reid in "THE HELL DIGGERS," by Byron Morgan. 

Directed by Frank Urson. 
William S. Hart in 'THREE-WORD-BRAND," a William S. Hart. 

production directed by Lambert Hillyer. 
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbucklc in "GASOLINE GUS," by George 

Pattulo. Cast includes Lila Lee. Directed by James Gruze. 
George Melford's production "THE GREAT IMPERSONATION," 

from E. Phillips Oppenheim's novel. Cast includes James 

Kirkwood and Ann Forrest. 

Ethel Clayton in "BEYOND," by Henry Arthur Jones. Scenario 
by Julia Crawford Ivers. Directed by William D, Taylor. 

Thomas Meighan in "CAPPY RICKS," from the Saturday Even- 
ing Pose stories by Peter B. Kyne. Agnes Ayres in the cast. 
Directed by Tom Forman. 

Gloria Swanson in "UNEASY VIRTUE," by Carey Wilson. Directed 

by Sam Wood. 
George Melford's production "THE SHEIK," from the famous 

novel by E. M. Hull. 
William S. Hart in "WHITE OAK," a Hart production directed 

by Lambert Hillyer. 
Jack Holt in "THE MAN WHO SOLD HIMSELF," his first 

starring vehicle. 
Agnes Ayres in "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT," her first starring 

"Dangerous Lies," a Paul Powell production with David Powell. 

By E. Phillips Oppenheim. 
Ethel Clayton in "HER OWN MONEY," by Mark Swan. Directed 

by Joseph Henabery. 
William deMilles production "THE CRADLE," from Eugene 

Brieux s famous play. 
Ethel Clayton in "EXIT THE VAMP," by Clara Beranger. 

Directed by Joseph Henabery. 
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuc^ in "THIRTY DAYS," by A. E. Thomas. 

Directed by James Cruze. 

(paramount (pictures 


Thomas Meighan in "THE SEA BRIDE," an original photoplay 

story by Edward Sheldon. 
Gloria Swanson in "UNDER THE LASH," by Edward Knoblock. 

Directed by Sam Wood. Mahlon Hamilton leading man. 
William S. Hart in "TRAVELING ON," a Hart production, 

directed by Lambert Hillyer. 

Ethel Clayton in "YOUR HOME COMES FIRST," by Clara 
Beranger. Directed by Joseph Henabery. 

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in "SHOULD A MAN MARRY?" by 
Sarah Y. Mason. Cast includes Harriett Hammond and Mary 
Thurman. Directed by James Cruze. 

Wallace Reid in a cross-continent automobile story by Byron 

George Melford's production "YOU CANT FOOL YOUR WIFE,' 

by Hector Turnbull. 

"Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush" Donald Crisp's production of Ian 
MacLaren's famous novel. Filmed on the original locations. 
Donald Crisp plays the leading male role. 

Gloria Stcanson in Elinor Glyn's "BEYOND THE ROCKS." 
Directed by Sam Wood. 

Wallace Reid in "AN ASSISTED FRANKENSTEIN," by Charles 
E. Van Loan Directed by Frank Urson. 

Betty Comf>son in "THE WOMAN IN THE CASE," from Clyde 
Fitch's famous play. Directed by Penrhyn Stanlaws. 

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in "VIA FAST FREIGHT," by Curtis 
Benton. Directed by James Cruze. 

Gloria Swanson in "THE ORDEAL," by Somerset Maugham, 
Directed by Sam Wood. 

Betty Compson in "THE STAMPEDE MADONNA." By Monte 
M. Katterjohn. Directed by Penrhyn Stanlaws. 

Wallace Reid in "RENT FREE," by Mann Page and Izzola 
Forrester Page. Directed by Frank Urson. 

(paramount (pictures 












Allen Holubar 



Mabel Baliin 

Hugo Baliin Productions, Inc. f 






argarjta* fisher 

i f 


Anders *Randolf 






Sowing the WincT "Black Beaut} 

'When We Were Twenty-One 




Columbia University Club 

4 West 43rd Street 

New York City 




"45 Minutes From Broadway" 
"Peaceful Valley" 
"Nineteen and Phyllis" 
"The Old Swimmin' Hole" 
"Scrap Iron" 



"A Midnight Bell" 
"The Barnstormer" 
"Two Minutes to Go : 









f ecce aoS -Nwell known 
The Mem in the Moon 




Edward Thaver Monroe 


William Duncan 



Edith Johnson 





Directing and Starring 


Five-reel Super-Special 

Released Through Robertson-Cole 

Clarke Irvine 
Director of Advertising 

Universal City, Cal. 


Lewis S. Stone 

212 S. Wilton Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Recent Releases 

Marshall Neilan Production. 
Goldwyn Production. 
Goldwyn Production. 
Thomas H. Ince Production. 
David M. Hartford Production. 
L. B. Mayer Production. 

In Preparation 
" The Rosary " Selig and Rork Production. 

' The River's End " 

' Milestones " 

' The Concert " 

'Beau Revel" 

' The Golden Snare " 

' Muffled Drums " 





"fKomas Jay 









TOD i 

O) 3 



3 $ 

u | 

03 S 

^^^ (5 


i-H 2 

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=3 S 




'Hu morescjue 

* tfheWorld gnd -His 'Wife " 
Cameron of the Royal Mounted 

Sylvia Hadina 






Josef Swickard 





An All-Important Message 
To Independent Producers 
of Motion Pictures From 

A. E. LEFCOU'RT, President 


pIONEER FILM CORPORATION, ever since it became a 
* factor in this industry, has done everything in its power to 
improve the conditions and further the interests of the independ- 
ent producer. It is not a producing company ; it purchases pic- 
tures when they are completed. It has always enjoyed the dis- 
tinction of being the only concern to give honest encouragement 
to the individual director, film star and playwright to enter into 
business for himself assuring him of a ready market for his 
worth-while product. 

distributing facilities of Pioneer Film Corporation are 
tremendous not in theory but in reality. Our growth has 
been rapid and, perhaps, amazing not on paper but in physical 
tangibility and our resources are almost unlimited. The film 
productions we are in the market for must have genuine merit 
and be of real quality. Pioneer wishes no photoplays that are 
relics of the just-passed era, when anything that had 5,000 feet 
would suffice. Pioneer and Quality think of them as ONE ! 

YOU, the independent producer, can count upon Pioneer to 
co-operate with you to the fullest extent. If this message 
is not an incentive to you it must at least be an invitation an 
invitation to success. The gateway is swung open there is 
room for all of you to enter. Which of you will? Strict confi- 
dence will govern all communications. 


A. E. Lef court 

Pioneer. Film Corp., 

New York City. 


Dora .Mills /Idams 




4 OF 

/INDEPENDENCE Day, this year, will mark 
a significant event in the history of motion 
pictures the first anniversary of the birth of 
Associated Producers Incorporated. 

Coming into existence on this Great Day, we 
feel justly proud in proclaiming the fact and in 
Wiouncing a progressive policy and program 
T the ensuing months. 

Associated Producers Inc. is a cooperative 
organization and as its birthday signifies, is 
free and independent of all outside alliances, 
production and distribution of quality 
n pictures is the sole business of this 

hold ourselves accountable to the Exhib- 
of the World only and if our methods 
Woduct meet with their approval we 
have accomplished much. 

r\ \\. 




is making 

Legitimate Dramatic Productions 

Two and Five Reel Comedies of Hilarious Appeal 

Recent Corned^ Achievements Are 

"Down on the Farm" (released by United Artists), 
"Married Life" and "Love, Honor and Behave" 
(released by First National) ; " A Small Town Idol " and 
"Home Talent" (released by Associated Producers). 


Mr. Bennett's first serious drama " a play of TO-DAY '' 
has hit the very center of the Bull's-eye of success and 
is a mighty production based on a timely theme, redolent 
of Youth, fraught with thrills and tender and wistful with 
a Love story for Everybody. 

is the next big surprise from the Sennett Studio. 

The Cross-Eyed Genius of Laughter Will Appear 

in a series of 


NOTE: Mack Sennett is a member of ASSOCIATED 
PRODUCERS which is now his sole distributing and 
releasing agency. 

k 56 







The unerring box-office values 
of Thomas H. Ince-Associated 
Producers Productions are am- 
ply demonstrated by the un- 
paralleled success of "Lying 
Lips," '"'Mother o' Mine," and 
"The Cup of Life" a trio of 
winners made under the per- 
sonal supervision of 

Thomas H.Ince 


Producing for 

Associated Producers, Inc. 

"The Ten Dollar Raise" 
by Peter B. Kyne 

"The Black Fox" 

by E. Phillips Oppenheim 






GEO. D. 

A Night Out 




The Shell Game 


His Father's Son 


Peggy Does Her Darndest 


The Lion's Den 


The Wager 


The White Raven 




Buried Treasure 


The Man Who Lost Himself 






Without Limit 


Address 130 West 44th Street 
New York City 


S D. W. Qnffitli 


Rex Ingram Productions 

Supervised and Directed bv 

1 'Shore Acres' ' 

"The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" 

"The Conquering Power" 




New York Lodge 
234 W. 55th St. Circle 
Adolfi, John G. 
Archainbaud, Geo. 
Badger, Clarence 
Barker, Regirald 
Beal, Frank 
Beaudine, William 
Beaumont, Harry 
Bertram, William 
Blystone, John G. 
Borzage, Frank 
Brooke, Van Dyke 
Buel, Keanan 
Campbell, Colin 
Carewe, Edwin 
Carleton, Lloyd B. 
Chaudet, Louis Wm. 
Chautard, Emile 
Christie, Al E. 
Clements, Roy 
Cline, E. F. 
Conway, Jack 
Cox, George L. 
Crisp, Donald W. 
Daly, Wm. Robt. 
Dawley, J. Ssarle 
De Grasse, Joseph 
DeMille, Cecil B. 
DeMille, William C. 
Dillon, J. F. 
Duncan, William 
Eagle, Oscar 
Edwards, J. Gordon 
Ellis, Robert 
Emerson, John 
Fishback, Fred 
Fitzgerald, Dallas 
Ford, Francis 
Forman, Tom 
Franklin, Harry L. 
French, Chas. K. 
Gerard, Douglas 
Giblyn, Charles 
Gordon, James 
Haddock, Wm. F. 
Hamilton, Gilbert P. 



Hartford, David 
Harvey, John Jos, 
Heerman, Victor 
Heffron, Thomas N. 
Henderson, Dell 
Henley, Hobart 
Hickman, Howard 
Holubar, Allen J. 
Hopper, E. Mason 
Hunt, Jay 
Hunter, T. Hayes 
Ince, John E. 
Ince, Thomas H. 
Ingraham, Lloyd 
Irving, George H. 
Jaccard, Jacques 
Kelsey, Fred A. 
King, Henry 
Kirkland, David 
Knoles, Harley 
Lessey, George A. 
LeSaint, Ed. J. 
Lloyd, Frank 
Lund, 0. A. C. 
Lyons, Eddie 
MacGregor, Norval 
MacQuarrie, Murdock J. 
Maigne, Charles 
Marshall, George 
McGowan, J. P. 
Melford, George 
Millarde, Harry 
Miller, Ashley 
Miller, Charles F. 
Mitchell, Howard 
Moran, Lee 
Neil, Roy 
Niblo, Fred 
Noble, John W. 
O'Brien, John 
Olcott, Sidney 
Otto, Henry W. 
Parke, William 
Parrott. Chas. J. 
Payton, Stuart 

Los Angeles Lodge 
425 Markham Bldg. 

Hollywood, Cal. 
Perret, Leonce 
Powers, Francis J. 
Reynolds, Lynn F. 
Richmond, Jos. W. 
Ricketts, Thomas V. 
Robertson, John S. 
Ruggles, Wesley 
RusseU, Earl 
Russell, William 
Sargent, George L. 
Scardon, Paul 
Schertzinger, Victor 
Seay, Chas. M. 
Seitz, George B. 
Semon, Lawrence 
Sidney, H. Scott 
Siegman, Geo. A. 
Simpson, E. M. 
Sloman, Edward 
Smalley, Phillips 
Stanton, Richard 
Sullivan, Frederick 
Taylor, William D. 
. Taylor, S. E. V. 
Terriss, Tom 
Thomson, Fred A. 
Tourneur, Maurice 
Trimble, Laurence 
Vale, Travers 
Van, Wally 
Vekroff, Perry N. 
Vignola, Robt. G. 
Vincent, James 
Ward, Ernest 
Webb, Kenneth 
Webster, Harry MacRae 
West, Raymond B. 
Williams, C. Jay 
Wilson, Ben 
Withey, Chet 
Wood, Sam 
Worsley, Wallace 
Worthington, William 
Young, James 

R. GALE Press Representative, N. Y. 








M. P. D. A. 

Director of Productions 














Director o 

Productions Del/uxe 
Guaranteed B Ox Office Attractions 

^ *- x *^ 










Feature Director 

Member of 

M. P. D. A. 










M. P. D. A. 

Recent Releases: 

Lionel Barrymore in kk The Devil s Garden" 
Lionel Barrymore in "The Great Adventure" 
Special "The Truth About Husbands" 
Special ^'Salvation Nell" 


jr -^1 


Ben Wilson 

Announces His 1921-1922 Activities 

Six high class Jack Hoxie features of the 

Canadian North West and Western type 

Four special features starring 


Two super serials starring 


Distributed by Arrow Film Corp. 
220 West 42d Street, New York City 

Communication: BERWILLA STUDIOS" 
5821 Santa Monica Blvd., L. A. 



3834 Wilshire Blvd.. L. A. 




Nau; Vbrk. 

Rollin Sturgeon 


Joseph E. Henabery 



Recent Releases 

The Life of the Party Roscoe Arbuckle 

Brewster's Millions Roscoe Arbuckle 

Don't Call Me Little Girl Mary Miles Minter 

Moonlight and Honeysuckle Mary Miles Minter 



1921 Releases 

SCRAMBLED WIVES First National THE LAND OF HOPE Famous Players-Lasky 

IF WOMEN ONLY KNEW Robenson-Cole DAWN OF THE EAST -Famous Players-Lasky 

Management Edward Small 




c^faejfiojr anal D2rec6o^ of 


in ~Produc&on faimu i/ 






H. Kern 



Beryamm B. Hampton 

Benjamin B. Hampton Productions 


Director of 


A Salient Production 
Released by Forward Film Distributors, Inc. 








l The Rider of 
the King Log" 

Current Release 


Starting "FREE AIR" by 
Sinclair Lewis to be made 
in Glacier National Park 



Pres. The Al Gilbert Film Productions, Inc. 

Candler Bldg., 220 W. 42nd Street, N. Y. 





Louis B. Mayer 


John M. Stahl Productions 

Associated First National Productions 
Now Completed 

"The Child Thou Gavest Me" 
"The Song of Life" 




Six Tears Staff of D. W. GrifitK 


" The Broken Lullaby " " The Baby's Ride " 

(Wallace Reid) 

" Probation " " Branch Thirty-Seven " 

" The Sea Brat " " The Last Deal " 

" The Double Crossing " 

" A MANHATTAN KNIGHT " (Fox Feature) 




(Louis Tracy-Fox Special) 

" THE LONG, LONG TRAIL " (Independent) 

" THE GOOD BLACK SHEEP " (Independent) 

" Whatever he has done, it has been performed with excellent 
skill and most thorough and intelligent understanding." 


" The power of true realism lies in picturing the known in such a 
manner as to obtain and hold interest during the story to be told in 
bringing strong situations out of the easily-recognizable affairs of 
our everyday lives. Therein lies the prime merit of Beranger's work. 
There is an unpreached sermon in every second of his contrasts, a 
sermon more deeply felt that it is not pronounced in words, one to 
make the spectators think twice/' LOUIS REEVES HARRISON 

"You are surprised time and again throughout the picture by his 
novel twists and the clever manner in which they are handled. 
Director Beranger wastes no footage, and makes every incident count." 


. " George Beranger's skillful direction results in good continuity 
and sustained fast action." EXHIBITOR'S TRADE REVIEW 

" The utmost skill affording real pleasure to all audiences." 






Charles A. Taylor, to whom was entrusted the doubly important task 
of adapting and directing Oliver Morosco's first picture, " The Half Breed," 
for Associated First National release, has contributed his full share to the 
stage and film history of America. Beginning wh.le still in his 'teens, Tay- 
lor has been writing and producing for thirty years, being the most prodi- 
gious author of melodrama the stage has known. More than thirty plays 
of the thrill type gave Taylor, when this form of amusement was in its hey- 
dey, the title of " the high-priest of melodrama." 

Some of the good old thrillers that Taylor wrote and received fortunes 
from were " King of the Opium Ring," " Queen of the Highway," " Yose- 
mite," " From Rags to Riches," " Escaped from the Harem," " His Brother's 
Crime," " White Tigress of Japan," " Queen of the White Slaves," " The 
Female Detectives," " The Girl Engineer," " The Derby Mascot," " Stolen 
by Gypsies," "Child Wife," "Held for Ransom," "Tracked Around the 
World," " Through Fire and Water," " Queen of the Jungle " and " The 
Circus." Some of the most successful stage careers started in these Taylor 
plays, he developing an almost uncanny knack in discovering talent. His 
latest " find " is five-year-old King Evers whom screen experts regard as one 
of the " discoveries " of the year. Also Ann May and Wheeler Oakman and 
Eugenia Gilbert who are now under his personal direction in management. 

Taylor, in his writings and direction, has drawn from a wonderful knowl- 
edge gained from life itself. The deft Taylor touches, the mastery in blend- 
ing emotional lights and shadows and the swift pyramiding of dramatic 
effects are from the lessons taught in the long school of experience. In ad- 
dition to his work connected with the stage and screen, Taylor has studied 
the phases of the human gamut while a member of a construction gang on a 
railroad, searching for gold in Alaska, railroading, globe-trotting, riding the 
plains as a cowboy and sailing the seven seas on a " windjammer." 

He wrote his first play, " His Brother's Crime," while working on the 
construction of the Southern Pacific across the Mojave desert. Proudly he 
took the manuscript to the biggest producer of that day on the Pacific Coast 
Walter Morosco. There in San Francisco was his first meeting with Oliver 
Morosco, then a youngster in knee pants. The friendship begun in those 
early days has remained unbroken through thirty years and it was Taylor 
whom Morosco summoned first when he made his decision to enter the pro- 
duction of pictures. 

Morosco produced the initial Taylor effort in San Francisco with the au- 
thor himself in the role of the hero. That was the beginning. The next 
year Taylor started in to conquer the East with " The Derby Mascott " at 
the famous People's Theatre on the Bowery. 

This theatre, as well as the Fifth Avenue, was under the managerial 
guidance at that time of Harry Miner, one of the leading producers of the 
day. He haled Taylor as " a new genius from the West " and did much to 
start the young author on the road to fame. Following " The Derby Mas- 
cot " Taylor wrote as many as four plays in one year. One, " Held for 
Ransom" was written in thirty hours for Helen M. Stone, the missionary 
captured by the Turks. 

When motion pictures began to encroach upon the melodramatic field, 
Taylor, always progressive, altered his activities to fit the new conditions. 
When the Metro studio was established in New York Taylor was placed in 
editorial charge, directing all the releases at that time. 

In addition to his melodramas, Taylor has written plays and scenarios 
for Laurette Taylor, Frank Keenan, Ethel Barrymore, Marjorie Rambeau, 
Viola Dana, Emmy Wehlen, Francis X. Bushman, Lionel Barrymore, Mary 
Pickford, Mary Miles Minter, May Allison, and many others. 

Taylor is now writing special stories for Wheeler Oakman, Ann May, 
Eugenia Gilbert, King Evers and others. 




David Butler 

Fred J. Butler 


Starring in His Cwn 

Feature Productions 

Among Which Are 




Distributed by Irving M. Lesser 



Director of 

" The Servant in the House " 

" Lombard!, Ltd." with Bert Lytell 

" Riders of the Dawn " and " U-P-Trail " by Zane Grey 

" The Money Changers " by Upton St. Clair 

" The Spenders " by Harry Leon Wilson 



.^Sticks and Stones* ^ ^Stran^or than Fiction , 
Trust "Vbur Wife *Pae?sionb Playground 

k The Turning Tbint" 
PAULINE FREDERICK (Golden) in^The Fear Woman 

*Theetrayar (Special 









Directing ] 







Recent Successes: 




Recent Feature Release "813" 
Do you remember 


M. P. D. A. 




Recent Successes: 



William S. Campbell 

Originator and Creator 
Educational Animal Comedies 
Producing thirteen 

Two Reel 

Campbell Animal Comedies 

Educational Release 



announce in preparation 



(from the famous play by Edward E. Rose) 

with an all-star cast headed by Lewis Stone 

Directed by Jerome Storm 




(by Wm. Farquhar Payson) 


(Charles Coghlan's great stage play) 

of the BIG SNOWS 

(by James Oliver Curwood) 
Lewis Stone heads an all-star cast in each of these productions 


In preparation 

Special five-reel productions starring SNOWY BAKER, 
the famous international athlete 

Distribution not yet arranged 






Something new for your program 
Famous Stones by Famous Authors with 

Famous Players 
One two-reel drama every month 

Now Ready for Release 


from James Oliver Curwpod's famous story, " The Wilderness 

Mail," with Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery and 

Ethel Grey Terry 


from Clarence L. Cullen's famous story with 

William Desmond, Wallace Beery and 

Elinor Fair 

Directed by Bertram Bracken 


Twelve thrilling one-reel animal pictures, one each 


Featuring all the animals in the world-famous Selig 


To be distributed by the 


E. W. Hammons, Pres. 


1 3 


S07O Sunset glvcL 


H. M. Warner 

A. Warner 


1600 Broadway, New York City 

West Coast Studio 
Sunset Boulevard and Bronson Ave., Hollywood 


Thirteen Warner Federated Comedies 

Featuring Monty Banks 

Twenty-six one-reel 

Federated Comedies 


Juanita Hansen in " The Lost City " 
" Miracles of The Jungle " produced at Selig Zoo 


Wesley Barry in " Schooldays " 
Why Girls Leave Home " starring Anna Q. Nilsson 
Series five-reel features starring Juanita Hansen 

By special arrangements 
Peck's Bad Boy " starring Jackie Coogan 

S. L. Warner 

J. L. Warner 








'Producing Series 

For Release by 
Arrow Film Corp. 




Comedies that are Worth-while and Mirth-while 




The Nerviest Man in Pictures 
Featured in the Best Theatres in the World 


Produced by 
Jack Cohn Joe Brandt Harry Cohn 


The " Biggest Little Feature on the Screen " 


It Shows just what movie fans want to see 
Their favorites as they really are, at home 
and in the Studio 


Produced by 
Jack Cohn Louis Lewyn 

Distributed by 


All Rights Controlled by 


1600 B'way, New York 



Truant Husband" 

Four more peci<al f<ature 


to eoiae in 

Produced bu Roeiett R 
ot I^ 
Sr<aged qy Mil 


<She Proof of >a Pictur 
is? It's Pull ing Power 


Home of 

Special (productions 

Partner^ o 
Face o 



Chief Supervising 


Famous Players- 
Lasky Company 


Collaborator with 

David Wark Griffith 

The Birth of a Nation' 

A record of hav- 
i n g personally 
supervised approx- 
imately 500 photo- 
plays for Reliance 
and Majestic, 75 
features for Fine 
Arts-Triangle and 
100 features for 



Author of the following 
Stage Plays and Photodramas 

"Civilian Clothes" 

"A Woman's Way" 

"The Cub" 


"The Sporting Thing to Do" 

"The World and Its Woman" 

"The Rack" 

"Look Before You Leap" 

S uper vising Dire ctor 

Famous Players 
Lasky Company 






Photo- dramatist 


KISMET Robertson-Cole 



BLACK ROSES Sessue Hayakawa 

(Original Story and Photoplay) 


THE SPENDERS : B. B. Hampton 

THE KILLER. B. B. Hampton 

HEARTS' HAVEN . . . . .B. B. Hampton 











who made 







High Quality 
and Thoroughness 

Are the requisites for making perfect pictures. 

The Robert Brunton Studios have an equipment, an 
organization and a service that enable them to guar- 
antee to producers that type of picture. 

When Rudyard Kipling consented to the screening 
of his East Indian classics, he first thought India 
was the only place they could be produced but 
Paul Brunet, conversant with the high quality of pro- 
duction at this plant, convinced the noted author that 
the Brunton Studios could reproduce East Indian 
atmosphere accurate in every way. 

Here is Mr. Kipling's estimate of scenes of his story, " Without Benefit 
of Clergy," screened at the Brunton Studios : 


Two other notable and successful pictures of the year are Mary Pick- 
ford's " Little Lord Fauntleroy " and Douglas Fairbanks's " Three 
Musketeers " both produced with the aid of Brunton Service. 

Other famous producers and stars who have taken advantage of the 
unequalled rental facilities of this plant during the past year, are : 

B. B. Hampton Productions, Dial Film Company, J. L. Frothingham, 
Pathe, Buster Keaton, Emerson-Loos, Peck's Bad Boy Company, 
David Butler, Syd Franklin, Cosmopolitan Pictures, Ruth Roland, 
Charles Hutchison, R. A. Walsh, Louis Selznick companies, May- 
flower, Betty Compson, William Desmond, Federal Photoplays, B. B. 
Features, Lew Cody, J. Warren Kerrigan Pictures, Dustin Farnum, 
Monroe Salisbury, Lois Weber, Mae Marsh, Annette Kellerman. 

5341 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, Cal. 


presents IT 



First Series (Distributed by Pathe) 

Bumping Into Broadway His Royal Slyness 

Captain Kidd's Kids 
From Hand to Mouth 

Haunted Spooks 

An Eastern Westerner 

Second Series (Distributed by Pathe) 

Number, Please? Get Out and Get Under 

High and Dizzy 

Associated Exhibitors Pictures 

Now or Never 

I Do 

Among Those Present 




" Snub " Pollard one-reel comedies 

Eddie Boland one-reel comedies 
Gaylord Lloyd one-reel comedies 

Seven years cf successful comedy making are behind the above produc- 
tions, all of which are distributed by Pathe. It is probable that Roach 
Studios comedies are shown regularly in more theatres than any other 
comedies made. 


"The White Eagle," a serial starring Ruth Roland, is now being pro- 
duced at the 1 Hal E. Roach Studios for Pathe. 

That the production of this important serial should have been entrusted 
to the Roach Studios, bears witness to Pathe's confidence in the sound- 
ness of the Roach production methods. It is gratifying to note that the 
first episodes now finished and screened have been found to be excellent. 

Mr. Roach is justly proud of the friendly and mutually advantageous 
business relationship with the Pathe Exchange, Inc. For seven years 
he has produced for no other distributor. The widespread popularity of 
his product testifies not only as to its quality, but to the fairness and 
efficiency of the Pathe Service. 


(Rolin Film Co.) 

Hal E. Roach, President 
Culver City, Cal. 


nc "Arrow 

Late-si, Release 



192O - IQ2.I 




I9J9 -2.0 - 21 22: 



Scenario Writer 
Permanent Address 

City Club 
55 West 44th Street 

New York 

At Present 

Supervising Foreign Productions 

Famous Players-Lasky Corporation 

Berlin, Germany and 

Paris, France 



"A good script is the foundation of every worth- 
while picture' D. W. Griffith. 


Vera Gordon 

"Scenarist has offered star 
every advantage of situ- 
ation cunningly contrived to 
build up interest and hold 
back climax. Moving Picture 


Elaine Hammerstein 
Capable handling of story 
relief because of original lines 
of development first-class 

Motion Picture News. 


Elaine Hammerstein 
Charm lies in well-constructed 
plot plausible rich vein of 
comedy no break in conti- 
nuity speedy action holds 
sway throughout. 

Motion Picture News. 


Ralph Ince Special 
My Dear Mr. Selznick; Yesterday 
I saw for the first time your picture 
of my story Red Foam. I want to 
thank you most heartily for the 
faithful and most excellent manner 
in which the story has been inter- 
preted. I was delighted with the 
picture. William H. HanAy. 

Coming : 






Author of over 250 original screen productions, and 

1 50 feature adaptations. 




for the -Screen 

Original and Continuity of 'Soul of Kura San" for Famous Players-Lasky. 
The following adaptations starring Sessue Hayakawa : 

"Heart in Pawn," "Bonds of Honor," "The Courageous Coward," "His Debt. 
"Broadway Bab," by Johnston McCulley. Pathe Serials starring Ruth Roland. 
"Sherry," by George Barr McCutcheon, for Edgar Lewis Productions. 
Louis B. Mayer Productions, starring Anita Stewart. 
Three Frohman Productions, starring Texas Guinan. 
In production: Foremost Picture Corp. series, starring Juanita Hansen. 

Address care CLASSIC FILM AGENCY, 310 Gross Bldg., L. A. 


Exit the* (EtlieL Clayton ) 
Glided Lily " (M*.e Murray) 

Dr Jekyll a.*id Mr: yde'' (John g^rrymore ) 

ICiviliaoti ^(^hoin^s Mei^h.'ZL'ti) 
__________ AND MANY OTHERS S 
















114 WEST 44th ST.. N. Y. 


Selected by a prominent New 

York Magazine as one of the 

seven lea ding jokesmiths in the 

United States 

You've laughed at hundreds of 

his jokes in the newspapers and 

magazines, at the movies and 

the vaudeville performance 


Writer of 


or Cry 

Co-author of Comedy Subtitles in 








609 W. 191st Street 
New York City 

Wadsworth 3470 

Formerly Newspaper 
Humorist and Jokesmith 












251 WEST 42nd STREET 





and Tilk 

In color or fckck and-wKibe 

Designed by 


1JO esl 46 (Street , 

Cya few ofou,r past pTodxxclions are 







of a// the 



three j/ 



BeautiPul Shots (JblacT^ and white 
and in color) Phokogra^isd in 
/ie Studio and on location POT 
the PRODUCTION and for 
ART TITLES under khe 
Personal direction oP~~ 

da' Israel Shapiro 




in association tuikh, 

ConkirwdbieB -Scenarios - TifrJe Writing 
Editing ^Anamafrioji - Foreign Titling 


Arthur Henry Gooden 

Announces a new series of smashing Western dramas 
starring RAY GALLAGHER, the screen's greatest 
portrayer of Western roles. 

RAY GALLAGHER'S wonderful work in past produc- 
tions has won the hearts of millions of fans. 



" GO GET 'EM " " DUST " 



Exhibitors' letters from all parts of the country prove 

contract with MR. GOODEN and is personally direct- 
ing the new series. 

For any information, address 




Whitman Bennett 


W. O. HURST Phone Kingsbridge 3270-3271 

General Manager Yonkers 207 

















6244 > 



281 WARDOUR ST. g . - ft O p ft fi H W fl V AND MANAGER 







I have pleasure in informing you that I am now affiliated 
with the well-known British Cinema Artistes' Representative, 
Sidney Jay, of London, England, who represents the elite of 
the British Authors, Directors, Producers, and Stars. 

It is therefore, obvious that my clients' interests will be 
represented to the greatest possible advantage both here and 
London, England. Anybody and everything appertaining to 
film production obtainable either here or in Europe I can get 
you with the greatest possible despatch. 

I represent many of our best-known producers and leading 
players, and have quite a number of ingenues and juvenile 
leads hitherto unknown, and I feel sure it would be to your 
advantage to get in touch with me when casting your next 


(Not already represented by me) 

I can place you with almost every producing company of 
repute both in America and abroad. I have been successful 
in obtaining leading parts for many well-known artistes who 
had not previously thought of communicating with an artist 

You are cordially invited to write or 'phone for an ap- 

Yours faithfully, 








i //v 



Independent Exhibitors 
Independent Producers 

were both made independent 
by First National. 

Consider the position of the 
Independent Exhibitor, had 
not this great co-operative 
organization entered the field 
when it did. 

Iherell be a Franchise 





5i ........ IlllllllUllllllllill ..... Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ..... !ll!lllllll!lllllllll!l!ll!!l!l!lllllll pffnr f O TJ r-P) D V l;illl " l "" lllllllil:llllllllllllll!llllillllllj| .............. ' ..... BHWHlBHWBHip 

plllimimilimillimmillimmilimmillimilimmmmilimmilimmmmilllllllllllim *^ * !l!ll!ll!ll!l!llllll!ll!l!llllllllllllllllll!lllllll!l!ll!lllllllllll!lllllllllllllll!ll!llllll!ll!lllll!llll^ 

| | 


I I 


I I 


President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer 




729.7th Avenue, New York, N. Y. 

Phone: Bryant 9360 


J. C. JESSEN, Mgr. 
205 Baker-Detwiller Building, 412 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, California 

Phone: Pico 780 


910 South Michigan Avenue 

Chicago, Illinois 


729 - 7th Avenue, New York 

Copyright, 1921, by Motion Picture News, Inc. 

fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini ...... minimum ...... mi ..... iiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiimmmmiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimmiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii ..... mil ..... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiminmmiiiimmmmi ....... 11 ....... immiiiimimimiiiimimiiiil 




(Completed June 7, 7927) 


The same individual prompt service obtainable 
if they conducted their own laboratories on the large 
scale of big studios. 

Twenty-four hour service. 

Mechanical department for your camera needs. 

Projecting rooms for viewing rushes, as well as 
large theatre. 

Editing rooms, individual vaults, title depart- 
ment, everything your needs require. 

Capacity, Two Million Feet Per Week 

All work completed under the 
personal supervision of Joseph Aller 

W. R. Rothacker, Pres. Joseph Aller, Vice Pres. 
Wesley Smith, Sec'y. 

5515 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Cal. 




I Motion Picture Studio Directory 


Trade Annual 


I . | 

I | . I.-' | 

Table of Contents 

I i 

t I 

Art Gallery of Film Personages 1-150 

I I 

Biographies of Actors 151-208 

Biographies of Actresses 209246 

Biographies of Juvenile Players 246-249 

1 ' \ 

Biographies of Directors and Producing Execu- 
tives , 257-278 

Assistant, Art, and Technical Directors 279-283 

Recorded Scenario Writers 283-296 

I 1 

Miscellaneous 305-308 

Recorded Cinematographers 296-305 

Motion Picture Organizations 369 

Who's at the Helm 370 

1 * i 

Directory of Film Companies. 380 

Digest of Film Legislation 395 

State Rights Percentages , . 399 

List of Studios 401-404 

A Complete Index May Be Found at the Back 
| I 

I I 



Jne Best ^Reference is a Satisfied Client" 


Efficient Sxploilaiion for 
Individuals and Pictures 

^/ublicity and Advertising 
Problems analyzed Campaigns planned 

m r 

by Appointment only 
Telephone Bryant 5506 



, Personal Service 35 Vision 


News of Picture Plays and Players 
Published for the Photoplay Editor 



Motion Picture Studio Directory 


Trade Annual 



ABBE, Jack Yutaka; b. Japan, educ. Japan, 
Sendai, coll.; stage career, 2 yrs. ; screen 
career, Triangle ("Her American Husband." 
"Who's to Blame." "Mystic Faces"). Metro 
(Empress in "Red Lantern"), Hampton ("Pa- 
gan God"), ("The Willow Tree") Essanay 
("Ashes of Dreams"), Hayakawa ("The Tong 
Man"), Goldwyn ("Tale of Two Worlds"). 
Hght., 5. 4%; wght., 120; brown hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., 1904 Argyle Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

ABRAHAM, Jake; b. N. Y. C., 1854; educ. San 
Francisco; stage career, Rainer & Bird's Min- 
strels; screen career, Paralta, Lasky, Brun- 
ton, etc. ("By the World Forgot," "The Gentle- 
man from Indiana," "The Only Way"), Jack 
Pickford ("In Wrong"), Goldwyn ("Girl from 
Outside"), Selig ("The Lost City"), American 
("Social Briars"), Vitagraph ("The Girl in 
the House," "A Gentleman's Agreement," "The 
Dawn of Understanding"), Realart ("The Out- 
side Woman"). Hght., 5, 4; wght.. 150; gray 
hair and eyes. Ad., 231 S. Hill St., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

ACKER, Eugene; b. Stockholm, Sweden, May 13, 
1889; educ. there; stage career, European 
prods.; screen career, Palm M. P. Co., Selig, 
Ussanay ("Dignified Family," George Ade's 
Fables, "Prisoner at the Bar"), Metro ("Sylvia 
on a Spree," "My Four Years in Germany," 
"Men"). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 156; light com- 
plexion, light hair, blue eyes; Member Green 
Room Club. Ad., home, 334 W. 56th St., N. Y. 
C. Col. 9799. 

ACORD, Art.; b. Stillwater, Okla., 1890; early 
career, cowboy and ranchman; stage career, 
Dick Stanley Wild West Show, 1919, with Buf- 
falo Bill, 1911, rode second at Pendleton, Ore., 
Cheyenne and Salt Lake roundups, won cham- 
pionship in broncho riding at Klamath Falls, 
1912; screen career, starred in Chas. E. Van 
Loan stories, ("Buck Parvin in the Movies"), 
Fox ("Cleopatra"), 18 mos. in service, Univer- 
sal ("Out West," "Behind the Fighting Line," 
"The Cow Boy and the Kid"), "The Moon 
Riders," "The Show Down," "The Fifihting 
Actor"). Hght., 6 1; wght., 185; light hair 
blue eyes. Ad., Universal Studio. 

ADAMS, Lionel; educ. pub. schls. ; stage career, 
leading man in "The Hour," "Paid in Full," 
"The Christian," "The Spendthrift," "Ben 
Hur," with Julia Marlowe, Anne Russell, Wm. 
Gillette; screen career, Vitagraph ("Mystery of 
Mary," "Lady of the Lighthouse"), Paragon 
("The Closed Road"), Shomer-Ross ("The Sa- 
cred Flame"), First National ("Yes or No"), 
Fox ("Fantomas"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 155; 
dark hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 340 W. 56th 
St., N. Y. Circle, 7281, or Lambs Club, N. Y. 

AGNEW, Robert Dean; b. Dayton. Ky.; 1899; 
educ. San Antonio, Texas; screen career, Vita- 
graph ("The Sporting Duchess" Selznick ("The 
Highest Law," "Valley of Doubt," "Sin That 
Was His"). Famous Players ("Frisky Mrs 
Johnson"), Norma Talmadge ("The Passion 
Flower" "The Sign on the Door," "The Won- 
derful Thing". Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 145 dark 
complexion, dark hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 
Mgt. Edw. Small. 1493 Broadway, N. Y. C., 
Bryant, 2389. 

4JNSWORTH, Charles Sydney; b. Manchester, 
Eng., 1886; educ. Madison, Wis.; stage career, 
with Maude Adams in "Little Minister," played 
Denton in "Arizona," with Montgomery and 
Stone in "Wizard of Oz," with Robert Edeson 
in "Fortune Hunter"; screen career, Essanay 
1913 ("On Trial"), Selig ("Brown of Harvard"), 
Goldwyn ("One Week of Life," "The Crimson 
Gardenia," "A Man and His Money," "Hearts- 
ease," "Girl From Outside," "The Gay Lord 
Quex", "The Loves of Letty." "Woman in 
Room 13," "Cup of Fury," "Double Dyed De- 
ceiver," "Out of the Storm," "Madame X," 
"Branding Iron"). Pathe ("Half a Chance"), 

Goldwyn ("Hold Your Horses," "Boys Will be 
Boys"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 156; fair com- 
plexion, brown hair. 

iUTKEN, Spottiswoode; b. Edinburgh, Scotland; 
educ. there; stage career, with Augustin Daly 
and many others, in all-star company mgmt. 
Brady; 27 yrs. in legitimate; screen career, 
Reliance ("The Birth of a Nation"), Fine Arts 
American Tourneur ("The White Heather"), 
Paramount ("Jane Goes A-Wooing," "Hay- 
Foot, Straw-Foot"), Hodkinson ("Fighting 
Thru"), Universal ("The Wicked Darling"), 
Fox ("Evangeline," "Broken Commandments"), 
Hampton-Pathe ("Woman of Pleasure"), First 
Nat'l ("The Thunderbolt," "Nomads of the 
North"), Paramount ("The White Circle"), 
Nathan Hirsh Prod. ("Man of Courage"), Yel- 
l. w ^ Stone Prod - ("Dangerous Love"), Universal 
( The Unknown Wife," "Reputation"). 

ALBERTSON, Arthur; b. Waycross, Ga., 1892; 
educ., Univ. of Florida, Wash, and Lee Univ.; 
stage career, mgmt. Klaw & Erlanger, Wm. A. 
Brady stck. ; screen career, Red Feather-Uni- 
versal ("It Happened in Honolulu"), Kalem 
("The Missing Heiress"). Selznick ("The Argyle 
Case"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 160; medium com- 
plexion, brown hair, dark gray eyes. 

ALBERTSON, E. Coit; b. Reading, Pa.; educ. 
Penn. Univ.; stage career, "Madam Sherry," 
"Girl From Rector's"; starred In "Stubborn 
Cinderella," "The Dance Dream" screen career, 
Kalem ("Masked Dancer"), Fox ("Freedom"), 
serial "The Carter Case," with Lillian Walker 
in serial "One Million Dollars Reward," Hall- 
mark ("Wits vs. Wits"), Metro ("The Silver 
Lining"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 170; light 
complexion, brown hair and eyes. Ad., Green 
Room Club. N. Y. 

ALEXANDER, Clifford; b. San Jose, Cal., 1891; 
educ. there; stage career, 6 yrs. in stk., now in 
stk. Alcazar theatre, San Francisco, Cal.; 
screen career, Paralta ("Madame Who," "Turn 
of a Card," "Patriotism," "Intelligence," 
"With Hoops of Steel," "Maid o' the Storm," 
"Heart of Rachel"), Pathe ("The Silver Girl"). 
Hght., 6; wght,, 155; light hair, blue eyes. 

ALEXANDER. Edward; b. Ogdensburg, N. Y.; 
educ. there; extensive stage career, William A. 
Brady, Al Woods; screen career, 6 yrs., Univer- 
sal 2 yrs., Lasky 1% yrs., Metro ("In Judgment 
of," "The Saphead"), Vitagraph ("By the 
World Forgotten"). Cecil de Mille ("For Better, 
For Worse," "Forbidden Fruit"), Paramount 
("The Heart of Youth"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 
165; dark brown hair, dark gray eyes. Ad., 840 
South Flower st., Jean Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal. 

ALEXANDER, Frank D.; b. Olympia, Wash., 
educ. pub. and high schools, Ore.; early career, 
cowboy and stage driver; screen career. 1% 
yrs. with Keystone, Vitagraph ("The Hick," 
"The Rent Collector," "The Sportsman," "The 
Baker," "The Suitor," "The Fly Cop," "School 
Days," "The Head Waiter," "The Grocery 
Clerk"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 350; brown hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., 1717 Talmage St., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; studio. Vitagraph. 

ALEXANDER, GUB; educ, N. Y.; stage career, 
"Wildfire," "The Whirl of the Town," stage 
and pictures for 24 years; screen career, Bio- 
graph, Mutt and Jeff, Universal-Christie, 
Lloyd, Blackton ("Life's Greatest Problem"), 
Fox ("Les Miserables," "Our New Minister"), 
and with Vivian Martin for Capital M. P. Co. 
Hght., 4, 4; wght., 118; brown hair, blue eyes. 

ALLARDT, Arthur; b. N. Y.; educ. N. Y., 
Phila. schls.. stage career, 10 yrs. legit., vaud. 
Pacific Coast, N. Y., Phila.; screen career, Ma- 
jestic, Thanhouser, Frontier, Corona ("The 
Curse of Eve"), Paralta ("One Dollar Bid,' 
"Patriotism," "Intelligence"), Pathe ("The 
Midnight Stage"), Paramount ("Louisiana ). 
Hght., 6; wght., 165; complexion, fair; brown 
hair. Sings. Ad., 5519 A. Sierra Vista St., Holly- 
wood, Cal., Holly 1<T<3. 




> Producti 


rs Editor 7noma.sH.Ince Productions 

zJudin? Ci\>ih 

1916 - 1 9 1 7 Editor /nee - Tri'angJe Productions 

Editor /nee Paramount -Art crod-t 

1917" 1919 Productions including Lambert 
Hilljer's Ha.rt, Productions.. 

Editor William S. HCLI 
SrOin U ^Oillo.t 5/ec/, 

1919-1921 Productions including 

'Partners oP he Tide " and 
Tfie Fo.ce oP the. VorJd' 




ALLEN, Alfred; b. Alfred, N. Y.. 1866; screen 
career, 6 yrs. with Bluebird, Lois Weber Prods. 
("The Whim," "Price of a Good Time"), Uni- 
versal, 5 yrs., ("Wolves of the North," "Riders 
of Vengeance," "The Sleeping Lion," "Loot," 
"His Divorced Wife"), Robertson-Cole ("The 
Other Half"), Metro ("Blackmail," "Burning 
Daylight"). Ince ("Old Fashioned Boy"), For- 
thingham ("The Broken Gate"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 195; light hair, gray eyes. Ad., Univer- 
sity Club, L. A. 

ALT, Alexander; b. N. Y. C.; educ. there; stage 
career, Loew's and Pantages Circuit; screen 
career, Union Film Co. ("Masked Women," 
"You Can't Tell," "In 24 Hours," "Captain 
Kids," "Pure and Simple," "Liquorish Lips"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 135; black hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., Hotel Christie, Hollywood, Cal.; 
Holly 3910; studio, Union Film Co., Sherman, 

AMADOB, Charles Edward; also scenario writer; 
b. Oakland, Calif.; educ. there; screen career, 
Bulls-Eye ("Bone Dry," "A Rural Romance," 
"One $1,000.00 Short," "Hot Dogs"), Vita- 
graph-Larry Semon comedy ("Well, I'll be 

" "His Home, Sweet Home," "Scamps 

and Scandals"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; dark 
brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., Jack White 
Comedies, Los Angeles, Cal., phone 61464. 

ANDERSON, Robert; also director; b. Denmark, 
1890; educ. Denmark; screen career, Fine Arts 
("Intolerance"). Metro ("Draft 258"), D. W. 
Griffith ("Hearts of the World"), Universal 
("Heart of Humanity"), Lasky ("Fires of 
Faith"), Universal ("Petal on the Current," 
"Right to Happiness," "Common Property," 
"Once to Every Woman," "My Lady's Ankle"), 
Ascher Prod. ("Below the Dead Line"). Hght., 
5 10; wght., 180; dark sandy hair, dark grey 
eyes. Ad., Home 1752% No. Vermont ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal.; Holly 1446. 

ANDREWS, Frank; educ. Boston; stage career, 
over 30 yrs. exper., playing everything from 
children to old men, Shakespeare, "East 
Lynne," N. Y. prods, with Belasco, Frohman, 
Brady, Cort, Cohan & Harris, etc.; screen 
career, Vitagraph, Famous Players, Goldwyn, 
Fox, Metro, World, etc., "For France," "Chil- 
dren of Shelto," "Capt. Swift," "The Night- 
ingale," "When My Ship Comes In," "Sport of 
Kings," "Poor Little Rich Girl," "The Road 
Between," etc. Hght., 6; wght., 175; white 
hair, dark brown eyes. Permanent ad., Ac- 
tor's Equity, N. Y. 

ANKER, William; b. France, 1860; educ. Lycee 
Imperial of Rouen, France; early exper., pro- 
fessor of languages; screen career, 10 yrs., 
playing for following cos.: Universal, Than- 
houser, Fox, Biograph, Gaumont, Metro, World, 
Kleine (as the father in "Wild Oats"; as the 
professor in "The Green Cloak," etc.), Inter- 
national ("The Cinema Murder"), Edgar 
Lewis ("Another Man's Shoe"), Numa ("Re- 
turn of Tarzan"), Selznick ("Memory"). Hght., 
5, 7; white hair and beard, gray-blue eyes. 
Ad., 339 W. 58th St., N. Y. Phone, Col. 9998. 

AOYAMA, Yukio; b. Nagoya City, Japan, 1888; 
stage career, leading man, Cherry Blossom 
Players, Los Angeles; screen career, Lasky 
("The Bravest Way"), Pathe ("Japanese 
Nightingale"); featured in ("Harlkari"), Cal., 
M. P. Corp., Metro ("The Red Lantern") Fox 
("Thieves"), Warner Bros. Prod. ("The Tiger 
Band"), Robertson-Cole ("Who's Your Serv- 
ant"). Hght.. 5, 5; wght., 130; black hair, 
black eyes. Ad., 6238 Santa Monica Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

APLINO, Bert; screen career, United ("A Man's 
Fight"), Hodkinson ("The Best Man"), Para- 
mount ("Mary Ellen Comes to Town"), Uni- 
versal ("The Torrent"). Fox ("Just Pals"). 

APPLEGATE, Roy; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Cambric Mask," "Bab's Candidate," 
"The Prey," "Dead Men Tell No Tales"). 

ARBUCKLE, Andrew; b. Galveston, 1884; educ. 
St. Louis; stage career, vaud. playing Western 
characters; screen career, Metro ("Big Tre- 
maine"), Ince-Triangle ("Happiness"), Art- 
craft ("Romance of Happy Valley"), Brunton 
("A White Man's Chance"), Hart ("John Petti- 
coats"), Mary Pickford ("The Hoodlum"), 
United ("Square Shootin' Dan"), Goldwyn 
("Pinto"), Dial ("Light in the Clearing"), 
Vitagraph ("Son of Wallingford"), Ince 
("Mother"). Hght.. 5, 10; wght., 235; auburn 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 5673 De Longpre ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

ARBUCKLE, Maclyn; also scenario writer; b. 
San Antonio, Texas; educ. Glasgow, Scotland, 
and Boston, Mass.; stage career, since 1888, 

in "The Emigrant," later in Charles Frohman 
Cos., Frawley Stk. Co., San Francisco; in "Why 
Smith Left Home," "The County Chairman," 
also in vaud.; screen career, Pallas ("The Re- 
form Candidate"), Famous Players ("The 
County Chairman"), San Antonio Pictures 
("Mr. Potter of Texas," "Mr. Single," "Squire 
Phin"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 235; brown hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., P. O. Box 872, San Antonio, 

ARBUCKLE, Roscoe, also producing-director; b. 
Kansas, 1887; stage career, on tour in drama 
and stock repertoire; managed own company for 
two yrs. ; screen career, began with Keystone, 
1913, as extra man at $3 per day; advanced to 
regular parts; later played leads and became 
director; directing and acting for nearly 3 yrs.; 
Keystone, Paramount ("His Wedding Night," 
"Fatty in Coney Island"), Arbuckle-Paramount 
("The Bell Boy," "Out West," "Good Night, 
Nurse," "The Cook," "The Sheriff," "Camping 
Out," "Love," "A Desert Hero," "Back Stage." 
"The Hayseed," "The Garage," "The Traveling 
Salesman," "The Round Up," "Life of the 
Party," "Brewster's Millions," "Dollar a Year 
Man"). Ad. Comique Film Co., Long Beach, 

ARDIZONI, John; b. 1882; stage career, mus. 
com., drama, opera, in "Twin Beds," "Pierrot, 
the Prodigal," Geo. Arliss "Hamilton," "The 
Melting Pot"; screen career, Vitagraph ("The 
Man of Mystery,') with E. H. Sothern ("The 
Glory of Yolande"). World ("Phil for Short"), 
Fox ("A Woman There Was"), World ("The 
American Way"), Faversham ("Man Who Lost 
Himself"). Wm. Collier prods., Selznick ("The 
Valley of Doubt"), Famous Players ("The Ro- 
mantic Adventuress," "Something Different"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 190; dark complexion. Ad. 
105 W. 41st St., N. Y. C. 

AREY, Wayne; b. Rock Falls, 111., April 12, 1880; 
educ. there; stage career, stock in Minneapolis, 
Brooklyn, Atlanta, Toronto and Lawrence, 
Mass., in N. Y. prods., mgmt. Liebler, Belasco, 
Chas. Frohman, etc.; screen career, Thanhouser 
("Hinton's Double," "The Heiress," "The 
Woman in White," "It Happened to Adele"), 
Pathe ("War and the Woman"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 185; brown hair blue eyes. Home ad., 
37 North ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 

ARLING, Charles; b. Toronto, Canada; educ. 
there; stage career, with Francis Wilson, Henry 
W. Savage, Blanche Walsh, Shuberts, 3 yrs.; 
screen career, Anita Stewart ("In Old Ken- 
tucky"). Curwood-Carver ("Back to God's 
Country"), Edgar Lewis ("Beggar in Purple"), 
Kerrigan ("Number 99," "Coast of Opportuni- 
ty"), Fox ("Road Demon"). Hght., 6; wght., 
190; dark brown hair, blue-gray eyes. Ad., 1853 
Morgan Place, Hollywood, Calif. 

ARLISS, George; b. London, Eng., Apr. 10, 1868; 
stage career, 33 yrs., played London successes, 
came to U. S. with Mrs. Pat Campbell en tour, 
star of "The Devil," "Disraeli," "Paganini," 
"Polikin," etc.; screen career, Asso. Exhib. 
("The Dpvil"), United Artists ("Disraeli"). 

ARMSTRONG, Billy; screen career, United Artists 
("Down on the Farm"), First National ("Love, 
Honor and Behave"), Fox ("Skirts"). 

ARNOLD, Edward; b. N. Y. ; educ. pub. schls. 
and Columbia Univ.; stage career, with Robert 
B. Mantell. Ethel Barrymore, John Drew, Max- 
ine Elliott. James K. Hackett; stock in St. 
Paul, Philadelphia. "The Storm"; screen career, 
Essanay, 1915 ("When the Man Speaks"), 
,'Emerald Film Co. ("A Slacker's Heart"), 
World ("Phil for Short," "A Broadway 
Saint"), Paramount ("The Cost"). Hght., 5, 
11; wght., 155; light brown hair, blue eyes. 

ASHER, Max; Universal; b. Oakland, Cal., 1879; 
educ. pub. schls.; stage career, People's stock, 
Oakland, with Louis and Kale in musical com- 
edy for 4 yrs.; screen career. Keystone, 1912, 
Universal- Joker, Universal ("Max Comes from 
the West"), Vitagraph ("Counts and Noac- 
counts," " Bonds and Banners," "Laws and 
Outlaws'), Vitagraph ("A Yankee Princess"). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 205; dark hair, eyes and 
complexion. Ad., Vitagraph Studio, L. A., Cal. 

ASHLEY, Arthur H.; also director; b. and educ. 
N. Y. : fatapre career, stock with Payton, Spoon- 
er, Poli. Baker, Davis; in "Brewster's Mill- 
ions"; screen career, Vitagraph 3% yrs., Than- 
houser 1 yr... World (late pictures, "The Iron 
Ring," "Rasputin, the Black Monk." "Shall 
We Forgive Her?" "A Creole's Revenge," 
"Broken Ties"). Goldwyn ("Be Careful. 
Mary"), World ("The American Way," "The 
Praise Agent," "Forest Rivals"). 

ATWILL, Lionel; b. London, Eng.; educ. Eng.; 
stage career, featured in "The Lodger" (Max- 



ine Elliott theatre), "Another Man's Shoes" 
(39th St. theatre), leading man Belasco thea- 
tre in "Tiger, Tiger"); screen career, F.-P.- 
Lasky Corp. (opp. Elsie Ferguson, "For Sale"). 
Goldwyn ("The Highest Bidder"). Hght., 5, 
10; wght., 160; brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 
Lotus Club, N. Y. 

AUBREY, James; b. Liverpool, Eng.; educ. Liv- 
erpool 1 stage career, Fred Karno's "Night in 
English music hall," doing the Terrible Turk 
(orig.), vaud. and mus. com., Gus Hills 
"Around the Clock"; screen career, Mitten- 
thal's Starlight Pathe comedies, playing Heinle 
in "Heinle and Louie" comedies, "A Merry 
Chase," "Monkey Shines"), Vitagraph ("Rah, 
Rah Rah," "Maid and Muslin," "Dames and 
Dentists," "Mysterious Stranger," "The Bliz- 
zard," "The Back Yard," "His Jonah Day" 
"He Laughs Last," "The Trouble Hunter," 
"Mules and Mortgages," "The Nuisance," 
"Pugs and Pats"), Jimmy Aubrey Comedies. 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 165; blue eyes, brown 
hair. Ad., Elks Club, Los Angeles, Cal.; 
studio, Vitagraph, Los. Angeles, Cal. 

AUCKER, William; stage career, with Irene Fen- 
wick in "Wild Oats"; screen career, Pathe, 
Thanhouser, Universal, Solax, Kleine, Metro 
("The Turmoil"). Hght., 5, 7; fair complexion, 

AUGUST, Edwin (Phillipe von der Butz), also 
director and author; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. 
Christian Bros. Coll., St. Louis, Mo.; stage ca- 
reer, with Otis Skinner, Mrs. Leslie Carter, 
Digby Bell; screen career, Edison, Biograph, 
Vita., Univ., Edwin August Feature Films, 
Kleine-Edison (author and director "Bond- 
woman"), Bluebird ("City of Tears," "Broad- 
way Scandal"), Univ. ("Mortgaged Wife"), 
World ("The Poison Pen"), Artcolor ("A Tale 
of Two Nations"). Famous Players ("Idol of 
the North"). Hght., 5, 11; wght, 155. Friars 
Club, N. Y. 

AUSTEN, Leslie; b. London, 1888; stage career, 
with Elsie Ferguson, Gertrude Kingston, Jane 
Cowl, "Joseph and His Brethren," Frohman, 
"Declassee," Savage, "Cornered"; screen career, 
Metro, Fox ("Two Little Imps," "Caught In 
the Act"), Famous Players ("Mrs. Dane's De- 
fense"), Fox ("My Little Sister"), Select 
("Marie, Ltd."), Democracy ("Democracy"), 
Roland West ("Silver Lining"), Vitagraph 
("Cousin Kate"). Hght., 6; wght., 165; brun- 
ette, blue eyes. Ad.* home, Fort Tyler Arms, 
Ft. Washington ave. and 183rd St., N. Y. C. 

AUSTIN, Albert; b. Birmingham, Eng., 1885; 
educ. Birmingham; stage career first came to 
this country with Charles Chaplin In "A 
Night in an English Music Hall," stock In 
Denver, Colo., for 2 yrs. ; screen career, Lone 
Star Film ("The Floorwalker," "The Fire- 
man," "The Vagabond," "One A. M.," "A 
Dog's Life." Shoulder Arms," "Sunnyslde." 
"The Count"), Chaplin ("A Dog's Life," 
"Shoulder Arms"), United Artists ("Suds"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 160; brown hair and eyes. 

AUSTIN, Jere; also director; b. Minneapolis; 
educ. Rensselaer Polytech. and Univ. of Minn. ; 
Stage career, several years Western Stock 
Cos. Ralph Stuart, Dan'l Frawley, etc.; screen 
career, Famous Players ("Resurrection," "Fe- 
dora"), Goldwyn ("All Woman," "Hidden 
Fires," "A Perfect Lady," "Day Dreams," 
"Woman on Index"), Screencraft ("The Tap"), 
United ("The Eternal Mother"), Realart 
("Barna Vetta"), Selznlck ("The Woman 
Game"), Weber ("The Wakefleld Case"). Hght., 
6, 1; wght., 195; dark hair and eyes. Ad., 
Green Room Club, N. Y. 

AVERT, J. Ray; b. San Diego, Calif.; educ. 
there and San Francisco; stage career, 1905, 
in stk., rep., mus., com., vaud. and one-piece; 
screen career, juvenile and light comedy with 
Goldwyn, Ince, Griffith, Brunton and Ameri- 
can studios, Universal ("Ambition," "The 
Woman in the Plot," "The Phantom Melody"), 
Goldwyn ("The Tower of Ivory," "The Bloom- 
Ing Angel"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 140; dark 
brown hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., Alpin 
Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif. Bway. 317. 


BACKUS, George; screen career, Realart ("The 
Stolen Kiss"), Selznick ("Marooned Hearts"), 
Paramount ("The Price of Possession"). 

BACON, Lloyd Francis; b. San Jose, Cal., 1889; 
educ. Santa Clara Coll., Cal.; screen career, 
Keystone ("Pearls and Perils"), Artcraft 
("Square Deal Sanderson," "Wagon Tracks"), 

Robertson-Cole ("House of Intrigue"), Pox 
("Vagabond Love," "The Feud," "The Road 
Demon," "Hands Off"), Federated ("Nobody's 
Girl," "Hearts and Masks"), Universal ("Girl 
In the Rain"), Hodkinson ("Kentucky Colonel," 
"The Broken Gate"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 150; 
brown hair and blue eyes. Ad., home, Camer- 
ford Apts., 5716 Camerford ave., Los Angeles. 

BADGER, Will; b. Portland, Ore.; educ. Boston, 
and Colby, Coll., Maine; stage career, "Sultan 
of Chow Chow," "The Ambassador," "Tiger 
Rose," "Crowded Hour," Belasco, Selwyn; 
screen career. Stewart ("Yellow Typhoon," 
"Price of Happiness"), Metro ("Held in 
Trust"), Schley ("Scattergood Makes a 
Match"), Vitagraph ("Fighting Fate"), Mas- 
tercraft ("Scrambled Romance," "The May- 
flower"). Hght., 5, 11*4; wght., 190; brown 
hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 5858 Hollywood 
Blvd., Hollywood, Cal.; Holly 1490. 

BADGLEY, Frank C.; also director; b. Ottawa. 
Can., 1893; educ. McGill Univ., Montreal; early 
career, newspaperman and writer; stage career, 
vaud.; screen career, as player for Griffith 
("Way Down East"), Newart ("The Ghost in 
the Garret"), Universal ("Green Cabinet"), 
Worcester Films ("One Flight Down"), 
Marguerite Clark ("Scrambled Wives"). Now 
prod, pictures for Canadian Government. Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 175; brown hair and eyes. Ad., 
Exhibit & Publicity Bureau, Dept Trade and 
Commerce, Ottawa, Can. 

BAGGOT, King; also director; b. St. Louis, Mo.; 
educ. Christian Bros. College, St. Louis; stage 
career, stk. cos. and under mgmt. Frohman, 
Liebler & Co., Shuberts, etc., star in "The 
Violation"; screen career, Universal ("Ivan- 
hoe," "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde," "Absinthe," 
"Shadows"), Metro ("Kildare of the Storm." 
"Man Who Stayed at Home"), Burston Films 
("The Hawk's Trail" serial), B. B. Hampton 
("The Dwelling Place of Light"), Pathe 
("Thirteenth Piece of Silver"), Robertson-Cole 
("Life's Twist"), Metro ("The Cheater"), Dwan 
("The Forbidden Thing"), First National ("Girl 
In the Taxi"); played in over 300 pictures. 
Hght., 6; wght., 185; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. C., or Hollywood Hotel. 
Hollywood, Cal. 

BAILEY, Wm. N.; b. Omaha, Neb.; educ. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. ; stage career, 15 yrs. many prods.; 
mngt. K. & E., Pabst Eng. Stock Co., Mil- 
waukee; screen career, Essanay, Mutual, World, 
etc.; Dir. comedies for Universal; Rolfe-Metro 
("A Million a Minute"), Wharton ("The 
Eagle's Eye"), Fox ("Bonnie Annie Laurie"), 
Blackton ("The Common Cause"), Metro 
("Shadows of Suspicion"), Goldwyn ("Speedy 
Meade"), Triangle ("Three Black Eyes"), 
Pathe ("The Phantom Foe," "The Yellow 

BAINBRIDGE, William Herbert; b. England, 
1853; educ. England; early career, mining en- 
gineer; screen career, National, Ince ("False 
Faces"), Universal ("The Desire of a Moth," 
"Broadway Scandal," "The Kaiser, the Beast 
of Berlin"), Hampton-Hodkinson ("Desert 
Gold"), First National ("Heart of the Hills"), 
Metro ("The Saphead," "The Offshore Pirate,'* 
"Passion Fruit"), Universal ("In Folly's 
Trail"), Callahan Prod. ("Bonnie May"), 
Hart ("The Whistle"), G. M. Anderson 
("Broncho Bill's Return"), Lasky ("The 
Furnace"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 200; med- 
ium complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., 7021 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles. 

BAIRD, Stewart; b. Boston; educ. Harvard; 
stage career, New Theatre Co., N. Y., "All 
for the Ladies"; leads in "Sybil," "The Kiss 
Burglar," Frohman; screen career, Famous 
Players ("Moth and the Flame," "Incorrigible 
Dukan"), Kalem ("The Runaway Wife"). 
Metro. Hght., 6; wght., 168; dark complexion, 
brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., 15 Central Park 
West, N. Y. Col. 4509. Studio ad., Shubert 
office. N. Y. 

BAKER, Edwin King (Eddie Baker); b. Davis, 
W. Va. ; educ. Washington, D. C. ; stage career, 
with Baker stk. in repertoire thru Eastern 
States, "Ye Old Deestrick School," "Confed- 
erate Spy"; screen carrer, Universal, Joker 
Comedy; doing heavies with Gale Henry. 12 
picture ("Poor Fish," "Pant," "Kids), Christie 
("Sea Side Sirens," "Her Perfect Husband"), 
Special Pictures ("Up in Betty's Bedroom," 
"Pajama Marriage," "Too Many Husbands"), 
Warner ("Money Flies"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 
200; fair complexion, brown hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1222 N. Bronson ave., Los Ange- 
les, Cal.; Holly 1079. 



BANKS, Monty; b. France, 1897; educ. Italy; 
stage career, 4 yrs. professional dancer and 
pantomime, 2 yrs. Baro Co., England, France 
and Italy; screen career, Monty Banks Com- 
edies ("The Flivver Wedding," "His Dizzy 
Day," "Bride and Groom," "Peaceful Alley," 
"Poor Simp"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 145; black 
hair and eyes. Studio ad., Warner Bros., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

BANKS, Perry; b. Victoria, B. C., 1877; educ. 
Pierce Christian Coll., Cal.; stage career, IB 
yrs. stock and rep., with Robt. Downing in 
rep.; vaud. and circus; did Griffith's sketch. 
"In Washington's Time": screen career, Ameri- 
can ("Other Side of the Door," "Overalls," 
"The Overcoat," "Faith," "Melissa of the 
Hills," "The Sea Master," "A Sporting Chance," 
"Six Feet Four," "Eve in Exile," "Slim Bang 
Jim," "House of Toys"). 

BARKER, Bradley; b. Hempstead, L. L, 1885; 
educ. N. Y. ; stage career, 5 yrs. dramatic stck. ; 
screen career, 7 yrs., Famous Players ("Come 
Out of the Kitchen," "Wanted a Husband"), 
Realart ("Erstwhile Susan," "Fear Market"), 
Acme, Chas. Miller Co. ("Heart of a Gypsy"), 
Paramount ("Away Goes Prudence"), First 
National ("The Master Mind"), Metro ("Coin- 
cidence"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; dark com- 
plexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes; writes 
scenarios. Ad., Southold Apts., 150th st. and 
Broadway, N. Y., and Green Room Club. 

BARLOW, Reginald; screen career, Cosmopolitan 
("The Cinema Murder"), Fidelity Pictures 
("Love's Flame"). 

BARNES, T. Roy; b. Lincoln, England; educ. 
Utica, N. Y. ; stage career, "Red Canary," 
"Passing Show 1914," "See My Lawyer," "Over 
the Top," vaud. 12 yrs.; screen career. Goldwyn 
("Scratch My Back"), Christie ("So Long 
Letty"), Robertson-Cole ("See My Lawyer"), 
Lasky ("A Kiss in Time"). Hght., 6; wght., 
155; light hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1803 
Argyle ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; Holly 4320. 

BARNETT, Chester; b. Piedmont, Mo.; educ. St. 
Benedict's Coll., Atchison, Kan.; stage career, 
Belasco 2 yrs., "The Climax" (Weber) ; screen 
career, Crystal, Peerless, Warner Features, 
Equitable "Trilby," "The Wishing Ring," 
"Marrying Money," "Heart of the Blue Ridge," 
"Little Miss Brown," "The Pit," "Old Dutch." 
"The Gentleman from Mississippi," "La Vie de 
Boheme"), Selznick ("The Law of Compensa- 
tion"). Submarine Film ("The Submarine 
Eye"), Select "Break the News to Mother"), 
Submarine Film ("Girl of the Sea"). Hght., 
5, 9%; wght., 155; dark hair, brown eyes. 
Ad., 555 West 171st St., N. Y. 

BARRIE, Nigel; b. Calcutta, India; educ. Hailey- 
burg Coll., England; stage career, with Sir 
Frank Benson, Sir Herbert Tree, Fred Terry 
John Drew, Grace George, leads in "Count of 
Luxemburg," "Gypsy Love," "The Laughing 
Husband," professional dancer in vaud. with 
Joan Sawyer; screen career, Famous Players 
("Bab" series, "Widow by Proxy"), Select 
("The Marionettes," "The Better Wife"), 
First National ("The Turning Point"), Amer- 
ican ("Their Mutual Child"), Pathe ("Girl 
in the Web"), First National ("Notorious Miss 
Lisle"), Metro ("The Little Fool"), C. K. 
Young ("Charge It"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 175; 
black hair, brown eyes. 7131 Sunset Blvd., 
Hollywood, Calif. 

BARRINGTON, Herbert; b. England; educ. Cin- 
cinnati; stage career, with Mansfield in Shake- 
speare, 1899, with Wyndham in London, 1900, 
in "Florodora," N. Y., in stock and on tour, 
starred in "When We Were Twenty-One"; 
screen career, from 1911, Edison, then Solax, 
Thanhouser, Pilot, Biograph, Universal, World 
("Maternity," "Shall We Forgive Her?" "A 
Self -Made Widow"), Paramount ("Easy to 
Get JI ). 

BARROWS, Harry A.; b. Saco, Me., 1875; educ. 
Thornton Acad., Saco; stage career, in mus. 
com. with Elsie Janis, Lew Fields, Henry W. 
Savage, Frohman and Dillingham; also in rep.; 
screen career, Famous Players, Biograph, Fox, 
Howarth ("Temple of Dusk"), Jewel ("Kaiser, 
the Beast of Berlin"), Universal ("The Right 
to Happiness," "The Trembling Hour"), Brent- 
wood ("Come Again, Smith"), American 
("Hobbs in a Hurry"), Lois Weber Co. ("For 
Husbands Only"). Astra ("Common Clay"), Ince 
("In the Claws of the Hun"), Vitagraph ("A 
Master Stroke," "It Can Be Done"), Pathe 
("House of Toys"), Universal ("Tiger True"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 200; light complexion, dark 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1552 Hudson ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

BARROWS, James; screen career, Metro ("Dan- 
gerous to Men"), Fox ("The Untamed"), Hod- 
kinson ("'Down Home"), Hugh Dierker's Prod. 
("When Dawn Came"). 

BARRY, Eddie; b. Phila., Pa., 1887; stage career, 
comedian in "Madame Sherry," and other legit, 
companies; stk. at Keith and Proctor's, N. Y. 
C., Poll's Springfield, Mass., etc.; screen career, 
Christie ("Working His Way," "A Lucky Slip," - 
"Vamping Reuben's Millions," "His Cut-Up 
Life," specials, "Rowdy Ann," "Dangerous Dan 
McGrew," "Shades of Shakespeare," "Wild and 
Western," "Her Bridal Night-Mare," "Home 
Made Hero," "Out of the Night"), Educational 
("Shuffle the Queens," "Tea for Two," "Mr. 
Fatima"), Universal ("The Waiting Maid," "A 
Hard Guess," "Zulu Love"), Pricefllms ("His 
Pajama Girl"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 137; aub- 
urn hair and brown eyes. Home ad., 6424 Dix 
st., Hollywood, Cal. 

BARRYMORE, John; b. 1882; stage career, since 
1903, appeared as Max in "Magda," starred in 
"Toddles," "The Fortune Hunter," "A Slice of 
Life," "The Affairs of Anatol," "A Thief for a 
Night," "The Yellow Ticket," "Justice," "Peter 
Ibbetson," "Redemption," "The Jest," "Richard 
III"; screen career, Famous Players (featured 
in "The Dictator," "Nearly a King," "The 
Red Widow," "The Lost Bridegroom"), Lau- 
rence Weber Prod. ("Raffles, the Amateur 
Cracksman"), Famous Players ("On the Quiet," 
"Here Comes the Bride," "The Test of Honor," 
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"). Ad. Lambs Club, 
N. Y. 

BARRYMORE, Lionel; stage career, with Nance 
O'Neil, James Herne, John Drew, In "The Best 
of Friends," "Pantaloon." "Fires of Fate," 
toured vaud. in "The Still Voice"; "The Cop- 
perhead," "The Jest"; screen career, Biograph, 
Pathe, ("Exploits of Elaine"); Metro, starred in 
comedy and dramatic parts. ("The Yellow 
Streak." "Great Green Eye," "The Millionaire's 
Double"), Famous Players ("The Copperhead"), 
First Nat'l ("The Master Mind," "The Devil's 
Garden," "The Great Adventure," "Jim the 
Penman). Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. 

BARTHELMESS, Richard; b. N. Y. City, 1895; 
educ. Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. ; screen 
career, Herbert Brenon productions ("War 
Brides"), Famous Players ("Bab's Burglar," 
"Bab's Diary," "The Seven Swans," "Rich 
Man, Poor Man," "Three Men and a Girl"), 
Goldwyn ("Nearly Married"), D. W. Griffith 
("The Hope Chest," "Boots," "Broken Blos- 
soms," "Scarlet Days," "Girl Who Stayed at 
Home," "The Idol Dancer," "The Love Flower," 
"Way Down East"), Dorothy Gish Co. ("Peppy 
Polly," "I'll Get Him Yet"), Famous Players 
("Experience"). Tolable David. Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 135; dark complexion, dark hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y., or L. A. A. C., 
Los Angeles. Cal. 

BARTLETT, Harry; b. Pittsburg, Pa.; educ. 
there; stage career, began 1882, chiefly vaud.; 
"Mutt" in Mutt and Jeff; screen career, 3 
yrs., Famous Players ("Anne of Green Gables," 
"The Copperhead"), "The Volcano." Hght., 
6, %; wght., 170; gray hair, blue eyes. 

BARY, Leon; also director; b. and educ. Paris, 
France; stage career, leading roles with Rejane, 
Jane Hading, also with Sarah Bernhardt in 
France and U. S. ; screen career, Robertson-Cole 
("Kismet"), Douglas Fairbanks ("The Three 
Musketeers"). Hght.. 6; wght., 165; dark hair, 
dark blue eyes. Home ad., 1855 Winona Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 597611. 

BASTON, J. Thornton; screen career, Fox ("The 
White Moll," "The Tiger's Cub," "The Moun- 
tain Woman," "Dynamite Allen," "Beyond 
Price"), Sterling Features ("The Fighting Ken- 
tuckians"), Vera McCord Prod. ("The Good- 
Bad Wife"). 

BATES, Tom D.; screen career, Paramount 
("Huckleberry Finn," "Burglar-Proof"), Fox 
("The Devil's Riddle"), Robertson-Cole ("An 
Arabian Knight"). 

BEAMISH, Frank; b. Memphis, Tenn., 1881; 
educ. Christian Brothers Coll. ; stage career, 
with Chas. Frohman, E. H. Sothern, Rose 
Stahl; screen career, Equitable-World, Peer- 
less-World ("The Revolt"), Fox ("Putting One 
Over," "Checkers"). Hght., 6; wght, 165; 
complexion fair, light brown hair, blue eyes. 

BEBAN, George; stage career, since 8 yrs. om, 
singing in Reed and Emerson's minstrels, stk. 
in San Francisco, mus. com., "Nancy Brown," 
with Weber and Fields, comedy lead in "Fan- 
tana" and "The American Idea," starred in 
"The Sign of the Rose"; screen career NYMP 



("An Alien"), Morosco ("Lost in Transit," 
"The Land of the Free," "Jules of the Strong 
Heart," "One More American"), Independent 
Prod. ("Hearts of Men"), Sol Lesser ("One Man 
in a Million"). Ad Friars Club, N. Y. Home 
ad., 7018 Hawthorne St., Hollywood, Cal., Holly 
3851: studio ad., 904 Girard st., Los Angeles. 

BECHTEL,, Wm. A.; stage career, 30 yrs., Europe 
and America; screen career, Peerless, Edison, 
Ivan, Graphic ("Echo of Youth"), Vitagraph 
("Vengeance of Durand," "Gray Tower Mys- 
tery"), Wistaria Corp. ("The Lurking Peril"), 
Pioneer ("Idle Hands"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 
160; dark hair and eyes. 

BECKER, Fred; screen career, Universal ("The 
Dangerous Moment," "Cheated Love"). 

BEERY, Noah, Jr.; also director; b. Kansas City, 
Mo., 1884; stage career, with Mansfield, Cohan 
and Harris, H. B. Harris, Klaw and Erlanger; 
screen career, Artcraft ("Believe Me, Xan- 
tippe," "The Whispering Chorus," "The Squaw 
Man"), loaned to Metro for "The Red Lan- 
tern," La*ky ("The Sea. Wolf"), B. B. Hamp- 
ton ("The Sagebrusher"), Louis B. Mayer 
("The Fighting Shepherdess"), Metro ("Muti- 
ny of the Elsinore"), Neilan ("Go and Get It," 
"Dinty," "Bob Hampton of Placer"), Marion 
Fairfax ("The Lying Truth"), Fairbanks 
("Mark of Zorro"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 216; 
dark hair and eyes. Ad., home, 6421 Ivarene 
st., Hollywood Cal.; phone 578360. 

BEERY, Wallace; b. and educ. Kansas City, Mo.; 
stage career, 10 yrs., with H. W. Irving; 
screen career, Tourneur ("Victory," "Last of 
the Mohicans," "Romany Rye"), Lasky ("The 
Round-Up"), Selig ("The Last Trail"), Neilan 
("The Unpardonable Sin"), First Nat'l ("The 
Golden Snare"), Goldwyn ("Tale of Two 
Worlds"), Ince ("Behind the Door"), Metro 
("Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"). Hght., 
6; wght., 200; dark hair, brown eyes. Home 
ad., 1346 Harper ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BELASCO, Jay; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. Eng- 
land, Bedford; stage career, dram, and vaud. 
throughout Europe, Africa, Australia and U. 
S. ; screen career since 1915, 2 yrs. dir. and 
star of Christie Comedies; 1 yr. Blue Bird 
Features, Universal, Frank Keenan ("Enter a 
Vagabound," "Out of the Ashes," "Smouldering 
Embers," "Dollar for Dollar"), Realart ("Jenny 
Be Good"), Pathe ("Help Wanted Male"), 
Selznick ("Palace of Darkened Windows"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 152; dark hair and eyes. 
Ad., 1207 Detroit st., Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 

BELMONT, Joseph (Baldy) ; b. St. Clair, Mich.; 
educ. Catholic Acad., Port Huron; stage career, 
stk., rep., vaud., etc., in "Trilby," "Oliver 
Twist," "The Girl of the Golden West," etc., 
mgmt. David Belasco, B. F. Keith. Poli Stock, 
etc.; screen career, Crystal (wrote, directed and 
played leads in more than 40 "Baldy" Belmont 
comedies), Griffith's Reliance-Majestic (di- 
rected 1 and 2 reel dramas), Fine Arts. Key- 
stone ("Skidding Hearts," "Oriental Love," 
"Won by a Fowl," "Never Too Old," "Star 
Boarder," "No Mother to Guide Her"), Sen- 
nett ("Don't Weaken"), Universal ("White 
Youth"). Hght., 5. 6%; wght., 155; dark hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad., 1712 Allesandro, Los 
Angeles. Cal. 

BELMORE. Lionel; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Duds," "The Strange Boarder," "Jes 1 Call 
Me Jim," "Madame X," "Milestones," "The 
Great Lover," "Godless Men," "Man Who Had 
Everything," "Guile of Women"), Universal 
'"A Shocking Night"). 

BENEDICT, Kingrsley, also scenario writer; b. 
Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1882; educ. Columbia 
Coll. ; stage career, with Charles Frohman, 
Klaw & Erlanger. William A. Brady. Shuberts, 
etc.; screen career, Universal ("The Water 
Spy," "The Human Target." etc.): author of 
several plays. "The Niche in the Wall." "The 
Coward." "A Woman's Law," "The Craven." 
Bluebird ("Who Will Marry Me?"). Hght.. 
5. 7; wght.. 150; brown hair and blue eyes. Ad.. 
Universal. Universal City. 

BEXHAM. Harry; b. Valparaiso, Ind.. Feb. 26. 
1886; educ. Chicago and Goshen, Ind.; stage 
career, 10 yrs., last N. Y. appearance, "The 
Rainbow Girl," Klaw and Erlanger; screen 
career, World ("The Dancer's Peril"), Ed. War- 
ren Prod. ("Warfare of the Flesh"), Apollo 
("When You and I Were Young") Metro ("The 
Outsider"), Pathe ("The Frame-Up," "Convict 
993"). Famous Players ("The Tower"), Metro 
("Polly with a Past"), Selznick ("The Danger- 
ous Paradise"), Vitagraph ("The Prey"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 168; brown hair and eyes. Ad., 

209 W. 107th St., N. Y. C., Acad. 0837. 

BENNER, Yale Despine; b. N. Y.. 1875; educ. 
Brooklyn; stage career, in "The Stolen Story," 
"Zira," "Leah Kleschna," "The Three Twins," 
vaud., leading man with Hope Booth; screen 
career, Edison, 5 yrs. (playing leads, straights, 
character comedy, heavies), Thanhouser ("Th 
Pillory"), Metro ("A Wife by Proxy"). 

BENNETT, Joseph; b. Los Angeles, Cal.; screen 
career, Alkire Prod. ("An Ace in a Hole"), 
Fox ("The Feud"), American ("Rose of 
Hell"), Lewis Stone Co. ("Man's Desire"), Tri- 
angle ("Golden Fleece," "Crown Jewels," 
"Marked Cards." "Limousine Life," "Indiscreet 
Corrine"), Fox ("The Terror"), Alkire Prod. 
("Youth's Desire"), Pathe ("The Gamesters," 
"Their Mutual Child"), Ince ("The Home- 
stretch"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 153; dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., Baker Apts., 
Los Angeles, Cal. Bdwy, 940. 

BENNETT, Richard; b. Bennetts Switch, Ind., 
1873; educ. Kokomo, Logansport, Ind.; stage 
career, from 1891, covering period of 15 yrs., 
leading man and star mgmt. Chas. Frohman, 
Empire theatre, N. Y., and on tour; prod, as 
star personally, "Damaged Goods," "The Un- 
known Purple," "For the Defense"; screen 
career. American-Mutual (star in screen ver- 
sion of "Damaged Goods," late pictures, "And 
the Law Says," "Gilded Youth"). Hght., 5, 
10; wght., 160; dark brown hair, dark gray 

BENNISON, Louis; b. Oakland, Cal.; educ. Univ. 
of Cal.; stage career, 15 yrs. stk. in West; sup- 
ported Richard Bennett in "Damaged Goods," 
Emily Stevens, "Unchastened Woman," starred 
2 yrs. in "Johnny Get Your Gun" ; screen ca- 
reer, Goldwyn ("Oh, Johnny"), Betzwood 
("High Pockets," "Road Called Straight," 
"Misfit Earl," "Sandy Burke," "Speedy 
Meade"), Hodkinson ("Lavender and Old 
Lace"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 165; dark hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. 

BENSON, Clyde; b. Marshalltown. Iowa; early 
career, 15 yrs. on legit, stage, "Everywoman" 
4 seasons, "The Climax" 2 seasons, "Unbroken 
Road" 1 season; screen career, Select ("The 
Savage Woman"), Universal ("The Virgin of 
Stamboul"), Ince-Paramount ("The Sheriff's 
Son," "Green Eyes," "Maggie Pepper"), Hod- 
kinson ("The Best Man"), J. Warren Kerrigan 
("Live Sparks"), in Jack Dempsey's serial. 
Hght., 6; wght., 170; brown hair, fair com- 
plexion. Ad., Balboa Hotel, 1221 West 7th st., 
Los Angeles, Cal. Phone 60121. 

BENTON, Curtis; b. Toledo, O., 1885; educ. Van- 
derbilt Univ.; stage career, from 1903, with 
Robert Hilliard in "A Fool There Was," 2 sea- 
sons with Cohan and Harris in "The Fortune 
Hunter," "Broadway Jones," etc., writer of 
vaud. acts and short stories; screen career, 
Imp-Universal ("Pursuit Eternal," "Con- 
science" author "Lady High and Mighty," 
"Everygirl," juv. in "Twenty Thousand 
Leagues Under the Sea"), Fox ("Jealousy," 
"The Siren"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 180; dark 
hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 520 W. 130th st., 
N. Y. C. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. C. 

BERGEN, Thurlow; stage career, stk, "De Luxe 
Anne"; screen career, Pathe ("The Stain," 
"The Boundary Rider," "A Prince of India/' 
"The Fireman and the Girl," "A Change of 
Heart," "A Woman's Fight," "The Stolen 
Birthright"). Unity ("The Lottery Man"), Fox 
("The Love Auction," "The Lure of Ambition"), 
Aywon Films ("Blind Love"). Ad., care Ed- 
ward Small, Inc., N. Y. 

BERGMAN, Henry; Chaplin First Natl. ("A 
Dog's Life," "Shoulder Arms," "Sunnyside"), 
Chaplin ("A Day's Pleasure"). Ad., Boule- 
vard Apts., Hollywood, Cal. Chaplin Studio, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

BERRELL, George; b. Philadelphia. 1849; educ. 
St. Mary's Coll., Wilmington, Del.; stage ca- 
reer, 44 yrs. in drama, with Booth, Barrett, 
McCullough, Mary Anderson; screen career, 
Lubin, Bosworth, Metro ("As the Sun Went 
Down," "In for Thirty Days"), Lasky ("Love 
Insurance"), Fred Stone ("The Duke of Chim- 
ney Butte"), Mary Pickford ("Pollyanna"), 
Monroe Salisbury ("The Barbarian"), Univer- 
sal ("Society Secrets"), Nell Shipman ("Girl 
from God's Country"), Benj. Hampton ("The 
U. P. Trail," "Dwelling Place of Light"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; gray hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1532 Vista st., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BETHEW, Herbert; screen career, Universal 
("Under Northern Lights," "Beautifully 
Trimmed," "Tiger True"). 



BETTS, Matthew L.; screen career, Hallmark 
("High Speed"), Robertson-Cole ("The 
Stealers"), Realart ("Law of the Yukon"), 
First National ("Good References"). 

BEVAN, Billy; b. Orange, New South Wales, 
Australia, 1887; educ. Sydney, Australia; stage 
career, 8 yrs. with Pollard's Australian Opera 
Co., "Mikado," "Belle of New York," "Geisha," 
"Floradora," "Sergeant Brue"; screen career, 
L-Ko, Fox, Christie, now featured in Mack Sen- 
nett com. ("Made in the Kitchen," "My Good- 
ness," "Bungalow Troubles," "Ashore from the 
Steerage," "Fireside Brewer," "Love, Honor and 
Behave," "Small Town Idol," "Heart Balm"). 
Hght., 5, 8; wght., 171; auburn hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., Mack Sennett Comedies, Edendale, 
Calif., or 1312 Martel Ave., Hollywood. 

BEYER, Charles; age 27 yrs.; educ. Military schl. 
and Cornell; stage career, stock and vaud.; 
screen career, Vitagraph, Metro, Biograph, 
Yankee Pictures, Picture Classics, Classic 
Drama Corp. and Blazed Trail Prod. Hght. 6; 
wght., 180; hair dark brown; eyes blue. Ad., 
Actors' Equity. 

BIDDOUGH, Matthew; screen career, Universal 
("Ride Along, Kid," "Hitchin' Posts"). 

BLACK, W. W.; b. Irvington, N. Y., 1871; stage 
career, in K. & E., Savage, Lederer prods.; 
screen career, Metro ("The Greatest Power"), 
Goldwyn ("The Hell Cat"), Norma Talmadge 
Co. ("Secret of the Storm Country"), Fox 
("The Prussian Cur"), Popular Players ("Raf- 
fles"), Goldwyn ("High Pockets," "The Floor 
Below"), J. Vincent Corp. ("The Spirit of 
Lafayette"), International ("The Hidden 
Truth"), S. K. Krellberg ("The Fatal For- 
tune," serial), World ("The Wakefleld Case"). 
Ad., Ill Manhattan at., N. Y. Morningside 

BLACKWELL, Carlyle; b. Troy, Pa., 1888; educ. 
Syracuse; stage career, in Broadway successes, 
including "Brown of Harvard" and "Right of 
Way"; Keith and Proctor stock co.; screen 
career, Lasky, International, World, "The Be- 
loved Blackmailer," "Road to France," "The 
Allies," "Hit or Miss," "Love in a Hurry," 
"Courage for Two," "Three Green Eyes"), Rob- 
ertson-Cole ("The Third Woman"), Paramount 
("The Restless Sex"). Has written, produced 
and acted his own stories. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
155; dark complexion, eyes and hair. Ad., 
Lambs Club, N. Y. 

BLACKWELL, Jim; screen career, Metro ("The 
Misfit Wife"), Paramount ("The Witching 
Hour," "The Traveling Salesman"), Universal 
("Desperate Youth"). 

BLAKE, Tom; screen career, Selznick ("The 
Wonderful Chance," "Marooned Hearts"), 
Paramount ("Flying Pat," "Ghost in the Gar- 

BLINN, 1 1 ol brook; b. San Francisco; educ. San 
Francisco and Stanford Univ. ; stage career, 
27 yrs. acting, starring, and managing, famous 
producer of 1-act plays at Princess theatre, 
N. Y. ; screen career, World ("The Butterfly 
on the Wheel," "The Unpardonable Sin," "Hus- 
band and Wife," "The Hidden Scar"), Pathe 
("The Empress"), McClure ("Pride"), World 
("The Boss," "McTeague"), World-Tourneur 
("The Ivory Snuff-Box"), Steger ("Prima 
Donna's Husband"), Universal ("Madonna of 
the Slums"). Ad., Journey's End., Croton-on- 
Hudson, N. Y. 

BLOOMER, Raymond; b. Rochester, N. Y. ; stage 
career, 10 yrs. stock, with Belasco, "A Good 
Little Devil," "Fair and Warmer," "Squab 
Farm," also Comic Opera; screen career, Fa- 
mous Players ("Out of a Clear Sky"), Screen- 
craft ("The Prodigal Wife"), Marion Davies 
Film Co. ("The Belle of N. Y."), Vitagraph 
"The Vice of Fools"), United Artists ("The 
Love Light"). Hght., 6 ft.; wght., 168; dark 
complexion, eyes, hair. Ad., 683 West End 
ave., N. Y. River 9944. 

BLUE, Monte; b. Indianapolis, 1890; educ. Pur- 
due Univ.; stage career, 2 yrs. vaud.; screen 
career, Griffith, Pathe, Triangle, Douglas Fair- 
banks ("Wild and Wooly," "Man From Painted 
Post"), Mary Pickford ("M'Liss," "Johanna 
Enlists"), Lasky ("Squaw Man," "Rustling a 
Bride," "Told in the Hills," "In Missouri," 
"Everywoman." "Thirteenth Commandment," 
"Too Much Johnson"), Realart ("A Cumber- 
land Romance"), Famous Players ("Petti- 
grew's Girl," "Something to Think About," 
"The Jucklins," "The Kentuckians"), Asso. 
Prod. ("A Perfect Crime"). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 
185; brown hair and eyes. 

BOLAND, Eddie "Bo"; b. San Francisco, Calif., 
1885; educ. St. Charles Acad., San Francisco; 
stage career, 6 yrs.; screen career, from 1912 
to 1919, featured with Harry Pollard, Univer- 
sal, Vitagraph, Christie, Vanity Fair Girl Com- 
edies, Eddie Boland Comedies ("June Mad- 
ness," "Prince Pistachio," "Mama's Boy," 
"Queens Up," "A Straight Crook," "The Love 
Lesson," "Egypt and Return"). Hght., 5, 7%; 
wght., 135; fair complexion, brown hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 223 S. Flower st., Los An- 
geles, Calif.; Bway 5769; studio ad., Hal E. 
Roach Studios, Culver City, Calif. 
BOLDER, Robert; b. London, England; educ. 
Christ's Hospital, The Blue Coat School; stage 
career, 37 years on stage; screen career, 7 
yrs., 2 yrs. stk. Essanay, Universal ("Girl in 
No. 29"), Realart ("Her Beloved Villain," 
"Burning Daylight," "The Marriage of William 
Ashe," "The House That Jazz Built"), Special 
Pictures ("Friends and Enemies"). Hght., 5, 
2; wght., 185; silver gray hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 319 Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills. 
Calif.; phone 559102. 

BOND, Fred; screen career, Fox ("The Hell 
Ship"), David Butler Prod. ("Fickle Women"). 

BOOKER, Harry; screen career, Fox ("The 

Heart Snatcher," "Skirts"). 

BOSWORTH, Hobart Van Zandt; b. Marietta, 
Ohio; educ. there; stage career, since 1885; 
10 yrs. at Daly's theatre, New York, support- 
ing Mrs. Fiske, Marlowe, Crossman, Amelia 
Bingham, as leading man, starred by Harri- 
son Fiske, stage director Belasco theatre, Los 
Angeles, up to 1909; screen career, played lead 
in first picture made in Los Angeles, Selig 
("Monte Cristo," and 112 others), Bosworth, 
Inc. ("The Sea Wolf," "Pursuit of the Phan- 
tom," "Odyssey of the North"), Lasky ("Joan 
the Woman," "Oliver Twist," "Little Ameri- 
can," "Woman God Forgot"), Universal ("Two 
Men of Sandy Bar"), T. Hays Hunter Special 
("Border Legion"), 1 yr. with J. Parker Read 
("His Own Law," "A Thousand to One"), Ince 
("Behind the Door," "Below the Surface," 
"Blind Hearts"). Home ad., Beverly Hills 
Hotel, Beverly Hills, Calif. 

BOTELER, Wade; b. Santa Ana, Calif.; educ. 
Los Angeles; stage career, 3 yrs. acting in 
stk., 2 yrs. dir. stk., 1 season with Otis Skin- 
ner; screen career, Famous Players ("Very 
Good Young Man"), Ince ("Crooked Straight," 
"23% Hours Leave"), Goldwyn ("Hard Propo- 
sition," "Cup of Fury"), Edgar Lewis Prod. 
("Lahoma"), Realart ("She Couldn't Help It," 
"Ducks and Drakes"), Katherine MacDonald 
("Stranger Than Fiction"), Ince ("The Home 
Stretch," "An Old Fashioned Boy"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 180; red hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
5012 S. Wilton Place, Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 79347. 

BOTTOMLEY, Roland; screen career, Pathe 
("The Devil"), Vitagraph ("The Charming De- 

BOULDON, Edward; screen career, Fox ("The 
Plunger"),. Arrow ("Bachelor Apartments"). 

BOWERS, John; b. Indiana; stage career, with 
Donald Robertson, Beulah Poynter, in "The 
Family Cupboard." "Things That Count," 
screen career, Griffith, Metro, Famous Players, 
Thanhouser, World ("The Divorce Game," 
"Betsy Ross," "Joan of the Woods," "Day 
Dreams," "Sis -Hopkins," "Daughter of Mine," 
"The Pest"), Goldwyn ("Thru the Wrong 
Door," "Strictly Confidential," "Tower of 
Ivory," "Woman in Room 13," "Out of the 
Storm," "Godless Men," "Roads of Destiny"), 
Realart ("Cumberland Romance"), First Na- 
tional ("The Sky Pilot"). Hght., 6; wght., 
180; dark hair and eyes. Ad., c/o Goldwyn 
Pict. Corp., N. Y. C. 

BOWES, Clifford W.; b. Pueblo, Colo., 1895; 
educ. Los Angeles, Calif.; Champion National 
Spring Board Diver 1914-15; screen career, 
entered picture industry in 1915; 2% yrs. with 
Mack Sennett ("Tugboat Romeo," "Cactus 
Nell"), 6 mos. with Fox, Warner Bros. "Trou- 
ble," "Caught in a Cabaret"), Century ("Lying 
Tamer," "Up in Mary's Attic," "Happy Daze"), 
Universal ("Parcel Post Husband," "His Puppy 
Love"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 136; dark brown 
hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 3011 Washington 
Blvd., Ocean Park, Gal., phone 61139. 

BOYD, William; screen career; Paramount ("The 
Six Best Cellars," "City of Masks," "The Juck- 
lins," "A City Sparrow," "Brewster's Mil- 
lions"), Realart ("Blackbird"). 



BRACY, Sidney; b. Melbourne, Australia, 1882; 
educ. Melbourne Univ.; stage career, with late 
J. C. Williamson in Australia, with Kyrle Bel- 
lew, supported Viola Allen, with Nazimova, 
Nat Goodwin, in revival of "Robin Hood" and 
"Rob Roy," in N. Y. ; screen career, Thanhouser 
("Million Dollar Mystery," "The Miser's Rever- 
sion"), Fox ("Merely Mary Ann," "Sporting 
Blood"), Universal ("Elusive Isabel," "Temp- 
tation and the Man"), Arrow ("Crime and Pun- 
ishment," "The Deemster"), Famous ("The 
Long Trail," "Crazy to Marry"), Realart ("An 
Amateur Devil," "The Woman Outside," "The 
March Hare"), Metro ("Passion Fruit"). Hght., 
5. 9; wght., 138; brown hair, dark brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1710 Vine st., c/o John Lancaster, 
Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 578560. 

BRADBURY, Ronald; b. Walla Walla, Wash., 
1886; educ. Baker Sch., Walla Walla, and 
Chicago; stage career, Baker Stock Co., Port- 
land, Ore., 7 yrs. featured over Orpheum anJ 
Pantages circuits; own companies; screen 
career, Universal ("Colorado," "Big Bill 
Brent"), Lasky ("To Have and to Hold"), 
Kalem ("The Harvest of Gold," "On the 
Brink of War," "The False Prophet," "The 
Resurrection of Gold Bar"), Paramount ("The 
Deadline at Eleven"). 

BRADLEY, Malcolm; screen career, Paramount 
("Sentimental Tommy"), Realart ("The Magic 

BRADY, Edwin J.; b. N. Y., 1889; educ. pub. 
sch. and Coll. City of N. Y. ; stage career, mus. 
com., vaud. and dram. stk. ; screen career, 
Selig, Universal, Nestor; joined Balboa 1915 
("Who Pays? " series, "Neal of the Navy"), 
Selig ("Out of the Shadows," "Hedge of 
Heart's Desire," "The Fount of Courage), 
Pathe-Keenan ("The False Code"), Goldwyn 
"Almost a Husband"), World-Macauley ("When 
Bearcat Went Dry"), Paramount ("Terror* 
Island"), First National ("The Yellow Ty- 
phoon"), Hodkinson ("Kentucky Colonel"). 
Wght., 165; hght., 5, 10%; brown hair, brown 

BRAIDWOOD, Frank; screen career, Goldwyn 
''"Going Some"), Universal ("West Is West,' 
"Hearts Up," "The Smart Sex"), Pathe ("Down 

BRAMMAL.L, John Gardiner; b. Rochdale, Eng.; 
educ. Christ Church, Eng. ; stage career with 
Maxine Elliott, Mabel Taliaferro, Lillian Rus- 
sell; screen career, Biograph, Fine Arts, 
Fox ("House on the Land," "Confession," "The 
Girl Who Came Back"), Pathe ("The Master 
Man"), Metro ("Her Inspiration"), American 
("Six Feet Four"), Paramount ("Terror Isl- 
and"), Fox ("Skywayman," "The Cheater Re- 
formed"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; light hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., 1630% Morton ave., Los An- 
geles, Cal., phone 53603. 

BRANDT, Charles; screen career, Goldwyn ("A 
Misfit Earl"), First National ("The Master 

BREESE, Edmund; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1871; 
educ. there; 25 yrs. on legitimate stage; fea- 
tured 4 yrs. in "Lion and the Mouse," lead in 
"Today," "The Fear Market"; 2 yrs. "Why 
Marry?"; screen career, Lasky ("The Master 
Mind"), Fox ("Walls of Jericho"), Metro 
("Shooting of Dan McGrew," "Song of Wage 
Slave," "Spell of Yukon," "Lure of Heart's 
Desire," "Weakness of Strength"), Ivan Abram- 
son ("Someone Must Pay"). Gaumont ("A 
Temporary Wife"), Hallmark ("Chains of Evi- 
dence"), Transatlantic ("A Common Level"). 
Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 152; brown hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., home, Edmund Breese Farm, Nor- 
walk, Conn. 

BRENNAN, J.; screen career, Selznick ("Sooner 
or Later"), Commonwealth ("The Hidden 
Light"), Goldwyn ("The Highest Bidder"). 

BRINLEY, Charles E.; b. Yuman, Ariz.; educ. 
there; screen career, 8 yrs. with Universal 
("The Lone Hand," "Tempest Cody," "Down 
But Not Out," "Trey of Hearts," "Liberty," 
"Red Ace"), Pathe ("Patra"). Universal 
("Under Northern Lights," "Tiger True," "If 
Only Jim"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 160; gray 
hair browni eyes. Home ad., 1646 Lake Shore 
ave., Los Angeles, Cal., phone 51702. 

BRODERICK, Robert; screen career, Fox ("The 
Shark"), Cosmopolitan ("Proxies"). 

BROOK, Chad.; Cosmopolitan ("The Passionate 
Pilgrim"), Vitagraph ("Closed Doors").. 

BROOKE, Van Dyke; also scenario writer; b. 
Detroit, Mich. ; educ. pub. and high sch. ; stage 
career, since 1880, as actor, director, author, 
manager, stk. and traveling companies; screen 

career, Blackton Prod. ("The Moonshine 
Trail"), Amer. Cinema ("The Stormy Petrel"), 
Vitagraph ("The Fortune Hunter," "The Son 
of Wallingford"), Cosmopolitan ("The Passion- 
ate Pilgrim"), Chas. Ray Prod. ("The Mid- 
night Bell"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 145; silver 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 341 W. 45th St., 
N. .Y. C.; or Pickwick Apts., 833 S. Grand, Los 
Angeles, Cal., phone 104-83. 

BROOKS, Irving; screen career. Fox ("The 
Plunger," "Fantomas"). 

BROOKS, Joe; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. Rock 
Church Sch., St. Louis; stage career, Odan 
Stock Co., 1 yr. ; screen career, Biograph ("Ju- 
dith," "The Battle of Truth"), Sawyer ("Love's 
Cross Roads"), Fairbanks ("Reaching for the 
Moon," "Mr. Fix-It"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; 
black hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 1109 W. 
10th St., Los Angeles, Cal., phone 556470. 

BROOKS, Sam; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1891; educ. 
Brooklyn; stage career, 7 yrs. on stage; screen 
career, Rolin Pathe, Lonesome Luke Series, 
Snub Pollard Comedies, Harold Lloyd Comedies. 
Hght., 4; wght., 100; fair complexion, brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., L. A. Athletic Club, L. A., 
studio ad., Hal E. Roach Studios, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

BROOKS, Ted; screen career, Universal ("Sun- 
down Slini," "Two Kinds of Love," "West Is 

BROUGHTON, Lewis; educ. England and Paris; 
stage career, 20 yrs. on legit, stage; screen 
career, Premier ("The Greater Will"), Selznick 
lead in "The Woman's Game"), Fox ("La Belle 
Russe"), Famous Players ("A Romantic Ad- 
venturess," "In Men's Eyes"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 140; light hair, blue eyes. Ad., 50 W 
94th St., N. Y C., Riverside 516. 

BROWER, Otto; b. Grand Rapids, Mich.; educ. 
there; stage career, Robert Mantell Co., Shake- 
spearian roles, Catherine Countes Stk. Co.; 
screen career, Lasky ("Excuse My Dust"), J. 
Parker Read ("The Brute Master"). Hght., 
5. 10; wght., 153; dark brown hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 1628 Hudson ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif., Holly 2745. 

BROWER, Robert; screen career, First National 
("The Beauty Market"), Famous Players 
("Jack Straw," "The Jucklins," "Held by the 
Enemy," "The City Sparrow," "The Faith 
Healer," "What Every Woman Knows"), Real- 
art ("A Cumberland Romance"), Wm. DeMille 
("The Lost Romance"). 

BROWN, J. Edwin; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. Bos- 
ton; stage career, 42 yrs. on legit, stage as 
stage director; screen career, Universal ("The 
Isle of Life," "The Black Box," "For Her 
Mother's Sake," "The Cry of Conscience," "A 
Romany Rose," "The Birth of Patriotism," 
"The House of Gloom," "The Scarlet Shad- 
ow"), Realart ("Jenny Be Good"). Hght., 5, 
8; wght., 130; brown hair and blue eyes. 

BROWN, William H.; b. Northampton, Mass.; 
stage career, with Dorothy Morton Opera Co., 
stock at Castle Square, Boston, La Salle stock, 
Chicago, with "Messenger Boy" Co.; screen 
career, Yankee Film, Reliance-Majestic, Fine 
Arts ("Casey at the Bat," "The Rummy," 
"The Wharf Rat," "The House Built Upon 
Sands," "The Bad Boy"), Paramount-Artcraft 
("The Valley of the Giants," "In Mizzoura," 
"Tree of Knowledge," "The Dancin' Fool," 
"The Fighting Chance," "Lady Rose's Daugh- 

BROWNE, Harry C.; screen career, Fox ("Know 
Your Men"), Vitagraph ("Closed Doors"). 

BROWNLEE, Frank; screen career, Fox ("Miss 
Adventure," "The Lincoln Highwayman," 
"The Man Who Dared"), Universal ("The 
Brute Breaker," "Under Crimson Skies"), 
Pathe ("The Valley of Tomorrow"), Metro 
("Shore Acres," "Hearts Are Trumps"), Hod- 
kinson ("Riders of the Dawn"), Goldwyn ("His 
Own Law", Paramount ("The Whistle"). 

BRUNTON, William, b. Canada; educ. Canada; 
stage career, road shows Canada and United 
States, played stk. and rep., with own show, 
over Western circuit and vaud.; screen ca- 
reer, joined Kalem 1912, with Signal, in "Tire 
Girl and the Game," "The Lost Express," 
Metro ("As the Sun Went Down"), Lasky 
("Cruise of the Make Believes," "The Squaw 
Man"), Para-Artcraft ("Valley of the Giants"), 
Universal ("The Mad Marriage"). Hght., 5. 7; 
wght., 140; light hair, brown eyes, fair com- 
plexion. Home ad.. 819 Mariposa st., Glendale, 
Cal., Glendale 531-W. 

BRYANT, Charles; b. Hartford, Eng., 1887; 
educ. Ardingly College; stage career, 21 yrs.. 



10 yrs. in America with Ethel Barrymore, Mrs. 
Patrick Campbell, Chas. Frohman, Mme. Nazi- 
mova; screen career, Brenon-Selznick ("War 
Brides"), Metro ("Revelation," "Toys of Fate," 
"Eye for Eye," "Out of the Fog," "The Brat," 
"Stronger Than Death," "Heart of a Child," 
"Billions"). Hght, 6, 3; wght., 190; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., care of Metro., Holly- 
wood, Gal. 

BUCKLER, Hugh C.; screen career, George Clark 
("The Duke's Son"), Stoll Film ("Squandered 
Lives," "The Lure of Crooning Water," "The 
Garden of Resurrection"). 

BUCKLEY, William; b. Chicago, 111., 1891; educ. 
there; stage career, stk., vaude., "Brown of 
Harvard," "Strongheart" ; screen career, Fa- 
mous Players, Vitagraph, Ince ("What'* Your 
Husband Doing?"), Metro ("Fair and Warm- 
er"), Universal ("Under Northern Lights," 
"Society Secrets"), Fox ("Heart of Seven- 
teen"), Special ("The Danger Mark"), etc. 
Hght., 6, 1; wght., 172; medium complexion, 
brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 216 S. Reno 
St., Los Angeles, Cal., phone 52549. 

BUNKER, Ralph; educ. Harvard Univ.; stage 
career, featured in "The Very Idea," comedy 
lead with Arthur Hopkins, "Good Gracious 
Annabelle," "Plots and Playwrights," Comedy 
theatre, N. Y., "Hobohemia"; screen career, 
Constance Talmadge ("In" Search of a Sinner"), 
Films, Inc. ("That Woman"), "Gloria's Ro- 
mance," with Billie Burke; lead with Mar- 
guerite Clark in "Scrambled Wives." Now in 
series of two-reel Newlywed Comedies in own 
company. Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 135; black 
hair, dark eyes. Ad., Harvard Club, 27 W. 
44th St., N. Y. C. 

BUNNY, George; b. N. Y., 1867; educ. Brooklyn; 
stage career, actor in various prod, for 25 yrs.; 
screen career, Eastern Film Corp. ("Capt. 
Eric," and a number of one-reel comedies); 
Fox ("A Camouflaged Kiss"), Goldwyn 
("Friend Husband"), Fox ("Caught in the 
Act"), World ("A Broadway Saint," "The 
Poison Pen"), Selznick ("Piccadilly Jim"), 
Universal ("If Only Jim"), Goldwyn ("Indigo 
Sunday," "Home Brewed Youth"). Hght., 5, 
8; wght., 200; gray hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 
31 Trinity St.. New Britain, Conn. 

BURKE, Joseph; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. England, 
stage career, since a boy in mus. com. and 
vaud. ; screen career, with Pathe, Famous 
Players, Fox, Town and Country ("Indepen- 
dence, By Gosh"), Capellani ("The Fortune 
Teller"), Roubert ("Heritage"), Talmadge 
("The Perfect Woman"), Weber ("The Wake- 
field Case"), Selznick ("World's Apart"), Vita- 
graph ("Princess Jones"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 
135; gray hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 310 
W. 14th St., N. Y. C., Chelsea 10365. 

BURKETT, Barton; screen career, Metro ("The 
High Sign"), C. B. C. Film ("High and Dry"). 

BURNS, Ed. J.; b. Phila., 1892; educ. Catholic 
schools Penna. ; stage career, Orpheum Stock 
Co., Phila., 1 yr. ; screen career, World, Hod- 
kinson ("Made in America"), Keeney^Sherry 
("A Marriage for Convenience"), Fox ("Miss 
Adventure"), Para.-Artcraft ("The Love Burg- 
lar," "Male and Female," "The Danger Mark," 
"Under the Greenwood Tree"), Vitagraph 
("Love Watches," "The Soap Girl"), Lois 
Weber ("To Please One Woman"), Realart 
("Eyes of the Heart"), Clune Co. ("Eyes of 
the Eagle"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 135; dark 
complexion, eyes, hair. Home ad., 1835 Whit- 
ley ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

BURNS, Fred; b. Ft. Keogh, Mont., 1878; early 
career, ranching, breaking horses, later with 
Buffalo Bill's Wild West, 101 Ranch, gave rope 
throwing and riding exhibitions throughout U. 
S. and Europe; screen career, Selig, Reliance- 
Majestic, Pallas, Fine Arts ("Birth of a Na- 
tion," "Ben Blair"), Clune ("Eyes of the 
World"), Artcraft ("Fancy Jim Sherwood"), 
Vitagrapb. ("Sunlight's Last Raid," "The 
Fighting Trail"), Artcraft ("Bound in Moroc- 
co"). Pathe ("Ruth of the Rockies" serial) 

BURNS, Neal; b. Bristol, Pa.; educ. Atlantic 
City, N. J. ; stage career, "Just Out of College,'- 
"The Girl in the Taxi," "The Sporting Dea- 
con," "A Winsome Widow," "A Stubborn Cin- 
derella," "The Girl of My Dreams," "Yankee 
Prince," Morosco Theatre Stk., Los Angeles; 
screen career, Christie ("He Married His 
Wife," "Rough and Western"), Goldwyn 
("Darn That Stocking," "A Dollar Down"), 
Lasky ("Mary's Ankle"), Christie ("Out of the 
Night," "Wedding Blues"), Educational ("Shuf- 
fle the Queens," "Sand Witches," "Ouija Did 

It," "Movie Mad"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 141; 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., 6424 Dix st., Holly- 
wood, Cal., phone 929. 

BURNS, Robert Paul (Bobby Burns); b. Phila- 
delphia., Pa., 1878; stage career, 5 yrs. in 
vaud., 6 seasons mus. comedies, "Babes in Toy- 
land," "Wizard of Oz" ; screen career, 10 years 
with Selig, Lubin, Reliance, World, Vim and 
J-axon Comedies, Mr. Pokes of Pokes & Jabes 
Series, Cuckoo Comedies. Studio ad., 750 
Riverside ave.. Jacksonville, Fla., or Photo 
Products. 220 W. 42d st. N. Y. C. 

BURNS, Sammy; b. N. Y., 1888; acrobat with 
Hassan-Ben All troupe at six yrs. toured 
world; appeared in Europe with Sylvester 
Schaefer Family; vaud. Europe and U. S.; 
mus. com. "Tick Tock Man of Oz," etc.; screen 
career, 15 com. with Vogue, L-Ko, wrote, dir. 
and starred "Bombs and Bandits," "A Mexican 
Muddle," "Rural Rogues," "A Doggone Dog"; 
in tech. and seen. dept. of Keystone; wrote, 
dir. and acted in several Black Diamond and 
King Cole Comedies. 

BURR, Gene; screen career, Fox ("The Girl with 
No Regrets"), National Film ("The Son of 

15URRESS, William; b. New Cornerstown, O., 
1867; educ. Uhrichsville, O. ; early career, 
operator for Penn. Railroad; stage career, Chas. 
Frohman, Klaw and Erlanger, Shuberts, vari- 
ous vaud. and stk. cos.; screen career. Fox 
"End of the Trail," "Man from Bitter Roots," 
"Fires of Conscience." "Island of Desire," "The 
Spy," "The Forbidden Room"), Goldwyn ("Lord 
and Lady Algy"), Universal ("A Soul for 
Sale"), Garson ("Eyes of Youth"), Lasky 
("The Great Impersonation"). 

BURTON, Clarence; b. Windsor, Mo.; stage ca- 
reer, 5 years stk., toured Orpheum Circuit; 
screen career, 1913, Famous Players ("Haw- 
thorne of the U. S. A.," "Conrad in Quest of 
His Youth," "Six Best Cellars," "Thou Art the 
Man," "Fighting Chance," "What's Your Hur- 
ry," "The Jucklins," "Burglar Proof," "For- 
bidden Fruit," "Behold My Wife," "The Love 
Special"), Wm. DeMille ("The Lost Romance"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 176 brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

BURTON, Fred; screen career, Paramount ("Ca- 
reer of Catherine Bush," "The Education of 
Elizabeth"), Realart ("Anne of Green Gables," 
"The Fear Market"), Robertson-Cole ("The 
Fortune Teller"), First National ("Yes or 
No"). Cosmopolitan ("Heliotrope"). 

BURTON, John; screen career, Goldwyn ("Pin- 
to"), First National ("In the Heart of a Fool," 
"The Scoffer"), Selznick ("The Sin That Was 

BURTON, Ned; b. U. S.; educ. Harvard Univ.; 
stage career, 18 yrs. in vaud. as senior mem- 
ber of Burton and Brookes, 2 seasons with 
Julian Eltinge Co., 1 season in original "Pot- 
ash and Perlmutter" Co.; screen career, Peer- 
less ("The Man of the Hour">. Herbert Brenon 
("War Brides"), Artcraft ("The Poor Little 
Rich Girl"), Goldwyn ("The Auction Block"), 
World ("The Moral Deadline"). Fox ("Thou 
Shalt Not"), Hodkinson ("Thunderbolts of 
Fate"), Pathe ("Tarnished Reputations"), 
First Nat'l ("Daughter of Two Worlds," "Jim 
the Penman"). Hght., 6; wght., 245; white 
hair, blue eyes. 

BUSHMAN, Francis Xavier; b. Norfolk, Va., Jan. 
10, 1885; educ. Ammendale Coll., Maryland; 
early career, wrestler, bicycle racer, artist's 
model, student of sculpture; stage career, at 9 
appeared in "The Lady of Lyons," in "Queen 
of the Moulin Rouge," "Going Some"; also in 
stk., rep., etc.; screen career, from 1911, Essa- 
nay ("Graustark," "The Master Thief"), 
March, 1915, joined Metro (first serial, "The 
Great Secret," "Romeo and Juliet," "The 
Voice of Conscience," "Red, White and Blue 
Blood," "Social Quicksands," "A Pair of Cu- 
pids," "The Poor Rich Man"), Vitagraph 
(-"Daring Hearts"). Member Friars Club. 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 186; complexion, light, 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

BUSHMAN, R. Everty; b. Baltimore, Md. ; educ. 
Staunton Mil. Acad., Va. ; stage career, child 
parts in stock in Camden, N. J. ; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("It's a Great Life"), numerous pic- 
tures with Essanay and Christie, Hght., 6, 2; 
wght., 190; light brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
Ad., Majestic Hotel, N. Y. C., Columbus 3976. 

BUTJJER, David Wyngrate b. San Francisco, Cal., 
1895; educ. Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ.; stage 
career, Alcazar Stk. Co. 3 yrs. at Morosco 
theatre, Los Angeles, stage mgr. for Oliver 
Morosco's "Upstairs and Down," "Lombard!, 



Ltd.," "Sadie Love"; screen career, Griffith 
("The Greatest Thing in Life," "Girl Who 
Stayed at Home"), Selznick ("Upstairs and 
Down"), Brentwood ("Better Times," "The 
Other Half"), Dorothy Gish ("Nugget Nell"), 
Universal ("The Unpainted Woman," "The 
Petal on the Current," "Bonnie, Bonnie 
Lassie"). Tourneur ("The County Fair"), First 
Nat'l ("Don't Ever Marry," "The Sky Pilot"), 
David Butler Prod. ("Fickle Women"), Univer- 
sal ("The Triflers"), Guy Croswell Smith 
("County Fair"), D. N. Schwab ("Smiling All 
the Way"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; dark com- 
plexion, black hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 972 
Arapahoe St., Los Angeles. Phone 52998. 

lioTT, Lawsoii W.; b. 1883; stage career, leads, 
"The Wanderer," "Merry Wives of Windsor," 
"Taming of the Shrew"; screen career, Metro, 
Selig, Paralta ("Shackled," "The One Wom- 
an"), Pathe ("Her Man"), G. L. Tucker 
("Miracle Man"), United ("Playthings of Pas- 
sion"), Goldwyn ("The World and Its Wom- 
an"), Hampton-Hod. ("Desert Gold"). Tyrad 
("It Happened in Paris"), Goldwyn ("Tower 
of Ivory," "Dangerous Days," "The One Wo- 
man," "Loves of Letty," "Street Called 
Straight," "Out of the Storm," "Earthbound"). 
Hght., 6, 2; complexion dark. Studio ad., Gold- 
wyn, Culver City, Cal. 

BUTTERWORTH, Ernest; b. England; educ. 
there; early career, military profession; screen 
career, Griffith ("Intolerance," "Broken Blos- 
soms," "Greatest Thing in Life"), Fairbanks 
("Arizona," "Say, Young Fellow," "Knicker- 
bocker Buckaroo"), own company ("The Little 
Cripple," "Children of the Mission"). Hght., 
5, 7%; wght., 170; slightly gray hair, brown 
eyes. Home ad., 6100 Elinor av., Los Angeles. 
Holly 3110. 

BYRON, Jack; screen career, Universal ("Fixed 
by George"), Paramount ("The Jucklins"). 

BYTELL, Walter; screen career, Equity ("Whis- 
pering Devils"), Universal ("Once a Plum- 

CAIN, Robert; b. 1882; stage career, "The Mis- 
leading Lady." "The Deep Purple," "The Blue 
Mouse," "The Man of the Hour"; screen 
career, Bacon-Backer ("Men"), Select ("The 
Death Dance"), Paramount ("Secret Service," 
"Paid in Full," "In Mizzoura"), Fox ("East- 
ward Ho!"), Para.-Artcraft ("Male and Fe- 
male," "Held by the Enemy," "The Witching 
Hour"), Fox ("Heart Strings," "Shod with 
Fire"), First National ("Man- Woman-Mar- 
riage"). Hght., 5, 10; medium complexion. 

CALHERN, Louis; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Columbia 
Univ.; early career, newspaper cartoonist; 
stage career, Shakespearian parts with Mar- 
garet Anglin, vaud. in sketch, "Mary Ann," 
leads with Morosco stk., Los Angeles; screen 
career, Lois We'ber (leading man in "What's 
Worth While," "Two Wise Wives"). Hght., 6, 
1; wght., 170; dark hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
4634 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Glendale 2031-M. 

CAMERON, Donald; b. Stephen, N. B.. Canada: 
educ. there; stage career, leads with Margaret 
Anglin, "Lady Windermere's Fan," "Beverly's 
Balance," with Mrs. Fiske in " Wake Up, Jon- 
athan," with Fay Bainter in "East Is West"; 
screen career, Vitagraph ("Kitty Mackay," 
"Sally-in-a-Hurry"), Louis Tracy Prod. ("The 
Silent Barrier"), Famous Players ("Education 
of Elizabeth"). Hght., 5. 11%; wght., 160; 
brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 327 W. 56th 
St., N. Y. C., Col. 3019. 

CAMERON, Rudolph W. B.; b. Washington, 
D. C., 1892; educ. Georgetown Univ.; stage 
exper. in Geo. Broadhurst's "Rich Man, Poor 
Man"; screen career, Vitagraph ("The More 
Excellent Way," "Clover's Rebellion"), Ad., 6 
West 48th st., N. Y. C. ; studio, Anita Stewart 
Prod., 3800 Mission Road, Los Angeles, Cal. 

CAMERON, Tom; educ. Derby, England; stage 
career, 3 seasons circus-singing clown, 3 sea- 
sons comic opera and musical comedy, 4 sea- 
sons dramatic rep., 12 yrs. vaud.; screen 
career, 4 yrs. Fox ("Child of the Wild," "Blue 
Streak"). Pathe ("Hillcrest Mystery"). 
Abramson ("The Window Opposite"), Warner 
("The Other Man's Wife"), Dalton ("The 
White Rook"), Ince ("Black is White"), 
Constance Talmadge ("At the Barn"), First 
Nat'l ("Two Weeks"), Famous Players ("His 
Wife's Friend"), Yankee ("Headin* Home"), 
Wistaria ("Forbidden Love"). Hght.. 6, 10%; 

wght., 165; light brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 
512 W. 146th St., N. Y., Audubon 47. 

CAMPEAU, .Frank; b. Detroit, Mich.; educ. 
Notre Dame, Ind.; with Louis Morrison in 
"Faust," Frank Mayo in "Pudd'nhead Wilson," 
"Arizona," "The Virginian," "Kindling," 
"Ghost Breaker," "Believe Me, Xantippe." 
"Within the Law"; screen career, Pathe ("Rio 
Grande"), Lasky ("Life of the Party"), May- 
flower ("Sins of Martha Queed"), Benj. Hamp- 
ton ("The Killer"), Betty Compson ("Small 
Town Romance"). Hght, 5, 10; wght., 158; 
dark hair, dark gray eyes. Home ad., Angeles 
Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal.; Main 8890. 

CANNON, Pomeroy; b. Kentucky; educ. there 
and New York; stage career, 12 yrs. Belasco, 
Frohman, minstrel, vaud., opera; screen career, 
Fairbanks ("Good Bad Man"), Morosco-Pallas 
(Parson of Paramint"). Fox ("Honor Sys- 
tem"), Goldwyn ("Cup of Fury,", "Unwilling 
Hero," "Whistling Dick"), Metro ("The Star 
Rover," "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"). 
Hght., 6, 2; wght., 225; dark hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 4361 Clayton ave., Los Angeles, Cal., 
phone 599213. 

CANNON, Raymond; screen career, Paramount 
("Mary Ellen Comes to Town," "Chickens"), 
Federated ("Penny of Tophill Trail"). 

CAREW, Arthur Edmund; b. Trebizond, Armenia; 
educ. Anatolia Acad., Corkoran Sen. of Art., 
Cushing Acad; stage career, "Eben Holden," 
"His Majesty and the Maid," "The Mummy and 
the Humming Bird," 2 seasons of stk. ; screen 
career, Goldwyn ("World and Its Woman"), 
Pathe ("Rio Grande"), Selznick ("Children of 
Destiny," "Palace of Darkened Windows"), 
Universal ("Breath of the Gods"), Lasky ("The 
Easy Road," "Sham"), L. B. Mayer ("Some- 
thing Money Can't Buy"). Hght., 6; wght., 
170; dark brown hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
1408 N. Hobart Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.; Holly 

CAREY, Harry; b. N. Y., 1880; educ. N. Y. 
Univ.; early career, actor, playwright, pros- 
pector and cowboy; stage career, starred in 
his own plays, "Montana," "Heart of Alaska," 
stock; screen career, Biograph, Universal 
("Riders of Vengeance," "Roped," "Outcasts 
of Poker Flat," "Fight for Love," "Bare 
Fists," "Riders of the Law," "Gun Fightin' 
Gentleman," "Marked Men," "Man Who 
Wouldn't Shoot," "Blue Streak McCoy," "Sun- 
down Slim," "West Is West," "Hearts Up,' "If 
Only Jim," "The Freeze Out," "The Wallop"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 180; blond hair. Studio, Uni- 
versal City. 

CARLETON, William T.; b. 1859; educ. Lon- 
don, Eng. ; stage career, 40 years leading 
operatic baritone; screen career, Pathe, Mutual, 
Goldwyn, Peerless, Metro ("Eye for Eye," "The 
Danger Mark," World ("Home Wanted," "His 
Father's Wife," "Me and Capt. Kidd"), Art- 
craft ("A Society Exile"), Paramount ("The 
Copperhead," "The Amateur Wife," "The In- 
side of the Cup"), Realart ("Sinners"), Gar- 
son ("Straight from Paris"), Robertson-Cole 
("Good Women"). Hght., 6; wght., 190; ruddy 
complexion, dark hair, gray eyes. Ad., The 
Lotus Club, 10 W. 57th st., N. Y. C. 

CARLISLE, Jack; screen carer, Vitagraph ("It 
Can Be Done," "Diamonds Adrift"), Metro 
("The Star Rover"). 

CARLYLE. J. Montgomery; b. N. Y. C.; educ. 
Cornell Univ. '02; stage career, Chas. Frohman 
Co., 2 seasons; Owen Davis Stk. Co., 2 yrs.; 
Belasco stk., 3 yrs. Cohan and Harris, Edna 
May, Henrietta Grossman; screen career, Baby 
Marie Osborne Co. ("Marie's Trip West"), Uni- 
versal ("Midnight Man," "Just Bill"), Sherrill 
Co. ("Spirit Cabin Mine"), Goldwyn ("Flame 
of the Desert"), Fox ("Girl in Bohemia"), 
American ("Hands Up"), Dwan ("The Forbid- 
den Thing"), Katherine MacDonald ("My 
Lady's Latchkey"), Edgar Lewis ("Lahoma"), 
Vitagraph ("Diamonds Adrift"), Goldwyn 
("The Penalty"), L. T. Osbojrn Co. ("The Ari- 
zona Cat's Claw"), Universal ("Fools Gold"), 
Carter de Haven ("Twin Beds"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 199; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
Home ad., Christie Hotel, Hollywood, Cal., 
Holly 3910. 

CARLYLE, Richard; educ. Little Rock, Ark.; 
stage career, 14 yrs., including 6 N. Y. prod., 
"Under Cover," "Pays to Advertise," "The 
Torches," "Upstairs & Down"; screen career, 
Marion Leonard ("The Vow"), Knickerbocker 
("Bridge of Sighs," "The Purple Knight"), 
Lubin ("Those Who Toil"), Grandin ("Stolen 
Will"), Goldwyn ("Spotlight Sadie"), Famous 
Players ("The Copperhead," "Out of the 



Chorus"), International ("The Inside of the 
Cup"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 146; brown hair, 
dark blue eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. 
CABBIGAN, Thomas Jay; b. Lapeer, Mich.; 
educ. Univ. of Mich. ; stage career, Jas O'Neil, 
"Monte Christo," Belasco, "The Girl of the 
Golden West," lead in "The Square Deal," 
"Going Some," "The Deadlock," "The Lottery 
Man," Lew Fields, "The High Cost of Loving," 
"The Copperhead"; screen career, Selig ("Cin- 
derella," "The Two Orphans"), Metro ("Dim- 
ples," "Somewhere in America," "Will o* the 
Wisp"), Fox ("Checkers," "The Tiger's Cub"), 
Goldwyn ("The Truth"), star in the Broad- 
well Nick Carter series released by Pioneer. 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 168; dark brown hair, 
gray eyes. Ad.. Lambs Club, N. Y. 
CARROLL,, William Arthur; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. 
there; stage career, 1889, with Rice & Dixey, 
with Jos. & W. Jefferson, in "The Henrietta"; 
screen career, since 1910, 2 yrs. with Gaston 
Melies, 3% yrs. Biograph, 2% yrs. American, 
Ince ("Bill Henry"), National ("Blue Bon- 
nett," "The Confession"), Metro ("One Thing 
at a Time O' Day"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 
145; brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 7028 
Hollywood blvd., Los Angeles, phone 577116, 
or Actor's Assn., Hollywood 1946. 
CARTER, Harry; b. Louisville, 1879; educ. Ho- 
bart Coll.; stage career, rep. with Mrs. Fiske, 
"Excuse Me," stage director for Charles Dil- 
lingham, "The Red Mill"; screen career, Uni- 
versal ("The Mystery of the Gray Ghost," 
"The Circus of Life," "One Clear Call," "Be- 
loved Jim," "The Bride's Awakening," "The 
Marriage Life," "The Kaiser, the Beast of 
Berlin," "A Kentucky Cinderella," "Beans") ; 
Metro ("After His Own Heart"), Paramount 
("Thou Art the Man"), Universal ("The Tor- 
rent," "Reputation"). Hght., 6; wght., 190; 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

CARVIL, Henry J.; b. England; educ. Kings Col- 
lege, Eng. ; stage career, with Chas. Froman, 
leads in Australia, London, with Sir Chas. 
Wyndham, Beerbohm Tree, in America with 
Dan Frohman, E. H. Sothern. Mrs. Fiske, Geo. 
Arliss; screen career, Warner Bros. ("Our 
Teddy"), Metro ("To Hell With the Kaiser"), 
Famous Players ("This Man and That Woman," 
"Guilty of Love"), Fox ("If I Were King"), 
First National ("The Branded Woman"), Zieg- 
feld ("The Black Panther's Cub"), United 
Artists ("Disraeli"). 

C A VENDER, Glen, also director; b. Tucson, Ariz., 
1887; stage career, vaud., musical team, Buf- 
falo Bill; screen career, St. Louis M. P. Co., 
Albuquerque, Universal, NYMP, Keystone (dir- 
14 mon. ; played in "The Surf Girl," dir. "Lion 
and the Girl," "A Dog Catcher's Love"), Sen- 
nett-Paramount, "Are Waitresses Safe?" "The 
Kitchen Lady"), Lehrman ("His Musical 
Sneeze"), Sunshine "High Life in Jail"), dir- 
ector, Arbuckle ("The Sheriff," "The Cook"), 
Fox ("Thru the Keyhole," "The Jazz Bandits," 
"His Noisy Still," "Skirts"). Hght., 5, 9%; 
wght., 175; light brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
5718 Carlton Way, L. A., Cal.; studio, Fox Sun- 

CECIL,, Edward; b. San Francisco, Calif.; educ. 
there; stage career, several years in stk. vaud. 
rep. and prod.; screen career, Universal ("Wild- 
cat of Paris"), Pathe ("Girl of Bohemia"), 
Robertson-Cole ("The Third Generation"), 
Metro ("Cinderella's Twin," "Offshore Pirate," 
"The Price of Redemption," "Blackmail," "The 
Greater Claim"). Hght., 5, 11; wght, 165; 
brown hair, hazel eyes. 

CHADWICK, Cyril; screen career, -Selznick ("His 
Wife's Money"), Metro ("Clothes," "The Mis- 
leading Lady"). 

CHAULENGER, Percy; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("Uncharted Channels," "The Heart of 
Twenty"), Metro ("The Cheater"), Vitagraph 
("Trumpet Island"), First National ("In the 
Heart of a Fool"), Universal ("The Magnificent 
Brute," "Wolves of the North"). 
CHANDLER, Bob| screen career, Fox ("The Last 
Straw"), Goldwyn ("The Blooming Angel"), 
Hodkinson ("Down Home"), Pathe ("The 
Avenging Trail"). 

CHANDLER, Warren; b. Bklyn., N. Y., 1881; 
stage career, stock cos. California; screen 
career. Famous Plavers, Ivan, Frohman Amuse- 
ment Co., Vitigraph ("The Birth of a Race," 
"The Adventure Shop," "Grey Towers Mys- 
tery"), Pathe ("My Husband's Other Wife," 
"Man and His Woman," "Forbidden Valley"). 
Hght., 6% ft.; wght., 185; fair complexion, 
brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 885 Bushwick ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Bush 6513. 

CHANEY, Lon; b. and educ. Colorado Springs; 
stage career, directed and produced "Pop" 
Fischer and Kolb and Dill attractions, dancing 
comedian; screen career, Universal ("Fires of 
Rebellion," "Broadway Love," "Anything Once," 
"A Broadway Scandal," "That Devil, Bateese" 
"The Wicked Darling," "Paid in Advance"), 
Para-Artcraft ("The False Faces," "The Mira- 
cle Man," "Victory"), Ex.-Mutual ("A Man's 
Country"), World-Macauley ("When Bearcat 
Went Dry"), Paramount ("Treasure Island"). 
Republic ("The Gift Supreme"), Goldwyn 
("The Penalty"), First Nat'l ("Nomads of the 
North"), Universal ("Outside the Law"). Home 
ad., 1575 Edgemont, Hollywood, Cal.; Holly 

CHAPLIN, Charles Spencer, also producing-direc- 
tor; b. Paris, 1889; stage career, in London 
theatres, "Rags and Riches," "Billy" in "Sher- 
lock Holmes," came to America with "Night in 
an English Music Hall"; screen career, in Key- 
stone, Essanay, Lone Star-Mutual ("The Rink," 
"Easy Street," "Tillie's Punctured Romance"), 
Mutual ("The Immigrant," "The Adventurer"). 
Now starring with First Exhibitors Circuit, a 
company of his own formation. Chaplin-First 
Natl. ("A Dog's Life," "Shoulder Arms," "A 
Day's Pleasure," "Sunnyside," "The Kid," 
"Vanity Fair"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, Los Angeles Athletic 
Club; studio, Charlie Chaplin Film Co., 1416 
La Brea ave., L. A., Cal. 

CHAPLIN, Sydney, also director; b. Cape Town, 
So. Africa; educ. London; stage career, with 
Chas. Froham, Fred Karno "A Night in an 
English Music Hall"; screen career, "Submar- 
ine Pirate" and others for Keystone; bus. mgr. 
for brother, Chas. Chaplin, for 3 yrs.; Sydney 
Chaplin Prod. ("One Hundred Million"), Para- 
mount ("King, Queen, Joker"). Hght., 5, 7%; 
wght., 165; black hair, dark brown eyes. Ad.. 
Sydney Chaplin Prod., 6642 Santa Monica Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

CHARLES, John; screen career, Hallmark ("The 
Veiled Marriage"), Cosmopolitan ("Buried 
Treasure"), Vitagraph ("It Isn't Being Done 
This Season"). 

CHARTERS, Spencer; extensive stage career; 
prominent role in "The Tavern"; screen career. 
Cosmopolitan ("April Folly"), Fox ("Number 

CHASE, Colin; b. Levviston, Idaho, Apr. 13, 1888; 
educ. Chicago and Newport, R. I. ; early career, 
staff artist on Chicago papers; stage career, 
2 seasons stk., 1 season in "Sam Houston," 
vaud.; screen career, Essanay, Colorado, Uni- 
versal, Morosco, Ince-Triangle ("A Strange 
Transgressor"), Fox ("Conscience," "The 
Awakening," "A Branded Soul," "The Moral 
Law," "Eastward Ho!"). Expert horseback 
rider. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 165; complexion 
dark, brown hair, gray eyes. 

CHERRYMAN, Rex; b. Grand Rapids, Mich.; 
educ. Univ. of Mich.; stage career, Collegiate 
dramatics, Summer stk. Cos. ; screen career, 
Metro ("Madame Peacock"), Edna Schley 
("Scattergood"), Metro ("Camille"). Hght., 5, 
9; wght., 145; brown hair, grey blue eyes. Home 
ad., 1514 Sierra Bonita ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
phone 579306. 

CHESBRO, George; screen career, Texas Guinan 
two-reelers, Frohman Corp. ("The She-Wolf"), 
Selig ("The Lost City" serial), Universal 
("Wanted at Headquarters," "The Diamond 

CHEUNG, Louie; screen career, Goldwyn ("The 
Branding Iron," "The Concert," "A Tale of 

screen career, Universal 
'Her Five Foot Highness," 
"Human Stuff," "The Secret Gift"). 
CHRISTMAN, Pat. (Ora N.) ; b. Meadville, Mo., 
1882; educ. Chillicothe, Mo.; early career, cow 
puncher, horse breaker 4 yrs.; screen career, 
Lubin, Pathe, Reliance, Selig ("The Pony Ex- 

ress," "The Canbyhill Outlaw," "When Cupid 
lipped"), Fox ("Western Blood," "Six Shooter 
Andy," "Ace High," "Rough Riding Rom- 
ance," "The Daredevil," "The Untamed," "The 
Texan"). Held bucking horse championship in 
Dallas, Tex., 1906. Ad., studio, Fox, L. A., 

CLAIR, George; screen career, Paramount ("Be- 
low the Surface"), First National ("Oliver 
Twist, Jr."). 

CLAPHAM, Leonard, T.; b. Louisville, Ky.; screen 
career, Universal ("Heart of Humanity," 
"Liberty" serial, "Great Air Robbery," "Cy- 
clone Smith" series, "Lion Man" serial), Gold- 
wyn ("Leave it to Susan"), Fox ("Lone Star 

Two Worlds"). 

("Burnt Wings," "He 



Ranger," "Last of the Duanes"), Universal 
("Under Northern Lights/' "Scarlet Rider," 
"Son of the North," "The Death Trap," "Col- 
orado," "The Pony Express"). Hght., 6, 1%; 
wght., 187; light hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
1535 Edgemont ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Holly 

CLARK, Alexander, Jr.; b. N. Y., 1901; educ. 
priv. sch. Great Neck, L. I.; stage career, first 
appearance as juvenile in "Golden Days',, lead- 
ing juvenile in "Shavings," with' Patricia Col- 
linge; screen career, leading juvenile in "Father 
Tom." starring Tom Wise. 

OLARK, Frank M.; b. Cincinnati, Ohio; educ, 
there; stage career, 1874, own cos. in Australia, 
theatrical mgr. ; screen career, 10 yrs. with 
Selig Polyscope Co. ("The Spoilers," "Dextry," 
"Ne'er Do Well," "The Rosary," "The Still 
Alarm," "The Lost City" serial), Fox ("The 
Price of Silence," "Firebrand Trevison," "The 
Untamed," "Flame of Youth," "Hands Off"), 
Universal ("The Diamond Queen"), Ince ("The 
Rookie's Return"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 170; 
fair complexion, grey hair and eyes. Home 
ad., 231 Parkside, Los Angeles, Calif. East 
2898; studio, 3800 Mission Road, Los Angeles. 
East 33. 

CLARK, Harvey, b. Boston, 1886; educ. Mass. 
Coll. Cambridge; stage career, with Otis Skin- 
ner, Robert Hilliard, own act in vaud.; screen 
career, NYMP, American ("The Gentle In- 
truders," "The Frame-up," "Melissa of the 
Hills." "A Sporting Chance," "Six Feet Four"), 
Triargle ("Restless Souls," "Prudence on 
Broadway"), Pathe ("This Hero Stuff," "Eve 
in Exile," "The Week-End," "Dice of Destiny," 
"Their Mutual Child," "Payment Guaranteed," 
"The Money Changers"), Film Booking ("Serv- 
ant in the House"), Robertson-Cole ("An Arab- 
ian Knight"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 158; brown 
hair and eyes. 

CLARKE, Downing; screen career, Vitagraph 
("Captain Swift"), Robertson-Cole ("The Won- 
der Man," "The Stealers"), Paramount ("Ghost 
in the Garret," "Remodelling Her Husband"), 
Fox ("Know Your Men"). 

CLABY, Charles; b. Charleston, Ills.; screen 
career, Goldwyn ("Street Called Straight," 
"Woman in Room 13"), Universal ("Open Shut- 
ters"), Selig ("The Rosary"), Fox ("Connecti- 
cut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"), Goldwyn 
("Don't Neglect Your Wife"). Hght., 6; wght., 
190; dark iron grey hair, hazel eyes. Home ad.. 
1774 N. Vine st., Hollywood, Cal. ; phone 577025, 
or Actors' Association, 6412 Holly Blvd., Los 

CLAYTON, Arthur; b. England; educ. Dulwich 
Coll.; stage career, Sir Charles Haritts, Leon- 
ard Raynes, So. African and Indian tours, 7 
yrs.; screen career, Kosmik Films ("The Hope 
Diamond Mystery"), Universal ("In Folly's 
Trail"), Robertson-Cole ("Mistress of Shen- 
stone"), Max Linder Prod. ("Too Much Pep"), 
First National ("Marry the Poor Girl"). Hght., 
6; wght., 170; black hair, dark brown eyes. 
Home ad., Kenyon Apts., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
phone 557510. 

CLEMENTO, Steve; screen career, Arrow ("Thun- 
derbolt Jack," "Cyclone Bliss"), Pioneer ("Out- 

CLIFFE, Henry Cooper; b. Oxford, England; 
stage career, in many productions as leading 
man and star; screen career, Fox ("Gold and 
the Woman"), Rolfe-Metro ("An Enemy to 
Society," "Final Judgment"), Astra-Pathe 
("Arms and the Woman"), Selznick ("The 
Argyle Case"), Metro ("Raffles"), Plays and 
Players ("Soul of a Magdalene"), First Nat'l 
("The Devil's Garden"), Paramount ("Half 
an Hour"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 176; dark 
complexion, dark hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
Whitestone Landing, L. I., N. Y. 

CLIFFORD, William; b. New Orleans, 1878; 
educ. Toronto Conservatory of Music; stage 
career, 18 yrs., Mantell, Whiteside and own 
co. ; screen career, Universal, Mutual, Fox 
("Sins of a Parent," "Tale of Two Cities"), 
Metro ("Under Handicap," "Paradise Garden," 
"Square Deceiver," "A Man of Honor"), Fox 
("Gambling in Souls"), National ("Long Arm 
of Mannister"), Hodkinson ("Riders of the 
Dawn"), First Nat'l ("The Turning Point," 
"Notorious Miss Lisle"), Hampton ("The 
Money Changers"), Hamilton Prod. ("The 
Mask"). Home ad., 6669 Sunset Blvd., Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

COBB, EDMUND F.; b. Albuquerque, New Mex- 
ico, 1892; stage career, stk. ; screen career, 
Lubin, Essanay, Art-O-Graf ("Wolves of the 
Street," "The Desert Scorpion," "Finders 
Keepers," "Out of the Depths"); to star In 

Superior Foto Play Co., productions Engle- 
wood, Colo. Hght., 6, 1-2; wght., 165; hair, 
brown; eyes, brown. 

CODY, Albert B.; b. Portland, Oreg.; educ. 
Bishop Scott's Mil. Acad.; stage career, 3 yrs. 
in Opera in Milan, Italy, Grand Opera in Eng- 
land for 1 yr.; screen career, Paralta ("Turn 
of a Card," "Two Gun Betty"), Hodkinson 
("The Joyous Liar"), Robertson-Cole ("All of 
a Sudden Norma"), Ince ("Flame of the 
Yukon"), Pathe ("Daredevil Jack"), Metro 
("Madame Peacock"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 165; 
black hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1212 So. 
Grand, Los Angeles, Cal.; B'way 6349. 

CODY, Lewis J.; b. Waterville, Me., 1885; educ., 
McGill Univ., Montreal; stage career, stock, rep. 
leads in "Via Wireless," Frohman prod., 2 sea- 
sons at N. Y. Winter Garden, with own co. ; 
screen career, Fox ("A Branded Soul"), Metro, 
("Treasure of the Sea," "The Demon"), Lois 
Weber ("For Husbands Only"), Artcraft 
("Don't Change Your Husband"), Lew Cody 
Films Corp. ("The Beloved Cheater," "The 
Butterfly Man"), Robertson-Cole ("Occasionally 
Yours"), First National ("The Sign on the 
Door"). Ad., 1979 Grace ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

COGLEY, Nick, also director; b. N. Y., 1869; 
educ. St. Francis Xavier Coll., N. Y. ; stage 
career, started at Lyceum Theatre, N. Y., 25 
yrs. stage exper. ; screen career, 12 yrs., Gold- 
wyn ("Toby's Bow," "Jes' Call Me Jim," "Hon- 
est Hutch," "Boys Will Be Boys," "An Unwill- 
ing Hero"). Has written several scenarios. 
Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 195; blond hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., 1218 19th st., Santa Monica, Cal. 

COHILL, William Wright; educ. Univ. of Pa.; 
stage career, Al Woods, "Business Before 
Pleasure," chorus lady, Poll Go's, starred in 
vaud.; screen career, World, Pathe, Famous 
Players, Metro ("Eye for Eye," "Five Thousand 
an Heur"), S. L. Pictures ("Virtuous Men"), 
2 yrs. stk.). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 150; dark 
hair and eyes. Ad. 56 Farrington st., Flush- 
ing, L. I., N. Y. Flushing 64-J. 

COLEMAN, Charles; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Love Cheat"), Pioneer ("The Place of Honey- 

COLEMAN, Frank; b. Newburg, N. Y.; educ. 
Waterbury, Conn.; stage career. Garden City 
Quartette, Bennett-Molton stk.; screen career, 
with L-Ko, Rolin, Essanay, Chaplin ("Carmen," 
"Police," "The Floorwalker"), Hampton ("The 
Cave Girl"), Henry Lehrman ("The Punch of 
the Irish," "A Game Lady"), Vitagraph ("The 
Tenderfoot"), Jack White ("A Fresh Start." 
"Nonsense"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 287; brown 
hair, grey eyes. Ad., 1820 Echo Park ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; Wilshlre 5782. 

COJLEMAN, Vincent; educ. N. P. pub. schls. and 
private tutors; stage career, began at age 
of 12; Cecil Spooner Stk. Co., Corse Pay ton 
Stk. Co., with Arnold Daly in "Beau Brummel," 
etc.; screen career, Fox ("Should a Husband 
Forgive?"), Fischer ("Law of Nature"), Crea- 
tion ("Freedom of Ireland"), Goldwyn ("Part- 
ners of the Night"), Moss ("The Scarlet 
Trail"), First Nat'l ("Good References"), Vita- 
graph ("Princess Jones"), Realart ("The 
Magic Cup"), Pantheon ("On the Back Lot"), 
Realart ("Such a Little Queen"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 178; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., Green 
Room Club, N. Y. 

COLESON, Robert; b. West Point, Miss., 1892; 
educ. So. Christian Col. and Mississippi Univ.; 
stage career, 2 yrs. stk.; screen career, Hodkin- 
son ("Made in America," serial), McManus 
("Lost Battalion"), W. H. Prod. ("Every- 
body's Business"), Wistaria ("Lurking Peril" 
serial. Hght., 6; wght., 172; dark hair, blue 

COLLIER, William, Jr.; screen career, Realart 
("The Soul of Youth"), Selznick ("Everybody's* 
Sweetheart"), Vitagraph ("The Heart of Mary- 

COLLINS, Monte; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. there 
and Edinboro, Scotland; stage career, 40 yrs., 
circus, minstrels, mus. com., legit., vaud. ; 
screen career, 5 yrs., Ince ("One Thousand to 
One," "The Jail Bird"), Hampton ("Parish 
Priest"), Goldwyn ("Hold Your Horses," "The 
Strange Boarder," "Beating the Game"), Ar- 
buckle ("The Desert Hero"). Hght., 5. 6; 
wght., 155; light hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
5717 Camerford ave., Hollywood, Cal.; Holly 
4892; studio, Goldwyn. 

COMSTOCK, Clarke; screen career, Pathe ("A 
Broadway Cowboy"), Universal ("A Shocking 
Night"), Capitol ("The Ranger and the Law"). 

CONKLIN, Charles J.; b. San Francisco, Cal.; 
educ. there; stage career, 15 yrs. musical com- 
edy, dram, stk., vaud. Keith and Orpheum cir- 



cults; screen career, Mack Sennett ("Two 
Tough Tenderfeet," "East Lynn with Varia- 
tions," "Uncle Tom Without the Cabin," 
"Married Life"), Henry Lehrman ("Wet and 
Warmer," "The Kick in High Life"), Chas. 
Conklin Comedies ("Married 'n Everything"), 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 160; black hair, dark brown 
eyes. Home ad., 1559 N. Kenmore, Los Angeles, 
Cal. ; phone 599073; studio, National. 
CONKLIN, Chester; b. Oskaloosa, Iowa; educ. 
there; early career, circus clown, stock and 
road comedian; screen career, Majestic, Key- 
stone for 3 yrs., Bennett-Paramount, Fox-Sun- 
shine Comedies ("Back to Nature Girls," "Her 
Private Husband," "The Great Nickel Rob- 
bery," "Those Dangerous Eyes"), Special Pic- 
tures ("Home Rule," "Soft Boiled Yegg"), 
Warner Bros. ("The Love Egg"). Hght., 5. 5; 
wght., 140; brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
1235 West 41st St., Los Angeles, Cal. Vermont 

CONKLIN, William; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. 
Brooklyn Polytechnic; stage career, "The Vir- 
ginian," "Paid in Pull," "Over Night," "The 
Round-Up, " leading man in number of stock 
cos. ; screen career, Paralta, American, Ince 
("The Price Mark," "Flare-Up Sal," "Love 
Letters." "The Virtuous Thief," "Woman in 
the Suit Case," "Red Hot Dollars"), Paramount 
("Hairpins," "Beau Revel"), Hodkinson ("Love 
Madness," "The Brute Master," "The Other 
Woman"), Hugh Dierker's Prod. ("When Dawn 
Came"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 183; black hair, 
dark gray eyes. Home ad., 1766 La Brea ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 579008; studio, Thos. 
H. Ince. 

CONNELLY, Edward J.; b. N. Y. C. ; stage career. 
5 yrs., "Shore Acres," with Fritzi Scheff in 
"Babette," "Higgledy-Piggledy"; screen career, 
Thos. H. Ince Prod., Pathe, Herbert Brenon 
("Fall of the Romanoffs'-), World ("Raspu- 
tin"), Metro ("Toys of Fate," "The Willow 
Tree," "Shore Acres," "Four Horsemen of the 
Apocalypse," "Some One in the House," "Cinde- 
rella's Twin," "The Saphead"). Hght., 6: 
wght., 150; dark complexion, brown hair and 
eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y., or Metro Studio, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

CONNESS, Robert; b. 111.; educ. St. Mary's 
Kan.; stage career, leading man with Blanche 
Walsh, Mary Mannering, Francis Wilson, stk., 
Louis Mann, "Julie Bonbon"; screen career, 
Edison, Frohman ("The Witching Hour"), 
Art Dramas ("The Rainbow"), Paramount 
("The Martyrdom of Philip Strong"), K-E-S-E 
("A Message to Garcia," "The Master Pas- 
sion," "The Ghost of Old Morro"), Van Dyke 
("A Song of Sixpence"). Hght., 5, 11%; 
wght., 175; dark hair, blue eyes. 
CONNOLLY, Jack; b. Denver, Colo.; educ. there; 
stage career, 10 yrs. vaud., mus. com. and 
dram, stk.; screen career, Pathe ("The Saw 
Dust Trail," "Dolly's Vacation," "Milady of 
the Beanstalk," "The Little Patriot," "The 
Voice of Destiny," "The Little Diplomat lf >, Ince 
("The Egg Crate Wallop"), Fox ("Shod With 
Fire"), Pioneer ("Bubbles"), Republic ("The 
One Way Trail"), Realart ("Peggy Rebels"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 172; dark brown hair, 
dark green eyes. Home ad., 971 Virgil ave., 
Los Angeles; Wilshire 584. 
CONNOR, Allan; screen career, Paramount ("The 

Six Best Cellars," "The Life of the Party"). 
CONVILL.E, Robert; screen career, Selznick ("The 
Sin That Was His"), We start Pictures ("A 
Cowboy Ace," "Cotton and Cattle"). 
COOK, Warren; b. Boston, 1870; educ. Boston; 
stage career, with Phoebe Davis in "Way 
Down East," in "The Conspiracy," 3 yrs. with 
Castle Square stk., Boston and stk. in other 
cities; screen career, Edison, Vitagraph, K - 
lem, Faversham & Elliot ("Man Who Lost 
Himself"), Ince-Paramount ("The White 
Book"), Artcraft ("Pride of the Clan," "Seven 
Keys to Baldplate"), Art Drama ("Infidel- 
ity"), Pathe serial ("The Great Gamble"), 
Marion Davies ("April Folly"), Chas. Miller 
("A Dangerous Game"), Capellani ("The 
Right to Lie"), Tourneur ("My Lady's Gar- 
ter," "Woman"), Selznick ("The Point of 
View," "The Wonderful Chance," "Broadway 
and Home," "Worlds Apart"), Paramount 
("Lady Rose's Daughter," "Civilian Clothes"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 175; gray hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
Green Room Club, N. Y> 

COOKE, Johnnie; screen career, Universal ("Com- 
mon Property," "A Gun Fightin' Gentleman," 
"The Pointing Finger," "The Prince of Ave- 
nue A," "Alias Miss Dodd"), Fox ("Just Pals"), 
Realart ("Eyes of the Heart"). 

COOLEY, Hallam; b. N. Y., 1895; educ. Univ. of 
Minn.; stage career, stock, in "The Man from 
Mexico"; screen career, Selig, American, Uni- 
versal, Keystone, Goldwyn ("One of the Fin- 
est," "Upstairs," "Girl From Outside"), Par- 
amount ("Happy Tho Married," "Girl Dodger," 
"More Deadly Than the Male"), National 
("Long Arm of Mannister"), Pathe ("A Light 
Woman"), Fox ("Beware of the Bride," "The 
Tom Boy," "Leave It To Me"), Paramount 
("What Do Men Want?"), Vitagraph ("Trum- 
pet Island"), Hodkinson ("Ten Dollar Raise"), 
Goldwyn ("Pinto"). Hght., 6; brown hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., 7010 Lanewood ave., Hollywood, 

COOMBS, Guy, also director; b. Wash., D. C., 
1882; stage career, Mrs. Fiske in "Becky 
Sharp," "The White Horse Tavern," "The 
Rivals." with Joseph Jefferson; screen career, 
with Edison, Kalem (Alice Joyce series), later 
directing, leads with Metro, Kleine, Ivan 
("The Promise," "Two Men and a Woman"), 
Famous ("Bab's Diary," "Bab's Burglar"), 
Metro ("Flower of the Dusk"), Chadwick 
("Wanda's Affair"), Graphic ("The Wrong 

COOPER, Ashley; screen career. First National 
("Go and Get It"), Hodkinson ("Partners of 
the Tide"). 

COOPER, Bigelow; screen career, Metro ("Shad- 
ows of Suspicion"), Paramount ("The Test of 
Honor"), Selznick ("The Country Cousin"), 
Realart ("Law of the Yukon," "Out of the 

COOPER, Claude Hamilton; b. London, Eng. ; 
stage career, 28 yrs. stk., rep. and productions; 
screen career, dir. Gaumont talking pictures, 
made first 12 pictures for Solax, acted for 
Famous Players, All-Star, Kinemacolor, Re- 
liance, with Ethel Barrymore, Jane Cowl, Mary 
Pickord; directed and played lead in one-reel 
comedies for 18 months; Famous Players ("The 
Plaything of Broadway," "Agatha's Aunt"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 137; dark hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 23 Main .'St., Yonkers, N. Y. 
COOPER, George (George Cooper Healy) ; b. 
Newark, 1891; educ. N. Y. ; stage career, New- 
ark Stock Co., Blaney Stock Co., Fiske O'Hara 
vaud.; screen career, with Vitagraph, ("Mills 
of the Gods," "A Night Out," "Hunted Wom- 
an," "The Suspect." "Her Secret"), Goldwyn 
("The Auction Block"), Paramount ("The 
Dark Star"), J. Parker Read ("Find the Wom- 
an"), Goldwyn ("A Small Town Romance"), 
Vitagraph ("The Veiled Mystery"). Ad., 4415 
Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. 

COOPER, Jack; b. Manchester, Eng., 1880; educ. 
there; stage career, vaud. 3 yrs.; screen ca- 
reer, Mack Sennett ("Beware of Boarders," 
"Her Screen Idol," "Her First Beau"), Fox 
Sunshine ("Money Talks," "Virtuous Hus- 
bands," "Merry Jail Birds," "Yellow Dog 
Catcher," "Footlight Maids," "Hungry Lions 
and Tender Hearts," "The Heart Snatcher," 
"An Elephant's Nightmare," "Skirts"). Hght., 
5, 7; wght., 135; dark hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., 5666 Fernwood ave., Hollywood, Cal.; 
studio. Fox Sunshine, Hollywood. 
CORBETT, Ben; b. Lexington, 111.; educ. Dillon 
Coll., Dixon, 111.; stage career, Pantages time 
trick and fancy roping, rode in Madison Sq. 
Garden, N. Y., also Pendleton, Ore., and all big 
Rodeos, champion Roman rider; screen career, 
Universal {"Spur and Saddle" series, Under 
Northern Lights," "Assorted Nuts," "The Texas 
Kid," "Kickaroo"), Cinemacraft ("Shadows of 
the West"), Hurst Co. ("Black Sheep," "King- 
fishes Roost"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 182; brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 2723 Sunset Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; Wilshire 5620. 
CORBETT, W. D.; screen career, Hallmark ("The 
Discarded Woman"), Harry Levey ("Uncle 
Sam of Freedom Ridge"), Fox ("The Face At 
Your Window"). 

COREY, Eugene; b. Florence, Italy; educ. there; 
screen career, 1 yr. stk. with D. W. Griffith, 
6 mos. Universal, "Law of the North West," 
"Evidence," "Velvet Hand," "Sleeping Lion," 
Christie ("Her Bridal Nightmare," "Coming 
Thru the Rye"), Educational ("Ain't Love 
Grand," "Naughty Mary Brown"). Goldwyn 
("The Great Lover"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 172; 
brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 333 Olive St., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 62257. 
COREY, Jim; screen career, Universal ("The 
Smilin' Kid," "The Saddle King," "The Trig- 
ger Trail," "Big Bob"). 

CORRIGAN, James; screen career, First National 
("The Jack-Knife Man," "The Sky Pilot"), 
Paramount ("Brewster's Millions"), Irving 
Lesser ("Peck's Bad Boy"), Hodkinson ("Lav- 
ender and Old Lace"). 



CORTES, Armand; b. Nimes, France, 1885; 
educ. City Col., N. Y. C. ; stage career, with 
James T. Powers, Fritzi Scheff, Sam Bernard, 
Lenore Ulric in "Tiger Rose," etc.; screen 
career, "House of Bondage," featured in "Yel- 
low Menace,, serial, Famous Players, with Geo. 
M. Cohan in "Seven Keys," leads in "Hearts 
of the Northland," heavy in Gaumont's first 
release, "A Temporary Wife," and with Wm. 
Collier in "Taking the Count," Goldwyn ("Re- 
turn of Tarzan"). Good violinist. Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 155; dark brown hair; brown eyes. Ad., 
Friars Club, N. Y. C. 

fJOSSAR, John Hay; b. London, England; educ. 
N. Y. C. Col.: stage career, 30 yrs. exp.; 
screen career, National ("Masks and Hearts"), 
Lois Weber ("Home"), Fox ("The Feud"), 
Astra ("Common Clay"), Lasky ("Love Insur- 
ance"), Goldwyn (" in Heaven," "The 
Night Rose," "Doubling for Romeo'). Hght., 
5, 10; wght., 168; iron gray hair; dark brown 
eyes. Home ad., 1606 N. Alexandria ave., Los 
Angeles; phone 597686. 

COSTEULO, Maurice; b., Pittsburgh; educ. 
there; stage career, 18 yrs. ; screen career, 7 
yrs. with Vitagraph ("A Tale of Two Cities," 
"Mr. Barnes of N. Y.," "The Man Who 
Couldn't Beat God," "The Crown Prince's 
Double"), Erbograph ("The Crimson Stain 
Mystery"), Vitagraph ("The Captain's Cap- 
tain," "Man Who Won," "Cambric Mask," 
Girl Woman," "Deadline at Eleven," "Tower 
of Jewels"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160; brown 
hair, blue-gray eyes. 

COUGHLIN, Walter A.; screen career, 4 yrs. mgr. 
Mutual Film Co., Butte; 1 yr. special rep. of 
Pathe, etc.; played in Paramount ("Brew- 
ster's Millions"), Realart ("You Never Can 
Tell"), Metro ("Four Horsemen of the 
Apocalypse"). Home ad., Christie Hotel, Holly- 
wood, Calif., Holly 3910. 

COULSON, Roy; b. Streator, 111.; educ. there; 
stage career. Lewis Olive Stk. Co. ; screen 
- career, 3 yrs. stk. N. Y. Motion Picture Co., J. D. 
Hampton ("For Woman's Honor"), Haworth 
("An Arabian Knight"), Sargent ("Forgotten 
Woman"), Universal ("If Only Jim"), Fair- 
banks ("Three Musketeers"). Hght., 5, 8%; 
Wght., 148; dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 4612 Melbourne Ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; phone 598824. 

COURTLEIGH, Wm.; screen career, United 
Artists ("Pollyanna"), Robertson-Cole ("Moon 
Madness"), Goldwyn ("Madame X"). 

COURTRIGHT, Billy; screen career, Paramount 
("Hard Boiled," "The Home Town Girl," "The 
Lady of Red Butte," "Paris Green," "The Jail- 
bird"), Goldwyn ("The Blooming Angel"), 
First National ("45 Minutes From Broadway," 
"Peaceful Valley"), Ince Prod. ("The Rookies 
Return"), Metro ("The Lure of Youth," "Ex- 

COVINGTON, Z. Wall; also scenario writer; b 

Bonne Terre, Mo. ; stage career, England and 
U. S., Morosco, Selwyn, Belasco, stk., 6 yrs. 
over Keith and Orpheum in own act, "The Par- 
sonage"; screen career, Famous Players ("A 
Full House," "The Jucklins"), Realart ("She 
Couldn't Help It"). Wrote continuity for 
"The Faith Healer". Home ad., Garden Court 
Apts., Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif., 
Holly 3420. 

COWELL, George; b. Auburn, N. Y. ; educ. 
Stockton; stage career, 2 yrs. in stock, rep 
and vaud. ; screen career, Alkire ("An Ace in 
the Hole"), Ince .("Borrowed Plumage," 
"Wooden Shoes"), Lasky ("Years of the. Lo- 
cust," Grim Game"), Metro ("Love, Honor and 
Obey"), Realart ("The Plaything of Broad- 
way"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 145; light brown 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 610 S. Carondelet 
St., Los Angeles; Wilshire 2970. 

COXEN Edward; educ. San Francisco and Berk- 
eley, Cal. ; stage exp., stk.; screen career, Solax- 
art ("Carmen of the Klondike"), Paralta 
("A Law Unto Herself," "Within the Cup," 
"Heart of Rachael"), United ("Crime of the 
Hour"), Goldwyn ("Go West, Young Man"), 
Hampton-Hod. ("Desert Gold"), First Natl. 
("In Old Kentucky"), Republic ("The Amazing 
Woman," "Mountain Madness"), Helen Gibson 
.Prod. ("No Man's Woman"), Universal ('"'Path 
She Chose," "Honor Bound"). Hght., 5, 11; 
Wght., 168; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 2520 
W 7th St., Los Angeles, Cal.; Wil. 2060; studio, 
care of Willis & Inglis. 

CRAIG, Charles; screen career, Artcraft ("Poor 
Little Rich Girl"), Brenon ("The Fall of the 
Romanoffs"), Fox (late pictures, "Royal Ro- 
mance," "A Rich Man's Plaything," "Should 
a Husband Forgive?"), Vitagraph ("Gray 

Towers Mystery," "Tower of Jewels"), Metro 
("Nothing But the Truth"), Lasky ("My Lady's 
Garter"), Robertson-Cole ("The Wonder Man"), 
Selznick ("The Last Door"); Ad., 639 Hudson 
ave., West New York, N. J. 

CRAMPTON, Howard; screen cereer, Metro 
"Some One in the House," "Hearts Are 

CRANE, Erie; screen career, Fox ("The Orphan," 
"Drag Harlan," "The Blushing Bride," The 
Scuttlers," "The Queen of Sheba"). 

CRANE, James L.; b. Rantoul, 111.; educ. Wil- 
liams College; stage schooling, repertoire and 
stk.; plays "The Price," "Guilty Man," "Amer- 
ican Ace," "The Pawn," "Under Orders"; 
screen career, "His Bridal Night," as leading 
man supporting Alice Brady; "Misleading 
Widow," "Sadie Love," "Wanted: a Husband," 
as leading man supporting Billie Burke, 
Realart ("Sinners," "A Dark Lantern"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 155; dark complexion, black 
hair, grey eyes. Member Lambs and N. Y. 
Athletic Clubs. 

CRANE, Melvin; b. Chicago, 111., 1897; educ. 
Columbia College; stage career, 1% yrs. in 
Tulsa Stk. Co., 1 yr. vaud.; screen career, 4 
pictures for J & M comedies, Tilden M. P. Co., 
Eng. ("Where Have We Met?"), Fred Fisher 
Prod. ("The Shadow of the Dome"), Lawrence 
Prod. Co. ("Charles Carleton's Ways"). Does 
high jumping has jumped from one aeroplane 
to another. Hght. 5, 6; wght., 138 dark com- 
plexion, black wavy hair, brown eyes. Home 
ad., 850 East 161st St., N. Y. C., Intervale 6973. 

CRANE, Ogden; b. N. Y. ; educ. there and prep, 
sch. Newburgh, N. Y. ; stage career, with Mrs. 
Patrick Campbell in "The Sorceress," under 
management Chas. Frohman, Wm. Brady, Klaw 
and Erlanger, screen career, Goldwyn ("Jinks"). 
Vitagraph ("The Hornet's Nest." "Light of 
Western Stars"), Mayflower ("Soldiers of 
Fortune"), Haworth ("The Greater Profit"), 
Lasky ("The Valley of the Giants"), Robertson- 
Cole ("See My Lawyer"), Louis B. Mayer ("The 
Invisible Fear"), B. B. Hampton ("Dwelling 
Place of Light"), Goldwyn ("The Paliser 
Case"). Hght., 6; wght., 176; grey hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 956 Stanley Ave., Hollywood, 
Cal.; Holly 4022. 

CRANE, Ward; b. Albany, N. Y. ; educ. there; 
screen career, Marion Davies ("The Dark 
Star"), Alan Dwan ("Soldiers of Fortune," 
"Luck of the Irish," "Heart of a Fool"), First 
National ("Harriet and the Piper," "The Scof- 
fer"), Famous Players ("Frisky Mrs. John- 
son"), Realart ("Something Different"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 175; dark hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 2101 Canyon Drive, Hollywood, Cal. 
Phone 277965; Studio, Alan Dwan Studio. 

CRANE, Wm. H.; screen career, Fox ("Kiss Me 
Quick"), Metro ("The Saphead"). 

CRAYNE, Frank; screen career, Vitagraph ("A 
Master Stroke"), Robertson-Cole ("Seven Years 
Bad Luck"). 

DRIMANS, W. W.; b. 1877; stage career, 20 yrs., 
prods., stk., with Geo. Fawcett, J. K. Hackett, 
Amelia Bingham, Dick Bennett, Geo. Beban, 
leads in "Kick In," "At Bay," "Maternity"; 
screen career, with Clara Kimball Young in 
"Light." Hght., 5, 11; complexion, med. 

CRIMMINS, Daniel; b. Liverpool, Eng.; educ. 
Bishop Sch., Detroit; stage career, toured for 
many seasons in vaud., headline act, starred 
with own mus. com. co., screen career, Vita- 
graph, 10 mos. with Pathe, Reliance, Kleine 
1 yr. in "Musty Suffer" series), Artcraft 
("Johnny Get Your Gun," "Under the Top"), 
Wallace Reid ("You're Fired"), Dorothy Phil- 
lips ("Ambition"), Fatty Arbuckle ("The 
Garage"), W. S. Campbell Co. (Joe Martin, 5 
Reels), Universal ("Pink Tights," "Once to 
Every Woman", "Patches." "Colorado"), Astra 
"Duck Inn"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 140; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Has written and prod, sev- 
eral one and two act comedies. Home ad., 
401 Brent St., Los Angeles, Cal., Bdway 7542. 

CRITTENDEN, Dwight; b. Oakland, Calif.; educ. 
England, Germany, U. S. ; traveled in all of 
northern Europe, So. Africa, Panama, etc.; 
stage career, with Savage in grand and light 
opera, Ben Greet, Brady, Shakesperian and 
modern drama; screen career, Famous Players 
("The Veilexl Adventure"), Lois Weber 
("Home"), Geo. Loane Tucker ("Miracle 
Man"), Mary Pickford ("The Hoodlum"), Gold- 
wyn ("Cup of Fury," "Pinto," "Little Shepherd 
of Kingdom Come," "Tale of Two Worlds", 
The Old Nest"), Metro '"The Star Rover"), 
Neilan ("Bob Hampton 'f "'lacer"). Hght., 6; 
Wght., 175; gray hair eyes. Home ad., 



12111 Gorham Ave., Westgate, Los Angeles, 
Calif.; Santa Monica 22150. 

CROSBY, Jack; screen career, First National 
("A Daughter of Two Worlds"), Famous Play- 
ers ("Black Is White," "Proxies"), Robertson- 
Cole ("The Stealers"), Metro ("The Fatal 
Hour"), Graphic ("The Wrong Woman"). 
Crosby and Sanger, 3 W. 47th St., N. Y. 

CULLEN, James F.: screen career, Ay won 
("Blind Love"), Hallmark ("Chains of Evi- 

CUMBERLAND, John; screen career, Pathe 
("The Gay Old Dog," "The Charming Mrs. 
Chase," ("The Stimulating Mrs. Barton," "The 
Unconvential Maida"). 

CUMMINGS, Irving; b. N. Y., 1888; educ. there; 
stage career, Davidson Stock, "The Man of the 
Hour," "The Great Divide," "In Search of a 
Sinner," with Henry Miller, Lillian Russell; 
screen career, since 1910, World ("Rasputin, 
the Black Monk"), Fox ("The Woman Who 
Gave"), DeMille ("Don't Change Your Hus- 
band"), World ("Mandarin's Gold," "Unveiling 
Hand"), Paramount ("Men, Women & Money," 
"Secret Service," "What Every Woman Learns," 
"Every woman"), United ("Her Code of 
Honor"), Select ("The Better Wife"), Para- 
mount ("Ladder of Lies," "The Round Up"), 
First National ("Harriet and the Piper," "Old 
Dad"), Universal ("Beautifully Trimmed"), 
Metro ("The Saphead"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
170; black hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 1837 
Morgan PI., Hollywood, Calif. 

CUMMINGS, Richard; screen career, Bluebird 
("A little White Savage"), Paramount ("The 
Little Comrade," "Valley of the Giants," "The 
City of Masks," "What Happened to Jones"), 
Universal ("Common Property," Prince of Ave- 
nue A," "The Adorable Savage"), Goldwyn 
("Pinto"), Fox (" The Devil's Riddle", "Part- 
ners of Fate," "The Tomboy"). 

CUMMINGS, Robert; heavies; b. Richmond, Va., 
1867; educ. there; stage career, from 1883, stk., 
rep., etc., appeared with Fanny Davenport, and 
in. orig. casts of "The Great Divide," "On 
Parole," "The Bluebird," 1919, "His Honor, 
Abe Potash"; prop, and mgr., Cummings Stk. 
Co., 6 yrs.; screen career, with Biograph, 
Famous Players, World, Metro ("The Awaken- 
ing of Helena Richie," "Romeo and Juliet," Fox 
("A Rich Man's Plaything"), S. L. Pictures 
("Virtuous Men"), Fox ("Face at Your Win- 
dow"). Hght., 6; wght., 200; brown hair and 
eyes. Home ad., 56 S. 17th St., Flushing, L. I., 
N. Y. 

CUNEO, Lester; b. Indian Territory, 1888; educ. 
Northwestern Univ.; stage career, stock rep., 
"The House Next Door"; screen career, Selig 
(dir.), Essanay (Geo. Ade comedies, "Grau- 
stark"), Metro ("Mister 44," "Big Tremaine," 
"Pidgin Island," "The Haunted Pajamas," 
"Under Handicap," "Paradise Garden," "Love 
Me for Myself Alone," Are All Men Alike"), 
Fox ("The Terror"), Realart ("Food For 
Scandal"), Capital Film ("Ranger and the 
Law"). Hght., 6, 1%; wght, 180; black hair, 
gray eyes; Ad. Willis & Inglis, L. A., Calif. 

CUNY, Joe; screen career, Pathe ("Pirate's 
Gold," "The Sky Ranger"). 

CURRAN, Thomas A.; b. Australia, 1879; educ. 
Australia; stage career, 17 yrs. in stk. and legit. 
Prod., screen career, Universal (Earl of Paw- 
tucket"), Metro ("Greater Love Hath No Man," 
"Her Great Match"), Thanhouser ("Silas Mar- 
ner," "The Nymph," "Brothers Equal," "The 
"World and the Woman," "The Vicar of Wake- 
field." "A Modern Monte Cristo," "The Candy 
Girl," "The Heart of Ezra Greer"). Hght, 5, 10; 
wght., 160; gray hair, dark blue eyes. 

CURRIER, Frank; b. Norwich, Conn., 1857; educ. 
Boston; stage career, call boy at 10, played 
with Julia Marlowe, Viola Allen, Nat Goodwin, 
etc., "Way Down East" 5 yrs.; toured Europe 
and Australia; screen career, 6 yrs. Vitagraph, 
Metro ("Revefcition," "Toys of Fate," "The 
Red Lantern," "Peggy Does Her Darndest"), 
Nazimova ("The Brat"), Anita Stewart ("King- 
dom of Dreams"), Metro ("Right of Way," 
"The Cheater," "Clothes," "The Fatal Hour," 
"Misleading Lady," "Without Limit," "Message 
From Mars"), Ince ("The Rookies Return"), 
Selznick ("Pleasure Seekers"). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 180; gray hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 6665 
Selma ave., Hollywood', Cal. 

CURRY, John; screen career, Famous Players 
("Deep Waters," "The Faith Healer"). 

CURTIS, Jack; b. San Francisco; educ. there; 
stage career, 1898, stk., rep., musical & dram., 
directed own shows, vaud. Orpheum; screen 
career. Humanity ("The Gift Supreme"). Fox 

("The Hell Ship"); Universal ("Brute 
Breaker"), Goldwyn ("The Pest"), H. O. Davis 
("The Servant in the House"), Triangle ("Until 
They Get Me," "Little Red Decides"), Fox 
("The Devil's Riddle," "The Big Punch"), 
Vitagraph ("Courage of Marge O'Doone"), 
Select ("Seeds of Vengeance"), Universal ("The 
Torrent"), Robertson- Cole ("Beach of 
Dreams"). Hght., 6; wght., 200; dark hair 
and eyes. Home ad., 7146 Watseka, Culver City, 
Calif. Phone 70314. 


D'ALBROOK, Sidney, b. Chicago; educ. North- 
western Military Acad. ; stage career, in "The 
Wolf," "Virginian," "The Telephone Girl" stk. 
leading man, vaud.; screen career, Artcrafi 
("Heart of the Wilds," "Three Men and a 
Girl"), MacManus ("The Lost Battalion," Metro 
("Parlor, Bedroom and Bath," "Mutiny of the 
Elsinore," "Big Game"), MacManus ("Making 
Good"), Vitagraph ("The Flaming Clue," "Son 
of Wallingford"), Independent ("The Chump"). 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 155; fair complexion, 
black hair and eyes. Ad., Actor's Assn., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

DALY, Arnold; b. Brooklyn, 1875; educ. Acad. 
of the Sacred Heart, and St. Patrick's, Brook- 
lyn; stage career, first success in "Pudd'nhead 
Wilson," "Secret Service," "When We Were 
Twenty-one," produced and appeared in many 
successes, including "Mrs. Warren's Profession," 
"Arms and the Man," also with dramatic 
sketch in vaud.; Cohan "The Tavern;" screen 
career, Pathe ("Exploits of Elaine," serial; 
" The House of Fear," played or dir. several 
others); Frohman ("A Man without a Coun- 

DANIELS, Frank b. Dayton, O. ; educ. Boston 
and N. E. Conservatory of Music; stage career, 
Boston Operate., under mgmt. of John Norris, 
original "Bad Boy" in "Peck's Bad Boy," under 
W. H. Harris five years; star own mgmt., "Little 
Puck," under Charles B. Dillingham in "The 
"Office Boy," "Omar Khayyam," and others; 
screen career, Vitagraph (in "Crooky Scruggs," 
"Mr. Jack" series, "Captain Jinks" series. 

DARCLAY, Louis; b. Belgium, 1895; educ. there 
and Paris; stage exper., 2% yrs. in London and 
France; screen career, Universal, Harold Bell 
Wright Story Pict. Corp., Eclair, Film Art, 
Paris; 1918 America, Metro ("The Parisian 
Tigress"), Para.-Artcraft ("L' Apache"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 143; blond hair, dark blue eyes. 
Ad., 1825 Morgan PI., Hollywood, Cal. 

DAVIDSON, C. Lawford; screen career, George 
Clark ("The Duke's Son"), Stoll ("Squandered 
Lives," "Testimony," "Lure of Crooning Water," 
"Garden of Resurrection"). 

DAVIDSON, Dore; screen career, Cosmopolitan 
("Humoresque"), Selznick ("The Daughter 

DAVIDSON, John; b. N. Y. 1886; educ. Colum- 
bia Univ.; stage career, with Mrs. Fiske in 
"Madame Sand," also in "Penrod," "Young 
Man's Fancy" ; .screen career, Quality-Metro 
("The Wall Between," "A Million a Minute"), 
Kleine ("Green Cloak," "Sentimental Lady," 
"Caravan," "Danger Signal"), World ("Pawn 
of Fate," "The Genius Pierre," "Black Circle," 
"Forest Rivals," "Through the Toils"), Gold- 
wyn ("The Great, Home ad., Hollywood 
Hotel, Hollywood, Calif. 

DAVIDSON, Max; b. Berlin, educ. Berlin and 
U. S. ; stage career, from 1897, melodrama, 
vaud., in "Fighting Fate," "The Bowery News- 
girl," "Billy the Kid," "Alias Jimmy Valen- 
tine"; screen career, since 1913, Biograph, Re- 
liance-Majestic, Fine Arts ("Izzy" in the 
Izzy series of comedies, in "Puppets," "The 
Doll Shop"), First Nat'l ("The Hoodlum"). 
Hght.. 5. 4; wght., 130; black hair, blue eyes. 

DAVIDSON, William Beatman; b. Dobbs Ferry. 
N. Y., 1888; educ. Columbia Univ.; early career, 
law and banking; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Friend Husband," "Our Little Wife"), Fox 
("Why I Would Not Marry," "La Belle Russe," 
"A Woman There Was"), Metro ("The White 
Raven," "The Greatest Power"), Pathe ("The 
Capitol," "Impossible Catherine"), Mayfair 
("Persuasive Peggy"), Goldwyn ("Partners of 
the Night"), Selznick ("Poor Dear Margaret 
Kirby"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 195; dark hair 
blue eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. C. 

DA VIES, Howard; b. Liverpool; educ. Cam- 
bridge Univ., Eng. ; stage career, with Wilson 
Barrett in revival "Lights of London," title 



role in Lewis Morrison's "Faust"; toured West 
in 'Lady Audley's Secret," in Liebler's revival of 
"Faust," 5 yrs. in vaud., etc.; screen career, 
with Vitagraph, first leading man for Melies in 
U. S. ; Universal, Morosco-Pallas, Haworth 
("His Birthright"), Metro ("Boston Blackie's 
Little Pal"), Triangle ("It's a Bear"), Para- 
mount ("A Sporting Chance"), Brunton-Hod- 
kinson ("A White Man's Chance") Pathe ("One 
Hour Before Dawn", "Dice of Destiny"). 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 190; dark complexion, 
brown hair. Ad. 6852 Bolton rd., Hollywood, 
Cal. ; Holly 1400. 

DAVIS, Edwards; b. Santa Clara, Calif., 1873; 
educ. Kentucky Univ. (M. A.) ; stage career, 
debut in "The Cherry Pickers," N. Y. C., 1900; 
headliner in vaud. for 12 yrs. in own plays 
"The Unmasking," "The Picture of Dorian 
Gray," "The Kingdom of Destiny", David 
Belasco's "Daddies; screen career, Famous 
("Daughter of MacGregor," "The Knife"), Vita- 
graph ("The Question," "The Transgression"), 
Goldwyn ("Dodging a Million"), Select ("De 
Luxe Annie"), Capellani ("The Love Cheat"), 
McManus ("The Gray Brother") Joan Film 
("The Invisible Ray'), Realart ("The New 
York Idea"), Meti'o ("The Silver Lining," 
Famous Players "Plaything of Broadway"). 

DAVIS, J. Gunnis; b. Sunderland, Eng.; educ. 
London; stage career, 20 yrs. under mgmts. W. 
S. Penley, Oscar Barrett, Frank Curzon, James 
Welch, Fisher & Ripley, Chas. Frohman, Dan 
Frohman, J. K. Hackett, Henry W. Savage, 
Proctor's stk. ; screen career. Eclair stk. 2 yrs. 
("13 at Table," "Going for Father," "Adven- 
tures in Diplomacy," World ("Little Duchess," 
"Stolen Orders"), Famous, Goldwyn, Solax, 
Gaumont stk. 1 yr., Pathe. Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
109; fair hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 2704 
Ocean Front, Los Angeles, Calif., or Actors 
Equity, N. Y. 

DAWSON, Ivo; b. Rutlandshire, Eng.; educ. Up- 
pingham Pub. Schl., Eng.; stage career, 16 yrs. 
with Sir George Alexander, 7 yrs. with Sir 
John Hare, London, and American Tours, with 
Sir Herbert Tree, and Chas. Frohman, London 
and America, also with Geo. Tyler, late Henry 
Harry, late Chas. Klein, and Margaret Anglin; 
screen career. State Picture Co., London ("The 
Keeper of the Door"), International ("Miracle 
of Love"), Selznick ("Out of the Night"), 
"Footlights and Shadows". Hght., 6; wght., 
173; dark brown hair and eyes. Ad., Manage- 
ment of Edward Small, 1493 Broadway, N. Y. C. 

DEAN, Jack; b. Wash., 1880; educ. Stamford Mil. 
A cad. and Yale; stage career, with Jas. A. 
Herne. Eleanor Robson, in Shakespearean rep., 
with Lawrence D'Orsay, William Collier, lead- 
ing man with Fannie Ward; screen career, 
Lasky ("Betty to the Rescue," "Her Strange 
Wedding," "Unconquered," "The Crystal 
Gazer"), Pathe ("The Yellow Ticket"), Selz- 
nick ("Sealed Hearts"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
170; brown hair and eyes. 

DEAN, Louis; b. Wilmington, Del.; educ. Wash- 
burn Coll., Topeka; stage career, dir. Mme. 
Modjeska, Henrietta Grossman, Wilton Lack- 
aye; stk., starred in "Sherlock Holmes," "The 
Bells," etc., screen career, Fox "My Four Years 
in Germany"), Blackton prod. ("The Common 
Cause," "Blood Barrier," "Moonshine Trail"), 
Sim Photo Plays ("Unconditional Surrender," 
"The Destroyer of Humanity," "Birth of a 
Race"), Selznick ("Sealed Hearts"), Pathe 
("The Blood Barrier," "Man and His Woman"). 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 180; fair complexion, 
dark hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1808 Marmion 
ave., N. Y. C., Tremont 6581. 

DEAN, Sydney; screen career, Paramount 
("Treasure Island"), Goldwyn ("The Strange 
Boarder"), Universal ("Once a Plumber"), 
Tourneur ("Last of the Mohicans"). 

DEAN, Teddy; b. Chicago, 1905; stage career, 
"Her Own Way," "Little Lord Fauntleroy," 
"Prince Chap" ; screen career, Edison, Fox 
("Girl I Left Behind Me"), Frohman ("Then 
I'll Come Back to You"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
90; blond hair, blue eyes. Home ad., Chamber 
s.t., Bayside, L. I., N. Y. 

DEARHOL.T, Ashton; b. Milwaukee, Wis. ; educ. 
Culver Mil. Acad. ; screen career, over 3 yrs., 
with American (in "Van Loan" series, "Her 
Country's Call," "Peggy Leads the Way"), 
Universal ("The Bride's Awakening," "The 
Brass Bullet"), Fox ("Pitfalls of a Big City"), 
Goldwyn ("The Tower of Ivory"), with Bessie 
Barriscale in B. B. Features, Universal ("Caba- 
ret Girl," "The Girl in the Dark"). Robertson- 
Cole ("Luck of Geraldine Laird"), American 
("Slam Bang Jim"), Goldwyn ("Out of the 
Storm"). Hght., 6; wght., 170; dark hair and 

eyes. Home ad., 6735 Hollywood Blvd Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

DE BRIAC, Jean; screen career, Famous Players 
("Frisky Mrs. Johnson"), United Artists ("The 
Love Light"). 

DE BRULLIER, Nigel; screen career, Pioneer 
("The Boomerang"), Hodkinson ("Sahara," 
"The Dwelling Place of Light"), Fox ("Flames 
of the Flesh," "Mother of His Children"), 
Universal ("Virgin of Stamboul"), Metro ("Four 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse"), Price films 
("His Pajama Girl"). 

DE CONDE, Syn>. M., b. Brazil; educ. Paris; 
screen career, featured lead in pictures 
made in Paris for 3 yrs., Nazimova-Metro 
("Revelation"), Fox ("The Crystal Fate"), 
Paramount ("Out of the Shadow"), Artcraft 
("Girl Who Stayed at Home"), Goldwyn 
("Flame of the Desert"), Universal ("Rouge 
and Riches"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 138; black 
hair and eyes. 

DE CORDOBA, Pedro; b. and educ. N. Y.; exten- 
sive stage career, screen career, Selz- 
nick ("Sin That Was His"); screen career, 
Lasky ("Carmen," "Temptation," "Maria 
Rose"). Artcraft ("Barbary Sheep"), Select 
("The New Moon"), Famous Players ("Girl of 
the South," "The Dark Mirror," "The World 
and His Wife"). Ad., 64 E. 86th St., N. Y. C. 
DEELY, Ben; screen career, Fox ("The Tattlers," 
"Would You Forgive?", "The Iron Heart," "A 
Sister to Salome"), First National ("Sowing 
the Wind"), Selig ("Kazan"). 

DE GRASSE, Samuel Alfred; b. Bathhurst, New 
Brunswick; screen career, Griffith ("Birth of a 
Nation," "Intolerance," "Diana of the Folies"), 
Douglas Fairbanks ("Good, Bad Man," "Half 
Breed," "Wild and Woolly"), Mary Pickford 
("Heart of the Hills"), Universal ("Silk Lined 
Burglar," "Blind Husbands" "Devil's Pass- 
key"), Frothingham ("The Broken Gate"), 
Mayflower ("Unseen Forces"), Syd Franklin 
("Courage"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 150; black 
hair, dark brown eyes. Home ad., 1729 Winona 
blvd., Hollywood, Cal., Holly 2216. 
DE GREY, Sidney; screen career, Goldwyn ("Jes' 
Cal me Jim"), Metro ("The Chorus Girl's 
Romance"), United Artists ("The Mark of 

DeHAVEN, Carter; b. Chicago, 1886; educ. there; 
stage career, head of Carter De Haven Vaud. 
De Haven trio, Weber and Fields, "Girl in the 
Taxi," "Hanky Panky" ; screen career, Uni- 
versal "The College Orphan," "From B'way 
to a Throne," "Youth of Fortune", 13 two-reel 
comedies for Goldwyn, 10 two-reel comedies 
for Paramount, signed with First National to 
make 6 reel specials of successful plays. Home 
ad., 1844 N. Vine St., Hollywood, Calit. 
DE LA CRUZ, Juan; screen career, Paramount 
("An Adventure in Hearts"), Vitagraph 
("Pegeen"), Equity ("For the Soul of Rafael"), 
Realart ("Food For Scandal"). 
DELANEY, Bert.; b. Minneapolis, 1891; educ. 
Notre Dame; stage career, with Lewis Waller 
in "Henry the Fifth," "The Five Frankfurters," 
vaud. in "At Bay"; screen career, Edison, 
Thanhouser (juv. leads in "The Road to Fame," 
"His Profession," "The Net"). Hght., 5, 10; 
dark complexion, dark eyes. 

DELMAR, Thomas; screen career, Pathe ("A 
Broadway Cowboy"), Realart ("The Law of the 

DEMURE, Ernest; b. N. Y. C., 1900; educ. there 
privately, studied art at Beaux Arts Inst. ; stage 
career, started at age of ten; screen career, 
began at age of 14, connected with Cosmo- 
politan in Capellani, Vignola, Baker, Produc- 
tions etc. Leads with Itala Photo Play Corp. 
Hght. 5, 10%; wght. 165; dark brown hair and 
eyes, clear olive complexion. Ad Equity, or 
Itala Pictures. 1983 Madison Ave., N. Y. C. 
DENNY, Reginald; screen career, Realart ("A 
Dark Lantern," "39 East"), Famous Players 
("The Price of Possession," "Paying the 
Piper"). United Artists ("Disraeli"). 
DENT, Vernon; b. San Jose, Cal.; educ. there 
and Oakland, Cal. ; screen career, Hank Mann 
Comedies ("A Harem Hero," "An Eye for 
Figures," "Broken Bubbles," "A Depot Ro- 
mance," "A Gas Attack") Hght., 5, 9; wght., 
215; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. Home 
ad., Rutland Apts., Los Angeles, Cal., South 
106; studio, Hank Mann Comedies, Francis Ford 

DEPP, Harry; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. St. Louis 
Univ.; stage career, with Elsie Janis in "The 
Fair Co-Ed," K. & E. 8 yrs. "The Pink Lady," 
"The Little Cafe," numerous stock cos.; screen 
career, Universal, Triangle, Keystone, leads In 
numerous comedies, Fox. Mutual-Strand ("Dan 



Cupid, M. D.," "The Girl In the Box," "Their 
Baby"), Christie ("Mixed Drinks," "God 
Night, Judge," "Are Honeymoons Happy," 
"Their Little Wife," etc). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 
139; light hair and complexion, blue eyee. 
Home ad., 1912 Kent st., L. A., Wilshlre 4623; 
studio, Christie Film Co.. Hollywood, L. A., Cal. 

DESMOND, William; b. Dublin, Ireland; educ. 
N. Y. ; stage career, "Quo Vadis," Burbank 
Stock, starred in "The Judge and the Jury," 
"The Bird of Paradise"; screen career, Triangle 
("Beyond the Shadow," "A Sudden Gentle- 
man"), Hampton Prod. ("Life's a Funny Prop- 
osition," "The Prodigal Liar"), Ex-Mutual 
("Mints of Hell"), Ro Cole ("Bare-Fisted Gal- 
lagher," "Whitewashed Walls," "A Sage Brush 
Hamlet," "Dangerous Water," " The Blue Ban- 
danna"), United ("Her Code of Honor"). Pathe 
("The Prince and Betty Hampton ("Parish 
Priest," "Broadway Cowboy"), First National 
("Muffled Drums"), Bradley ("Women Men 
Love"). Author of 3 vaud sketches. Hght. 
5, 11; wght., 170; black hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
L. A. Athletic Club, L. A., Cal. 

DE VAULL, Wm. P.; b. 1870, San Francisco; 
educ. there; stage career, over 20 yrs. prod, 
stk. and road cos.; screen career, 4% yrs., 
Griffith studios, King Vidor ("Better Times"), 
Brentwood ("Poor Relations"), Griffith ("Birth 
of a Nation"), Dustin Farnum ("Trail of the 
Axe"), David Butler ("Sophie Seminoff"), 
Goldwyn ("Ace of Hearts"), Lasky ("Brew- 
ster's Millions"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 168; gray 
hair and eyes. Ad., 943 Wilcox Ave.. Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

DEVERE, Harry T.; b. N. Y.; educ. there; stage 
career, from age of 5, screen career, American, 
Selig ("The Journey's End." "The Ne'er Do 
Well"), Morosco, Bosworth ("The Code of 
Marcia Gray"), Pallas ("Davy Crockett"), Fox 
("The End of the Trail"), Ro-Cole ("The 
Lamb, and the Lion"), Fox ("Last of the 
Duanes," "Wings of the Morning", "The 
Orphan"), Federated ("Penny of Tophill 
Trail"). Hght., 6; wght., 190; gray hair, blue 

DEXTER, Elliott; b. Houston, Texas; stage ca- 
reer, atk. leads for Marie Doro, etc. ; screen 
career, Cecil De Mille, ("We Can't Have 
Everything," "The Whispering Chorus," "The 
Girl Who Came Back," 'The Squaw Man." 
"Old Wives for New"), Paramount ("Maggie 
Pepper"). Artcraft ("Don't Change Your Hus 
band," "For Better, for Worse", "Something to 
Think About," "Behold My Wife," "The Witch- 
ing Hour"). Ad., care Artcraft, Hollywood, 

DILL,, J. Webster; screen career, Republic ("The 
One Way Trail"), Universal ("West Is West"). 
Fox ("Hands Off"). 

DILLION, John Webb; educ. New Haven, Conn, 
and Phila. Dental Coll.; stage career, with 
Viola Allen in Shakespeare, with James O'Neil 
in romantic drama, dramatic stock cos. In 
Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Omaha, etc.; 
screen career. Fox ("Why I Would Not Mar- 
ry"), B. A. Rolfe Co. ("Scream in the Night"), 
Goldwyn ("Joan of Plattsburg"), Pathe ("House 
of Hate" serial), A. F. Beck Prods. ("Isle of 
Jewels" serial). Hght., 6; wght., 175; dark 
hair and eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. C. 

DIX, Richard; b. St. Paul, Minn., 1894; educ St. 
Paul Central High Sch. and Univ. of Minn.; 
stage career, "The Hawk" with Faversham, 
"Song of Songs," "The Little Brother", "First 
is Last," "Night Lodging", leads in stk., 2% 
yrs. in Morosco stk. in Los Angeles; screen 
career, First National ("Not Guilty"), Goldwyn 
("Dangerous Curve Ahead," "All's Fair in 
Love," "The Glorious Fool"). Hght., 6; wght., 
178; brown hair and eyes. Studio ad., Goldwyn, 
Culver City, Calif. 

DONALDSON, Arthur; b. Norsholm, Sweden, 
1875; educ. Sweden; stage career, since 7 yrs. 
old, Duff Opera Co., Augustin Daly, Henry 
W. Savage; original prince in 'Prince of Pil- 
sen," sang role in 1,345 performances; screen 
career, Pathe, World, ("Hearts of Men"), 
Vitagraph ("For France," "Over the Top," 
"The Captain's Captain," "Miss Dulcie From 
Dixie," "Fighting Destiny," "Daring Hearts" 
World ("Coax Me"), Select ("The Undercur- 
rent"), First Nat'l ("Mind the Paint Girl"), 
Perret-Pathe ("The A B C of Love"), Metro 
("The Silver Lining"), Cosmopolitan *."Th 
Passionate Pilgrim"), Commonwealth ("The 
Hidden Light"), Asso. Exhib. ("Rider of the 
King Log"), Selznick ("Gilded Lies"). Hght., 
6; wght., 195; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 75 
Sherman ave., N. Y., St. Nich. 9186. 

DONNELLY, James A.; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. 
Boston; stage career, for thirty years in opera 

and musical comedy; screen career, Edison, 
Keystone, Vitagraph ("Pluck and Plotters," 
."Cupid Forecloses", "Black Beauty"). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 200; dark hair, gray eyes. Ad. 
Mason Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal. 

DOOLEY, Johnny; educ. Oxford; stage career, 
circus acrobat, vaud., dramatic stk. and musi- 
cal comedy; screen career, Johnny Dooley Film 
Comedies ("Bobby the Office Boy," "Private 
Preserves," "Pep"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 140; 
blond hair and blue eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, 
N. Y. C. 

DORETY, Charlie; b. San Francisco, educ. L. A.; 
stage exper., vaud. and dancing; screen ca- 
reer, Fox, Sunshine, L-Ko ("Roaring Lions 
and Wedding Bells," "Tight Squeeze," "Mon- 
grels," "A Neighbor's Keyhole"). Bull's Eye 
Film Corp. ("Haunted Hearts", Universal ("A 
Blue Ribbon Mutt," "Twin Crooks). Hght., 5, 
4; wght., 126; black hair and eyes. Ad., 1270 
Rose Courts, St. Andrew PI., Hollywood, Cal. 

DORIAN, Charles W.; b. Santa Monica, 1891; 
educ. there; stage career, vaud.; screen career, 
National, Universal ("She Couldn't Resist 
Him," "Onda of the Orient," "Lone Larry," 
Triangle ("Hell's End"), Bluebird ("The 
Sealed Envelope"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; 
brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, Edmunds 
Hotel, Ocean Park, Cal. 

DOUGLAS, Byron; screen career, Fox ("The 
Plunger," "Dynamite Allen," "Beyond Price"). 

DOWLING, Joseph; b. Pittsburg, 1850; educ. 
there; stage career, 5 yrs. in Grand opera 
stock co., in "Henry the Fifth," starred in 
"The Red Spider"; screen career, from 1914, 
Ince, Mastercraft, Paralta ("A Law Unto Her- 
self," "Intelligence," "With Hoops of Steel," 
"Maid o' the Storm"), Solaxart ("Carmen of 
the Klondike"), Frank Keenan ("More 
Trouble," "Tidebrook"), J. Warren Kerrigan 
("The Joyous Liar," "Live Sparks"), "Mid- 
night Stages," "The Bells," "Desert of Wheat," 
Geo. Loane Tucker ("The Miracle Man"), 
Hodkinson ("Riders of the Dawn," "Kentucky 
Colonel," "House of Whispers," "The U. P. 
Trail," "The Spenders," "The Turning Point," 
"The Other Woman"), Pathe ("The Devil to 
Pay," "Lure of Egypt"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 
185; white hair, blue eyes. Ad., 5302 Virginia 
Ave., Hollywood, Cal. 

DREW, Philip Yale; screen career, Pathe ("Tex 
of the Timberlands," "The Hold-Up Man," 
"His Pal's Gal"). 

DRUCE, Hubert; b. 1870, Richmond, England; 
educ. London Univ.; stage career, with Rich- 
ard Mansfield, John Drew, Grace George, 
Laurette Taylor, produced "Mr. Hopkinson," 
"The Night of the party"; screen career, Empire 
All Star Mutual ("Please Help Emily," "My 
Wife"), Goldwyn ("Dodging a Million"). Ad., 
home, 62 Sherman ave., Lincoln Park, Yonkers, 
N. Y. Yonkers 279-J. 

DRUMGOLD, George C.; screen career, Goldwyn 
("The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come"), 
First National ("Go and Get it"), United Artists 
("Through the Back Door"). 

DRUMIER, Jack; b. Phila., 1864; educ. Univ. of 
Penn. ; early career, practiced law; stage ca- 
reer, leading man for 20 yrs., appearing in 
"Captain Svvift," "The Gilded Fool"; screen 
career, World ("The Beloved Blackmailer," 
"Just Sylvia," "The Snug Harbor," "An Ama- 
teur Widow," "Phil for Short," "Courage for 
Two," "Home Wanted," "The Quickening 
Flame." "Three Green Eyes," "The Praise 
Agent," "Forest Rivals" Howell ("You Find It 
Everywhere"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 190; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1783 Marmion Ave., N. Y. 
C. Tremont 3470. 

DRYDEN, Wheeler; b. Brixton, London, Eng., 
1892; educ. Clapham Coll. and Streatham Hill 
Coll., London; stage career, 7 yrs. principal 
comedian of Charles Hewitt and A. Phillips' 
Dramatic and Comedy Co., touring far East in 
rep. of 70 plays; screen career Sunrise Film Co. 
("A Dream of the Orient"), Stage Womens' 
War Relief, prod, by Universal ("Tom's Lit- 
tle Star"), Universal ("Hard Lines!"), Pandora 
Prod. ("Forbidden Love"). Hght., 5, 8%, 
wght., 150 dark brown hair and eyes. Ad., 
Actor's Equity Assn., Hollywood, Calif. 

DUCROW, Tote G.; b. Barcelona, Spain; stage 
career, 35 years exp. in all branches of pro- 
fession, legitimate, vaud., circus; screen ca- 
reer, Fine Arts ("The Americano"), Vitagraph 
("Fighting Trail," "Perils of Thunder Moun- 
tain"), Metro ("Red Lantern"), Lasky ("Rim 
Rock Jones"), Astra ("Corsican Bros."), Re- 
liance ("Celestial Code"), American ("Betty 
and the Buccaneers"), Universal ("Fighting 
Gringo," "The Moon Riders"), Hodkinson 



("Man of the Forest"). Ad., 4618 Fountain 
Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Phone 59470. 

DUDLEY, Charles; b. Ft. Grant. Ariz., 1883; 
stage career, 12 yrs. comic op.; screen career, 9 
yrs., Universal, Monopol, Keystone, Fox, Balboa 
(Joe Welcher in "Neal of the Navy," "Who 
Pays?" series), Vitagraph serials ("Hidden 
Dangers," "Fighting Fate," "Purple Riders"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 160; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1435 Wilcox Ave., Hollywood, Cal. 
Phone 577752, Studio ad., Vitagraph, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

DUDLEY, Robert; screen career, Paramount 
("The Fourteenth Man," "The Traveling Sales- 

DUFFY, Dan; screen career, Swedish Biograph 
("You and I"), Hodkinson "The Foreigner" 
Ivan Abramson ("Mother Eternal"). 

DUFFY, Jack; b. Pawtucket, R. I., 1879; educ. 
there; stage career, vaud. and musical com- 
edy; screen career, Vitagraph, Universal ("Peg 
of the Ring," "The Purple Mask," "Farmers 
and Framers," "Misfits and Matrimony"). 
Metro ("Blackie's Redemption"). Hght., 6, 8; 
wght., 132. Ad., home, 4607 Fountain Ave., 
Hollywood, Cal.; Holly 3970; studio Vitagraph. 

DUMONT, Gordon; b. Milwaukee, Wis. ; educ. 
there and St. Francis Solannus Coll., Quincy, 
111.; screen career, B. B. Hampton Prod. ("A 
certain Rich Man"), juvenile leads. Hght. 5, 
10; wght., 160; dark complexion, Dark hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad.. 1322 Curson Ave., 
Hollywood, Cal. Holly 4079. 

DUMONT, Jean M.; b. Paris Ky.; educ. Lexing- 
ton, Ky., Chicago, Grand Rapids, Mich., Los 
Angeles; screen career, Mayflower ("The 
Miracle Man"), Lois Weber ("Midnight 
Romance"), Famous Players ("Jack Straw," 
"Young Mrs. Winthrop," "City of Masks," 
"Always Audacious," "Dollar a Year Man." 
"Wealth"), First National ("Stranger Than 
Fiction"). Hght., 6; wght., 150; dark hair and 
eyes. Home ad., 1556 Fuller Ave., Hollywood, 
Calif., phone 577670; studio ad., Lasky. 

DUNBAR, Robert N; b. Beaver, Pa.; educ. 
Phila. ; stage career, grand opera, leading 
tenor in "Gypsy Baron"; screen career, Lubin 
("Third Degree"), Lasky ("The Goose Girl"), 
Morosco ("The Yankee Girl"), McClure ("Byes 
of the World"), Triangle ("Broadway Ari- 
zona"), Fox ("The Forbidden Room," "Fight- 
ing For Gold"), Metro ("Alias Jimmy Valen- 
tine," "Best of Luck"), Paramount ("City of 
Masks," "Her Husband's Friend"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 180; brown hair and gray eyes. 

DUNCAN, Albert Edward ("Bud"), also author; 
b. Brooklyn, 1886; educ. Berkeley Military 
Sch., N. Y. ; stage career, vaud. with Kolb and 
Dill; screen career, as Jeff in "Mutt and Jeff," 
Kalem ("The Fatal Violin," "A Manageria 
Mix-Up, " "The Onion Magnate's Revenge," 
"Seaside Romeos," "Rival Romeos," "Twin 
Caddies"), Clever Comedies, Paramount 
"Maggie Pepper"). Hght., 4, ll;. wght., 122; 
fair complexion, blond hair, blue eyes. 

DUNCAN, H. William, also director; b. Scot- 
land; educ. America; early career, instructor 
in McFadden's Physical Culture School, es- 
tablished own school; stage career, vaud. with 
Sandow, the wrestler; leads in Forepaugh 
stock, formed own co. ; wrote "The Fifth Gen- 
eration," "The Sporting Editor"; screen ca- 
reer, Selig, leads and director; Vitagraph 
("Dead Shot Baker," "The Fighting Trail," 
"Wolfville," "The Tenderfoot," "The Last 
Man," "Vengeance and the Woman," "A 
Fight .for Millions," "The Man of Might," 
"Smashing Barriers"), "Fighting Fate," "Silent 
Avenger"). Member M. P. D. A. Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 180; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
Ad., Vitagraph, Los Angeles, Cal., or L. A. 
Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 

DUNCAN, Taylor E.; b. Kansas City, Mo.; educ. 
High Sch. and Univ. ; stage career, 4 yrs. light 
opera, 2 yrs. dramatic exper. ; screen career, 
Famous Players "Told in the Hills," "The 
Little Clown"), G. & J. Photoplays ("Souls of 
Men"), Mary Pickford ("Suds"), Fox ("Con- 
necticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court"). 
Hght., 6, 2; wght., 200; dark brown hair, hazel 
eyes. Home ad., 1023 Cole Ave., Hollywood, 
Calif.; Holly 3297. 

DUNEAU, Nicholas; screen career, Fox ("The 
Devil's Riddle"), Robertson-Cole ("Kismet") 
Selznick ("The Palace of Darkened Windows"). 

DUNHAM, Philip; also director; b. London, Eng. ; 
educ. Univ. of Cambridge; stage career, with 
Sir Herbert Tree, road shows thru England 
and Ireland, vaud. in U. S., also stk. ; screen 

career, comedian, Universal, Kalem, Century, 
Pathe ("Kidder and Co." Fox ("Man Hunters"), 
6%; wght., 140; brown hair and eyes. Home 
First Nat. ("Punch of the Irish"). Hght., 5, 
ad., 2020 Pinehurst Rd., Hollywood, Calif.; 
phone 578653. 

DUNKINSON, Harry Leopold; b. N. Y., 1876; 
educ. there; stage career, since 9 yrs. old, 
with Denman Thompson in "Old Homestead," 
Augustin Daly, Horace McVicker; screen ca- 
reer, Essanay, ("The Misleading Lady," "Mary 
Page," "The Beach Comber"), Universal ("The 
Edge of the Law," "Barter"), Artcraft ("Sel- 
fish Yates"), Fox ("The Forbidden Room," 
"The Rebellious Bride," "Love is Love," 
"Chasing Rainbows"), Universal ("Rouge and 
Riches"), Goldwyn ("Officer 666"), Metre 
("The Willow Tree"), Fox ("Prairie Trails," 
"Beware of the Bride," "The Tomboy," "Don't 
Change Your Husband"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
217; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 5431% Sunset 
Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; studio ad., Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

DUNN, Bobby; b. Milwaukee, Wis., 1891; educ. 
St. John's Mil. Acad. ; champion high diver of 
the World, with Dr. Carver's diving horses; 
screen career. Sennett Comedies. Fox Sun- 
shine Comedies, ("Monkey Business," "His 
Fiery Beat," "Janitors"). Home ad., 1435 
Bates Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

DUNN, Edward Frank; stage career, 2 yrs. In 
Musical Comedies on Broadway, 3 yrs. in 
stock cos.; screen career, Blackton ("Moon- 
shine Trail," "Dawn," "The Blood Barrier"), 
Vitagraph feature comedies 1 yr. Hght., 
6, 1%; wght., 187; brown hair and eyes. Ad., 
241 Linden Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., Flatbush 

DUNN, J. Malcolm; educ. England; stage ca- 
reer, Belasco, Cohan and Harris, screen career, 
Edison ("The Magic Skin"), Vitagraph ("The 
Scarlet Runner"), Famous-Lasky ("Arms and 
the Girl," "Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 165 blond hair, grey eyes. Ad., 
The Boulevard, Beechhurst, L. I., N. Y. Flush- 
ing 2439, or Lambs Club, N. Y. 

DUNN, William R.; b. Astoria, L. L, 1884; educ. 
Brooklyn; stage career, in Pay ton Stock 
Brooklyn, Mrs. Leslie Carter, Nance O'Neil, 
vaud.; screen career, Vitagraph ("Man Be- 
hind the Curtain," "The Secret Kingdom," 
"Clover's Rebellion," "The Princess of Park 
Row," "I Will Repay," "Mary Jane's Pa"), 
Fox ("I Want to Forget," "Woman Woman"), 
Select ("The Undercurrent"), Pathe ("Respect- 
able by Proxy," "The Blood Barrier," "House 
of the Tolling Bell," "Forbidden Valley"). 
Casting director, Vitagraph. Ad., 241 Linden 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Flatbush 6287. 

DUPREE, George; b. Cincinnati, O., 1874; educ. 
N. Y. ; 25 yrs. stage exper., screen career, 
Goldwyn, Fox, Pathe ("Woman the Germans 
shot," "Dance of Death"), Acme ("Thirteenth 
Chair"), Tourneur ("The Whip"), Famous 
("The Avalanche"), American Cinema ("Inner 
Voice"), Selznick ("Great Lover'), Craig 
Kennedy Serial, Arrow ("Bachelor Apart- 
ments"). Ad., 316 W. 47th St., N. Y. C. Bry- 
ant 8094. 

DURANT, Edouards; screen career, Hallmark 
("Love Honor and ?"), Aywon ("Blind Love"), 
First National ("The Branded Woman"). 
Edison 6 yrs., directed Shirley Mason prcduc- 

DURHAM, Lewis; b. New Oxford, Pa.; educ. 
Georgetown; early career, professional ball 
player on Brooklyn Natl., Wash., Amer. and 
N. Y. Natl. ; screen career, NYMP, Horsley 
("The Conscience of John David"), Triangle 
("An Even Break," "One Shot Ross"), Gold- 
wyn ("Flame of the Desert", "The Strange 
Boarder"). Hght., 5 10%; wght., 183; browu 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 504 Hull St., Ocean 
Park, Cal. ; studio, Goldwyn. 

DURNING, Bernard J.; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Fold- 
ham Univ., stage career, stage manager sav- 
eral seasons; screen career, Biograph 2 3 rs., 
Edison 6 yrs., directed Shirley Mason produc- 
tions, also O. Henry pictures, Metro (Played in 
"Blackie's Redemption"), World ("When Bear- 
cat Went Dry"), First National ("The Scof- 
fer"), Fox ("Partners of Fate," "One Man 
Trail"), Prod. Security ("Diane of Star 

DYER, William; screen career Bluebird ("Who 
Will Marry Me?", "A Little White Savage"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Man's Desire"), Vitagraph 
("Coforage of Marge O'Doon"), Arrow 
("Cyclone Bliss"). 




EAGLE-EYE, William; screen career, Universal 
("The Fire Cat," "The Magnificent Brute," 
"Wolves of the North"). 

EARLE, Arthur; screen career, Paramount ("The 
Dark Star"), Fox ("Bride 13"). 

EARLE, Edward; b. Toronto, Can.; educ. Toron- 
to; stage career, in many prods., screen career, 
Famous Players, Edison, Metro, Vitagraph 
("For France," "The Blind Adventure," "One 
Thousand Dollars," "Transciente in Arcadia," 
"Buried Treasure"), Select ("His Bridal 
Night"), Para-Artcraft ("Miracle of Love"), 
Realart ("Law of the Yukon"), Metro ("Pas- 
sion Fruit"), Hugo Ballin (East Lynne"). 
Hght., 5 11%; wght., 160. Ad., Lambs Club, 
N. Y. 

EDESON, Robert; b. New Orleans, La.; educ. 
Brooklyn; stage career, 25 yrs. starring in 
many prods.; screen career, Lasky ("The Call 
of the North"), NYMP, Mutual ("The Absen- 
tees"), Vitagraph ("Mortmain," "The Cave 
Man"), Pathe ("The Light That Failed," "Big 
Jim Garrity"), Raver-Art Dramas ("The Public 
Defender"), Selznick ("Sealed Hearts"), Metro 
("Extravagance"). Ad., Lambs Club. N. Y. 

EDLER, Charles; screen career, Paramount 
("Huckleberry Finn"), Pathe ("That Girl Mon- 
tana"), Universal ("The Magnificent Brute"), 
Select ("Seeds of Vengeance"). 

EDMONDSON, Al.; b. Colorado; educ. Univ. of 
Chicago; stage career, 10 yrs. legit, exper. ; 
screen career, characters and heavies for 
World, Kalem, Fox, Metro, Goldwyn, Universal. 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 150 brown hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 4326 Russell Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif., phone 59678. 

EDWARDS, Chas.; b. N. Y., 1867; educ. N. Y.; 
stage career, with Frohman, Rich and Harris, 
Frank McKee, Sydney Rosenfleld, vaud. ; screen 
career, Whitman Bennett "Jim, the Penman"), 
Johnny Hines Comedies ("Scrambled Wives"), 
Hugo Ballin ("East Lynne"), G. L. Leonard 
Prod. (Audrey's Story") Famous Players ("The 
Kentuckians"). Now under contract with A. 
H. Woods to create the part of Maj. Hamilton 
in new play "Back Pay" to be produced next 
season. Hght. 5, 11; wght., 171; medium com- 
plexion, gray hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 139 
W. 47th St., N. Y. 

EDWARDS, Neely; b. Delphos, Ohio; educ. there 
and Cincinnati; stage career, Four Nortons, 
"Breaking Into Society," Bowery Burlesquers, 
Flannigan and Edwards "Up In the Air, Ned 
Wayburn's "Town Topics," with Blanche Ring 
in "What Next"; screen career, Hallroom Boys 
Comedies for National Film Co. and Jack and 
Harry Cohen, Realart ("You Never Can tell"), 
Lasky ("Brewster's Millions," "The Little 
Clown"). Home ad., 6425 Yucca Ave.. Los 
Angeles, Calif., phone 572-88. 

EDWARDS, Snitz; screen career, Famous Players 
("The City of Masks," "The Charm School," 
"The Love Special"), Goldwyn ("Going Some"), 
Universal ("Cheated Love"). 

EDWARDS, Thornton; screen career, Robertson - 
Cole ("813"), Educational ("Money Talks"). 

ELDRIDGE, Charles; b. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. : 
educ. Lanesboro, Mass.; stage career. Variety 
Theatre, Buffalo, stk. comedian, prods, under 
Frohman, Mansfield; screen career, Vitagraph, 
4% yrs. ("The Gauntlet"), Tourneur ("Sport- 
ing Life"), Selznick ("The Woman Game"), 
Epic ("What Children Will Do"), ("Polly With 
a Past"), Goldwyn (" Made in Heaven"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 157; white hair and blue 
eyes. Ad., 102 Riverside Drive, N. Y. C. 
Schuyler 9487. Member Green Room Club, 
N. Y. C. 

ELKAS, Edward; b. N. Y. 1862; educ. there; 
stage career director for Lulu Glaser and Alice 
Nielsen, Aborn Opera Co. and mus. com.; screen 
career, Vitagraph ("Mortmain"), Selznick 
("Foolish Virgin"), Metro ("Lifted Veil"), 
Birth of Race Co. ("Birth of a Race"), Fox 
("Les Miserables"), Tourneur ("Woman," "Blue 
Bird," "Prunella"), Vitagraph ("Locked Door," 
Goldwyn ("Joan From Plattsburg," "Venus 
Model"), Hallmark ("Chains of Evidence"), 
Pathe ("House of the Tolling Bell"), Arrow 
("The Way Women Love"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 
170; fair complexion, gray hair, blue eyes. 
Ad 2155 86th st., Brooklyn, N. Y. Bath Beach 
1428. Member Green Room Club, N. Y. 
ELLINGFORD, William; screen career. Fox 
("The Cyclone," "Two Moons"), Universal 
("The Road to Divorce," "Once to every 

ELLIOTT, Frank; b. Creshire, England-, educ. 
Liverpool Univ.; stage career, leading man in 
Drury Lane prods., member Drury Lane Fund, 
and therefore, a Royal player; screen career, 
6 .yrs. as leading man and heavy, in about 
150 pictures, Fox ("Wings of the Morning"), 
Universal ("The Gorgeous Butterfly"), Metro 
("The Hope", "The Marriage of William 
Asche"), Universal ("Once to Every Woman"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 164; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 1735 Highland ave., Hollywood, Calif., 
phone 577876. 

ELLIOTT, John H.; screen career, Paramount 
("Homer Comes Home"), Vitagraph ("A 
Master Stroke"), Metro ("Held in Trust.'" 
"Are All Men Alike"). 

EIXIOTT, Robert; b. Ireland; stage career, leads 
in many noted legit plays, screen career, Metro, 
McClure, Goldwyn, Betzwood, Sunset, World; 
Famous ("Resurrection"), Fox ("Checkers"), 
Ince ("L* Apache"), Powell Mutual ("Mary 
Moreland"), U. S. Govt. ("Spirit of Lafayette"), 
Ferret ("Unknown Love," "The Empire of 
Diamonds"). Hght., 6, 1%; wght., 185; dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 130 W. 44th st., 
N. Y. C. 

ELMER, William; b. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1872; 
educ. Pacific Univ.; stage career, rep. with 
Frederick Warde and Louis James, - stock; 
screen career, Biograph. Selig, Lasky-Para- 
mount ("The Countess Charming," "Firefly of 
France," "Playing the Game," "Coals of Fire," 
"Wolves of the Trail"). Fox ("Married in 
Haste," "Cheating Herself"), Paramount ("The 
Dub," "Maggie Pepper," "Alias, Mike Moran"), 
Fox ("Forbidden Trails," "The Road Demon," 
"Prairie Trails"), Robertson-Cole (''Uncharted 
Channels"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 165; Brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 212 E. 23rd St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

ELTINGE, Julian; b. 1883, educ. Boston, Mass.; 
stage career, "Mr. Wicks of Wickham," vaud., 
with Harry Lauder, "Fascinating Widow,'- 
"Crinoline Girl," "Cousin Lucy"; screen career, 
"Over the Rhine," "Countess Charming," 
"Clever Mrs. Carfax," "The Widow's Might"), 
Republic ("An Adventuress). Hght., 5, 8%; 
wght., 165; brown hair, gray eyes. 

EMPEY, Arthur Guy, actor and author; educ. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; early career, short story and 
newspaper writer; stage career, 'starred with 
Rose Stahl in "Pack Up Your Troubles," Wagen- 
halls & Kemper; military career, served in U. S. 
Army with the regulars and in U. S. Navy 
before European war; in 1915 went to London 
and enlisted in British Army, served for eigh- 
teen months, discharged in July, 1916, on ac- 
count of wounds received in Battle of the 
Somme; author of "Over the Top," "First 
Call," "Tales From a Dugout"; screen career, 
"Over the Top," "The Undercurrent," "Oil." 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 160; brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., 220 W. 42nd st., N. Y. ; Bryant 6492. 

ENTWISTLE, Harold; b. London, Eng.; educ. 
Heidelburg, Lycee Vitry, Paris, and Eng.; 
stage career, 25 yrs., Chas. Frohman, 6 yrs., 
screen career, Famous Players, Metro, Perret, 
Goldwyn, Ince ("Too Fat to Fight," "In the 
Hollow of Her Hand," "The Divorcee," "A Soul 
Adrift"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; white hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., 251 West 88th st., N. Y. River- 
side 5576. 

ETHIER, Alphonse; screen career, Goldwyn ("Oh, 
Johnny," "Sandy Burke of the U-Bar-U"), Par- 
amount ("The Frontier of the Stars"), Metro 
("A Message From Mars"). 

EUGENE, Billy; b. and educ. San Francisco, Cal.; 
stage career, 2% yrs. in vaud.; screen career, 
Robertson-Cole ("Butterfly Man"), Doubleday 
Comedies, Kewpie Comedies, Hatton Prod. 
("Her Eagle Man"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 149; 
dark brown hair, brown eyes. Home ad., Hotel 
Northern, Los Angeles, Cal.; Pico 1053. 

EVANS, Frank; screen career, Vitagraph ("The 
Flaming Clue"), Fox ("The Tiger's Cub"). 

EVANS, Herbert D.; b. London, Eng.; educ. 
there; stage career, Beerbohm Tree, His Majes- 
ty's theatre, "Quinney's," "The Great Adven- 
ture" (Winthrop Ames), "Potash and Perl- 
mutter"; screen career, leads opposite Mme. 
T>etrova, Virginia Pearson, Edna Goodrich, Eva 
I'arguay, Barbara Castleton; Vitagraph ("The 
Third Degree"), Pioneer ("The Place of Hon- 
eymoons"). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 190; dark hair, 
dark eyes. Ad., Friars Club, N. Y. 

EVERTON, Paul; screen career, Fox ("From Now 
On"), Metro ("The Silver Lining"), Paramount 
("The City of Silent Men," "Proxies"), 




FAIRBANKS, Douglas; b. Denver, 1883; educ. 
Mil. Acad. and Colorado Schl. of Mines, Har- 
vard; stage career, rep., vaud., under dir. Wm. 
A. Brady in 'The Pit," "Two Little Soldier 
Boys"; featured in "Frenzied Finance," "A 
Gentleman from Mississippi"; co-starred with 
W. H. Crane In the "New Henrietta"; screen 
career, Fine Arts ("The Americano"), Artcraft 
("In Again, Out Again," "Wild and Woolly," 
"Reaching for the Moon," "A Modern Muske- 
teer," "Headin' South," "Mr. Fix-It," "Bound 
in Morocco," "Say, Young Fellow," "He Comes 
Up Smiling," "Arizona," "Down to Earth," 
"The Knickerbocker Buckaroo"), United Art- 
ists ("His Majesty, the American," "When the 
Clouds Roll By," "The Mollycoddle," "Mark of 
Zorro," "The Nut"). Ad., Douglas Fairbanks 
Co., Hollywood, Cal. 

FARLEY, James Lee; b. Waldron, Ark., 1882; 
educ. Univ., Mo.; stage career, rep. and stk. ; 
screen career, Selig, Fox, Univ. ("Brute 
Force"), American ("For the Family Name," 
"The Bride's Silence"), Bluebird ("Sue of the 
South"), Universal ("Girl in the Rain"), Para- 
mount ("Fourteenth Man"), Fox ("Challenge 
of the Law," "One Man Trail"), Metro ("Four 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse"). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 185; brown eyes and hair. Home ad., 
6015 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. 

FARNUM, bust in; b. Hampton Beach, N. H., 
1874; stags career, with Ethel Tucker Co., 
Chauncey Olcott, starred in "The Virginian," 
"The Ranger," "The Squaw Man," "Cameo 
Kirby," "Littlest Rebel"; screen career, Lasky 
("The Squaw Man," "The Virginian," Pallas- 
Paramount ("A Gentleman from Indiana," 
"David Garrick," "Parson of Paniment," "Ben 
Blair," "A Son of Erin"), Fox ("The Scarlet 
Pimpernell," "The Spy," "Durand of the Bad 
Lands," "North of 53"), United ("The Light 
of Western States," "The Man in the Open," 
"A Man's Fight," "The Corsican Brothers"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Big Happiness"). Studio ad., 
United Farnum Prod., Glendale, Cal. 

FARNUM, Franklyn; b. Boston, Mass., June 5, 
1883; educ. Boston, Mass.; stage career, 12 yrs., 
leading man for Chas Frohman, Henry W. 
Savage, George Lederer, Nixon & Zimmerman, 
Jos. Webber; screen career, Universal ("The 
Clock," "Fighting Grin," "Anything Once"), 
Metro ("In Judgment Of"), Selig ("Vanishing 
Trails" serial), Canyon ("Fighting Stranger," 
"The Struggle," "The Galloping Devil"). Hght.. 
5, 11; wght., 168; dark complexion, dark hair, 
brown eyes. 

FARNUM, 'William; b. Boston, 1876; educ. Bucks- 
port, Me.; began stage career at nine years of 
age holding spear in Booth & Barrett Co., 
leading man of stk. co. at age of 16, leading 
man for nearly every prominent female star, 
toured in "Ben Hur" 5 yrs., played Shakes-, 
perian and classical rep. on tour and with own 
stk. co., "Monte Cristo"; screen career, Selig 
("The Spoilers"), Fox ("A Tale of Two Cities," 
"Les Miserables," "Riders of the Purple Sage," 
"Last of the Duanes," "The Conqueror," "When 
a Man Sees Red," "The Rainbow Trail," "His 
Greatest Sacrifice," "If I Were King,,). Hght.. 
5, 10%; wght., 195; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Studio ad., Fox. 

FAULKNER, Ralph C.; b. and educ. San Antonio, 
Tex. ; early career, cartoonist and reported in 
Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco; monologist 
in vaud. ; screen career, Albuquerque Film, 
Thanhouser ("War and the Woman"), Im- 
personating Woodrow Wilson, specializes in 
cowboys and Indians; Fox ("The Prussian 
Cur"). Hght., 5. 10; wght., 175; brown eyes 
and hair. Ad., N. V. A. Club, 229 W. 46th St., 
N. Y. 

FAVERSHAM, William; b. and educ. England; 
stage career; star under own management in 
"The Squaw Man," "The World and His Wife," 
"Herod," "Julius Ceasar," "Othello," "Romeo 
and Juliet," "The Fawn," "The Hawk," "Lord 
and Lady Algy. Screen career; Famous 
Players, ("The Silver King," "The Man Who 
Found Himself"), Selznick ("Man Who Lost 
Himself," "The Sin That Was His"). Ad., 116 
W. 39th st., N. Y. C.; Greeley 3376, or Lambs' 
Club, N. Y. 

FAWCETT, George; b. Virginia; educ. Univ. of 
Virginia; stage career, extensive experience in 
United States and England; screen career, 
Universal, Fine Arts, Selig ("The Crisis"), 
Select, Selznick ("Panthea"), Artcraft ("The 
Great Love," "Romance of Happy Valley," 
"Hearts of the World," "Cinderella Man," "The 

Hun Within"), Paramount ("The Hope Chest," 
"Out of Luck," "Turning the Tables"), Art- 
craft ("Girl Who Stayed at Home"), Griffith 
("Scarlet Days"), First National ("The Great- 
est Question," "The Branded Woman," "Dan- 
gerous Business," "Lessons in Love"), Famous 
Players ("Little Miss Rebellion," "Idols of 
Clay," "Paying the Piper," "Sentimental Tom- 
my"), Drama Films ("Moon Gold"). 

FAY, Billy; screen career, Fox ("Two Moons"), 
Universal ("The Dangerous Moment"). 

FAY, Hugh; b. N. Y. ; educ. N. Y.; stage career, 
with Barry and Fay, Lillian Russell in "The 
Grand Duchess," "Coming Through the Rye," 
"Three Twins," "Belle of New York"; screen 
career, Keystone ("Village Vampire"), Sun- 
shine ("Roaring Lions on a Midnight Ex- 
press," "A Neighbor's Keyhole," "My Hus- 
band's Wife"), Metro ("Almost Married," "A 
Favor to a Friend," "Please Get Married"), 
Rob.-Cole ("Better Times"), Hall Room ("Mis- 
fortune Hunters"). Hght., 6; wght, 135; light 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 1775 Las Palmas, 
Los Angeles. 

FELLOWES, Rockliffe; b. Ottawa, Can., 1885; 
educ. Bishop's Coll. Schl., Lennoxville; stage 
career, with Mrs. Fiske, "Erstwhile Susan," 
Grace George, "Eve's Daughter," Et 
more, Cyril Scott, "Within the Law," "Under 
Cover"; screen career, Fox ("The Regenera- 
tion," "The Bondage of Fear," "The House 
Cat," "The Web of Desire"), Selznick ("The 
Easiest Way," "The Point of View"), Gold- 
wyn ("Cup of Fury"), First National ("Yes 
or No," "In Search of a Sinner"), Hodkinson 
("Pagan Love"), Famous Players ("Price of 
Possession"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; brown 
hair and eyes. Permanent ad., Nautilus Place, 
New Rochelle, N. Y. 

FENTON, Mark; b. Crestline, O. ; stage career, 
Charles Frohman, "The Sporting Duchess," 
Shakespearian drama with Booth and Barrett, 
in cos. of Otis Skinner, Madame Modjeska, stk. 
many yrs. screen career, Pathe, Universal ("A 
Fight for Love," "Molly and I"), Jewell ("The 
Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin"), Famous Players 
("Behold My Wife"), Robertson-Cole ("813"), 
Pathe ("The Devil to Pay'), Metro ("The Four 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse"), Fox ("Bare 
Knuckles"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 190; com- 
plexion, fair; brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 
Actors' Assn., Hollywood, Cal. 

FERGUSON, Al; screen career, Selig ("The Lost 
City," "Who Wins," "Wiskey Runners," "Mira- 
cles of the Jungle"), American ("Sunset 
Jones''). Home ad., 1220-B S. Serrano, Los 
Angeles, Cal.; phone 74252. 

FERGUSON, Casson; b. Alexandria, La., 1891; 
educ. there and Paris; stage career, 10 yrs. 
Shakespeare and mus. com. in America; revue, 
mus. com. and concert in London, Grand Opera 
In Paris; screen career, Morosco, Hampton, 
("How Could You, Jean?" "The Only Road"), 
Paramount ("Jane Goes A-Wooing." "Secret 
Service")', Artcraft ("Johnny Get Your Gun"), 
Goldwyn ("Flame of the Desert," "Madame 
X"), Lasky ("The Prince Chap"), Metro 
("Mutiny of the Elsinore"), Fox ("Merely Mary 
Ann"), Universal ("An Unknown Wife"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 150; brown hair, blue 
gray eyes. Home ad., 6826 Odin st., Hollywood, 
Cal.; Holly 2107; studio, Lasky, Hollywood, Cal. 

FERGUSON, W. J.; screen career, Realart ("The 
Deep Purple"), Pathe ("Passers-By"), Griffith 
("Dream Street"). 

FIELD, George; b. San Francisco; educ. Chicago; 
stage career, 10 yrs. in mus. com., stock and 
vaud.; screen career, American ("The Key"), 
Selig ("Beware of Strangers"), Metro ("The 
Testing of Mildred Vane"), Rob-Cole ("A Trick 
of Fate," "A Sage Brush Hamlet"), Hodkinson 
("End of the Game," "A White Man's 
Chance"), Universal ("The Moon Riders"). 
Vitagraph ("Diamonds Adrift"). 

FILLMORE, Clyde; educ. Unive of Oregon, John 
Hopkins Univ. ; stage career, 4 yrs. under 
mngmt, Cohan & Harris, Anderson & Weber in 
"The Very Idea," "Civilian Clothes," at Mor- 
osco Theatre, Los Angeles; screen career, Uni- 
versal ("Millionaire Pirate," "Fire Flingers," 
"Sundown Trail," "The Devil's Passkey"), 
Realart ("Nurse Marjorie," "The Outside Wo- 
man," "The Soul of Youth"), Famous Players 
("The City Sparrow," "Sham"), Robertson 
Cole. Hght., 6, 2; wght., 185; brown hair, 
gray eyes. Home ad., 1715a Wilcox ave., 
Hollywood, Cal.; phone 579059. 

FILSON, Al; screen career, Paramount ("Treas- 
ure Island," "Hairpins," "Chickens"), Asso. 
Prod. ("Homespun Folks"), Goldwyn ("Made 
in Heaven"). 



FIND LAY, Thomas J.; screen career, Cosmopoli- 
tan ("Heliotrope," "Buried Treasure"). 

FINLAYSON, James; screen career, Sennett 
("Down on the Farm," "Married Life," "Great 
Scott," "Don't Weaken"), Asso. Prod. ("A 
Small Town Idol"). 

FISCHER, Alfred; screen career, Pathe ("Sher- 
ry"), Universal ("Beautifully Trimmed"). 

FISHER, George; b. Republic, Mich.; educ. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. ; stage career, 6 yrs., began in 
1907; screen career, started in 1914 with Thos. 
H. Ince, Paralta ('Within the Cup," "Maid 
of the Storm"), Selznick ("Mrs. Leffingwell's 
Boots"), Universal ("Fires of Youth"), Pathe 
("Gates of Brass"), Hall Prod. Co. ("The 
Awakening"), Fox ("Bare Knuckles," "Color- 
ado Pluck," "Young Heart"), Brunton ("Devil 
to Pay," "Trail of the Axe"). Hght., 5. 11; 
wght., 170; light brown hair, brown eyes. Home 
ad., 1133 So. Hoover St., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
phone 54006. 

FITZROY. Louis; b. Fort Brady, Mich.; educ. 
Ohio Univ.; stage career began in 1886, dram. 
stk.. Columbus. Ohio; screen career, began in 
1911 with Cameraphone, N. Y., Edgar Lewis 
("A Beggar in Purple"), Fox ("The Trail to 
Two Moons"), Selig ("Dreamland"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 150; gray hair, dark blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1322 McCadden Place, Hollywood, 
Cal.; Holly 1834. 

FLANAGAN. I). J.; b. Ireland. 1876: stage career, 
mgmt. Brady and Ziegfeld, com. opera, mus. 
com., played with Alice Nielaon, Grace Van 
Studdiford, Anna Held. Julian Eltinge, etc.; 
screen career, World ("Trilby," "La Boheme"), 
Selznick ("The Common Law"), McClure 
("Sloth"), M. H. Hoffman ("One Hour"). 
Hght., 5. 10%; wght,, 180; brown hair, blue Home ad., 523 W. 134th St., N. Y. 

FLETCHER, Billy; screen career, Gayety Com- 
edies ("Bedlam," "A Saphead's Sacrifice," 
"Dry and Thirsty," "Parked in the Park"). 
Christie ("A Bashful Bigamist"). Fox ("Her 
Honor the Mayor"), Universal ("Making Up," 
"Matter of Choice," "Spell of the Home 

FLYNN, M. B.; screen career, Goldwyn ("The 
Silver Horde," "Going Some," "The Great Ac- 
cident," "Officer 666," "Just Out of College," 
"Roads of Destiny"). 

FOOTE, Courtenay; b. Yorkshire, Eng. ; educ. 
Oxford; early career, studied civil engineering; 
stage career, with Beerbohm Tree, in rep.; 
America, all star cast of "Oliver Twist"; mgmt. 
Chas. Frohman, Belasco, Liebler, etc. r screen 
career, Vitagraph, Bosworth, Fine Art Films, . 
Morosco ("Cross Currents," "An International 
Marriage"), Famous Players. Mutual ("Love's 
Law"), Artcraft ("His Parisian Wife"), Para- 
mount ("The Two Brides"), Paramount "The 
Bronz Bell," Metro ("The Star Rover"), First 
National ("The Passion Flower"). 

FORCE, Charles; screen career. Fox ("The 
Square Shooter," "Her Honor the Mayor"). 

FORD, Harrison; b. Kansas City, Mo.; educ. 
there and Los Angeles; stage career, stk. in 
Baltimore, Md., Syracuse, N. Y. ; screen career, 
Famous Players ("Unclaimed Goods," "Girls," 
"The Third Kiss," "The Lottery Man," "A 
Lady in Love"), Realart ("Miss Hobbs," "Food 
for Scandal," "Oh, Lady, Lady"), First Nat'l 
("The Passion Flower"). Hght., 5, 10; wght.. 
160; brown hair and eyes. Lambs Club, 130 
W. 44th St., N. Y. C. 

FORD, Phil; b. Portland, Me.; educ. there; screen 
career, Berwilla Film Co. ("Cyclone Bliss"), 
Universal ("The Mystery Ship"), Cinema Craft 
Film Co. ("Shadows of the West"), Francis 
Ford Film Co. ("The Great Reward," "The 
Silent Mystery"), Victor Kremer Features ("1 
Am the Woman"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 155; 
dark brown hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 1403 
Vine St., Hollywood, Cal.; phone 579-135. 

FORMAN, Tom; b. Mitchell Co., Tex.; stage ca- 
reer, Belasco stock, Los Angeles, toured west 
at head of own rep. co.; screen career, Kalem, 
Lubin, Lasky ("The American Consul," "Her 
Strange Wedding," "The Jaguar's Claw," "For- 
bidden Paths"), Pallas-Paramount ("A Kiss 
for Susie," "Hashamura Togo," "The Trouble 
Buster"), Artcraft ("For Better, For Worse"), 
Paramount ("Heart of Youth," "Told in the 
Hills"), Famous Players ("The Tree of Knowl- 
edge," "The Round-Up," "The Ladder of Lies," 
"Sins of Rosanne," "The Easy Road," "City 
of Silent Men"). Blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

FORMES, Carl, Jr.; b. London, Eng., 1848; stage 
educ. Meiningen Theat., under Duke of Mein- 
ingen and Baron von Chroneck; stage career, 
engagements in Berlin, Dresden, Vienna. Am- 

sterdam, Stanton Opera Co.'s world tour; 
screen career, Kalem, Fine Arts ("Old Heidel- 
berg," "Macbeth," etc.), Select ("Up the Road 
with Sallie"), Vitagraph ("A Rogue's Ro- 
mance"), Universal ("The Red Lane"), Pathe 
(Felix O'Day"), Fox ("Flame of Youth," "Con- 
necticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"), 
Canyon ("The Struggle"). Hght., 5, 10%; 
wght., 148; brown hair, blue eyes. 

FORREST, Allan: b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. 
Univ. Sch., Cleveland, Ohio; stage career, stk. 
in Cleveland and Baltimore. Md. ; screen ca- 
reer, 3 yrs. American Film Co., Santa Bar- 
bara, Cal., leading man for Mary Miles Min- 
ter, Asso. Exhibitors, Louis B. Mayer Prod. 
Hght., 6; wght., 160; dark hair and eyes. Ad., 
Los Angeles Athletic Club. 

FORTH, George J.; b. Philadelphia; early exper. 
gentleman farmer; screen career, Vitagraph 
("A Municipal Report"), Thanhouser, Edison, 
Pathe ("The Sixteenth Wife," "The Heart of 
Ezra Greer," "Bobby's Bravery," "The Girl 
from the Sea"), Goldwyn ("Our Little Wife"). 
Hght., 5. 11; wght., 170; brown hair and eyes. 
Home ad., Green Room Club, 139 W. 47th St.. 

FOSHAY, Harold; b. and educ. Brooklyn; stage 
career, vaudeville and stock; screen career, 
Metro, Biograph, Vitagraph ("The Girl Prob- 
lem"). Edgar Lewis Prod. ("Other Men's 
Shoes"), Victor Kremer ("Voices"), Paramount 
("The Education of Elizabeth"), Circle Film 
("The Devil's Confession". Hght., 5, 9; wght., 
145; light hair, blue eyes. Ad., 34 Jefferson 
ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

FOSS, Darrel; b. Oconomowoc, Wis.; educ. there 
and Los Angeles; screen career, Metro ("The 
Red Lantern," "The Brat," 8 pictures with 
May Allison), Lasky, Universal. Goldwyn, Billy 
Fortune series, 4 yrs. stk. with Ince. Hght., 
6; wght., 160; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 
103 Rose ave., Venice, Cal.; Venice 61844. 

FOSTER, J. Morris; b. Foxberg, Pa.; educ. Stan- 
ford Univ.; stage career, "The Christian Pil- 
grim," "Th e Sixth Commandment," "What 
Happened to Mary," Harry David Stk. Co.; 
screen career, Thanhouser, Famous Players, 
Universal ("High Speed," "The Secret Man," 
"Overland Red"), Paramount ("What Happen- 
ed to Jones"), Universal ("Sundown Slim"), 
Garfleld ("The Parish Priest"), Arrow ("The 
Blue Fox"), 5 Pathe releases. Hght., 5, 10%; 
wght., 150; medium brown hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1572 LaBaig ave., Hollywood. Cal. 

FOX, Reginald; screen career, Stoll Film ("The 
Flame." "The Branded Soul"). 

FOXE, Earle A.; b. Oxford, O., 1888; educ. Ohio 
State Univ.; stage career, Chicago stk., In 
"The Deserters," "The Stranger," "The Cub," 
with Douglas Fairbanks; screen career, Grif- 
fith ("The Escape," "The Man Upstairs"), 
Lasky ("The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"), 
Triangle ("From Two to Six"), Select ("The 
Honeymoon"). Metro ("Outwitted"), Pathe 
("the Fatal Ring" serial). Goldwyn ("Peck's 
Bad Girl"), Ziegfeld Cinema ("Black Panther's 
Cub"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 178; light com- 
plexion, light brown hair, blue eyes. 

FRANCIS, Alec Budd; b. London, . Eng. ; educ. 
Uppingham Coll.; stage career, with various 
prods, in England, India. South Africa and 
United States; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Eclair, World, Goldwyn ("The Face in the 
Dark," "The Glorious Adventure," "The VenuB 
Model"), C. K. Young-Select ("The Marion- 
ettes"), - Goldwyn ("Day Dreams," "Crimson 
Gardenia," "City of Comrades," "Heartsease," 
"World and It Woman," "Lord and Lady 
Algy," "Flame of the Desert"), United ("Her 
Code of Honor"), Select ("Probation Wife"), 
Goldwyn ("Earthbound," "Godless Men," "Man 
Who Had Everything," "Voice in the Dark"), 
Robertson-Cole ("What's a Wife Worth," 
"Courage," "Her Great Moment"). Hght., 5, 
11; wght., 157; light hair, gray eyes. 

FRANK, J. Herbert; stage career, 10 yrs. Wm. 
A. Brady, vaudeville, stock; screen career, 
Vitagraph, 2 years, Talmage ("Tempered 
Steel"). Petrova Co. ("Good Bye Bill"), Fam- 
ous ("Freedom"), Fox ("Dodging a Million"), 
Goldwyn, Fox ("For Freedom"), Photoplay 
Libraries ("Empty Arms"), Paramount ("April 
Folly"), Metro ("The Silver Lining"), Univer- 
sal ("The Unknown Wife"), Pioneer ("Idle 
Hands"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., ISO; dark com- 
plexion, hair and eyes. Ad., home, 152 W. 49th 
st., N. Y. C. ; Bryant 8116 and 5217. 

FRAUNHOLZ, Fraunie French; b. and educ. 
Balto., Md. ; 15 yrs. stage exper., stk. and own 
act in vaud.; screen career, Solax, Metro, Fa- 
mous Players, Thanhouser, Universal, with 
Petrova. Florence Reed, Edmund Breese, Gall 



Kane, Mary Miles Mlnter; Ferret ("Lafayette 
We Come," "Stars of Glory," "Thirteenth 
Chair"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140; brown hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., Fort Lee, N. J. 

FRAZER, Robert;' screen career, United ("Her 
Code of Honor"), Select ("Bolshevism on 
Trial"). Vitagraph, Metro ("Without Limit"). 

FREMONT, A. W.; b. Cohoes, N. Y. ; educ. Al- 
bany, N. Y, and Bay City, Mich. ; stage career, 
40 yrs. exper. ; screen career. Fox ("Cleopatra," 
"Salome," "Queen of Sheba," "Square Shooter," 
"Kulter," "Girl of My Heart"), Goldwyn 
("Woman and the Puppet"), Lasky ("Mar- 
riage of La Mode"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 
165; dark hair and eyes. Home ad., 1125 E. 
42nd st., Los Angeles, Cal. ; South 2443-J. 

FRENCH, Chas. K.; b. Columbus, Ohio; educ. 
there; stage career, 25 yrs., variety, minstrel and 
dram,, song and dance man, banjoist come- 
dian, character actor; screen career, Nazi- 
mova ("Hermit Doctor of Garia"), Wm. S. 
Hart ("Tiger Man"), Wm. Russell ("That Hero 
Stuff"), Geo. Kerns ("The Unfoldment"), Lasky 
("The Lifted Veil"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 
190; brown gray hair, blue eyes. Ad., 2217 
Bwing st., Los Angeles, Cal.; Wilshire 2847. 

FRENCH, George B. ; Storm Lake, Iowa; educ. 
Mont.; stage career, for 15 yrs. in dram, stk., 
and in vaud. ; with Louis James "Parsifal," etc., 
screen career, National ("Tarzan of the Apes," 
"Back to Nature"), Christie ("In and Out," 
"500 or Bust," "Sally's Blighted Career," "His 
Pajama Girl"), Lois Weber ("The Doctor and 
the Woman"), Geo. Kern Prod. (The Unfold- 
ment"), Christie ("The Reckless Sex"). Hght., 
5, 10; wght., 140; dark hair and eyes. Home 
ad., 516 N. St. Andrews Place, Hollywood, Cal.; 
Holly 1106. 

FUJITA. Toyo; screen career, Robertson-Cole 
("Black Roses"), Universal ("A Tokio Siren"). 

FTJREY, Jas. A.; b. and educ. Brooklyn; stage 
career, 38 yrs.; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Awakening of Helena Ritchie," "Destruction" 
with Theda Bara), Fox ("Her Sister," "Queen 
of Hearts"), Peerless ("Phil"). Blackton 
("Dawn"), Vitagraph ("Climbers"), Famous 
("On With the Dance"), Selznick ("Love," 
"Greater Than Fame," "Pleasure Seekers"). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 150; white hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 454 Classon; Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Pros- 
pect 7128. 


GADEN, Alexander; b. Montreal, Canada, Feb. 
20, 1880; educ. there; stage career, stock, 
throughout U. S.. etc., playing over 500 parts; 
also with Savage's prod., "Madame X"; screen 
career, Famous. Universal, Vitagraph, Gau- 
mont ("The Hidden Face," "The Gates of 
Divorce," "The Toll of War") Hodkinson 
("The Bandbox"), Artco ("The Capitol," 
"Cynthia of the Minute"). Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 
175; fair complexion, dark brown hair, brown 
eyes; has written several successful playlets 
and photoplays. 

GAILLARD, Robert; b. Adrian, Mich.; educ. 
Wisconsin University; stage career, 15 yrs. 
leading man, manager, director; screen ca- 
reer, 8 yrs. with Vitagraph Co. ("In the 
Balance," "A Girl of the Times," "The Clutch 
of Circumstance," "Beauty Proof," "The Ad- 
venture Shop," "Silent Strength," "The Man 
Who Won," "Beating the Odds," "In Honor's 
Web," "The Gauntlet," "The Broadway Bub- 
ble," "Princess Jones," "The Charming De- 
ceiver," "What's Your Reputation Worth"). 
Hght., 6 ft.; wght., 186; brown hair, brown 
eyes. Home ad., 3718 Ave. J, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

GALLAGHER, Raymond; b. San Francisco, 
1889; educ. Sacred Heart Coll.; stage career, 6 
yrs. exp. stk. and road shows, leading man in 
"The Wolf," "Mrs. Temple's Telegram," "The 
Girl of the Golden West," "Alcazar Stk, Co.; 
screen career, Melies, Lubin, Universal ("His 
Divorced Wife," "The Phantom Melody"), Ar- 
thur H. Gooden C"Go Get 'Em," "Crooked 
Trails," "Secret Eyes," "Dust"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 150; dark complexion, brown hair and 
eyes. Ad., 6135 Glen Oak, Hollywood, Cal. 

GALLERY, Tom; screen career, Robertson-Cole 
("Bright Skies," "The Heart of Twenty"), 
Metro ("The Chorus Girl's Romance"), First 
National ("Dinty," "Bob Hampton of 

GAMBLE, Fred; screen career, Universal ("Bul- 
let Proof," "La, La Lucille," "The Secret Gift," 
"Fixed by George"). 

GAMBLE, Warburton; educ. England; stage 
career, London, under Sir Herbert Tree, 
Forbes Robertson, Chas. Frohman, "The Out- 

cast" with Elsie Ferguson, "Misalliance," "Mar- 
garet Schiller," "Milestones"; screen career, 
Paramount ("The Outcast," "Silver King," "A 
Society Exile," "The Invisible Bond," "Two 
Brides"), Goldwyn ("Thirty a Week," "The 
Palliser Case"), Raver ("As a Man Thinks," 
"La Belle Russe"), Paramount ("The Cost"), 
Realart ("Law of the Yukon"), Selznick ("Pooi 
Dear Margaret Kirby"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 
165; dark hair, dark gray eyes. Ad., White- 
stone, L. I., N. Y. ; Flushing 1324-R. 

GANTVOORT, Carl; b. Bowling Green, Ky. ; educ. 
Univ. of Cincinnati; stage career, light opera, 
played in orig. cast of "Madame Butterfly," 
"Girl of the Golden West," and "Robin Hood," 
leading man for Mitzi Hajos, Hazel Dawn; 
screen career, Ben B. Hampton ("A Certain 
Rich Man," "Man of the Forest," "Mysterious 
Rider"), Federal Photoplays ("Lure of 
Egypt"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; brown hair, 
gray eyes. Studio ad., Benj. B. Hampton. 

GELDERT, Clarence H.; b. St. John, N. B. ; 
educ. Collins Coll., Boston; stage career, 15 
y*s., with Mansfield, Neil Burgess, Russ 
Whytal, Lewis & Tilbury and stk. cos.; screen 
career, Fine Arts, Griffith ("Intolerance"), 
Nat. Drama ("The Fall of a Nation"), Lasky 
stk. co. ("Crooked Streets," "Always Auda- 
cious," "All Soul's Eve," "Affairs of Anatol," 
"Sweetie Peach," "The Great Moment"). Hght., 
5 ft. 11 in.; wght., 180 Ibs. ; light complexion, 
brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 1765G No. 
Bronson ave., Hollywood, Cal. Phone 577811. 
Studio ad., Lasky, Hollywood, Cal.. 

GENDRON, Leon; educ. Univ. of Chicago; screen 
career, International ("The World and His 
Wife"), Goldwyn ("Girl with the Jazz Heart"), 
First National ("Scrambled Wives"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("If Women Only Knew"), 

GERALD, Pete; b. Placenza, Italy, 1864; stage 
career, 35 yrs. vaud., circus, drama, from con- 
tortionist to leading man; screen career, L-Ko 
("Born to the Purple," "Phantom Island," 
"The Eye of Fear"), Universal ("The Purple 
Mask,") Bluebird ("The Craving"), Monopol 
("Crimson Shoals"); acrobat and athletic con- 
tortionist. Hght., 5, 9; wght., 140; black hair, 
brown eyes. Ad., home, 1442 Union ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

GERARD, Carl; screen career, Metro ("Body and 
and Soul," "Uncharted Seas"), Goldwyn ("The 
Silver Horde," "Man Who Had Everything"), 
Universal ("The Secret Gift"). 

GERARD Charles; b. Carlow Ireland 1887; 
educ. Castleknock and Dublin Univ. ; screen ca- 
reer, Paramount ("Little Miss Optimist"), Uni- 
versal ("The Double Standard"), Select ("The 
New Moon," "The Isle of Conquest"), Famous 
Players ("Pettigrew's Girl," "Something to Do," 
"The Counterfeit," "The Teeth of the Tiger," 
"The Gilded Lily," "Blackbirds"), Interna- 
tional ("World and His Wife," "The Passionate 
Pilgrim"), Selznick ("You Can't Kill Love," 
"Whispers"), Realart ("Out of the Chorus"), 
D. W. Griffith ("The Hun Within," "Mary 
Ellen Comes to Town"). Ad., Hotel Algon- 
quin, N. Y. 

GHENT, Derrick; screen career, Metro ("Four 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse"), Famous Players 
("Silk Hosiery"). 

GIBBS, Robert Paton; b. Pa.; educ. Univ. of 
Va. ; stage career, "The Flame," "Trilby," 
"Madam X," "Ghosts"; screen career, Savage 
(title role In "Robinson Crusoe"), Pathe, 
Kalem ("Grip of the Charlatan"), Metro ("Man 
Who 1 Stayed at Home"), Fox ("Lure of Am- 
bition"), World ("The Beloved Adventuress"), 
First National ("The Passion Flower"). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 155; dark complexion, gray hair, 
black eyes. Ad., 16 Gramercy Park, N. Y. 

GIBSON, Ed ("Hoot"); b. Tekamah, Nebr., 1892; 
early career, cowboy, with Bud Atkin's circus 
to Australia; screen career, since 1911, Selig, 
Kalem ("Hazards of Helen"), Universal ("A 
Knight of the Range," "The Crow," "The 
Voice on the Wire," "Shameless Salvason," 
"The Trail of the Holdup Men," "The Lone 
Hand," "The Double Holdup," "The Sheriff's 
Oath," "The Jay Bird," "Harmony Ranch," 
"Roaring Dan", "The Smilin' Kid," "Pair of 
Twins," "Saddle King," "Fighting Fury," "Out 
of Luck," "The Cactus Kid"). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 160 Light hair and blue eyes. Studio, 
Universal City, Calif. 

GILBERT, Jack; b. Logan, Utah, 1895; educ. 
Hitchcock Mil. Acad., San Rafael, Calif.; 
stage career, Baker Stk. 'Co. in Portland, Ore. 
and Seattle, Wash., Forepaugh Stk. Co., Cin- 
cinati, road shows screen career, Ince 
("Princess of the Dark," "Golden Rule," 
"Millionaire Vagrant"), Mary Pickford 



("Heart of the Hills"), Geo. Loane Tucker 
("Ladies Must Live"), Maurice Tourneur 
("White Heather," "Glory of Love," "The White 
Circle," "Deep Waters"), Film Booking ("Serv- 
ant in the House"). Directed Hope Hampton 
in "The Bait" and "Love's Penalty". Engaged 
to star in Fox picture plays. Home ad., L. A. 
Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Calif. 
GILES, Corliss; b. Providence, R. I.; educ. 
there; stage career, with Lou Tellegen, "King 
of Nowhere," "The Ware Case," "The Iron 
Dove," John Cort (stock in large cities) ; 
screen career, Clara K. Young ("Shirley 
Kaye," "The Marionettes," "The House of 

Glass"), Miller-Hallmark ("Love, Honor and 

f a Gy 
Nat'l ("In Search of a Sinner"), Victor Kremer 

?"), Hallmark ("Heart of a Gypsy"), First 

("Voices"), Fox ("The Mountain Woman"). 
Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 170; dark hair and eyes. 
Home ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. C. 

GILLIS, William; screen career, Fox ("The Last 
Straw"), Pathe ("Ruth of the Rockies" serial). 

GILMORE, J. H.; screen career, Paramount 
("Witness for the Defense," "The Kentuck- , 
ians"), Pathe ("Impossible Catherine"), De- 
mocracy Photoplay ("Democracy"), Weber- 
World ("The Wakefield Case"), Realart ("The 
Magic Cup"). 

GIKARD, Jos. W.; b. Williamsport, Pa.; eduo. 
Phila., Pa.; stage career, 20 yrs. exp. ; screen 
career, 1 yr. with Edison, 4 yrs. with Uni- 
versal ("Two Souled Women," "Beast of Ber- 
lin," "Loot," "Paid in Advance," "Midnight 
Man" serial), Payton Pictures, Inc. ("Sign of 
the Rat"), Selznick ("The Figurehead"), Ber- 
willa ("The Branded Mystery," "Dangerous 
Paths," "Mysteria," "Sheriff of Hope Eternal." 
"Blue Fox" serial, " Crimson Lash" serial). 
Hght., 6; wght., 190; gray hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1757 Orange Drive, Hollywood, Calif., 
phone 577320. 

GLASS, Gaston; b. and educ. Paris, France; stage 
career, 5 yrs. with Sarah Bernhardt in France 
and U. S. ; screen career, Pathe Freres, Gau- 
mont, Paris; Famous Players-Lasky, World, 
Cosmopolitan ("Humoresque," "World and His 
Wife"; Hodkinson ("The Foreigner,") First 
National ("Cameron of the Royal Mounted"), 
Realart ("Her Winning Ways"). Metro 
("There are No Villians"). Hght., 5, 10%; 
wght., 156; dark hair, brown eyes. Ad., For- 
mosa Apts., phone Holly 2048, Los Angeles, Cal. 

GLENDON, J. Frank; b. Choteau, Mont., 1885; 
educ. Montana Wesleyan Univ.; stage career, 
9 yrs.; screen career, Vitagraph (O. Henry 
stories and "Woman in the Web,"), Garson 
("Soul of Rafael," "Midchannel", "Hush"), Lois 
Weber ("What Do Men Want"), Master Pic- 
tures ("Roman Candles"), Goldwyn ("Tale of 
Two Worlds"). Hght., 6; wght., 175; gray 
eyes, brown hair. Ad., c/o Actors' Equity 
Assn., Hollywood, Cal. 

GOLDSMITH, Frank; b. 1881; stage career, 8 
yrs. mgmt. of Chas. Frohman, with Shubert, 
Brady, Winthrop Ames, "Truth" with _ Grace 
George; screen career, Peerless, Paragon, 
World Film ("The Page Mystery"), Mutual 
("Reputation"), Artcraft ("The Rise of Janice 
Gushing"), Goldwyn ("Oh, Johnny"), Fox 
("Woman, Woman," "His Greatest Sacrifice"), 
Paramount ("Wanted a Husband," "Education 
of Elizabeth"). Hght., 5, 10%; dark com- 

GOLDSWORTHY, John Heath; educ. privately 
in England; stage career, 17 yrs. in England 
and America with George Edwardes, Shubert. 
Frohman, Cohan and Harris; screen career. 
Metro ("The Better Man," "The Yellow 
Streak," " Debt of Honor," "Corner in Cot- 
ton," "The Divorcee"), Fox ("The Second 
Wife"), Famous Players ("The Red Widow," 
"Career of Katherine Bush"), Vitagraph 
("The Sporting Duchess"). Hght, 6, 1%; 
wght., 175; brown hair, blue eyes. 

GOODWIN, Harold; screen career; Universal 
("Overland Red"), First National ("The Family 
Honor"), United Artists ("Suds"), Realart 
(Sweet Lavender," "You Never Can Tell"), Fox 
("The Road Demon," "Oliver Twist, Jr."). 

GOODWINS, Fred.; b. London, Eng., 1891; educ. 
Grocer's Co. Coll., London; stage career, with 
Sir George Alexander, John Drew, Chas. Froh- 
man, etc. ; screen career, Edison, Essaney, 
Christie, Select ("Mrs. Lemngwell's Boots), 
Lois Webber ("For Husbands Only"), Metro 
("The Testing of Mildred Vane," "Making 
Good "), Paramount ("Way of a Man with a 
Maid"), Pathe ("Common Clay"), Jewel- 
Universal ("Forbidden"). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 150; blond hair and blue eyes. 

GORDON, Bruce; b. Johannesburg, S. A.; educ. 
St. Johns College, and London Univ. ; early 

career, medical student; screen career, Progress 
Film Co., London ("Sowing and Reaping," 
"Democracy," "After Many Days"), Phillips 
Films, London ("A Little Child Shall Lead 
Them"), Hollandia Film Co., Holland ("Toys"), 
Gaumont ("First Men in the Moon"), Blackton 
("House of the Tolling Bell," "Forbidden 
Valley"), Realart. Hght., 6; wght., 180; dark 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 109 Park Place, 
Venice, Cal.; Venice 61830. 

GORDON, Charles; screen career, Callaghan Prod. 
("Bonnie May"), Fox ("A Connecticut Yankee 
in King Arthur's Court"). 

GORDON, Harris; also director; b. Glenside, Pa.; 
educ. Cheltenham Acad. ; stage career, with 
Louis Mann; screen career, Reliance, Solax, 
Famous Thanhouser ("The Picture of Dorian 
Gray," "God's Witness," "The Price of Her 
Silence," "The Girl Who Wanted to Live," "The 
Image Maker"), Famous Players ("Double- 
crossed "), Select Pictures ("The Honey- 
moon"), Screencraft ("The Prodigal Wife," 
"Suspense"), Goldwyn ("Stop Thief"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("The Pretenders"). Hght., 6; wght., 
150; light hair, blue eyes. Home ad., Laurel 
Canyon, Cal., Holly 3431. 

GORDON, Huntley; b. Montreal, Can., educ. 
Banister Court School, England; screen 
career, Vitagraph, Metro ("The Million Dollar 
Dollies," "Our Mrs. McChesney"), Blackton 
("The Common Cause"), Vitagraph ("Too 
Many -Crooks," "The Unknown Quantity"), 
Selznick ("The Glorious Lady," "Out Yonder," 
"Red Foam," "Out of the Snows," "Society 
Snobs"), Famous Players ("The Dark Mirror," 
Frisky Mrs. Johnson"). Hght., 6; wght., 170; 
fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes. Add., 
Bayshore, L. I., N. Y. Bayshore 527. 

GORDON James; b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; 10 yrs. 
stage; screen career, Edison, Famous Players, 
Pathe, Wharton, Paramount ("The Final 
Close-Up"), Select ("Jacques of the Silver 
North"), First National ("The Thunder- 
bolt"), Goldwyn ("Girl From Outside"), Select 
("Experimental Marriage"), Famous Players 
("Behind the Door"), Asso. Prod. ("Homespun 
Folks"), Pathe ("The Blue Moon"), Tourneur 
("Last of the Mohicans," "The Bait"), First 
National ("The Old Swimmin' Hole"), Ameri- 
can ("Sunset Jones"). Member M. P. D. A. 
Home ad., 4520 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles. 
Cal., phone 59584. 

GORDON, Robert; educ. Los Angeles Polytechnic 
Junior Coll.; stage career, one season with 
Hollywood Community Players; screen career, 
Paramount ("The Varmint," "Tom Sawyer," 
"Missing," "Huck and Tom." "Capt. Kidd, 
Jr."), 5 pictures with Blackton-Pathe, Vita- 
graph ("Dollars and the Woman," " Vice of 
Fools"), Robertson-Cole ("If Women Only 
Knew"), Selig-Rork ("The Rosary"). Ad., 
Pathe, 25 W. 45th St., N. Y. C. 

GOUGH, John; screen career, Pathe ("Half a 
Chance"), Universal ("Risky Business"). 

GOWLAND, Gibson; b. England; educ. private 
schls. Eng.; stage career, legitimate; screen 
career, Paramount ("White Heather," "Ladies 
Must Live"), Universal ("Blind Husbands"). 
Metro ("The Right of Way"), First National 
("The Fighting Shepherdess"), Paramount 
("Behind the Door). Hght., 6; wght., 190; 
brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1401 El 
Molino, Los Angeles, Cal. 

GRAHAM, Charles; screen career, Arrow ("A 
Wall Street Mystery," "On the High Card"), 
Goldwyn ("The Song of the Soul"), Fox ("The 
Mountain Woman"). 

GRANBY, Joseph; b. Boston, 1885; educ. there; 
stage career, Castle Sq. and Boston stk., in 
"Fine Feathers," vaud. for two seasons with 
Valeska Suratt; screen career, Universal ("Man 
From Nowhere"), Fox ("Jealousy," "The Vic- 
tim"), World ("Rasputin, the Black Monk"), 
Metro ("The Great Romance"), Ince-Para- 
mount ("Black Is White"), Hallmark ("Chains 
of Evidence"), Prod. Security ("Diane of Star 
Hollow"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght, 155; dark 
complexion, dark hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
518 W. 134th St., Mngsde. 9798, or Green Room 
Club, N. Y 

GRANT, Edwin J.; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1893; 
stage career, stock, "Seven Days' Leave," 
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic; screen career, World, 
Goldwyn, Famous, Fox ("Private Peat," "The 
Panther Woman"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 160; 
black hair, blue eyes. Ad., 21 Webster ave., 
Somerville, Mass., and Film Players, 138 W 
46th St., with Chamberlain Brown, 160 W. 45th 
st., N. Y .C. 

GRANT, Lawrence; screen career, Metro ("Held 
in Trust," "The Chorus Girl's Romance," 
"Someone in the House," "Extravagance"). 



GKASSBY, Bertram; b. Lincolnshire, Eng., 1880; 
educ. U. S. : stage career, rep, stk. ; screen ca- 
reer, Griffith ("Romance of Happy Valley"), 
Hodkinson ("The Lone Wolf's Daughter"), 
Para.-Gish ("Battling Jane," "The Hope 
Chest"), Equity ("For the Soul of Rafael," Mid- 
Channel," "Hush," "Straight From Paris"), 
Paramount ("The Fighting Chance"), Pathe 
("The Week End"), Goldwyn ("Hold Your 
Horses"). Hght., G; wght., 175; black hair and 
eyes. Ad., 2026 Highland Ave., Los Angeles, 
Cal., Holly 3033. 

GRATTAN, Stephen; screen career, Fox ("The 
Ruling Passion," "The Spider and the Fly," 
"A Tortured Heart," "The Family Stain," 
"Should a Mother Tell?"), Selznick ("The 
Lone Wolf"), Select ("A Scream in the 
Night"), Pathe ("Other Men's Shoes"), Metro 
("The Misleading Lady"). Home ad., Hotel 
Van Courtlandt, N. Y. 

GRAVES, Ralph; b. Cleveland, O.; screen career, 
2 yrs. Essanay, World ("Tinsel"), Tourneur 
("Sporting Life," "The White Heather"), 
Paramount ("I'll Get Him Yet," "The Home 
Town Girl," "Out of Luck"), Universal ("The 
("Scarlet Days,"), Paramount ("Little Miss Re- 
bellion"), Metro ("Polly With a Past") Griffith 
("Dream Street"), First National ("The Great- 
est Question"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 170; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., L. A. A. Club, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

GRAY, Clifford B.; educ. St. Luke's Schl., Wayne, 
Pa., Lake Forest Acad., Cornell Univ.; stage 
career, with Lew Fields, Musical Comedy, stock 
in Chicago, vaud.; screen career, Pathe ("Beu- 
lah," Famous Players ("The Crucible," "The 
Cost"), World ("Nathan Hale," "Daughter of 
the Sea"), Metro ("Strength of the Weak") 
Selznick ("Sooner or Later"). Hght., 5, 8; 
wght., 150; dark hair, blue eyes. Ad., Friars 
Club, N. Y. 

GREENE, Kempton; b. Shreveport, La., 1890; 
educ. Friends' Sch., Phila. ; stage career, 
"Checkers"; screen career, Lubin ("A Question 
of Right," "The Man from the Sea"), Selig 
("Brown of Harvard"), Goldwyn ("Our Little 
Wife"), Oliver Film Corp. ("Craig Kennedy 
Serial"), Arrow ("A Fool's Gold"), Vitagraph 
("Fortune's Child"), Fox ("My Little Sister"). 
World ("Crook of Dreams," "Forest Rivals"), 
Paramount ("Sentimental Tommy"). Hght., 5, 
9; wght., 148; blond complexion. Lambs Club, 
130 W. 44th st., N. Y. 

GREENE, Walter; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Inner Voice"), Arrow ("The Way Women 

GREENLEAF, Chas. L,.; b. Evanston, 111., 1890; 
educ. Lake View H. S., Chicago, and Univ. of 
Minnesota; stage career, legitimate, covering 
period of 4 yrs., Sari, comedy and Forbes- 
Robertson Shakespearian plays; screen career, 
Essanay ("Little Girl Next Door"), 5 charac- 
ters in "Love's Sweet Dream." Portray Films 
("For Her Lover's Sake"), Francis Ford Co., 
Lasky, Christie, Gale Henry Co., Brentwood, 
Universal ("Once to Every Woman"). Hght., 
5,; 11; wght., 165; dark brown hair, blue eyes 
Home ad., 3526 Fulton St., San Francisco, Calif., 
Bay View 1172. 

GREY, R. Henry; b. Oakland; stage career, 10 
yrs. in drama and light opera! screen career, 
Al St. John ("Speed," "Cleaning Up," "Win- 
dow Trimmer"), Universal ("Harem Skarem"), 
Chas. Ray Co. ("R.S.V.P."). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 175; dark hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
237 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

GRIBBON, Eddie; b. N. Y. C.; educ. there; stage 
career, Lou Morton's musical stk. and vaud. ; 
screen career, Mack Sennett ("The Speak Easy," 
"Love, Honor and Behave." "Furnished 
Rooms," "Heartbalm," "Molly O," "Call a 
Cop," "Among Those Present," "Officer Cupid." 
"Small Town Idol"). Hght., 6; wght., 200; 
dark brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 2015 
Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; Wilshire 

GRIBBON, Harry; b. 1888 and educ. N. Y. C.; 
stage career, 15 yrs.; Ziegfeld Follies, Louise 
Gunning, Shuberts, K. & E., etc.; screen career, 
Keystone, Fox, Sennett - Paramount ("His 
Smothered Love," "Ladies First"). Mack Sen- 
nett ("Down on the Farm," "Don't Blame the 
Stork"), Fox ("Slipping Feet"), Universal ("A 
Movie Bug"), 5-reel comedy for Gt. Western 
.Prod. Co. Home ad., 1337 N. Alvarado, Los 
Angeles, Cal.; phone 55174. 

GRIFFITH, Gordon; screen career, Paramount 
("Huckleberry Finn," "To Please One Woman"), 
Hodkinson ("The Kentucky Colonel"), National 
("The Son of T&rzan"). 

GRIMWOOD, Herbert; b. Essex, England; educ. 
forest School, Eng.; stage career, F. R. Benson 
Shakespearean Co., heavy leads with Sir H. 
Beerbohm Tree and for 8 yrs. to Oscar Asche 
and Lily Bray ton; screen career. Douglas Fair- 
banks Co. ("When the Clouds Roll By") 2 
productions for Jesse Hampton Co. Pathe 
("Simple Souls"), Metro ("The Hope"). Hght., 
B, 8%; wght., 156; iron gray hair, hazel eyes. 
Home ad., 1835 Argyle ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; 

GRISEL, Louis R.; b. N. Y., 1849; educ. Phila ; 
stage career, "The Lion and the Mouse," "Such 
a Little Queen," stage mgr. for McVicker's 
theatre, Chicago; screen career, Pathe (one 
and two-reel features), Reliance ("Solomon 
and Son"), Eclair, World ("Broken Chains," 
"The Crimson Door"), Goldwyn ("The Cinder- 
ella Man"), World ("Love in a Hurry," "The 
Bluffer," "The Moral Deadline"), Artcraft 
("His Parisian Wife"), Realart ("Mystery of 
the Yellow Room"). 

GROSSMITH, Lawrence b. London, 1877; educ 
St. Paul's Coll., London Univ. Sch. and Shrews- 
TT UI 7 : tag< ? career, in London, 1896-1915; in 
U. S. Played Freddy Popple in "Nobody Home"; 
screen career, J. S. Blackton ("The Common 
Cause"), Lawrence Grossmith Comedy, 1 reel 
("Making Good with Mother"). 

GUISE, Thomas Sheldon; b. Detroit; educ. there; 
stage career, 35 yrs. with De Wolf Hopper, 
Francis Wilson, Lillian Russell; screen career 
F mou ,5; Ince - Triangle ("Broadway Arizona," 
The Clodhopper," "Tlie Wolf Woman," "The 
Idolaters," "The Tar Heel Warrior," "The 
Stainless Barrier"), Rob-Cole ("Josselyn's 
ife '.''. 3 ,,V He , arts Asleep," "Woman Michael 
Married"), Paramount ("23% Hours' Leave" 
"Alarm Clock Andy"), Pathe ("Smouldering 
Embers," "One Hour Before Dawn"), Hodkin- 
son ("$30,000," "No. 99"). Hght., 5, 10, wght. 
175; gray hair and eyes. 


HACKATHORN, George, Juveniles and leads; 
b. Pendleton, Ore.; educ. there; stage career, 
"Devil's Auction," "Girl I Left Behind Me"; 
first exp. at age of 9, stk. and vaud. as singer; 
screen career, Universal (" Sue of the South " 
"Heart of Humanity"), Mary Pickford 
("Amarilly of Clothesline Alley"), Harold Bell 
Wright ("Shepherd of the Hills"), Famous 
Players ("Tom Sawyer," "Huck and Tom," "To 
Please One Woman," "What Do Men Want"), 
Mayflower ("Sins of Martha Queed"), Asso. 
Prod. ("Last of the Mohicans"), T. Hayes 
Hunter prod. ("Light in the Clearing"). Hght., 
5, 7; wght., 130; dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 667 S. Carondelet, Los Angeles, Calif., 
Wilshire 137; studio ad., Dial Film Co., Brun- 
ton Studios, Los Angeles. 

HACKETT, Albert; educ. private tutorage and 
Professional Children's School, N. Y. C. ; stage 
career, melodrama, " Traveling Salesman," 
" Writing on the Wall," with Olga Nethersole, 
"Just a Woman," with Walter Hampden and 
Josephine Victor "The Charm School"; screen 
career, Pathe ("Poor Jimmy"), Lubin ("Four 
Years"), Gaumont ("The House Party"), Edi- 
son ("Boy Who Cried Wolf," "The Grail"), 
Metro ("Dope"), World ("Ginger"), Famous 
Players ("Come Out of the Kitchen," "Anne of 
Green Gables"), Dorothy Gish ("Oh! Joe"), 
Sennett ("Molly O"). Hght, 5, 9; wght., 139; 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., 10 W. 64th St., N. 
Y. C. Columbus 3875. 

1IADLEY, Bert; screen' career, Robertson-Cole 
("The Beggar Prince"), Fox ("Three Gold 
Coins"), Hodkinson ("Down Home," "Partners 
of the Tide"). 

HAGGERTY, Ben; screen career, Selig ("Kazan", 
"Miracles of the Jungle"). 

HAGIN, John B.; screen career, Bert Lubin 
("Honeymoon Ranch," "West of the Rio 

HAGNEY, Frank; screen, career, Vitagraph ("The 
Gauntlet"), Paramount ("The Ghost in the 

HAINES, Robert Terrell; b. Muncie, Ind.; educ. 
Kansas City pub. schls. and Univ. of Mis- 
souri; stage career, starred in "The Darling 
of the Gods," " Once Upon a Time," " The 
Spendthrift"; in vaud.; also leading man for 
Mrs. Fiske, Viola Allen, Olga Nethersole, 
Grace George; stock star in N. Y., Cleveland, 
Baltimore, Syracuse; screen career, leads in 
Equitable, Gaumont, Erbograph ("The Vic- 
tim"), Art ("The Capitol"), Hodkinson ("The 
Foreigner"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 174; dark 
complexion, dark hair and eyes. Ad., Lambs' 
Club, N. Y. 



H ALBERT, Burton; screen career, Universal 
("La La Lucille"), Goldwyn ("Boys Will be 

HALE, Alan; b. Wash., D. C., 1892; educ. Phila.; 
stage career, stk., vaud., "Rainbow Girl," 
" Rock-a-Bye Baby," "Friendly Enemies"; 
screen career, Famous, Peerless (" Scarlet 
Oath"), Fox ("The Lone Thief"), Selznick 
("The Price She Paid"), Metro ("The Whirl- 
pool"), M. H. Hoffman ("One Hour"), 
Graphic ("Moral Suicide"), Peerless ("Heart 
of a Woman"). Hght., 6; wght., 195; blond 
hair blue eyes. Ad., home, 630 W. 135th St., 
N. Y.; Mngsde 5060. 

HALE, Creighton; b. Cork, Ireland; educ. Dub- 
lin and London; coming of theatrical family; 
stage career, from early age, in various Lon- 
don prods. ; came to America with Gertrude 
Elliott's "Dawn of a To-morrow"; appeared 
in Broadway prods, with John Mason, Hoi- 
brook Blinn, Edmund Breeze, in leading roles; 
screen career, Path Metro ("Woman the 
Germans Shot," "Wilson or the Kaiser," "The 
Thirteenth Chair"), Capellani ("Oh, Boy," 
"The Love Cheat," "A Damsel in Distress"), 
World ("The Black Circle"), Griffith "(The 
Idol Dancer," "Way Down East"), Ivan 
Abrahamson ("Child For Sale"), McGregor 
("Dangerous Maid"), Wisteria ("Honor of the 
House"). Ad., 18 Windsor Road, Great Neck, 
N. Y. 

HALL,, Donald; b. Murree, North West Province, 
East India, Aug. 14, 1878; educ. London, Eng. ; 
stage career, baritone lead in "Florodora" 
and " The Girl Behind the Counter," played 
with Anna Held, Fritzi Scheff and other stars 
in the United States; screen career, Fox-Fischer 
("In the Shadow of the Dome"), Select "The 
Greater Love"), Jans ("A Woman's Business"), 
Selznick ("The Broken Melody") Vitagraph 
("Mortmain," "The Christian"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 170; light complexion, iron gray hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. C. 

HALL,, Howard, also scenario writer; b. Evans- 
ton, 111., 1878; educ. State Normal Schl. ; stage 
career, 30 yrs., starred 12 yrs. in own plays; 
screen career, Pathe, Vitagraph, Equitable, 
Gaumont ("According to Law "), Beach 
("The Barrier"), Metro ("Alias Mrs. Jes- 
sup "), Warren Prod. ("Weavers of Life"), 
France Film Co. ("The Natural Law"), 
Metro ("The Gold Cure"). Hght., 6, 1%; 
wght., 185; medium complexion, dark hair, 
dark eyes. Ad., home, Decatur, Mich., and 
Green Room Club, N. Y. 

HALL, Thurston; b. Boston; educ. Winchester, 
Mass.; stage career, "Ben Hur," supported 
Lillian Russell in "Wildfire," "The Only Girl," 
"Love of Mike," "Have a Heart," "Mary 
Stewart"; screen career. Fox (Marc Anthony 
in Theda Bara prod., "Cleopatra"), leads in 
Thos. Ince prod., Paralta, Famous ("Tyrant 
Fear," "We Can't Have Everything"), C. 
DeMille ("The 1 Squaw Man"), Universal ("The 
Weaker Vessel," "The Unpainted Woman"), 
lead with Gail Kane in "Empty Arms." Hght., 
6; wght., 200; fair complexion, brown hair, 
gray-blue eyes. Ad., 130 W. 44th St., N. Y. C. 

HALL,, Winter; b. Christchurch, New Zealand; 
educ. there; stage career, 15 yrs. in Australia 
and New Zealand under J. C. Williamson, 
Ltd., screen career Lasky ("The Primrose 
Ring," "The House of Silence," "Till I come 
Back to you," "Capt. Kidd. Jr.", "City of Dim 
Faces," "The Tree of Knowledge"). Metro 
("The Red Lantern"), W. S. Hart ("The Money 
Corral"), Katherine MacDonald ("The Bleed- 
ers"), First National ("Woman in the House"), 
Famous Players (''The Jucklins," "Behold 
My Wife," ""What Every Woman Knows." 
"The Witching Hour"), Realart ("The Littl* 
Clown"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; gray hair and 
eyes. Home ad., 1963 Beachwood Drive, 
Hollywood, Cal., Holly 3943. 

HALLAM, Henry; b. London, 1867; educ. Lon- 
don; stage career, with Frank Wilson, Pauline 
Hall, own sketch, with Lillian Russell; screen 
career, Kleine ("Gloria's Romance"), Vita- 
graph ("Lion and the Mouse," "The Climb- 
ers"), Fox "Help, Help, Police," "Never Say 
Quit," "Kathleen Mavourneen," "The Gaunt- 
let," "The Prey," "Cousin Kate." "The Heart 
of Maryland"), Metro ("The Fatal Hour"). 
Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 179; gray hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 4 W. 109th St., N. Y. Academy 4878. 
HALLARD, C. M.; b. Edinburgh, Scotland; 
educ. Edinburgh Acad. and Univ.; stage 
career, 30 yrs. with Sir Frank Benson, Sir 
Herbert Tree, Sir John Hare. Charles Froh- 
man, 3 yrs. doing lead at Drury Lane, 
"Sealed Orders," "Best o* Luck"; screen 
career, Samuelson ("The Elder Miss Blos- 

som," " Gamblers All," " The Husband Hunt- 
er," "The Edge of Beyond," "The Bridal 
Chair," "Faith, Hope and Charity"). Hght., 
5, 10; wght., 182; gray hair, blue eyes. 

HALLOK, Bay; also asst. director; b. Washing- 
ton, D. C. ; educ. there and Boston; stage 
career, 2 seasons with Maude Adams and 
vaud.; screen career, Famous Players ("Play- 
thing of Broadway," "Blackbirds"), Than- 
houser ("Amateur Orphan"), Griffith ("Dream 
Street"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 140; dark com- 
plexion, black hair and grey eyes. Home ad., 
407 W. 145th St., N. Y. C. Audubon 6193; studio 
ad., 114 W. 44th St., c/o Jess Smith, N. Y., 
Bryant 0771. 

HAM, Harry; b. Napanee, Ont. ; educ. Yale Univ.; 
screen career, Famous, Bosworth (supported 
Elsie Janis), Metro ("Father and the Boys"). 
Christie ("Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," "A Gay 
Deceiver," " His Wedded Wife," " Kidding 
Sister," " He Fell on the Beach," " Down by 
the Sea," " Crazy by Proxy," " The Honey- 
mooners," "Skirts"). 

HAMEB, Fred; b. Lancashire, England; educ. 
Manchester, Eng.; early career, 10 yrs. in Brit- 
ish Army; stage career, 7 yrs. in stk. and as 
stage mgr., Belasco Theatre and Morosco The- 
tre, Los Angeles, played in orig. prod, of 
"Bird of Paradise"; screen career, Majestic 
("His Little Pal," "Texas Bill's Last Ride," 
" Blue Pete's Escape," " Bank Burglar's Fate," 
"Broken Nose Bailey"), Fine Arts ("Stage 
Struck," "Man and His Mate"), Griffith 
("Hearts of the World," "Broken Blossoms"), 
"The Great Radium Mystery," serial. Home 
ad., 4412 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles, Holly 971. 

HAMILTON, Jack "Shorty"; b. Chicago, 1888; 
educ. there; early career, ranching; screen 
career, Ince, NYMP, 101 Bison, Broncho 
Domino, Keystone, Monogram Film Co., W. H. 
Clifford Photoplay Corp., W. M. Smith Prod. 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 165; ruddy complexion, 
black hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1241 Groes- 
beck Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

HAMILTON, Hale; b. Ft. Madison, Iowa; educ. 
Shattuck Military Academy and Univ. of Mich- 
igan; stage career, Shakespearian repertoire; 
in Wilton Lackaye's " The Pit," " The Ne'er Do 
Well," Drury Lane Theatre, London, " Sealed 
Orders," "A Pair of Sixes"; screen career, 
Metro ("The Winning of Beatrice," "After 
His Own Heart," " Full of Pep," " That's 
Good," " In His Brother's Place," " The Four- 
Flusher," " Five Thousand an Hour," " Johnny 
on the Spot.") Hght., 6; wght., 175; light 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., L. A. Athletic Club. 

HAMILTON, Lloyd V.; also director; b. Oakland. 
Calif. 1891; educ. there; stage career, began at 
Ye Liberty Theatre, Oakland, as extra, with 
Elleford Stock; screen career, 4 yrs. with 
Kalem, originating role of Ham in "Ham and 
Bud" comedies and appearing in 134 releases; 
Sunshine ("Mongrels," "Son of a Hun," "Roar- 
ing Lions and Wedding Bells"), First Nat'l ("A 
Twilight Baby"), Mermaid Com. ("Duck Inn," 
"Dynamite," "The Simp," "Moonshine"), Super- 
vises 1 and writes stories for own prods. Asso- 
ciated with Jack White m'aking two reel 
Mermaid Comedies. Hght. 6; wght. 200; light 
complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., L. A. 
Athletic Club. Los Angeles, Bway 444. 

HAMILTON, Mahlon; b. Baltimore, Md. ; educ. 
there and Maryland Agriculture Coll.; exten- 
sive stage career, screen career, Pathe, co-star 
in serial ("The Hidden Hand"), Artcraft ("The 
Danger Mark"), Select ("The Death Dance"). 
Kitty Gordon Prod., Mary Pickford (" Daddy 
Longlegs"),' Anita Stewart ("Kingdom of 
Dreams," " In Old Kentucky," " Ladies Must 
Live"), Blanche Sweet ("The Deadlier Sex"). 
Brentwood Films ("The Third Generation"), 
Goldwyn ("Earthbound"), Pathe ("Half a 
Chance," "That Girl Montana"), Rockett Film 
("The Truant Husband"), Asso. Prod. ("I Am 
Guilty"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; light brown 
hair, blue eyes. 

HAMMOND, C. Norman; b. San Jose, Calif.; 
France and London; stage career, began at 
San Francisco, 1895, played with stk. and rep.. 
in "The Prince of India," played with Bertha 
Kalich, Amelia Bingham; screen career, Cal- 
laghan ("The Midlanders"), Ince ("The Bronze 
Bell"), Universal ("The Smart Sex," "The Man 
Tamer"), Mary Pickford ("Thru the Back 
Door"). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 200; dark brown 
hair, brown eyes. Ad., Actors' Equity, N. Y. C. 

HANNA, Franklyn; b. 1875; stage career, Senator 
Murphy in " Potash and Perlmutter," lead in 
"Under Cover," vaud.; screen career, Than- 
houser, Edison, Metro, Vitagraph (" The Mes- 
sage of the Mouse," "Richard the Brazen"), 
M. H. Hoffman ("One Hour"), Metro ("The 



Gold Cure," "The Great Romance "), World 
("The American Way"), Pathe ("The Web of 
Deceit"), Vitagraph ("The Fortune Hunter"), 
Democracy Photoplay ("Democracy"). Hght., 
6, 2; complexion, dark; blue eyes. 
HARDIN, Neil C.; b. Louisiana, Mo.; educ. Univ. 
of Michigan; early career, lawyer; stage 
career, 2 yrs. under direction Allan Damaby; 
screen career, Universal, Pathe ("The Neglected 
Wife"), Metro ("Johnny on the Spot"), Na- 
tional (" Modern Husbands "), American (" The 
Dangerous Talent"), Universal ("Girl in the 
Rain"). Hght, 5, 10%; \vght., 150; dark 
brown hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., c/o Willis 
and Ingliss, Los Angeles, Cal. 

HARE, Francis Lumsden; b. Ireland, 1875; educ. 
St. Dunstan's, London; stage career, 20 yrs. 
leading man, Ethel Barrymore, Maude Adams, 
Billie Burke, John Drew, Gertrude Eliott; 
Grace George, Marjorie Rambeau, Maxine 
Elliott, Nance O'Neill; screen career, World 
("Love's Crucible"), Pathe ("Arms and the 
Woman"), Famous Players ("The Avalanche"), 
Films Specials ("Mothers of Men"), Selznick 
("The Country Cousin") L. Weber ("The Blue 
Pearl"), Crest ("No Children Allowed"), 
Famous Players -("Barbary Sheep," "Frisky 
Mrs. Johnson," "Education of Elizabeth"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 175; brown hair. Member 
Lambs' Players', Dunwoodie Country and Malba 
Field Clubs, and Green Room Club, London. 
Ad., home, Ballingary, Whitestone Landing, 
L. I., N. Y. 

HARKNESS, Carter B.; b. 1888; stage career, 3 
yrs. stk. ; screen career, Biograph, Edison, Fox 
("Gold and the Woman," "Her People"), 
Thanhouser 2 yrs., Edison (" The Battle of 
Tapoli "), Rador (" The Spirit of 1917 "). Hght., 
5, 11; medium complexion. 

HARLAM, Macey; b. N. Y. ; educ. N. Y. ; stage 
career, Frohman, Harris, Klaw and Erlanger, 
Fiske, Woods, " Yellow Ticket," " Inside the 
Lines," Otis Skinner, "Eyes of Youth," with 
Marjorie Rambeau, Nance O'Neil, "The 
Wanderer"; screen career, Famous Players, 
Douglas Fairbanks. Goldwyn ("Flame, of the 
Desert," Elsie Ferguson, Pauline Frederick, Mae 
Murray in "The Right to Love," Famous 
Players ("L 1 Apache," "Conquest of Canaan"), 
Betty Compson ("Even as Eve"), Walsh-Field- 
ing ("Chances Women Take"). Hght., 5, 9%; 
wght., 155; black hair, brown eyes. Ad Lambs' 
Club, N. Y. 

HARLAN, Kenneth; b. N. Y. C., 1895; educ. N. 
Y. C. ; stage career, lead with Gertrude Hoff- 
man, played in "The Fortune Hunter," "The 
Country Boy"; screen career, Metro, Ince Lois 
Weber prod. ("The Whim"), Paralta ("A Man's 
Man"), Bluebird ("The Wine Girl," "Bread," 
'The Model's Confession," "Midnight Madness," 
"The Turning Point"), Metro ("Love, Honor and 
Obey," "The Rossmore Case"), Talmadge 
("Dangerous Business," "Mamma's Affair," 
"Lessons in Love", "Beauty and Brains"). 
Hght. 6; wght. 185; dark complexion, dark 
hair, black eyes. Ad., Talmadge Studios, 318 
E. 48th St., N. Y. C. 

HARLAN, Otis; b. Zanesville, O. ; educ. Kenyon 
College, Gambler, O. ; became member Chas. 
Hoyt's Co., " A Black Sheep," producing man- 
ager, " The Vanderbilt Cup," " The Parisian 
Model " ; screen career, Selig (plays adapted 
from Hoyt comedies, " A Black Sheep," " A 
Stranger in New York," " A Milk White Flag," 
"A Temperance Town"), Edison ("Regenera- 
tion of Sam Packard," " Everybody Loves a 
Fat Man"), Otis Harlan Co. ("Welcome 
Home"), Vitagraph ("The Romance Promoters," 
"Diamonds Adrift"), J. D. Hampton ("When 
We Were Twenty-One"), Carter De Haven 
("The Girl in the Taxi"), Rockett Film Corp. 
("Keeping Up With Lizzie"). Home ad, 3260 
Connecticut St., Los Angeles, Calif., phone 

HARMON, HENRY; screen career, Metro 
("Stronger Than Death," "The Right of Way," 
"Old Lady 31," "Love, Honor and Obey). 
HARMON, "Pat"; b. Lewistown, 111.; educ. 
there; stage career, 8 yrs. in stk., rep. and cir- 
cus; screen career, began in 1914, Kinemacolor, 
Fox, Griffith, Ince, L-Ko, Universal, " Speed 
Maniac " with Tom Mix, " The Busher " with 
Charles Ray, Fox ("Fire Brand Trevison"). 
Hght., 6, wght., 210; brown hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 516 W. 42nd Place, Los Angeles, 
Cal. 'Phone 28375. 

HARRIS, Joe; screen career, Universal ("Bare 
Fists," "Rider of the Law," "Gun Fightin' 
Gentleman," "A Marked Man," "Overland 
Red," "Bullet Proof," "Human Stuff," "Sun- 
down Slim," "West is West," "The Freeze Out," 

"The Wallop"), Foundation Film ("The White 

HARRIS, Wadsworth; screen career, Fox ("The 
Iron Rider"), Universal ("Rich Girl, Poor 

HARRISON, James ("Jimmie") ; b. Milwaukee. 
Wis. ; educ. there and Chicago; stage career, 
stk. for 1 season in Chicago, " Bird of Para- 
dise" Morosco, with Lenore Ulrich, 30 mos. ; 1 
season vaud. in sketch, with James T. Powers 
in "Somebody's Luggage"; screen career, Grif- 
fith ("The Bad Boy," "Madame Bo-Peep"), 
Christie Comedies ("Kids and Kidlets" "Reno, 
All Change," "Nearly Newlyweds," and 14 
others), First National ("Lessons in Love"). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 140; dark complexion, black 
hair, brown eyes. Ad. c/o Edw Small, 1493 

HART, Albert; stage career, with Richard Mans- 
field, and many Broadway successes; screen ca- 
reer, World ("The Roughneck," "The Little 
Intruder," "The Quickening Flame," "Miss 
Crusoe," "The Oakdale Affair"). Independent 
"The Challenge of Chance"), Fox ("Thei Dead 
Line"), Westart ("A Cowboy Ace," "Cotton and 
Cattle"), Prod. Security ("Diane of Star Hol- 

HART, Neal, also director; b. Richmond, N. Y.; 
educ. Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, Pa. ; screen 
career, Universal ("Man From Montana," 
"Lion's Claw" serial), Circle H. Film Co. 
("When the Desert Smiled"), Capital ("A 
Knight of Western Land," "The. Dead Line," 
"The Square Shooter," "Sands of the Desert," 
"Bare Fisted Gallagher," "The Element of 
Might"), Pinnacle ("Hell's Oasis"), Indepen- 
dent ("Skyfire," "Danger Valley"). Hght., 5, 
9; wght., 170; dark brown hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., 6258 Yucca ave., Hollywood, 
Calif. Phone 57413. 

HART, William S.; b. Newburgh, N. Y. ; stage 
career, debut at 19 with Daniel B. Bandmann, 
supported Modjeska; screen career, Ince, Hart- 
Artcraft ("Wolves of the Trail," "Blue Blazes 
Rawden," "The Tiger Man," "Selfish Yates," 
"Shark Monroe," "Riddle Gawne," "The Border 
Wireless," "Branding Broadway," "The Breed 
of Men," "The Poppy Girl's Husband," "The 
Money Corral," "Square Deal Sanderson," 
"Wagon Tracks," "John Petticoats"), William 

5. Hart Co., organized Sept., 1919, Famous 
Players ("Sand," "The Toll Gate," "The Cradle 
of Courage," "The Testing Block," "O'Malley 
of the Mounted," "The Whistle"). Hght., 

6, 1; wght., 190; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
Wm. S. Hart Co., Bates and Effie sts., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

HARVEY, Lew; b. Wisconsin; educ. Portland; 
stage career, 3 yrs. legitimate; screen career, 
Texas Guinan Co. ("Not Guilty," "The Lady 
of the Law," "Bob White"). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 160; black hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
630 W. 4th St.. Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 16439. 

HATCH, Wm. Riley; b. & educ. Cleveland, O.: 
studied art for 3 yrs. in Paris; stage career, 35 
yrs., opera, plays, mus. com.; screen career, 
Famous Players ("Teeth of the Tiger"), E. K. 
Lincoln ("The Inner Voice"), Dorothy Gish, 
("Her Majesty"), Paramount ("Little Miss Re- 
bellion," "The Idol of the North"), Realart 
("Something Different," Sheltered Daughters"), 
Asso. Exhib. ("What Women Will Do"), Out- 
look Photoplay ("You Find It Everywhere"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 209; dark brown hair, black 
eyes. Member Lambs Club. Ad., Bayside, 
L. L, N. Y.; Bayside 676. 

HATTERAS, Richard; educ. Harrow, England; 
stage career, produced Shaw's "Pygmalion" and 
"The Second Mrs. Tanqueray" for Mrs. Patrick 
Campbell, was leading man for Margaret Illing- 
ton in "The Lie" for a year's tour; screen ca- 
reer, Frohman ("John Gladyde's Honor"), Em- 
pire All Star ("The Outcast"), Rapf ("The 
Struggle Everlasting"), Realart ("The Fear 
Market"). Hght., 6; wght., 140; dark brown 
hair, hazel eyes. Ad. 37 W. 72nd St. 

IIATTON, Edward; b. Kentucky; screen career, 
began in 1915, Vitagraph ("Rose of Wolfville"), 
Tex. Guinan ("Bob White"), Doubleday ("God's 
Children"), Bill Farnum ("The Last of the 
Duanes," "In the Heart of a Fool"), C. B. C 
Film Sales ("The Gun Runners," "Pirates of 
the West," "Queen of Hearts," "The Eagle 
Man"). Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 155; blond hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 924 West 6th st., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

HATTON, Raymond; b. Red Oak, Iowa; educ. 
there; stage career, portraying mostly character 
roles; screen career, Famous Players, "The 
Whispering Chorus," "We Can't Have Every- 



thing," "Arizona," "Male and Female," "Every- 
woman," "The Sea Wolf," "Young Mrs. Win- 
throp," "The Dancing Fool"), Goldwyn ("Jes" 
Call Me Jim," "Stop Thief," "Officer 666," 
"Bunty Pulls the Strings," The Concert"), 
Irving Lesser ("Peck's Bad Boy"), Robertson- 
Cole ("Salvage)). Hght.. 5. 7; wght.. 140; 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

HAYAKAWA, Sessue; b. Tokio, Japan, 1889; 
educ. college in Japan and Univ. of Chicago; 
stage career, 6 yrs. of stage experience in 
Japan; screen career, Paramount ("City of Dim 
Faces"), Haworth-Mutual ("His Birthright," 
"Temple of Dusk"), Haworth-Robertson-Cole 
("Bonds of Honor," "A Heart in Pawn," "Cour- 
ageous Coward," "The Debt," "The Grey Hori- 
zon"), Rob-Cole ("The Man Beneath," "The 
Mysterious Prince," "The Dragon Painter," 
"The Tong Man," "His Highness the Beggar," 
"Li Ting Lang," "An Arabian Knight," "The 
Beggar Prince," "The First Born," "Black 
Roses"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 157; black hair 
and black eyes. Ad., Haworth Pict. Corp., 
Brunton Studio, Los Angeles, Cal. 

HAYES, Frank; b. San Francisco, 1871; educ. 
San Francisco; stage career, mus. com., vaud., 
stock, tour; screen career, 50 Keystone comedies 
Sunshine Comedies, 3 yrs. Mack Sennett, Vita- 
graph ("Cupid Forecloses"), Metro ("After His 
Own Heart"), Pathe ("The Killer," "Lure of 
Egypt"), Hodkinson ("Man of the Forest"), 
Hampton ("Mysterious Rider," "Heart's 
Haven"), Ince ("When Do We eat). Ad., 1417 
N. Alvarado, L. A., Cal. Wilshire 6861. 

HAYS, VVm. T.; educ. Wentworth Military Acad., 
Lexington, Mo. ; stage career, 30 yrs. ; screen 
career, Fox ("Troublemakers," "American 
Buds," "Eastward Ho!"), Edison ("Awaken- 
ing of Ruth"), Metro ("The Brass Check"), 
Selznick ("Sealed Hearts, "Piccadilly Jim"), 
International ("Miracle of Love"), Mayflower 
("Scrap of Paper"), Fox ("A Manhattan 
Knight"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 160; Gray hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., 331 W. 45th st., N. Y. ; Bryant 

HAZKLTON, J. H.; b. Virginia; educ. Georgetown 
Univr.; stage career, 1874, John T. Ford's Stk. 
Co. in Washington ' and Baltimore for 6 yrs., 
several yrs. with David Belasco, directed stage 
prod, and stk. cos., program boy in Ford's 
Theatre night Pres. Lincoln was shot and wit- 
nessed the assassination, Apr. 14, 1865; screen 
career, 4 yrs. with Selig, 1 yr. with Biograph, 
played character parts with most of present 
stars. Hght., 5, 8; wght., 175; dark iron grey 
hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1629 S. Flower St., 
Los Angeles, Calif. West 1062. 

HEARN, Edward; b. . Dayton, Wash., 1888; educ. 
Whitman Coll.; screen career, from 1915, Uni- 
versal ("Her Bitter Cup," "The Seekers," "The 
Undercurrent," "Idle Wives," "Treason"), Fox 
("Patsy"), Signal Film ("The Lost Express"), 
Bluebird (''Lure of Luxury," "The Last of His 
People"), Bradbury Prods. ("Into the Night"), 
J. W. Kerrigan ("The Coast of Opportunity"), 
Irvin V. Willat ("Down Home," "Face of the 
World), Independent "The Things Men Do"), 
Ruth Roland Co. ("The Avenging Arrow", 
Universal ("All Dolled Up"), Rocket ("Keep- 
ing Up with Lizzie"). Hght., 6; wght., 190; 
brown hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 4427 Rus- 
sell Ave., Hollywood, Calif.; phone 597001. 

HEBERT, Henry J.; b. Providence, R. I.; educ. 
there and St. Lawrence Univ., Canton, N. Y. ; 
stage career, 12 yrs., "The City," "Brewster's 
Millions," "Batchelor's Baby," etc., 5 yrs. in 
Keith's stk.; screen career, Norma Talmadge 
("Ghosts of Yesterday"), Famous ("La Tosca"), 
Doris Kenyon ("Wild Honey"), Fox (supported 
Wm. Farnum for 2 yrs., "When Fate Decided," 
"Rose of the West," "Last of the Duanes"), 
Mary Pickford ("Heart of the Hills"), Fox 
("Lost Money," "Sergt. Tim Rierdon," "Her 
Elephant Man," "Twins of Suffering Creek," 
"The Orphan," "Joyous Troublemaker"), Vita- 
graph ("Diamond Adrift"), Hayakawa "Black 
Roses"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; dark hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad. 6569 De Longpre Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif. Phone 577-735. 

HECK, Stanton; screen career, Fox (Forbidden 
Trails," "Fire Brand Trevison," "Rose of 
Nome"), Universal ("Pink Tights), Pathe 
("The Money Changers," "A Beggar in 
Purple"), Asso. Prod. ("A Perfect Crime"). 

HENDBICKS, Ben; screen career, Hodkinson 
("The Capitol"), Metro ("Nothing But the 
Truth"), Jaxon ("Rich Slave"), Cosmopolitan 

HENDBICKS, Dudley; screen career, Goldwyn 
("The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come"), 
Hodkinson ("The Kentucky Colonel"). 

HENRY, George; educ. St. Louis Hall, Montreal, 
Can.; stage career, 25 yrs., started as trick and 
straight pony rider, with Jas. Melville Family, 
Wood's Museum, Madison Square theatre; 
screen career, Fox, World, Famous Players, 
Biograph, Vitagraph, ("Grain of Dust," "When 
It Strikes Home"), Walsh-Fielding ("Black 
Panther"), Metro ("The Man Who"). Hght., 
5, 9; wght., 172; mixed gray hair, dark gray 
eyes. Permanent ad., 229 W. 46th st., N Y. C.; 
Bryant 4020. 

HERBERT, A. J.; b. Melbourne, Aus. ; educ. 
there, Scotch College; stage exper., came from 
England with Chas. Frohman, screen career, 
juveniles and light heavies with Famous Pla> 
ers (supporting Billie Burke and Alice Brady), 
Metro, Gaumont, Vitagraph and D. W. Griffith's 
"Romance" with Doris Keane and "The Brass 
Bowl" -with Robert Harron. Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 140; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

HERBERT, Holmes; b. Dublin, Ire., 1882; educ. 
Rugby, Eng. ; stage career, 7 yrs. in U. S. screen 
career, Famous Players ("A Doll's House," 
"His House in Order"), Tourneur ("My Lady's 
Garter," "White Heather"), Ince "Market of 
Souls," "Black Is White"), Paramount ("Right 
to Love," "Lady Rose's Daughter"), Vitagraph 
("Dead Men Tell No Tales"), First Nat'l ("The 
Truth About Husbands"), Cosmopolitan ("Wild 
Goose"). Hght., 6; wght., 176; fair complexion, 
light hair, gray eyes. Ad., 36 28th st., Beech- 
hurst, L. I., N. Y. Flushing 3878 J. 

HERBERT, Jack; screen career, Famous Players 
("Told in the Hills," "Excuse My Dust," "The 

HERBERT, Sydney; screen career, First National 
("The Branded Woman"), Fox ("The Thief"). 

HERNANDEZ, George F.; b. Placerville, Cal., 
1863; educ. Oakland, Calif.; stage career, 26 
yrs., including 4 yrs. in stk.; screen career, 
Selig, Metro, Lasky, Universal ("The Girl of 
Lost Lake," "God's Crucible," "The Greater 
Law," "Cherries Are Ripe," "Be a Little 
Sport" ), Keenan ("The Silver Girl"), Triangle 
("Up and Down," "Broadway Arizona"), Lois 
Weber "Mary Regan"), Haworth-Hayakawa 
("Courageous Coward"), Ince - Paramount 
("Watch Out, William"), Blackwell, Inc. 
("East or West"), Ollie Silless ("Seeds of 
Vengeance"), Goldwyn ("Just Out of College"), 
Fox ("The Road Demon"), B. B. Hampton 
("The Lure of Egypt"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 
196; dark complexion, brown hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 2228 Duane st., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Wilshire 2647. 

HERZINGER, Chas.; b. Nevada City, Calif.; educ. 
Graduate Nat'l Univ., Washington, D. C. ; stage 
career, 20 yrs. on legit, stage; screen career, 
Universal ("Honor Bound," "Tiger True," 
"Rich Girl, Poor Girl," 16 two-reelers with 
Jack Perrin), Robertson-Cole ("Good Women"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 170; dark gray hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 606 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Pico 626. 

HERZOG, Frederick; screen career, Hodkinson 
("King Spruce"), Fox ("Forbidden Trails"), 
Universal ("The Big Adventure"). 

HEWLAND, Philip; screen career, George Clark 
("The Duke's Son"), Stoll Film ("Squandered 

HE YES, Herbert; b. Little Falls, Wash.; educ. 
Hill's Mil. Acad., Portland, Ore.; stage career, 
12 yrs. in prods, and stk. as leading man and 
stage director; star of "Truxton King," "The 
Man on the Box," en tour "Girl of the Golden 
West" "Civilian Clothes"; screen career, lead- 
ing man with Helen Keller in "Deliverance"; 
co. star Rex Beach's "Heart of the Sunset", 
Ro-Cole (" The Heart of Rachael ") Fox 
("Queen of Sheba"), Universal ("The Evil 
Half," "The Dangerous Moment"), Hght., 6, 
1%; wght., 190; dark complexion, dark brown 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 501 N. Gower St., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

HICKMAN, Alfred, also scenario writer; stage 
career, Sir Henry Irving, Augustin Daly, screen 
career, Famous Players ("Pursuit of Polly," 
"Make Believe Wife," "Barnabetta," "Fear 
Market," "Little Miss Hoover," "Here Comes 
the Bride," "39 East," "Civilian Clothes"). Now 
playing lead in "The Passion Flower." Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 160; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
105 W. 55th st., N. Y. C., or Lambs Club. 

HICKS, Henry C.; b. England; 4 yrs. war service 
in Belgium and France, 18th Royal Fusiliers 
and 1st Cavalry Division; screen career, Lasky 
("Thou Art the Man," "The Dancing Fool"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 150; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 2440 W. Pico st., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
West 1680. 



HIEBS, Walter; b. Cordele, Ga.; educ. Savan- 
nah and Peekskill Mil. Acad. ; stage career, 
vaud. in sketches; screen career, Lasky ("It 
Pays to Advertise"), Ince ("What's Your Hus- 
band Doing?" "Hard Boiled"), Goldwyn 
("When doctors Disagree," "The Fear Wom- 
an," "Spotlight Sadie"), Select ("An Experi- 
mental Marriage"), First National ("The 
Turning Point"), Ince ("Bill Henry"), 
Famous Players (" A City Sparrow," " The 
Fourteenth Man," " Mrs. Temple's Telegram," 
" Sham "), Realart (" Oh Lady Lady," " The 
Snob "), Goldwyn ("Going Some"). Hght., 
5, 10%; wght., 230. Home ad., Engstrum Apts. 
623 W. 5th St., Los Angeles, Cal. Main 7374. 

HIGBY, Walter; screen career, Fox ("The House 
of Toys"), Paramount ("Let's be Fashion- 
able," " Homer Comes Home "). 

111GBY, Wilbur; b. Churchill, Miss., Aug. 21, 
1869; educ., Michigan and Hillsdale Coll.; stage 
career, 20 yrs., in stk and on road with Otis 
Skinner, Wilton Lackaye, Marguerite Clark, 
stk. star at Garrick Theatre, St. Louis, etc.; 
screen career, Fine Arts ("Intolerance," "Diane 
of the Follies"), D. W. Griffith 2% yrs. as ac- 
tor and director ("Broken Blossoms," "True 
Heart Susie," "I'll Get Him Yet"), American 
("Brass Buttons"), Ince ("Homer Comes 
Home") Selig ("Danger Land"), Fox ("Live 
Wires," "Queen of Sheba "). Hght., 5, 10%; 
wght., 180; brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
1805 Wilcox ave., Hollywood, Calif, phone 

HILL, Ben; screen career, Ay won Corp. (" The 
Unknown Ranger," "Dangerous Trails"), Ar- 
row ("On the High Card"). 

WILL, Robert F.; also director; b. Port Rohen, 
Ont., Canada, 1886; educ. Detroit, and N. Y. C. ; 
stage career, 7 yrs. with Vaughan Glaser in 
stk. and rep., 3 yrs. heading own co.; screen 
career, Universal ("The Lonely Heart," "The 
Girl Who Would Tell," " Temptation and the 
Man," " The Crystal's Warning," " The Great 
Radium Mystery," " The Flaming Disk," " The 
Adventures of Tarzan "). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 
200; grey black hair, dark brown eyes. Home 
ad., 1532% N. Serrano Ave., Hollywood, Calif.; 
Holly 3464. 

HILiL, Kollo Lee; b. Minneapolis, Minn.; educ. 
Univ. of M.; stage career, theatre mgr. roaci, 
Broadhurst & Currie; stock cos., Minneapolis, 
leads in stock, Louisville, Ky., Minneapolis 
screen career, Thos. H. Ince ("The Idolater"), 
Triangle ("Station Content," "Lonely Woman"), 
special prods. ("Old Wives for New," "Men of 
Today and Tomorrow"), Paramount ("Girls," 
"The Crystal Globe"), Universal ("The Sign of 
the Four"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 165; dark 
hair and eyes. Ad., P. O. Box 205, Glendale. 
Calif.; Wil. 172., or Actors' Assn., Hollywood, 

MILLIARD, Harry S.; b. Cincinnati, O. ; educ. 
Cincinnati High and Miami Medical Coll. ; stage 
career, with Wilton Lackaye, Blanche Rirxg, 
Florence Reed and others; screen career, 
Fox ("Every Girl's Dream"), Metro ("The 
Successful Adventure"), Universal ("A 
Romance of Rome"), Fox ("The Sneak," 
"Cheating Herself"), Bluebird ("Little White 
Savage"), Triangle ("The Little Rowdy"), 
Jewel-Univ, ("Destiny"), Pathe ("The Dang- 
erous Talent"), Universal ("The Girl in No. 
29"). Member of Lambs Club, Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 170; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 
1903 Wilcox ave., Hollywood, Cal.; phone 577939. 

HINES, John; b. Golden, Colo., July 25, 1895; 
educ. Pittsburgh and C. C. of N. Y. ; 8 yrs. 
on stage; screen career, Peerless-World ("Miss 
Petticoats," "Tillie Wakes Up," "Alias Jimmy 
Valentine"), World ("A Scrap of Paper," 
" Neighbors," " The Little Intruder," " Heart 
of Gold," "Three Green Eyes"), Fox ("East- 
ward Ho!"), Educational ("Torchy Turns 
Cupid," " Torchy's Double Triumph," " Torchy 
Mixes In," "Torchy's Big Lead," "Torchy in 
High," "Torchy's Night Hood"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 150; dark hair, brown eyes. Ad., 548 W. 
164th St., N. Y. C. 

HOCH, Emil; screen career, Paramount ("The 
Dark Star"), Goldwyn ("Girl with the Jazz 
Heart "). 

HOFFMAN, Otto F.; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. there; 
stage career, 20 yrs., with Elsie Ferguson in 
"The Strange Woman," "Spring Main," Louis 
Mann in "The Cheater," Selwyn's "Coming 
Home to Roost"; screen career, Ince ("Sher- 
iff's Son," "String Beans," "Nine O'clock 
Town," "Home Town," "Egg Crate Wallop," 
"The Busher," "23% Hours' Leave," "Paris 
Green"), Goldwyn ("City of Comrades," "The 
Great Accident," " It's a Great Life," " Just 

Out of College," " Bunty Pulls the Strings " 
"Mr. Barnes of N. Y."), Ince ("The Jail 
Bird," "Bronze Bell"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght 
130; dark brown hair, dark eyes. Ad., 663 
Duquesne Ave., Culver City, Calif. 

I1OLDEN, William; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Fortune Hunter," "Bab's Candidate") 

HOLDING, Thomas; b. Black Heath, Kent! 
England; educ. Rugby; stage career, 12 yrs., 
Edward Terry, Forbes-Robertson, Maxine El- 
liot, Nazimova; screen career, Morosco 
(dir. "The Redeeming Love"), Petrova 
Pictures ("Daughters of Destiny"), Univer- 
sal ("Vanity Pool"), Fox ("The Danger Zone"), 
Paramount ("The Lady of Red Butte"), Rob- 
Cole ("Tangled Threads," "Beckoning Roads"), 
Goldwyn ("Peace of Roaring River"), Hodkin- 
son ("Long Wolf's Daughter"), Pathe ("The 
Honey Bee"), Universal ("In Folly's Trail"), 
First National ("Woman In His House"), 
Paramount (" Sacred and Profane Love" ), 
Hght.,. 6; wght., 172; dark hair, blue eyes. Ad.. 
1476 Morgan Place, L. A., Cal., Phone 597397. 

HOLLAND, Cecil C.; stage career, 5 yrs. legiti- 
mate stock and rep.; screen career, 1912, 
Morosco, Selig ("The Crisis," "Garden of 
Allah," "Gentlemen Adventurer," "In Tune 
With the Wild," "Bloom Center" serial), Lasky 
("The Great Impersonation," "A Wise Fool"). 
Ad., 1408 West 9th St., Los Angeles, Cal., phone 

HOLLAND, Harold; b. Gravesend, Kent, Eng- 
land; educ. Margate College, England; stage 
career, 8 yrs. exper. ; screen career, 9 yrs., B. 
B. Hampton ("The Spenders"), Sessue Haya- 
kawa ("When the Lights are Low," "Black 
Roses"), Hght., 5, 11; wght., 200; brown hair 
and eyes. Home ad., 620 S. Figueroa St., Los 
Angeles, Calif.; phone 60435. 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Alfred; also scenario writer; 
b. Nebraska; educ. Pueblo, Colo.; stage career, 
14 yrs. screen career, Goldwyn ("The Strange 
Boarder," "Leave It to Susan," "The One Way 

. Trail"), Ince ("23% Hours' Leave"), Metro 
("The Uplifters"), American ("Fair Enough"), 
Vitagraph ("Adventures of Simple Harry," 
"The Trail of the Hawk" serial), Metro 
("Please Get Married," "The Saphead," "Bil- 
lions"), Ince ("The Leopard Woman," "Passing 
Thru"), Paul Hurst ("Shadows of the West"), 
Universal ("White Youth"). Hght., 6; wght., 
200; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. Home 
ad., 5408 Hollywood blvd, Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 597538. 

HOLMES, Stuart; b. Chicago, 1887; educ. Art 
Inst. ; stage career, with Henry E. Dixey in 
"Mary Jane's Pa"; screen career, Selznick ("The 
Wild Girl," "The Ghost*: of Yesterday," "Poor 
Rich Man," "When Men Betray," "Sins of the 
Children"), Norma Talmadge ("The New 
Moon," "Way of a Woman"), Hallmark ("The 
Other Man's Wife," "A Dangerous Affair," 
"Love, Honor and ?"), World ("Dust of De- 
sire," "Little Intruder"), Pathe ("Isle of Jew- 
els"), Metro ("Four Horsemen of the 
Apocalypse," "Body and Soul," "Passion Fruit"), 
Hght., 6; wght., 182; gray eyes, reddish hair. 
Ad., care Edward Small, Inc., 1493 Bway, N. Y. 

HOLMES, Taylor; b. Newark, N. J.; stage career, 
"Hi Majesty Bunker Bean," "The Commuters," 
"The Third Party," "The Million"; screen ca- 
reer, Essanay ("The Small Town Guy," "Rug- 
gles of the Red Gap," "A Pair of Sixes," "The 
Rainbow Chaser," "Uneasy Money"), Triangle 
("Upside Down," "Taxi," "A Regular Fellow," 
"Three Black Eyes," "It's a Bear"), Taylor 
Holmes Prod. ("Nothing But the Truth," "The 
Very Idea"). Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 150; dark 
hair, brown eyes. Ad., Friars Club, N. Y. C. 

HOLT, Jack; b. Winchester, Va. ; educ. V. M. L. ; 
stage exper., 4 seasons stk. ; screen career, Uni- 
versal, Select, Paramount ('The Honor of His 
House"), Ince-Para. ("A Desert Wooing.' 
"The Marriage Ring'), Select ("Cheating Cheat- 
ers"), Paramount ("The Life Line," "Victory"), 
First National ("A Midnight Romance'),, Rob- 
Cole ("Kitty Kelly, M. D."), Artcraft ("For 
Better, For Worse," "Crooked Streets," "Held 
By The Enemy," "Midsummer Madness"), 
Realart ("All Souls' Eve," "Ducks and 
Drakes"), Wm. De Mille ("The Lost 
Romance"). Hght., 6; wght., 173; dark brown 
hair and eyes. Ad., Lasky studios, Hollywood, 

HOOSE, Ralph R.; juveniles; b. Mishawaka, Ind., 
1900; screen career, Castle studios, Chicago, 
Comedy Co., "Do the Dead Talk?" Specialty 
Feature Films ("Within Our Gates"), Micheaux 
Films. Hght., 5, 3; wght, 122; brown hair and 
eyes. Ad., Castle Studios, 2332 N. California 
ave., Chicago, 111. 



HOPKINS, John; screen career, Fox ("A Manhat- 
tan Knight," "The Dead Line"), Vitagraph 
("The Scarab Ring"). 

HORNE, W. T.; b. Chicago; educ. Conn.; stage 
career, since 1885; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Enchanted Barn"), the Judge in all 
Judge Brown's pictures for 2 yrs; National 
("Boys Will Be Boys"). Capitol ("Bare 
Knuckles"), Universal ("Graft," "Who was the 
Other Man?" "A Social Buccaneer"), Signal 
("The Knotted Cord"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 
198; grayish brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 2004 
Cahuenga ave., Los Angeles, Calif., Holly 2780. 

HORTON, Walter; screen career, Vitagraph 
("Babs's Candidate," "The Gauntlet"). 

HOUDLNI, Harry; b. Appleton, Wis. ; stage ca- 
reer, since 1883; legitimate, circus, vaud. ; screen 
career, Octagon Film Corp. ("The Master Mys- 
tery"), Lasky ("The Grim Game," "Deep Sea 
Loot"), Cinema Lux., Paris ("Adventures of 
Houdini in Paris"), Paramount ("Terror 
Island"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 179: black gray 
hair; steel blue eyes. 

HOUSMAN, Arthur; b. N. Y., 1890; educ. N. Y.: 
tage career, vaud. comedy parts in N. Y. ; 
creen career, 5 yrs. with Edison, featured for 
a yr. in 8 comedies, Selig ("Brown of Har- 
vard"), Metro ("Red, White and Blue Blood"), 
about 1 yr. with Goldwyn ("All Woman," 
"Bondage of Barbara," "Back to the Woods," 
"The Gay Lord Quex," "Toby's Bow," "The 
Blooming Angel"), Tourneur ("The County 
Fair"), Selznick ("The Point of View," "Worlds 
Apart," "Road of Ambition"). Ad., 395 E. 
197th St., N. Y. C. 

HOWARD, Charles Ray; b. San Diego, Caiif. ; 
educ. there and N. Y. C. ; stage career, 3 yrs. 
stk., rep. and prod., Guy Bates Post in "Omar, 
the Tentmaker" ; screen career, 2 yrs. with Bio- 
graph and Edison, Fox ("Every Mother's Son"), 
H. & H. Prod. ("Soul of a Nation"), World 
("Neighbors"), Government Films ("America 
Was Right"), Herbert Brenon ("Eternal Sin"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 150; brown hair, light 
brown eyes. Home ad., 902 Gratton St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. Bway 140. 

HOWARD, George; b. and educ. Philadelphia; 
stage career, 20 yrs. screen career, Vitagraph 
("Piccadilly Jim"), Selznick, Vitagraph ("The 
Whisper Market," "What's Your Reputation 
Worth"), Fox ("The Thief"). Hght., 6; wght., 
170, brown hair, blue eyes. Member Lambs 
Club. Home ad., 654 St. Nicholas ave., N. Y. ; 
Audubon 6460. 

HOME, Hart; Lasky ("Blue Blazes Rawden," 
"Nan of Music Mountain," "Johnny Get Your 
Gun"), Vitagraph serials ("The Iron Test," 
"Fight for Millions"), Paramount- Artcraft 
("Valley of the Giants," "Told in the Hills"). 
Ad., 1041 Verdnga Rd., Los Angeles. 

HOXIE, Jack; b. Oklahoma; early career, raised 
on cattle ranch, was cowboy, won several 
championships as trick and fancy rider of 
horses; screen career, Lasky, star in "Lightning 
Bryce" serial with National Film Corp., Arrow 
("Thunderbolt Jack," "Man From Nowhere," 
"Dead or Alive," "Cyclone Bliss"). Home ad., 
1325 N. Hobart Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.; 
Holly 1213. 

HOYT, Arthur; b. Georgetown, Colo.; stage ca- 
reer, 16 yrs. Liebler, H. W. Savage, Hunter 
Bradford Players, etc.; screen career, Lasky, 
Universal, Triangle ("The Lash," "Little Part- 
ner," "Man Who Took a Chance," "The Show- 
down," "Broadway Arizona," "Bringing Home 
Father," "Polly Ann"), Vitagraph ("Trumpet 
Island"), Robertson-Cole ("Slave of Vanity"), 
Mayflower ("In the Heart of a Fool"), Goldwyn 
("Don't Neglect Your Wife"). Ad., Los Angeles 
Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Calif. 

HUGHES, Gareth; b. Llanelly, Wales, 1897; educ. 
there and Paris; stage career, starred in 
"Everyman," featured in "Salome," "Moloch." 
screen career, C. K. Young ("Eyes of Youth"), 
Marguerite Clark ("Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 
Patch"), Florence Reed ("Woman Under 
Oath"), Famous Players ("Sentimental 
Tommy"), Metro ("The Chorus Girl's 
Romance," "The Lure of Youth"), Mayer 
("Woman in His House"). Now starring for 
Metro for 3 yrs. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 125; fair 
complexion; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., Metro 
Studios, Hollywood, Calif. 

HUGHES, Lloyd; b. Bisbee, Ariz., 1899; educ. 
Polytechnic, L. A.; screen career, Paramount 

, ("The Haunted Bedroom"), Jewel ("The Heart 
of Humanity"), Select ("The Indestructible 
Wife"), Metro ("Satan, Junior"), Rob.-Cole 
("Turn in the Road"), Ince-Para. ("The Virtu- 
ous Thief," "The False Road." "Below the 
Surface," "Homespun Folks," "Beau Revel," 

"Dangerous Hours"). Hght., 6; wght., 150; 
dark hair, greenish-gray eyes. Ad., Ince 
Studio, Culver City, Cal. ; home ad., 955 Michel- 
torena St., Los Angeles, Cal., phone 598438. 

HUGHES, Morris; screen career, United Artists 
("The Mollycoddle," "The Nut"). 

HULL, Arthur Stewart; screen career, Paramount 

. ("What's Worth While"), Robertson-Cole 
("Good Women"). 

HUMAN, Billy; b. Ft. Worth, Tex., 1890; educ. 
Peacock Mil. Acad., Univ. of Texas; screen ca- 
reer, Universal ("Behind the Lines," "One Wild 
Night"), Hodkinson ("The Forfeit"^, Triangle 
("The Unbroken Promise"). Hght., 6; wght., 
185; brown hair and eyes. 

HUMMEL,, Wilson; b. Cincinnati, Ohio; educ. 
Phila. ; stage career, 26 yrs., road and stock, 
cos., directed stk. for 12 yrs.; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("Duds," "The Penalty"), Hayakawa 
("The Devil's Claim," "The First Born"), Metro 
("Are All Men Alike"), Fox ("The Husband 
Hunter," "Little Grey Mouse," "While the Devil 
Laughed," "Oliver Twist, Jr.," "The Pearl of 
Savoy"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140; brown hair 
and eyes. Home ad., Box 56 Palms, Calif. ; 
Santa Monica 62906. 

HUNT, Edward; b. London, England; educ. Haile- 
burg College, England; early and stage career, 
amateur dram, stage, in British Colonial Gov. 
Service, miner, explorer; screen career, Louis 
B. Mayer Co. ("Habit," "Playthings of 
Destiny," "The Invinsible Fear"), Universal 
("Foolish Wives"). Hght., 6; wght., 190; 
brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 4349 Lock- 
wood St., Hollywood, Calif.; phone 59547. 

HUNT, Leslie M.; b. Lafayette, Ind., 1885; educ. 
Hyde Park, High Schl. and Univ. of 111.; stage 
career, "The Squaw Man," "My Lady's Garter," 
"Penrod," etc.; screen career, Metro ("Life's 
Whirlpool"), Edison ("Cy Whittaker's Ward," 
"The Unbeliever"), Goldwyn ("Peck's Bad 
Girl"), Cummins ("Some Wild Oats"), Realart 
("Erstwhile Susan"). Harry Levey ("Uncle 
Sam of Freedom Ridge"). Hght., 6; wght., 150; 
dark hair, blue eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. C. 

HUNTLEY, Hugh; educ. Paris and Shrewsbury 
Schl., Eng. ; stage career, with Geo. Edwardes' 
Co., Daly theatre, London, Juvmile lead for 
Marie Tempest, juvenile leads in Australia with 
J. C. Williamson, Ltd., 5 yrs.; screen career, 
Famous Players ("His Official Fiancee"), Vita- 
graph ("The Climbers"), Selznick (leads in 
"Youthful Folly," "The Point of View," "The 
Greatest Love"). With Francine Larrimore in 
"Nice People," (Legit). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 
155; dark brown hair and eyes. Ad., 38 W. 
72nd St., N. Y. C., Col. 1847; or Lambs Club. 
N. Y. 

HUNTLYY, Fred W.; b. London, 1863 and educ. 
there; stage career, 1879, Covent Garden the- 
atre, Gilbert & Sullivan, Carleton Opera cos.; 
screen career, Metro. Morosco ("Johanna En- 
lists," "Wetona"), Mary Pickford ("Heart of 
the Hills"), First National ("Kingdom of 
Dreams," "Daddy Long Legs"), "Lasky 
("Love's Insurance." "The Sea Wolf," "Behold 
My Wife," "Brewster's Millions," "What 
Every Woman Knows," "Money Master"), J. 
B. Hampton ("The Crook's Return"). Hght., 
5, 10%; wght., 160; gray hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 
2017 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; Wil. 

HURST, Brandon; screen career, Paramount 
("Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"), Realart ("A 
Dark Lantern"). 

HUTCHINSON, Chas. A.; b. Pittsburgh; educ. 
Western Univ.; stage career, several Bway 
successes and vaud. for 8 yrs. ; screen career, 
Vitagraph, Pathe ("Wolves of Kultur"), West- 
ern ("Great Gamble"), All Good ("The Whirl- 
wind"), Pathe ("Double Adventure"). Hght., 
5, 10; wght., 160; dark complexion, hair and 
eyes. Ad., 801 Riverside Drive, N. Y. C. 


IRVING, William J.; screen career, Metro ("The 
Heart of a Child," "Someone in the House," 
"Billions," "The Misfit Wife"), First National 
("Twin Beds"), Lasky ("Till I Come Back to 
You"). Home ad., Cordova Hotel, Los Angeles, 
Calif., Bway 506. 

IRWIN, Boyd; b. Brighton, England; educ. Bel- 
fast, Ireland; stage career, 17 yrs. in England 
and Australia in rep.; screen career, began in 
1915 in Australia, with J. C. Williamson Prods., 
Southern Cross Feature Film Co., Haymarket 
Picture Corp., all of Australia, as leading man, 
came to Los Angeles in 1919, Nell Shipman Co. 
("Eyes of the Eagle"), Goldwyn ("Milestones"), 


Lasky ("Lady in Love"), Universal ("A Gilded 
Dream"), B. Barriscale Features ("The Silken 
Sinner"). Fairbanks "Three Musketeers' ). 
Hght., 6; wght, 170; brown hair blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1404 N. Kenmore Ave., Hollywood, 

JACKSON, Fred; screen career, Paramount ("A 
Full House"), Vita graph ("It Can be Done"). 

JAMEISON, William Edward (Bud); b. Vallejo, 
Calif., 1894; educ. San Francisco; early career, 
entertainer; stage career, 4 yrs. in vaud., stk., 
screen career, Essanay, Rolin-Pathe ("Lone- 
some Luke" series), 3 yrs. with Harold Lloyd, 
1 yr. with L-Ko. Hght., 6; wght., 270; light 
complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 132 
North Hill, Los Angeles, Calif. 

JAMES, Gladden; b. Zanesville, O. ; educ. Colum- 
bus, O. ; stage career, child actor at age of 6, 
later in many prods., screen career Ivan ("Bab- 
bling Tongues"), Select ("Scandal"), Fine Arts 
("The Social Secretary"), Pathe ("Mystery of 
the Double Cross," "Hearts of Love"), Select 
("Heart of Wetona"), Vitagraph ("The Mid- 
night Bride"), Curtiss Pict. ("Who's Your 
Brother"), Metro ("The Silver Lining"), Selz- 
nick ("The Road to Ambition," "Bucking the 
Tiger"), Pioneer ("His Brother's Keeper"). 
Hght, 5, 11; wght., 160; light hair, blue eyes. 
Ad, 1767 Bedford ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Flat- 
bush 10335. 

JAMES, Walter; screen career, First National 
("The Idol Dancer"), Vitagraph ("Dead Men 
Tell No Tales"). 

JASMINE, Arthur; b. St. Paul, Minn.; educ. 
there; stage career, 3 yrs. legitimate; screen 
career, Essanay ("Broncho Billie's Parents"), 
Universal ("Man in the Moonlight," "Common 
Property," "Lasca," "The Tokio Siren"), 
Cinema craft ("Shadows of the West"). Hght. 
5 7%; wght., 144; dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 6430 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 

JEFFERSON, Thomas; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. here 
and abroad; stage career, many years on stage; 
screen career, Pathe ("Hands Up"), Metro 
("The Spenders"), Goldwyn ("Sis Hopkins"), 
National ("Tarzan of the Apes," "Romance of 
Tarzan"), Fine Arts ("The Fencing Master"), 
Metro ("Ldmbardi, Ltd."), Alan Dwan ("Splen- 
did Hazard") Universal ("White Youth"), First 
National ("My Lady's Latchkey"), Gardson 
Prod. ("Straight From Paris"). Ad., 2652 
Beachwood Drive, Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 

JEFFERSON, Thomas, Jr.; screen career, First 
National ("Don't Ever Marry," "A Splendid 
Hazard"), Pathe ("Girl in the Web," "Help 
Wanted-Male"), Metro ("Hearts Are Trumps"), 
Universal ("White Youth"). 

JEFFERY, Hugh S.; b. Belfast, Ireland; educ. 
Queens Coll., Belfast, Ireland; stage career, 15 
yrs., with Robt. Mantell, Robt. Edeson, May 
Irwin, and in "The Littlest Rebel"; screen 
career, World, Metro ("Out of the Fog"), S-L 
Pictures ("Virtuous Men"). Hght., 5, 9%; 
wght., 160; dark complexion, dark hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

JEFFRIES, Will; screen career, First National 
("The Fighting Shepherdess"), Pathe 
("Sherry," "Lahoma"). 

JENKINS, Wes; screen career, Vitagraph ("Bab's 
Candidate"), McCord Prods. ("The Good-Bad 
Wife"), Paramount ("The Kentuckians"). 

JENNINGS, Al; b. Virginia, 1863; educ. Virginia 
Univ.; early career as outlaw, elected Governor 
of Oklahoma, later practised law; screen 
career, began in 1914, now engaged in produc- 
tion of 24 two-reel pictures based upon per- 
sonal experiences, under contract with the 
Capital Film Co. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 145; 
auburn hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 2733 Ken- 
wood ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

JENNINGS, DeWitt C.; b. Salt Lake City; educ. 
N. Y. ; stage career, 20 yrs. New York prod; 
screen career, Pathe ("At Bay"), Realart ("The 
Deep Purple"), Fox ("Sporting Blood"), Fitz- 
maurice ("The Hillcrest Mystery"), Chas. Ray 
"Nineteen & Phylis"), Metro ("The Greater 
Claim"), Vitagraph ("Three Sevens"), Goldwyn 
("The Invisible Power," "Beating the Game"). 

JENNINGS, S. E.; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. North- 
western Univ., Chicago; screen career, Vita- 
graph ("Grey Horse Troup," "Dead Shot 
Baker," "Fighting Trail," serial, "Fight for 
Millions" serial, "John-Tom-Little Bear," The 
Lonesome Road," "Last of the Troubadores"), 
Pathe ("Dare Devil Jack", "Double Adven- 
ture," "The Avenging Arrow", serials). Hght., 
6, 1%; wght., 195; dark brown hair and eyes. 

Home ad., 337 S. Fremont St., Los Angeles, 
Cal. ; Broadway 7394. 

JOBSON, Edward; b. Phila., Pa., 1864; educ. San 
Francisco; stage career, with Evans and Hoey, 
Frank Daniels, Paul Dresser and many others; 
screen career, Essanay, Balboa, Rob-Cole ("The 
Mints of Hell"), Fox ("Cheating Herself," "The 
Merry-Go-Round"), Paramount ("The Egg 
Crate Wallop," "Mrs. Temple's Telegram," 
"The City of Masks"), Metro ("Burning Day- 
light," "Chorus Girl's Romance," "Someone in 
the House," "Off-Shore Pirate," "The Sap- 
head"). Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 245; gray hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., home, 1626 Vine st., Hollywood, 

JOHNS, Bertie; screen career, Paramount "The 
Prince Chap," "Conrad in Quest of His Youth"), 
Fox ("The Blushing Bride," "Colorado Pluck"). 

JOHNSON, Emory; b. San Francisco, 1894; educ. 
Univ. of Cal. ; screen career, Essanay, Pathe, 
Universal ("The Devil's Bondwoman," "The 
Right to Be Happy," "The Mystery of the Gray 
Ghost," "My Little Boy," "Green Magic"), Uni- 
versal ("A Mother's Secret"), Ince-Para ("Green 
Eyes"), Paramount ("Woman Next Door," 
"Alias Mike Moran"), American ("Trixie from 
Broadway," "Put Up Your Hands," "The Tiger 
Lily," "The Hellion"), Goldwyn ("Prisoners of 
Love"), Fox ("The Husband Hunter"), Real- 
art ("She Couldn't Help It"). Hght., 6, 2; 
Wght., 185; brown hair eyes. Ad., home, 1834 
El Cerrita PI., Hollywood, Cal. 

JOHNSON, Noble; b. Colorado Springs, Colo.; 
early career, ranching, stock raising, horse 
training in Colo., amateur athlete, boxer and 
endurance runner in N. Y. ; screen career, Metro 
("Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"), Univ- 
ersal ("Under Crimson Skies," "The Adorable 
Savage," ("Girl He Left Behind"), J. Parker 
Read, Jr. ("The Leopard Woman"), R. A. 
Walsh Prod. ("Serenade"). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 
215; dark hair and eyes. Ad 2126 Branden St., 
Los Angeles, Calif., Wilshire 6557. 

JOHNSTON, J. W.; b. Ireland; educ. N. Y. and 
Dublin; stage career, Sothern, Frohman, "The 
Squaw Man," "The Waif," stock; screen career, 
Famous ("Destiny's Toy"), Metro ("The Eter- 
nal Mother"), Fine Arts ("Fifty-Fifty"), Para- 
mount ("The Test of Honor"), Goldwyn, World 
("The Praise Agent"), Pathe ("Twin Pawns"), 
Robert Chambers Pic. Corp. ("Cardigan"), 
Famous Players ("The Kentuckians"). Hght., 
6; wght., 175; dark hair, dark eyes. Ad., 354 
Wadsworth ave., N. Y. 

JONASSON, Frank; screen career, Paramount 
("The Sins of St. Anthony," "What Happened 
to Jones," "A Full House"). 

JONES, Buck; b. Vincennes, Ind. ; educ. Indian- 
apolis; screen career, Fox ("True Blue," "Riders 
of the Purple Sage," "Rainbow Trail," "Speed 
Maniac," "Western Blood," "Square Shooter," 
"Last Straw," "One Man Trail," "Big Bunch," 
"Trail of Two Moons," "Just Pals"). Hght., 5. 
11%; wght., 173; brown hair, gray eyes. Home 
ad., 1954 Crasena Drive, Phone 597127 Los 
Angeles, Calif., studio, Fox. 

JONES, Ed; screen career, Universal ("Sundown 
Slim"), Pathe (Lochinvar o' the Line"). 

JONES, Fred; screen career, Robertson-Cole ("An 
Arabian Knight"), Hodkinson ("House of 
Whispers"), Pathe ("A Beggar in Purple"). 

JONES, J. Park; Goldwyn ("Little Shepherd of 
Kingdom Come"), Fox ("Faith"). 

JORDAN, Sid.; b. Muskogee, Okla., 1888; educ. 
Cherokee Indian sch., Vanita, Okla.; stag* 
career, 101 Ranch Show, Parker Amus. Co.; 
screen career, Selig ("The Pony Express," "A 
Mistake in Rustlers," "The Sheriff's Blunder"), 
Fox ("The Wilderness Trail," "Fighting for 
Gold," "Rough Riding Romance," "Three Gold 
Coins," "The Untamed," "The Texas," "Prairie 
Trails," "The Road Demon," "Hands Off"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 170; dark complexion, 
brown hair and eyes. 

JOY, Ernest C.; b. Minneapolis, Minn., 1880; educ. 
Minnesota Univ. ; stage career, 10 yrs. in stock, 
screen career, Eclair, Kinemacolor, Thanhouser, 
Majestic, Lasky-Paramount ("Freckles," "Little 
Miss Optimist," "The Call of the East," "The 
White Man's Law," "One More American"), 
Artcraft ("Johnny Get Your Gun," "What's 
Your Hurry"). Writes scenarios and short 
stories. Hght., 6; wght., 190; brown hair and 
blue eyes. 

JOYNER, Francis; educ. Houston, Texas; stage 
career, dramatic stk., road tours with Willard 
Mack, Shakespeare with Ben Greet; screen 
career, Metro ("Daybreak," "The Brass 
Check"), Famous Players ("Less Than Dust," 
"The Copperhead," "The Kentuckians"). Hght., 
5, 9; wght., 130; brown hair and eys. Ad., 
Green Room Club, N. Y. 




KAMP, Paul; also asst. dir. ; b. Terre Haute, 
Ind. ; educ. Denver, Colo.; screen career, Fox 
"The Tom Boy," "Big Town Ideas," "Grit"). 
Hght., 6, 2; wght., 170; light hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., 5441 Harold Way, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

KANN, Marvin; educ. prep, school, 2 yrs. Univ. 
Washington & Lee; stage career, 1 yr. stk. 
Bishop Stk. Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.; screen career, 
Selznick ("Piccadilly Jim," "Red Robin Hood"), 
etc. Hght.. 6; wght., 180; brown hair, gray 
eyes. Ad., 101 W. 126th St., N. Y.; Morning- 
side 4367. 

KARLOFF, Boris; b. London, England; educ. 
Uppingham Kings Coll., London; stage career, 
10 yrs. stk., "The Virginian" for John Cort; 
screen career, J. D. Hampton ("The Prince 
and Betty," "The Deadlier Sex," "The Cave 
Girl"), David Hartford ("Yellowback"), Kos- 
mik Films ("Hope Diamond Mystery"), Pathe 
("Without Benefit of Clergy"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 175; dark brown hair and eyes. Home 
ad., 1225 McCadden Place, Hollywood, Calif.. 
Holly 1565. 

KARNS, Roscoe; b. San Bernardino, Calif.; educ. 
Univ. Calif.; stage exper.: stk. in Calif., with 
Marjorie Rambeau; screen career, Brentwood 
("Poor Relations"), First National "The Family 
Honor"), Paramount ("The Life of the Party"), 
Universal ("The Man Tamer"). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 165; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 
Seminole Apts., Hollywood, Calif. 

KARR, Milliard Sinclair; b. and educ. Houston, 
Texas, 1899; screen career, Sunbeam Comedies 
("Work and Win "Em," "A Traveling Man's 
Temptations," "A Trial by Jury"), Cuckoo 
Comedies ("Starting Out in Life"), "His Mis- 
guided Love," "His Conscience His Guide"). 
Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 300; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1555 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., 
phone 579841. 

KEATON, "Buster"; b. Kansas; stage career, 
vaud., 16 yrs. with "The Three Keatons"; 
screen career, Arbuckle-Paramount ("The 
Butcher Boy," "A Reckless Romeo," "Rough 
House," "His Wedding Night," "Fatty at Coney 
Island," "A Country Hero," "The Bell Boy," 
"Moonshine," "Good Night, Nurse"), Metro 
("One Week," "The Scarecrow," "The Sap- 
head," "Neighbors," "Haunted House," "The 
High Sign," "The Goat"). Hght., 5. 6; wght., 
140; dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., Long Beach, Cal. 

KEELING, Robert Lee; stage career, with Robert 
Mantell and Robert Hilliard; screen career, 
Famous Players ("The Counterfeit"), Vitagraph 
("Mind-the-Paint Girl," "Over the 1 Top"), Fox 
("La Belle Russe," "Wives of men," "Her 
Husband's Honor," "Putting One Over"), 
Screen Classics ("Shadows of Suspicion"), Selz- 
nick ("Out o fthe Night"), Vitagraph ("Prin- 
cess Jones"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 140; light 
brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 135 E. 34th st., 
N. Y.; Murray Hill 1074. 

KEEN AN, Frank; b. Dubuque, la.; educ. Boston 
Coll.; stage career, stk., rep., vaud.; with Jo- 
seph Proctor, Boston Museum Co., Charles Hoyt, 
succeeded James A. Herne in "Hearts of Oak," 
David Belasco; screen career, Universal, Ince 
("The Thoroughbred"), Pathe ("Loaded Dice," 
"More Trouble," "The Night Stage," "Todd of 
the Times," "Statesright Raver," "The De- 
fender"), Keenan-Pathe ("Gates of Brass," 
"The Silver Girl," "World Aflame," "The 
False Code," "Brothers Divided," "Smouldering 
Embers," "Dollar For Dollar"). Hght., 6, 1%; 
wght., 170; light hair, blue eyes. Ad., Frank 
Keenan Prod., Inc., Brunton Studios, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

KELCEY, Fred; screen career, Metro ("Black- 
mail," "Puppets of Fate"). 

KELLARD, Ralph; b. N. Y. C.; educ. there; 
stage career, 3 seasons mngt. David Belasco, 
with David Warfleld in "Music Master," in orig. 
prod, of "The Warrens of Virginia," 3 seasons 
owner and star of Ralph Kellard Stk. Co., lead- 
ing man in orig. N. Y. prods, of "Rebecca of 
Sunnybrook Farm," "Byes of Youth," "Nancy 
Lee," "Light of the World," Comstock & Gest; 
screen career, Pathe ("The Shielding Shadow," 
"Pearl of the Army," "The Hillcrest Mystery"), 
Select ("Scream in the Night"), Hallmark 
Famous Players ("The Cost," "The Restless 
Sex"), First National ("The Master Mind"), 
Pathe ("The Precious Packet"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 155; light complexion, red-brown hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad., Post Road, Rye, N. Y. 

KELLY, Paul; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1899; educ. 
private schls. and tutors; stage career, child 
actor with David Warfield in "Grand Army 
Man," with Robert Mantell Co. in "The Con- 
fession," "Mother," "Ninety and Nine," in 
Belasco's "A Good Little Devil," in "Seven- 
teen," " Penrod," Savages "Shavings"; screen 
career, Vitagraph ("Jarr Family" series and 
"Buddy" series), Edison ("Star Spangled Ban- 
ner," "Knights of the Square Table"), Artcraft 
("Anne of Green Gables"), Government ("Fit 
to Fight"). Hght., 5, 11; light brown hair, 
dark eyes. Ad., 82 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

KENNEDY, Ed.; b. Monterey Co., Cal., 1890; 
stage career, 2 in vaud., 2 yrs. in mus. com. 
with "A Stubborn Cinderella," "The Alaskan"; 
screen career, Keystone ("A Game Old Knight," 
"Oriental Love," "The Lost Baby"). Hght., 
6, 1; wght., 210. Studio ad., Fox Sunshine 
Studio, Hollywood, Calif. 

KENNEDY, Thomas; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("Kismet"), Fox ("Roaring Lions on 
Parade," "Skirts"). 

KENNY, Coiin; b. Dublin; educ. Rugby, England; 
stage career, 10 yrs. legit.; screen career, Lois 
Weber ("Price of a Good Time"), Metro ("Un- 
expected Places"), National ("Tarzan of the 
Apes," "Return of Tarzan"), Goldwyn ("Girl 
from Outside," "Toby's Bow"), Selznick 
("Blind Youth"), Robertson-Cole ("813"), 
Vitagraph ("Black Beauty"). Hght., 5. 11; 
wght., 170; dark brown hair, dark green eyes. 
Home ad., Melrose Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif., 
Pico 1121. 

KENT, Charles; b. London, Eng., 1852; educ. Dul- 
wich Coll.; stage career, from 1875 to 1906; 
screen career, Vitagraph ("Scarlet Runner," 
"The Enemy," "Whom the Gods Destroy," 
"Soldiers of Chance," "Miss Dulcie from Dixie," 
"The Gamblers," "Kennedy Square," "Dan- 
iel," "Duplicity of Hargraves"), Metro ("Body 
and Soul," Blackton "Forbidden Valley"), 
Vitagraph ("The Dream," "The White Lie"). 
Ad., 92 Remson st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

KENT, Craufurd; b. London; educ. there; stage 
career, mus. com., "Deep Purple," etc.; screen 
career, Goldwyn ("Thais"); Famous Players 
("The Danger Mark," "Ordeal of Rosetta," 
"Prince Cosmo," "Good Gracious, Annabelle," 
"Broadway Jones," "Career of Katherine Bush," 
"Come Out of the Kitchen"), Metro ("Kildare 
of Storm"), Edgar Lewis ("Other Men's 
Shoes"), Fox ("Thou Shalt Not"), Realart 
("Sinners"), Griffith ("The Love Flower"), 
Realart ("The Plaything of Broadway"), Vita- 
graph ("Dollars and the Woman"), Selznick 
("Youthful Folly"). Hght, 5, 10; wght., 156; 
dark brown hair, dark gray eyes. Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y. 

KEPLER, Edward; educ. Austria and Switzer- 
land; stage career, Vienna, Amsterdam, Hol- 
land, Petrograd, Berlin, Irving Place Theater, 
N. Y. ; screen career, Deitrich-Beck ("The 
Bandbox"), American Cinema ("The Inner 
Voice"), Norma Talmadge ("Woman That 
Gives"), Constance Talmadge Co. ("The Love 
Expert," "Wedding Bells"), Selznick ("Broad- 
way and Home"), Fox ("Men You Know"). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 134; brown hair, dark gray 
eyes. Ad. 200 W. 52nd st., N. Y. ; Circle 3660. 

KERBY, Frederick; b. Hamilton, Ont., Canada; 
stage career, 21 yrs., Sir Henry Irving, Mrs. 
Fiske, Geo. Arliss, Kelsey and Shannon, orig. 
co. "Ben Hur", 13 yrs. stock in New York 
City, Buffalo, Cleveland, Winnipeg; screen 
career, Fox ("Oliver Twist," "Ishmael," Chil- 
dren of the Night"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 
152; brown hair, dark eyes. Home ad., Box 56, 
Palms, Calif.; Santa Monica 62906. 

KERRIGAN, Jack Warren; b. Louisville, Ky., 
1889; educ. Chicago Univ.; stage career, Klaw 
& Erlanger prods. "The Road to Yesterday," 
"Brown of Harvard"; screen career, Essanay, 
American (leads for 3 yrs.), Universal ("Rory 
o' the Bogs," "Terrence O'Rourke," "The Dol- 
lar Bid," "Prisoner of the Pines," "Live 
Sparks," "$30,000"), ("The Joyous Liar," "The 
Dream Cheater," "Ope Week End," Hodkinson 
"No. 99," "The Green Flame," "House of 
Whispers," "Coast of Opportunity"). Hght., 6, 
1; wght., 190; black hair, hazel eyes. Home 
ad., 1743 Cahuenga, Hollywood, Calif. 

KERRY, Norman; b. N. Y. ; educ. St. John's Mili- 
tary Acad., Annapolis, Md. ; screen career, 
Paramount-Artcraft, ("The Little Princess," 
"Amarilly of Clothesline Alley"), Select ("Up 
the Road With Sally," "Good Night, Paul"), 
Allan Dwan ("Soldiers of Fortune," "A Splen- 
did Hazard," First National "Passion's Play- 
ground"), Paramount ("Buried Treasure. 1 ' 



"Proxies," "The Wild Goose," "Little Italy"). 
Hght., 6, 2; wght., 180; dark hair, hazel eyes. 
Ad., 1745 McCadden place, Los Angeles, Calif. 

K1LGOUK, Joseph; b. Ayr, Ont., Canada; educ. 
Canada and England; stage career, 20 yrs., 
"Arizona," "The Kasiest Way," "Ready Money," 
etc.; screen career, Vitagraph, ("Thou Art the 
Man," "The Writing on the Wall"; Select, ("The 
Easiest Way"), Metro ("The Divorcee," "Hearts 
Are Trumps"), Asso. Prod. ("Love," "The 
Leopard Woman", "I Am Guilty"), Hodkinson 
("The Broken Gate"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 200; 
dark brawn hair, dark gray eyes. Permanent 
ad., Garden Court Aprts., Hollywood, Calif.; 
Holly 3420. 

KIM, Sam; b. China; educ. China, Korea, Japan 
and America; early career, general in Chinese 
army; stage career, "Daughter of Heaven," 
etc. ; screen career, Chinese Ambassador in 
"Woman Who Gave," double of Houdini in 
Houdini serial, "Lightning Raider," serial with 
Pearl White, "Spirit of Poppies," "Lost Bat- 
talion," "Isle of Jewels" serial, "Faith and 
Fortune," lead with Helen Holmes, "Green 
God," "Two American Buds," "Inner Voice." 
Plays Hindoo and Indian parts. Hght., 5, 8; 
wght., 165. Ad., 170 W. 126th St., N. Y. C.; 
Mngside 5639. 

KIMBALL, Edward Marshall; b. Keokuk, la., 
1859; educ. Collegiate Inst., Baraboo, Wis. ; 40 
yrs. on legit, stage, stk., operatic and vaud. ex- 
per., "The Stranger," "A Girl From Rector's," 
etc.; screen career, Goldwyn ("Boys Will Be 
Boys," "An Unwilling Hero"), Clara K. Young 
("For the Soul of Rafael," "Mid-Channel," 
"Charge It"), Master Pictures ("Roman 
Candles"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 225; gray hair 
and eyes. 

KING, Claude: screen career, Famous Players 
("Idols of Clay"), Vitagraph ("The Scarab 

KING, Emmett C.; b. Griffin, Ga. ; educ. So. Geor- 
gia Coll.; stage career, James O'Neil in "Monte 
Cristo," Frank Mayo in "Puddin' Head Wilson," 
leading man with Mrs. Patrick Campbell, ap- 
peared in "Everywoman," "Experience," with 
George Arliss in "Alexander Hamilton"; screen 
career, Metro ("In His Brother's Place," 
"Please Get Married"), Goldwyn ("The Fear 
Woman"), B. B. Features ("Beckoning 
Roads"), Allan Dwan Prod. ("In the Heart of 
a Fool"), Robertson-Cole ("Kismet," "Mistress 
of Shenstone"), Ince ("Lying Lips"), Mayer 
("Habit"), Metro ("Billions"), W. S. Hart 
("O'Malley of the Mounted"). Hght., 6; wght., 
185; gray hair, blue eyes. Ad., c/o Actors 
Assn., Los Angeles, Calif. 

KING, Joe; screen career, Republic ("Children 
Not Wanted"), Goldwyn ("The North Wind's 
Malice," "Girl with the Jazz Heart"), Vita- 
graph ("The Broadway Bubble," "The Scarab 
Ring"), Paramount ("Idol of the North"), 
Whitman Bennett "Salvation Nell." 

KINGDON, Frank; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Partners of the Night"), Paramount ("Re- 
modelling Her Husband"). 

KINGSBURY, Jacob; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Whisper Market"), Fox ("Blind Wives"). 

KINO, Goro; screen career, Universal ("A Tokio 
Siren"), Robertson-Cole ("The First Born"), 
Goldwyn ("A Tale of Two Worlds"). 

KIRK, Evans; screen career, Fox ("White Lies," 
"The Husband Hunter"), Pathe ("The 

KIRKHAM, Correan, screen career, Fox ("Black 
Shadows," "The Tattler," "Bare Knuckles"), 
Goldwyn ("Milestones," "Madame X"). 

KIRKLAND, Hardee; b. Savannah, Ga. ; educ. 
West Point; stage exper., McKee-Rankin stk., 
"Innocence," with Pauline Frederick, "The 
Woman," Belasco; screen career, Fox ("Les 
Miserables"), Mayflower ("The Splendid Haz- 
ard"), Geo. Loane Tucker ("Ladies Must Live"), 
Goldwyn ("Madame X," "Roads of Destiny," 
"Officer 666"), Asso. Prod. ("A Perfect Crime"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; dark hair, tinged 
with gray; dark blue eyes. Home ad., 5553 
Hollywood blvd., Hollywood, Calif.; phone 

KIRKWOOD, James; also director; b. Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; educ. there; stage exper., 18 
yrs.; screen career, Biograph, Reliance, Uni- 
versal, Mutual, American, Keeney, "Marriage of 
the Underworld"; Fox & Famous Players 1918; 
("The Struggle Everlasting," "Eve's Daugh- 
ter"), Mayflower ("The Luck of the Irish," 
"In the Heart of a Fool"), Goldwyn ("The 
Branding Iron"), First National ("The Scoffer," 

"Man-Woman-Marriage," "Bob Hampton of 
Placer"), Asso-Prod. ("Love"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 180; sandy hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
725 Rodea ave., Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, 

KLEIN, Robert; b. Paris, 1882; educ. Charle- 
magne Coll.. Paris; stage career, dancing; 
screen career, American ("Lure of the Mask," 
"The Idol," "Secretary of Frivolous Affairs," 
"The Bride's Silence," "Charity Castle," "South- 
ern Pride"), Mutual ("Whose Wife?" "Annie 
for Spite," "For the Family Name," "Souls in 
Pawn"), Fox ("Married in Haste," "Challenge 
of the Law," "The Blushing Bride"). 

KLUM, Eugene; screen career, Metro ("The 
Heart of a Child," "Billions"). 

KNOTT, Adelbert; screen career, Fox ("Flame of 
Youth," "The Lamplighter"). 

KOHLER, Fred; screen career, Hodkinson ("The 
Kentucky Colonel," "Partners of the Tide"), 
Asso. Prod. ("A Thousand to One"), Arrow 
("Cyclone Bliss"). 

KOHLMAR, Lee; screen career, Universal ("The 
Secret Gift," "Beautifully Trimmed"). 

KORTMAN, Robert; b. Phila.; educ. England & 
Germany; early career, in U. S. Cavalry; screen 
career, Ince ("Cash Parrish's Pal," "Shooting- 
Iron Parson," "The Waifs," "The No-Good 
Guy," "Captive God") ; Para-Artcraft, ("The 
Narrow Trail," "Square Deal Sanderson," 
"Radio Mystery"), Goldwyn ("Godless Men"). 
Home ad., Marine Apts., Ocean Park, Calif.; 
Phone 5055. 

KOSLOFF, Theodore; screen career, Famous 
Players ("Something to Think About," "Why 
Change Your Wife?", "The City of Masks," 
"The Prince Chap," "Forbidden Fruit"). 

KOUPAL, T. Morse; b. N. Y., 1890; educ. City 
Coll.; stage career, with Mrs. Louis James; 
Edith Wynne Matthison, Charlotte Walker; 
screen career, Knickerbocker ("Tides of 
Time"), Gaumont ("Capital Punishment," "Un- 
suspected Isles"), Charter Features, Metro ("Out 
of the Fog"), Robertson-Cole ("The Fortune 
Teller"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; light com- 
. plexion, sandy hair, blue eyes. Ad., 240 W. 
122d St., N. Y. C. 

KUNKEL, George; b. and educ. Baltimore, Md. ; 
stage career, J. C. Williamson Opera Co., Au- 
stralia, stk. in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Walter 
Sanford Stk. in Australia; screen career, Gold- 
wyn ("The Brand," "Leave it to Susan," 
"Pinto"), Vitagraph ("The Dawn of Under- 
standing"), Famous Players ("Unclaimed 
Goods," "Judy of Rogue's Harbor"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 2.00; iron gray hair, hazel eyes. 
Home ad., 1122 Tamarind Ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif., Holly 3286. 

KUWA, George; screen career, Metro ("The 
Willow Tree"), Famous Players ("Sick Abed," 
"The Round Up," "Midsummer Madness"), 
Goldwyn ("Officer 666"). 


LA CROIX, Emile; b. Alsace, France; stage ca- 
reer, 35 yrs., 3 yrs. Stk.; screen career, 
(Richelieu in "The Three Guardsmen," "Run- 
away Princes," "Pharaoh in "Joseph and His 
Brethren,' "Yellow Menace"), Peerless-World 
("Brand of Satan"), World ("A Broadway 
Saint"), Arrow ("Woman's Man"), Jaxon 
("The Rich Slave"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 170; 
White hair, gray eyes. 

LAFFEY, James; screen career, Paramount ("The 
Dark Star"), World ("The Woman of Lies),, 
Schomer-Ross ("The Sacred Flame"), Fidelity 
("Love's Flame") Realart ("Sheltered 

LAIDLAW, Roy; b. Canada; educ. there; stage 
career, 12 yrs. stk. and road cos.; screen career, 
Ince, Paralta ("His Robe of Honor," "Honor's 
Cross," "With Hoops of Steel"), Curwood-Car- 
ver ("Back to God's Country"), J. Warren Ker- 
rigan ("Live Sparks"), J. D. Hampton ("The 
Weaker Sex"), Goldwyn ("The Great Acci- 
dent," "The Cowpuncher"). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 160; gray hair, dark blue eyes. Home 
ad., R. F. D. 7, Box 733, Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 70004. 

LAMBERT, Ernest; screen career, Vitagraph 
("Deadline at Eleven"), Ziegfeld Cinema ("The 
Black Panther's Cub"). 

LAMONT, Harry; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Johnstown, 
N. Y. ; stage career, 20 yrs. exper., dram, stk., 
mus. com., vaud., featured in Gus Hill's mu.-*. 
com. "Happy Hooligan"; screen career, Edwii. 
Frazee ("After Bedtime," "All in the Air"), 
Metro ("Are All Men Alike?" "Passion Fruit"), 
Universal ("The Red Lane," "Whose Wife is 



Kate?" "The Black Cap"). Hght., 5, 11%; 
wght., 186; black hair and eyes. Home ad., 
444 N. Hoover St. Los Angeles, Calif., Wilshire 

LANDIS, Cullen; screen career, Universal ("The 
Outcasts of Poker Flat"), American ("Where 
the West Begins"). Goldwyn ("Upstairs," 
"Jinx," "Almost a Husband," "Girl From Out- 
side," "Pinto," "Going Some," "It's a Great 
Life," "Bunty Pulls the String," "Snowblind"). 

LANE, Charles; educ. high and prep, schools; 
stage career, 25 yrs. under mgmt. Chas. Froh- 
man, David Belasco, Klaw & Erlanger, Arthur 
Hopkins, Shuberts, etc.; screen career, Es- 
sanay ("Ruggles of Red Gap"), Famous Play- 
ers ("Mrs. Black Is Back," "Man From Mexi- 
co," "Wanted A Husband," "Dr. Jekyl and 
Mr. Hyde"), Cosmopolitan ("The Restless Sex"). 
Metro ("Without Limit"), Whitman Bennett 
"The Great Adventure"), Norma Talmadge 
("The Branded Woman"), Famous Players 
("Guilty of Love," "Away Goes Prudence"). 
Hght., 6, 1; wght., 180; gray hair, brown eyes. 
Ad., 130 W. 44th St., N. Y. 

LANGFOBD, Edward; screen career, American 
("Guilty of Love"), Whitman Bennett ("Salva- 
tion Nell"). 

LANNING, Frank; b. Marion, Iowa; educ. Marion 
and Cedar Rapids; stage career, with Blanche 
Bates in "Girl of the Golden West," screen 
career, J. D. Hampton ("The Prodigal Liar," 
"The Mints of Hell," "Bare Fisted Gallagher," 
"Betty and the Prince," "The Blue Bandanna," 
"A Sage Brush Hamlet," "House of a Thousand 
Candles"), Morosco ("Huckleberry Finn"), B. 
B. Hampton ("Desert Gold"), Carlyle Blackwell 
("The Half Breed"), Northern Film Co. 
("Cameron of the Royal Mounted"), J. D. 
Hampton Co. ("That Girl Montana"). Ad., 
1135% N. Madison, Los Angeles, Calif.; Holly 

LANOE, J. Jiquel; b. Britanny, France; stage 
career, with George M. Cohan, Leslie Carter, 
Alcazar stk. in San Francisco; screen career, 
5 yrs. with D. W. Griffith, Famous Players 
("The Eternal City"), Allan Dwan ("A Splen- 
did Hazard"), Dial ("The Tiger's Coat"), 
Universal ("The Magnificent Brute"). Lasky 
"Forbidden Fruit"), Metro ("Four Horsemen 
of the Apocalypse"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 160; 
dark hair, brown eyes. Home ad., New Holly- 
wood Apts., Hollywood, Calif. 

LA RENO, Dick; b. Ireland; educ. N. Y. C.; 
stage career, 15 yrs. on legit, stage, 10 yrs. 
vaud., 5 yrs. with circus; screen career, Lasky 
("Squaw Man," "Cameo Kirby"), Fox ("The 
Hell Ship," "Camouflaged"), Universal ("The 
Beach Combers"), Hampton ("The Blue Ban- 
danna"), Frank Keenan ("The World Aflame"), 
J. Warren Kerrigan ("A White Man's 
Chance"), Dustin Farnum ("A Man's Fight"), 
Universal ("Under Crimson Skies"), Fox ("The 
Spirit of Good," "Two Moons," "The Blushing 
Bride"), Geo. H. Davis ("Isobel"), known ja.s the 
Sheriff of the Movies. Hght, 6; wght.,- 218; 
iron gray hair, dark brown eyes. Home ad., 
1411 Gordon st., Hollywood, Calif.; Holly 4019. 

LABKIN, George; b. N. Y., 1890; educ. privately; 
stage career, circus, vaud., stk.; screen career, 
Diano Film Co. ("Wolf Face" serial, "Com- 
ing of the Law," "Zongar"), Astra serial 
("Hands Up"), Wistaria ("Lurking Peril"), 
Pathe ("Tiger's Trail," "Terror of the Range," 
"Border Raiders"), Frank Gersten ("The Unfor- 
tunate Sex"). Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 165; dark 
hair and eyes. Ad., care Ed. Small, 1493 
Bway., N. Y. C. 

LA BOCQUE, Bod; b. Chicago; educ. Nebraska; 
stage career, stk., legitimate, vaud.; screen ca- 
reer, Essanay, Goldwyn ("The Venus Model," 
"A Perfect 36," "Hidden Fires"), Mutual ("The 
Kaiser Bride"), Famous Players ("Easy to 
Get"), American Cinema ("Greater Than 
Love"), Vitagraph ("The Garter Girl"), Hall- 
mark ("The Discarded Woman"), Famous Play- 
ers ("Paying the Piper"). Hght., 6; wght., 175; 
dark hair and eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. 

LABSON, Oscar M.; also asst. director; b. Stock- 
holm, Sweden; educ. there and Chicago, 111.; 
stage career, with Lincoln J. Carter and Lorin 
J. -Howard Stk. Co., Chicago, 111.; screen ca- 
reer, Universal ("Bedford's Hope"), Rojin- 
Pathe ("Kicking the Germ Out of Germany"), 
W. H. Clifford Co. ("Democracy"), Biograph 
("The Battle of Truth"), Universal ("From 
Dawn to Dark"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 160; light 
brown hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 406 
Court st., Los Angeles. Calif.; Pico 680. 

LAW, Burton; b. Ouray, Colo., 1880; educ. 
Stern's Acad., Chicago; stage career, burlesque 
and comedy, stock; screen career, Thanhouser, 
Universal ("Broken Coin," "Sign of the Cres- 
cent," "The Sea Lily," written by himself, "A 
Mountain Tragedy," "Treason," "Like Wild- 
fire"), Bluebird ("Who Will Marry Me?"), Fox 
("Cowardice Court"), Realart ("Eyes of thf 
Heart"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 170; dark com- 
plexion, black hair, brown eyes. 

LAW, Walter; b. Dayton, Ohi9, 1878; educ. Ohio 
State Univ.; stage career, original cast of "Quo 
Vadis," starred for 5 yrs. in "The Sign of the 
Cross," 10 yrs. vaud.; screen career, Fox ("The 
Darling of Paris," "Camille," "The Heart of a 
Lion," "The Greatest Love," starred in "War 
Bride's Secret," "Lady From the Sea"), Gold- 
wyn ("A Perfect Lady"), Acme ("The Thir- 
teentlj Chair"), Fox ("If I Were King"). Hght., 
6, 1; wght., 220. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

LAWBENCE, W. E-; b. Brooklyn. 1893; educ. 
there; artist's model for Christy, Leyendecker; 
screen career, Reliance-Majestic ("The Battle 
of the Sexes"), Fine Arts ("Old Folks at 
Home," "In-tolerance"), Artcraft ("The Little 
Princess"), Triangle ("The Passion Flower"), 
Sunshine ("Damaged No-Goods"), Para. 
("Mile-a-Mlnute Kendall"), Vitagraph ("Th 
Girl Woman"), Fox ("Bride 13," "Get Your 
Man"), First Nat'l ("Habit"), Realart ("The 
Snob," "Ducks and Drakes"). Hght., 5, 10%; 
wght., 180; black hair, blue eyes. 

LAYTON, Verne; screen career, C. B. C. Film 
("Dangerous Love"), Art-O-Graf ("Finders 

LEDEBEB, Otto; b. Prague, Bohemia; educ. 
Vienna; stage career, opera in Vienna, Irving 
Place theatre; screen career, Selig, Vitagraph 
("Mr: Aladdin of Broadway," "The Lady Sher- 
iff," "Red Prince," "Dead Shot Baker," "The 
Flaming Omen," "The Woman in the Web," 
"The Diplomat of Wolfville," "Cupid Fore- 
closes," "Over the Garden Wall"), David But- 
ler's Prod., Ruth Roland Serial. Hght., 6; 
wght., 170%; dark eyes, black hair. Ad., 2684 
Beachwood Drive, Los Angeles, Calif., Holly 

LEE, Duke; screen career, Universal ("H'itchin' 
Posts," "Sundown Slim," "If Only Jim"), Fox 
("Just Pals"). 

LEE, Harry; b. Richmond, Va., June 1, 1872; 
educ. private and parochial schl.; stage career, 
began 1893, with Fred Bryton in "Forgiven"; 
screen career began 1908 Famous Players 
("Lady Eileen"), Goldwyn ("Friend Husband," 
"Hell Cat"), De Luxe ("Twilight"), Keeney 
("Romance of th Underworld"), Triangle 
("Upside Down"), Empey ("The Undercurrent," 
"Liquid Gold), Selznick ("Sooner or Later," 
"Bucking the Tiger"), Famous Players 
("Destiny's Toy," "Little Lady Eileen"). Hght., 
5, 10%; wght., 161; fair complexion, dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 145 W. 12th 
st., N. Y., Chelsea 5774. 

LEE, Rowland V.; also director; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("Water, Water, Everywhere," "His 
Own Law"), Paramount ("Her Husband's 
Friend"), Asso. Prod, (directed "A Thousand to 

LE GUEBE, George; b. New Orleans, La.; educ. 
Georgetown Univ., Wash., D. C. ; stage career, 
with Forbes-Robertson, Margaret Anglin, Char- 
lotte Walker, Wm. Hodge, Jane Cowl, David 
Warfield, etc. ; screen career Essanay, . Metro, 
Famous, Pathe, Brenon ("Third Floor Back," 
Select ("Cecelia of the Pink Roses," "The Way 
of a Woman"), World ("The Hand Invisible"), 
Ind. ("Sun Up"), First National ("Mamma's 
Affair"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 135; blond com- 
plexion. Home ad., 8 W. 107th st., N. Y. ; 
Acad. 1445. 

LEIBEB, Fritz; stage career, in People's Stock, 
Chicago, with Julia Marlowe, Robt. B. Man- 
tell, David Warfield, Mme. Petrova; screen ca- 
reer, Metro, Fox ("Cleopatra," "If I Were 
King"), Goldwyn ("The Song of the Soul"). 
Home ad., Atlantic Highlands, N. J. 

LEIGH, Frank; b. London, Eng. ; educ. Oxford 
Univ.; stage career, 20 yrs. exper. ; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("Dangerous Days," "Cup of Fury," 
"Lord and Lady Algy"), Fox ("The Mother of 
His Children"), J. D. Hampton ('An Hour Be- 
fore Dawn"), Universal ("Common Property"), 
Marshall Neilan ("Bob Hampton of Placer"), 
Dial Film ("Light in the Clearing"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 182; black hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
1062 Manzanita St. Los Angeles, Calif., phone 

LE MOYNE, Charles; screen career, Universal 
("The Brute Breaker," "His Divorced Wife," 



"Marked Men," "Bullet Proof," "Human Stuff," 
"Blue Streak McCoy," "Sundown Slim," "West 
Is West," "Hearts Up," "Colorado," "The Freeze 

LENDERS, William; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Flame," "Bars of Iron"). 

LEONARD, Gus; screen career, Paramount 
("Homer Comes Home"), Educational ("Hey 

LEVERING, James; b. Bristol, Eng., 1861; educ. 
Belgrave Coll.. Bristol, and Oxford Univ.; stage 
career, with Sir Henry Irving, also in "Silver 
King," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "Private 
Secretary," etc., and several yrs. in stk. ; screen 
career, with Edison, Pathe, Lubin, Gaumont 
("Rain of Death," "Dead Alive"), Solax ("Pit 
and Pendulum," "Brennan of the Moor"), Froh- 
man Amuse. ("My Own United States"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 145. Home ad., 133 Man- 
hattan ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

LEWIS, B. A.; screen career, Mary Pickford 
("The Heart of the Hills," "The Hoodlum"), 
Anita Stewart ("The Fighting Shepherdess"), 
Universal ("The Unique Crook"), C. K. Young 
("Eyes of Youth"). Ad., Union League Club, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

LEWIS, Mitchell; b. Syracuse, N. Y. ; educ. Syra- 
cuse Univ. and Naval Acad.; 6 yrs. in U. S. 
Navy; stage career, "The Two Orphans," with 
Wm. Faversham 3 yrs., "The Squaw Man" in 
Eng.; "Chinese Honeymoon," "Everywoman," 
with Nazimova in " 'Ception Shoals"; screen 
career, first Metro pictures of Harold Lock- 
wood and Viola Dana, Rex Beach ("The Bar- 
rier"), Select ("Children of Banishment," "Code 
of the Yukon"), Screen Classics ("Burning 
Daylight," "A Daughter of the Snows," "Smoke 
Bellew," "The Mutiny of the Elsinore"). 
Hght., 6, 1; wght., 195; black hair, brown eyes. 
Ad.. 418 Mason Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 

LEWIS, Ralph; b. Englewood, 111.; educ. North- 
western Univ.; stage career, rep., mus. com., 
with Wilton Lackaye, Jas. K. Hackett, Julia 
Marlowe, 4 yrs. vaud. ; screen career, Fine Arts, 
Fox ("Jack and the Beanstalk," "Talk of the 
Town"), Mary Pickford ("The Hoodlum"), C. 
K. Young ("Eyes of Youth"), Douglas Fair- 
banks ("Till the Clouds Roll By" Goldwyn 
("Prisoners of Love"), First National (Sowing 
the Wind," "Man-Woman-Marriage"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("Salvage"), Rex Ingram Prod. ("The 
Conquering Power"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 180. 
Home ad., 8221 De Longpre Ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif., phone 579977. 

LEWIS, Sheldon; b. Phila., Pa.; stage career, 20 
yrs. in stk., starring; leading man for Mrs. 
Fiske, Ada Rehan, Blanche Walsh, and with 
Wm. Brady's prod. "Life"; screen career, Pathe 
("The Clutching Hand," in "The Exploits of 
Elaine," "The Iron Claw," "The Hidden Hand," 
"Wolves of Kultur"), Virginia Pearson Photo- 
plays, Pioneer ("Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"). 
Home ad., 464 Riverside Drive, N. Y. C. 

LEWIS, Walter P.; b. Albany, N. Y., June, 1871; 
educ. Albany; stage career, Zieke Pettingill 
with "Quincy Adams Sawyer," "Quo Vadis," 
"David Harum"; vaud.; screen career, Vita- 
gr.aph ("Man Who Might Have Been"), First 
National ("A Woman Under Oath"), Willat & 
Shurtliff ("The Star Rover"), Buffalo M. P. Co. 
("The Daughter of Devil Dan"), Famous Play- 
ers ("The Ghost in the Garret"), Ore-Col ("The 
Black Sheep"), Master Films ("Torchy"). 
Hght., 6, 1; wght., 180; light hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 237 W. 107th St., N. Y. ; Acad. 490. 

LINCE, John; screen career, Goldwyn ("Stop 
Thief," "Guile of Women"). 

LINCOLN, E. K.; b. Johnstown, Pa.; stage ca- 
reer, stk. 4 yrs.; also "The College Widow," 
"Strongheart," "The Squaw Man," "The Vir- 
ginians," "The Woman"; screen career, World, 
Goldwyn, Perret Prod. ("For the Freedom of 
the World," "Lafayette, We Come," "Stars of 
Glory"), Hodkinson ("Fighting Through," "Des- 
ert Gold"), S. L. Pict. ("Virtuous Men," "The 
Inner Voice"), A. J. Bimberg ("What is Love"), 
International ("The Woman God Changed"). 
Western, society and character roles. Hght., 
6; wght., 185; black hair and hazel eyes. Owns 
modern m. p. studios at Grantwood, N. J., and 
Blandford, Mass. Ad., 110 W. 40th st., N. Y. 

LINCOLN, Elmo (Otto Elmo Linkenhelt) ; b. 
Rochester, Ind., Feb. 6, 1889; educ. there; stage 
career, Holden Stk. Co., 2 seasons; screen ca- 
reer, D. W. Griffith's ("Birth of a Nation," 
"Intolerance"), Fox ("Treasure Island"), Na- 
tional ("Tarzan of the Apes," "The Romance 
of Tarzan," "The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin"), 
Universal ("Under Crimson Skies," "Elmo the 
Fearless"), Nathan Hirsh Prod. ("Man of 

Courage"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 200; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 2719 Sunset blvd., 
Los Angeles, Calif. ; studio, Universal. 

UNDER, Max; b. Bordeaux, France; educ. there 
and Paris; stage career, stk. in Europe; screen 
career, Pathe (Max comedies), Essanay (wrote, 
dir. and starred in "Max Comes Across," "Max 
in a Taxi," "Max, the Heartbreaker," "Max 
Plays Detective," "Max Wants a Divorce"); 
now producing five-reel comedy for Robertson- 
Cole. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; dark complexion, 
black hair, brown eyes. - Ad., Universal City, 

LINGHAM, Thomas; b. Indianapolis, Ind., 1874; 
stage career, with James O'Neill, E. H. Sothern, 
Robert Mantell; screen career, Kalem ("Stinga- 
ree" series), Signal ("Medicine Bend," "Mana- 
ger of B. fi A.," "A Lass of the Lumberlands," 
"The Lost Express"), Pathe ("Ruth of the 
Rockies" serial), ice skater. Hght., 6; 
wght., 185; complexion brunette, green eyes, 
dark brown hair. Ad., 201 E. Acacia st., Trop- 
ico, Calif.; studio ad., Ruth Roland Co., Horsley 

LITTLEFIELD, Lucien L..; b. Richmond, Va. ; 
educ. Staunton Mil. Acad., Staunton, Va. ; 
studied at dramatic schl. in N. Y. ; stage ca- 
reer, stk. in San Antonio, Tex., in various 
sketches; screen career, Imp, Rex, Lasky 
("Joan of Arc," "The Miser," "The Gutter 
Magdalene," "The Golden Fetter"), Lasky- 
Paramount ("The Hostage"), Paramount-Art- 
craft ("Everywoman," "The Fourteenth Man," 
"The Round Up"), Realart ("Eyes of the 
Heart," "The Furnace," "Her First Elopement," 
"The Little Clown"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 145 
Blond hair and green eyes. 

LIVINGSTON, Jack; b. St. Albans, Vt.; educ. 
Chicago, 111.; stage career, six yrs. legit.; screen 
career, 7 yrs., played leads opposite Vivian 
Martin, Dorothy Dalton, Peggy Hyland, Bessie 
Barriscale, Jane Novak, Universal ("A Tokio 
Siren"), Metro ("The; Misfit Wife," "The Sap- 
head"), Arrow ("The Golden Trail"). Hght., 
6; wght., 175; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1230 Gardner st., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 577810. 

LLOYD, Harold C.; b. Nebraska, 1893; educ. 
Denver, Omaha and San Diego; stage career, 
began at age of 12; stk. and road shows; 
screen career, Universal, Edison, Keystone, was 
original Lonesome Luke in those series; Pathe, 
52 one-reel Lloyd comedies, 2-reel comedies 
("Bumping Into Broadway," "Capt. Kidd's 
Kids," "His Royal Slyness," "From Hand to 
Mouth," "Number, Please," "Get Out and Get 
Under," "An Eastern Westerner," "Now or 
Never," "Among Those Present"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 150; black hair, blue eyes, light com- 
plexion. Home ad., 369 South Hoover st. Los 
Angeles, Calif.; studio ad., Hal E. Roach studio, 
Culver City, Calif. 

LOCKNEY, J. P.; b. Philadelphia; educ. there; 
stage career, stk., with John McCullough; wrote 
"The Hidden Crime" and "The Girl With the 
Taking Way" (vaud. sketch), in which he 
toured; screen career, 5 yrs. with Ince-Para- 
mount ("The Silent Man," "String Beans"), 
Paramount ("Hay-foot, Straw-foot," "The Sher- 
iff's Son," "Greased Lightning," "The Egg 
Crate Wallop," "Below the Surface"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("Uncharted Channels," "813"), Pathe 
("A Broadway Cowboy," "Dice of Destiny," 
"Down Home"), Hodkinson ("Partners of the 
Tide"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 190; dark hair, 
brown eyes. Studio ad., Ince, Los Angeles. 

LONG, Walter; b. Milford, N. H., 1884; educ. 
Nashua, N. H. ; stage career, stk. rep and vaud., 
with Holbrook Blinn, H. B. Warner, under 
mgmt. of Shubert and Frohman; screen career, 
Essanay, Reliance, Lasky ("Years of the 
Locust," "The Golden Fetter," "Hashimura 
Togo"), Fine Arts ("Intolerance"), Artcraft 
("The Poppy Girl's Husband"), Fox ("Chasing 
Rainbows"), Hampton-Hod. ("Desert Gold"), 
Griffith ("Scarlet Days"), Universal ("The Fire 
Cat"), Sol Lesser ("What Women Love"), 
Lasky ("White and Unmarried"), Metro ("Held 
in Trust"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; brown 
hair, gray eyes. Ad., Christie Hotel, Hollywood. 

LONSDAIJE, Harry G.; b. Worcester, Eng.; educ. 
Worcester Cathedral; stage career, with Mans- 
field in "Beau Brummel," with E. S. Willard in 
repertoire, with Nat C. Goodwin, 2 seasons at 
the old Boston Museum stk.; screen career, 
Selig ("The Brand of Cain," "Beware of 
Strangers"), Fox ("Conscience"), Rob-Cole 
("The Illustrious Prince"), Select ("The Last of 
His People"), Pathe ("The Week-End." "Pay- 



ment Guaranteed"), Export & Import Film 
("The Mask"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160. 

LORRAINE, Harry; screen career, Goldwyn 
("The Slim Princess"), Robertson-Cole ("Kis- 
met"), Tourneur ("Last of the Mohicans"), 
Pathe ("The Lure of Egypt"), Hodkinson 
("Man of the Forest"). 

LOSEE, Frank; b. and educ. Bklyn. ; 25 yrs. with 
Belasco, Frohman, K. & E., the Shuberts, John 
Cort; screen career, Famous Players ("The 
Eternal City," "Old Homestead," "La Tosca," 
"Helene of the North," "The Spider," "Bab's 
Stories," "Paid in Full." "Here Comes the 
Bride," "His Parisian Wife," "The Firing 
Line," "Good Gracious, Annabelle," "Marie, 
Ltd," "The Right to Love," "Civilian Clothes," 
"Half An Hour"), Selznick ("Broadway and 
Home"), Federated Exchange ("Don't Leave 
Your Husband"), Bradley Prod. ("Dangerous 
Love"), United Artists "Disraeli," D. W. 
Griffith's "The Two Orphans." 

LOTT, Jack; b. Columbus, Ohio; educ. Ohio State 
Univ.; screen career, Kalem ("Stingree" series), 
Morosco ("Bunker Bean," "The Shuttle"), Paul 
Smith Co. ("Finger of Justice"), Universal 
("Romance of Billy Goat Hill"), Thos. H. Ince 
("Let's Be Fashionable," "Mary's Ankle"), 
Lloyd Carleton Prods. ("Mountain Madness"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 175; brown hair, dark eyes. 
Home ad., 516 S. Rampart Blvd., Los Angeles. 
Calif.; phone 577360. 

LOUIS, Willard; b. San Francisco.Cal., 1882; stage 
career.with Edward Harrigan, appeared In 
many Broadway prods., played lead 2 yrs. In 
"Seven Days"; screen career, Fox ("The Merry- 
go-Round"), Goldwyn ("Letty," "Jubilo," "Go- 
Ing Some"), Universal ("Unpainted Woman," 
"The Scarlet Strain," "The Highest Bidder"), 
Goldwyn ("The Great Accident," "Madame X," 
"Roads of Destiny"), Robertson-Cole ("A 
Slave of Vanity"). Ad 1437 Valley View Road, 
Glendale, Calif., Glendale 1195-J. 

LOVE, Montagru; b. Calcutta, India, 1877; educ. 
England; stage career, mgmt. Belasco, Joseph 
Brooks, Shuberts, W. A. Brady, Cyril Maude 
(In London); screen career, Pathe, Metro ("The 
Cross Bearer," "Rasputin," "Brand of Satan," 
"The Awakening"), World ("The Rough Neck," 
"The Hand Invisible," "The Quickening Flame," 
"Three Green Eyes," "A Broadway Saint," "The 
Steel King"), Paramount ("World and His 

Wife"), Pioneer ("The Place of Honeymoons"), 
Graphic ("The Wrong Woman"). Hght., 6, 1; 
wght., 195; fair complexion, red hair, blue eyes. 

LOWE, Edmund; stage career, "The Son- 
Daughter"; screen career, Equity ("Eyes of 
Youth), First National ("The Woman Gives," 
"My Lady's Latchkey"), Rolf e- Jans ("Madonnas 
and Men," "A Woman's Business"), Metro 
("Some One in the House"), Pathe ("The 
Devil"), Selznick ("Chicken in the Case"). 

LOWELL, John; b. Pleasant Grove, Iowa; educ. 
Iowa and S. D. ; early career, cowboy, surveyor; 
screen career, World ("The Clouded Name"), 
leads in Blazed Trail Prods. ("When Bad Dan 
Rides," "The Hidden Pit," "The Danger Patrol." 
"Across the Line," "Tell Tale Tracks," "Where 
Peril Lurks," Code of the North," "Fate's 
Chessboard," "Fangs of the Wolf," "Face at 
the Window," "Danger Patrol," "Heart of Big 
Dan"). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 185; dark hair and 
eyes. Studio ad., Classic Dramas, Inc.,Glovers- 
ville, N. Y. 

LOWERY, Wm. A.; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. 
Christian Bros.; stage career, 12 yrs. with 
Richard Mansfield, Chas. B. Stanford, Imperial 
Stk. Co., St. Louis, Mo., John Seibert Co.; 
screen career, Selig. Universal, Fox, United 
Artists ("The Nut"), 5 yffe. with D. W. Griffith. 
Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 185; black hair, dark 
blue eyes. Home ad., 112 S. Hollenback Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif.; Boyle 4402. 

LUCAS, Wilfred; b. Canada; educ. Montreal high 
schl. and McGill Univ.; stage career, light and 
grand opera abroad and in America, 2 seasons 
in "Quo Vadis"; screen career, Fine Arts ("His 
Excellency, the Governor," "Food Gamblers"), 
Paramount ("The Judgment House"), Universal 
("The Wild Cat"), Metro ("The Return of 
Mary"), Mayflower ("Soldiers of Fortune"), 
Hodkinson ("The Breaking Point"), United 
Artists ("Thru the Back Door"). 

LUCY, Arnold; stage career, character actor of 
25 yrs. exper. in comedy and drama in London 
and New York, in "Fanny's First Play," 
"Nothing but the truth," "Eternal Magdalene," 
"Roads of Destiny"; screen career, "The Devil's 
Toy," Edison ("Vanity Fair"), Fairbanks ("In 
Again, Out Again"), .Vitagraph ("Nymph of 
the Foothills"), Famous Players ("The Cost"), 
First National ("In Search of a Sinner," "The 

Love Expert," "Good References," "Dangerous 
Business"), Outlook Photoplay ("The Gibson 
Upright"), Mayflower Photoplay ("Idols). 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 140; light brown hair, gray 
eyes. Ad., 16 Gramercy Park, N. Y. C. 

LYON, Ben; b. Atlanta, Ga., educ. Balti- 
more Park School and Balto. City College, Md. ; 
stage career, many successful plays, screen 
career, Violet Mersereau's leading man In "Mor- 
gan's Raiders," co-star with Marian Swayne In 
"The Transgressor," leads in Edison's "Conquest 
Series," Vitagraph ("The Heart of Maryland"). 
Complexion brune'te, dark brown hair, dark 
blue eyes; hght., 5, 11; wght., 160. Home ad- 
dress 611 W. Ill Cath. 7060, New York. 

LYONS, Eddie, also director; b. Beardstown, 111., 
1886; stage career, rep., Marlowe stk., Chicago, 
"Mrs. Wiggs of Cabbage Patch," mgmt. Lieb- 
ler, vaud., "Beverly of Graustark" rd. co. ; 
screen career, Biograph, Imp, Nestor ("The 
Rushin' Dancers," "Dolls and Dollars," "Too 
Much Women," "Bad News," "A Fire Escape 
Finish," "There and Back," "A Hasty Hazing," 
"His Wife's Relatives"), co-starred with Lee 
Moran in Star Comedies, making 52 single-reel 
comedies for Universal, feature comedy dramas 
for Universal ("Everything But the Truth," 
"La, La, Lucille," "Once a Plumber," "Fixed 
By George," "A Shocking Night," "Roman 
Romeos"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 143; gray eyes, 
dark brown hair. Ad., Universal City, Calif. 

LYTELL, Bert; b. and educ. N. Y. C. ; stage ca- 
reer, stock, many Broadway prod., lead with 
Irene Fenwick, "Mary's Ankle"; screen career, 
Brenon ("The Lone Wolf"), Metro ("The 
Spender," "Faith," "One-Thlng-at-a-Time- 
O'Day"), Metro-Screen Classics ("Lombard!, 
Ltd.," "The Right of Way," "Alias Jimmy 
Valentine," "The Misleading Lady," "Prince of 
Redemption," "A Message From Mars"). 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 155; brown hair, hazel 
eyes. Studio. Metro, Hollywood, Cal. 

LYTELL, Wilfred; b. N. Y. C.; stage exper.. 
"The Country Boy," "His Brother's Keeper," 
"Captain Kidd, Jr.," "Business Before Pleas- 
ure"; screen career, Ince-Vitagraph ("The De- 
stroyer," "The Conflict," "The 90 and 9," "The 
Lily and the Rose"), Warren prod. Metro 
("Our Mrs. McChesney"), Arthur F. Beck, Inc. 
("Isle of Jewels" serial), Famous Players 
("Heliotrope," "The Kentuckians"), Graphic 
("The Wrong Woman"), Fox ("Know Your 
Men"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 155; dark hair 
and eyes. Home ad., 5 Jackson st., Bayside, 
L. I., N. Y. 

LYTTON, Roger; artist, sculptor, musician; b. 
New Orleans, La. ; educ. Dresden, London, 
Paris, Columbia Univ.; stage career, 20 yrs., 
playing leads and heavies; screen career, 12 
yrs., member of old Vitagraph Co., Selznick, 
Hallmark "Vengeance of Durant," "Battle Cry 
of Peace," "Panthea," "Lest We Forget," 
"Burden of Proof," "The Forbidden City," 
"The Third Degree," "A Regular Girl," "High 
Speed," "The Sport of Kings," "Love or Money," 
"His Brother's Keeper." Member of Columbia 
University, Salmagundi, and MacDowell Clubs. 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; dark complexion, iron 
gray hair, brown eyes. Ad., Columbia Univer- 
sity Club, 4 West 43rd St., N. Y. C. 


MacDERMOTT, Marc; b. London, Eng. ; educ 
Australia; stage career, 7 yrs. with Geo. Rin- 
gold's Co. in Australia, with Mrs. Patrick Camp- 
bell in U. S. and England, with Richard Mans- 
field, mgmt. Charles Frohman, etc.; screen 
career, Edison, 6 yrs., twice sent around world 
by Edison as their star; Vitagraph ("The Green 
God," "An Alabaster Box"), Fox ("Buchanan's 
Wife," "Kathleen Mavourneen"), Norma Tal- 
madge ("The New Moon"), Ferret ("13th 
Chair"), Fox ("While New York Sleeps," "Blind 
Wives"), Paramount ("Footlights"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 175; auburn hair brown eyes. Ad., 546 
W. 113th St., N. Y. C.; Cathedral 7483. 

MacDONALD, Donald; screen career, Paramount 
("The Law of Men," "Extravagance," "The 
Market of Souls"), Select ("Who Cares?"), 
Pathe ("The Silver Girl"), Rob-Cole ("The 
House of Intrigue"), First National ("The Yel- 
low Typhoon"), Chas. Ray ("45 Minutes From 
Broadway," "A Midnight Bell"), Louis Glaum 
("Daughters of Joy"). Home ad., 3920 Wil- 
shire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

MacDONALD, Wallace; b. Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, 
Canada; educ. Sydney, N. S. ; stage career, stock 
cos. at Vancouver, B. C., and San Francisco, 
Calif., Phoenix, Ariz., and El Paso, Tex.; screen 



career, co-star on Triangle and Vitagraph pro- 
grams, leading man for Pauline Frederick, Mae 
Marsh. Mabel Normand, Marguerite Clark, Mary 
Miles Minter, Olive Thomas, Anita Stewart Vita- 
graph ("Trumpet Island"), Maurice Tourneur 
("Bright Lights"), Goldwyn ("Who Shall 
Judge?"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 142; dark 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., L. A. Athletic Club, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

MacDOWELL, Melbourne; b. Little Washington, 
N. J. ; educ. N. Y. ; stage career, 25 yrs., hus- 
band of Fanny Davenport, appeared in Sardou 
repertoire starred in stock several seasons 
"Tosca," "Theodora," "Fedora," "Gismonda" ; 
screen career, Ince-Para. ("Tyrant Fear," 
"Claws of the Hun," "Coals of Fire"), National 
"The Lamb and the Lion," "Passions Three," 
"Wolves of the Rail"), Mayflower ("Soldiers 
of Fortune"), National ("Nobody's Girl"), 
Universal ("Outside the Law"), Fox "Nomads 
of the North"), Vitagraph ("Diamonds Adrift"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 210; dark complexion, gray 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 1047 Everett St., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

MACK, Bobby; screen career, Universal ("Human 
Stuff"), Metro ("The Hope"), Vitagraph 
("Black Beauty"). 

MACK, Hayward; b. Albany, N. Y. ; educ. Iowa 
Coll. ; early career, civil engineer and newspaper 
man; stage career, 7 yrs, in stock, vaud. and 
prod.; screen career, since 1910, Imp, Majestic, 
Famous Players, Biograph, Universal ("The 
Spindle of Life"), Amer. Mutual ("Impossible 
Susan"), Hodkinson ("Fighting Through"), 
American ("Some Liar," "Put Up Your Eyes"), 
Fox ("Love Is Love," "The Speed Maniac," 
"Thieves," "Why Trust Your Husband"), Pathe 
("Girl in the Web," "The Gangsters"), Para- 
mount ("Burglar Proof"), First National 
("Oliver Twist, Jr."). Hght.. 6; wght., 185; 
dark hair, blue eyes. 

MACK, Htighie; screen career, Pathe ("Open 
Another Bottle," "Make it Snappy," "Fellow 
Romans," "Rush Orders"), Robertson-Cole 
("Seeing It Thru"). 

MACK, Joseph P.; educ. Rome, Italy; stage ca- 
reer, 12 yrs. legitimate, 12 yrs. vaud.; screen 
career, 6 yrs., Detrich Co. ("Wild Honey"). 
Metro ("Brass Check," "Under Suspicion"). E 
V. B. ("Little, But Oh My!"), Fox ("Never Say 
Quit," "Shark Rawley"), Hallmark ("Chain of 
Evidence"), Raver ("Golden God"), Porter 
("Train-Wreckers"). Hght:, 5, 11; wght., 200; 
dark hair and eyes. Ad., 301 W. 46th St., 
N. Y.; Bryant 4578. 

MACK, William B.; screen career, Realart ("The 
Deep Purple"), Cosmopolitan ("Heliotrope"). 

MACKAY, Charles; educ. N. Y. College; stage ca- 
reer, N. Y. prods, with Wm. A. Brady, Mrs. 
Henry Harris, George Tyler, Charles Frohman, 
Klaw and Erlanger; screen career, Tourneur 
("The Velvet Paw"), World-Peerless ("The Un- 
pardonable Sin," "That Oakdale Affair," "The 
Woman of Lies." "Me and Capt. Kidd." "The 
Poison Pen," "The Steel King"), Jans ("Love 
Without Question"), Macauley ("Diane of Star 
Hollow"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 170; gray eyes. 
Ad. Coytesville, N. J. ; Fort Lee 38 W. 

MACKAY, Edward; stage career, leading man 
with Mrs. Fiske, Henrietta Crosman, Grace 
George, Nethersole; stock star, screen career, 
Famous Players ("Port of Missing Men," 
"Clothes," "The Clue," "The Secret Orchard"), 
Ivan ("Man and His Angel," "The Faded 
Flower," "The Window Opposite"). Hght., 5, 
10; wght., 155; light hair eyes. Ad., home 
Coytesville, N. J. 

MacKlNNIN, John; screen career, Equity ("The 
Forbidden Woman"), Paramount ("The Four- 
teenth Man"), Realart ("Her First Elope- 

MacLEAN, Douglas; b. Phila.; educ. Northwestern 
Univ., Pres. Sch., and Lewis Inst. Tech.; stage 
career, juvenile in stock cos., also with Maude 
Adams in "Peter Pan" and other Barrie plays, 
and Broadway appearances; screen career, 
Artcraft ("The Hun Within," "Johanna En- 
lists," "Capt. Kidd, Jr."), Ince-Para. ("Fuss 
and Feathers"), Ince ("23% Hours Leave," 
"What's Your Husband Doing," "Mary's Ankle," 
"Let's Be Fashionable," "When Johnnie 
Comes Marching Home," "The Jailbird," "The 
Rookies Return," "Chickens," "The Home 
Stretch"). Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 145; brown 
hair and eyes. Ad., 406 S. Alvarado St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. ; studio, Thos. H. Ince. 
MacLEAN, B, D.; b. New Orleans, La.; educ. 
Washington & Lee Univ., Lexington, Va. ; stage 
career, "Brutus" and "Othello," with Wm. 
Faversham Co.; "Macbeth" and "King John" 
with Modjeska; screen career, Goldwyn ("The 

Silver Horde," "Little Shepherd of Kingdom 
Come," "Don't Neglect Your Wife"). Hght. 6- 
wght, 185; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 
1764 N. Sycamore ave., Los Angeles Calif 
phone 579793. 

MAC QUARBIE, Frank; b. San Francisco, Cal.; 
educ. there; stage career, 19 yrs. with Nance 
O'Neill, stk. with Henry Miller and 5 yrs. stk 
Vancouver, B. C. ; one season "The Spoilers"; 
screen career, Universal 3 yrs. ("The Flash of 
Fate," "The Man Trap"), Triangle ("Praig" in 
Black Box serial. "Broadway to the Throne," 
"Two Men from Sandy Bar"), National ("Girl 
of My Dreams"), Rob-Cole ("Whitewashed 
Walls"), Universal ("Loot," "Under Suspicion"). 
Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Oakwoods Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif. 

MAC QTJARRIE; George; b. San Francisco, Calif.; 
stage career, 20 yrs. exper. ; screen career, D. 
W. Griffith, Famous Players, Vitagraph, Fox 
and World Film. Hght., 6; wght., 185; brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. C. 

MAGBANE, Thomas; screen career, Arrow ("The 
Way Women Love," "Luxury"). 

MAILES, Charles Hill; b. Halifax, N. S:, 1870; 
stage career, since 24 yrs. old, in vaud., con- 
cert work, Shakespearian roles, also in "The 
Squaw Man," "The Clansman," "The Oath"; 
screen career, over 5 yrs. with Biograph, Uni- 
versal ("A Young Patriot," "Bitter Sweet," 
"The Lair of the Wolf," "The Dynast," "The 
Spotted Lily," "The Power," "The Girl Who 
Won Out," "Beloved Jim," "Talk of the Town"), 
Metro ("Full of Pep"), Pathe ("Our Better 
Selves"), Fox ("The Speed Maniac"), Para-Art - 
craft ("Red Hot Dollars," "Chickens"), Ince 
("Homespun Folks," "The Home Stretch"), 
United Artists ("The Mark of Zorro"), Frothing- 
ham ("Ten Dollar Raise"), First National 
("Courage"). Iron gray hair. 

MAJEBONI, George; screen career, Sherry ("A 
Marriage for Convenience"), Vitagraph ("Fight- 
ing Destiny," "The Gamblers," "In Honor's 
Web"), Pathe ("What Women Will Do"), Prod. 
Security ("Diane of Star Hollow"). 

MAJEBONI, Mario; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Partners of the Night"), Jans ("Love With- 
out Question"), Republic ("Children Not 
Wanted"), Fox ("From Now On"). 

MALATESTA, Frederic M., also director; b. Na- 

fles, Italy; educ. there and Rome; stage career, 
taly and South America; screen career, Pathe 
("The Wolf-faced Man " serial, "The Devil's 
Trail"), Griffith ("The Greatest Thing in Life"), 
American ("The Other Side of Eden"), Metro 
("The Legion of Death," "The Demon," "Full 
of Pep," "The Four-Flusher," The Best of 
Luck),, First National ("The Mask"), Para- 
mount ("The Sins of Rozanne"), Robertson- 
Cole ("Big Happiness"), Fox ("The Challenge 
of the Law"), Universal ("Risky Business"). 
Directed Max Linder for the Essanay Co. 
Hght., 6; wght., 185; dark hair and eyes. 

MALONEY, Leo. D.; b. San Jose, Cal., 1888; educ. 
Santa Clara Coll., Cal. ; early career, on ranch 
until young man; screen career, Pathe, Signal 
("The Girl arid the Game," "Whispering Smith, 1 ' 
"Medicine Bend," "Judith of the Cumberlands," 
"Manager of B. and A.," "A Lass of the Lum- 
berlands," "The Overland Disaster," "The Lost 
Express"), Vitagraph ("A Fight for Millions"), 
Universal ("The Spitfire of Seville"), World 
("The Arizona Catclaw"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 

MANN, Hank, also director; b. N. Y. C.; educ. 
Morris High School; stage career, vaud.; screen 
career, Mack Sennett ("The Village Black- 
smith," "His Bread and Butter"), Fox ("Bon 
Bon Riot," "His First Blow Out"), Hank Mann 
Comedies ("Messenger," "Harem Hero," "Eye 
for Figures"), Arrow ("The Blacksmith," Dr. 
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 
165; light brown hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
1021 Lake Shore Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Wil- 
shire 1262; studio, Hank Mann Comedies Co., 
Francis Ford Studio, Los Angeles. 

MARBUBGH, Bertram; b. 1875; stage career, 
with John Drew in "Much Ado About Nothing," 
with Wm. Faversham in "The Squaw Man," 
with Maude Adams in "Chanticler," with Rob- 
ert Hilliard in "Argyle Case"; screen career, 
Wharton ("The Eagle's Eye"), Fox ("Check- 
ers"), World ("Social Pirates"), Powell ("You 
Never Know Your Luck"), Selznick ("Whisp- 
ers," "The Greatest Love"). Height., 6, 10%; 
complexion, dark. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. 

MARCUS, James A.; stage career, from 1881, in 
?The Lights of London," stage director for the 
Fay Templeton Opera Co., "The Cub," "The 
Sign of the Cross"; screen career, Fox ("Car- 
men," "Regeneration," "Honor System," "Be- 



trayed," "This Is the Life," "The Conqueror." 
"Evangeline," "Should a Husband Forgive?" 
"The Strongest," "From Now On"), Kessel & 
Bauman ("Headin" Home"). 

MARION, William; screen career Universal 
("Wanted at Headquarters"), Pathe ("The 
Devil to Pay," "Their Mutual Child"). 
MARKS, Willis; b. Rochester, Minn.; educ. Minne- 
apolis; stage career, began in 1888 in St. Paul, 
Minn., member of Morosco, Burbank Theatre, 
Los Angeles, for 9 yrs. ; screen career, 6 yrs., 
Lasky ("Man from Funeral Range," "The 
Dancing Fool"), Vitagraph ("The Wishing Ring 
Man," "Over the Garden Wall"), Ince 
("Greased Lightning"), Universal ("The Tremb- 
ling Hour"), Haworth ("The Greater Front"), 
Ince ("Homespun Folks"), Universal ("Every- 
thing But the Truth," "Renunciation"), King 
Vidor ("The Jack Knife Man," "The Family 
Honor"), Fox ("The Little Grey Mouse"). 
Hght., 5, 8; wght, 140; gray hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 1341% Toberman St., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; West 4046. 

MARKWEIX, Milton; b. Wallace, Idaho; educ. 
Mereersburg Acad., Penn College, Pa.; stage 
career, stk. in San Diego, Cal. and Seattle, vaud. 
thru S. W. States; screen career, Monroe Salis- 
bury Players ("The Barbarian"), Universal 
("The Phantom Melody," "Man in the Moon- 
light," "The Blinding Trail"), Independent 
("Seeing It Thru), Howells Prod. ("Home Sweet 
Home"). Hght., 6; wght., 165; blond hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 1767 Orchid Ave. Holly- 
wood, Calif,, phone 57362. 

MARMONT, Percy; educ. St. Anne's. Redhill. 
Surrey. England; stage career, with Sir Herbert 
Tree, Sir Geo. Alexander, Cyril Maude, etc. ; in 
U. S., with Anne Murdock, Ethel Barrymore, 
Belasco, screen career, Paramount, Goldwyn, 
Select, Vitagraph ("Vengeance of Durand," 
"The Winchester Woman." "The Climbers," 
"Pride," "The Sporting Dutchess," "Dead Men 
Tell No Tales," "What's Your Reputation 
Worth"), Norma Talmadge ("The Branded 
Woman"), Whitman Bennett ("The Price"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 150; blond hair, blue-gray 
eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. C. 
MARQUIS, Joseph Philip; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. 
there; stage career, stk. co. one year; screen 
career, Biograph ("Midnight Girl," "Oh. 
Louise," "My Girl Suzanne"), Universal ("Lo- 
nora," "A Matter of Taste"), MacManus 
("Bruised Humanity"). Hght., 6; wght., 175; 
blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 75 W. 94th at., 
N. Y. ; Riverside 2989. 

MARR, Gordon; b. London, Ont., Canada, 1891; 
educ. Toronto Univ.; 5 yrs. stage exper., stk., 
etc.; screen career. Wash. M. P. Corp., Fox 
("The Coming of the Law," "The Greater 
Law"), Metro ("Fools and their Money," "The 
Island of Intrigue"), First National ("Man- 
Woman-Marriage"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 138; 
dark complexion, eyes, hair. Ad., Glidden 
Hotel, Hollywood, Cal. 

MARSHALL, Tullyj b. Nevada City, Calif; educ. 
private sch. and Santa Clara Coll., Calif. ;. stage 
career, 36 yrs., as actor manager, producer and 
stage director; screen career, All Star, Fine 
Arts, D. W. Griffith ("The Girl Who Stayed 
at Home"), Goldwyn, Thos. Ince, Maurice 
Tourneur ("Life Line"), Paramount-Artcraft 
("Everywoman"), Rex Beach ("The Crimson 
Gardenia"), Realart ("Her Beloved Villian"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Little Fraid Lady"), United 
Artists ("A Modern Musketeer"), Famous 
Players ("Double Speed"). Louis B. Mayer 
("Her Kingdom of Dreams"). Hght., 5, 9%; 
wght., 148; brown-gray hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
1930 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
MARTINDEL, Edward; b. Hamilton, O. ; edu- 
cated N. Y. ; screen career, Metro ("The Very 
Idea," "The Misfit Wife"), Famous Players 
("Forbidden Fruit"), Vitagraph ("Captain 
Swift"), Realart ("You Never Can Tell," "The 
Furnace," "Ducks and Drakes"), First Na- 
tional ("Athalie"). Hght., 6, 1%; wght., 190 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

MASON, "Smiling" Billy, also director; educ. Chi- 
cago, Univ. of Michigan, Copenhagen, Denmark; 
stage career, circus clown, in "Shepherd King"; 
screen career, Pathe, Essanay, World Film, Uni- 
versal ("A Box of Tricks"), Christie ("Their Sea- 
side Tangle," "Help! Help! Police!" "One Good 
Turn," "Whose Wife"), Bluebird ("A Taste of 
Life"), Vitagraph ("The Wolf"), Artclass ("It 
Might Happen to You"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
156; blond hair, dark blue eyes. 
MASON, Charles E.; b. Warren County, Ky.; 
educ. Bowling Green, Ky. ; stage career, stk. co. 
in Portland, Oreg. ; screen career, Metro ("The 

Yellow Dove"), Astor Co., Fox, North West 
Motion Pict., Robertson-Cole ("Li Ting Lang"), 
Arrow ("The Blue Fox"), Goldwyn ("Boys 
Will Be Boys"). Hght., 6; wght., 190; dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 1750% West- 
ern Ave., Hollywood, Calif.; 'phone, 597681. 

MASON, Dan; b. Syracuse, N. Y., 1857; educ. 
Syracuse; stage career, stk., vaud., with 
Win. Collier in "The Man from Mexico," "Why 
Smith Left Home." in "Naughty Anthony," 
"The Prince of Pilsen," "Miss Patsy"; screen 
career, Edison stk., Fox ("The Scarlet Letter," 
"The Slave," "The Broadway Sport." "Every 
Girl's Dream," Fox ("The Lure of Ambition"), 
Betzwood Film Co. (the Skipper in Toonerville 
Trolly series "The Toonerville Trolly That Meets 
All Trains," "The Skipper's Narrow Escape," 
"The Skipper's Flirtation", etc.). Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 145; brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
Audubon, Montgomery Co., Pa., or Green Room 
Club, N. Y. C. 

MASON, James; b. Paris, France; educ. New 
York; early career, musician; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("The Penalty," "Godless Men"), Ed- 
gar Lewis Prod. "The Sage Hen"), Realart 
("Two Weeks With Pay"), Brunton ("The 
Mysterious Rider"). Hght., 6; wght., 174; dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 7067 Jasmine 
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., phone 70003. 

MASON, Reginald; screen career, First National 
("Two Weeks"),. Goldwyn ("The Highest Bid- 

MASON, Sidney L.; b. Paterson, N. J., 1886; educ. 
there; stage career, Cohan and Harris, "Stop 
Thief," "Get-Rich-Quick-Wallingford", with 
John Drew in "The Cat-Bird"; screen career, 
Bluebird ("Honor of Mary Blake"), Fox 
("Painted Madonna," the Fallen Idol"), Frank 
Powell ("The Promise"). Fox (Bonnie Annie 
Laurie," "The Forbidden Path"), Universal 
("The Trap"), Ferret ("A Modern Salome", 
McCord Pict. ("The Good-Bad Wife"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 163; dark complexion,' dark hair, 
brown eyes. Ad., 3657 Broadway, N. Y. C., or 
Green Room Club. 

MAYALL, Herschel; b. Bowling Green, Ky. ; educ. 
Farmington. Me., and Univ. of Minn.; stage ca- 
reer. 25 yrs., 14 yrs. leading man in *stk. cos. 
In New York, Cincinnati, screen career, Ince 
("Civilization"), Morosco, Brunton ("Carmen 
of the Klondyke"), Bessie Barriscale ("The 
Heart of Rachael"), Wm. Farnum ("Wings of 
the Morning"), Alaskan Prod. Co. ("The Seal 
of Death"), Robertson-Cole ("Kismet"), Fox 
("Queen of Sheba"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 185; 
dark brown hair, dark gray eyes. Home ad., 
156 Wadsworth Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Santa 
Monica 61117. 

MAYO. Frank; b. N. Y., 1886; educ. Peeks- 
kill Mil. Acad. ; stage career, with grandfather 
in "Davy Crockett," "Woman in the Case," 
"The Squaw Man," 3 yrs. with Arthur Boucher 
and Herbert Sleath. Eng.. mgr. own sketch. 
Eng. ; screen career, Lois Weber prod. ("Mary 
Regan"), Universal ("The Peddlar," "Burnt 
Wings," Lasca," "The Brute Breaker," "A 
Little Brother of the Rich," "The Red Lane," 
"Hitchin' Posts," "The Marriage Pit," "Honor 
Bound," "Tiger True," "Colorado," "The Mag- 
nificent Brute," "The Blazing Trail"). Hght., 
5, 11%; wglit., 165; brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 
7018 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

McCAIX, Billy; b. Peoria, 111.; educ. Benton 
Harbor, Mich.; 25 yrs. stage exper., screen 
career, Ince, Marie Dressier, Horsley, Fox, Vita- 
graph ("Bears and Bad Men," "Huns and 
Hyphens," "Fight for Millions," "Smashing 
Barriers," "Loot of a Night," "Roads We 
Take," "Fighting Fate," "Hidden Dangers," 
"Purple Riders"). Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 175; 
dark gray hair, blue eyes. Ad., 447% S. Flower 
St.. Los Angeles, Calif. Bway 1977. 

MCCARTHY, L.; screen career, Stoll Film ("Mr. 
Wu"), Famous Players ("Brewster's Millions"). 

MCCARTHY, Myles; b. Montreal, Can.; educ. Mc- 
Gill Univ., Montreal; stage career, under mgmt. 
of Frohmans, E. E. Rice, W. E. Nankevill*, 
Chas. B. Dillingham, George Broadhurst, etc., 
also headliner in vaud.; screen career, with 
Selig, Gaumont, Thanhouser, National, Vita- 
graph ("The Highest Trump"), United -("A 
Man'a Fight"), Keenan-Pathe ("The False 
Code"), Universal ("Twisted Souls"), Metro 
("Siience Sellers"), Hodkinson ("The Green 
Flame," "House of Whispers"). Hght., 5, 11%; 
wght., 163; iron gray hair and blue eyes. 

McCONNELL, Parker J. ; screen career, Schwab 
("Smiling All the Way"), Famous Players 
("Brewster's Millions," "Six Best Cellars"), 
Universal ("Th Man Tamer"). 



McCOY, Harry H., also director; b. 1895 and 
educ. Phila., Pa.; stage expert., vaud. and legit, 
in N. Y. ; screen career, Mack Sennett 5% 
years, American, Selig, featured with Coleen 
Moore, "The Hoosier Romance," directing and 
playing own comedy leads 2 yrs. with Mar- 
garita Fisher in "Fair Enough," "His Wife's 
Friend," Lehrman ("Twilight Baby"), Ar- 
buckle ("The Garage"), C. B. C. Film ("In 
Again Out Again," "High and Dry"), Feder- 
ated ("False Roomers"), Fox ("Skirts"). 
Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 155; light hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1627 S. Union ave., L. A., Cal. 

McCullough, Ralph; screen career, Paramount 
("Homer Comes Home"), Pathe ("One Hour 
Before Dawn"), Universal ("Ride Along Kid"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Seven Years Bad Luck). 

McCUTCHEON, Wallace; screen career, First 
National ("A Virtuous Vamp"), Pathe ("The 
Phantom Foe"), Fox ("The Thief"). 

McDANUKL, George; b. Georgia; educ. Georgia 
Tech., Atlanta Coll. of Physicians; stage ca- 
reer, 5 yrs. operatic and concert work, 2 sea- 
sons with Victor Herbert prods, as principal 
baritone, Pythias in 1915 revival of "Damon 
and Pythias," 2 seasons Morosco stk., etc.; 
screen career, Lasky ("The Little Princess"), 
Bluebird ("The Door Between"), Select ("The 
Shuttle"), Fox ("The She Devil," "Lost 
Money," "What Would You Do?"), H. B. 
Wright ("The Shepherd of the Hills"), Uni- 
versal ("The Woman Under Cover"), Metro 
("Lombard!, Ltd."), Fox ("The Iron Heart"), 
Universal ("Two Kinds of Love"). Home ad., 
Actors' Assn. of Los Angeles. Holly 1946. 

McDONALD, Francis J. ; b. Bowling Green, Ky., 
1891; educ. St. Xavier Coll., Cincinnati; stage 
career, since 1905, 1 season leading man at 
Spokane, 7 mos. on Orpheum Circuit; screen 
career, 2 yrs. with Universal, then to Fine 
Arts for 15 mos., and then back to Universal 
("The Black Orchid," "The Mansard Mystery." 
"O'Connor's Mag"), Hodkinson ("The Ken- 
tucky Colonel"), First National ("Nomads of 
the North"), Metro ("Puppets of Fate"), Fed- 
erated ("Hearts and Masks"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 155; black hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
Glidden Hotel, Holly Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. 

MoDONALD, Jack; screen career, Asso. Prod. 
("Last of the. Mohicans"), Metro ("The Great 
Redeemer"), Famous Players ("The White 
Circle," "The Bait," "Deep Waters"), Fox 
("The Big Punch"). 

McDOWELL, Nelson; b. Mo.; educ. North Western 
Univ., Chicago; stage career, 2 yrs. stock co., 
4 yrs. lecture platform; screen career, Vita- 
graph "The Home Trail," Universal "The Sun- 
down Trail"), Mitchell Lewis Co. ("Jacques of 
the Silver North"), Rex Beach-Goldwyn ("Go- 
ing Some"), Fox ("Chasing Rainbow's"), B. B. 
Hampton (Riders of the Dawn"), Metro 
("Home Stuff"), Maurice Tourneur ("Last of 
the Mohicans"), Universal ("Ransom"). Hght., 
6, 2; wght., 180; brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 
1802 N. Van Ness ave., Hollywood, Cal., or 
Equity, Los Angeles, Cal. 

McEWEN, Walter; b. 1865; stage career, 20 yrs. 
with Geo. Edwards, Gaiety theatre, London, 
also with Winthrop Ames; screen career, Peer- 
less, Fox, Famous Players, Kalem, Vitagraph 
(with E. H. Sothern in "The Chattel"), Select 
("The Probation Wife"). Hodkinson ("The 
Bandbox"), Fox ("Face at Your Window"), 
Vitagraph ("Her Lord and Master"). Hght., 5, 

McGARRY, Garry; b. Franklin, Pa., Oct. 17, 
1889; educ. Sacred Heart Acad., Franklin, and 
Canisus Coll., Buffalo; stage career, in "The 
Soul Kiss," "The Waltz Dream," "The Confes- 
sion," 2 seasons with Tom Terriss, a season 
each with Frank Keenan and Madame Dore in 
vaud.; screen career, Vitagraph ("The Daugh- 
ter of Israel," "A Question of Clothes," "The 
Wrong Girl," "The Tigress," "Prince in a Pawn- 
Shop"), Paramount-Artcraft ("False Faces"), 
Realart ("Plaything of Broadway"). Hght., 5, 
7; wght., 129; fair complexion, brown hair and 
eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. C. 

McGOWAN, John W. (Jack); b. and educ., Mus- 
kegon, Mich., 1894; stage career, "The Time, 
Place and Girl," "My Wife's Family," "Her 
Soldier Boy," "My Girl from Brazil," "Oh, 
Boy," Ziegfeld Follies, Ziegfeld Midnight 
Frolic, Century Review; screen career, Metro 
("Flower of the Dusk," "Oh, Annice," "The 
Gold Cure," "Nothing But Lies"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 160; light hair, blue eyes. 

McGRAIL, Walter; b. and educ. Bklyn, N. Y., 
1889; stage career, 2 yrs. comic opera, 3 yrs. 
vaud.; screen career, Vitagraph, 5 yrs ("Within 
the Law," "Womanhood," "Business of Life," 

"Miss Ambition"), Pathe ("The Black Secret"), 
Selznick ("Country Cousin," "Greater than 
Fame"), Robertson-Cole ("Life's Twist"), Na- 
tional ("The Invisible Divorce"), Fox "Be- 
ware of the Bride"), First National ("Habit," 
"The Playthings of Destiny"), Hodkinson ("The 
Breaking Point"). Hght., 6; wght., 175; dark 
complexion, black hair, blue eyes. Ad., 105 
Berkeley place, Brooklyn, N. Y., or Lambs 

McGREGOR, Gordon; b. Scotland, 1885; educ. 
Watts Coll., Edinburgh; stage career, from 
1895; toured New England in "Evangellne"; 
screen career, from 1911, Selig, Lasky ("Brew- 
ster's Millions," "The Squaw Man"), Horsley 
(Mina and Cub comedies), Metro ("A Man of 
Honor"), Universal ("Rich Girl, Poor Girl"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; blue eyes, black hair. 

McHUGH, Charlie; b. and educ. Philadelphia, 
Pa.; stage career, Geo. M. Fried Stk. Co. at 
12 yrs. of age, Forepaws Season, Andy Hughes 
Variety, Eddie Foy 'Off the Earth", Hendersons 
"Sinbad" ; screen career, Douglas Fairbanks 
("Down to Earth," "Reaching for the Moon", 
Famous Players ("Nan of Music Mountain"), 
Fred Stone ("The Goat"), Universal ("La, La, 
Lucille"), Robertson-Cole "Black Roses"), Max 
Linder ("Too Much Pep"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 
155; bald head, blue eyes. Home ad., 107 N. 
Fremont St., Los Angeles, Calif., Bway 5516. 

McliNTOSH, Burr; b. Wellesville, O., 1862; educ. 
Lafayette Coll. and Princeton Univ.; reported 
for Phila. News; stage career, in "Trtlby," 
"The Man of the Hour," on tour in "The Gen- 
tleman from Mississippi"; screen career, played 
Wallingford in Pathe "Walllngford" serial, 
Mutual ("My Partner"), Hodkinson ("Cynthia 
of the Minute"), David Griffith ("Way Down 

McKEE, Raymond; b. Iowa; educ. 111.; stage 
career, lead in "Grit, the Newsboy," with Robert 
Hilliard in "A Fool There Was," "The Phan- 
tom Legion," mus. com., "The Golden Girl," 
stk. in Atlanta and Chicago; screen career, Edi- 
son ("Heart of the Hill"), Kleine ("The Un- 
believer. Fox ("Katherine Mavourneen"), 
World ("Cap. Kidd"), Capellani ("The Fortune 
Teller"), Fox ("Loves Harvest," "The Little 
Wanderer," "Girl O' My Heart," "Flame of 
Youth," "Wing Toy" "The Lamplighter," "The 
Little Mother"). Hght., 5, 7%: wght., 150; 
gray eyes, brown hair. Ad., Friar's Club, 110 
W. 48th St., N. Y. 

McKEE, Scott; screen career, Pathe "Sherry"), 
Universal ("West is West"), Fox ("Wing Toy") 
First National ("Oliver Twist, Jr."). 

McKIM, Robert; b. San Jacinto, Cal., 1887; educ. 
San Francisco; stage career, stk. with Alcazar, 
San Francisco, 3 seasons over Orpheum circuit 
with Mrs. Langtry; screen career, Ince-Para- 
mount ("The Silent Man," "Son of His Father," 
"Love Me," "The Marriage Ring," "The 
Vamp", "Green Eyes," "Law of the North"), 
Goldwyn ("The Silver Horde," "Woman in 
Room 13"), Hodkinson ("Dwelling Place of 
Light," "The U. P. Trail," "Man of the 
Forest"), Pathe ("The Money Changers," 
"Devil to Pay," "Lure of Egypt"), United 
Artists ("Mark of Zorro"). Hght., 6; wght., 
175; black hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 708 
Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, Cal. 

McLAUGHLIN, Harry; screen career, Bert Lubin 
("Honeymoon Ranch," "West of the Rio 

McLEAN, Jack; b. 1893 and educ. Brookline, 
Mass.; stage career, "Mary's Ankle," "Watch 
Your Step"; screen career, Goldwyn, Fox ("Blue 
Eyed Mary"), Famous Players ("Mrs. Wiggs of 
the Cabbage Patch"), Vitagraph ("Thin Ice," 
"The Unknown Quantity" ), Graphic ("The Echo 
of Youth"), World ("His Father's Wife"), W. 
H. Prod. ("The Lost Battalion"), Selznick 
("Society Snobs"), Vitagraph ("The Prey," 
"The Charming Deceiver"). Hght., 5, 8%; 
wght., 140; brown hair, blue eyes. Permanent 
ad., 35 Walter ave., Brookline, Mass. 

MoQUARRIE, Albert; b. San Francisco, 1882; 
stage career, began at Alcazar theatre in 1904, 
on dram, stage until 1913; screen career, start- 
ed with David Horsley, with Universal 3 yrs., 
2 pictures with Bryant Washburn for Pathe, 
Douglas Fairbanks ("Bound in Morocco," "He 
Comes Up Smiling," "Arizona," "Knicker- 
bocker Buckeroo," "His Majesty, the Ameri- 
can," "When the Clouds Roll By," "The Molly- 
coddle). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 160; brown hair, 
gray eyes. Home ad., 1624 Hudson ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal., Holly 2737. 

McWADE, Edward; Goldwyn ("The Great Acci- 
dent," "Stop Thief"), Fox ("The Husband 



MEIGHAN, Thomas; b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; educ. 
there; stage career, played a season with 
Grace George, 2 yrs. in Pittsburgh Stk. Co., 
leading man in London engagement of "The 
College Widow," 3 yrs. with David Warfleld in 
"The Return of Peter Grimm," also in "On 
Trial"; screen career, Paramount-Artcraft 
("M'liss," "Out of a Clear Sky," "The Heart 
of Wetona," "Male and Female," "Don't 
Change Your Wife," "The Miracle Man"). 
"The Prince Chap," "Frontier of the Stars," 
'.'The Easy Road," "City of Silent Men," "White 
and Unmarried"). Hght., 6; wght., 170; black 
hair, brown eyes. Ad., L. A. Athletic Club; 
studio, Lasky, Hollywood, Gal. 

MENJOU, Adolph J.; b. Pau, France; educ. Cul- 
ver Military Acad., Cornell Univ.; stage career, 
3 yrs. on stage, one yr. French Strollers; 
screen career, Famous Players ("The Kiss," 
"The Amazons," "The Faith Healer"), Norma 
Talmadge ("The Moth"), Fox ("A Parisian Ro- 
mance"), Goldwyn ("Head Over Heels"), First 
National ("Courage"), Mary Pickford ("Through 
the Back Door"), Doug Fairbanks ("Three 
Musketeers"), Hght., 5, 10; wght., 150; dark 
hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 1333 La Brea, 
Los Angeles, Calif., phone 579-001. 
MEREDITH, Charles; screen career, Realart 
("Judy of Rogues' Harbor"), Pathe ("Simple 
Souls"), First National ("The Family Honor," 
"The Perfect Woman"), Paramount ("The 
Ladder of Lies," "The Romantic Adven- 
turess"), Robertson-Cole ("Little 'Fraid 
Lady"), Herman Film ("That Something"). 
MERLO, Anthony; b. Italy; educ. N. Y.; screen 
career, Fox, Famous Players, World, Brenon- 
Selznick, Universal, Metro, Maurice Tourneur 
("A Daughter of France," "Human Drift- 
wood," "Maid of Belgium," "The Cross Bear- 
er," "The Awakening," "The Sea Waif," "The 
Heart of Gold," "Woman," "Sporting Life"), 
World ("Phil for Short," "Mandarin's Gold," 
"The Unveiling Hand"), Fox ("The Thief"), 
Abramson ("Mother Eternal"). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 165; dark complexion, brown hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., care of Fox, N. Y. 

MERRILL, Grant; b. Benson, Ariz.; early 
career, Cowboy on Arizona Bordeer; screen 
career, Metro ("The Price of Redemption"), 
Universal, Reel Craft, First National ("Man- 
Woman-Marriage"), Double Day Production, 
featured in Border Feature Film two-reel 
Westerns. Hght., 6, 1; wght., 170; dark 
red hair, gray eyes. Home ad., Lookout Drive, 
Los Angeles, Calif., Bway 8058; studio ad., 
Border Feature Film Corp., Bisbee, Ariz. 
MESTAYER, Harry; b. San Francisco; educ. 
N. Y. and Boston Latin; stage career, with 
Holbrook Blinn, Helen Ware, E. H. Sothern, 
James K. Hackett, "The Son-Daughter"; 
screen career, George Kleine's ("Stop Thief"), 
Selig ("The Millionaire Baby," "The House of 
a Thousand Candles," "The Gold Ship"), Tri- 
angle ("High Tide," "Wife or Country"). Ad., 
Lambs Club, N. Y. 

METCALFE, Earl Keeney; b. Newport, Ky., 
188S>; oduc. Cincinnati, O. ; stage career, 7 yrs. 
i stk. and N. Y. prods. ; vaud. ; screen career, 
Luoin, 4 yrs. ("The Phantom Happiness"), 
Select ("World to Live In"), World ("The 
Battler," "Coax Me," "Woman of Lies,' "Poi- 
son Pen"), Vitagraph ("The Fortune Hunter"), 
Shomer ("The Great Mystery "), Fox ("While 
New York Sleeps"), Abramson ("The Mother 
Eternal"), Pathe ("What Women Will Do"; 
"White Eagle"). Directed Jas. Montgomery 
Flagg comedies. Path6 opposite Ruth Roland 
in a serial. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 170; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., Lambs' Club, N. Y. 
MILAR, Adolph; screen career, Hodkinson ("The 
Silent Barrier"), Realart ("Something Dif- 
ferent"), Selznick ("The Road of Ambition"). 
MILASH, Robert E.; b. N. Y. C., Apr. 18, 1885; 
educ. N. Y. C. ; stage career, under Frohman 
in "The Girl I Left Behind Me," with James 
K. Hackett in "The Prisoner of Zenda" ; 
screen career, Edison, Biograph, Pathe, Crys- 
tal, Universal ("Timothy Dobbs, That's Me" 
series), World ("The Roughneck"), Para- 
mount ("Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," 
"The Two Brides"), Pathe ("The Moonshine 
Trail"), Paramount ("The Fourteenth Man"), 
Vitagraph ("Black Beauty"). Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 122; gray hair, blue eyes, dark com- 
plexion. Home ad., 512 W. 151 St., N. Y. C. 
MILHAM, Guy; screen career, Paramount ("A 
Full House"), American ("A Light Woman"). 
MILLER, Carl; screen career, First National 
("Mary Regan", "The Kid"), Garfleld Prod. 
"The Parish Priest"). 

MILLER, Harold Atchison; b. Redondo Beach, 
Cal. ; educ. Los Angeles; screen career, Selznick 
("Upstairs and Down"), Frank Keenan Co. 
("World of Flame"), Universal ("The Ped- 
dler," "Desperate Youth"), Allan Dwan ("Heart 
of a Fool"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 160; brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 4520 W. 18th st., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 72409. 

MILLER, Henry, Jr.; screen career, Selznick 
("The Dangerous Hero"), Metro ("Parlor, Bed- 
room and Bath," "Some One in the House"). 
MILLER, Walter; b. Atlanta, Ga. ; educ. there 
and Brooklyn, N. Y. ; stage career, Roe Stock, 
Stanley Stk., Hall Stk., Jersey City, Lyceum 
Stk., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; screen career, Metro 
("The Slacker," "Miss Robinson Crusoe," 
"Draft 258"), Ralph Ince ("llth Command- 
ment"), Vitagraph ("Thin Ice," "A Girl at 
Bay," "The Friendly Call"), Artclass ("The 
Open Door"), Goldwyn ("The Return of 
Tarzan," "Prisoners of Love"), Robertson-Cole 
("The Stealers"), Arrow ("The Way Women 
Love," "Luxury"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 165; 
dark brown hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 235 
West 107th st., N Y. C. ; Acad. 1106. 
MILLETT, Arthur Nelson; b. Maine, 1874; educ. 
Coll. of Sacred Heart, Denver, and European 
sch. of music; stage career, 14 yrs., with Patta 
Roso for a yr. ; screen career, Triangle ("Ship 
of Doom," "Sea Panther"), Fox ("The Fram- 
er"), "King Spruce" with Mitchell Lewis, "23 Ms 
Hours Leave," "Egg-Crate Wallop" with 
Charles Ray, Hodkinson ("Love Madness"), 
Fox ("Drag Harlan," "The Scuttlers"), Univ- 
ersal ("West is West," "Hearts. Up"). Hght., 
6, %; wght., 196; brown hair, dark eyes. Ad., 
2707 S. Normandie, Los Angeles, Cal. 
MILLS, Frank; b. Kalamazoo, Mich.; educ. Univ. 
of Mich.; stage career, Chas. Frohman, Be- 
lasco, Daniel Frohman, prods.; "Sue," 5 yrs. 
with Sir Herbert Tree, Mrs. Pat Campbell, Sir 
J. Forbes-Robertson, etc. ; in America, leads 
with Olga Nethersole, Elsie Ferguson, Mary 
Mannering, etc.; in "Bought and Paid For"; 
screen career, Select ("De Luxe Annie"), De 
Luxe ("Wild Honey," "Twilight"), Famous 
Players ("Let's Elope," "The Misleading Wid- 
ow"), First National ("Wives of Men"), Pathe 
("The Bramble Bush"), "Actors' Equity 
Strike," by the Assn., Capellani ("The Right 
to Lie"), American Cinema ("Women Men 
Forget"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 172; dark hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 264 W. 57th st., N. Y. 
Circle 1561. 

MII/TERN, John; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Profiteers"), Paramount ("On With the 
Dance," "The Kentuckians"). 
MITSORAS, D.; Robertson-Cole ("Flame of Hell 

Gate"), Fox ("Challenge of the Law"). 
MIX, Tom, also writer and director; born Texas, 
educated there; early career, rode the plains 
as a cowboy, was a member of the Rough 
Riders during Spanish- American War; screen 
career, with Selig, Fox ("Cupid's Round Up," 
"Western Blood," "Ace High," "Hell's Roaring 
Reform," "Treat 'Em Rough," "Fame and 
Fortune," "Mr. Logan, U. S. A.," "Wilderness 
Trail," "Fighting for Gold," "Dare Devil," 
"Rough Riding Romance," "Three Gold Coins," 
"The Untamed," "The Texan," "Prairie Trails," 
"The Road Demon," "Hands Off," "Queen of 
Sheba," "The Ridin' Romeo"). Member M. P. 
D. A. of Los Angeles. Ad., Fox studios, Los 
Angeles. Home ad., 5841 Carlton Way, Holly- 

MONG, William V., also scenario writer; b. Cham- 
bersburg, Pa., 1875; stage career, with Newton 
Beers in "Lost in London," vaud. in own play, 
"The Clay Baker," in "The House Next Door," 
"The Light in the Window," etc.; screen ca- 
reer, Essanay, Selig, scenario editor, acting and 
directing for Universal, Crest Picture Co.; Tour- 
neur ("The County Fair"), Geo. Loane Tucker 
("Ladies Must Live"), Katherine MacDonald 
("The Turning Point"), Bessie Barriscale 
("Luck of Geraldine Laird"), Frothingham ("A 
Ten Dollar Raise"), Mayer ("Sowing the 
Wind"), Fox ("Connecticut Yankee in King 
Arthur's 1 Court," "The Stain"), Metro ("Burn- 
ing Daylight," "Mutiny of the Elsinore"). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 140; dark hair, dark brown 
eyes. Ad., home, Your Duroc Farm, Whittier, 

MONTAGUE, Frederick; b. London, England; 
educ. Richmond; stage career, with Augustin 
Daly, E. H. Sothern, leading man 2 yrs. with 
Mme. Modjeska; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Thanhouser, Lasky, Universal ("A Prince for a 
Day," "Little Marian's Triumph," "His Robe 
of Honor," "Lure of the Circus," "The Rough 
Lover"), Rob-Cole ("His Debt"), Hampton- 



Hodkinson ("The Best Man"), right., 5, 8%; 
wght., 165; gray hair, brown eyes. Ad., 133 W. 
21st St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

MONTAGUE, Monte; b. Somerset, Kv. ; educ. 
Virginia; stage career 14 yrs. acrobat and 
tumbler with circus 3 yrs. tumbling act in 
vaud.; screen career Universal ("Elmo the 
Fearless" "The Flaming Disk," "Under Crim- 
son Skies"), Arthur Gooden Prod. ("Crooked 
Trails," "Secret Eyes," "Go Get 'em"). Hght., 
6; wght., 185; medium brown hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., 4514% Sunset Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Calif., phone 599270. 

MONTANA, Bull; screen career, Fox, American 
Universal, Paramount ("Victory," "Treasure 
Island"), First National ("Go And Get It," 
"What Women Love"), Metro ("Hearts Are 

MONTGOMERY, Earl Triplett; b. Santa Cruz Co., 
Cal., 1893; educ. Nv me, Alaska; stage career. 
2 seasons mus. com.; screen career, L-Ko, Amer- 
ican, 4 yrs. with Vitagraph ("Bums and 
Boarders," "Chumps and Cops," "Farms and 
Fumbles," "Love and Lather," "Damsels and 
Dandies," 'Zip and Zest," "Harems and Ho- 
kum," "Vamps and Variety," "Caves and Cro- 
quettes," "Rubes and Robbers"), Educational 
("Bang"). Hght., 5, 8; wght, 180; light brown 
hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 204 S. Dillen St., Los 
Angeles, Calif.; phone 51648; studio, Vitagraph. 
MOORE, Joe; born County Meath, Ireland; edu- 
cated Toledo, O. screen career, Foundation 
Film ("The White Rider"), Climax ("Love's 
Battle"). Hglit., 5, 11; wght., 150, blue eyes, 
auburn hair. 

MOORE, Matt; b. Ireland, 1888; educ. Toledo, O.; 
screen career, Artcraft ("Pride of the Clan"), 
Universal ("20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"), 
Ardsley Film Corp. ("Runaway Romany"), 
Neilan Prod. ("Unpardonable Sin"), J. Parker 
Reid ("Sahara"), Buffalo M. P. Co. ("Sport of 
Kings"), Artcraft ("Heart of the Wilds"), Selz- 
nick ("A Regular Fellow," "The Glorious 
Lady"), Marion Davies ("The Dark Star," "Get- 
ting Mary Married"), Marshall Neilan ("Don't 
Ever Marry"), J. Parker Read ("Love Mad- 
ness"). Famous Players ("Hairpins"), Selznick 
("Whispers," "Madness of Manhattan," "A 
Man's Home"), Cosmopolitan ("The Passionate 
Pilgrim," "Straight Is the Way"). Ad., 130 
West 44th St., N. Y. C. 

MOORE, Owen, b: Ireland, came to U. S. when 
11 yrs. old; educ. Toledo, O. ; stage career, from 
twentieth yr., juvenile leads in several road 
attractions; screen career, since 1909, Biograph, 
Reliance-Majestic. Fine Arts, Famous Players 
("A Coney Island Princess," "A Girl Like 
That," "The Little Boy Scout"), Beach-Gold- 
wyn ("The Crimson Gardenia"). Selznick ("Pic- 
cadilly Jim," "Who's Who," "Dangerous Hero," 
"Stop That Man," "The Poor Simp," "Chicken 
in the Case," "A Divorce of Convenience"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 140; dark hair and eyes. 
Ad., c/o Selznick Pict. Corp., N. Y. 
MOORE, Tom; b. County Meath, Ire.; educ. there 
and Toledo, O. ; stage exper., 7 yrs. stk. ; screen 
career, 6 yrs. Kalem, Lubin, Lasky, Select. Selig 
("Brown of Harvard"), Goldwyn ("Thirty a 
Week." "Go West Young Man," "A Man and 
His Money," "One of the Finest," "Lord and 
Lady Algy," "The Gay Lord Quex," "City of 
Comrades," "Toby's Bow," "Duds," The Great 
Accident," "Stop Thief," "Hold Your Horses," 
"Made in Heaven"). Hght., 5, 10V 2 ; wght., 142 
light brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1919 Van 
Ness ave., Los Angeles; studio, Goldwyn, Culver 
City, Cal. 

MOORE, Victor; b. Hammonton, N. J. ; stage 
career, with John Drew in " Rosemary," in 
Klaw and Erlanger's " Jack and the Bean- 
stalk," vaud., several yrs. in "45 Minutes from 
Broadway," "The Talk of New York," etc.; 
screen career, Lasky ("Snobs," "Chimmie 
Fadden" series, "The Race," "The Clown"), 
Klever Komedies ("The Moneyless Honeymoon," 
"The Cinderella Husbands," "Camping," "Home 
Defence," "The Sleepwalker," etc.) Hght, 5, 
7%; wght., 200; dark complexion, brown hair 
and eyes. Home ad., 139 Harrison ave., Bald- 
win, L. I., N. Y. 

MORAN, L,ee; also director and scenario writer; 
b. Chicago, 111.; educ. St. Ignatius Coll., Chi- 
cago; stage career, musical comedy, vaud.; 
screen career, from 1912, Lyons & Moran come- 
dies ("Duck Out of Water," "Camping Out," 
"Bullsheviks," "Dog-Gone Shame"), Universal 
("La, La, Lucille," "Once a Plumber," Fixed 
By George," "Blue Sunday," "Roman Romeos," 
"Whose Wife Is Kate?"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 
135; brown hair, blue-gray eyes. Ad., studio. 
Universal Studio. 

MORAN, William F.; b. New Orleans, La.; educ. 
there; stage career, stock, rep. and prod. vaud. 
in "The Pool Room," screen career, Universal 
("The Path She Chose"), Hodkinson ("The 
Green Flame"), Pathe ("A Beggar in Purple"), 
Schlesinger ("Things Men Do"), Prizma 
("Heidi"), Pickford ("Right or Wrong"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 140; dark hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1415 Milton Ave., Hollywood, Calif., 
Phone 57667, or Actor's Assn. of Los Angeles. 

MORANTI, Milburn; b. San Francisco, Calif.; 
stage career, several yrs. circus and dram, cos., 
starrirg- in own legit, prods.; screen career, 
Univeual, Triangle, Keystone, first 15 of the 
Gale Henry comedies for Model Comedy Co., 
Hght., 6, 8; wght., 150; black hair, dark eyes. 
Ad., Mercury Comedies, Balboa, Calif. 

MORDANT, Edwin; stage career, prominent all 
over U. S., Canada and Mexico; starred in "The 
Prisoner of Zenda," "Faust," "Oliver Twist," 
leading roles in "Secret Service," "Sherlock 
Holmes," "The Tempest," "Midsummer Night's 
Dream," "Business Before Pleasure," "His 
Honor, Abe Potash"; screen career, Famous 
Players ("Moth and the Flame," Seven Sisters," 
"Molly-Make-Believe," "Poor Little Peppina," 
"The Undying Flame," "The Cost"), Metro 
("The Royal Family"). Member Lambs Club. 
Ad., 305 W. 45th St., N. Y. Longacre 3760. 

MORENO, Antonio Garrido Monteagudo; b. Mad- 
rid, 1888; educ. Madrid, Catholic Sisters Schl. 
and pub. schls., New York City; came to U. 
S. at age of 14; stage career, with Mrs. Leslie 
Carter, with Tyrone Power, Constance Collier, 
Wilton Lackaye; screen career, went to Vita- 
graph in 1914, playing leads ("The First Law," 
"The Mark of Cain"), starred in the "Nau- 
lahka," "The Angel Factory," "The Iron Test," 
"Perils of Thunder Mountain," "The Unforseen 
Hand," and feature subjects. "Three Sevens". 
Ad.. L. A. Athletic Club; Studio, Vitagraph, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

MOREY, Harry T.; b. Michigan; stage career, 
associated with many well-known stars and at- 
tractions; screen career, since 1909 with Vita- 
graph ("The Golden Goal," "The Green God," 
"All Man," "Playing with Fate," "Silent 
Strength," "The Man Who Won," "Fighting 
Destiny," "The Gamble." "Beating the Odds," 
"The Darkest Hour," "In Honor's Web," "The 
Birth of a Soul," "The Sea Rider," "The 

MORGAN, Frank; b. N. Y., 1890; educ. Cornell 
Univ.; stage career, stk., "A Full House," "In 
Cold Type"; screen career, Vitagraph, Edison, 
McClure, Fox ("A Modern Cinderella"), K. E. 
S. E. ("Sight in Darkness"), Goldwyn ("Baby 
Mine"), Master D. Feat ("Who's Your Neigh- 
bor?")' Select ("At the Mercy of Men"), Vita- 
graph ("Gray Tower Mystery," "The Golden 
Shower"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 166; light com- 

?lexion, brown hair, dark eyes. Ad., 310 W. 
9th St., N. Y. C. 

MORLEY, Jay; b. Port Orange, Fla. ; educ. Colum- 
bus, Ohio; stage career, 5 yrs. dram, stock; 
screen career, Selig, Universal, Warner Features, 
Lubin, Fox, Paralta, Doraldina ("The Cave 
Women"), Vitagraph ("Over the Garden Wall," 
"The Roads We Take," "The Little Boss," 
"Telamacus Friend," "A Fighting Colleen," 
"Pegeen"), Hodkinson ("The Green Flame"), 
Pyramid ("The Woman Untamed"), Hght, 5, 
10; wght., 183; brown hair, dark eyes. Ad., 
1520 Hudson ave., Hollywood, Calif.; phone 

MORRIS, Richard; screen career, Metro ("The 
Walk Offs"), Republic ("The Gift Supreme"), 
("The Amazing Woman"). 

MORRISON, Arthur; b. St. Louis, Mo., 1880; 
educ. there; stage career, Hopkins stk.. Chi- 
cago, 6 yrs. vaud. ; screen career, Pathe, 
Triangle ("The Feud Girl"), Ray Comedies 
("Casey, the Fireman"), Superlative Pictures 
("Between Men"), Overland Film ("A Man's 
Law"), Hampton-Hodkinson ("Desert Gold," 
"The Sage Brusher"), Metro ("Price of Re- 
demption"), Fox ("Challenge of the Law", 
"The Iron Rider"). Hght, 5, 11%; wght, 183; 
dark brown hair, blue eyes; medium com- 
plexion. Home ad., 905 E. 173d at., N. Y. C. 

MORRISON, James Woods; b. Matoon, 111.; educ. 
Univ. of Chicago; stage career, vaud. stk.; 
screen career, Vitagraph, 6 yrs., Ivan ("Bab- 
bling Tongues," "Life Against Honor"), Vita- 
graph ("Over the Top," "Black Beauty"), Fox 
("Sacred Silence"), Jans Co. ("Love Without 
Question"), J. D. Hampton ("When We Were 
Twenty-One"), Mayer ("Sowing the Wind ). 
Hght, 5, 8; wght., 135; brown hair and eyes. 
Ad Packard Library and Edward Small, Inc. 
N. Y. 



MORRISON, Pete; b. Morrison, Colo.; educ. there; 
screen career, Pathe, Selig, 28 pictures with 
Essanay, 6 yrs. with American, Triangle 
("Love's Pay Day"), 1 yr. Universal, Yellow- 
stone ("Dangerous Love"), Independent ("Long, 
Long Trail"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 185; black 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 4500 Sunset Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

MORSE, John P.; screen career, Metro ("Shore 
Acres," "Dangerous to Men," "The Hope"). 

MORTIMER, Henry; b. Toronto, Ont. ; educ. St. 
Michael's Coll., Toronto, St. Catherine's Coll. 
Inst. ; stage career, with Mrs. Fiske, Elsie Fer- 
guson, Louis Mann, John Barrymore; screen 
career, Metro ("Her Great Price," "Their Com- 
pact"), Unity ("The Pursuing Vengeance"), 
Betzwood ("The Road Called Straight"), Ince 
("His Wife's Friend"), Realart ("The Fear Mar- 
ket"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 170; dark brown 
hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y., 
or Bryant 3968. 

MOWER, Jack; b. Honolulu, 1890; educ. Punahou 
Coll., Honolulu; stage career, 6 mos. stock, 2 
yrs. mus. com., vaud. ; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Selig ("The Primitive Woman," "Money Isn't 
Everything"), American ("Molly of the Follies," 
"Mantle of Charity"), Metro ("Island of In- 
trigue"), Cody ("The Beloved Cheater"). Pathe 
"The Third Eye" serial), Pioneer ("Bubbles"), 
Westart ("A Cowboy Ace," 'Cotton and Cat- 
tle"), Universal ("The Beautiful Gambler"). 
(Pacific Coast champion swimmer for 4 years.). 
Hght., 6; wght., 180; medium complexion, 
brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., Elk's Club, 
Glendale, Calif. 

MULHALL,, Jack; b. N. Y. ; educ. N. Y., Columbia 
Univ.; stage career, 2 yrs. with West End Stk.. 
N. Y., on Orpheum Circuit, with James K. 
Hackett in "The Grain of Dust"; screen career, 
Biograph (played leads for 4 yrs.), Universal 
("Safe," "Sirens of the Sea," "High Speed," 
"Three Women of France," "The Midnight 
Man," "Boss of -Powderville," "Madame Spy"), 
Para., Blackton ("Wild Youth"), Universal 
("The Brass Bullet"). Metro ("Should a 
Woman Tell?" "The Hope," "The Off-Shore 
Pirate"), Realart ("The Little Clown," "Two 
Weeks With Pay)" Hght., 5, 11; wght., 150. 
Home ad., 5857 Harold Way, Hollywood, Calif. 

MUIXEN, Gordon Douglass; b. Winnipeg, 1889; 
educ. Wesley Coll. ; stage career, vaud.. stk. in 
Winnipeg and Toronto; starred in "Hellow 
Hawaii"; screen career, 1914-15 with NYMP, 
Horsley, ("Could a Man Do More?"), Para- 
mount ("Crooked Straight," "Paris Green," 
"False Road," "Dangerous Hours"), Curwood 
("Nomads of the North"), Willat ("Partners 
of the Tide"). Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 162; 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., C/o John Lancaster, 

MDNSON, Byron; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Honest Hutch"), First National ("Harriet 
and the Piper"), Metro ("The Little Fool"), 
Fox ("The Tomboy"), Export & Import Film 
("The Mask"). 

MURDOCH, Henry; b. Norfolk, Va. ; educated 
University of South; screen career, educational 
("His Better Half," "Hey Rube," "Turkey 
Dressing," "Money Talks," "Sweet Revenge"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; black hair, dark brown 

MURPHY, Charles B.; b. Dublin, Ireland, edu- 
cated there; screen career Hodkinson ("Dwell- 
ing Place of Light," "The U. P. Trail"), Uni- 
versal ("The Man Tamer"). Hght., 5, 8%; 
wght., 185; red hair, blue eyes. 

MURPHY, John T.; b. Helena, Mont.; educ. 
there; screen career, Fox ("Last of the 
Duanes"), Goldwyn ("Almost a Marriage," 
"The Night Riders"), Universal ("McCarthy 
1876"), Kalem ("Return of Stingaree"), etc. 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 145; black hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 216 Lissner Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif., 
phone 61703. 

MURRAY, Charles; b. Laurel, Ind., 1872; educ. 
Cincinnati; stage career, 20 yrs. with Ollie Mack 
as Murray and Mack; screen career, 2 yrs. with 
Biograph, Keystone, Sennett-Para. ("Her 
Blighted Love," "Never Too Old," "Reilly's 
Wash Day," "Trying to Get Along," "The Den- 
tist," "Up in Alf's Place," "The Speak-Easy," 
"Great Scott," Don't Weaken," "The Unhappy 
Finish," "Love, Honor and Behave," "The 
Small Town Idol"), Asso. Prod. Hght., 6; 
wght., 200; red hair, light gray eyes. Home 
ad., 422 S. Hoover st., Los Angeles, phone 

MTISGRAVE, Billy; b. Toledo, O., 1890; educ. 
Toledo and Chicago, 111. ; stage career, asso- 
ciated with well Known stock and road attrac- 

tions as child actor and juvenile; screen career, 
Rolin, Powers, Universal ("The Hero of Bunko 
Hill," "The Blood of Gladness"), Triangle 
("Crown Jewels"), Select ("The Midnight 
Patrol"), Metro ("Blackie's Redemption"), 
Paramount ("Beau Revel"). Hght., 5, 8%; 
wght., 140; brown hair and eyes. Ad., home, 
Armondale Hotel, Los Angeles. 

MUSSETT, Charles; b. London, England 1876; 
educ. Putney, Eng. ; stage career, 19 yrs. in 
England and America, with Chas. Frohman, 
Wilson Barrett, Cyril Maude, Mrs. Patrick 
Campbell, etc.; screen career, 6 yrs., Fox, Real- 
art, Edison, Famous Players, Goldwyn, Tour- 
neur, etc., "Number 17," "The Magic Cup," 
"Star Dust". Hght., 6; wght., 185; fair com- 

plexion, medium hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 
Lambs Club, N. Y. C. 

MYERS, Harry; b. N. Y. C. ; stage career, stk., 
vaud.; screen career, Lubin, Universal (directoi 
and star), Charles Ray ("45 Minutes From 
Broadway"), Bessie Barriscale ("Notorious 
Mrs. Sands"), Fox ("Connecticut Yankee in 
King Arthur's Court"), Realart ("The March 
Hare"). Ad., Los Angeles, Calif. 

MYL.ES, Roland; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Flame," "Bars of Iron"). 


NAGEL, Conrad; b. Des Moines, Iowa, 1896; 
educ. Highland Park College, Des Moines; 
stage exper., "Experience," "Man Who Came 
Back," "Forever After"; screen career, Wm. 
A. Brady, ("Little Women"). Vitagraph ("Lion 
and the Mouse," Famous Players ("The Lost 
Romance," "Sacred and Profane Love," "What 
Every Woman Knows," "Midsummer Mad- 
ness"), Mayflower ("Unseen Forces"). Hght., 
6; wght., 165; blond hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., 1846 Cherokee Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., 
phone 578-917. 

NAZARETH, William H.; b. Providence, R. I., 
1903; stage career, 1 yr. with Castle Sq. Stk. 
Co.; screen career, Select ("The One Woman"), 
Arrow ("Lady of Sin"), B. A. Rolf ("The Lost 
Kingdom"), Fox ("Married in Haste," "My 
Little Sister"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140. Ad., 
Mastercraft Studios, Filmland City, Medford, 

NEARY, Joe: screen career, Universal ("Rich 
Girl, Poor Girl", "The Unknown Wife"). 

NEELAND, AYalter; screen career. Paramount 
("The Dark Mirror"), Arrow ("Woman's 

XELLL, James; b Savannah, Ga., educ. Carolina 
Mil. Inst. and Univ. of Georgia; stage career, 
leading man in "Mr. Barnes of N. Y.," lead- 
Ing man for Mrs. Fiske, member all-star cast 
In "Held bv the Enemy"; screen career. Uni- 
versal dir. J. Warren Kerrigan, Cleo Madison), 
Kalem (dir.), Lasky, Para. ("Say, Young Fel- 
low," "The Girl Who Came Back," "Men, 
Women and Money," "The Rescuing Angel," 
"His Official Fiancee," "Every woman"), Art- 
craft ("Don't Change Your Husband"), Select 
("Romance and Arabella"), Goldwyn ("Little 
Shepherd of Kingdom Come," "The Double 
Dyed Deceiver"). Ad., Goldwyn Studio, Culver 
City, Cal. 

NEIL.L, Richard R.; b. Phila., educ. there; stage 
career, 6 yrs. mgmt. Chas. Frohman, with E. 
H. Sothern, "The Other Girl," "Girls of Gotten- 
berg," with Margaret Anglin, W. H. Thompson, 
etc. ; screen career, Fox, Metro, World, Ince 
("The Broken Law," "The Road to France," 
"Pals First," "The Great Gamble," "The 
White Rock"), Fox ("The Dead Line," "The 
Plunger"). Author of several scenarios. Hght., 
6; wght., 180; dark brown hair. Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y. Ad., home, 2676 Decatur ave., 
N. Y. C. Tremont 3766). 

NELSON, Edgar; screen career, Griffith ("Way 
Down East"), Selznick ("Chicken in the Case"). 

NELSON, Jack; b. Memphis, Tenn., 1882; educ. 
Mil. Acad., Sweetwater, Tenn.: stage career, 
for 12 yrs., Belasco Stock, with Henry Miller 
in "Mice and Men," own stock co. in Spring- 
field, Mo., for 2 yrs; screen career, Selig, Ince, 
Universal ("The Flash of Fate," "The Man 
Trap"), Bluebird ("Winner Takes All," "The 
Long Chance"), Paramount ("The Girl Dodg- 
er," "23% Hours Leave"), Fox ("The Wilder- 
ness Trail," "Rose of the West," "Rough Rid- 
ing Romance"), Hodkinson ("Love Madness"), 
Ince ("The Rookies Return," "The Home- 
stretch), Paramount ("Chickens"), Asso. Prod. 
("I Am Guilty"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., X50; 
brown hair, gray eyes. 



NELSON, Otto; screen career, Universal ("West 
is West"), Pinnacle Film ("Black Sheep"). 

NEVILLE, George; screen career, Griffith ("Way 
Down East," "Dreams Street"). 

NEWALL, Guy; also scenario writer; screen 
career, George Clark ("Duke's Son"), Stoll Film 
("Squandered Lives/' "Lure of Crooning 
Water," "Testimony," "Garden of Resurrec- 

NEWTON, Charles; screen career, American, 
Universal ("The Moon Riders," "Two Kinds of 
Love," "Colorado"). 

NICHOLS, George O.; b. Rockford, 111., 1864; 
stage career, stock in San Francisco and Chi- 
cago 14 yrs., with road cos. 5 yrs. ; screen 
career, with Edison as actor, then as assistant 
to Griffith at Biograph for 3 yrs., director 
for Thanhouser 1 yr., Lubin 1 yr., Keystone 1 
yr., then Universal, Ince-Paramount ("The 
Son of His Father," "Keys to the Righteous"), 
Artcraft ("Battling Jane," "The Romance of 
Happy Valley"), Goldwyn ("Mickey," "When 
Doctors Disagree," "Pinto"), Griffith ("The 
Greatest Question"), First National ("Bill 
Apperson's B.oy," "Nineteen and Phyllis," 
"Oliver Twist, Jr."), Fox ("The Iron Rider," 
"Queen of Sheba"), Famous Players ("Deep 
Waters"), Robertson-Cole ("Live and Let 
Live"). Member of M. P. D. A. Home ad., 
1442 Alvarado Terrace, Los Angeles, Cal. 

NOBCROSS, Frank M.; b. Boston; educ. there; 
stage career, 25 yrs., actor, manager, Frohman, 
and own co. ; screen career, Biograph, Griffith, 
Universal, Kalem, World, Metro, with Vita- 
graph; in "The Highest Bidder," "The Spark 
Divine," "The Girl Woman." "The Fortune 
Hunter," "The Undercurrent," "Beware," 
"From Bankers to Bums," Charles Ray 
("Nineteen and Phyllis"), Universal ("All 
Dolled Up"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 200; fair 
complexion, grayish hair, gray eyes. Home 
ad., Continental Hotel, L. A., Cal.; or Equity 
Assn., N. T. C. 

NUKAJttRLP, Harry S.; b. Paris, France; educ. 
San Francisco and Univ. of Calif. ; stage 
career, stock in San Francisco, heavies with 
E. H. Sothern, Henry Miller Wm. Faversham, 
Mary Mannering, Mrs. Leslie Carter; screen 
career, Tourneur ("The White Circle"), 
American ("The Blue Moon"), Louis B. Mayer 
("Sowing the Wind," "Pollv of the Storm 
Country"), Metro ("The Four Horsemen of the 
Apocalypse"), Fox ("Wing Toy"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 175; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 
Hotel Clark, Los Angeles, Calif. 

NO WELL, Wedgwood; b. Portsmouth, N. H.; 
educ. Boston and Worcester, Mass., Univ. of 
Pa.; stage career, 14 yrs. leading man and 
producing stage director, appeared opposite 
Blanche Bates, Henrietta Croeman, William 
Faversham, etc., Klaw and Erlanger's "Ben 
Hur," Whitney's "Quo Vadis" etc.; screen 
career, began 1915 with Ince, Universal, lead- 
ing heavy roles opposite Bessie Barriscale, 
Katherine MacDonald, Dustin Farnum, H. B. 
Warner, Sessue Hayakawa, J. Warren Kerrigan, 
Kitty Gordon, etc., Robertson-Cole (Arsene 
Lupin in "813"). Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 165; 
dark brown hair and eyes. Member Friars 
Club and Amer. Fed. Musicians. Ad., Actor's 
Equity Assn., Los Angeles, Calif., Holly 1946. 

NYE G. Raymond; b. Tamaqua, Pa.; educ. 
Wilmington, Del., Phila., Pa., and Univ. of 
Penn. ; stage career, 5 yrs. road shows, vaud. 
and stock; screen career, Fox ("When a Man 
Sees Red" "Salome" "Rainbow Trail," "Last 
of the Duanes," "Lone Star Ranger," "Wolves 
of the Night"), Hart ("Dan Kurrie's Inning"), 
Fox ("Queen of Sheba"), Wm. Farnum ("The 
Scuttlers," "Drag Harlan," "The Orphan"). 
Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 215; dark brown hair 
and eyes. Home ad., Roberts Apts., 1042 
Sanborn ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Wilshire 


OAKER, John; b. Ottawa, 1893; educ. Isaac 
Woodbury Comm. Coll., Los Angeles; stage 
career, 2 yrs. in stock, Burbank theatre, Los 
Angeles; screen career, Bosworth ("Majesty 
of the Law"), Horsley in 1915 ("Haunting 
Symphony"), Centaur-Mutual ("The Single 
Code"), Vogue ("A Vanquished Flirt"), Ma- 
rine Film Co. ("Lorelei of the Sea"), Ft>x 
("The Sneak"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 155; black 
hair and eyes. 

OAKMAN, Wheeler; also director, b. Washington, 
D. C. ; educ. there; screen activities following 
stage career, Selig, Fox, Universal, Triangle, 

Keystone, S. C. Photo Co., Federated. Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 170; brown hair and eyes. Home 
ad., 5611 Hollywood blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

O'BRIEN, "Eugene; b. Colo., 1884; educ. Univ. of 
Colo.; stage career, mus. com., Frohmans, 
Elsie Janis, Ethel Barrymore, Margaret Illing- 
ton, Ann Murdock, Fritzi Scheff; screen career, 
Artcraft ("Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"), 
Select ("The Ghosts of Yesterday"), Keeney 
("A Romance of the Underworld"), Select 
("By Right of Purchase," "De Luxe Annie"), 
Para ("Little Miss Hoover," "Come Out of 
the Kitchen"), F. P.-Lasky ("Fires of Faith"), 
Selznick ("The Perfect Lover," "Sealed 
Hearts," "The Broken Melody," "His Wife'* 
Money," "A Fool and His Money," "The 
"Figurehead," "Wonderful Chance, "Broadway 
and Home," "Worlds Apart," "Gilded Lies," 
"The Last Door," "Clay Dollars"). Hght., 
6; wght., 160; light brown hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Players' Club, N. Y. ; studio, care Selznick 
Pict. Corp., N. Y. 

O'BRIEN, Jack; screen career, Joan ("Annabel 
Lee"), First National ("Love's Penalty"). 

O'CONNOR, Edward; b. Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 
20, 1862; stage career, 35 yrs., com. and char. 
parts in support of well known stars; vaud.; 
screen career, Edison 8 yrs., Pathe "Get Rich 
Quick Wallingford"), World ("Man Who Stood 
Still"), K. E. S. E. ("One Touch of Nature"), 
Fox ("Kathleen Mavourneen"), International 
("Cecilia of the Pink Roses"), Cosmopolitan 
("The Inside of the Cup"). Ad., 15 Filmore 
ave., Corona, L. I., N. Y. ; Newtown 1253-R. 

O'CONNOR, Harry M.; b. Chicago, 111., 1873; 
educ. Seattle, Wash.; stage career, 22 yrs. stk. 
and vaud.; screen career, 6 yrs., Fox, Paralta, 
National, Lasky ("The Girl of My Dreams," 
"Blindfolded," "The Dub," "Have Another," 
"The Haunted House"), Rob-Cole ("The Long 
Lane's Turning"), First National ("Stranger 
Than Fiction"), Frazee ("After Bedtime," "A 
House Full of Spirits"). Hght., 6; wght., 195; 
medium complexion, brown eyes, brown hair. 
Ad., 1138 Tamarind ave., Hollywood, Cal. 
Holly 4210. 

O'CONNOR, Louis J.; b. Providence, R. I., 1880; 
stage career, Western Stk., also with Shubert 
Prods.; screen career, Selznick ("Glorious 
Lady"), Goldwyn ("Woman in the Index," 
"Partners of the Night"), Pathe ("The Fatal 
Ring"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 210; slightly 
gray hair, hazel eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. 

OGLE, Charles; b. Morgan Co., Ohio; educ. 
Chicago, 111. Coll. of Law; stage career, 20 
yrs., screen career, 7 yrs. with Edison, 4 yrs. 
with Famous Players ("Valley of the Giants," 
"Told in the Hills," "Capt. Hawthorne of the 
U. S. A." "Treasure Island," "Jack Straw," 
"The Prince Chap," "What's Your Hurry?", 
"The Jucklins," "Rebecca of Sunny Brook 
Farm," "Conrad in Quest of His Youth," "Brew- 
ster's Millions" C"A Wise Fool"). Hght., 6, 
2%; wght., 200; dark brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Calif. 

O'HARA, George; screen career, Sennett ("Love, 
Honor and Behave"), Asso. Prod. ("A Small 
Town Idol"). 

OJEDA, Manuel R. ; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Pinto," "Double Dyed Deceiver"), Fox ("The 

OLAND, Warner; b. Sweden, 1880; educ. Bos- 
ton; stage career, with Viola Allen in "The 
Christian," "Eternal City," "Twelfth Night," 
"Winter's Tale," with Sothern and Marlowe 
in "A Fool There Was," "Yellow Ticket," etc.; 
screen career, Wharton-International ("Pa- 
tria"), Astra ("The Cigarette Girl," "The 
Naulahka"), World ("Mandarin Gold"), Fa- 
mous Players ("The Avalanche," "Witness 
for the Defense"), Pathe ("Twin Pawns," 
"The Third Eye," "The Phantom Foe"). 
Translator of Striridberg's plays; scenario 
writer and producer. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
180; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 257 
W. 86th St., N. Y., or Hollywood Hotel, Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

OLIVER, Guy; b. Chicago, 1880; educ. Logan 
sch., Lamar, Mo.; stage career, vaud. 4 sea- 
sons, stk. and road; screen career, from 1911, 
Lubin 2 yrs., Kinemacolor 1 season, Eclair 
1 yr., Selig, Artcraft ("The Little American," 
"M'liss," "Rimrock Jones," "The Whispering 
Chorus," "Less Than Kin," "Under the Top"), 
Paramount ("The Roaring Road," "The Val- 
ley of the Giants," "The Heart of Youth," 
"fold in the Hills," "It Pays to Advertise," 
"Hawthorne of the U. S. A." "Male and Fe- 
male," "The Jucklins," Sins of Rosanne," 



"The Round Up," "Always Audacious," "What 
every Woman Knows," "City of Silent Men"). 
Hght., 5. 11; wght., 176; brown . hair, gray 
eyes. Home ad., 6063 Selma ave., Los Angeles, 
Gal.; studio, Lasky, Hollywood, Cal. 
OLIVO, Valeric; b. Mexico City; educ. abroad; 
stage career, 2 yrs. abroad and So. America; 
screen career, Francis Ford ("The Silent Mys- 
tery," "Mystery of 13," "Gates of Doom," "The 
Heart of Lincoln," "I Am the Woman," 
"Flower of the Range"), Vitagraph ("The 
Veiled Mystery"), Pinnacle ("Danger Valley"), 
Geo. Kern ("Unfoldment"). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 150; black hair, dark eyes. Home ad., 
6511% Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif., 
phone 577330. 

O'M ALLEY, Patrick H.; b. 1892, Dublin, Ire- 
land; educ. Forest City, Pa.; stage career, stk. 
in British Isles, France and Germany, with 
Olcott Co. 3 yrs. ; screen career, Kalem, Edison, 
Famous Players, Universal ("Breath of the 
Gods"), Metro ("False Evidence"), Goldwyn 
("Blooming Angel"), Edgar Lewis ("Sherry"), 
Marshall Neilan ("Go and Get It," "Dinty," 
"Bob Hampton of Placer"), Frothingham ("The 
Breaking Point" "The Ten Dollar Raise"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 168; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad. 

O'NEILL, Edward; screen career, George Clark 
("The Duke's Son"), Stoll Film ("Squandered 
Lives"), C. B. Price (."Your Daughter and 

O'NEILL, James; b. Phila., Pa.; educ. Univ. 
of Penn. ; stage career, 20 yrs. as singer and 
actor, playing in many prods, and starring in 
"The Burglar"; screen career, 4 yrs. with 
Solax playing characters in over 200 pictures 
for the Blacnes, with U. S. Amusement Corp., 
Famous Players ("The Traveling Salesman"), 
Bluebird ("The Honor of Mary Blake," "Little 
Miss Nobody," "The Ragged Queen"), Vita- 
graph ("Captain Swift"), Selznick ("Pleasure 
Seekers"). White hair and blue eyes. Ad., 
Green Room Club, N. Y. 

O'REILLY. J. Francis; educ. St. John's College, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; stage career, 25 yrs.; screen 
career, straight and characters, Famous 
Players, World, Metro, Fox, Doris Kenyon 
Co., Mirror Films, Tourneur, Capellani, Vita- 
graph, etc; 1919-20 with Morosco's "Civilian 
Clothes" co. Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160; gray 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 23 Martin ave., Glen- 
dale, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Rich Hill 769. 
OKLAMOND, William H.; screen career, Metro 
("Stronger Than Death," "Madame Peacock," 
"Body and Soul"). 

ORMONDE, Eugene; b. Boston; educ. there, 
England and France; stage career, Augustin 
Daly, David Belasco, Mrs. Fiske, Margaret 
Anglin, etc.; screen career, Famous Players, 
Triangle, Fox ("Dancing Girl," "Morals of 
Marcus," "Bella Donna," "The Woman Who 
Gave," "The Light"). Hght., 6; wght., 180; 
dark complexion, hair, eyes. Ad., 16 Gra- 
mercy Park, N. Y. 

OVEY, George; b. Grunty Co., Mo.; educ. "Kansas 
City, Mo.; stage career, starred in "A Knight 
for a Day" 2 seasons, starred one season in 
"The Runaways/' star stk. engagement at 
Portland, Me.; screen career, Horsley, Gaiety 
comedies ("Dropped Into Scandal"), Pacific 
Film ("The Dead Language," "In and Out," 
"The Mummy's Nightmare"). Hght., 6, 4; 
wght., 130; brown hair and eyes. Ad., 6231-B 
Lexington Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
OWEN, Cecil; screen career, Robertson-Cole 
("The Wonder Man"), Film Market ("The 
Supreme Passion"), Realart ("The Magic 


PADGETT, Slim; screen career, Fox ("Just Pals," 
"Two Moons"). 

PAGET, Alfred; b. England; early career, Brit- 
ish Army in Boer war; stage career, from 
1907, Belasco Stk. Co., with Julia Marlowe in 
"The Goddess of Reason," and Guy Bates 
Post in "The Bridge"; screen career, since 
1910, Biograph, Reliance-Majestic, Fine Arts, 
in a number of photoplays under Griffith's 
supervision, including "Intolerance," "Nina the 
Flower Girl"), Morosco ("Big Timber"), Fox, 
("Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp"), Jewel 
("When a Girl Loves"). 

PAISLEY, G. Chas.; b. Glasgow, Scotland; educ. 
Univ. of Glasgow; stage career, 1910 tour of 
G. B. with Cinderella pantomime, 1911 Alladin 
pantomime, headed own act over the Beres- 
ford tour, with Harry Lauder's rep., etc.; 

screen career, 1912, London Film Co. ("Lady 
of the Lake," "Merchant of Venice," wrote 
and made 39 two-reel comedies with Jack 
Purves, English woman impersonator). Hght., 
5, 91 wght., 143; auburn hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
Hotel Glidden, Hollywood, Calif. 

PALLETTE, Eugene; b. Winneld, Kan.; educ. 
Culver Mil. Acad.; stage career, 12 yrs. in 
"Alias Jimmy Valentine"; screen career, Uni- 
versal, American, Majestic, Selig, Fine Arts 
("Hell-to-Pay Austin," "Intolerance"), Moros- 
co-Paramount ("The Marcellini Millions," 
"The World Apart," "The Heir of the Ages"), 
Paralta ("A Man's Man," "Turn of a Card"), 
Famous Players ("The Ghost House"), Na- 
tional Film Corp. ("Tarzan of the Apes"), 
Houdini ("Under Sea Loot"), Metro ("Ame- 
teur Adventuress," "Fair and Warmer," 
"Jimmy Valentine," "Parlor, Bedroom and 
Bath," "Twin Beds"). Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 
155; dark brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
Gates Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif. 

PAPE, Edward Lionel; educ. Eton and Trinity 
College, Oxford, England; stage career, 
"Fanny's First Play," "General John Regan," 
etc.; screen career, Vitagraph ("The Sporting 
Duchess"), Metro ("The Fatal Hour"), Famous 
Players ("The New York Idea"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 166; brown hair, blue-gray eyes. Ad., 
Friars Club, N. Y. 

PARKE, William, Jr.; b. Phila., Pa.; educ. Phila. 
pub. schls. and by tutors; stage career, 2 yrs. 
dram, stk, mgmt. Brady, A. H. Woods, with 
Andrew Mack, Arnold Daly, etc.; screen ca- 
reer, Famous Players, Thanhouser ("Vicar of 
Wakefield," "Her New York," "The Candy 
Girl"), Astra-Pathe ("The Cigarette Girl," 
"Streets of Illusion," "The Last of the Car- 
naby's," "A Crooked Romance"). Paramount 
("Ghost in the Garret"). Hght., 5, 8; wght.. 
130; brown hair, hazel eyes. Captain in R. F. 
C. in France. Ad., 514 W. 184th st., N. Y. 

PASHA, Kalla; screen career, Sennett ("Married 
Life," "Love Honor and Behave"), Asso. Prod. 
("A Small Town Idol") 

PASQUE, Ernest; b. France; educ. Central 
Europe; stage career, 6 yrs. legit, stage in 
Europe; screen career, Lois Weber ("Mysteri- 
ous Mrs. M.," "Even as You and I"), J. War- 
ren Kerrigan ("A Man's Man"), Goldwyn ("The 
Tear Woman"), T. H. Ince ("False Faces," 
"Behind the door"), J. Parker Read, Jr. 
("Daughter of Lone Wolf," "Sahara"), Vita- 
graph ("Romance Promoters"). Hght., 5, 8; 
wght., 145; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 
Actors Assn., Hollywood, Calif.; Holly 1946. 

PATE, Lee; b. Douglas, Kansas; educ. there; 
screen career, Lasky ("Trail of Lonesome 
Pine," "Tennessee Partner," "To Have, to 
Hold," "Romance Red," "Goose Girl," "Rose 
of the Rancho"), Sylvanite Prod. ("Outlawed," 
"Midnight Riders," "Battlin* Kid"). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 160; brown hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., 523 Temple St., Los Angeles, Calif., Pico 

PATTEE, Herbert Horton, also scenario writer; 
b. Ft. Fairfield, Me.; educ. Wash., D. C.; 
stage career, Boston stk., with Booth, Bar- 
rett, Modjeska, Henry Miller, Walker White- 
side, vaud. ; screen career, Edison ("A Royal 
Pauper"), Metro ("The Millionaire's Double"), 
Veritas ("And the Children Pay"), Goldwyn 
("For the Freedom of the East"), ' Vitagraph 
("The Cambric Mask," "The Vengeance of 
Durand," "The Fortune Hunter," "In Honor's 
Web," "Silent Strength," "The Gauntlet," "The 
Prey")). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 170; brown hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., 2339 Morris ave., N. Y.; 
Fordham 2250. 

PATTESON, Starke; screen career, Realart 
("Sweet Lavender"), Vitagraph ("Three 
Sevens"), Universal ("Wolves of the North"). 

PATTON, William; screen career, Paramount 
("Sand"), Pioneer ("Outlawed"). 

PAUNCEFORT, George; b. San Francisco; educ. 
Boston and Da Voe College; stage career, with 
Frohman, Shubert, John Drew, "Gay Lord 
Quex," Chas. Hopkinson; screen career, Black- 
ton, Metro, Pathe Jimmy Dale serial Educa- 
tional "The Purple Lady," "Her Great Price," 
"Marriage," "The Key to Power," Fox ("The 
White Moll"), C. B. Price ("Your Daughter and 
Mine"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 160: brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 177 W. 79th, N. Y. 

PAYNE, Sydney; screen career, Robertson-Cole 
("The Devil's Claim" "The Brand of Lopez," 
"Beach of Dreams"). 

PAYTON, Claude; screen career, Fox ("If I Were 
King"), Pathe ("Dice of Destiny," "When We 
Were Twenty-One"), Realart ("The Soul of 



PEARCE, George C.; b. N. Y. ; educ. Trinity 
Schl. ; stage career, with Henry E. Dixey's 
summer opera co., leading tenor in rep opera, 
6 yrs. a member Empire Theatre Stk. Co., 
mgmt. Charles Frohman, with Henry Miller; 
screen career, Biograph 2 yrs., Triangle, Cul- 
ver City ("Intolerance"), Universal ("The 
Masked Woman"), Bluebird ("Treason," "The 
Black Mantilla," "The Pointed Finger," "The 
Woman With the Parakeets"), Triangle 
("Crown Jewels"), Vitagraph ("A Gentleman 
of Quality"), Paramount ("The Traveling 
Salesman"). Permanent ad., The Players, 16 
Gramercy Park, N. Y. C. 

PEGG, Vester; b. Ponca City, Okla., 1889; early 
career, spent on ranch, toured with 101 Ranch 
Wild West Show; screen career, NYMP, Bison, 
Kalem, Vitagraph, Reliance-Majestic, Fine 
Arts ("The Birth of a Nation"), Fox ("Blue 
Blood and Red"), Universal ("The Texas 
Sphinx," "The Range War," "The Secret 
Man," "The Marked Man," "A Woman's 
Fool," "Hell Bent," "Ace of the Saddle," 
"Bare Fists," "Riders of the Law"), Canyon 
("The Fighting Stranger," "The Struggle." 
"The Galloping Devil"). 

PEIL, Edward; b. Racine, Wis.; educ. Univ. 
of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind. ; stage ca- 
reer, with Mme. Modjeska, in road cos. of 
"The Witching Hour," "Brewster's Millions," 
mus. com., "The Century Girl," leads in stk. 
5 yrs.; screen career, D. W. Griffith ("Eyes of 
the World," "Greatest Thing in Life," "Broken 
Blossoms" "Dream Street"), Federal ("The 
Money Changers"), Triangle ("Servant in the 
House"), Hampton ("That Girl Montana"), 
Universal ("Road to Divorce"). Home ad., 4211 
Delmar Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., phone 599- 

PEMBERTON, Henry; b. Richmond, Va. ; edu- 
cated there; stage career 21 years, screen 
career, Fox ("The Shark," "The Deadline"), 
Arrow ("The Way Women Love," "Luxury"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 180; dark hair, and dark blue 

PENNELL, Richard; b. Jersey City, N. J., educ. 
N. Y. ; 5 yrs. stk. in England; screen career, 
Ince, Universal, Lois Weber, Brunton, Vita- 
graph, Paramount ("The Silver King"), Prizma 
("Heidi"), Geo. Beban ("One Man in a Mil- 
lion"), Sid Franklin ("Not Guilty"). Hght., 5, 
10; wght., 161; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 742 
S. Coronada St. Los Angeles, Calif., phone 53653. 

PERCYVAL, T. Wigney; b. Yorkshire, England; 
stage career, with Wilson Barrett, Herbert 
Tree, in England; with Ethel Barrymore, Dil- 
lingham, K. and E. Frohman, Belasco, Ames, 
in America; screen career, Fox ('Bilali in 
"She"), Famous Players. Home ad., 56 W. 
llth St., N. Y. 

PERIOLAT, George E.; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. 
there; stage career, 17 yrs. with Otis Skinner, 
Julia Arthur, "Arizona," Adelaide Thurston 
Co., stk.; screen career, 1 yr. Selig, 2 yrs. 
Universal, 8 yrs. American ("Mate of the 
Sally Ann," "The Hellium," "Tiger Lily"), 
Metro ("Parlor, Bedroom and Bath"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("Life's Twist"), United Artists 
("Mark of Zorro"), Realart ("Two Weeks With 
Pay"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 187; brown-gray 
hair, blue-gray eyes. Home ad., Engstrum 
Apts., Los Angeles, Cal. ; Main 7374. 

PERKINS, Walter; screen career, Paramount 
("Bill Henry"), First National ("Peaceful 

PERRIN, Jack; screen career, Universal ("The 
Adorable Savage," "Pink Tights," "The Tor- 
rent," "The Trigger Trail," "Big Bob," "Coward 
of Covelo," "The Outlaw," "Double Crossed"), 
Pathe ("Lahoma"), Hodkinson ("Partners of 
the Tide"). 

PERRY, Walter; screen career, Rob-Cole ("A 
Sage Brush Hamlet," "The Pagan God," "Dan- 
gerous Waters," "A Fugitive From Matri- 
mony"), Hampton-Pathe ("Fighting Cressy." 
"Prince and Betty"), Hodkinson ("The U. P. 
Trail"), Garfield Prod. ("The Parish Priest"). 

PETERS, Frederic; b. and educ. Waltham, Mass.; 
stage career, 3 yrs. vaud., 4 yrs. minstrel; 
screen career, 8 yrs., Mary Pickford ("Polly- 
anna"), B. B. Hampton ("Dwelling Place of 
Light"), 1 yr. Rolin Comedies, Fox (1 yr. Sun- 
shine comedies, "Connecticut Yankee in King 
Arthur's Court," "Queen of Sheba"), Universal 
("Once a Plumber"), Goldwyn ("Edgar's Sun- 
day Courtship"), Robertson-Cole ("Kismet"). 
Hght., 6, 7; wght., 280; dark hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., 3829 Halldale ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

PETERS, House;, screen career, Hodkinson 
("Thunderbolts of Fate"), Equity ("Silk Hus- 
bands and Calico Wives"), Metro ("The Great 
Redeemer"), Asso.-Prod. ("The Leopard Wom- 
an," "Lying Lips"), Geo. Davis ("Isobel"). 

PETERS, Jay; screen career, Realart ("La Veg- 
lione," "Her Beloved Villain"). 

PETT1E, Graham; b. Edinburgh, Scotland; 
educ. King's Coll., London, Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge; stage career, 18 yrs., supported Rich- 
ard Mansfield, Forbes-Robertson, Margaret 
Anglin, Charles Coghlan; screen career, Tri- 
angle ("Heirs for a Day," "Honest Man"), 
Hampton ("The Westerners"), Metro "The 
Right of Way," "Old Lady 31," "The Misfit 
Wife"), Realart ("You Never Can Tell"), Para- 
mount ("An Amateur Devil"). Hght., 5, 8; 
wght., 156; brown hair, dark blue eyes. Home 
ad., 1597 W. 21st st., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 72891. 

PHELPS, L,ee; screen career, Goldwyn ("Little 
Shepherd of Kingdom Come"), Fox ("The Road 

PHILLIPS, Augustus; b. Rensselaer, Ind.; educ. 
Univ. of Ind.; stage career, stock San Fran- 
cisco and N. Y., "The Wolf," "Small Town 
Girl," "Lady Betty"; screen career, Edison, 
Vitagraph, Universal, Metro ("The Gates of 
Eden," "Threads of Fate." "Aladdin's Other 
Lamp," "Blue Jeans," " The Lion's Den," 
"Peggy Does Her Darndest"), Para-Artcraft 
("The Grim Game"), Goldwyn ("Toby's Bow"), 
Robertson-Cole ("The Butterfly Man"), Fox ("A 
World of Folly"), Pathe ("One Hour Before 
Dawn"), Universal ("The Unknown Wife"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 169; dark complexion, dark 
brown hair, gray eyes. 

PICKFORD, Jack; b. Toronto, Can., 1896; educ. 
St. Francis Mil. Acad., N. Y. ; stage career, 
"Peg Robin," "The Three of Us"; screen career 
since 1909, Biograph, 1 yr., Famous Players 
("Great Expectations," "Freckles," "The Girl 
at Home," "The Varmint," "What Money Can't 
Buy," "The Ghost House," "Tom Sawyer," 
"Jack and Jill," "Huckleberry Finn," "The 
Spirit of '17"); own co. ("Sandy," "In Wrong"), 
Goldwyn ("Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," 
"The Double Dyed Deceiver," "Just Out of 
College," "Man Who Had Everything"), United 
Artists ("Thru the Back Door"). Los Angeles, 

PIERCE, Ben; stage career, juvenile and charac- 
ter roles in light comedy and comedy produc- 
tions; associated with American and Atlantic 
Amuse. Co. ; screen career, Jester and Screen- 
craft Comedies; Motion Picture Producing 
Co. of America; also write continuities. Hght., 
5, 11%; wght., 180; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
321 21st st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

PIERCE, George; screen career, Paramount ("Her 
Husband's Friend"), Vitagraph ("Black Beau- 

PIERSON, Leo; b. Abilene, Kan., 1890; educ. St. 
Vincent's Coll., Los Angeles; stage career, Be- 
lasco stk. and Burbank theatre, Los Angeles; 
screen career, helped make pictures 12 foreign 
countries, the Orient and South Seas; Universal 
("The Birth of Patriotism," "A Soldier of the 
Legion"), Selig ("The Fount of Courage"), 
Hart ("Poppy Girl's Husband," "Wagon 
Tracks"), New Art Films ("Sins of Parents"), 
Pasograf ("Spreading Evil"), Beban ("Hearts 
of Men"), with Irvin V. Willat. Hght., 5, 
11; wght., 160; dark hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 3048 
W. 12th St., Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 75623. 

PIKE, William; b. Salt Lake City; stage career, 
12 yrs.; screen career, Cal. M. P. Corp., Fox, 
Rolfe "Salvation Nell," "The Unwritten Law," 
"Faust," "The Master. Mystery"), Oliver Films 
("The Carter Case" serial), Grossman Pictures 
("One Million Dollars Reward" serial). Hght., 
5, 8%; wght., 155; dark hair and eyes. Ad., 
St. Margaret Hotel, W. 47th St., N. Y. 

PLAYTER, Wellington; b. England, 1883; educ. 
N. Y. State Normal Sch. ; stage career, stock 
leads in Denver, Salt Lake, Rochester, on road 
with Playter players; screen career, Edison, 
Famous Players, Metro, directed Wharton's 
"Eagle Eye Serial," lead, Universal, Goldwyn 
(opp. Mae Marsh), Ex. Mutual ("In Search of 
Arcady"), Arrow ("Fool's Gold"), First Na- 
tional ("Back to God's Country"). Hght., 6, 
1%; wght., 232, light hair, blue eyes, athletic 
build. Ad., 5553 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, 

FLUMER, Lincoln; screen career, Realart ("The 
Deep Purple"), Robertson-Cole ("See My Law- 
yer"), -Asso. Prod. ("Ten Dollar Raise"), First 
National ("Girl in the Taxi"). 



TOFF, L,on; b. Bedford, Ind. ; educ. Lawrence, 
Kansas; stage career, 15 yrs, as electrician and 
property man with various companies, several 
years parts on legit., with Nat C. Goodwin in 
"The Captain"; screen career, Dustin Farnum 
("The Light of Western Stars"), Harold Bell 
Wright Pictures ("The Shepherd of the Hills"), 
Wm. S. Hart ("Sand"), Frothingham ("The 
Broken Gate"), Callaghan Co. ("Bonnie May"), 
Goldwyn ("Bunty Pulls the Strings"), Fox 
("The Last Straw," "The Night Horseman"), 
Chas. Ray Prod. ("The Old Swimmin' Hole"). 
Hght., 6, 2%; wght., 170; light brown hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., Owen Apts., 1355 Orange St., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; Wilshire 2049. 

POLLARD, Harry ("Snub") ; b. Melbourne, Aus. ; 
educ. there; stage career, 6 yrs. with Pollard 
Juvenile Opera Co.; screen career, since 1915. 
Morosco, Ferris Hartman, Essanay, now with 
Rolin making 2-reel (Harry Pollard Co.) come- 
dies ("All at Sea," "Start Something," " How 
Dry I Am"), Pathe ("Call a Taxi," "Doing 
Time," "Whirl of the West," "Open Another 
Bottle," "His Best Girl," "Save Your Money," 
"No Children," etc.). Hght., 5, 6%; wght., 
148; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 406 
Court St., Los Angeles, Cal.; Pico 680; studio, 

POIA), Eddie; b. San Francisco; educ. continent; 
stage career, variety shows, musical comedies 
and circus; screen career, leads in "The Broken 
Coin," "Liberty," "Ouda of the Orient," Gray 
Ghost," "Bull's Eye," "Lure of the Circus." 
"Money Madness"), Universal ("The Vanish- 
ing Dagger" serial). Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 175; 
black hair and eyes. Home ad., 6629 Holly- 
wood Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif., phone 577763; 
studio, Universal. 

POST, "Buddy"? b. Salt Lake City; educ. there 
and Univ. of Utah; stage career, 3 yrs., Wikes 
Players, Morosco Stk. Co., Los Angeles; screen 
career, National Pictures Corp., Marshall Nei- 
lan ("Bob Hampton of Placer"), Lois Weber 
("What's Worth While"), etc. Hght., 6, 6; 
wght., 290; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
Home ad., Adrian Apts., 2719 Sunset Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; Wilshire 1380; or care of 
March & Walton, Los Angeles. 

POTEL, Victor; b. Lafayette, Ind., 1889; early 
career, business in Chicago and Memphis, 
Tenn. ; screen career, was engaged by G. M. 
Anderson because of physique, first picture with 
Essanay (lead in "Slippery Slim" series), Uni- 
versal, Keystone, Mary Pickford ("Capt. Kidd, 
Jr."), Metro ("Amateur Adventuress," "Full of 
Pep," "The Heart of a Child," "Billions"), 
Paramount-Artcraft ("In Mizzoura"), Thos. H. 
Ince ("Mary's Ankle'), Universal ("Petal on the 
Current"), Goldwyn ("Billy Fortune" series), 
Thos. Ince ("One a Minute"), Renco ("Lav- 
endar and Old Lace"), Marshall Neilan ("Bob 
Hampton of Placer"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 130; 
light brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 5742 
Virginia ave., Hollywood, Calif. Holly 2884. 

POWELL,, David; b. Scotland; stage career, with 
Sir H. B. Tree in London, Ellen Terry, Forbes- 
Robertson; screen career, World, Famous Play- 
ers ("The Make Believe Wife," "Under the 
Greenwood Tree"), Artcraft ("His Parisian 
Wife"), United ("The Woman -Under Oath"), 
Paramount ("The Firing Line," "Teeth of the 
Tiger," "On With the Dance," "Idols of Clay," 
"The Right to Love," "Lady Rose's Daugh- 
ter"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160; dark hair and 
eyes. Ad., Famous Players, N. Y. 

POWELL,, Russ; b. Indianapolis, 1875; stage ca- 
reer, 9 yrs., vaud., Orpheum circuit, 2 seasons 
as basso San Francisco Opera Co. ; screen ca- 
reer, Biograph, National, Vogue ("Morning 
After," "Missing Heiress"), Pathe ("Brothers 
Divided"), Goldwyn ("The Slim Princess," 
"The Concert"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 295. 

POWELL,, Templar F.; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("Beach of Dreams"), Paramount ("Be- 
hold My Wife"), Realart ("La Veglione," "Her 
Beloved Villain"). 

POWER, Tyrone; screen career, Republic ("The 
Great Shadow"), Ziegfeld Cinema ("The Black 
Panther's Cub"), Griffith ("Dream Street"). 

PRING, Gerald; screen career, Goldwyn ("Mile- 
stones"). Selznick ("Palaces of Darkened 
Windows"), United Artists ("The Nut"), Rob- 
ertson-Cole ("Live and Let Live"). 

PRIOR, Herbert; b. Oxford, Eng.; educ. Ox- 
ford; stage career, 15 yrs.; screen career, Bio- 
graph, Majestic, Edison, Famous ("Mrs. George 
Washington"), Artcraft ("Poor Little Rich 
Girl," "The Model's Confession," "A Burglar 
for a Night," "Great Expectations"), Nazimova 
"Stronger Than Death"), Mary Pickford 
("Polly anna"), Hodkinson ("The House of 

Whispers"), Robertson-Cole ("Little 'Fraid 
Lady"), First National ("Not Guilty"), Gold- 
wyn ("Made in Heaven"). Hght., 6; wght., 180; 
dark hair, gray eyes. Ad., 6519a DeLongpre 
ave,. Hollywood, Cal. 

PURVES, Jack H.; b. Edinburgh, Scot.; educ. 
Heroit Watt Coll., Edinburgh; stage career, 1% 
yrs. legit, stage, juvenile leads and leads in 
"Peter Pan " tour; screen career, London Film 
Co. ("Dick Whittington," "House Temperly"), 
39 successful comedies high-class, also a female 
impersonator. Hght., 5, 7; wght., 136; black 
nair, blue eyes. Home ad., Glidden Hotel. Los 
Angeles, Calif., Holly 3910. 


QUINN, William; screen career, Metro ("The 
Chorus Girl's Romance"), Robertson-Cole 
("Occasionally Yours"), Independent ("Sky- 
fire"), Universal ("The Unknown Wife"). 


RADCLJFFE, E. J.; screen career, First National 
("Daughter of Two Worlds," "The Great Ad- 
venture"), Hallmark ("The Discarded Wom- 
an"), J. W. Film ("Every Man's Price"), 
Metro C"Love, Honor and Obey"), Sherman 
("Miss 139"), United Artists ("Disraeli"). 

RALE, M. W.? b. Russia; educ. there; stage ca~ 
reer, 30 yrs. with Raymond Hitchcock, Francis 
Wilson, "Officer 666"; screen career, Pathe 
("Exploits of Elaine," "Patria," "Mysteries 
of Myra"), Famous Players ("Mme. Butter- 
fly"), Norma Talmage ("The Forbidden City"), 
Paramount ("Away Goes Prudence"). Hght., 
5, 4%; wght., 125; dark hair and eyes. Ad., 
Green Room Club, N. Y. C. 

RANDALL, Bernard; b. Odessa, Russia, 1884; 
educ. N. Y. and W. Jersey Military Acad.; stage 
career, actor and stage mgr. in many N. Y. 
successes; screen career, Rex Beach ("The Auc- 
tion Block"), Blackton ("Safe for Democracy," 
"Life's Greatest Problem"), Vitagraph ("The 
Clarion Call," "Within the Law"), H & H Prods. 
("The Collar Line"), Vitagraph ("The Song of 
the Soul"), Bluebird ("Together"), Grossman 
("Million Dollars Reward"), "The Evil Eye," 
Hallmark ("Wits vs. Wits"), First National 
("The Master Mind"), Vitagraph ("Closed 
Doors"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 160; dark hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

RANDOLF, Anders; b. 1875, Denmark; stage ca- 
reer, stk. in Columbus, Cleveland, Buffalo; also 
with Wm. Farnum's all-star co., Henrietta 
Grossman, etc.; screen career, 4 yrs. Vitagraph, 
leading and title part in "413"; Master Drama 
"Who's Your Neighbor?", Olcott Players, Inc. 
("The Belgian"), Buffalo M. P. Corp. ("The 
Price of Virtue"), Goldwyn ("Splendid Sin- 
ner"), Vitagraph ("Lion and the Mouse"), 
Famous Players ("Erstwhile Susan"), Interna- 
tional ("Cinema Murder"), Griffith ("The 
Black Beach"), Jans ("Madonnas and Men"), 
International ("Buried Treasure"), Whitman 
Bennett ("Jim the Penman"). Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y., and 15 W. 67th st., N. Y. 

RANKIN, Arthur; screen career, Paramount 
("The Copperhead," "The Amateur Wife"), 
First National ("Truth About Husbands," 
"Great Adventure," "Jim the Penman"), 
United Artists ("Romance"). 

RATTENBERRY, Harry L,.; b. Sacramento, Calif., 
1858; stage career, from 1879, 27 yrs. of oper- 
atic work in all principal cities, 1 season in 
"The Chorus Lady"; screen career, Powers, 
Keystone, Mutual, Rolin, 3 yrs. with Christie, 
Lasky ("Oliver Twist"), Universal ("High 
Speed"), Ince-Para. ("Playing the Game"), 
Mary Pickford ("M'Liss"), Selznick ("Indis- 
creet Corinne"), George Beban ("Hearts of 
Men"), Pricefilms ("His Pajama Girl"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 195; brown hair and eyes. Ad., 
1554 N. Alexandria ave., Los Angeles. 

RAWLINSON, Herbert; b. Brighton, Eng., 1885; 
educ. Eng. and France; stage career, repertoire 
and stk.; screen career, Selig, Bosworth, Uni- 
versal ("The Man Trap," "Come through," 
"Smashing Through"), Goldwyn ("The Turn of 
the Wheel"), Famous Players ("Good Gracious, 
Annabelle"), Blackton ("The Common Cause," 
"House Divided"). Oliver (Craig Kennedy 
serial; Chief Flynn Secret Service series), 
Blackton Prod. ("Passers-By"). Lois Weber 
("The Wakefield Case"), Outlook Films ("You 
Find It Everywhere"), L. B. Mayer ("Play- 
things of Destiny"), Paramount ("Wealth"), C. 



K. Young Prod. ("Charge It"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 165; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y. 

RAY, Albert; b. New Rochelle, N. Y., 1893; educ. 
N. Y. ; stage career, "Buster Brown" at 7 yrs., 
mus. com., vaud., stk. ; screen career, Pathe, 
Vitagraph, Fox, Lois Weber, Ince, Universal, 
etc. ("Home, Bluebird," "When Do We Eat," 
"Married in Haste," "Love Is Love," "Be a 
Little Sport," "The Lost Princess," "Tin Pan 
Alley," "The Honey Bee," "Vagabond Luck"), 
First National ("The Kick in High Life"). 
Hght., 6 ft.; wght., 160; brown hair, dark blue 
eyes. Ad., L. A. A. Club, Los Angeles, Calif. 

RAY, Charles; b. Jacksonville, 111., 1891; educ. 
Illinois and Los Angeles Polytech. Schl. ; stage 
career, 4% yrs. in mus. and dram, stk., vaud., 
etc.; screen career, Ince-Para. ("String Beans," 
"The Sheriff's Son," "The Coward," "The 
Busher," "The Girl Dodger*," "The Egg-Crate 
Wallop," "Greased Lightning," "Bill Henry," 
"Crooked Straight," "Red Hot Dollars," "Paris 
Green"), Chas. Ray Prod. ("45 Minutes From 
Broadway," t "Peaceful Valley," "Nineteen and 
Phyllis," "Old Swimmin" Hole," "Scrap Iron," 
"A Midnight Bell"). Hght., 6, % ; wght., 170; 
dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., Charles 
Ray Prods. 1425 Fleming St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

RAY, Joe; screen career, Fox ("Twins of Suffer- 

ing Creek," "Fire Brand Trevision"). 
;AY, Johnny ; scree 
Society," "Father's 
the Social Lion"). 

RAY, Johnny; screen career, Pathe ("Jiggs in 
Society," "Father's Close Shave," "Jiggs and 

RAY, Rex; screen career, Ay won Film ("The Un- 
known Ranger," "Dangerous Trails"). 

RAY, Wallace; screen career, Hallmark ("Chains 
of Evidence"), Fox ("Over the Hill to the Poor- 

RAYMOND, Dean; stage career, stk., vaud. and 
prods.; screen career, Bluebird ("The Boy Girl," 
"Little Miss Nobody"), Photo Drama ("Warn- 
ing"), Goldwyn ("Cinderella Man"), General 
("For Freedom of the World"), Eva Tanguay 
("The Wild Girl"), Ivan ("Conquered Hearts"), 
Metro ("Winning of Beatrice"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 170; light gray hair, dark gray eyes. 
Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

RAYMOND, Pete; stage career, 2 seasons with 
Belasco, Cohan & Harris "Tailor Made Man"; 
15 yrs. in stk., Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, 
Minneapolis, etc.; screen career, Ivan-Abramson 
("Some One Must Pay"), Selznick ("Sealed 
Hearts," "The Imp"), Famous Players ("On 
With the Dance"), Democracy Co. (Democ- 
racy"), Sterling Features ("The Fighting Ken- 
tuckians"). Hght., 6; wght., 200; brown hair 
and eyes. Ad., Elks Club, 116 W. 43rd st., N. Y. 

REDMAN, Frank; screen career, Pathe ("Pirate's 
Gold," "Rogues and Romance," "The Sky 

REDMOND, Douglas; screen career, Paramount 
("Guilty of Love"), First National ("Love's 

REEVES, Bob; b. Marlin, Texas; educ. there and 
A. & M. Coll., Texas; early career, cowboy; 
screen career, Universal ("To the Tune of Bul- 
lets"), Pacific Prod. Co. ("Elmo the Mighty," 
"The Radium Mystery"). Hght., 6, 2%; wght., 
200; brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 223 S. 
Flower, Los Angeles, Calif., B'way, 2120 

REID, Wallace; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. N.' Y. and 
New Jersey Mil. Acad. ; early career; held posi- 
tion on editorial staff of Motor Magazine; stage 
career, appeared in a vaud. sketch by his 
father, Hal Reid; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Universal (wrote, acted and directed), with D. 
W. Griffith in "Birth of a Nation," Lasky (lead- 
ing man for Geraldine Farrar in "Carmen," 
"Joan the Woman," etc.), Famous Players 
("Believe Me, Xantippe," "The Roaring Road," 
"You're Fired," "The Love Burglar," "Valley 
of the Giants," "Hawthorne of the U. S. A.," 
"Double Speed," "Excuse My Dust." -"The 
Dancin' Fool," "Sick Abed," "What's Your 
Hurry," "Always Audacious," "The Charm 
School," "The Love Special," "Too Much 
Speed"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 170; light brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad. Lasky Studio, Hollywood, 

REINACH, Edward; educ. classical educ. Eng- 
land, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy; 
early career, extensive travels in Europe, 
Africa and Asia, member of Royal Institute 
of Great Britain; screen career, Universal. 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; gray hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1801 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, 
Calif., West 6124 or 21611. 

RENE, Alex W.; b. Prague (Bohemia); educ. 
Prague, Vienna, Canada, Southern France; 
stage career, operatic stage, also dramatic since 
early childhood, abroad, Canada and stk. cos. 

Chicago; screen career, World ("Dangerous 
Ground," "Dark Silence"), Independent ("The 
Blood Stain"), Edison ("Barnaby Lee"), Otto 
("Scouting for Washington"), Bloxbee ("Young 
America"), Camo Art Film ("Somewhere In 
Love"), Fidelity Pictures ("Love's Flame"), 
famous fencing expert. Hght., 5, 11; wght. 153; 
light brown hair, dark eyes. Ad., Actors Equity 
Assn.. N. Y. 

RENFROE, James L,.; b. Denison, Texas; educ. 
there; stage career, in vaud.; screen career, 
Cuckoo Comedies, Sunbeam Comedies (" Hot 
Sands and Cold Feet," "His Concrete Dome," 
"His Conscience His Guide," "A Traveling 
Saleman's Temptations," "Work and Win 'em," 
"A Trial by Jury.") Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 120; 
dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
436 E. 3d st., Jacksonville, Fla. 

RENNIE, James; stage career, "Moonlight & 
Honeysuckle"; screen career, Paramount ("Re- 
modelling Her Husband," "Flying Pat"). 

REVELLE, Hamilton; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("Kismet," "Good Women"). 

RICH, Charles G.; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. N. Y. Univ.; 
early career, dramatic critic and writer; screen 
career, Vitagraph ("The Iron Test" serial, 
"Perils of Thunder Mountain" serial, "The In- 
visible Hand " serial. "The Fighting Coleen"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 155; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 4356 Kingswell ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
studio, Vitagraph. 

RICHARDSON, Jack; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Western 
Reserve Univ. ; stage career, 7 yrs. ; screen 
career, Lasky ("Too Much Speed"), Goldwyn 
("The Greater Love"), 5 yrs. with American, 
1 yr. with Thos. Ince, Robertson-Cole, W. S. 
Hart ("The Toll Gate"). Home ad., Morrison 
Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif., Bway 8370 

RICHARDSON, Jack H.; b. London, Eng. ; educ. 
Liridisfarm Coll., West Cliff-on-Sea, England; 
stage career, Geo. Edwards Co., Gaiety theatre, 
London, London Music Halls, stk. Vancouver, 
B. C. ; screen career, Chaplin Co., Henry Lehr- 
man ("Milk Fed Vamp," "Roaring Lions and 
Wedding Bells," etc.), Diando Films ("Old 
Maid's Baby," etc.), Paton Film Co. ("The Sign 
of the Rat"), Yellow Stone Prod. ("Dangerous 
Love"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 150; dark hair 
and eyes. Home ad., 2905 Washington Blvd., 
Ocean Park, Calif. 

RICHMAN, Charles; b. Chicago; educ. Chicago 
Coll. of Law; stage career, with Ada Rehan 
in London and America, Blanche Bates, Mary 
Mannering, starred under mgmt. of the Shu- 
berts, Wm. A. Brady and David Belasco; 
screen career, Lasky, Fox, Vitagraph ("The 
Secret Kingdom," "The More Excellent Way"), 
Public Rights Film ("The Public Be Damned"), 
Richman P. Corp. ("Over There"), Select ("The 
Hidden Truth"), Graphic ("The Echo of 
Youth"), First National ("Curtain," "Trust 
Your Wife," "Harriet and the piper"), Para- 
mount ("Half An Hour"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 
196; brown hair and hazel eyes. Home ad., 65 
Northfield rd., West Orange, N. J., and Lambs 
Club, N. Y. 

RICHMOND, Warner Paul; b. Culpeper, Va.'; 
educ. Univ. of Va. ; stage career, leads in "Eyes 
of Youth," "Trail of the Lonesome Pine," "Mis- 
Leading Lady," "As a Man Thinks," "Little 
Miss Brown," screen career, Pine Tree Films 
("Test of a Code"), Fox ("The Mountain 
Woman"), Jans ("A Woman's Business"). 
Screen career, Triangle, Selig, Tourneur prods. 
("Sporting Life," "Woman," "My Lady's Gar- 
ter"), Vitagraph ("Gray Towers Mystery," 
"The Heart of Maryland"). Hght., 5, 11: 
wght., 165; fair complexion, brown hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

RICKETTS, Thomas; also director; b. London, 
Eng.; stage career, in Eng. with Sir Henry 
Irving, wrote and produced "Duvar," 1881, 
produced and played lead in "Honeymooners," 
producer for Frohman, K. and E., H. E. Dixey; 
screen career, directing from 1907, Essanay, 
American, Horsley, Nestor, Universal, American 
("The Great Question," "Buzzard's Shadow," 
"Other Side of the Door"), Centaur-Mutual 
("The Single Code," "A Daughter of the Well- 
dressed Poor," "Forbidden," "The Counterfeit 
Soul"), United Film Corp. ("The Crime of the 
Hour"), for State Rights ("Sins of the World"), 
appeared as player in Goldwyn ("The Great 
Lover"), B. B. Hampton ("The Spenders," "The 
Killer"), Allen Holubar ("Wives of Men"), 
Metro, Realart ("Sham"). Member M, P. D. 
A. Home ad., 1280 Sweetzer ave., Hollywood 
Blvd., R. F. D. No. 10, Gal.; Holly, 2115. 

RIDGWAY, John H. ("Jack"); b. Phila., Pa., 
1866; educ. pub. schls., Phila.; early career, 2 
yrs. in Forepaugh's Stock, Phila., and 2 yr. 



with Forepaugh's circus; screen career, 5 yrs. 
with Lubin ("The Third Degree," "The Lion 
and the Mouse," "The Gamblers," etc), Famous 
Players ("Poor Little Peppina"), 4 yrs. with 
Universal ("Under Southern Skies," played all 
characters with King Baggot), Vitagraph 
("The Unknown Quantity"). Has played West- 
ern and society roles. Hght., 5, 10; w&ht., 
200; light complexion, gray hair and blue eyes. 
Home ad., 360 West 42d st., N. Y. C. 

RIGAS, George; b. Greece; educ. there and 
France; stage career, abroad and U. S., Romeo 
in "Romeo and Juliet", Oswald in "Ibsen's 
Ghosts", lead in Tolstoy's "Redemption", title 
role in "Son of a Shadow", etc; screen career, 
Tourneur ("Woman"), World ("The Scar"), 
Mary Pickford ("The Love Light"), Universal 
("Dangerous Moment"), Fox ("Children of the 
Night"), Zenith ("Besetting Sin"), Asty-Greece 
("Froso"). Hght., 6; wght., 170; black hair, 
brown eyes. Home phone, Holly 2. 

RIPLEY, Bay B.; b. Corvallis, Oreg. ; educ. Hills 
Military Acad. and O. A. C. College; stage 
career, "Kindling," "Third Degree," "Lavender 
and Old Lace," "Alias Jimmie Valentine," 
"Parlor, Bedroom and Bath," stk., vaud. ; 
screen career, Universal ("Great Air Robbery," 
"Peddler of Lies," "Vanishing Dagger," "Blue 
Streak McCoy," "Girl in Room 29," "The Mar- 
riage Pit," "The Truant"). Jesse Hampton 
("Felix O'Day"), Fox ("Why Trust Your Hus- 
band"), Hght., 6, %; wght., 177; black hair and 
eyes. Home ad., Christie Hotel, Los Angeles, 
Calif., Holly 3910. 

RITCHIE, Billie; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1877; 
stage career, vaud. com., mus. com., played in 
"A Night in an English Music Hall," also in 
"A Night on Broadway," "Vanity Fair," 
"Around the Clock," over Orpheum Circuit; 
screen career, L-Ko., playing in many one, 
two and three-reel farce-comedies ("Where Is 
My Wife?"), Fox ("The House of Terrible Scan- 
dals"), Sunshine Comedies ("The Twilight 
Baby"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 140. Home ad., 
Laurel Canyon, Hollywood, Calif. 

ROACH, Bert; b. Washington, D. C. ; educ. there; 
stage career, 3 yrs. with Henry B. Harris, in 
"Louisiana Lou," "The Commuters"; screen 
career, Reliance, Majestic, Keystone ("Fatty's 
Magic Pants"), Universal ("Cactus and Kale," 
"Soapsuds and Sirens"), L-Ko. ("Dirty's Daring 
Dash"), Sennett 4 yrs. ("Yankee Doodle in 
Berlin," "Small Town Idol"), Carter de Haven 
("Marry the Poor Girl"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
195; light hair and light eyes. Home ad., 6857 
Franklin Ave.. Los Angeles, Calif., phone 579110. 

ROBARDS, Willis I/.; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Silent Avenger"), Plymouth Pictures 
("Every Woman's Problem"). 

BOBBINS, Marc; b. 1870; early career, ranch- 
ing; stage career, with Fanny Davenport, in 
Shakespearean roles in N. Y. f stk. dir. 5 yrs. 
in St. Louis; screen career, with Universal, 
1914, ("The Mainspring," "Her Soul's Inspira- 
tion"), Fox ("American Methods-," "The 
Heart of a Lion," "True Blue," "Riders of the 
Purple Sage," "For Freedom," "The Man 
Hunter"), Metro ("Alias Jimmy Valentine," 
"Body and Soul," "Some One in the House"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Li Tang Lang"), Hodkinson 
("Riders of the Dawn"). 

ROBEBTS, Theodore; b. San Francisco, Calif.; 
educ. there; stage career, played first leads 
with Robson and Crane, Fanny Davenport, 
played Svengali in "Trilby," Simon Legree in 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," "The Squaw Man," "The 
Barrier," vaud. ; screen career, Famous Play- 
ers ("Old Wives for New," "M'liss," "Believe 
Me. Xantippe," "The Roaring Road," "Male 
and Female," "Hawthorne of the U. S. A.", 
"Something to Think About," "Forbidden 
Fruit," "The Love Special," "Sham"), Realart 
("Sweet Lavender," "The Furnaee"), Famous 
Players ("Too Much Speed"). Hght., 6; wght., 
195; gray hair, blue eyes. 

ROBSON, Andrew; b. Hamilton, Can., 1868; 25 
yrs. on stage; starred 12 seasons "Royal Box," 
"Richard Carvel," etc. ; screen career, Fox 
("The Devil's Wheel"), Bluebird ("A Broad- 
way Scandal," "That Devil Bateese," "Which 
Woman?"), W. S. Hart Co. ("Branding Broad- 
way"), Ince-Paramount ("Alarm Clock Andy," 
"A Virtuous Thief," "Law of Men"), United 
("The Corsican Brothers"), Rob-Cole ("The 
Beloved Cheater," "The Butterfly Man," "Black 
Roses"), Goldwyn ("The Great Accident"), 
Republic ("The Amazing Woman"), American 
(Their Mutual Child"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 
190; gray hair, brown eyes. Ad., Hotel Rosslyn, 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

ROCCARDI, Albert; b. Paris, France; screen 
career, Fidelity Pictures ("Love's Flame"), 
Famous Players ("The Inside of the Cup," 
"The Passionate Pilgrim"), Asso. Exhib. 
("Rider of the King Log"). 

ROCK, Charles; b. Velore, E. Indies, 1866; educ. 
Brighton Coll., Eng. ; stage career, Sir J. Hare; 
screen career (Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol," 
Hardcastle in "She Stoops to Conquer," Colonel 
Sapt in "Prisoner of Zenda," also leads in "Sons 
of Satan," "Rupert of Hentzau"), Vitagraph 
("Firm of Girdlestone"), Cosmofotofilm ("I Be- 
lieve"), World ("The Better 'Ole"). Ad., St. 
Margaret's, Middlesex, Eng. 

ROCK, Joe; b. N. Y. C., 1892; educ. N. Y. Normal 
and Chautauqua Normal; early career, teacher 
of dancing, physical culture, director of 
Carnival; screen career, Vitagraph 6 yrs., 
Rock and Montgomery in Big V Comedies 
("Bumbs and Boarders," "Chumps and Cops," 
"Farms and Fumbles," "Love and Lather," 
"Damsels and Dandies," "Zip and Zest," "Ha- 
rems and Hokum," "Vamps and Variety," 
"Caves and Croquettes," "Rubes and Robbers," 
The Rent Dodgers," "Foot-prints"), Pres. Joe 
Rock Prod., Inc. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 145; black 
hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 1450 N. 
Normandie, Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 599052; 
studio, Vitagraph. 

RODNEY, Earl; b. Toronto, Can.; educ. Notre 
Dame Univ.; stage career, vaud., stk. and on 
road; screen career, Griffith, Keystone, Blue- 
bird ("City of Tears"), Ince, Para. ("Biggest 
Show on Earth," "Naughty, Naughty," "Keys 
of the Righteous"), Christie ("Two A. M.," 
"The Looney Honeymoon," "Furs and Folly," 
"Ducks," "Monkey Shines"), Educational 
("Naughty Mary Brown," "The Three Jokers"), 
Universal ("Dead Easy"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
167; dark complexion, eyes, hair Ad., 2754 W. 
14th st., Los Angeles, Cal. Studio, Christie, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

ROGERS, Walter; screen career, Vitagraph ("The 
Purple Riders," "The Silver Car"). 

ROGERS, Will; b. near Claremore, Indian Ter- 
ritory; stage career, 1905, vaud., fancy roper, 
Hammerstein's Roof, 8 yrs. vaud., 5 yrs. Follies 
and Midnight Frolics; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Bill Hyde," "Almost a Husband," "Jubilo," 
"The Strange Boarder," "Jes" Call Me Jim," 
"The Cowpuncher," "Honest Hutch," "Boys 
Will be Boys"), author of "The Peace Con- 
ference" and "Prohibition." Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 170; dark hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
Culver City, Calif., phone 56664. 

ROLLINS, Jack; screen career, Hodkinson 
("$30,000"), Fox ("The Tattlers," "Sunset 
Sprague"), Pathe ("Ruth of the Rockies" 
serial), Vitagraph ("Diamonds Adrift"). 

ROMAIN, George; screen career, Goldwyn ("The 
Return of Tarzan"), Prod. Security ("Diane of 
Star Hollow"). 

ROONEY, Gilbert; educ. Univ. of Penn. ; stage 
career, with Robt. Hilliard in "The Fool There 
Was," Edward Abeles in "Brewster's Millions." 
"Ready Money," "Pom Pom"; screen career, 
World ("Woman in 47"), Universal ("Parent- 
age"), Selznick ("Country Cousin"), Erbo- 
graph ("Burning Question"), Lasky ("Framed 
Up"), International ("Adventures of Dorothy 
Dare" serial), Edward Warren ("Weavers of 
Life"), Vitagraph ("Blind Adventure"), Norma 
Talmadge ("Daughter of Two Worlds"), Victor 
Kremer ("Voices"), Hodkinson ("East Lynne"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 155; brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

ROSCOE, Albert; b. Nashville, Tenn., 1887; educ. 
Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville; 15 yrs. on stage 
as leading man and director; screen career, 
Famous Players, Leonce Perret, Fox ("The 
Siren's Song," "Evangeline"). Ex. Mutual ("A 
Man's Country"), Goldwyn ("The City of Com- 
rades"), Rob-Cole ("Her Purchase Price"), 
Asso. Prod. ("Last of the Mohicans"), Goldwyn 
("Madame X," "The Branding Iron"), Pathe 
("Her Unwilling Husband"), Metro ("The Last 
Card"). Hght., 6; wght., 175; brown eyes, 
black hair. Ad., Lambs' Club, N. Y. 

ROSELEIGH, Jack; screen career, Dwan ("The 
Forbidden Thing"), Pathe ("That Girl Mon- 
tana"), Fox ("Bare Knuckles"). 

ROSEMAN, Ed. F.; b. Terre Haute, Ind., 1875; 
stage career, 6 yrs. with Lincoln J. Carter, 
Wright Lorimer, in "The Shepherd King"; 
screen career, supporting Mary Pickford, Rob- 
ert Warwick; Edgar Lewis Prods. ("The Bar- 
rier," "Calibre 38"), Betzwood ("High Pock- 
ets"), World ("The Red Woman"), Virginia 
Pearson Co. ("Impossible Katherine"), Fox 
("13th Bride" serial, "The Face at Your Win- 



dow," "Fantomas"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; 
dark hair and eyes. Ar., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. 

ROSS, D. George; educ. Washington, D. C., and 
N. Y. ; stage career, vaud., "Romance of the 
Underworld," with "Way Down East," "The 
Holdup," with Will Hart stk. ; screen career, 
Donovan Prods., Pathe, Selznick, ("Bullin' the 
Bullsheviki") ; served in France 18 mos. Hght., 
5, 5; wght., 125; gray hair, blue eyes. 

BOSS, Milton; b. California; educ. Univ. of the 
Pacific for ministry; stage career, Mary Man- 
nering in "Janice Meredith," Melbourne Mc- 
Dowell, James O'Neil, vaud.; screen career, 
Ince ("Truthful Tulliver"), Triangle, Artcraft- 
Paramount ("The Narrow Trail," "The Silent 
Man," "Riddle Gawne"), Universal ("Pretty 
Smooth," "The Exquisite Thief"), Hodkinson 
("The End of the Game"), Goldwyn ("Flame 
of the Desert"), Hampton-Pathe ("A Woman 
of Pleasure," "The Killer"), Goldwyn ("The 
Penalty," "Boys Will Be Boys"), Robertson- 
Cole ("813"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 190; dark 
hair and eyes. 

ROSS, Thomas W. ; extensive stage career, 
"Checkers," "The Fortune Hunter" etc., screen 
career, Metro ("The Fatal Hour," "Without 

RUSH, Dick; screen career, Fox ("Three Gold 
Coins"), Paramount ("The Village Sleuth"). 

RUSSELL, Byron; screen career, Paramount 
("The World and His Wife"), Selznick ("The 
Daughter Pays"). 

RUSSELL, Gordon; screen career, Hodkinson 
("The Sage Brusher"), Paramount ("The Test- 
ing Block"), J. Parker Read, Jr. ("A Thousand 
to One"). 

RUSSELL, William; educ. Fordham Univ.; stage 
career from age of 8, Ethel Barrymore in 
"Cousin Kate," David Higgins, Chauncey Ol- 
cott, Blanche Bates, Poll stk., starred in "St. 
Elmo," vaud.; screen career, Biograph, Than- 
houser, Famous, Pathe ("The Midnight Trail," 
"Hearts or Diamonds," "Up Romance Road," 
"Hobbs in a Hurry"), Amer.-Pathe ("A Sport- 
ing Chance," "Where the West Begins," "Brass 
Buttons," "Six Feet Four," "This Hero Stuff"), 
Fox ("Sacred Silence," "Eastward Ho," "The 
Lincoln Highwayman," "Twins of Suffering 
Creek," "The Man Who Dared," "The Iron 
Rider," "Cheater Reformed," "Bare Knuckles," 
"Colorado Pluck"). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 203; 
dark hair and eyes. Member M. P. D. A. Ad., 
Fox Studio, Hollywood, Calif. 

RYAN, Joseph; Vitagraph ("Hidden Dangers," 
"The Purple Riders"). 

RYAN, Richard; screen career, Rockett Film 
Corp. ("The Truant Husband"), Paramount 
("Beau Revel'). 

RYNO, William; screen career, Fox ("Vagabond 
Luck"), Universal ("Bullet Proof"), Fox 
("Twins of Suffering Creek"), Selig ("Kazan"). 


SACK, Nathaniel; b. & educ. Russia; stage ca- 
reer, 10 yrs. with Leonard Rayne Dramatic Co., 
toured extensively the Orient, British Colo- 
nies and So. Africa; in U. S. A. since 1912 with 
Mme. Nazimova, Fannie Ward, Walker White- 
side, Frank Keenan, "The Big Chance," with 
Mary Nash; screen career, Kalem ("Glory of 
Youth"), Famous Players ("Man From Mex- 
ico," "Mistress Nell"), Artcraft ("Less Than 
Dust"), Pathe ("Innocent"), Metro ("Will o' 
the Wisp"), Outlook Film Co. ("You Find it 
Everywhere"), Dominion Film ("The For- 
eigner"). Specialty, Oriental characters. Hght., 
5, 7; wght., 145; dark brown hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 1990 Seventh Ave., C/o Mrs. Harris, 
Apt. 8, New York City. Morningside 3974. 

SACKVILLE, Gordon; b. Petersborough, Ontario, 
1880; educ. Kalamazoo Coll., stage career, with 
Richard Mansfield, Chas. Frohman, Chas. Dil- 
lingham, Schuberts, also stk. ; screen career, 
Edison, Rex, Universal, Selig ("The Cherry Pick- 
ers"), Bosworth ("An Odyssey of the North"), 
Balboa ("The Grip of Evil," "The Girl Angel," 
"Glad Glory"), Falcon-General ("The Best 
Man"), Pioneer ("The Boomerang"), World 
("The Arizona Cat Claw"), Vitagraph ("In- 
visible Hand"), Mary Pickford ("Polly anna"), 
Universal ("Honor Bound," "Three in a Thou- 
sand"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 210; grey hair, 
brown eyes. Ad., Actors Equity. 

SAGE, Stuart; b. Sioux Falls, S. D., 1893; educ. 
Todd Seminary, Neb. Military Acad. ; stage ca- 
reer, "Argyle Case," with Emma Dunn in "Old 
Lady 31," "Shavings," "The Bat"; screen career, 
Fox ("The War Bride's Secret," "Two Little 
Imps," "Trouble Makers"), Lasky ("Brewster's 

Millions"); original "Argonne Players," May- 
flower ("The Deep Purple"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 140; fair complexion, light hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., c/o Max Hart, 1540 Broadway, 
N. Y. C. 

SAINPOLIS, John; screen career, First National 
("Old Dad"), Goldwyn ("The Great Lover"), 
Metro ("The Four Horsemen of the Apoca- 

SALISBURY, Monroe; b. N. Y.; studied art and 
music; stage career, from 1898; rep. with Rich- 
ard Mansfield, Mrs. Fiske, John Drew, Nance 
O'Neil, etc., followed Wm. Farnum in "The 
Prince of India," under Chas. Frohman, screen 
career, since 1913; Fine Arts. Lasky ("The 
Goose Girl"), Clune "Ramona," "Eyes of the 
World"), Universal "The Sleeping Lion," "The 
Phantom Melody," "That Devil Bateese"). 
Home ad., Hotel Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif. 

SANFORD, Philip; b. N. Y. C. ; stage career, with 
Chas. Frohman, David Belasco, Cyril Maude, 
"Sherlock Holmes," "Secret Service"; screen 
career, Metro, Vitagraph ("The Sign Invisible," 
"The White Raven," "Strength of Men"), Hod- 
kinson ("Made in America"), Zion ("Broken 
Barrier"), Community ("Home Keeping of 
Jim"), Adolph Phillip ("Midnight Girl"), Ed- 
gar Lewis ("Other Men's Shoes"), Betzwood 
("Sandy Burke of U-Bar-U"), Rupert Prod. 
("Heritage"), United States Photoplays ("De- 
termination"), specializes in Western heavies. 
Hght., 6; wght., 200; light complexion, brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 637 Bedford ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y., or Green Room Club, N. Y. 

SANTSCHI, Thomas; b. Kokomo, Ind. ; stage ca- 
reer, stock; screen career, Selig ("The Crisis," 
"The Spoilers," "The Garden of Allah"), Far- 
rar-Goldwyn ("Shadows," "The Stronger Vow," 
"The Hell Cat"), First National ("Her Kingdom 
of Dreams"), series of 8 pictures for C. J. Will- 
iams. Hght., 6, 1; wght., 210; light brown hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 1276 Sweetzer Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif., phone 577093. 

SARGENT, Lewis; screen career, Paramount 
("Huckleberry Finn"), Realart ("The Soul of 

SARNO, Hector V.; b. Naples, Italy, 1880; educ. 
there; stage career, Eimete Novelli Co. 5 yrs., 
Italy; screen career, Vitagraph, Universal, Fox, 
Goldwyn, Pathe, Metro ("Isle of Intrigue"), 
Rex Beach ("Silver Horde"), Dorothy Phillips 
("Right to Happiness"), Ed. Carewe ("Rio 
Grande"), Romaine Film Co. ("Give and' 
Take"), Goldwyn ("The Silver Horde"), Vita- 
graph ("Diamonds Adrift"), and several heavies 
opposite H. B. Warner. Hght., 5, 10; wght., 
175; black hair, dark brown eyes. Ad., 4344 
Fountain ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

SAVILLE, Gus, C.; b. Peekskill, N. Y.; educ. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; stage career, 40 yrs., stk., road, 
vaud.; screen career, Goldwyn ("Girl From Out- 
side," "Almost a Husband," The Brand"), 
Triangle ("Irish Eyes"), Fox ("Sunset 
Sprague"), Dial ("King Spruce"), Spencer Films 
("Ranch of the Wolverine"), Ince ("Fate's 
Honeymoon"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 150; gray 
hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1412 Bates Ave., 
Hollywood, Calif., Holly 4860. 

SAWYER, Donald; b. Dundee, N. Y., 1894; educ. 
Rochester, N. Y. ; stage career, played Joe 
Blake in "A Man's Home," with Geo. Nash, 
Hyperion Buncombe in Henry Savage's "Toot, 
Toot," Cyril Kinney in "The Country Cousin," 
with Alexandria Carlyle; screen career, Metro 
Goldwyn, Famous Players, Pathe, Drew come- 
dies, "His Bonded Wife," etc. Hght., 5, 10%; 
wght., 140; brown hair, blue eyes. 

SAXE, Templer (Templer William Edward Ede- 
veain) ; b. Redhill, England; educ. Bonn and 
Brussels Univs. ; stage career, leading baritone 
Carl Rosa Opera Co. (London), "An English 
Daisy," "Piff, Paff, Pouff " ; screen career, Vita- 
graph ("Strength of the Weak," "Mind the 
Paint Girl," "Lion and the Mouse," "Miss Am- 
bition," "Pride"), Paramount-Artcraft ("The 
Teeth of the Tiger"), Constance Talmadge ("At 
the Barn"), Selznick ("A Dangerous Paradise," 
"Bucking the Tiger"), Metro ("Polly with a 
Past"), Empey Co. ("Liquid Gold"). Hght., 5. 
10; wght., 170; dark brown hair gray-blue eyes. 
Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

SAXON, Hugh; b. New Orleans, La.; educ. Van- 
derbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn. ; stage career, 
with Thomas W. Keene, Henry Dixey, Maud 
Granger, Marie Wainwright; Charles Hoyt's 
comedies, Belasco Stk., Geary Stk., Ferris Stk. 
and own cos., also travelled over world in vaud. 
and circus clown; screen career, Wm. S. Hart 
("Sand"), Brentwood ("The Heart of Twenty"), 
Lois Weber ("To Please One Woman"), Metro 
("Body and Soul"), Pinnacle ("Skyfire"). 



Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 165, silver gray hair, dark 
blue eyes. Home ad., 2610 Juliet, Los Angeles. 
Calif.; phone 72540. 

SCHABL.E, Robert, also director; stage career, 
with Ethel Barrymore, John Drew, Marie Doro, 
Annie Russell, George Fawcett, Nazimova, 
"Everywoman," etc.; screen career, Famous 
Players-Lasky ("The Marriage Price," "World 
to Live In," "Red Head," "Test of Honor," 
"Firing Line," "Sinners," "On with the Dance"), 
"The Stolen Kiss," "Paying the Piper" ), Fox 
("Blind Wives"). Metro ("Without Limit"), 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 145; light hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. C. 

SCHAEFFER, Jack, b. and educ. Baltimore Md. ; 
screen career, Century Comedies. Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 250; light hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 
6040 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif., 
phone 579-787. 

SOHENCK, Earl; b. Columbus, O. ; educ. Ohio 
State Univ.; stage career, Stubbs Wilson Stk. 
Co., lead in Wm. A. Brady's "Way Down East," 
with Jas. K. Hackett, also vaud. ; screen career, 
6 yrs. Vitagraph, Pathe, World, Metro, Cosmo- 
politan ("My Four Years in Germany," "The 
Spirit of Lafayette," "To Hell With the 
Kaiser"), Edison ("The Unbeliever"), Abraham 
Schomer ("The Sacred Flame"), Gibraltar Films 
("The Harvest Moon"), Cosmopolitan ("Buried 

SCHUMM, Harry W.; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. Chi- 
cago Univ.; stage career, 18 yrs. leading and 
heavy man, Hopkins Stock Co., Chicago, 1917 
with Klaw & Erlanger, Morosco, 9 mos. Musical 
Stock, Camp Kearny; screen career, 6 yrs. with 
Universal exclusive direction Francis Ford, 
directing Phil Rosen and Al Santell. Hght., 
5, 11%; wght., 175; dark brown hair and eyes 
Home ad., 1727 Kent St., Los Angeles, Calif 
Wilshire 4855; Walter Farnum, personal rep., 
Grant Bldg., Los Angeles. 

SCOTT, William; b. 1893; educ. N. Y. ; stage ca- 
reer, with Maude Adams, Joseph Jefferson. 
Kelcey and Shannon; screen career, Artcraft 
("Amarilly of Clothesline Alley"), Fox ("Ri- 
ders of the Purple Sage," "True Blue," "Kul- 
tur," "The Forbidden Roo-in," "Pitfalls of a 
Big City," "Chasing Rainbows," "Broken Com- 
mandments," "Thieves," "Flames of th> 
Flesh," "A Sister to Salome," "Rose of Nome," 
"Partners of Fate," "While the Devil Laughs," 
"Mother of His Children"). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 168; light complexion. Ad., home, 2045 
Dracena Drive, Los Angeles. Phone 59487. 

SEARS, Allan; b. San Antonio; educ. Knox Coll.; 
concert work; stage career, stock, com. opera; 
screen career, Reliance-Majestic ("The Birth of 
a Nation"), Fine Arts ("The Little Yank," 
"Children of the Feud," "Girl of the Timber- 
lands"), Triangle ("Madame Bo-Beep"), Blue- 
bird ("The Red, Red Heart"), Jewel ("Kaiser, 
the Beast of Berlin"), Metro ("Kate of Ken- 
tucky," "The Amateur Adventuress," "Her In- 
spiration"), Universal ("Destiny"). Ad., 4618 
Russell st., Hollywood, Cal. 

SEAWARD, Sidney; screen career, Stgll Film 
("The Hundredth Chance," "The Tidal Wave"). 

SEDGWICK, Edward, also scenario writer; educ. 
St. Mary's Univ., Texas Univ.; stage career, 
actor and stage dir., 10 yrs. in vaud. and mus. 
com., also dram. stk. and rep. ex. ; screen ca- 
reer , Lubin, Universal, American, Metro 
("Haunted Pajamas"), Famous Players ("The 
Varmint"), Fox ("Yankee Way," "Checkers"); 
has written original stories as follows: "The 
Yankee Way," "Cheating the Public," "Stolen 
Honor," "Rough and Ready," "The Winning 
Stroke," "The Sea Beast," with continuities 
also, for Fox; also new Fox serial, "Bride No. 
13." Hght., 6; wght., 245; brown hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., 245 W. 51st st., N. Y. ; Circle 1730. 

SEDLEY, Henry; b. N. Y. ; educ. St. Paul's School, 
Andover Acad., Yale Univ.; stage career, 6 
yrs.; screen career, 5 yrs., ("The Daredevil," 
"Thunderbolts of Fate," "The Kaiser Bride," 
"Embarrassment of Riches," "Marriage of Con- 
venience," "Stranger Within the Gates," "The 
Clouded Name," "Corruption," "The Hidden 
Hand" Pathe serial, "Taxi"), Cosmopolitan 
("Straight Is the Way," "Woman God 
Changed"), Commonwealth ("The Hidden 
Light"), Associated Ex. ("The Lotus Eaters"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 155; fair complexion. Home 
ad., 114 W. 79th st., N. Y. C., or Green Room 
Club, N. Y. 

SE'KI, M.; screen career, Universal ("The Breath 
of the Gods"), Realart ("The Outside Woman"). 

SELBY, Norman ("Kid McCoy"); b. Rushville, 
Ind. ; early career, professional boxer; screen 
career, Feature Film ("The Great Diamond 
Robbery"), Fine Arts (the Rube in "Betty of 

Grey Stone"), Griffith ("Broken Blossoms"), 
Pathe ("The Honey Bee"), Paramount ("The 
Fourteenth Man"). Hght., 6; wght., 200; dark 
hair and eyes. 

SELL,, Henry G.; b. Los Angeles, 1889; stage ca- 
reer, stk. cos., Laurie in "Little Women," also 
with Arnold Daly, Lily Langtry, Julia Dean, 
etc. ; screen career, Crystal, Astra, World 
("Fine Feathers," "The Fatal Ring," "Light- 
ning Raider"), Argus ("House Without Chil- 
dren"). Vitagraph ("Thin Ice"), Perret ("Twin 
Pawn"), Serico ("Jeweled Hand" serial), 
Pathe ("Empire of Diamonds"), Hodkinson 
("East Lynne"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 155; 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. 

SEMELS, Harry; screen career, Pathe ("Pirate's 
Gold," "Rogue's and Romance," "The Sky 

SEMON, Lawrence; also director; b. West 
Point, Miss., 1889; educ. Savannah, Ga. ; early 
career, played child parts on stage with Zera 
Semon, his father; pro. magician, cartoon 
artist and tumbler in vaud. ; screen career, 
Universal, Palace Players (dir. Frank Daniels 
Comedies) ; Vitagraph ("Players and Puppy 
Love," "Rooftops and Ruffians," "Huns and 
Hyphens," "Pluck and Plotters," "Traps and 
Tangles," "Scamps and Scandals," "The Head 
Waiter," "The Grocery Clerk," "The Fly Cop," 
"The Suitor," School Days", "The Hick"); 
writes all his own comedies. Ad., Vitagraph, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

SERRANO, Vincent; screen career, Equity ("Eyes 
of Youth," "Silk Husbands and Calico Wives"), 
Realart ("The Deep Purple"), First National 
("The Branded Woman"), Candler Pictures 
("His Enemy's Daughter"). Lambs Club, N. Y. 

SHAW Brinsley; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Coll. City. 
N. Y. ; stage career, co-star with Margaret Wy- 
cherley In "The 13th Chair," E. H. Sothern Co., 
J. C. Williamson mgmt., Australia, Richard 
Mansfield, "The Squaw Man" orig. prod.; screen 
career, Anita Stewart ("Mary Regan"), Metro 
("Hearts Are Trumps," "Four Horsemen of the 
Apocalypse"), Wm. S. Hart ("Travelin" On"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 160; brown hair gray eyes. Ad., 
16 Gramercy Park. N. Y. C. 

SHEER, William A., b. Birmingham, Eng. ; educ. 
Eng. ; premier jockey for 3 yrs. ; stage career, 
vaud. alone and with Isabelle De Armond; mus. 
com., "Isle of Spice," etc., produced "Oh, 
Look!" Orpheum, 1 season; screen career, Key- 
stone-Mack Sennett, 1 yr., Fox ("Regeneration," 
"Within the Law"), World, general casting di- 
rector. Universal ("The Cabaret Girl," "Sealed 
Envelope"), Norma Talmadge ("A Daughter of 
Two Worlds," Kessel & Bauman ("Headin' 
Home"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 140; brown hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., 1600 Broadway, N. Y. C., or 
1627% N. Kinsley Drive, Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Holly 4452. 

SHERIDAN, Frank; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. Bos- 
ton; stage career, featured actor in "Paid in 
Full," "Fine Feathers," "The Unwritten Law," 
"Blackmail," "The Next of Kin," "Three Faces 
East"; screen career, Kleine ("The Money Mas- 
ter"), Pathe ("At Bay," "Ruler of the Road"), 
Equitable ("The Man Higher Up"), World 
"The Struggle"), Ivan ("Enlighten Thy Daugh- 
ter"), Universal ("His Woman"), Norma Tal- 
madge ("Daughter of Two Worlds") E. Jones 
Co. ("The King Log"), Vitagraph ("Her Lord 
and Master"). Ad., 1531 Broadway, N. Y. 

SHERMAN, Lowell; screen career, First National 
("Yes or No"), Griffith ("Way Down East"), 
Realart ("The New York Idea"), Paramount 
("The Gilded Lily"). 

SHERRILL,, Jack; also director; b. Atlanta, Ga., 
April 14, 1898; educ. Berkeley School, N. Y. C. ; 
stage career, stock, vaud. ; screen career, Froh- 
man ("Just Out of College," "The Witching 
Hour"), ("The Rainbow"), Authors Film Co.- 
Mutual ("The Silent Witness" Frohman 
("Once to Every Man"), Ivan Abramson 
("The Mother Eternal"), directed "The Invisible 
Ray" serial. Hght., 5, 9%; Wght., 135; light 
complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 310 
Times Bldg. 

SHERRY, J. Barney; b. Germantown, Pa.; educ. 
private schls., Phila., and Catholic College, 
Germantown; screen career, Thos. H. Ince 
("Civilization") Universal ("Little Brother of 
the Rich," "Breath of the Gods"), Marshall 
Neilan ("The River's End"). Universal ("The 
Forged Bride"), First National ("Dinty," "Man- 
Woman-Marriage"), Robertson-Cole ("Occasion- 
ally Yours"), Pioneer ("The Barbarian"). 
Hght., 6, %; wght., 200; iron gray hair, gray 
eyes. Home ad., 224 San Vicente, Santa Monica. 
Calif.; 'phone 508. 



SHIELD, Ernest W.; educ. Chicago and Grand 
Rapids; stage career, stock, stage mgr. vaud. ; 
screen career, Kalem, Edison, Universal ("The 
Broken Coin," "Birth of Patriotism"). Bluebird 
("Wanted A Home," "Good Morning, Judge"), 
Fox ("The Speed Maniac," Vitagraph serial 
with William Duncan "The Purple Cipher"), 
Clever Comedies ("The Hound of the Tanker- 
ville"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 140; brown hair and 
eyes. Home ad., 1726 Las Palmas Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif., phone 577112. 

SHIELDS. Wilbert; educ. Hoboken, N. J. ; stage 
exper., stk. and vaud.; screen career. Jester, 
Thanhauser ("The Recruit," "Man without a 
Country"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 148; black hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., 800 Bloomfleld st., Hoboken, 
N. J. ; Hoboken 578. 

SHIRLEY, Arthur; b. Sydney, Australia; stage 
career, 8 yrs. ; screen career, Australian Films, 
Ltd., Kalem, Universal National Drama (lead 
in "The Fall of a Nation"), Selig (John Val- 
iant in "The Valiants of Virginia"), Ince 
("Bawbs o' Blue Ridge"), Balboa ("Betty Be 
Good," "The Wildcat," "Bab the Fixer," "Pet- 
ticoats and Pants"), Universal ("Roped"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 185; brown hair, blue eyes. 
SHORT, Antrim; b. Cincinnati, Ohio; educ. pri- 
vate tutor; stage career, 7 yrs. legit, stage; 
screen career. Bluebird, American, Pathe, Uni- 
versal ("Jewel in Pawn," "The Yellow Dob"), 
Metro ("Please Get Married," "The Right of 
Way"), Hampton ("Cressy"), Famous Players 
("Romance and Arabella"), Vitagraph ("Son of 
Wallingford," "Black Beauty"), Wm. S. Hart 
("O'Malley of the Mounted"), Universal ("Poor 
Girl, Rich Girl"). Hght., 5, 7V 2 ; wght., 125; 
medium brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1771 
Cahuenga ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Holly 1713. 
SHUMWAY, Leonard C.; b. Salt Lake City, 1884; 
educ. Univ. of Salt Lake; stage career, stk.; 
screen career, Universal, Kalem, Selig, Lubin, 
Universal ("The Phantom's Secret," "Helen 
Grayson's Strategy"), Fox ("Bride of Fear," 
. "Bird of Prey," "The Scarlet Road," "The Si- 
ren's Song," "The Speed Maniac," "A Girl in 
Bohemia"), Hodkinson ("The Love Hunger"), 
Pathe ("Beggar in Purple," "The Gamesters"), 
Paramount ("To Please One Woman"), Univ- 
ersal ("The Torrent," "Society Secrets," "The 
Big Adventure"). Hght., 6; wght., 180. 
SIEGEL, Bernard; b. Lemberg, Poland; stage 
career, stk. for many yrs., in Austria, also in 
U. S., at N. Y. C., St. Louis, Philadelphia; screen 
career, 6 yrs. with Lubin, 5 yrs. with Vitagraph 
("The Maelstrom," "The Green God," "The 
Cambric Mask," "The Heart of Maryland," 
"Dead Men Tell No Tales"), Famous Players 
("The Land of Hope"). Hght, 5, 9; wght., 153; 
gray hair, brown eyes. Ad., 2573 E. 14th St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y., phone Coney Island 0156-J. 
SIEGMANN, George; b. N. Y. ; educ. Boston Univ., 
stage career, with Chas. Frohman, Harry Doel 
Parker; screen career Fine Arts ("Intolerance," 
"The Little Yank"). Crystal ("Mother Love 
and the Law"), Griffith ("Birth of a Nation," 
"Hearts of the World," "The Great Love"), 
D\yan ("The Grafters"), Fox ("Connecticut 
Yankee in King Arthur's Court," "Shame"), 
Douglas Fairbanks ("The Three Musketeers"). 
Hght., 6, 2; wght, 230; brown hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 1309 Angeles Ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif., Wilshire 4316. 

SILLS, Milton; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. Univ. of 
Chicago; stage career, 8 yrs. as leading man, 
Belasco, Shubert, Brady, Frohman; screen ca- 
reer, Goldwyn, Select, Fox, World, Universal 
("The Claw," "The Savage Woman," "The 
Yellow Ticket," "The Mysterious Client," "The 
other Woman," "The Stronger Vow," "Woman 
Thou Gavest Me," "The Fear Woman," "What 
Every Woman Learns," "Street Called 
Straight," "Eyes of Youth"), Metro ("Dangerous 
to Men," "The Little Fool"), Lasky ("Behold 
My Wife," "The Faith Healer"). Hght, 6; 
wght., 180; light hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
1320 Crescent Heights Blvd, Hollywood, Calif. 
SIMPSON, Allan Hart; educ. N. Y. C., Columbia 
Univ. ; stage career. 1 yr. with Corse Payton 
Stk. Co., boy parts; screen career, Paramount- 
Flagg comedies ("The Last Battle"), stock 
with Goldwyn, Famous Players ("Career of 
Catherine Bush"); posed for Arrow Collars, 
Chesterfield Cigarette heads and Liberty Loan 
posters by James Montgomery Flagg and J. C. 
Leyendecker. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 160; light 
hair, dark eyes. Ad., 530 Riverside Dr., N. Y. 
Morningside 2842. 

SIMPSON, Russell; b. San Francisco, 1880; 
educ. there; stage career, 12 yrs. stk., road 
shows, Bway prods, with Belasco, Savage, 

K. & E.; screen career. 7 yrs. Famous Players, 
Metro, First National, World, in Rex Beach- 
Goldwyn ("The Brand," "The Barrier," "Blue 
Jeans," "Our Teddy," "Cressy," "Out of the 
Dust," "Bill Apperson's Boy," "Godless Men," 
"Snowblind"), Pathe ("Lahoma"). Hght., 6; 
wght, 175; medium brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 
5158 Hollywood blvd., Los Angeles, Cal., phone 

SINGLETON, Joseph E.; b. Melbourne Aus- 
tralia, 1881; educ. there; stage career, 12 yrs. 
stock, vaud. ; screen career, Universal, Fine 
Arts ("Girl of the Timber Claims"), American. 
Keystone, author vaud. acts and scenarios, 
("The Skull of Life," "He Drew the Line," 
"The Cross Roads," "The Booster," "The Per- 
fect Woman"). Fox ("Aladdin and the Won- 
derful Lamp"), Artcraft ("Shark Monroe"), 
Al. Jennings, prod. ("The Lady of the Dug- 
out"), Vitagraph ("The Enchanted Barn"), 
Tourneur ("The Great Redeemer," "The Bait"). 
Hght., 6, 1; wght, 195; dark hair, blue eyes. 
SKINNER, Otis; noted star on legitimate stage, 
screen career, starred in Robertson-Cole pro- 
duction ("Kismet"). 

SLATTERY, Charles; screen career First National 
("Daughter of Two World's"), Fox ("The White 
Moll," "Number 17"), Griffith ("Dreams 
Street"), Asso. Exhib. ("Rider of the King 

SMILEY, Joseph W; b. Boston, 1875; educ. 
there; stage career, Hanlon Brothers, Fanny 
Davenport, rep. Klaw and Erlanger; screen, 
Imp., director of Lubin and for Jules Brula- 
tour, Artcraft, World, Goldwyn. Fox, etc.; 
recent pictures, Elsie Ferguson ("Hearts of 
the Wild"), Viiginia Pearson ("Queen of 
Hearts"), Select ("Break the News to Mother," 
"The Isle of Conquest"), Fox ("Luck and 
Pluck," "Never Say Quit"), World ("The 
Moral Deadline," "The Poisoned Pen"), Realart 
("Law of the Yukon"), Cosmopolitan ("The 
Wild Goose," "The Woman God Changed"), 
Vitagraph ("The Scarab Ring"). Ad., Friars 
Club, N. Y. 

SMILEY, Robert W.; b. Washington, D. C. ; stage 
career, T. Boggs Johns in "Pair of Sixes," 
E. H. Sothern, "Everyman," "Common Clay," 
Grace George, Otis Skinner; screen career, 
Edison, Imp ("Prince and Pauper," "Aunt 
Maria's Substitute," "Ruling Passions,"). Hght, 
5, 9; wght., 175; dark complexion, brown hair, 
blue gray eyes. Ad., St. Paul Hotel, N. Y. 
SMILY, Charles; screen career, Paramount ("The 
False Road"), Fox ("The Spirit of Good"), 
Schwab ("Smiling All the Way"), Goldwyn 
("Guile of Women"). 

SMITH, Sid.; b. Faribault, Minn.; educ. there; 
screen career, 8 yrs., Hallroom Boys Comedies 
("False Roomers," "Their Dizzy Finish," 
"Circus Heroes," "A Chili Romance," "Friday 
the 13th," "Oil," "Doggone Mixup," "High and 
Dry"). Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 135; brown hair 
and eyes. Ad., Hallroom Boys Studio. 
SOMERVILLE, George J. ("Slim"); b. Albu- 
querque, N. M., 1892; educ. Chatham, Can.; 
stage career, mus. com., vaud., rep., stk. ; 
screen career, Keystone ("Their Social Splash," 
"His Bread and Butter," "A Dog Catcher's 
Love," "His Precious Life," "The Winning 
Punch"), Paramount ("Roping Her Romeo," 
"Are Waitresses Safe?"), Sennett-Para. ("It 
Pays to Exercise," "The Kitchen Lady"), Sun- 
Shine ("High Diver's Last Kiss," "Ten Nights 
Without a Barroom," "Mary's Little Lobster"). 
Hght, 6, 2; wght, 164. Ad., home, 520 S. 
Flower st., Los Angeles. 

SOTHERN, Sam; b. London, England; educ. 
there; stage career, legit; screen career, Doug- 
las Fairbanks ("His Majesty, the American"), 
Garson ("Eyes of Youth," "Silk Husbands and 
Calico Wives," "Whispering Devils"), Hodkin- 
son ("The Dream Cheater"). Ad., Loew's Ex- 
change, 1540 Broadway, N. Y. ; studio, Garson. 
SPARKS, Ned A,; screen career, Metro ("Nothing 
But the Truth") First National ("In Search of 
a Sinner," "The Perfect Woman," "Good Ref- 

SPERE, Charles; b. Lincoln, Neb.; educ. Neb. 
Univ. and Northwestern Univ., Chicago; stage 
career, 1 season vaud.; screen career, Ince ("A 
Desert Wooing"), Vitagraph ("A Fighting Col- 
leen," "Pegeen," "Man Who Wouldn't Tell"). 
American ("A Bachelor's Wife," "The Hell- 
ion"), New Art Films ("The Solitary Sin"), 
Brunton ("What Every Mother Knows"), Na- 
ational ("The Lamb and the Lion"), Dial Film 
("The Tiger's Coat"), Kurtz-Prenica Prod. 
("Home Cooking," "Fifty-Fifty"), San Gabriel 
Film ("Uncle Sam, Jr.," "The Monastery Man"). 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 150; brown hair and eyes. 



Ad., 711 So. Westtake Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

8PINGLEB. Harry; b. Buffalo, N. Y.; educ. 
there; stage career, vaud., 1908-1912, with Al 
H. Wilson Co. ; screen career, Reliance, Life 
Photo ("Northern Lights," "The Ordeal"), Fox 
("Samson," "The Plunderer," "The Bond- 
man"), Ivan ("Her Surrender"), Ocean ("Drift- 
wood"), Universal ("Cheaters," "Woman Under 
Cover"), Fox ("Flames of the Flesh"), Pathe 
("Sherry"), Fox ("The Scuttlers"). Hght, 5, 9; 
wght., 155; fair complexion, blond hair, gray 

SPOTTSWOOD, James Carlisle; educ. Gonzaga 
Coll., St. John's College; Georgetown Univ., 
Washington, D. C. ; stage career, Mary Manner- 
ing, featured in Shubert's "Going Some," "Mid- 
night Sons," Julian Eltinge's "Fascinating 
Widow" and "Crinoline Girl," 8 seasons lead- 
Ing juvenile with A. H. Woods prods., "Mary's 
Ankle," "Parlor, Bedroom and Bath," "His 
Honor. Abe Potash"; screen career, Than- 
houser ("Weighed in the Balance"), Vita- 
graph ("The Climbers"), Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
145; light brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y. 

SPBOTTE, Bert; b. Hulsum, Schleswig-Holsteln; 
educ. Halle, S. Saxony; stage career, 15 yrs., 8 
yrs. In Europe, 7 yrs. Milwaukee and Chicago; 
screen career, W. S. Hart ("Selfish Yates," 
"Shark Monroe," "Breed of Men"), F. Keenan 
("The World Aflame") Harold Bell Wright Co. 
("Shepherd of the Hills"), Goldwyn ("Girl 
from Outside"), Universal ("Brute Breaker"), 
Amer. Lifeograph Co. ("The Golden Trail," 
"Men of Today and Tomorrow"), Famous Play- 
ers ("O'Malley of the Mounted"). Universal 
("Blazing Trail"), First National ("Bob Hamp- 
ton of Placer"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 200; iron 
gray hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 2025 W. 7th 
Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Holly 1964. 

STANDING, Gordon H.; b. London, Eng., educ. 
Upper Latimer and St. Paul's, London, Eng.; 
stage career, with Leonard Rayne in S. Africa; 
2 yrs. student McGill, Montreal; 3 yrs. Canadian 
Mounted Rifles;; with Paul Armstrong in vaud.; 
"A Full House," H. H. Frazee, Shuberts, A. H. 
Woods; screen career, Triangle ("Three Black 
Eyes"), Independent ("Up and Down", (Rolfe 
("Red Virgin"), Sherman ("Miss 139"), Famous 
Players, Path6 First National ("Man and 
Woman"), Hodkinson ("The Foreigner"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 185; chestnut brown hair, 
brown eyes. American Legion S. Rankin Drew 
Post, or care of Lillian R. Gale. 

STANDING, Herbert; stage career, with Sir 
Henry Irving, Sir Charles Wyndham, 23 yrs. 
Criterion theatre. London; screen career, Para- 
Artcraft ("How Could You, Jean," "He Comes 
Up Smiling"), Metro ("In Judgment Of"), 
Goldwyn ("The Wrong Door," "Strictly Con- 
fidential," "Almost Married," "Lord and Lady 
Algy," "Cup of Fury"), Pathe (The Blue 
Moon)"), Realart ("Her First Elopement," "She 
Couldn't Help It")./ Ad., 615 So. Catalina st., 
Los. Angeles, Calif. 

STANDING, Herbert, Jr.; b. London, Eng., 1887; 
educ. St. Paul's Schl., London; stage career, 
leads with Amelia Bingham, Nance O'Neil, 
George Edwards, Sir Beerbohm Tree; screen 
career, Betzwood ("Misfit Earl"), Carl Carle- 
ton ("En L'Air"), Vitagraph ("Jewels"), Fa- 
mous Players, Pathe, World, Goldwyn, Roubert 
Prod. ("Heritage"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; dark 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., Rockingham Apts., 
56th St. & Broadway, N. Y. C. 

STANDING, Wyndham; b. London, Eng., 1880; 
educ. St. Paul's Coll.; stage career, 1899, screen 
career, Triangle-Ince, Famous Players, Goldwyn, 
International, Maurice Tourneur Prods., "Rose 
of the World," "Paid in Full," "Eyes of the 
Soul," "Miracle of Love," "Witness for the De- 
fense," "Earth Bound," Hodkinson ("Ave 
Maria"). Hght., 6, 1, wght., 180; brown hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., C/o Edw. Small, 1493 Broad- 
way, N. Y. C. 

STANLEY. Edwin; b. Chicago; stage career, 
dram, stk., vaud. ; screen career, "King Lear," 
"Divorce and the Daughter," "Law of Com- 
pensation," "Just a Woman," "Marriages Are 
Made," "Every Mother's Son," "An Honest 
Thlef,""The Love Auction," Ad., Green Room 
Club, N. Y. 

STANLEY, Forrest; stage career, stk., rep.; 
screen career, Morosco ("Kilmeny," "Mme. La 
Presidente," "Making of Madalena," etc.). 
Pallas ("Reform Candidate," "The Heart of 
Paula"), Bosworth ("Rug Maker's Daughter"), 
Morosco ("His Official Fiancee"), Universal 
("Under Suspicion," "The Triflers"), First Na- 
tional ("The Thunderbolt"), Paramount ("For- 
bidden Fruit," "Sacred and Profane Love"), 

Realart ("The House That Jazz Built"). Home 
ad., 207 S. Ardmore ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
phone 560597. 

STANLEY, Maxfield; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Just Out of College"), Robertson-Cole 
("What's A Wife Worth"). 

ST ANTON, Frederick B.; b. Newark, N. J. ; educ. 
Cornell Univ.; stage career, "The College 
Widow," "The Round Up," "Girls," "The 
Virginian," "The Challenge"; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("The Silver Horde"), Paramount 
("The Fighting Chance"), Fox ("The Spirit of 
Good"), Realart ("Jenny Be Good"), Metro 
("Parlor, Bedroom and Bath"). Hght., 6, 1%; 
wght., 190; black hair and eyes. Home ad., 
127 N. Vendome, Los Angeles, Calif., phone 

STABKEY, Bert; educ. Fall River, Mass.; stage 
career, with H. W. Savage for 4 yrs., vaud. 
with own act and others; over the United Time 
for about 5 yrs.; screen career, Pathe' ("Fatal 
Ring," serial), World ("The Boss", Alias 
"Jimmy Valentine," "Deep Purple"), Metro 
("Broadway Bill," "The Come Back"), 4 yrs. 
in stk. with World Motion Picture Co., Para- 
mount ("The Dark Mirror"). Hght., 5, 6; 
wght., 127; dark hair and eyes. Ad., 300 W. 
17th st., Care Condon, N. Y. Chelsea 7084. 

STABB, Frederick; b. San Francisco; educ. there; 
stage career, 15 yrs.. with Nance O'Neil and 
stk.; screen career, Federal ("The Mysterious 
Rider," "Man of the Forest," "Tlie U. P. 
Trail"), Famous Players ("Crooked Streets," 
"Life of the Party"), Goldwyn ("The Strange 
Boarder"). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 225; dark brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 1636 Maltman Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif., phone 59667. 

STEABNS, Louis; b. N. Y. C., 1867 educ. Colum- 
bia Coll., N. Y. C. ; stage career, 20 yrs.. "Busi- 
ness Before Pleasure," with A. H. Woods; 
screen career, International ("Humoresque"), 
Asso. Exhib. ("Riddle Women"), Weiss Bros. 
("Return of Tarzan"), Selznick ("The 
Fighter"), Whitman Bennett ("The Master 
Mind"), D. W. Griffith ("Dream Street"). 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 185. Ad., Green Room 
Club, N. Y. 

STEDMAN, Lincoln; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Out of the Storm"), First National ("Peace- 
ful Valley," "Nineteen and Phyllis," "Old Swim- 
min' Hole"), Paramount ("The Charm School"). 

STEEL, Vernon; b. Santiago, Chile; educ. Eng- 
land; stage career, leading man with Phyllss 
Neilson Terry, Oscar Asche and Lily Brayton, 
Forbes-Robertson. George Alexander. etc.; 
screen career, Goldwyn. Vitagraph, Famous 
Players ("Firing Line," "Witness for the De- 
fense"), Atlas ("Phantom Honeymoon"), Real- 
art ("Out of the Chorus"), Goldwyn. ("The 
Highest Bidder"), Fox ("Beyond Price"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 155; brown hair, hazel eyes. 
Ad.. 56 W. llth St., N. Y. C. Chelsea 9494. 

STEEBS, Larry; b. Chicago; educ. there: stage 
career, Bush Temple Stock, Chicago, Robert 
Edeson, "Strongheart," stock at St. Louis, Mo.; 
screen career, Lasky ("City of Dim Faces"). 
Morosco ("Little Comrade"). Ooldwyn 
("Heartsease"), Metro ("Right of Way"). Kee- 
nan ("Out of the Dust"). Hght., 6; wght.. 
175; dark hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 3700 
Sunset, Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 597263. 

STEPHENSON, Henry; screen career. Vitagraph 
("The Tower of Jewels"), Ziegfeld ("The Black 
Panther's Cub"). 

STEPPLING, John; b. 1869; educ. Univ. Penn. ; 
stage career, Frohman. Sothern In "Prisoner 
of Zenda," Olga Nethersole "Sapho," Wm. 
Gillette, "Secret Service"; screen carper. Kssn- 
nay, Famous ("The Bishop's Carriage," 
"Johanna Enlists"), Metro ("Lombard!, Lad," 
"Heart of a Child," "Billions," "Mme. Pea- 
cock"), Vitagraph ("Black Beauty"), Ince 
("Bellhop 13"), First National ("The Inferior 
Sex"). Permanent ad., 6254 Leland Way, 
Hollywood, Calif. 

STEBLING, Ford; screen career, Mack Sennett 
Comedies ("Yankee Doodle in Berlin," "The 
Little Widow," "Hearts and Flowers," "Among 
Those spresetnt," "Uncle Tom Without the 
Cabin," "His Last False Step," "A Lady's 
Tailor," "Love, Honor and Behave," "The Un- 
happy Finish"). Ad., 5638 Carlton Way, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

STEVENS, Edwin; b. California; educ. Univ. of 
Cal early career, banking, mining and scout- 
ing; stage career, since 1883. "The School for 
Scandal." "The Devil"; screen career, directed 
for Universal, played in World ("The Devil's 
Toy"), Artcraft ("The Squaw Man"). Metro 
("Faith"), Select ("Cheating Cheaters"), Pathe 



("The Profiteers"), Goldwyn ("The Crimson 
Gardenia," "Upstairs"), Para-Artcraft ("Haw- 
thorne of the U. S. A."), Hodkinson ("The Lone 
Wolf's Daughter"), Paramount ("The Charm 
School," "The Home Breaker," "What's Worth 
While," "Dollar-A-Year Man"), Realart ("Her 
First Elopement," "The Snob"). Hght., 6; 
wght., 200; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y. 

STEVENS, George; b. and educ. London; came to 
U. S. with Mrs. Langtry, with A. M. Palmer 
Stk. Co.; screen career, 5 yrs. with Vitagraph, 
C. K. Young-, Metro, Paramount ("Come Out of 
the Kitchen," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"), Jans 
("Love Without Question"), Realart ("New 
York Idea"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 150; gray 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 295 Monroe st., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Bedford 7044. 

STEVENS, Landers; b. San Francisco; educ. there 
and Berkeley, Cal. ; stage career, Belasco, 
Morosco, John Cort, Stk. in San Francisco and 
Oakland, Cal., headline in vaud. for two yrs. ; 
screen career, Metro ("Price of Redemption"), 
J. Parker Read, Jr. ("A Thousand to One"), 
Rockett Film ("Keeping Up with Lizzie"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 176; dark brown hair and 
eyes. Home ad., 604 N. Louise St., Glendale, 
Calif., Glendale 354-W. 

STEVENSON, Chas. E.; b. Sacramento, Cal.; 
educ. there; screen career, Harold Lloyd 
("Bumping Into Broadway," "Capt. Kidd's 
Kids," "Fram Hand to Mouth," "His Royal Shy- 
ness," Vitagraph, Fox, Select, First National 
("The Passion Flower"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
185; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 1636 
Magnolia ave., Los Angeles, Cal., W. 1796. 

STEWART, George; screen career, Fox ("Shod 
with Fire"), United Artists ("The Molly- 
coddle"), Selznick ("Society Snobs," "Gilded 
Lies"), First National ("Old Dad"). 

STEWART, Roy; b. San Diego, Cal.; educ. Univ. 
of Cal.; stage career, traveling stock cos. on 
West Coast, with Florodora Co. om tour, 
etc.; screen career, Majestic, American, Uni- 
versal, Triangle ("Wolves of the Border," "The 
Silent Rider"), Fine Arts ("The House Built 
Upon Sand," "The Doll Shop," "The Fugi- 
tive"), B. B. Hampton ("The Westerners," 
"The Sagebrusher," "Desert of Wheat"), Selz- 
nick ("Just a Wife"), Goldwyn ("Prisoners of 
Love"), Robertson-Cole ("Mistress of Shen- 
stone"), now starring in own company. Hght., 
6, 2; wght., 190; black hair and brown eyes. 
Studio ad.. Roy Stewart Feature Films, 641 
N. Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 
Holly 2934. 

STEWART, Victor A.; b. London, Eng.; educ. 
Wimbleton College, Eng.; stage career, vaud.; 
screen career, Vitagraph, Lubin ("Within the 
Law," "Everybody's Girl," "Find the Woman," 
"Adventure Shop"). Hght., 5, 10^; wght., 180; 
chestnut hair, gray eyes. Ad., 2200 Coney 
Island ave., N. Y. 

ST. JOHN, Al; b, Santa Ana, Calif.; educ. there; 
screen career, Keystone-Triangle ("Fatty and 
Mabel Adrift," "He Did and He didn't," "The 
Bright Lights," "His Wife's Mistake," "The 
Moonshiners"), Arbuckle ("The Butcher-Boy," 
"A Reckless Romeo," "His Wedding Night"). 
Warner Bros. ("Speed"), 2-reel comedies for 
Paramount, Metro ("The High Sign"), Fox 
("The Simp," "The Big Secret," "The Hay- 
seed"). Hght., 5, 6%; wght., 150; light com- 
plexion, blond hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 4411 
Victoria Park Place, Los Angeles; phone 75477; 
studio ad., Astra Studio, Glendale, Calif.; 
Glendale 902. 

STOCKDALE, Carl; b. Worthington, Minn., 1874; 
educ. Univ. of North Dakota; stage career, 
stock and vaud.; screen career, Fine Arts ("In- 
tolerance," "Atta Boy's Last Race"), Ameri- 
can ("A Night in New York," "Peggy Leads 
the Way"), Al Jennings prod. ("The Lady of 
the Dugout"), Griffith ("The Greatest Ques- 
tion"), J. Warren Kerrigan ("After Hours"), 
"The Trembling Hour" with Mary MacLaren, 
"The Fatal 30" serial with Jack Dempsey, 
"Brass Buttons" with William Russell Brunton 
("Coast of Opportunity"), Pathe ("Double Ad- 
venture"), Universal ("Society Secret"). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 155; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
home 1627 Winona Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Holly 2913. 

STONE, Lewis; extensive stage career, screen 
career, "The River's End" with Marshall 
Neilan, "Man's Desire," Lasky ("Held by the 
Enemy"), Goldwyn ("Milestones," "The Con- 
cert," "Don't Neglect Your Wife"), Ince 
("Beau Revell"), First National ("Nomads 
of the North," "The Golden Snare"). Mayer 

("Muffled Drums"). Home ad., 212 S. Wilton 
Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 

STOWE, Leslie; b. Louisiana; educ. Georgetown 
Univ., Texas; stage career, Augustin Daly Stk. 
Co., "Ben Hur," "Shore Acres," etc.; screen 
career, Metro, Fox, World ("Social Quick- 
sands," "The Closed Road," "The Impostors"), 
Famous Players ("The Copperhead"), May- 
flower ("Bolshevism on Trial"), Metro ("The 
Adopted Son"), Paragon ("La Boheme"), Ar- 
nold ("The Carter Case"), McCord Prod. ("The 
Good-Bad Wife"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 210; 
gray hair, blue eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. 

STRAUSS, William H.; screen career, Goldwyn 
("North Wind's Malice"), Realart ("The Magic 

STRIKER, Joseph; screen career, Arrow ("A Wall 
Street Mystery," "The Bromley Case"), Empire 
State Film ("The Unseen Witness"). 

STRONG, Eugene; educ. Univ. of Chicago; stage 
career, 15 yrs.; screen career, Metro ("Lady 
Frederick," "The Border Legion," "Safe for 
Democracy," "The Divorcee"), Vitagraph ("A 
Stitch in Time," "Vengeance of Durand"), Bur- 
ton King ("Power of Woman"), Empey-Select 
("The Undercurrent"), Hallmark ("Wit Wins"). 
Hght., 6, 2; wght., 185; dark complexion, dark 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., c/o Edward Small, Inc., 
N. Y. 

STRONG, Porter; screen career, First National 
("The Idol Dancer"), Griffith ("Way Down 
East," "Dream Street"), Paramount ("Flying 
Pat,' "Ghost in the Garret"). 

SULLIVAN, Danny; b. Newark, N. J., 1885; educ. 
there; stage career, minstrels, "Babes in Toy- 
land," 5 yrs. with "The Wizard of Oz" ; screen 
career, Biograph, 3 yrs. in comedies, Fox (the 
Gambler in "The 'Blue Streak," "Wife Number 
Two," "Thou Shalt Not Steal"), Frank Hall 
("The Other Man's Wife"). 

SULLIVAN, William A.; educ. N. Y. ; stage 
career, 15 yrs. legit, stage; screen career, 
Thanhouser ("Million Dollar Mystery"), Pathe 
2 yrs. ("Honest Thief," "Getaway Kate," 
"Cigarette Girl," "Lightning Raider"). Hght., 
5, 7%; wght., 145; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
340 W. 56th st., N. Y. ; Circle 6784. 

SUTHERLAND, Edward; b. London, England; 
educ. America and Paris; stage career, stk., 
vaud., mus. comedy, "So Long Letty" ; screen 
career, Select ("The Veiled Adventure"), 
Famous Players ("All of a Sudden Peggy," 
"The Sea Wolf," "The Round Up," "Conrad in 
Quest of His Youth," "Dollar a Year Man," 
"The Witching Hour"), Selznick ("Just Outside 
the Door"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 155; brown 
hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., L. A. Athletic Club, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

SUTHERLAND, John; b. Scotland; educ. there; 
screen career, Famous Players ("Silver King," 
"The Lie," "His House in Order," "Test of 
Honor," "Uncle Tom's Cabin"), Biograph 
("The Imp"), Crest ("Grain of Dust"), Gold- 
wyn ("Dodging a Million"), Vitagraph ("Her 
Lord and Master"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 168; 
fair complexion, gray hair, dark eyes. Ad., 
340a Ninth st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

SUTHERLAND, Victor; b. Paducah, Ky., 1889; 
educ. Ky. ; stage career, Morgan Stock Co. ; 
screen career, Victor ("The Dancer and the 
King"), Fox ("Daredevil Kate"), Rex Beach 
("The Barrier"), Ed. Lewis Prod. ("The Bar 
Sinister." "The Sign Invisible," "Calibre 38"), 
Fox ("Her Price"), Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

SWAIN, Mack; b. Salt Lake City, 1876; educ. 
there; early career, own company, vaud., mus. 
com., drama, stock; screen career, Keystone 
(comedy leads in "The Schemers," "Safety 
First Ambrose"), Sennett-Paramount ("The 
Pullman Bride"), L-Ko ("Ambrose and the 
Lion Hearted"), Ponpy Comedies, Wm. Fox 
Comedies. Hght., 6, 2; wght., 310; blond hair, 
greenish gray eyes. Home ad., 1868 Glendale 
Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif., Wilshire 5235; studio 
ad.. Charlie Chaplin Studio. 

SWEET, Harry; screen career, Century ("Wild 
Lions and Ferocious Cheese," "Superstition," 
"The Dog Doctor," "No Mother to Guide Me"). 

SWICKARD, Charles; stage career, stk.; screen 
career, Universal-Bluebird, Metro, Fox ("Light 
cf Western Stars"), Metro ("The Spender," 
"Faith," "Almost Married"), Thos. H. Ince 
("The Toast of Death," "The Beckoning 
Flame"), Para-Artcraft, "Hell's Hinges," 
"Captive God"), H. B. Warner ("Beggar of 
Cawnpoor"), Robertson-Cole ("Li Ting Lang," 
"An -Arabian Knight," "The Devil's Claim"), 
Metro "Body and Soul"). Ad., 1533 Arlington 
ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 



SWICKARD, Josef; stage career, 25 yrs. Dram- 
atic and vaud., America, So. Africa and Eu- 
rope; screen career, Haworth ("Moon Mad- 
ness"), Selznick ("Blind Youth"), Vitagraph 
("Trumpet Island"), Anita Stewart ("Sowing 
the Wind"), Metro ("Four Horsemen of the 
Apocalypse". Foreign characterizations. Hght, 
5, 10%; wght., 155; iron gray hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., 1533 Arlington ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif., West 4263. 

TABER, Richard; b. N. J.; educ. there; stage 
career, "Coat Tales," "The Willow Tree," "Lit- 
tle Miss Brown"; screen career, Pathe ("At 
Bay," "Kick In"), Essanay ("Eyes That See 
Not," "When My Lady Smiles," "Caught"), 
World ("Miss Crusoe"). Hght., 5, 6%; wght., 
140; dark hair, dark eyes. Ad., Lambs Club, 

TABI/ER, P. Dempsey; b. Wilson County, Tenn. ; 
educ. Military Inst., Tenn. and Bethel College, 
Ky. ; stage career, 4 seasons in light opera, 2 
seasons in drama; screen career, National ("Son 
of Tarzan"), Metro ("The Miracle Woman"), 
American ("The Gamesters"), Ince ("Captive 
God," "Gamble in Souls"), Famous Players 
("Rule G," "Love Insurance"), Blazon Film 
"Deathlock"), Nilton Prod. ("Babes in the 
Wood"). Hght., 6; wght., 1901 brown hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 168 Wordsworth St., 
Santa Monica, Calif., Santa Monica 62266. 

TAYLOR, Wilton; screen career, Goldwyn ("The 
Girl From Outside," "Alias Jimmy Valentine"), 
Paramount ("Treasure Island," "The Traveling 
Salesman"), Pathe ("One Hour Before Dawn", 
"Half a Chance"), Universal ("Outside the 
Law"), Realart ("The Little' Clown"), Metro 
(The Last Card"). 

TEAD, Phillips; b. Somerville, Mass.; educ. Am- 
herst Coll., '15; stage career, "Oh, Lady, Lady," 
"The King," with Leo Deitrichstein, "Our Mrs. 
McChesney"; screen career, Norma Talmadge 
("She Loves and Lies"), Selznick ("The 
Woman's Game"), Famous Players ("The Lost 
Paradise"). Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 134; brown 
hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 136 W. 44th st, 
N. Y. C. ; Bryant 2692. 

TEARLE, Conway; b. N. Y., 1880; stage career, 
Sir Charles Wyndham, Ellen Terry, Billie 
Burke, Ethel Barrymore, Viola Allen, stk. with 
Grace George; screen career, Brenon ("The 
Fall of the Romanoffs"), Paramount ("Stella 
Maris"), Select ("The Reason Why"), First 
National ("Virtuous Wives," "A Virtuous 
Vamp," "Mind the Paint Girl," "Two Weeks"), 
Select ("Way of a Woman," ("She Loves and 
Lies"), United ("Her Game"), Equity ("Whisp- 
ering Devils")., First National ("The Oath"), 
Selznick ("Marooned Hearts," "Road of Ambi- 
tion," "Society Snobs," "Bucking the Tiger"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; dark hair and eyes. 
Ad., Friars Club, N. Y. 

TENBROOK, Harry; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Honey Bee," "The Money Changers"). 

THAI,ASSO, Arthur; screen career, Universal ("La 
La Lucille"), Dwan ("The Forbidden Thing") 

THOMAS, Al Franklyn; b. and educ. N. Y. C. ; 
stage career, 15 yrs.; screen career, Metro, 
Kalem, Fox, Famous Players, Davenport 
("Rule of Reason"), Garrick ("The Eternal 
Law," Oliver ("Carter Case"), Gaumont 
("Temporary Wife"), Francis Grandon ("Con- 
quered Hearts," "The Little Soldier Boy"), 
Mayflower ("Law of the Yukon"), Pathe 
("Velvet Fingers," "Roaring Oaks"), Daven- 
port ("House that Jack Built"), Lapaz ("The 
Eleventh Hour"), Walter MacNamara Co. 
('"Heart of New York"). Hght., 5, 9%, wght., 
168; dark hair and eyes. Ad., Green Room 
Club. N. Y. 

THOMAS, Harold; screen career, Fox ("Number 
17"), Wistaria ("Forbidden Love"). 

THOMPSON, Hugh; b. St. Louis, Mo., 1887; educ. 
there; stage career, 8 yrs. stk.; screen career, 
Metro ("Secret Strings"), United ("Woman 
Under Oath"), Rothapfel ("False Gods"), 
World ("Phil for Short"), Hallmark ("Wit 
Wins"), Graphic ("Someone Must Pay"), 
Gaumont ("Making Her His Wife"), Gibraltar 
("Cynthia of the Minute"), Gaumont ("Hus- 
bands and Wives"), Goldwyn ("The Slim Prin- 
cess," "What Happened to Rosa"). Hght., 6, 
2; wght., 180; dark complexion, brown hair and 
eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

THORN, Frank; screen career, Universal ("The 
Red Lane"), Fox ("The Rose of Nome"). 

THORPE, Morgan; screen career, Jaxon ("The 
Rich Slave"), Pathe ("House of the Tolling 

THURSTON, C. E.; screen career, Goldwyn ("Boys 
Will be Boys"), Pinnacle ("Black Sheep"). 

TII/TON, Edwin Booth; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. 
N. Y. and Providence, R. I. ; stage career, first 
prof, appearance "Lights O' London," season 
1885-86, under mgnt. K. & E., Henry Savage, 
Shuberts, Frohman, etc. ; screen career, Lubin, 
Fox ("Under the Yoke," "Merrie-Go-Round," 
"Right After Brown," "Words and Music," 
"Auld Lang Syne," "Heritage of Eden"), 
Keenan ("Gates of Brass," "World Aflame"), 
Constance Talmadge ("The Shuttle"), Katherine 
MacDonald ("Curtain"), Fox ("Faith," "Love's 
Harvest," "Sunset Sprague," "The Skyway- 
man," "Her Honor, the Mayor"). Hght.,. 5, 
11%; wght., 180; dark gray hair, hazel eyes. 
Home ad., 1640 N. Kenmore Ave., Hollywood, 
Calif.; studio, Fox, Hollywood, Cal. 

TODD, Harry; b. Alleghany, Pa., 1865; stage 
career, at age of 14; screen career, Essanay 
("Pete's Pants"), Selig (Mustang Pete, 
"Snakeville" comedies), Rolin, Metro ("Thirty 
Days," "The Baby Devil"), Bluebird ("Taste 
of Love"), Metro ("A Favor to a Friend," 
"Please Get Married), First National ("The 
Jack-Knife Man," "The Sky Pilot"), David 
Butler Prod. ("Fickle Women"), Hodkinson 
("Keeping Up with Lizzie"). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 160, brown hair, blue eyes, dark com- 
plexion. Ad., home, 5736 Santa Monica Blvd., 
Hollywood, Cal. 

TOKAWAJA, Frank; screen career, Metro ("The 
Willow Tree"), Fox ("The Road Demon"). 

TOOKER, William H.; b. N. Y. C., Sept. 2, 1875; 
educ. pub. schls., N. Y. C. ; stage career, first 
part in "A Hole in the Ground"; stock engage- 
ments also important roles with John Mason, 
Emma Dunn, Lionel Barrymore, etc.; screen 
career, Fox (featured in "A Fool's Revenge"), 
Select ("The Woman the Germans Shot"), 
Selznick ("The Greatest Love," "Worlds 
Apart"), Robertson-Cole ("The Stealers"), In- 
ternational "Proxies Heliotrope"), Asso. 

Exhib. ("The Lotus Eaters"), Pine Tree Films 
("God's Country and the Law"). Hght., 5, 
11; wght., 187; light complexion, light hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 25 St. Nicholas Terrace, 
N. Y., Morningside 8420. 

TOWER, Halsey; b. Buffalo, N. Y. ; educ. there; 
stage career, "Mary Jane's Pa," also vaud.; 
screen career, High Life Comedy Co. ("The 
Wedding Punch," "Her Rough Knight" "The 
Girl Betwixt," "Bosom Enemies"). Hght., 5, 
8; wght., 150; brown hair blue eyes. Ad., 1004 
Wright-Callender Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 13924. 

TRAVERS, Richard C.; b. Can.; educ. St. An- 
drew's Coll., Can.; early career, practiced med- 
icine and in army; screen career, Essanay (late 
pictures, "Lost, Twenty-four Hours," "Bor- 
rowed Sunshine," "The Egg," "The Phantom 
Buccaneer," "Among Those Present," "The 
"Hoodooed Story"), State Rights ("House 
Without Children"), Fox ("The White Moll," 
"The Mountain Woman"), Asso. Exhib. ("Rider 
of the King Log"). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 207; 
black hair, brown eyes; 3 yrs. in U. S. service. 

TRENTON, Pell; b. N. Y. C. ; stage career, 
supported Julia Marlowe, Maxine Elliott, 
Laurette Taylor, Marie Doro, King Love in 
"Everywoman," with Fannie Ward on vaud. 
tour, Sir Herbert Tree; screen career, C. K. 
Young ("House of Glass"), Metro ("The Up- 
lifters," "Fair and Warmer," "The Willow 
Tree"), American Film ("The Blue Moon"), 
Hampton ("Fighting Cressy"), Universal 
("Beautifully Trimmed"). Hght., 6; wght., 
175; black hair, dark blue eyes. Home, ad., 
Actor's Equity Assn., Hollywood Calif. 

TREVOR, Norman; screen career, United Artists 
("Romance"), Selznick ("The Daughter Pays"), 
Ziegfeld ("The Black Panther's Cub"). 

TRIMBLE, George S.; b. N. Y., Oct. 10, 1874; 
educ. N. Y. ; stage career, 25 yrs., stk. and mus. 
com. with Frohman, Mantell, etc., screen ca- 
reer, Lubin ("The House Next Door"), Famous 
Players ("Silks and Satins," "Arms and the 
Girl"), World ("The Man Who Stood Still"), 
Pathe ("Wallingford" series), Capellani ("Dam- 
sel in Distress"), Chautard ("Liza Ann") 
Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 265; dark hair, brown 
eyes. Home ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

TRUESDALE, Howard; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Whisper Market"), Selznick ("Youthful 

TRUESDELL,, Fred C.; b. Coldwater, Mich.; educ. 
Michigan; stage career, stk., vaud. and comic 
opera, screen career, Metro ("Wilson and the 
Kaiser," as President Wilson), Perrett (Lafa- 
yette, We Come"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 170; 



gray hair, green eyes. Ad., 230 W. 107th st., 
N. Y. Acad. 2757; or Green Room Club, N. Y. 

TRUEX, Ernest; b. Kansas City; educ. Whittier 
School, Denver, Colo.; stage career, 20 yrs., cre- 
ated leads in "A Good Little Devil," "Over 
Night," "Very Good Eddie," "The Very Idea"; 
screen career, Famous Players ("Come On In," 
"Goodbye, Bill," "Oh, You Women," "Stick 
Around," "Knight of the Dub," "Too Good to 
Be True"). Hght., 5, 2%; wght., 120; light 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., Great Neck, L. I., N. Y. 
Great Neck 411 R. 

TUCKER, Richard; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Woman in Room 13," "Dollars and Sense," 
"The Branding Iron," "The Great Lover," 
"Roads of Destiny," "Voice in the Dark," 
"Don't Neglect Your Wife"). 

TURNER, Bowd M. (Smoke); b. Cumberland, 
Md. ; stage exper., 20 yrs. stk. touring; screen 
career, Essanay ("Little Shoes," "Phantom 
Buccaneer), Fox ("Mr. Logan, U. S. A.", 
"Treat 'Em Rough," "Coming of the Law," 
"Hell Roarin' Reform," "Married in Haste"), 
Metro ("Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," 
"Are All Men Alike"), Universal ("Dangerous 
Moments," "Heart of a Jewess"), Leah Baird 
("The Love Line"). Hght., 5, 8%; wght., 140; 
black hair, blue eyes. 

TURNER, F. A.; b. Boston, 1866; stage career, 
"The Black Crook," with Blanche Bates. 
Henry Miller, Robert Edeson and Edgar Sel- 
wyn; screen career, Imp, Biograph, Reliance- 
Majestic, Fine Arts ("Atta Boy's Last Race," 
"Children of the Feud," "Intolerance"), Tri- 
angle ("Madame Bo-Peep"), Bluebird ("Play- 
things," "The Love Swindle"), Metro ("As the 
Sun Went Down"), Select ("Heart of We- 
tona"), Para-Art ("The Miracle Man"). 

TURNER, Fred; screen career, Paramount 
("Terror Island," "The Witching Hour"), First 
National ("The Jack-Knife Man"), Realart 
("Eyes of the Heart," "The Furnace"), Metro 
"Uncharted Seas"). 

TURNER, William H.; b. Ireland; stage career, 
25 yrs., "David Harum," "Father and the 
Boys"; screen career, Lubin ("The Nation's 
Peril," "The Gods of Faith," "Gods of Fate"), 
Monmouth ("Jimmy Dale"), Art Dramas ("Her 
Good Name"), Vitagraph ("Church with Over- 
shot Wheel"), O. Henry's "The Sporting Duch- 
ess," "The Prey"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 165; 
gray hair, dark eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. 

TURPIN, Ben; b. 1874, New Orleans; stage ca- 
reer, Sam T. Jack's Burlesque Co., Chicago, 
"Busy Izzy," 11 yrs. vaud. ; screen career, Essa- 
nay 2% yrs.; first slapstick comedian in pic- 
tures, 1 yr. with Charlie Chaplin, "A Night 
Out," "His New Job," Vogue Comedies, Para- 
mount ("A Clever Dummy," "Roping a 
Romeo"), Mack -Bennett ("East Lynne with 
Variations," "Yankee Doodle in Berlin," "Uncle 
Tom Without the Cabin," "Salome vs. Shenan- 
doah," "Married Life"), Vogue ("Poultry A la 
Mode"), Asso. Prod. ("A Small Town Idol"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; dark complexion, black 
hair, cock eyes. Ad., home, 5560 Santa Monica 
Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. ; phone 599383; studio 
ad., Mack Sennett Comedies, L. A., Cal. 


VALENTINO, Rudolph; b. Castellaneta, Italy; 
educ. Mil. and Agricultural Coll. in Italy; stage 
career, 3 yrs. vaud. with Bonnie Glass and Joan 
Sawyer, 2 seasons mus. comedy; screen career, 
Mae Murray specials ("The Big Little Person," 
"Delicious Little Devil"), Universal ("Society 
Sensation," "All Night") Dorothy Gish ("Out 
of Luck"), C. K. Young ("Eyes of Youth"), 
Dorothy Philips ("Ambition"), First National 
("Passion's Playground"), Metro ("Four Horse- 
men of the Apocalypse," "Uncharted Seas"), 
Selznick ("The Wonderful Chance"), Universal 
("Once to Every Woman"). Hght., 5. 11; 
wght., 154; black hair, dark brown eyes. Ad., 
7139 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
Holly 2020. 

VANAUKER, Cecil; screen career, Fox ("Girl of 
My Heart," "Flame of Youth"), American Film 
("Payment Guaranteed"). 

VAN DYKE, Truman; b. Natchez, Miss., 1897; 
educ., Miss. A. & M. Coll., and Marion Inst., 
Alabama; Stage career, dramatic club at col- 
lege doing amateur work all through Southern 
States; screen career, 6 mos. stk. with Tri- 
angle, Vitagraph ("Wishing Ring Man," "Over 
the Garden Wall"), Universal ("The Red 
Glove," "Betty Reforms," "The Pedler," "The 

Mad Marriage"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 155; 
dark red hair, gray-brown eyes. Ad., Gen. 
Delivery, Culver City, Cal.; phone 70304. 

VANE, Denton; b. Brooklyn, 1886; educ. Jack- 
sonville, Fla.; stage career, several seasons in 
vaud., with Maude Odell, stock in Portland, 
Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles in mus. 
com., played in support of Ethel Barrymore, 
Blanche Bates, etc. ; screen career, Selig, Kalem 
joined Vitagraph in 1914 ("The Stolen Treaty," 
"Soldiers of Chance," "The Hillman," "Love 
Watches," "The Golden Goal," "Playing with 
Fate," "Beauty Proof," "Fortune's Child," "A 
Girl at Bay," "Man Who Won"), Bradley 
("Women Men Love"), Jans ("Wings of 
Pride"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 160; dark hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad., 422 State st., Brooklyn, 
and Green Room Club, N. Y. 

VAN METER, Harry L,.; b. Malta Bend, Mo.; 
early career, physical culture teacher, Denver; 
stage career, from 1895, in stk., Denver, with 
Henry Kolker, Blanche Bates, Orrin Johnson; 
screen career, leads with Nestor, American 3 
yrs. ("Beloved Rogues"), Paralta ("A Man's 
Man"), Universal ("Princess Virtue," "Broad- 
way Love"), with Dustin Farnum in "A Man's 
Fight," Frank Keenan ("Out of the Ashes"), 
Metro ("Judah"), Universal ("Beach Comb- 
ers," "The Day She Paid," "Alias Miss Dodd," 
"Reputation," "The Beautiful Gambler"), Yel- 
low Stone Prod. ("Dangerous Love"), Metro 
("The Cheater"). Ad., Metro Studios, Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

VERNON, Bobbie; b. Chicago, 1897; educ. there; 
stage career, with Kolb and Dill, mus. com., 
vaud.; screen career, Universal, Keystone, 
Christie ("Pearls in a Peach," "Bobby Conies 
Marching Home," "Fair, but False," "Watch 
Your Step, Mother," "Why Wild Men Go Wild," 
"Papa by Proxy," "Oh, Doctor, Doctor," and 
20 other Christie Comedies), Educational 
("Coming Thru the Rve," "Back From the 
Front," "Wedding Blues," "Hey, Rube"). 
Hght., 5, 2%; wght., 145; light hair, blue eyes; 
4 mos. in U. S. Navy. Ad., 1756 N. Western 
ave.. Hollywood; studio, Christie, L. A., Cal. 

VIVIAN, Robert; b. London, Eng., 1867; educ. 
London, France and Germany; stage career 
15 years in London with Sir Henry Irving, 
"A Good Little Devil," with David Belasco, 
Maude Adams in "A Kiss for Cinderella"; 
screen career, Famous Players ("Under the 
Greenwood Tree," "The Counterfeit"), Tour- 
neur ("Law of the Land"), Selznick ("Pic- 
cadilly Jim," "The Spite Bride"), Norma 
Talmadge ("Mr. Butler Buttles"), Fox ("La 
Belle Russe," "The Plunger"), Famous Players 
("The Restless Sex"), Realart ("The New York 
Idea"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 171; fair com- 
plexion, brown hair, blue eyes. 
VOSBURGH, Harold; b. Toronto, Canada; educ. 
Upper Canada College, Toronto; stage career, 

Ethel Barrymore, David Belasco, Chas. Froh- 
man, A. H. Woods, George Cohan, Harry 
Frazee; screen career, "What Every Woman 
Knows," "House of Mystery," "The Smuggler," 
R-C ("If Women Only Knew"), etc. Hght., 
5, 9; wght., 158; blond complexion, dark blond 
hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 110 W. 48th 
St., N. Y. C., Bryant 9400. 

VROOM, Frederick; screen career, American, 
Universal ("A Tokio Siren," "The Marriage 
Pit"), Metro ("The Misfit Wife"), Hodkinson 
("The Kentucky Colonel"), Goldwyn ("The 
Great Lover"), Robertson-Cole ("813"), Famous 
Players ("The Faith Healer," "White and 
Unmarried"), Pathe ("The Heart Line"). 


WADE, John P.; b. Ohio; educ. Mt. St. Mary's 
College, St. Francis Xaxier's Jesuit College; 
stage career, stk., wrote, starred in and di- 
rected vaud. acts, with T. Daniel Frawley 
Stk. in tour of the Far East; screen career, 
Biograph, Edison, Famous Players, Vitagraph 
("The Third Degree"), S.-L. Pict. ("Virtuous 
Men"), Rob.-Cole ("The Ooen Door"), Fox 
"The White Moll"), World ("The Wakefield 
Case"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 165; iron gray 
hair, dark eyes. Ad., 507 W. 112th st., N. Y. 
C.; Mngde. 7582. 

WALDRON, Charles; screen career, Fox ("The 
Thief"), Robertson-Cole ("Cold Steel"). 

WALKER, John; screen career, Selznick 
("Greater Than Fame"), Fox ("Over the Hill," 
"Fantomas"), Arrow ("Bachelor Apartments"). 

WALKER, Robert Donald; b. Bethlehem, Pa., 
1888; educ. Horace Mann School, N. Y.; stage 



career, in musical comedies; screen career, 
Edison, Fox, Metro ("Aladdin's Other Lamp," 
"God's Law and Man's," "Lady Barnacle," 
"The Girl Without a Soul," "Blue Jeans"), 
Select ("The Whirlpool"), Fox ("The Light"), 
Goldwyn ("City of Comrades"), First Na- 
tional ("Burglar by Proxy"), Fox ("The Mer- 
ry-Go-Round," "The Untamed," "The Texan," 
"Prairie Trails"), Universal ("Rouge and 
Riches"). Hght., 6; wght., 160; dark brown 
hair, blue eyes. 

WALKER, Walter; screen career, Realart 
("Blackbirds"), Selznick ("Chicken in the 

WALL, David; screen career, Arrow ("Wall 
Street Mystery," "Trial of the Cigarette"), 
Empire State ("The Unseen Witness"). 
WALLACE, Ramsaye; screen career, First Na- 
tional ("Woman in His House"), Fox ("Her 
Honor the Mayor"), Realart ("La Veglione," 
"Her Beloved Villain"), Goldwyn ("A Voice in 
the Dark"). 

WALLOCK, Edwin N.; b. Council Bluffs, la.; 
1878; educ. Benedictine Univ., Atchison, Kan.; 
stage career, for 18 yrs. with Thomas Keene, 
Richard Mansfield, Frederick Warde, head of 
own co., and also in stk. in East; screen ca- 
reer, with Selig, in many jungle zoo pictures, 
Universal ("Behind the Line," "Even as You 
and I"), Ince-Paramount ("The Price Mark"), 
Hodkinson ("The Sage Brusher," "The Green 
Flame"), Selig ("Kazan"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
185; black hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 3522 N. 
Broadway, Los Angeles. 

WALPOLE, Stanley; b. Melbourne, Australia, 
1886; educ. Carlton, Aust. ; stage career, on 
stage since 17 yrs. old, played in rep. and 
prod, under mgmt. J, C. Williamson, "Monsieur 
Beaucaire," "Prisoner of Zenda" ; screen ca- 
reer, Universal ("Moira," "Dollar Mark," 
"Unconventional Girl," "Seeds of Redemp- 
tion," "Crimson Trail"), Vitagraph ("For- 
tune's Child"), McClure ("Yellow Eel"), "Ca- 
loola" (Australia), Arrow ("Trial of the 
Cigarette"), Jans ("A Woman's Business"). 
Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 165; brown hair, gray 
eyes. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 
WALSH, George; b. N. Y., 1892; educ. N. Y. 
High Schl of Commerce, studied law at Ford- 
ham and Georgetown Univs. ; screen career, 
Fox ("The Book Agent," "Some Boy," "The 
Kid Is Clever," "The Yankee Way," "This 
Is the Life," "The Pride of N. Y.," "Jack 
Spurlock, Prodigal," "Brave and Bold," "I'll 
say So," "Luck and Pluck," "Putting One 
Over," "Never Say Quit," "The Winning 
Stroke," "Help, Help, Police," "Number 17." 
"From Now On," "The Plunger," "Dynamite 
Allen"); First National ("The Serenade"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; dark hair and eyes. 
Ad., Fox, N. Y. 

WALTEMEYER, Jack; b. Sallda, Col., 1884; 
educ. Col.; stage career, 18 yrs. stk. in Spo- 
kane, Portland, Del., Sacramento, Seattle, 
Roanoke, Va. ; screen career, Universal, L-Ko, 
Kalem, Vitagraph ("The Iron Test"), Paralta 
("Carmen of the Klondike"), Triangle ("The 
Gun Women"). Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 170; 
brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1232 Tam- 
arind ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

WALTHALL, Henry B.; b. Shelby Co., Ala.; 
stage career, played through East; screen ca- 
reer, from 1910, Griffith ("Birth of a Nation," 
"Great Love"), Ince ("False Faces"), National, 
Ex-Mutual ("And a Still Small Voice," "The 
Come Back, 1 '' "A Long Lane's Turning"), 
Mayflower ("A Splendid Hazard"), Pioneer 
("Long Arm of Mannister"). Hght., 5. 6; 
wght., 135; dark complexion, dark brown hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad., 25 Arcadia Terrace. 
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Calif.; S. M. 277-J. 
WARD, Chance E.; b. Dayton, O., 1878; screen 
career, Universal, 1912, as actor and asst. dir., 
later as actor and dir.; asst. dir. Kalem, then 
dir., producing Ham and Bud comedies 9 
months; with American, 1915, directing with 
James Douglass, made "Johnnie's Birthday," 
Metro, played in "Island of Intrigue," Fox 
("The Devil's Riddle"), Metro ("The Star 
Rover"), Robertson-Cole ("Seven Years Bad 
Luck"). Ad., Hollywood, Cal. 

WARD, Hap H.; b. Santa Ana, Cal.; educ. Los 
Angeles; stage career, 7 yrs., Keith, Wm. 
Morris, and Orpheum Circuits of vaud., West- 
ern Wheel Burlesque, 3 yrs., mus. com. 10 
yrs.; screen career, began with Gale Henry 
in 1918; Francis Ford "Silent Mystery," Jack 
White ("Nonsense," "High and Dry"), Lloyd 
Hamilton ("The Boob"), C. L. Chester ("His 
One Best Pet," 8 "Snookie" comedies), all Joe 

Martin comedies. Hght., 5, 7; wght.., 135; 
brown hair and eyes. Permanent ad., 6232 Ave 
63rd, Los Angeles, Calif.; phone Garvanza 154; 
studio ad., Universal City, Calif. 

WARDE, Frederick B.; b. Wardington, Oxford- 
shire, England, 1851; stage career, started in 
1867 when he appeared as second murderer in 
"Macbeth," is noted chiefly for his many inter- 
pretations of Shakespearean roles, both in this 
country and abroad; other plays in which he 
has appeared are "Brunhilde," "Mary Stuart"; 
screen career, Thanhouser ("King Lear," 
"Vicar of Wakefleld," "Hinton's Double," 
"Fires of Youth," "Under False Colors," "The 
Heart of Ezra Greer"), World ("The Unveil- 
ing Hand," "Silas Marner"). Ad., 1720 Ditmas 
av., B'klyn, N. Y. ; Flatbush 3378-J. 
WARNER, H. B.; b. St. John's Woods, London, 
Eng. ; educ. Bedford, Eng., and Univ. Coll., 
London, Eng.; stage career, with Sir Charles 
Wyndham, Sir Herbert Tree, Marie Tempest, 
in England, came to America in 1905 to play 
opposite Eleanor Robson; screen career, Ince 
("The Ghost Breaker," "The Vagabond 
Prince"), McClure, Frohman ("God's Man"), 
Jesse D. Hampton ("Man Who Turned White," 
"Pagan God," "For a Woman's Honor," "Grey 
Wolf's Ghost," "Fugitive From Matrimony," 
"House of a Thousand Candles," "One Hour 
Before Dawn," "Felix O'Day," "Dice of 
Destiny," "When We Were Twenty-One"). 
Hght., 6, %; wght., 167; fair hair, blue eyes. 
Permanent ad., Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, 
Calif. ; studio, Hampton. 

WARREN, E. A.; screen career, Universal ("The 
Virgin of Stamboul," "Outside the Law"), Fox 
("Twins of Suffering Creek"), Goldwyn ("Tale 
of Two Worlds"). 

WARREN, Fred H.; b. Rock Island, 111.; stage 
career, Warren & Conley, vaud.; screen career, 
Metro ("Kildare of Storm," "Sylvia on a 
Spree," played in "Johnny on the Spot," "A 
Favor to a Friend," "Turning the Tables"), 
First National ("Heart o' the Hills"). Fox 
("The Man Who Dared"). 

WARWICK, Major Robert; b. Sacramento, 
Calif,; educ. San Francisco; stage career, 
played in stk. at Valencia theatre, San Fran- 
cisco, "The Dollar Mark" at Wallack's, N. Y. ; 
Screen career, World ("Man of the Hour"), 
Selznick ("The Argyle Case," "A Modern 
Othello," "The Mad Lover"), Famous Players 
("Secret Service," "Told in the Hills," "In 
Mizzoura," "Tree of Knowledge," "Thou Art 
the Man!" "An Adventure in Hearts," "Jack 
Straw," "City of Masks," "The Fourteenth 
Man"). Enlisted and served as Captain on 
Gen. Pershing's staff, later given Major's > com- 
mission. Hght., 6; wght., 175; brown hair and 
eyes. Ad., Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Calf. 
WASHBURN, Bryant; b. Chicago, 1889; educ. 
there; stage career, from 1907, with George 
Fawcett in several successes, starred in "The 
Fighter"; screen career, Essanay, 6 yrs., 
Pathe, Artcraft ("Till I Come Back to You," 
"The Way of a Man with a Maid"), Famous 
Players ("A Very Good Young Man," "Love 
Insurance," "Why Smith Left Home," "Too 
Much Johnson," "It Pays to Advertise," "Six 
Best Cellars," "Sick-a-Bed," "A Full House," 
"What Happened to Jones," "The Amateur 
Devil"). Bryant Washburn Prod. ("The Road 
to London'). Hght., 6; wght., 155; dark com- 
plexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
7003 Hawthorne ave., Hollywood, Calif., phone 

WAYNE Richard; screen career, Paramount 
("The Six Best Cellars," "Thou Art the Man," 
"The Traveling Salesman"), Realart ("The 

WEBB, Geoffrey; screen career, Famous Players 
("Silk Hosiery"), Vitagraph ("Three Sevens," 
"The Silver Car"), Universal ("The Smart 

WEBB, George; b. Indianapolis, Ind. ; educ. Min- 
neapolis and Los Angeles; stage career, 8 yrs. 
leading man in stock cos., screen career, 4, 
yrs., American, Universal, Triangle, Thos. H. 
Ince ("John Petticoats" with Wm. S. Hart, 
"Alarm Clock Andy" with Chas. Ray, "Below the 
Surface" with Hobart Bosworth), Fox ("Miss 
Adventure"), Famous Players ("Let's Be 
Fashionable," "Homespun Folks"), Pathe ("The 
Money Changers"), Vitagraph ("Black 
Beau/ty")i. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 160; dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1218 No. 
Bronson ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 579820. 
WEIGEL, Paul; b. Halle, Saxony; educ. Ger- 
many; stage career, since 1885; screen career, 
since 1916, Lasky, Metro ("The She Devil," 



"Dubarry," "The Light," "Smiles"), Fox 
("Evangeline"), Famous Players ("Luck in 
Pawn"), Universal ("The Beachcombers," 
"Breath of the Gods," "The Red Lane"), Lottie 
Pickford ("Right or Wrong"), Vitagraph ("The 
Master Stroke"), Fox ("Merely Mary Ann"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Kismet"), Western Pictures 
Corp. ("Bullets of Justice"). Hght., 5, 8; 
wght., 145; dark gray hair, gray eyes. Home 
ad., 6806 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Holly 2744. 

WELCH, Niles; b. Hartford, Conn.; educ. St. 
Paul's School, Yale Univ., Columbia Univ.; 
stage career, 4 yrs. legit., stock; screen career, 
World, Universal, Pathe, Goldwyn, Technicolor 
("The Gulf Between," first picture prod, in 
colors), Norma Talmadge ("Secret of the Storm 
Country"), Famous Players ("Miss George 
Washington"), Metro ("Her Boy," "One of 
Many"), Ince ("The Law of Men," "The Vir- 
tuous Thief," "Stepping Out"), Bessie Barris- 
cale ("Beckoning Roads," "Luck of Geraldine 
Laird"), Hampton ("The Spenders"). Dwan 
("Sin of Martha Queed"), Vitagraph ("The 
Courage of Marge O'Doone"), Universal 
("Reputation"), Selznick ("Who Am I?", 
"Remorseless Love"). Hght., 6; wght., 165; 
medium brown hair, dark blue eyes. Home 
ad., 1616 Gardner St., Hollywood, Calif., phone 

WELDEN, Jess C.; b. Keine Valley, N. Y.; educ. 
there; stage career, 3 yrs. as circus clown;- 
screen career, Hehrman Comedies ("Milk-Fed 
Vamp," "Roaring Lions and Wedding Bells"), 
Chas. Chaplin ("The Count"), "Broken Bub- 
ble." Hght., 4, 8; wght., 185; dark hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 334 So. Figueroa st., Los An- 
geles, Calif.; phone 13404. 

WELLESLY, Charles; screen career, Metro ("The 
Silver Lining"), Vitagraph ("It Isn't Being 
Done This Season"), Fox ("His Greatest 

WELLS, J. Norman; stage career, lead in "Fair 
and Warmer", stk. and vaud.; screen career, 
Hemmer Superior Classic Dramas, Blazed Trail 
Prod. Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 175 dark brown 
hair, hazel eyes. Permanent ad., 195 Chestnut 
St., Holyoke, Mass. 

WELSH, William J.; b. Phila. ; stage career, 
opera, dramatic, with Belasco in "Under Two 
Flags," managed Joseph Santley on tour: 
screen career, with Universal ("Traffic in Souls," 
"Neptune's Daughter," "Heart of Humanity," 
"Reputation," "The Man Tamer"), Arthur 
Beck ("Cynthia of the Minute"), Fox ("Over 
the Hill"). Home ad., 1757 Orange Drive, 
Hollywood, Calif., phone 577320. 

WEST, Billy; b. Russia; educ. Chicago; stage 
career, prods, and vaud. ; screen career. King 
Bee Billy West's comedies ("Cupid's Rival." 
"The Pest," "Buck Stage." "The Slave." "The 
Hero," "Candy Kid," "The Stranger," "The 
Rogue," "A Scrapper," "Playmates," "Bright 
and Early," "Straight and Narrow," "The Mes- 
senger," "The Orderly"), Billy West Prod. 
("Why Marry," "In Again," "He Loves Her 
Still," "Service Stripes," "Italian Love," "Wife 
Wanted," "The Sap," "Sweethearts," "The Best 
Man Wins"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 135; dark 
brown hair, brown eyes. 

WEST, Charles H.; b. Pittsburgh, 1886; educ. 
Western Univ. of Pa.; stage career, from 1904, 
stage mgr., stock rep., with J. K. Hackett; 
screen career, since 1910, with Biograph until 
1915, Selig, Paramount ("White Man's Law," 
"The Girl Who Came Back"), Universal ("The 
Phantom Melody"), Haworth ("Black Roses"), 
Marshall Neilan ("Bob Hampton of Placer"), 
J. Parker Read, Jr. ("One in a Thousand"), 
Sydney Franklin ("Not Guilty"), Famous 
Players ("The Witching Hour"). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 150; light complexion, light brown hair, 
dark brown eyes. Ad., 817 W. 23rd St., Los 
Angeles. Calif.. West 6932. 

WEST, William Lion; screen career, Pathe ("Half 
a Chance," "The Lure of Egypt"), Schlesinger 
("Things Men do") 

WHEATCROFT. Stanhope; b. N. Y., 1888; educ. 
Columbia Univ.; stage career, from prod, of 
"Nancy Stair" at Criterion theatre. N. Y. ; 
screen career. Fox ("East Lynne." "Under Two 
Flags." "A Modern Cinderella"). World, Univer- 
sal ("The Right to Happiness," "The Amazing 
Wife." "The Breath of the Gods." "Harmony 
Ranch"). National ("The Blue Bonnet"). Mo- 
rosco ("The Veiled Adventure." "The Old Town 
Girl"), Pathe ("The House of Toys," "A Beg- 
gar in Purple," "Their Mutual Child"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("Cold Steel"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
145; dark hair, brown eyes. Ad., Hotel Holly- 
wood, Hollywood, Calif. 

WHITCOMB, Barry; b. Australia, 1872; educ. Aus- 
tralia and City of London Coll.; stage career, 25 
yrs. with leading Eng. mgrhts., Irving, Tree, 
Frohman, Mrs. Langtry, Willard. etc. ; screen 
career, Fox ("The Serpent," "Hypocrites"), 
Famous Players ("The Undying Flame"), Arrow 
("The Deemster"), C. K. Young ("Common 
Law"), Nazimova ("Eye for Eye," " 'Ception 
Shoals"), Mayflower ("Bolshevism on Trial"), 
World-Peerless ("The Battler"). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 178; brown hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
West Fort Lee, N. J. Fort Lee 41-R. 

WHITE, Billy; b. Sacramento, Calif.; educ. there 
and San Francisco; stage career, stage mgr. 
Silver King Co., minstrel, etc.; screen career, 
Keystone, Ince, Kerrigan, Christie, C. K. Young. 
Fairbanks, Bessie Love ("Midlanders"), Roy 
Clements ("Glory of Youth"), Brunton 
("Double Adventure"), Eminent ("Twelve to 
One")! Fox "Iron Rider"), Francis Ford ("She 
is the Woman"), Hall ("Golden Secret"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 175; light hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 416 Madison ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif., Wilshire 5395. 

W T H1TE, George; b. and educ. Washington, D. C. ; 
stage career, "Kismet," "Man Higher Up," 
"Putting It Over," stk. in Balto. ; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("All Woman"), Metro ("The Slack- 
er"), Hobart Henley ("Gay Old Dog"). Hght., 
5, 5; wght., 132; brown hair Ad., Green Room 
Club. N. Y. 

W T HITE, Glenn; screen career Arrow ("Wall 
Street Mystery," "Trial of the Cigarette," "The 
Bromley Case"), Empire State ("The Unseen 
Witness"), Radin Pictures ("Love's Play- 

WHITE Leo; b. Manchester, England; screen 
career, Lasky ("You Never Can Tell"), Uni- 
versal ("The Devil's Passkey"), Rockett Film 
Co. ("Keeping Up with Lizzie"). Home ad., 
202 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

WHITEHEAD, V. Omar; b. Chatham, Eng.; 
educ. Mathematical Coll, Rochester, Eng. ; stage 
career, began at age of 6 yrs., on legit, stage 15 
yrs. in England; screen career, 8 yrs., C. K. 
Young ("Hush"), Vitagraph ("The Purple 
Riders"), Realart ("Her Winning Way"). 
Hght., 6; wght., 160; black hair and eyes. 
Pasadena, Calif., Phone Colorado 3755. 

WHITLOCK, T. Lloyd; b. Springfield, Mo.; educ. 
Missouri Univ.; early career, civil engineer; 
stage career, stock; screen career, Biograph. 
Klein, Kalem, Universal ("A Gentle 111 Wind," 
"The Edge of the Law," "Lasca," "Rouge and 
Riches"), National ("The Boomerang," "The 
Love Call," "Rose Marie"), Beban ("One Man 
in a Million"), Goldwyn ("Scratch My Back," 
"The Cowpuncher"), Robertson-Cole ("See My 
Lawyer"), Famous Players ("The Love Special," 
"White and Unmarried"), First National 
("Courage"). Hght., 6, 1%; wght., 175; brown 
hair and eyes. Ad., 1334 Harper Ave., Holly- 
wood, Calif., phone 579388. 

WHITMAN, Alfred; b. Chicago, 1890; educ. Lewis 
Inst., Chicago; stage career, with Estelle Allen 
in "Barriers Burned Away" ; screen career, 2 
yrs. with NYMPH, Morosco, American, Univer- 
sal, Vitagraph ("The Eighth Great-Grand-Par- 
ent," "Cavanaugh of the Forest Ranges," "The 
Home Trail," "The Girl from Beyond, "-"A Gen- 
tleman's Agreement," "Tongues of Flame," 
"Days of Forty-Nine," "Trick of Fate"), Hod- 
kinson ("End of the Game," "The Best Man"). 
Hght., 6, 1,; wght., 195; dark brown hair and 
eyes. Ad., 4500 Franklin ave., Los Angeles, 

WHITMAN, Walt; screen career, Jewell ("Heart 
of Humanity"), Pathe ("Cry of the Weak"), 
Universal ("Destiny"), World-Macauley ("When 
Bearcat Went Dry"), Para-Artcraft ("John 
Petticoats," "The Home Stretch"), First Na- 
tional ("Passion's Playground"), United 
Artists ("The Mark of Zorro'). 

WHITSON, Frank; b. N. Y. C., 1876; educ. Peek- 
skill Mil. Acad., 1 yr. at medical coll.; stage 
career, 15 yrs., stk. in N. Y., Chicago, in 
"Sporting Life," 6 yrs. in vaud. ; screen career. 
Metro, Fox, Universal, Ince-Triangle ("The Son 
of a Gun," "The Tigress." "Send Him Away 
With a Smile," "Social Briers"), Artcraft 
("Square Deal Sanderson"), Rob-Cole ("Trick 
of Fate," "Hearts Asleep"). Select ("Faith of 
the Strong"), Fox ("Three Gold Coins"), Selz- 
nick ("Gilded Lies"). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; 
brown hair and dark brown eyes. Ad., home, 
1136 Gordon st., Los Angeles, Gal. 

WILBUR, Crane, also co-director; b. Athens, N. 
Y., Nov. 17, 1889; educ. pub. schls. ; stage career, 
from age of 15, rep., stock, etc., 7 yrs. with 
Mrs. Fiske; screen career, Pathe ("The Perils of 
Pauline" series), Horsley ("The Spite Hus- 



band," "The Painted Lie," "Unlucky Jim," 'The 
Morals of Men," "The Eye of Envy," "Heirs of 
Hate," "The Blood of His Fathers," "Unto the 
End"), Triangle ("Devil M'Care," "Breezy 
Jim"), Victor Kremer ("Stripped for a Million," 
author and actor), Realart ("Something Differ- 
ent"), Vitagraph ("Heart of Maryland"). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 169; brown hair, gray eyes. 

WILLIAMS, Earle Rafael; b. Sacramento, Calif., 
educ. pub. and high schls. Oakland, Polytech., 
Coll. of Calif.; stage career, stock companies, 
screen career, with Vitagraph. ("The Grell 
Mystery," "The Hillman," "The Seal of Silence," 
"The Girl in His House," "An American Live 
Wire," "A Diplomatic Mission," "The Man Who 
Wouldn't Tell," "The Highest Trump," "A Gen- 
tleman of Quality," "The Usurper," "A Rogue's 
Romance," "The Hornet's Nest." "The Wolf." 
"The Black Gate," "The Christian," "My 
Official Wife," "The Juggernaut," "The Fortune 
Hunter," "The Purple Cipher," "Diamonds 
Adrift," "Capt. Swift," "The Silver Case"). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 176; dark complexion black 
hair, blue eyes. Studio ad., Vitagraph, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

WILLIAMS, George; screen career, Pathe ("Todd 
of the Times," "Felix O'Day"), Famous Play- 
ers ("Egg Crate Wallop," "Dancin* Fool," 
"Cradle of Courage"), Universal ("In Folly's 
Trail," "Beautifully Trimmed," "Cheated 
Love">, Robertson-Cole ("One Man in a Mil- 
lion"), Pinnacle ("Black Sheep"). 

WILLIS, Leo; b. Oklahoma; educ. Oklahoma City; 
early career, artist; screen career, Thos. H. 
Ince ("Night Stage," "Silent Rider"), Wm. S. 
Hart ("The Toll Gate," O'Malley of the 
Mounted," "The Border Wireless," "Wagon 
Tracks"), Goldwyn ("Whistling Dick"), Bulls 
Eye ("Modern Robinhood," "The White 
Squaw"). Hght., 6; wght., 215; dark brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 8302 Ash St., Los 
Angeles, Calif., South 6140-J. 

WILLOUGHBY, Louis; screen career, Universal 
("Risky Business," "Desperate Youth"). 

WILSON, Ben, also director; b. Corning, Iowa; 
educ. there and Centerville, Iowa; stage career, 
12 yrs. stock and prods.; screen career, Edison 
(lead in "Who Will Marry Mary" serial), Uni- 
versal (lead in "Voice on the Wire," "The Mys- 
tery Ship," directed "The Brass Bullet " serials), 
Hallmark (lead in "Trail of the Octopus," "Th* 
Screaming Shadow" serials), Select ("The 
Branded Four" Serial), Arrow ("Man From 
Nowhere"). Hght., 5, 11^.; wght., 176; dark 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 219 So. Harvard 
Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif., phone 560661; studio, 
Ben Wilson Prods. 

WILSON, Fred L.; b. Burlington, Iowa; educ. 
there and State Univ. of Iowa; stage career, 
Henry W. Savage Opera Co., 4 yrs. Dala Lama 
Opera Co., 1 yr. Hawkeye Concert Co., 1 yr. 
Star Concert Co. ; screen career, 10 yrs. Marshall 
Neilan ("Go Get It"), National ("Tarzan of the 
Apes," "The Confession"), Metro ("Pidgin 
Island," "The High Road"), Universal C'-'Mer- 
chant of Venice," "Light of Victory," "A 
Weird Nemesis," "Vanity"), Arrow ("The Blue 
Fox"), Ince ("The Lone Wolf's Daughter") 
Selig .("The Danger Line"). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 180; dark brown hair, dark eyes. Home 
ad., 1615 Wilcox Ave., Hollywood, Calif., phone 
57282; or Actors Equity Assn. 

WILSON, Hal; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Coll. of City of 
N. Y. ; stage career, 20 yrs. Harrigan and Hart, 
Frohman, A. H. Woods, Murray Stk. Co. under 
H. V. Donnelly's mgmt. ; screen career, from 
1907, 3 yrs. dir. Eclair, Fine Arts "Casey at 
the Bat," "The Little Yank"), Griffith ("In- 
tolerance"), Universal comedies, Vitagraph 
("Clowns Best Performers," "The Blind Miner," 
"Tale of Two Cities"), Metro ("Easy to Make 
Money"), C. K. Young ("Whispering Devils"), 
Selznick ("Everybody's Sweetheart"), First 
National ("Dinty"), Selig ("Isobel"), United 
Artists "Suds"), Garson ("Charge It"). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 160; gray hair, brown eyes. Home 
ad., 2117 Cove Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., phone 

WILSON, Tom; b. Helena, 'Mont., 1880; early 
career, soldier, professional boxer, trained Fitz- 
simmons for fight with Corbett; stage career, 
with Fitzsimmons in "A Fight for Love," with 
Eva Tanguay in vaud. ; screen career, Reliance- 
Majestic, Fine Arts ("Atta Boy's Last Race," 
"The Americano," "Wild and Wooly," "Amaril- 
ly of Clothesline Alley"), Chaplin ("A Dog's 
Life," "Shoulder Arms," "Sunnyside," "A Day's 
Pleasure," "The Kid"), Neilan ("Don't Ever 
Marry," "Dinty"), Griffith ("The Greatest 
Question"), Selig ("Isobel"), Chas. Ray 
("Scrap Iron"), Hght., 6, 2; wght.. 220; dark 

brown hair, dark gray eyes. Ad., 1352 Spauld- 
ing ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

WINDERMER, Fred C.; b. Muscatine, Iowa; educ. 
there; screen career, directed Essanay Snake- 
ville series, Essanay-Chaplin ("A Night Out," 
"The Champion," "Work," "The Tramp"), 
Hank Mann ("The Messenger," "The Gas At- 
tack," "His Waiting Career," "Hopping the 
Bells," "A Rural Romeo"). Home ad., 5800 
Franklyn ave., Hollywood, Calif.; studio, Hank 
Mann Co. 

W T ING, Ward; b. Springfield, Mo.; educ. Lincoln, 
Neb.; stage career, Geo. Ade's "The Mayor and 
the Manicure," over U. B. O. time 2 yrs., Lyric 
Stock Co., Woodward Stock Co., screen career, 
Lasky, Universal ("The Eagle," "A Mother's 
Sacrifice," "Loot"), Christie ("Her Helping 
Hand"), Metro ("In His Brother's Place"), 
Selig ("Cupid's Thumb Print"), Universal ("A 
Mother's Secret," Al Santel's comedies), Fine 
Art, Lasky, Rex Ingram Co., ("The Con- 
quering Power"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140; dark 
brown hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., Actor's Assn. 
of Los Angeles, Calif., Holly 1946. 

WINTER, David; screen career, First National 
("Trust Your Wife"). Robertson-Cole ("Live 
and Let Live"). . 

WINTERS, Verne; screen career, Universal ("The 
Secret Gift," "The Blazing Trail"), Famous 
Players ("Silk Hosiery"). 

WISE, Harry; b. N, Y. ; educ. N. Y. ; stage career, 
vaud., light opera; screen career, Metro ("Out 
of the Fog"), Famous Players ("Fin," "The 
Avalanche"), Universal ("Shot in the Dark," 
"Servant of the Slums"), Selznick with Elsie 
Janis. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 148; dark hair, brown 

WOLHEIM, Louis R. ; screen career, Paramount 
("Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"), Fox ("A Man- 
hattan Knight," "Number 17"). 

WOOD FORD, John; screen career, Fox ("The 
White Moll," "The Tiger's Cub"), Asso 1 Exhib. 
(Rider of the King Log"). 

WOODRUFF, W. H. (Bert) ; b. and educ. Peoria, 
111.; stage career, 1881 to 1888 in dramatic; 
screen career, Fine Arts ("A Love Sublime"), 
Essanay ("Men of the Desert"), Thos. H. Ince 
("Greased Lightning," "The Busher," "Bill 
Henry," "The Jail Bird"), Robertson-Cole 
("See My Lawyer"), Betty Compson ("Eighty 
Dollars"), Goldwyn ("The Grim Comedian"). 
Hght.,- 5, 7; wght., 170; gray hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1811 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal., 
phone 556270. 

WOODWARD, Henry F.; b Charleston, West Va. ; 
educ. M. D. degree at Univ. of Md., B. A. de- 
gree at Univ. of W. Va. ; early career, 1st Lieut. 
in Philippine Islands, 2 yrs. in U. S. Engineers: 
screen career, Fox ("Lawless Love"), Brunton 
("Hearts Asleep"), Lasky, (3 yrs. stock, "The 
Mystery Girl," "You're Fired"), Garson ("Road 
Through the Dark"). Brentwond ("Where 
There's a Will"), Brunton ("Are You Legally 
Married?") Para.-Artcraft ("Male and Fe- 
male") Maurice Tourneur ("Deep Waters," 
"The Bait," "Last of the Mohicans"). Hght.. 
% ; wght., 180; brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
1953 Ivar ave., Hollywood, Calif.; Holly 3188. 

WYNGATE, Charles; screen career, Paramount 
("An Amateur Devil"), Robertson-Cole 
("What's a Wife Worth"). 

WYNNE, Hugh; 'b. N. Y. C., 1868; educ. St. 
Mark's, Southboro, Mass., and Exeter, N. H. ; 
stage career, Wilton Lackaye Players, H. B. 
Warner Co., Henrietta Crossman, "Polly of the 
Circus," etc.; screen career, Metro ("American 
Widow," "Their Funny Affair"), Vitagraph 
("One Thousand Dollars," "Tangled Lives"), 
etc. Hght., 5, 8; wght., 135; gray hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., Huntington, L. I., N. Y. 


YAMMAMOTO, Togo; screen career, Paramount 
("Something to Think About"), Hodkinson 
("Pagan Love"), Goldwyn ("Tale of Two 

YOUNG, Tammany; b. N. Y. C. ; stage career, with 
Nat Goodwin, Holbrook Blinn, William Farnum, 
Beatrice Forbes-Robertson, David Belasco. 
Cohan & Harris, Klaw & Erlanger, "Alias 
Jimmy Valentine," "Bought and Paid For," 
"The Man Inside," A. H. Woods, "The Big 
Chance," "Kick In"; screen career, Fox 
("Checkers"), MacManus ("Lost Battalion"), 
Goldwyn ("The Service Star," "The Racing 
Strain," with Mae Marsh, "The Woman on the 
Index"), Selznick (with Elsie Janis in "A Regu- 
lar Girl," "The Imp"), Famous Players ("The 
Amazons"), Thomas Mott Osborne's "Our Gray 
Brothers." Ad., 150 W. 36th t., N. Y., Greeley 


ACKER, Jean; b. Trenton, N. J.; educ. there; 
stage career, one season " Within the Law," 
Schubert & Co., " The Man Who Came Back," 
Wm. Brady Prod.; screen career, Lasky ("The 
Round Up," " Brewster Millions," " Wealth," 
"The Affairs of Anatol "), Fox (" Checkers "), 
Robertson-Cole ("The Arabian Knight," "See 
My Lawyer "), Universal (" The Scarlet 
Shawl"). Hght., 5,2%; wght., 112; dark 
brown hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 1337 Orange 
Drive, Los Angeles, Cal.; Holly 3725. 

ADAMS, Claire; b. Winnipeg, Can.; educ. Canada 
and Eng. ; screen career, Red Cross ("Spirit of 
the Red Cross"), Benj. B. Hampton ("Riders 
of the Dawn," " Dwelling Place of Light," " The 
Money Changers," " The Spenders," " The Lure 
of Egypt," " The Killer," " The Man of the 
Forest," " A Certain Rich Man," " The Mysteri- 
ous Rider"). Goldwyn ("The Penalty," "The 
Great Lover "). Ad., Federal Photoplays, Brun- 
ton Studios, Los Angeles, Cal. 

ADAMS, Dora Mills; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Famous, 2 yrs., Pathe, Metro ("The Square De- 
ceiver") Brenon ("Passing of the Third Floor 
Back "), John Dooley comedy; Selznick (" Pic- 
cadilly Jim"), Howells ("You Find It Every- 
where"), U. S. Photoplays ("Determination"). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 175; iron gray hair, brown 
eyes. Residence ad., 485 Rugby Road, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

ADAMS, Kathryn; b. St. Louis, Mo., 1897; educ. 
St. Louis; 'musical comedy, 1 yr. ; screen 
career, World, Famous Players, Thanhouser 
Pathe, Goldwyn, Triangle, Fox ("Cowardice 
Court"), Universal ("Little Brother of the 
Rich," "The Brute Breaker"). Equity ("The 
Forbidden Woman"), Robertson-Cole ("Un- 
charted Channels," " The Big Happiness," 
"813"). Metro ("The Best of Luck"). Hght., 
5, 7; wght., 130; blond hair, dark gray eyes. 
Ad., 1553 N. Mariposa. Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 59476. 

ADOREE, Renee; screen career, Fox ("The 
Strongest"), Goldwyn ("Made in Heaven"). 

AIKEN, Alma; b. Chicago; educ. Notre Dame 
Acad., Boston Highlands; stage career with 
Fanny Davenport and Marie Wainwright; 
screen career, Reliance, Biograph, Famous 
Players ("The Test of Honor," "Dr. Jekyll'and 
Mr. Hyde"), Whitman-Bennett ("The Master 
Mind"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 168; gray hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., 258 W. 52nd St., N. Y. Circle 

AINSWORTH. Virginia; screen career; First Nat'l 
("Passion's Playground"); Pathe ("The Aveng- 
ing Arrow "). 

ALBA, Orpha; b. U. S. A.; educ. Chicago; stage 
career, 25 yrs. exper.; screen career, Fox ("The 
Spirit of Good," " Her Honor the Mayor," " The 
Square Shooter"), Drascena ("Welcome Chil- 
dren"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 160; brown hair 
and eyes. Home ad., 5622 Harold Way, Holly- 
wood, Calif.; Holly 4761. 

ALBANEST, Meggie; screen career, Stoll Film 
("M.r. Wu"), Paramount ("The Great Day"). 

ALDEN, Mary; b. New Orleans; educ. Art Stu- 
dents' League, N. Y. ; stage career, Baldwin- 
Melville, Hunter-Bradford stk. cos.; with Mrs. 
Fiske, with Phillips Smalley in "The Wolf"; 
screen career, Fox, Pathe, Biograph, Reliance- 
Majestic, Fine Arts, Selznick ("The Argyle 
Case "), Famous Players (" The Land of 
Promise," " The Straight Path," "Common 
Clay," "Witching Hour"), Blanche Sweet Co. 
("The Unpardonable Sin"), Robertson-Cole 
("The Broken Butterfly"), Realart ("Erst- 
while Susan"). Equity ("Silk Husbands & 
Calico Wives"); First National ("The Inferior 
Sex," " Trust Your Wife ") ; National " Nobody's 
Girl ") ; Goldwyn (" Milestones," " Honest 
Hutch," "The Old Nest"). Ad., Rex Arms, 945 
Orange st., Los Angeles, Cal. 

ALEXANDER, Claire; b. N. Y., 1897; educ. N. Y. 
pub. schs. and Portland, Ore., high sch. ; screen 
career, Fine Arts, Famous Players, joined 
Horsley, 1916 (in Cub comedies, "Jerry's Big 
Mystery," "Jerry's Picnic," "Jerry's Jam," 
"Jerry's Soft Snap"), Keystone-Triangle ("His 
Disgusted Passion"), Triangle ("Child of 
M'sieu"). Hght., 4, 10; wght., 101; dark brown 
hair, hazel eyes. 

ALEXANDER, Gerard; screen career, Fox ("The 
Little Grey Mouse"); Equity ("Hush"), Gar- 
son Prod. (" Straight From Paris "). 

ALEXANDER, Sara; b. Wheeling, W. Va.; early 
career, stock in Salt Lake City 6 yrs., then 
with Barrett-McCullough Co. ; has appeared at 
various times with Lydia Thompson, John T. 
Raymond, Kyrle Bellew; screen career, Fox 

("Caprice of the Mountains," "Little Miss Hap- 
piness," "The Jungle Trail"). 

ALLEN. Alta; screen career, Universal ("A 
Shocking Night"); Robertson-Cole ("Seven 
Years Bad Luck"). 

ALLEN, Diana; b. Gotland, Sweden; educ. New 
Haven, Conn.; stage career, "Follies," 1917- 
18; "The Frolic," 1919, "Miss 1917"; screen ca- 
reer, Rolfe-Fisher ("The Red Virgin"), Trian- 
gle ("Three Black Eyes"). Tourneur ("Wom- 
an"). Diamond Film Co., Breed-Howell. Vic- 
tor Kremer ("Voices"); Cosmo ("Helio- 
trope"); Sherman ("Miss 139." "Man and 
Woman"), Fox ("Face at the Window"), 
Paramount ("The Kentuckians "). Hght.. 
5, 3; wght., 115; blond hair, blue eyes. 

ALLEN, Dorothy; b. Houston, Texas, 1898; educ. 
Kansas City; stage career, stock; screen career, 
World ("Three Green Eyes"), Metro ("Our Mrs. 
McChesney"), Fox ("Over the Hill," "Dynamite 
Allen"), also Famous Players and Griffith. 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 130 Ibs.; hair, brown; eyes, 
brown. Permanent ad., 226 West 50th st., New 
York City. Phone, Circle 4673. 

ALLEN, Phyllis; b. Staten Island, N. Y.; stage 
career, vaud. and r\us. n>ra., with Kate Castle- 
ton in "The Dazzle ' ,*93; screen career, Sell*, 
Keystone Comedies 2% yrs.; characters, Sun- 
shine Comedies, Vitagraph, Universal ("White 
Youth"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 180; red hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 230 S. Beaudry ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. Phone. Broad 7422. 

ALLEN, Ray; educ. San Francisco, Calif.; long 
stage exper. screen career, Perret-Pathe ("Lafa- 
yette, We Come "), Pathe, (" The Right to Lie," 
"Innocence"), Community ("The Home Com- 
ing of Jim"). Para-Art ("World and His 
Wife"); Graphic ("The Wrong Woman"); 
Metro ("The Misleading Lady," "Clothes"). 
Hght., 5, 8; wght., 155; grey hair, dark eyes., 
Ad., 2569 Bedford ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Flat- 
bush 6030-R. 

ALLEN, Ricca; b. Victoria, B. C. ; educ. Calif.; 
stage career, America, England, Australia, So. 
Africa and Egypt; screen career, character 
leads with D. W. Griffith, Metro, Frohman, 
Selznick ("Handcuffs and Kisses"), Herbert 
Brenon, Yankee-Kessel & Bauman (" Headin' 
Home"), Jack Noble Prod., R. A. Walsh Prod., 
Goldwyn ("Song of the Soul"). Hght., 5, 10; 
brunette, dark eyes. Home ad., 545 W. 125th 
St., Phone, 'Mgs. 4570. 

ALLISON, May; b. Georgia; educ. Birmingham 
and Centenary Female Coll., Cleveland, Tenn.; 
first stage appearance as Beauty in "Every- 
woman," title role in "Quaker Girl," with W. H. 
Crane in "David Harum"; screen career, from 
1915, with Famous Players, 4 yrs. doing Metro- 
Screen Classics ("In for Thirty Days," "Peggy 
Does Her Darndest," " The Walk-Offs," " Fair 
and Warmer," " Marriage of William Ashe," 
"Extravagance"). Hght. 5, 5; wght. 125; fair 
complexion, golden hair, blue eyes. 

ALTER, Lottie; b. La Crosse, Wis.; educ. St. 
Mary's, Wis.; stage career, "The Girl I Left 
Behind Me," 2 yrs. with Joseph Jefferson, Sr., 
screen career, Pathe ("An Arizona Romance"), 
Famous ("The Eternal City"), Savage ("Excuse 
Me," "See Saw"), Wharton ("Exploits of 
Elaine," "The Lottery Man"), Morosco ("Gappy 
Ricks"). Ad., home, Bayside, L. I.; phone 
Bayside 941-R. 

ANDERSON, Augusta; screen career, Para- Art 
("Career of Catherine Bush," "The Amateur 
Wife," " Guilty of Love," " Romantic Adven- 
turess "), Realart ("Sinners"). 

ANDERSON, Claire; b. and educ. Detroit, Mich.; 
screen career. Fine Arts, Triangle-Keystone 
("The Answer," "Mile. Paulette," "The Prince 
of Applause"), Triangle ("Crown Jewels"), 
Select ("Who Cares"), Universal ("Spitfire of 
Seville," "Rider of the Law"), Film Booking 
(" The Servant in the House "), Selznick (" Pal- 
ace of Darkened Windows"), Pathe "When 
We Were Twenty One"); Fox ("The Road 
Demon"), Selznick ("Who Am I?"), Payton 
("The Fatal Sign" serial); Hght., 5, 4; wght., 
120; fair complexion, light hair, brown eyes. 
Ad., home, 3524 White House pi., Los Angeles, 

ANDERSON, Helen Relyea ("Mother"); b. N. Y. 
C., June, 1874; educ. Canadian Convent; early 
career, school teacher; stage career, concert 
work; screen career, Vitagraph ("Over the 
Top," "Kitty Mackay," "Anselo Lee"), World 
("Blood of the Trevor"), Fox ("The Soul of 
Buddha"), Tourneur ("The Life Line," "The 
White Circle"); Mary Pickford ("The Hood- 
lum"). Metro ("Castles in the Air," "Lion's 
Den," " Should a Girl Tell "), Vitagraph Come- 




dies, Lois Weber ("What Do Men Want"); 
Metro ("Alias Jimmy Valentine"); G. D. 
Baker ("Without Limit"), Pathe ("Forbid- 
den Valley"); Selznick. Hght., 5, 3; wght, 148; 
fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes. Ad., 
27 Spencer place. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ANDERSON, Mary; b. Brooklyn, June 28, 1897; 
educ. Brooklyn, Erasmus Hall, Holy Cross 
Schl.; screen career, 5 yrs. Select ("The 
Hushed Hour"), Artcraft ("Johnny Get Your 
Gun," "False Faces"), Metro ("The Spender"), 
Super Art ("Bubbles"), Morgan Features ("Re- 
forming a Reformer"), Selig ("The Haunted 
Ranch"), "Vanishing Trails" (serial), 5 yrs. 
with Vitagraph, Oliver Morosco ("The Half 
Breed"), Charles Ray ("The Early Bird"), 
to be starred in series of six independent fea- 
tures by Spencer Prod. Hght., 5, 2; wght., 105; 
golden hair, blue eyes. Ad., care of Motion 
Pictures News, Los Angeles. 

ANDERSON, Mignoii; b. Baltimore, Md. ; educ. 
N. Y. C. ; stage career, with Richard Mans- 
field, Julia Marlowe, etc,, as a child actress- 
screen career, Thanhouser, Universal ("A Wife 
on Trial," "The Get-a-way," "The Master 
Spy"). Metro ("The Claim,' "Blind Man's 
Eyes'), Keenan-Pathe ("The Midnight 
Stage"), Robertson-Cole ("The House of In- 
trigue"), Mitchell-Lewis ("King Spruce"), 
also lead in "Hell Fire"; Peerless ("Heart of 
a Woman"); Republic ("Mountain Madness"). 
Hght., 5; wght., 94; fair complexion, blond hair. 
Studio ad., 7572 La Baig ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

ANSON, Laura; b. Omaha, Nebr., educ. Brownell 
Hall, Omaha; stage career, stk. Burgess and 
Burwood Cos.; screen career, one yr. Lasky 
(" Sweet Lavendar," "The Little Clown," "The 
Easy Road," " Crazy to Marry "), C. B. DeMille 
("Affairs of Anatol," "Fine Kisses"). Hght. 
5, 3%; wght., 119; auburn hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1827 N. Vine st., Los Angeles. 
Phone 579297. 

AOKI, Tsuru; b. Tokio, Japan, 1892; educ. 
Japan and convent in this country; stage career 
began when 8 yrs old; screen career, Lasky- 
Paramount (" The Call of the East "), Essanay 
("The Curse of Iku), Lasky ("The Bravest 
Way"), Haworth ("His Birthright," "Bonds 
of Honor," " Heart in Pawn," " The Grey 
Horizon"), Robertson-Cole ("The Courageous 
Coward," " The Dragon Painter"), Universal 
("Locked Lips" "A Tokio Siren," "Breath of 
the Gods"); Wilk and Wilk ("Ashes of De- 
sire"). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 120;' black hair 
and eyes. 

ARMOUR, Jean; screen career, Pathe ("Other 
Men's Shoes"); First National ("The Branded 
Woman "). 

ARMSTRONG. Margaret; b. Frankfort, Ky. ; educ. 
111.; stage career, stk.. Liberty Players, Oak- 
land, 2 seasons; screen career, Universal ("Fool- 
ish Wives"). Hght., 5, 7; wght. 135; blond 
hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 4937 Maplewood, 
Los Angeles. 

ARNOLD, Jessie; b. Lyons, Mich. Entered 
stock at sixteen. Ingenues and leads in all prin- 
cipal cities. With William Collier in -"Never 
Say Die," Olive Wyndham in "What Happened 
to Mary." Lead in "The Rosary." One year 
legitimate, Australia. Screen career, Edi- 
son, Universal, Lasky ("The Chorus Lady," 
"Tennessee's Partner," "Temptations"), Fox 
("Rough and Ready"), Famous Players ("The 
Dark Mirror," "Idol of the North"), Realart 
("Blackbirds"). Height, 5, 5%; medium brown 
hair, brown eyes. Ad. 547 W. 147th. st. Aud. 

ARTHUR, Julia; b. Hamilton, Ont., Can.; educ. 
Canada; stage career, began at 12 yrs. Palm- 
ers Co., stk., Henry Irving Co., star in "Lady 
of Quality," "More Than Queen," Shakespear- 
ian roles. "Eternal Magdalene" with Selwyn; 
produced "Romeo and Juliet," "As You Like 
It," "Seremonda"; screen career, Blackton 
("The Common Cause"), Plunkett & Carroll 
("The Woman the Germans Shot"). Hght., 5, 
4 l /2 wght., 125; dark hair and eyes. 

ASHBY, Ruth; screen career, Para-Art ("The 
Six Best Cellars," " The Dancin' Fool," " The 
Ladder of Lies"). 

ASHTON, Iris; b. El Paso, Texas; educ. San 
Francisco; stage career, studied, under Madame 
Ferrier and Maude Ott, drama and aesthetic 
ballroom dancing; screen career. ; Triangle 
("'You Can't Believe Everything,' "False Am- 
bition,' "Prudence on Broadway/' "Restless 
Souls'), stock one year with luce; Maurice 
Tourneur ("Glory of Love"). Fox ("The Lemp- 
lighter," "Ishmael"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 138; 
dark brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 5858 

Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Phone. 
Hollywood 1490. 

ASHTON, Sylvia; b. in mid-ocean of American 
parents; stage career, 15 yrs. in stk. and en 
tour; screen career, C. B. DeMille ("Old 
Wives for New," "Don't Change Your Hus- 
band," "Why Change Your Wife?"), Famous 
Players ("Jack Straw," "Thou Art the Man! " 
" The Lottery Man," " The Dancin' Fool," Mrs. 
Temple's Telegram," The Fourteenth Man," 
" The City Sparrow," " We Can't Have Every- 
thing," " For Better, For Worse," " Conrad in 
Quest of His Youth," "The Love Special"); 
Realart ("Jenny Be Good," "Sweet Laven- 
der," "The Snob"); Goldwyn ("Hold Your 
Horses"); Fox ("The Blushing Bride"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 140; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Calif. 

ASTOR, Gertrude; b. and educ. Cleveland. O. ; 
screen career, Metro (" Burning Daylight "), 
Goldwyn (" Branding Iron," " The Great 
Lover," "The Concert"), Lew Cody ("Occa- 
sionally Yours"), Selznick ("Who Am I?"), 
Hampton (" The Spenders "), Mary Pickford 
("Through the Back Door"), Julian Eltinge 
("Fascinating Widow"). Universal ("The 
Lion Man"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 138; hair, 
light; eyes, grey. Home ad., 1755 N. Vine st., 
Hollywood. Cal. Phone 577915. 

ATVVELL, Grace; screen career, Metro (" The 
Royal Family), Famous Players ("The Fatal 
Card "). 

AYRES, Agnes; b. Chicago; educ. there; screen 
career, Essanay, Vitagraph ("Richard the 
Brazen"), O. Henry-General ("The Defeat of 
the City," "The Girl and the Graft," "The En- 
chanted Profile," "The Purple Dress," "One 
Thousand Dollars"), Fox ("Sacred Silence"), 
American Cinema ("The Inner Voice") Metro 
("A Modern Salome"), First National ("Go 
and Get It"), Paramount ("Held by the Ene- 
my," "Forbidden Fruit," "The Love Special "); 
Realart ("The Furnace"). 


BAILEY, Mildred E.: b. West Haven, Conn., 
1898; educ. prep. schl. at Deep River, Conn., 
and New Haven Coll. for Girls; stage 
career, 12 mos. with Poll stk. at New Haven; 
screen career, Metro ("Extravagance"), Ni- 
agara ("Perils of the Girl Reporters," "Up 
Romance Road"), Mutual ("Hearts or Dia- 
monds"), Petrova ("The Black Butterfly"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght., 134; brown hair, gray- 
brown eyes. Home ad., 1808 Marmion ave., 
N. Y. 

BAIRD, Leah; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. there; 
screen career, 'Hearts of the First Empire," 
"Absinthe," "Neptune's Daughter," "People 
vs. John Doe," "One Law for Both," Interna- 
tional ("Echo of Youth"), Hodkinson ("As a 
Man Thinks," "The Capitol," "Cynthia of the 
Minute"), Pathe ("The Heart Line"). Dark 
hair and brown eyes 

BAKER, Doris; b. Los Angeles, Cal.; educ. priv. 
school, Los Angeles; stage career, 1 yr. vaud. 
in own act, 3 yrs. stage, Seattle Stock and 
Morosco; screen career, 6 yrs., Alkire Co. ("An 
Ace in the Hole"), Pathe ("I Want to be a 
Lady"), Alkire ("Youth's Desire"), Univ. ("The 
Secret Gift"), Metro ("Dangerous to Men"), 
Lois Weber (" Lahoma "), Wm. A. Howell 
("Villiage Blacksmith," "Home, Sweet 
Home"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 110; light brown 
hair; dark blue eyes. Home ad., 221 S. Fremont 
st., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BALLIN, Mabel; b. and educ. Philadelphia; 
stage exper., 3% yrs.; screen career, Famous 
Players, Vitagraph, Triangle, Goldwyn, Tour- 
neur, ("The White Heather"), ("The 
Quickening Flame"), Goldwyn ("Lord and 
Lady Algy"), Rob.-Cole ("The Illustrious 
Prince"), Hugo Ballin Prod. ("Pagan Love," 
"East Lynne," "Ave Maria"). Hght.. 5, 3; 
wght., 122; light brown hair, brown eyes. 

BANKS, Mrs. Estar; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. 
there; on speaking stage 45 years; screen career, 
Edison, Universal. Famous Players ("At 
First Sight," " Hit the Trail Holliday," 
"Woman of Impulse"). Vitagraph ("Love 
versus Mammon"), Rapf ("Sins of the 
Children"); World, Fox ("Know Your Man"); 
with "La La Lucille." Hght., 5, 4; wght., 116; 
Kray hair, brown eyes. Ad.. 320 W. 45th St., 
New York City, N. Y. 

BARA, Theda; b. 1890; screen career, Fox ("A 
Foal There Was," "Carmen," "Her Double 
Life," "The Vixen," "The Price of Silence," 
"The Tiger Woman," "Cleopatra," "Her Great- 
est Love," "Heart and Soul," "Camille," "The 



Rose of Blood," "Du Barry," "The Forbidden 
Path," "Salome," "The Soul of Buddah," "The 
Clemenceau Case," "When a Woman Sins," 
"The She-Devil," "The Siren's Song," "The 
Light," "A Woman There Was," "La Belle 
Russe," "Kathleen Mavoureen," "The Lure 
of Ambition." Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; dark 
brown hair and eyes. 1920, A. H. Wood's "The 
Blue Flame." 

BARDINE, Mabel; vaudeville in both America 
and Europe. Screen career began with Essanay. 
featured one year; Pioneer ("The Place of 
Honeymoons," "Thoughtless Women"). Fox 
("Rough and Ready"), Vitagraph ("The Mid- 
night Marriage"); "Mother Love and The 
Law; " retired 1 year account illness; now re- 
covered. 317 W. 55th, N. Y. ; phone Circle 5815. 

BARKER, Corinne; educ. Acad. of Sacred Heart, 
Salem, Ore.; stage career, "The Crinoline Girl" 
with Julian Eltinge, "Potash and Perlemutter," 
" The Squab Farm," " Shirley Kaye " with 
Elsie Ferguson, " On With the Dance," with 
John Mason and Julia Dean, " Remnant " with 
Florence Nash; screen career, Goldwyn ("Money 
Mad," "Peck's Bad Girl," "One Week of Life," 
"Peace of Roaring River"), Fox ("Why I 
Would Not Marry"), Vitagraph ("The Climb- 
ers," "The Golden Shower"), Selznick ("The 
Broken Melody"), International ("The Rest- 
less Sex"). Hodkinson ("The Silent Bar- 
rier"). Hght.. 5, 8; wght., 138; dark 
brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 1 West 30th at.; 
N. Y.; Mad. Sq. 3770. 

BARNEY, Marion; educ. Univ. of Calif.; stage 
career, Frohman, Klaw & Erlanger, David 
Belasco, John Cort, stk. leads; screen career, 
World-Peerless ("Heart of Gold," "Love and 
the Woman," "Dust of Desire," "His Father's 
Wife," "Poison Pen," "Steel King"), James 
Vincent ("The Spirit of Lafayette"). Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 145; blond hair, blue-gray eyes. 
Ad., 312 Manhattan ave., N. Y. C. ; Cathedral 

BARRISCALE, Bessie; b. N. Y.; stage career, 
starred in "The Rose of the Rancho," "Bird 
of Paradise" and "We Are Seven"; screen 
career, Paralta ("Within the Cup," "Patriot- 
ism," "The Heart of Rachael," "Two Gun 
Betty"), B. B. Features ("Trick of Fate," 
"Josselyn's Wife," "Tangled Threads," "Wom- 
an Michael Married," "Her Purchase Price," 
"Beckoning Roads"), Robertson-Cole ("Luck 
of Geraldine Laird," " Woman Who Under- 
stood," The Notorious Mrs. Sands," " Life's 
Twist"); Hodkinson ("The Broken Gate," 
"The Breaking Point"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
128; blond hair, brown eyes. Studio ad., Brun- 
ton Studios, 5341 Melrose ave., Los Angeles, 

BARRY, Eleanor; screen career, Vitagraph ("The 
Flaming Clue," "The Gauntlet"). 

BARRY, Margaret; screen career, Blackton- 
Pathe ("Respectable by Proxy," "The Blood 
Barrier "). 

BARRYMORE Ethel; b. Phila., Pa., 1879; stage 
career, since 1894. as Kate Fennell in "The 
Bauble Shop" with her uncle, John Drew; Eng- 
lish debut in 1897 as Miss Kittridge in "Secret 
Service" with Gillette, on tour in "The Bells" 
with Irving; starred in "The Twelve-Pound 
Look," "Our Mrs. McChesney"; 1919, "Del- 
casse"; screen career, All Star ("The Nightin- 
gale"); Metro ("Awakening of Helena Richie," 
"The White Raven," "The Lifted Veil," "The 
Whirlpool," "An American Widow," "The Eter- 
nal Mother," "Lady Frederick," "Our Mrs. M<:- 
Chesney," "The Divorcee); Robertson-Cole 
("The Super-Woman"). 

BARTON, Grace; stage career, mus. com.. 
"Broadway Jones," "Over Night"; screen ca- 
reer, Famous Players, Fox, Kleine, Universal 
("The Raggedy Queen"), World ("Heart of 
Gold"), Hodkinson ("The Harvest Moon"). 
Hght., 5. 7%; complexion medium. 

BATEMAN, Victory; b. and educ. Phila.; stage 
career, leading woman with Lewis James, 
Frederick Ward, Booth, stk., Alcazar and Mo- 
rosco; screen career, Metro ("Cinderella's 
Twin"), Rockette ("Keeping Up With Liz- 
zie"), Morosco, Ince, Victor, Majestic, Goldwyn, 
Fox ("Romeo and Juliet"). Hght., 4, 5%; 
blond hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 420 W. 2nd 
st., Los Angeles, Cal. Phone 60345. 

BAXTER, Thuma Jadee; b. Milton, Ky., 1897; 
educ. Bowling Green, Ky., Ward-Bellmont, 
Nashville, Tenn.; stage career, Follies 1918, 
Shuberts, Monte Cristo, stk.; screen career, 
Hallmark Prod. ("The Heart of a Gypsy"), 
Curtis Special ("Who Is Your Brother?"), 
Jester Comedies ("Shime"), World ("His 
Father's Wife"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 115; 
fair complexion, black hair, dark brown eyes. 

BAYNE, Beverly; b. Minneapolis, Minn., educ. 
Minneapolis, Phila., and Chicago; screen career, 
Essanay (" Under Royal Patronage," " Grau- 
stark," "Dear Old Girl"), Metro ("Romeo and 
Juliet," " The Great Secret," " Their Compact," 
" God's Outlaw," " The Voice of Conscience," 
" The Adopted Son," " The Red, White and 
Blue Blood," "Social Quicksands," "A Pair of 
Cupids," "The Poor Rich Man"), Vitagraph 
("Daring Hearts"); has appeared in more than 
500 photoplays. Hght., 5, 2; wght., 125; dark 
brown hair, brown eyes. 

BEATON, Mary; educ. Phila. finishing school; 
screen career, Metro (" Clothes," " Strangers, 
Beware," " The Price Mystery," " A Message 
from Mars "). 

BEAUDET, Louise; screen career, Vitagraph 
(" Slaves of Pride," " Her Lord and Master "). 

BECK, Lillian; b. Cincinnati; educ. St. Joseph's 
Convent; stage career, "Never Say Die," With 
Wm. Collier, mus. com.; screen career, 7 yrs., 
Kleine ("Gloria's Romance"), Metro ("Noth- 
ing But the Truth"), King Cole Comedies. 
Fox ("No. 17"). Vitagraph ("Broadway Bub- 
ble"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 150; light brown 
hair, blue eyes. Permanent ad., 709 W. 170th 
St., N. Y. C. Wadsworth 4480. 

BEDFORD, Barbara; b. Prairie Du Chien, Wise.; 
educ. Lake View, Wise. ; screen career, Maurice 
Tourneur ("Deep Waters," "Last of the Mohi- 
cans"), Fox ("Big Punch"), George Kern 
("The Unfoldment"), Irvin Willat ("Face of 
the World"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 120; dark 
brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 5269 DeLong- 
pre ave., Hollywood, Cal. Holly 4867; 

BELMORE Daisy; b. 1889; stage career, "The 
Fawn," "Our Mrs. Gibbs,' "In Half an Hour"; 
screen career, Famous Players ("The Better 
Man"), Select ("His Bridal Night"). Hght.. 
5, 8. 

BENNETT, Belle; b. near Dublin, Ireland; be- 
gan stage career five weeks later in father's 
road show, continuing until 1915; screen career. 
Universal ("In the Fires of Rebellions," "The 
"Charmer"), Triangle ("The Bond of Fear," 
"The Hell Cat of Alaska," "Ashes of Hope," 
"Fuel of Life," "Because of the Woman," "The 
Devil Dodger," "The Lonely Woman," "The 
Mayor of Filbert"). Hght., 5, 2; wght.. 125; 
light complexion, Roman gold hair, gray eyes. 

BENNETT, Billie; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Courage of Marge O'Doone "), Garfleld 
Prod. ("The Parish Priest"). 

BENNETT, Enid; b. York, Western Australia; 
educ. Perth, W. Australia; stage career, in 
America and abroad in support of Fred Niblo, 
Otis Skinner; screen career, starring dra- 
matic ingenue, Thos. E. Ince ("Fuss and 
Feathers," "The Vamp," "Biggest Show on 
Earth," "Law of Men," "Haunted Bedroom," 
"Virtuous . Thief," "Stepping Out," "What 
Every Woman Learns," "Woman in the Suit- 
Case," " The False Road," " Hairpins," " Her 
Husband's Friend," " A Thousand to One," 
"Silk Hosiery"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 110; 
golden brown hair, hazel eyes. Residence, Bev- 
erly Hills. Ad., Ince Studio, Culver City, Calif. 

BERKELEY, Gertrude; educ. College Hill, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; stage exper., with Chas. 
Frohman, Henry Miller, Mme. Nazimova, Max- 
ine Elliott; screen career, Fox, Brenon, 
Pathe, Famous, World ("Song of Songs," "Just 
Sylvia," "War Brides"), Select ("Break the 
News to Mother," "The Way of a Woman"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 155; brown hair, hazel eyes. 
Ad., Ridgewood, N. J. ; Ridgewood 669 or 265. 

BERNARD, Dorothy; b. Port Elizabeth, S. Africa, 
1890; educ. Australia and Marlborough Schl., 
Los Angeles, Cal. ; stage career, from age of 2, 
child parts in U. S., Australia, New Zealand, 
England, leads in many stk. cos. in U. S., 
under mgmt. Shuberts, Selwyn & Co.; screen 
career, Biograph, 2 yrs., Famous Players, with 
Fox 18 mos. (in " Little Gypsy," " Sporting 
Blood," "Fine Feathers," " Les Miserables "), 
Brady ("Little Women"), Artclass ("Unfair 
Sex"), Cosmopolitan ("The Wild Goose"); 
again on legitimate stage. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 
124; olive complexion, brown hair, brown eyes. 

BESSERER, Eugenie; b. Marseilles, France; 
educ. Convent of Notre Dame, Ottawa, Can- 
ada; stage career, since early childhood, 
various stk. cos., under mgmt. J. C. Wil- 
liamson in Australia; screen career, Selig 
("Crises," "Carpet From Bagdad," "Little 
Orphant Annie," "Auction of Souls"), D. W. 
Griffith ("Scarlet Days"), Humanity Film 
("The Gift Supreme"). First Nat'l "45 Min- 
utes From Broadway," Equity ("For the Soul 
of Rafael "), David Butler (" Sitting on the 
World'), Mabel Normand ("What Happened 
to Rosa"), Robertson-Cole ("Good Women"), 



Dial Film ("Light in the Clearing"). Home 
ad., 2215 Baxter St., Los Angeles. Calif. Wil- 
shire 2994. 

BJALA, Sara; educ. Drake Univ., Des Moines, 
Iowa, Chicago Musical Coll.; stage career, 
Shakespearean rep., stk. cos., "The Ghost 
Breaker" with H. B. Warner, Nazimova's role 
in second "War Brides" Co., with George Arliss 
in "Paganini." London and N. Y. of "Some 
Baby," vaud. ; screen career, Hallmark ("Heart 
of a Gypsy"), Realart ("The Fear Market," 
"The Law of the Yukon"). Italian, French, 
Spanish and Oriental types and emotional roles. 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 118; dark brown hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., Rehearsal Club, 220 W. 46th St., 
N. Y. C. 

BILLINGS, Florence B.; educ. Semple School, N. 
Y. ; screen career, Vitagraph, 2*& yrs., Hallmark 
("Wit Wins," "Heart of a Gypsy," "Dangerous 
Affair"), Laurence Weber ("The Blue Pearl," 
"Wakefleld Case), Selznick ("Woman Game"), 
"Worlds Apart," "Road of Ambition"); Ro- 
land West ("Rossmore Case"). Ad., Actors 
Equity, N. Y. 

BILLINGTON, Francelia; b. Dallas, Texas, Feb. 
1, 1897; educ. Sacred Heart Convent, Los An- 
geles, Calif.; screen career, Griffith, Reliance, 
Majestic, Universal ("Blind, Husbands," "The 
Day She Paid," "The Great Air Robbery"), 
Fox (" Desert Love "), American " Slam Bang 
Jim"), Fox ("The Terror"), Rockett Film 
Corp. ("The Truant Husband"), Metro 
("Hearts Are Trumps"), Capital ("The 
Ranger and the Law"). Hght., 5, 6; 
wght., 135; light complexion, light brown hair, 
dark gray eyes. Home ad., 127 W. Chestnut 
St., Glendale, Calif., Glendale 2177-R. 
BINNEY, Constance; b. N. Y. ; educ. Brearly 
Schl. and Westover, Conn.. French Convent, 
Paris, France; associated with Comstock & 
Elliott as dancer in "Oh! Lady, Lady"; ap- 
peared in Maurice Tourneur's " Sporting Life " 
and played opposite John Barrymore in " Test 
of Honor " ; starred in Rachael Crothers' " 39 
East"; starred in Realart "Erstwhile Susan," 
" Something Different," " Such a Little 
Queen"). Ad., care of Realart Pictures Corp., 
469 Fifth ave., N. Y. 

BINNEY. Faire; b. N. Y. C., 1901; educ. Concord, 
Mass.; screen career, Maurice Tourneur ("Sport- 
ing Life," "Woman"), Famous Players ("Here 
Comes the Bride," with John Barrymore), Re- 
public ("The Blue Pearl", Jans ("Madonnas 
and Men"); Robertson-Cole ("The Wonder 
Man"), Famous Players ("The Frontier of the 
Stars"). Selznick ("A Man's Home"). Hght., 
5, 1%; wght., 102; brown hair; hazel eyes. Ad., 
212 E. 62nd St., N. Y. Plaza 4767. 
BIRON, Lillian; b. Independence, Kans.. 1900; 
educ. California; stage career, 1 yr. stock; 
played Keith Circuit; screen career, 2 yrs. in 
Mack Sennett Comedies, Vitagraph (" Roop 
and Riots," "Ministers and Matrimony"), 
Ascher Prod. ("Below the Deadline"), Gayety 
("Hip-Hip-Hypnotism"). Universal, Jay 

Hunt Comedies, Max Roberta Comedies, 
with Jimmie Adams in Mermaid Comedies. 
Hght., 5. 3%; wght., 120; fair complexion, 
blonde hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 922 W. 6th 
St., Los Angeles. Cal.; phone 14937; studio, 
Astra, Glendale, Cal., Glendale 902. 
BLACK, Fritzie; b. Galveston, Texas; educ. N. Y. ; 
stage career, 10 yrs. in stk., rep. and prod, and 
vaud.; screen career, National ("Wolf on Wall 
Street"), Anita Stewart ("Fighting Shepherd- 
ess"), Universal, 3 yrs. ("We Are French"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght., 127; auburn hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., Broadway Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Pico 875. 

BLACKWELL, Irene; b. B'klyn, N. Y., educ. 
Penna. ; screen career: Fox, Goldwyn, Miller 
Prod., Metro ("'His Bonded Wife"), Hallmark 
("High Speed"), Photoplay Libraries ("Emp- 
ty Arms"), Universal ("Honor Bound"), 
Broad well Prod. (Nick Carter Series), Robert- 
son-Cole ("Good Women"). Hght., 5, 5% 
wght., 135; black hair; green eyes. Ad., 1327 
Magnolia ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Phone 556- 

BLACKWOOD, Peggy; b. and educ. Portland, 
Oreg. ; stage career, with T. D. Frawley & Co. ; 
screen career, David Butler (" Sitting on the 
World," "Smiling All the Way"). Dracina Co. 
("Welcome Children"), Metro ("The Greater 
Claim," " Extravagance," " Are All Men 
Alike"), Sessue Hayakawa ("When Lights 
Are Low"), Owen Moore ("The Simp"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght., 138; blonde hair, blue 
eyes, Home ad., 2015 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 
Wilshire 2800. 

BLINN, Genevieve; b. San Francisco, Calif. ; educ. 
Sacred Heart Convent, Oakland, Calif.; stage 

career, stk. in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Win- 
nipeg, Salt Lake City, with Madame Kalich in 
N. Y. ; screen career, Fox (Daughter of the 
Gods," "American Methods," "Conscience," "Du 
Barry," "Cleopatra," "When Fate Decides," 
"Last of the Duanes," "The Tattlers"); Univer- 
sal ("The Path She Chose," " Sundown Slim "), 
Paramount ("The Witching Hour"). Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 132; fair complexion, blond hair, 
dark blue eyes. 

BLYTHE, Betty; b. 1893, Los Angeles; educ. 
Univ. of Calif, and Paris; stage career, Morosco 
1 yr., Comstock & Gest, 2 yrs., "So Long Letty," 
"Nobody Home," "Experience"; screen career, 
Vitagraph (" Over the Top," with Harry Morey 
for 1 yr. in "His Own People," "Tangled Lives," 
'The Green God"), World ("Dust of Desire"), 
Selznick ("Undercurrent"), Goldwyn ("Silver 
Horde"), Brentwood ("Third Generation"), 
Curwood-Carver Prod. ("The Yellowback"), 
First Nat'l "Nomads of the North"), Fox 
("The Queen of Sheba "). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
140; dark hair and complexion, blue eyes Ad 
1820 La Brea st., Hollywood, Cal. Phone 57441. 
BOLAND, Mary; b. Phila., Pa.; educ. Detroit; 
stage career, with Virginia Harned, supported 
Robert Edeson in " Strongheart," yr. in London, 
Dustin Farnum, Francis Wilson, 4 yrs. leading 
woman for John Drew, "Clarence"; screen ca- 
reer, NYMP ("The Stepping Stone"), World 
("Price of Happiness"), Pathe ("Big Jim Gar- 
rity"), Bacon-Backer ("A Woman's Experi- 
ence"); Selznick ("The Perfect Lover"), Gau- 
mont ("The Contrary Wife"), Hodkinson 
("His Temporary Wife"). Hght., 5, 6; wght. 
127; blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 21 W. 58th t.', 
N. Y. Plaza 9379. 

BONNEB. PriHcilla; screen career, Para-Arl 
("Homer Comes Home"), Goldwyn ("Honest 
Hutch," "Officer 666," "Man Who Had 
Everything"), First National ("Bob Hampton 
of Placer"). 

BOOKER, Beula; b. Silverton, Colo.; educ. in 
Denver, Colo., and Notre Dame, Paris; 3 yrs. 
on the stage on Western and Eastern coasts 
and in Denver; screen career about 4 yrs., "The 
Dwelling Place of Light," with Federal Photo- 
plays, Metro ("The Saphead "). Hght., 6 2; 
wght., 105; brown hair and eyes. Ad., Actors 
Assn.. 6412 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif 
BOONE, Dell; b. Springfield, Mo., 1894; educ. New 
Orleans; stage experience, Southern stock cos.; 
screen career, World Film, Pathe, Duplex 
("Shame," "The Girl and the Horses"), Para- 
mount ("Other Men's Wives)", "The Honey 
Bee," with Rupert Julian, with Fox; has 
traveled extensively and ridden through 
Panama jungle. Hght., 5, 6'^; blond hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 6650 Leland Way, Hollywood, 
Calif.,' Holly 316. 

BOUTON, Betty; educ. Univ. of Penn.; stage ca- 
reer, trained at Sargeant Sch. of Dram. Art., in 
stock, with Nat Goodwin in "The Merchant of 
Venice," with Bertha Kalich, "The Riddle 
Woman"; screen career, with Marguerite Clark, 
Shirley Mason, Dustin Farnum, Mary Pickford; 
" Three Men and a Girl," " The Final Close 
Up," "A Man's Fight," "Daddy Long Legs," 
" Heart of the Hills," " The Hellship," " Don't 
Ever Marry," " The Mollycoddle." Ad.. Mar- 
shall Neilan Studio. 

BOYLE, Irene; b. N. Y., 1896; educ. N. Y. and 
Washington; screen career, Kalem multiple reel 
pictures, Edgar Lewis Prod. ("Other Men's 
Shoes"), Bloxby ("Young America" series), Rex 
Beach ("Heart of the Sunset"), Jack London 
("TheTStar Rover"), Fox ("The Deadline"). 
Hght., 5, 2%; wght., 112; dark brown hair, 
prey eyes. 

BRADY, Alice; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. convent, N. J. ; 
studied in Boston for grand opera; stage career, 
"The Balkan Princess," at Herald Square thea- 
tree, singing and comedy roles for 3 yrs., Gil- 
bert & Sullivan opera, "Sinners," "Family Cup- 
board," "Forever After"; screen career, World, 
Select ("The Whirlpool," "The Death Dance." 
"The Better Half," "Her Great Chance," "His 
Bridal Night"), Realart ("Sinners," "Fear Mar- 
ket," "Land of Hope"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
108; dark complexion, dark hair and eyes. Ad., 
Realart, N. Y. 

BREAMER, Sylvia; b. Sydney, Australia; educ. 
there; stage career, 5 yrs. in American suc- 
cesses in Australia, with Grace George in N. Y., 
"The Argyle Case," "Bought and Paid For," 
screen career, Triangle-Ince Tourneur 
("My Lady's Garter"), Artcraft ("The Family 
Skeleton," "We Can't Have Everything"), J. S. 
Blackton ("Missing," "The Common Cause," 
"A House Divided," "The Moonshine Trail," 
" Dawn," " My Husband's Other Wife," " Re- 
spectable by Proxy," "The Blood Barrier"). 



Pa-the ("The Devil"), First Nat'l ("Not 
Guilty"), First National ("Unseen Forces"). 
Two Goldwyn Productions. Hght, 5, 7; wght, 
135; dark brown hair and eyes. 

BRENT, Evelyn; b. Tampa, Fla., 1899; educ. 
Normal Coll., N. Y. ; screen career, Metro ("The 
Lure of Heart's Desire," "The Soul Market," 
"The Spell of the Yukon," "The Iron Woman," 
"The Millionaire's Double"), Master Drama 
("Who's Your Neighbor?"), Arrow ("Fool's 
Gold"), Frank Hall ("The Other Man's Wife"), 
Fox ("Help, Help, Police"), Selznick ("The 
Glorious Lady"). 

BRICE, Betty; screen career, Benj. Hampton 
("The Spenders"), Pathe ("A Beggar in Pur- 
ple," "The Money Changers"). Hght, 5, 5%; 
wght., 120; titian hair, grey eyes. Home ad., 
1414 Orange Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. Phone 

BROCKWELL, Gladys; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894; 
educ. privately; stage career, since childhood, 
stk., rep., vaud. ; with Willard Mack; screen 
career, Lubin, NYMP, Reliance-Majestic, Fine 
Arts, Universal, Fox ("Call of the Soul," "The 
Divorce Trap," "The Sneak,". .."The Forbidden 
Room," "Pitfalls of a Big City," "Chasing Rain- 
bows," "Broken Commandments," "Thieves," 
"Flames of the Flesh," "The Devil's Wheel." 
" The Strange Woman " " The Devil's Riddle," 
" The Mother of His children," " White Lies," 
"A Sister to Salome," "Rose of Nome"), 
Pathe ("Sage Hen"). Studio, Fox, 1401 N. 
Western ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
BRODY, Anne G.; educ. N. Y. C. ; stage career 
stock and vaud. ; screen career, Vitagraph for 
5 yrs ("Girl at Bay," "Princess of Puck Row," 
"The Suspect," O. Henry Prod.), Universal, 
Kalem, Pathe ("The Yellow Ticket"), Fox, 
Reliance, Famous Players ("Mrs. Wiggs of the 
Cabbage Patch"), Selznick ("The Perfect 
Lover"), Curtiss ("Who's Your Brother?"), 
Serico Prod. ("The Jewelled Hand" serial), 
Kessel-Bauman (" Headin' Home "). Hght., 
5; wght., 160; black hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
92 Nicholas ave., N. Y. Cathedral 9240. 
BROOKE, Myra; educ. Sacred Heart, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. ; stage career, with Rankin 2 yrs., 
Mansfield 4 yrs., Winthrop Ames, Little Theatre, 
Harry Corson Clark, many mus. com.; screen 
career, Metro 2% yrs. Reliance, Edison, Gau- 
mont, Briggs Comedies, Mrs. Sidney Draw, 
Sterling Features ("The Fighting Ken- 
tuckians")., Metro ("Polly With a Past"). 
Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 200; brown hair, dark 
blue eyes. 

BROSKE, Octavia; screen career, select (" She 
Loves and Lies "), First National (" The Great 
Adventuress "). 

BROWN, Anita; b. New Haven, Conn.; educ. 
there; stage career, burlesque, comedy, Poll 
Stock Co.; screen career, Metro ("Eye for 
Eye"), Famous ("Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 
Patch," "Dr. Jeykl & Mr. Hyde"); Fox, Briggs 
Comedies, Gaumont, Cuckoo Comedies. Lon 
Rogers ("Circus Imps"); Selznick ("Chicken 
in the Case"), Metro ("Clothes"); Geo. B. 
Seitz Pathe ("Rogues & Romance"), Interna- 
tional ("Inside the Cup"). Hght, 5, 7%; wght., 
270; fair complexion, dark brown hair and 
eyes. Home ad., 201 E. 66th St., N. Y. C. 
BROWN, Iva; b. London, England; educ. Los 
Angeles, Calif. ; screen career, Paramount-Al 
St. John Comedies; worked in "Cleaning Up" 
and "Ship Ahoy!" Hght., 5, 6; wght., 115; 
dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes. Home 
ad., Monroe Apts., Los Angeles, Calif. Phone 

BRUCE, Beverly; b. Montreal, Can.; stage career, 
leads in stk. in Phila. and Montreal, "Within 
the Law," "Under Cover," "Bought and Paid 
For," "Tess of the Storm Country"; screen 
career ("Evangeline"), Continental ("David 
Copperfleld," "Cricket on the Hearth"), London 
Film Co ("Little Dorritt," "The Decoy"), Hep- 
worth Fleur de Lys ("Empty Arms"), Willard 
King Bradley ("This Is the Life," " Babette of 
the Moulin Rouge"). Ad., care of Willard 
King Bradley, Room 2001, 220 W. 42nd St., 
N. Y. C. 

BRUCE, Kate; character woman, was with the 
original Biograph Co. under D. W. Griffith, has 
appeared in nearly all Griffith productions. "A 
Romance of Happy Valley," "The Girl Who 
Stayed at Home," " Scarlet Days," " Way 
Down East"), Paramount ("Mary Ellen Comes 
to Town," " Flying Pat," " The City of Silent 
Men"), First National ("The Idol Dancer," 
" Star Dnst "). 

BRUNDAGE, Mrs. Mathilde; b. Louisville, Ky.; 
educ. there; screen career, 7 yrs. Pioneer 
("Wives of Men"). Norma Talmadge ("New 

Moon "), Famous Players (" Career of Cath- 
erine Bush"), Faversham & Elliott ("The 
Man Who Lost Himself"), Hodkinson 
("Cynthia of the Minute," "The Silent Bar- 
rier"), Film Booking Office ("The Good-Bad 
Wife"), First Nat'l ("Dangerous Business") 
Pioneer ("Thoughtless Woman"), Universal 
("The Unknown Wife"), with John Barrymore 
in "Raffles." Hght., 5, 6; wght., 148; silver 
gray hair and brown eyes. Ad., home, Holly- 
wood Apts., Hollywood. Cal., 597354 Holly. 

BRUNETTE, Florence (Fritzi) ; b. Savannah, Ga.. 
1894; screen career, Yankee Film, Universal 5 
yrs., 2 yrs. with Selig. National ("The Still 
small Voice"), Select ("Jacques of the Silver 
North'"), Paramount ("Woman Thou Gavest 
Me"), Pathe Amer. ("A sporting Chance"). 
Robt.-Cole Brunton-Hodkinson ("The Lord 
Loves the Irish," "Live Sparks," "$30,- 
000," "The Dream Cheater," "No. 99," "The 
Green Flame," " The House of Whispers," 
"The Coast of Opportunity"), Pathe ("The 
Devil to Pay"), Universal ("Tiger True") and 
many others. Hght., 5, 3; wght, 117; olive 
complexion, black hair, gray blue eyes. Ad., 
Brunton Studio, Hollywood; home ad., Holly- 
wood Hotel, Hollywood, Calif. 

BURBANK, Zadee; b. Philadelphia; age 45 yrs.; 
educ. private school; stage career; with Nat 
Goodwin, Minnie Palmer, also Light Opera in 
London, Paris, New York; screen career, D. W. 
Griffith in Old Bio Studios, played with Bobby 
Harron, Lillian Gish. Mary Pickford; ?. yrs. 
with World M. P. Co.; with Alice Brady, 
Ethel Clayton, Clara K. Young, Kitty Gordon; 
also Wm. A. Brady's "Life"; 1 yr. for Metro, 
with Olga Petrova, Nance O'Neill, for Wm. 
Fox with Valeska Surratt, Gladys Brockwell, 
Theda Bara; "Crimson Stain Mystery" se- 
rial for Metro; Tex series of detective stories, 
1 yr. for Thos. Ince; Selznick with Olive 
Thomas, Eugene O'Brien, Marion Davies, Cos- 
mopolitan Pictures, also the Talmadge sisters. 
Known as the " Mother of the Movies," Hght., 
5,6; wght., 145; hair, white. Ad., 80 W. 103rd 
St., N. Y. C. 

BURKE, Billie (Mrs. Florenz Ziegfeld) ; b. 
Washington, D. C., 1886; educ. there and in 
France; first appeared on the stage singing in 
the principal mus. halls in Austria, Germany, 
Russia, France, won success at the Pavilion, 
London, supporting Edna May in "The School 
Girl" at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London; 
N. Y. debut made under mgmt. Frohman, play- 
ing opposite John Drew in "My Wife" at the 
Empire, later success "The Pink Pajama Girl"j 
screen career, Kleine ("Gloria's Romance"), 
Famous Players-Para. ("The Mysterious Miss 
Terry," "The Land of Promise," "Arms i.nd the 
Girl," "Good Gracious, Annabel," "The Make 
Believe Wife," "The Misleading Widow," 
"Sadie Love," " Wanted, a Husband," "Away 
Goes Prudence," " Frisky Mrs. Johnson," " The 
Education of Elizabeth"). Ad., Famous Play- 
ers, 485 Fifth ave., N. Y. C. 

BURKE, Marie; screen career. Fox "My Little Sis- 
ter," "Help, Help, Police"), World ("The 
Love Defender"), Vitagraph ("Gray Towers 
Mystery"), Selznick ("The Glorious Lady," 
"Sooner or Later"), Famous Players ("His 
House in Order," "Remodelling Her Husband," 
"Little Miss Rebellion"), Realart ("A Dark 
Lantern," "The New York Idea"). 

BURKE, Olive; b. Boston; educ. private schls., 
N. Y. and Paris; screen career, Frank P. Don- 
ovan's Prods., Vitagraph, Selznick, World, 
"Bullin 1 the Bullsheviki," "Pardon me," "Nep- 
tune's Stepdaughter," "Double Trouble." 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; blond hair, brown eyes. 

BURNHAM, Beatrice; b. Galveston, Tex., 1902; 
screen career, Fox, Goldwyn ("Upstairs"), 
Universal ("Burnt Wings," "Bullet Proof." 
"IHitchin" Posts"); Vitagraph (" Diamond^ 
Adrift," "Three Sevens"), Fox ("The One 
Man Trail"). Edgar Lewis ("Lahoma"), Inc e 
("Home Stretch"). Hght., 5; wght., 110; 

olive complexion, black hair and eyes. Ad., 
5614 Franklin ave., Hollywood, Calif. Phone 

BURNHAM, Louise; screen career, Lewis-Pathe 
("Lahoma"); Levey-State Rights ("Uncle 
Sam of Freedom Ridge"). 

BUSCH, Mae; b. Melbourne, Austr. ; educ. con- 
vent, Madison, N. J. ; stage career, leads with 
Eddie Foy; screen career, Keystone, with 
Eddie Foy, Weber and Fields ("Wife and Auto 
Trouble," "Better Late Than Never"), Para- 
Artcraft (" The Grim Game," " Her Husband's 
Friend"). Universal ("The Devil's Pass 
Key"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 125; black hair, 
gray eyes. Studio ad., Universal City, Cal. 



BUTLER, Barbara; b. Ogdensburg, N. Y. ; 1902; 
educ. there and N. Y. ; screen career. World 
("Captain Kidd," "The American Way," 
"Phil for Short"); Selznick ("Beyond the 
Bend," "The Flapper"); Pathe, Mastercraft 
("Women's Way"); Independent ("Uncle 
Sam & Co."); Briggs Comedies. Blonde hair, 
deep blue eyes; hght., 5, 2. Ad., West Fort 
Lee, N. J. ; phone Fort Lee 94. 

BYRON, Nina; b. New Zealand, 1900; screen 
talent discovered by Nicholas Dunaew; screen 
career. Ince-Triangle ("Truthful Tulliver"). 
Pallas-Paramount ("The Heir of the Ages"), 
Lasky ("The Source," "The Dub," with Wal- 
lace Reid. "Johnny Get Your Gun," with Fred 
Stone, Pioneer ("The Boomerang"). Hght., 
5, 3; wght., 110; light brown hair, brown eyes. 
Ad., Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

CALDWELL, Virginia; b. Peoria, 111.; educ. 
Windmoore Hall Convent, Kansas City, Mo.; 
stage career, with Raymond Hitchcock in 
"Hitchy-Koo," also in Florenz Ziegfeld's 
Follies; screen career, Lasky ("Secret Service" 
with Robt. Warwick), Metro ("Lombardi, 
Ltd." and "The Right of Way" with Bert 
Lytell) ; Hodkinson ("The U. P. Trail"); 
Selznick ("Palace of Darkened Windows," 
"The Dangerous Hero"). Hght., 5. 7; wght., 
129; brown hair, green eyes. Home ad.. Black- 
stone Apts.. Los Angeles. Cal.; Main 244. 

CALHOUN. Alice B.; b. Cleveland, Ohio; educ. 
there and private tuition; screen career, Acme 
("The Thirteenth Chair"). W. H. Prods. 
("Everybody's Business"), Vitagraph ("A 
Bride in Bond," " Sea Rider," " The Dream," 
"Princess Jones," "Charming Deceiver"). 
Home ad., 736 Riverside Drive, N. Y. C.. and 
care Vitagraph, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

CALHOUN, Jean; screen career, Universal ("The 
Exquisite Thief"). Fox ("The Splendid Sin," 
"Thieves." "The Feud"), Keenan-Pathe ("The 
False Code"); Universal ("The Phantom 
Melody"), Goldwyn ("Officer 666," "His Own 
I<a,w ") ; First Nat'l (" Man - Woman - Mar- 
riage ") ; Vitagraph (" Three Sevens "). 

CALVERT, Catherine (Mrs. Paul Armstrong) : 
b. Baltimore, Md. ; stage career, leading roles 
In "Brown of Harvard," "Deep Purple," "Ro- 
mance of the Underworld," "The Escape"; 
screen career, Keeney Pic. Corp. ("A Romance 
of the Underworld," "Marriage," "Out of 
the Night," "A Marriage of Convenience"). 
Famous-Lasky ("Fires of Faith," "Career of 
Katherine Bush"); Vitagraph ("Dead Men 
Tell No Tales." "Heart of Maryland"); Out- 
look ("You Find It Everywhere"). Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 125; complexion brunette, dark 
brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 124 W. 55th 
St., N. Y. C. ; Circle 461. 

CAMPBELL, Margaret; stage career, with 
Bramhall Players for five seasons; screen ca- 
reer First Nat'l (" The Notorious Miss Lisle," 
"In the Heart of a Fool"); Asso. Prod. 
(" Lying Lips ") ; American (" Their" Mutual 

CAPRICE, June; b. Arlington, Mass., 1899; educ. 
Boston; screen career. Fox ("Caprice of the 
Mountains," "A Modern Cinderella," "The Rag- 
ged Princess," "A Child of the Wild," "Every 
Girl's Dream," "Miss U. S. A.," "Sunshine 
Maid," "A Camouflaged Kiss," "Blue Eyed 
Mary"), Albert Capellani ("Oh, Boy!"). Pathe 
("The Love Cheat," "A Damsel in Distress," 
" In Walked Mary," " Rogues and Romance," 
"The Sky Rangers"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 105; 
light complexion, light hair, blue eyes. Ad. 
Pathe, 25 W. 45th St., N. Y. 

CAREW. Ora; b. Salt Lake City, Utah; educ. 
Relanc Hall Seminary and private tutor; 
stage career, vaud., mus. com. and dram. stk. ; 
screen career. Goldwyn (" Go West, Young 
Man"); Para. ("Too Many Millions"); Uni- 
versal, " Loot/' " Under Suspicion," " The 
Peddler of Lies"); Metro ("Little Fool"). 
Goldwyn ("Voice in the Dark"). Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 120; dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 5517 Carlton Way, Los Angeles, 
Calif.; Holly 788. 

CARMEN, Jewel; educ. St. Mary's Acad., Port- 
land, Oreg.; screen career, "The Half-Breed" 
with Doug. Fairbanks, Fox ("Tale of Two 
Cities," "Les Miserables," "The Bride of 
Fear," "The Confession." "You Can't Get Away 
With It"); Roland West ("Silver Lining." 
"Rossmore Case"). Hght., 5. 5; wght., 115; 
light brown hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., care 
Roland West. 260 W. 42d st.. N. Y. C. ; Bryant 

CARRINGTON, Evelyn Carter; stage career, 20 
yrs., parts ranging from Shakespeare to musical 
comedy grand dames; screen career, with Con- 
stance Talmadge, " In Search of a Sinner." 
character part, Whitman Bennett (" Salvation 
Nell"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 200; dark brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 484 Hawthorne ave., Yon- 
kers, N. Y. ; phone 6383-M. 

CARROLL, Marcelle; b. Biarritz, France; educ. 
Sacred Heart Convent, Paris, and Boston; 
stage exper., with Fritzi Scheff in "Pretty Mrs. 
Smith," with Wm. Gillette in "Successful 
Calamity"; screen career, Herbert Brenon, J. S. 
Blackton ("The Marble Heart," "Daughter of 
the Gods," ."Fall of the Romanoffs," "The 
Common Cause," "Moonshine and Shadows," 
"Somewhere in Love"), with Taylor Holmes 
in "Nothing But the Truth," Fidelity ("Love's 
Flame"). Hght., 5; wght., 104; black hair, 
brown eyes, fair complexion. Ad., Starlit Bun- 
galow, roof of Godfrey Bldg., 729 Seventh ave., 
N. Y. C. 

CARTVVRIGHT, Peggy; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("The Third Generation"), Asso. Prod. 
(" Love "). 

CASSIDY, Ellen" L.; b. Jackson, Tenn. ; educ. 
Louisville, Ky. ; stage career, Follies; screen 
career, Fox ("Checkers"), World ("Through 
the Toils") Frank Hall ("Other Men's Wives"), 
Carl Harlbaugh ("Love Honor and"). Black- 
ton-Pathe (" Passers-By ") ; Vitagraph ("Vice 
of Fools"), Selznick ("Broadway and Home," 
" Poor Dear Margaret Kirby," " Handcuffs and 
Kisses"). Hght., 5, 6%; wght., 135; blond 
hair, dark grey eyes. 

CASSTNELLI, Dolores; b. N. Y. ; educ. Holy 
Name Convent, Chicago; screen career, Es- 
sanay ("When Soul Meets Soul," "Do Dreams 
Come True," "The Greek Singer"), Perret 
("Lafayette. We Come," "Stars of Glory," "A 
Soul Adrift'), Capellani ("The Virtuous 
Model"). Carewe prod. ("The Right to Lie." 
"The Web of Lies"), Pathe ("The Web of 
Deceit," "Tarnished Reputations"); Common- 
wealth ("The Hidden Light"). Known fis 
Cameo Girl. Hght., 5,7; wght., 135; black 
hair, hazel eyes. 

CASTLE, Irene; b. New Rochelle. 1S93; educ. 
N. Y. ; stage career, vaud., mus. com., last np- 
pearance in "Watch Your Step"; screen career. 
International ("Patria"), Astra-Pathe ("Sylvia 
of the Serret Service," "The Girl From Bo- 
hemia," "Stranded in Arcady," "The Mark of 
Cain," " The Hillcrest Mystery/' " The First 
Law," " The Mysterious Client," " Convict 
999"), Famous Players-Lasky ("The Firing- 
Line"), "The Invisible Bond," "The Amateur 
Wife"). Hght.. 5, 7; wght., 115; brown hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., Ithaca, N. Y. 

CASTLETON, Barbara; b. Little Rock, Ark.. 
1896; educ. "The Castle." New Rochelle: screen 
career. Ivan ("Sins of Ambition"). Essanay 
("On Trial"), World ("Heart of a Girl." "Just 
.Sylvia"). Famous Players "The Silver King" 
Ince ("Americanism"), Eminent Authors-Gold- 
wyn ("The Tower of Ivory," "Dangerous 
Days"), Hampton ("The Man Who Turned 
White"). Goldwyn ("Out of the Storm." "Brand- 
ing Iron"). Ince ("Dangerous Hours"). AValsh- 
Fielding ("Sham"). Stahl ("The Child Thou 
Gayest Me"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 128; brown 
hair and eyes. 

CAVALIERI. Lina; b. Rome. Italy. 1874: educ. for 
grand opera, stage career, operatic debut Lis- 
bon, Portugal, 1900, first Am-erican appea ranee 
with Hammerstein Man. Opera House, N. Y.. 
1906; screen career, Paramount ("The Temp- 
tress," "The Two Brides"), Victor. Kremer 
("Mad Love"). 

CECIL, Nora; b England. 1879: educ. London 
stage career, played in many English produs.. 5 
yrs. with Klaw # Erlanger: screen career. T T ni 
versal, World ("Miss Crusoe"), Sel/.nick ("The 
Daughter Pays," " Red Foam." " Poor Dear 
Margaret Kirby"), Fox ("Footfalls,"). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 14B; light complexion, brown hair 
brown eyes. Home ad., Lake St., Englewood 
N. J. Englewood 1746. 

CHADWICK, Helene; b. Chadwick. N. Y. : educ 
there; screen career, Paramount ("Girls"), 
Pathe ("Go Get 'Em. Garringer "). Goldwyn 
"Heartsease"), National ("Long Arm of 
Manister,") Goldwyn ("The Cup of Fury." 
"Scratch My Back," "The Cow-puncher"), 
Para-Art ("An Adventure in Hearts"), 
First Nat'l ("Godless Men"). Hght.. 

5 7; wght.. 130; light hair, brown eyes, light 
complexion. Home ad., 4428 Sunset Blvd.. Los 
Angeles, Holly 3049. 



CHAMBERS, Marie; b. Phila. ; educ. Paris; stage 
career, under Woods, Fiske, stk., leading 
woman for Lou-Tellegen in "Blind Youth"; 
screen career, Famous Players ("The Woman 
In the Case"), Triangle ("Fifty-Fifty"), World 
("Maternity"), Capellani ("The Virtuous 
Model"). Hght, 5, 5; wght, 122; fair complex- 
ion, blond hair, dark eyes. 

CHAPMAN, Audrey Emily; b. Phila., 1899; educ. 
there and Los Angeles; screen career, Triangle 
("Marriage"), Morosco ("Her Country First"), 
Vitagraph ("The Usurper"), Pickford ("Daddy 
Long Legs"), Vitagraph ("The Luck of Ger- 
aldine Laird," " Tfee Mormon Trail"), Hampton 
("The Money Changers"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 
124; blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 4887 Melrose 
ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

CHAPMAN, Edythe; screen career, Metro 
("Faith"), Artcratt ("The Knickerbocker Buck- 
aroo"), Paramount ("The Home Town Girl," 
"Secret Service," "The Winning Girl," "Alias 
Mike Moran," "The Rescuing Angel"), Goldwyn 
("Flame of the Desert"), Select ("Experimental 
Marriage"), Para-Art. (" Everywoman "), 

Goldwyn ("Pinto," "Little Shepherd of King- 
dom Come," Double-Dyed Deceiver," V Out of 
the Storm," " Bunty Pulls the Strings," " Just 
Out of College," " Tale of Two Worlds"), Para- 
Art ("Huckleberry Finn"), Guy Croswell 
Smith ("County Fair"). 

CHAKLESON, Mary; b. Dunganon, Ireland, Ma} 
18, 1893; educ. convent in Los Angeles, Calif.; 
stage career, ingenue with grand opera co. on 
Pacific Coast; screen career, Vitagraph, Selig 
("The Prince Chap," "The Country That God 
Forgot"), Essanay ("The Truant Soul," "Little 
Shoes," "The Saint's Adventure"), Paralia 
("His Robe of Honor," "Humdrum Brown," 
"With Hoops of Steel"), Natl. Ex., Mutual ("A 
Long Lane's Turning"), Select ("Upstairs and 
Down"), Universal ("Human Stuff"). Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 110; dark brown hair, gray eyes. 

CHICHESTER, Emily; screen career. Paramount 
("Peppy Polly," "Nugget Nell," "Out of 
Luck," "Burglar Proof,"); Goldwyn ("Woman 
in Room 13"); Universal ("Once to Every 
Woman"); First National ("Man-Woman-Mar- 
riage "). 

CHILDERS, Naomi; b. Penn. ; educ. Maryville 
Convent, St. Louis, Mo.; stage career, "Madam 
X," "Ready Money," "Among Those Present," 
with H. B. Warner; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Metro ("The Yellow Dove," "Blind Man's Eyes," 
"Shadows of Suspicion," with Harold Lock- 
wood), Goldwyn ("Lord and Lady Algy," "Gay 
Lord Quex," " Street Called Straight," " Duds " 
" Earthbound," "Hold Your Horses"). Hght., 
5, 6%; wght., 135; dark brown hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 1824 Highland ave., Holly- 
wood, Calif., Holly 2002. 

CLAIRE, Gertrude; b. Boston; educ. Chicago and 
Rockford, 111.; stage career, rep., managed own 
stk. co.; screen career, Biograph ("Ramona), 
Ince-Triangle ("Golden Rule Kate"), Ince-Para- 
mount ("A Nine o'Clock Town"), Select 
("Romance and Arabella"), Goldwyn ("Crimson 
Gardenia," "Jinx"), Paramount ("Hard Boiled," 
"Little Comrade," "Stepping Out," "Widow by 
Proxy"), Metro ("Blind Man's Eyes"), Pathe 
("Brothers Divided"), Para-Art ("Paris 
Green," " Cradle of Courage "), Dwan (" For- 
bidden Thing"), Mayflower ("The Sins of 
Martha Queed"), Brunton ("The Money 
Changers), Universal ("Society Secrets"), 
Hght., 5, 2; gray hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
1233 Trenton st., Los Angeles, Calif. 

CLAIRE, Jewel; b. Omaha, Neb.; educated Acad- 
emy St. Joseph, Brentwood, L. I. Ingenues in 
Selznick and Community Productions. Hght., 
5, 4; wght, 118; black hair , dark brown eyes. 
Home address, 76 West 50th Street. Circle 4257. 

CLARE, Irene; b. New York, 1902. ed. Brooklyn, 
Bay Ridge H. S. Screen career, International, 
("Cecelia of the Pink Roses"), direction 
Julius Steger, Famous-Players, direction Mar- 
shall Neilan; lead in Moon Comedies. Hght., 
5.2; wght., 110; golden brown hair, blue eyes, 
fair complexion. Swims, dives, rides horse- 
back and dances. Ad. Care S. H. Freedman, 
194 William St., Beekman 3988. N. Y. 

CLARE. Madeline; screen career, Para-Art ("The 
Misleading Widow"); Hallmark ("The Dis- 
carded Woman"); Priest-Film Market ("The 
Supreme Passion "). 

CLARK, Marguerite; b. Cincinnati, 1887; educ. 
Ursuline convent; stage career, since 1899, with 
De Wolf Hopper for several seasons, "Baby 
Mine"; screen career, Famous Players ("Bab's 
Burglar," "Bab's Matinee Idol," "Bab's Diary," 
"Still Waters," "The Seven Swans." "Prunella," 
"Rich Man, Poor Man," "The Golden Bird," "A 
Honeymoon for Three," "Mrs. Wiggs of the 

Cabbage Patch," Three Men and a Girl," "Let's 
Elope"), Paramount ("Little Miss Hoover," 
" Girls," " Widow by Proxy "), " Easy to Get " 
"Girl Named Mary"). Hght., 4, 10; wght, 90; 
fair complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes. 

CLARKE, Betty Ross; b. Langdon, N. D. ; *uuc. 
Stanley Hall, Minn.; stage career, lead in "Fair 
and Warmer," 1st road co. ; stk. in many cities; 
screen career, Fox ("If I Were King"), Taylor 
Holmes ("The Very Idea"), D. W. Griffith ("Ro- 
mance"), Para-Art ("The Traveling Salesman," 
"Brewster's Millions'). Hght, 5, 6; wght, 134; 
light brown hair, dark gray eyes. Ad., Savoy 
Hotel, Los Angeles. 

CLAY, Velma Louise; b. San Antonio, 1898; educ. 
Univ. of Texas; stage exper., stk. and vaud.; 
screen career, Diando, American, Universal, 
Pathe ("The Little Diplomat"). Hght., 5. 6; 
wght., 125; blond hair, brown eyes. Ad., 1407 
Bond st., Los Angeles, Calif., phone 20853. 

CLAYTON, Ethel; b. Champaign, 111.; educ. St. 
Elizabeth's Convent, Chicago; stage career, T. 
D. Frawley Stock Co., "The Devil," with Edwin 
Stevens, "The Country Boy"; screen career, 
Lubin ("The Lion and the Mouse," "The Great 
Divide," "The Blessed Miracle," "The Fortune 
Hunter," "Dollars and the Woman"), World 
("The Stolen Paradise," "The Soul Without 
Windows"), Famous Players ("Pettigrew's 
Girl," "Woman's Weapons," "Maggie Pepper," 
"Men, Women and Money," "A Sporting 
Chance," "More Deadly Than the Male," "The 
Thirteenth Commandment," "Young Mrs. Win- 
throp," " A Lady in Love," " The Ladder of 
Lies," "Crooked Streets," " Sins of Rosanne," 
" The City Sparrow," " The Price of Posses- 
sion "). Hght., 5. 5; wght., 130; red gold hair, 
gray eyes. Ad., Lasky Studios, Hollywood. 

CLAYTON, Marguerite; b. Salt Lake City, 1896; 
educ. St. Mary's Acad., Salt Lake; screen career, 
Essanay, ("The Long Green Trail," "Stardust"), 
Famous Players ("Hit-the-Trail Holliday," with 
Geo. Cohan), Essanay ("Prince of Graustark"), 
World ("The Bronze Man," "Inside the Lines"), 
Eff & Eff ("Bolshevist Burlesque"), Select 
("The New Moon"), Richard Stanton Prod. 
Fox ("Bride 13"), Selznick ("Pleasure Seek- 
ers"), Para. ("The Inside of the Cup"), 
Bradley ("Dangerous Love"), Wistaria ("For- 
bidden Love"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; fair 
complexion, blond hair, blue eyes. 

CLEMENT, Eloise May ; b. New Orleans, La., 1892; 
educ. private tutors and Wellesley Coll.; stage 
career, leading woman with Jas. O'Neil in 
"Monte Cristo," and Shakespearean rep. at 16, 
stk. and rd.; screen career, World ("Just 
Sylvia," "The Love Defender"), Marion Davies 
("The Burden of Proof"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
138; red hair, dark blue eyes. 

CLIFFORD, Kathleen; b. Charlottesville, Va.; 
educ. Brighton, England; stage career, vaud., 
Winter Garden with Gaby Deslys, starred in 
"The Winsome Widow," A. H. Wood's "The 
Heart of a Child," H. H. Frazee's "Business 
Before Pleasure" ; screen career, made debut 
with Balboa in serial "Who Is Number One?" 
also in "The Law that Divides," "The Angel 
Child," with Douglas Fairbanks in "When the 
Clouds Roll By." Home ad., Virginia Hotel, 
Long Beach, Calif. 

CLIFFORD, Ruth; b. Rhode Island, Feb. 17, 
1900; educ. St. Mary's Seminary, Bayview, R. 
I.; screen career, Edison, Universal, Jewel 
("The Kaiser the Beast of Berlin"), Bluebird 
("Fires of Youth," "The Lure of Luxury," 
"The Game Is Up." "The Millionaire Pirate"), 
Republic ("The Amazing Woman"), Vitagraph 
("The Black Gate"). Frohman Amuse. Corp. 
("The Invisible Ray", Universal ("The Sav- 
ages," " Eternal Love," " Home, James," " The 
Cabaret Girl," " The Red, Red Heart," " The 
Guilt of Silence "), Porto Rico Photoplays 
("Tropical Love"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 115; 
blonde hair, blue eyes. Studio ad., Porto Rico 
Photoplays, Box 450, San Juan, Porto Rico. 

COBURN,, Gladys; screen career, Fox ("Heart 
Strings"); Victor Kremer ("Voices"), Metro 
("The Fatal Hour"; Selznick ("Out of the 
Snows"); Hodkinson ("East Lynne," "The 

COLLINS, May; b. N. Y. ; educ. there; stage 
career, "The Betrothal," "At 9.45," "She Would 
and She Did," with Grace George; screen 
career, Universal ("A Matter of Taste," "The 
Winning Shot"), Maple Leaf ("Hearts of the 
North Land"). Hght., 5, 3%; wght., 120; 
brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 119 Forley st., 
Elmhurst, L. L, N. Y. Newtown 1096. 

COLVIN, Marion; screen career. Goldwyn (" The 
Cup of Fury," "The Branding Iron"). 

COLWELL, Goldie; b. Edinburgh, Scotland, 1893; 



educ. Immaculate Heart Convent, Los Angeles; 
stage career, from 1911, dramatic leads in rep. 
co., Kansas City; screen career, 1912, Selig, 
featured with Tom Mix in Westerners, Horsley, 
first in Cub comedies ("Jerry's Gentle Nurs- 
ing"), then in dramatic leads ("When Avarice 
Rules"), Fox ("Vengeance is Mine"), with 
Mitchell Lewis in "The Code of the Yukon," 
has written scenarios and short stories. Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 137; light hair, brown eyes. Home 
ad., 1028 Overton st., Los Angeles, Calif. 
COMPSON, Betty; b. Salt Lake City; stage 
career, vaud. ; screen career, 78 Christie com- 
edies, Pathe ("The Terror of the Range"), 
World (" The Devil's Trail "), Robertson-Cole 
("Prodigal Liar"), Universal ("Light of Vic- 
tory"), Famous Players (George Loane Tuck- 
er's " The Miracle Man," " At the End of the 
World"), Betty Compson Prod. ("Prisoners 
of Love," "For Those We Love"). Hght., 5, 2; 
wght. 115; blue eyes, brown hair. 
CONCORD, Lillian; b. Omaha, Neb.; educ. Univ. 
of Cal., Univ. of Wis., also studied voice cul- 
ture in Paris; stage career, "The Kingdom of 
Destiny," "The Red Widow," "The Midnight 
Girl," and vaud.; screen career, Frohman ("The 
Woman in 47"), Universal ("The Ivy and the 
Oak," "Heritage of Hate"), Fox ("The Trouble- 
maker," " The Girl from Rectors "). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 140; blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
home. 340 W. 85th st., N. Y. 

CONLEY, Effie; b. Norwich, Conn., 1857; educ. 
Boston, Mass.; stage career, Daly's theatre, 
N. Y. C., with Julia Marlowe, Viola Allen, 
Henrietta Crossman, Margaret Anglin, Edwin 

Booth, in "Poor Little Rich Girl, Way 

Down East," "Deep Purple," Daniel Frohman 
Stk. Co. ; screen career, Vitagraph, Triangle, 
Lasky, " The Wages," " Toys of Fate," 
"Peggie Does Her Darndest," "It Pays to Ad- 
vertise," " Revelation," " Blind Man's Eyes," 
Metro ("The Walk-Offs," "The Best of Luck," 
"The Fatal Hour"). Hght.. 5, 11%; wght.; 
180; dark complexion, dark gray hair. Home 
ad., 5419 Harold Way, Hollywood, Cal. 
COOLING, Maud; stage career, vaud. and pro- 
ductions; screen career, important parts with 
Bluebird, Goldwyn, Pathe. Hght., 5, 4%: 
wght., 128; dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
Packard Exchange, N. Y. 
COONLY, Irma; screen career, Realart (" La 

Veglione," " Her Beloved Villain "). 
COOPER, Edna Mae; b. Baltimore, Md.; educ. 
there; screen career, Lasky ("Men, Women and 
Money," "Old Wives for New," "The Things 
We Love," "Rimrock Jones," "The Village Cut- 
Up," "You Never Saw Such a Girl," "Whisper- 
ing Chorus"). Morosco ("The Third Kiss"). 
Brunton (" The Scoffer " De Mille-Lasky 
("Why Change Your Wife"). Hght.. 5, 6; 
wght., 135; brown hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 
4424 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. Holly 

COOPER, Miriam; b. Baltimore; educ. there and 
N. Y. Art School; screen career. Reliance-Ma- 
jestic ("The Birth of a Nation"), Fine Ars 
("When Fate Frowned," "Intolerance!'), Fox 
("The Honor System," "The Silent Lie," "The 
Innocent Sinner," "Betrayed," "The Prussian 
Cur." "Evangeline," "Should a Husband For- 
give?"), Realart ("The Deep Purple"), First 
National ("Serenade"). Brown eyes, dark hair. 
CORNWALL, Anne; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1897; 
educ. Catskill, N. Y. ; stage career. IHUK. 
com.; screen career. Select ("The Knife." "The 
Hollow of Her Hand"), Artcraft ("Prunella"), 
Special ("Quest of the Big 'Un"), Famous 
Players ("Indestructible Wife," "World to Live 
In." "Copperhead"), Artcraft Special ("Firing 
Line") Universal ("Everything But the 
Truth," " Path She Chose," " Girl in the 
Rain," "La. La, Lucille"). Hght., 4, 11; 
wght.. 102; dark brown hair and dark eyes. 
COTTON, Luey; b. Houston, Texas; educ. studied 
in Houston; stage career, understudied Ina 
Claire in "Quaker Girl," played in "Little 
Women," "Polygamy," "Up in Mabel's Room"; 
screen careeer, co-starred with Boland in "The 
Prodigal Wife," starred in "Blind Love," 
featured in Artcraft-Cosmopolitan Special "The 
Miracle of Love," Selznick ("The Broken 
Melody"), Mayflower-Chautard ("The Invisible 
Foe"); International Metro ("The Misleading 
Lady"), Selznick ("The Sin that Was His"), 
Pathe ("The Devil"). Hght, 5, 6; wght, 125: 
light brown hair, dark brown eyes. Ad., The 
Nevada, 70th st. and Broadway, N. Y. ; Col. 

COURTOT, Marguerite Gabrielle; b. Summit, N 
J., 1897; educ. N. Y. and Switzerland; 
early career, posing for Harrison Fisher; screen 

career, Kalem, 3 yrs., Famous Players ("Roll- 
ing Stones"), France Film Co. ("The Natural 
Law," "The Unbeliever"), Selznick ("The Per- 
fect Lover"), Artcraft Special ("Teeth of the 
Tiger"), Pathe serials ("Bound and Gagged," 
" Pirate Gold," " Velvet Fingers," " Roaring 
Oaks"), feature ("Rogues and Romance"). 
Hght., 5, 2%; wght., 115; light clear complexion, 
golden brown hair, greenish blue eyes. Home 
ad., 19 Hudson pi., Weehawken, N. J. ; Union 

CRAIG, Blanche; educ. Boston, Mass.; stage 
exper., vawd. and legit.; screen career, Famous 
Players ("Come On In"), Goldwyn, World, Fox 
("I Want to Forget"), Realart ("The Magic 
Cup "). 

CRAIG, Nell; screen career. Universal (" The 
Triflers," "The Peddler of Lies"); Selznick 
("The Dangerous Hero"); First National 
("Passion's Playground"); Realart ("Her 
First Elopement"), Fox ("The Queen of 
Sheba"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 124; black hair, 
dark brown eyes. Home ad., 1620 Fuller' Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif. Phone 578808. 

CRONK, Olga; b. Cawker City, Kansas; educ 
Topeka; screen career, Dwan ("Luck of the 
Irish," "The Heart of a Fool"). Hght., 6, 5; 
wght., 125; auburn hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
694 S. Burlington. Los Angeles. Calif. 
CROWELL, Josephine Bonaparte; b. Canada; 
educ. Canada and Boston; screen career, Fine 
Arts ("The Birth of a Nation," "Intolerance"), 
Artcraft ("Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," 
"Hearts of the World"), Robertson-Cole ("Jos- 
selyn's Wife," "House of Intrigue"), Paramount 
("Puppy Love," "Peppy Polly"), Fox ("Flames 
of the Flesh"), First Nat'l ("Greatest Ques- 
tion" Para-Art ("The Six Best Cellars," 
"Crooked Streets," "Held by the Enemy"); 
Metro ("Dangerous to Men"); Fox ("White 
Lies"); Pathe ("Half a Chance"); Goldwyn 
("Bunty Pulls the Strings," "Don't Neglect 
Your Wife"), Realart ("The Snob"). Hght., 
5, 5; wght, 175; brown hair, brown eyes. 

CRUTE, Sally; b. 1893, Chattanooga, Tenn.; educ. 
Huntsville, Ala.; stage career, lead in "The 
Deep Purple." "Within the Law," with Doug- 
las Fairbanks in "Officer 666"; screen career, 
Edison, Metro ("The Light of the 
Dusk," "A Wife by Proxy," "Blue Jeans," 
"The Awakening of Ruth"), Sidney Olcott 
Players ("The Belgian"), Metro ("The Poor 
Rich Man"), De Luxe ("Twilight"), World 
("A Broadway Saint"), Select ("The Under- 
current," "The Greatest Love"); First Nat'l 
("Even as Eve"); Vitagraph ("The Garter 
Girl," "It Isn't Being Done This Season"); 
Fox ("Blind Wives"). Hght., 5, 5%; wght., 
130; fair complexion, blond hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., Palisade st., Ft. Lee, N. J. 

CULLINGTON, Margaret; b. New Rochelle, N. 
Y. ; educ. N. Y. ; born and reared on legitimate 
stage under father's stage direction; screen 
career, Pathe ("Caroline of the Corners"), 
Fox ("Camouflage" with Buck Jones), Universal 
("Mad Marriage"); Christie ("Bringing Up 
Father"), Vitagraph ("Son of Wallingford "). 
Special Picture Prod. Hght., 5, 9%; wght., 136; 
brown hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 1322 
McCadden place, Hollywood, Calif.; Holly 1834. 

CUMMING, Dorothy; b. Burrows, Australia; 
educ. Sidney, Australia; stage career, 4 yrs. 
leading woman to J. C. Williamson, Ltd., Aus- 
tralia, in "Milestones," with Cyril Maude in 
"Grumpy," "Caste," "School for Scandal," lead 
at Belasco theatre, N. Y., 9 mos. in "Tiger, 
Tiger"; screen career, George Loane Tucker 
("Ladies Must Live"), Goldwyn ("Woman and 
the Puppet"), Bessie Barriscale ("Woman Who 
Understood"), Para-Art ("Idols of Clay"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Notorious Mrs. Sands"), 
First Nat'l ("Notorious Miss Lisle"), Fox 
("The Thief"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 125; brown 
hair and eyes. 

CUNARD, Grace; b. Paris, France; educ. Colum- 
bus, Ohio; stage career, "Dora Thorne," 
"Princess of Patches," starred in "College 
Days," stk., etc.; screen career, Universal 
("Lucille Love," "Broken Coin," "Peg o' the 
Ring,'-' "Campbells Are Coming," "After the 
War") C. B. C. Film ("Daughter of the Law," 
"Her Western Adventure," "The Man Hater"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120: light auburn hair, dark 
grey eyes. Ad., c/o Willis & Inglis, L. A. 

CURLEY, Pauline; b. Holyoke, Mass.; educ. 
private tutor; stage career, at age of 5 en- 
tered stk., vaud. coast to coast tour, "A Daddy 
by Express." scored hit in "Polygamy" 1914- 
15; screen career, Brenon ("The Fall of the 
Romanoffs"), Artcraft ("Bound in Morocco"), 

Brentwood ("The Turn in the Road"), Ha- 
worth-Robertson-Cole ("The Man Beneath"), 
Independent ("The Solitary Sin"), Alkire- 
Robertson-Cole ("Love Apple"), Vitagraph 
("The Unforeseen Hand"), Amer. ("The Val- 
ley of Tomorrow'), Fox ("Hands Off"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 115; light complexion, blond 
hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 806 Waterloo St., 
Los Angeles, Calif., Wilshire 4801. 


DALEY. Marcelle; screen career, Fox (" Leave it 

to Me"), Metro ("The Star Rover"). 
DALTON, Dorothy; b. Chicago, 111., 1894, 
educ. Sacred Heart Acad., Chicago; stage ca- 
reer, several seasons in stk. on B. F. Keith's 
and Orpheum circuits in vaud. ; "Aphrodite"; 
screen career, Triangle-Ince ("Wil"d Winship's 
Widow," "The Flame of the Yukon"), Ince 
("Vive la France," "Quicksand," "Market of 
Souls," "L'Apache," "His Friend's Wife," 
"Black Is White," "Dark Mirror," "Other Men's 
Wives"), Famous Players ("Half an Hour"), 
("Idol of the North"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 127; 
dark brown hair, blue eyes. 

DALTON, Irene; b. and educ. Chicago; screen 
career, Rothacker Co., now playing in Vanity 
Comedies produced by Christie Film Co. Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 130; brown hair, hazel eyes. Home 
ad., 1803-C Highland ave., Los Angeles; phone 

DALY, Hazel; screen career, Essanay ("Skinners 
Dress Suit," "Skinner's Bubble," "Filling His 
Own Shoes,"' 'A Corner in Smiths"), Selig ("Tub 
Brown of Harvard"), Triangle ("The Little 
Rowdy"). Goldwyn ("The Gay Lord Quex," 
" Stop Thief"). 

DANA, Margaret ; b. Charleston, S. C., 1895; educ. 
Convent Lady of the Woods, Terre Haute, Ind. ; 
screen career, Essanay, Arrow, playing parts of 
every description. Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 138; 
brown eyes, brunette. Home ad., 254 W. 76th 
St., N. Y. C. 

DANA, Viola; b. Brooklyn, 1898; educ. New 
York; stage career, 11 yrs., appeared in "Rip 
Van Winkle," "The Littlest Rebel," "The Poor 
Little Rich Girl"; screen career, Edison ("The 
Stoning"), Metro ("Blue Jeans," "A Weaver of 
Dreams," "The Night Rider," "Flower of the 
Dusk," "Oh, Annice," "The Gold Cure." "The 
Baby Devil," "Diana Ardway," "Jeanne of the 
Gutter," "False Evidence," "Some Bride." 
"Satan Junior," "Parisian Tigress," "The Mi- 
crobe," "Please Get Married," "The Willow 
Tree," " Dangerous to Men," " The Chorus 
Girl's Romance," " Cinderella's Twin," " Off- 
shore Pirate," "Puppets of Fate"), Realart 
("Blackmail"). Home ad., 7070 Franklin 
ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

DANIEL, Viora; screen career, Paramount 
("Young Mrs. Winthrop," "Thou Art the 
Man," " The Sins of St. Anthony," " The Four- 
teenth Man," " Life of the Party," " The Easy 
Road"). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 125; brown hair 
and eyes. 

DANIP^LS, Bebe; b. Dallas, Texas, 1901; educ. 
priv. tutors and convent in Los Angeles; stage 
career, played child parts with Burbank and 
Belasco Stk. cos in L. A., Valencia Stk., co., San 
Francisco; screen career, Child actress with 
Selig, 2 yrs. leading parts Rolin-Pathe Come- 
dies, Famous Players ("Why Change Your 
Wife?" " Every woman," "The Dancin ' Fool" 
"Sick Abed," "Fourteenth Man"), Realart 
("You Never Can Tell," "Oh, Lady Lady," 
" She Couldn't Help It," " Ducks and Drakes," 
" The March Hare," " Two Weeks With Pay "). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 120; auburn hair, blue eyes. 
Ad. Realart Studios, Occidental Blvd., L. A. 

DARLING, Grace; b. N. Y., 1896; educ. N. Y. ; 
early career, newspaper writer; screen career, 
International ("Beatrice Fairfax"), S. L. Prod. 
("Virtuous Men"), Rothapfel ("False Gods"). 
Rolfe ("Amazing Lovers"), First Nat'l 
("Even as Eve"), Hallmark ("The Discarded 
Woman"), J. W. Film ("Every Man's Price"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 127; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 25 East 64th st., N. Y. C. 

DARLING, Helen; stage career, classical dancing 
for four yrs.; screen career, Education ("Ain't 
Love Grand," " Mind Your Business," " Wed- 
ding Blues," Universal ("Single and Double"), 
Christie (" Scrappily Married," " Petticoats and 
Pants," "Home Spun Hero," "Hey Rube"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 120; auburn hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 6051% Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Cal.; 
Holly 2377. 

DARLING, Ida; b. and educ. N. Y. C.; stage ex- 
per,, 15 yrs.; screen career, Famous, Vitagraph, 


?ox, etc. ("The Make Believe Wife," 
Marriage," "Broadway Jones"), Metro 
('Man Who Stayed at Home"), Rothapfel 
('False Gods"). International ("Miracle of 
Love"), Norma Talmadge ("Two Women") 
Grossmith ("Making Good with Mother") Se- 
lect ("She Loves and Lies"), Selznick ("The 
Woman Game," " Marooned Hearts," " Society 
Snobs "). Gray hair, brown eyes. 
DARMOND, Grace; stage career, several jeasonc 
in stock, leading role in "A Texas Steer," 
"House of a Thousand Candles," "A Black 
Sheep"; screen career, Technicolor ("The Gulf 
Between"), Vitagraph ("The Seal of Silence," 
"The Girl in His House," "A Diplomatic Mis- 
sion," " A Gentleman of Quality," " The High- 
est Trump"), Robertson-Cole ("What every 
Woman Wants"). Para-Artcraft ("Valley of 
the Giants"), Burston Films serial, "The 
Hawk's Trail," Para. ("Below the Surface "), 
National (" Invisible Divorce "), Robertson-Cole 
("So Long Letty," "See My Lawyer"), Hght., 
5, 31/2: wght., 129; blond hair, dark eyes. Home 
ad., 7216 Franklin ave., Hollywood, Cal. 
DAVENPORT, Alice; b. N. Y. C., 1864; educ. Miss 
Irving's Sch., N. Y. ; stage career, from age of 
5, played over 800 parts in 25 yrs. in stk., on 
tour and in rep. with noted actors; screen ca- 
reer, Nestor, Horsley, one of orig. six 
who made first Keystone, Sunshine Comedies, 
played characters for Fox. Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
140; ruddy complexion, gray hair, hazel eyes. 
Ad., 1748 N. Western ave., Hollywood, Cal. 
DAVENPORT, Blanche; b. London, Eng. ; educ. 
Alpaugh Coll., London; stage career, Aborn 
Opera Co.; screen career, Pathe, Thanhouser 
("The Woman, the Saint and the Devil"), Tri- 
angle ("American That's All"), Keeney ("Mar- 
riage for Convenience"), Metro ("God's High- 
way"), McManus ("Lost Battalion"), Edison 
("The Unbeliever"), Sidney Olcott ("The Bel- 
gian"), Fox ("Life of General Pershing," "The 
White Moll"), Rolf ("Madonna and Men"), 
Selznick ("The Woman's Game"), Robertson- 
Cole ("If Women Only Knew"), Hiller ("The 
Devil's Daughter'"), Vitagraph ("Gum Shoes"), 
D. W. Griffith ("The Dancing Girl"). Hght., 
5, 3; wght., 139; fair complexion, blond hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 100 Convent ave., N. Y. ; 
Mnsrside 3887. 

DAVENPORT. Dorothy; screen career, Para- 
Art ("The Fighting Chance"), Plymouth 
("Every Woman's Problem"). 

DAVENPORT, Milla; b. Switzerland; educ. 
there; stage career, 25 yrs. exper. in vaud. and 
rep.; screen career, "The Forbidden Woman'' 
with Clara Kimball Young, " Stronger Than 
Death " and " The Brat " with Nazimova. 
" Daddy Long Legs " with Mary Pickford, " We 
Never Can Tell," Fox (" Leave It To Me," 
"Faith"). Hght. 5, 6; wght. 175; iron gray 
hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 1213 Mohawk st.. 
Los Angeles. Wilshire 2921. 

DAVIES, Edyna; screen career, Realart ("The 
Stolen Kiss"), Westart ("Cotton and Cattle"). 
DAVIES, Marion; b. Brooklyn; educ. N. Y. ; 
stag-e career, "Betty," "Oh, Boy"; screen ca- 
reer, International Film Co. (" Cecilia of the 
Pink Roses," "The Belle of New York"), Cos- 
mopolitan Prod. (" The Dark Star," "April 
Folly," " The Cinema Murder," " The Restless 
Sex," " Getting Mary Married," " Buried Treas- 
ure," " The Bride of Kenmore," " Enchant- 
ment." Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 123; golden hair, 
blue eyes. Ad.. International Film Co., 2478 
Second ave., New York City. 

DAVIS, Margaret; screen career, Bert Lubin 
("Honeymoon Ranch," "West of the Rio 
Grande "). 

DAVIS, Mildred; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; educ. 
Friend's School, Phila. ; screen career. Metre 
("Weaver of Dreams"), Pathe ("All Wrong," 
Pathe comedies), leads in Mutual comedies, 
Hght., 5; wght., 100; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Willis and Inglis, Los Angeles. 
DAVISON, Grace; b. Oceanside, L. I. ; educ. N. Y. ; 
Long Island society girl, organized own com- 
pany and made "Wives of Men," starring Flor- 
ence Reed, Miss Davison playing second lead; 
starring in "Atonement" with Conway Tearle, 
"A Convert of Revenge" with Montague Love, 
and Selznick Prod. Select ("Man's Plaything," 
"Love, Hate and a Woman"). Hght., 5, 6%; 
wght., 135; dark hair and eyes. Ad., Room 
403, 1465 Broadway, N. Y. 

OAW, Marjorie; b. Colorado Springs, Colo., 1902; 
educ. Westlake Schl.; screen career, Universal, 
Lasky ("Joan the Woman"), Artcraft ("Re- 
becca of Sunnybrook Farm," "Arizona," "He 
Comes Up Smiling," "Bound in Morocco," "Mr. 
Fix-It," "Say, Young Fellow"), Fairbanks 



("Knickerbocker Buckaroo," "His Majesty, the 
American"), Marshall Neilan ("The River's 
End," "Don't Ever Marry"), Metro ("Great 
Redeemer"), First Nat'l ("Dinty"). Hght., 
5, 2%; wght., 104; light brown hair, hazel 
eyes. Home ad., 6609 St. Frances Court. Los 
Angeles Holly 3709. 

DAWN, Hazel; b. Ogden City, Utah; educ. Round- 
wood, Cal., and London, Eng. ; stage career, yr. 
mus. com. in London, 4 yrs. with K. and E. in 
' The Pink Lady," started in " The Debutante"; 
screen career. Famous Players (" The 
Heart of Jennifer," "The Masqueraders," "The 
Saleslady," "Under Cover"). Herbert 

Brenon ("The Lone Wolf"). Hght., 5, 4%; 
wght., 135; blond hair, hazel eyes. Ad., home, 
Amityville, L. I., N. Y. 

DAY, Shannon; b. and educ.. New York City; 
stage career, Ziegfeld Follies and Midnight 
Frolic; screen career, Goldwyn ("The Man 
Who Had Everything "), First National ("Man, 
Woman, Marriage "), Lasky (" Sacred and Pro- 
fane Love "). C. B. DeMille (" Forbidden Fruit," 
"Affairs of Anatol "). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 107; 
brown hair,, blue eyes. Ad., home, Rex Arms 
Apts., 945 Orange st., Los Angeles; Main 9560 

DEAN, Julia; b. St. Paul, 1880; educ. Salt Lake 
City; stage career, with stk. cos. in West from 
1899-1902, supported Nat. Goodwin, Eleanor 
Robson, etc.; screen career, Triangle ("Matri- 
mony"), Universal ("Judge Not"), Triumph 
("The Ransom"), LoRugel ("How Molly Made 
Good"), World ("Rasputin"), Schemer ("Rul- 
ing Passions"), S. W. W. Relief ("An Honor- 
able Cad"), Famous Players ("Society Exile"). 
Ad., 320 W. 51st St., N. Y. C. 

DEAN, Prisrilla; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. private tutors, 
stage career, stk., rep., vaud., prod.; screen 
career, Universal (" Exquisite Thief," " Pretty 
Smooth," " Kiss or Kill," "Wicked Darling," 
" Wildcat of Paris," " Two-Souled Woman," 
" Brazen Beauty," " Beautiful Beggar," " The 
Virgin of Stamboul," " Outside the Law," " Rep- 
utation "). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; dark 
brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., Universal Studio, 
Universal City, Cal. 

DEAN. Kaye; stage career, "Friendly Enemies"; 
screen career, Jans (" Madonnas and Men," 
"Wings of Pride"), Selznick ("The Greatest 
Iiove "), Metro ("A Message from Mars"), 
Famous Players ("Proxies"). 

DEANE, Hazel; b. Perth, Australia; educ. San 
Francisco, Cal.; stage career, 7 yrs. in vaud.; 
screen career, Balboa ("Soft Soap"), Fox 
("Money Talks"), National ("That Darned 
Stocking," "Matrimoniacs" "Son of Tarzan," 3 
" Bill Jones " Comedies). Chester Conklin 
("Soft Boiled Yegg"), Universal ("Monkey 
Movie Hero," "White Winged Monkey"). 
Hght., 5, 2%; wght., 120; blond hair, gray eyes. 
Home ad., 5817 Virginia ave., Hollywood. Cal.; 
Holly 2677. 

DEARING, Ann; educ. High School, N. Y. C.; 
screen career, World ("Tinsel"), Independent 
Sales ("My Four Years in Germany"), Famous 
Players ("Marie, Ltd.," "Career of Catherine 
Bush"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 119; dark "brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 2 W. lllth st., N. Y. C.; 
Univ. 5719. 

De CORDOBA, Mercedes; b. N. Y. C.; educ. there; 
studied 5 yrs. in Europe; stage career, with 
Wm. Faversham in "The Hawk," French thea- 
tre in "Les Luminenses," "The Wanderer," 
"Chu-Chin-Chow," also Shakespearean roles; 
screen career, Edison, Famous Players ("Out of 
a Clear Sky"), Universal. Hght., 5, 6; weight, 
125; black hair and eyes. Ad., 77 East 89th 
st.. N. Y. C. 

DEELY, Barbara Lamarr; screen career. First 
National ("Harriet and the Piper"), Fox 
(" Little Grey Mouse," " Land of Jazz "). 

DE FOREST, Patsey; b. Port Penn, Del.; educ. 
Philadelphia and private sch. ; stage career, 
small parts as a child, played with Francis 
Bushman in stock; screen career, Lubin, 
leads with O. Henry Stories ("Her Se- 
cret," "Hugs and Hubbubs," "A Night in New 
Arabia," "Lost in Dress Parade," "The Guilt- 
Party," "The Last Leaf"), Vitagraph ("The 
Love Doctor," "Alabaster Box"), 2 yrs. with 
Larry Semon. Fox (" The Square Shooter," 
"Sunset Sprague "). Hght., 5; wght., 107; 
auburn hair, dark brown eyes. Home ad., 446 
N. Virgil ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; Wil. 1171. 

De HAVEN, Flora Parker (Mrs. Carter De 
Haven) ; b. Perth Amboy. N. J. ; stage exper., 
stk. in New Orleans, Klaw and Erlanger, " Blue- 
beard," "Huckleberry Finn," "Hanky Panky " ; 
vaud., queen in "Queen of the Moulin Rouge"; 
screen career, Universal (" The Mad Cap," 
' Youth of Fortune," " College Orphan "), 13 

two-reel comedies for Goldwyn (" Excess Bag- 
gage," "What Could be Sweeter"). Famous 
Players ("Hoodooed," "Teasing the Soil"), 
First Nat'l ("Twin Beds"). Home ad., 1844 
N. Vine st., Hollywood, Cal. 

DE LACY, May E.; educ. N. Y. C. ; stage career, 
3 yrs. vaud.; screen career, 6 yrs., World 
("Human Driftwood," " Tillie Wakes Up," 
"Wanted A Mother," "Gilded Cage"). Fox 
("Romeo and Juliet," "Les Miserables "), 
Metro ("Duchess of Doubt"), Famous 
("Arms and the Girl," "The Magic Cup"), 
Ziegfeld ("The Black Panther's Cub"). In- 
ternational (" Woman God Changed," " Inside 
the Cup"), Selznick ("The Gilded Butterfly," 
"Bucking the Tiger"). Hght, 5, 6; wght., 130; 
light brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 167 E. 61st 
St., N. Y. C.; Plaza 6719. 

De La MOTTE, Marguerite; b. Duluth, Minn.; 
educ. San Diego, Cal.; screen career, H. B. 
Warner ("The Pagan God," "For a Woman's 
Honor"), Jesse D. Hampton ("A Sagebrush 
Hamlet," "Dangerous Waters"), B. B. Hamp- 
ton ("The Sagebrusher"), Jack Pickford ("In 
Wrong"), Metro ("The Hope"). Vitagraph 
("Trumpet Island"), Hodkinson ("The U. P. 
Trail,' "The Broken Gate"), United Artists 
("The Mark of Zorro," "The Nut"). Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 105; fair hair, hazel eyes. Home 
ad., 1918 Pinehurst Road, Los Angeles, Cal.; 
phone 577912. 

DELARO, Hattie; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. 
Packard Institute, Bklyn. ; stage career, with 
Augustin Daly, Nat Goodwin and many mus. 
corns.; orig. soubrette in Gilbert and Sullivan's 
operas; also vaud.; screen career, Famous Play- 
ers ("Old Homestead," "Resurrection"), Bio- 
graph ("For the Sake of the Son of the House"), 
Metro ("Awakening of Helena Richie"), 
O. Henry series for Vitagraph ("Mind the Paint 
Girl," "Marriage"), Rothapfel ("False Gods"). 
International ("April Follies"), Independent 
("Gibson Upright"), and "Cardigan," grand 
dames and "mother" roles. Hght., 5, 5; dark 
hair, dark gray eyes. Home ad., 541 W. 124th 
st., Apt. 15, N. Y. C.; Mngsde 2669. 

DE L.OREZ. Claire; screen career, Fox (" The 
Joyous Troublemaker," " The Queen of Sheba," 
" The Scuttlers "). 

DE MOJEAN, Olga; b. Baltimore, Md. ; educ. 
there and abroad; stage career, at 6 yrs. played 
in "Leah, the Forsaken," with Kate Claxton, 
Joe Murphy, in French, German, English and 
Spanish in So. Amer. ; screen career, Uni- 
versal ("Lasca,' "Line Runners," "The 
Adorable Savage," "White Youth," "Wolves 
of the North," "Lady of the Island"), also 
with Thos. Ince. Hght., 6, 4; wght., 136; olive 
complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair. Home ad., 
1435 Grand Canal, Venice, Calif.; studio, Uni- 
versal City. 

DEMPSEY, Pauline; screen career, Vera McCord 
Prod. ("The Good-Bad Wife"), Bradley Prod. 
("Women Men Love"). 

DEMPSTER, Carol; b. California; early career, 
studied under Ruth St. Denis and toured as one 
of Denishawn dancers; screen career, D. W. 
Griffith prods. ("Romance of Happy Valley," 
"The Girl Who Stayed at Home," "Scarlet 
Days," "The Love Flower," "Dream Street"), 
First National ("Black Beach"). Ad., 
Griffith Studio. Mamaroneck, N, Y, 

DE REMER, Rubye; b. Denver, Colo.; stage ca- 
reer, Ziegfeld Girl, "Midnight Frolic"; screen 
career, Rex Beach ("The Auction Block"), 
Ivan -("Enlighten Thy Daughter"), Metro 
("Pals First" and "The Great Romance," with 
Harold Lockwood), Blackton ("Safe for Democ- 
racy"), Famous Players ("Fires of Faith"), 
Hodkinson ("His Temporary Wife," "The Pas- 
sionate Pilgrim," " The Way Women Love," 
"Luxury," "The Unconquered Woman"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 122;_fair complexion, blond 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 33 W. 67th st., N. Y. 

DESHON, Florence; b. Tacoma, Wash.; educ. 
N. Y. ; stage career, Belasco, "Seven Chances"; 
screen career, Goldwyn ("The Auction Block"), 
Vitagraph ("The Other Man," "The Desire of 
Women," "A Bachelor's Children," "Love 
Watches," "The Cambric Mask"), Goldwyn 
("Cup of Fury," "Dangerous Days," "The 
Loves of Letty," " Duds," " Dollars and 
Sense"), Tourneur ("Caleb West, Master 
Diver," "Deep Waters"), Fox ("Twins of Suf- 
fering Creek"), First Nat'l ("Curtain"). 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 142; dark hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 6220 DeLongpre ave., Los Angeles, 
Cal.; studio, Goldwyn, Culver City. Cal. 

DEVEREAU, Frances; Bradley Prod. ("Dan- 
gerous Love"), Federated ("Don't Leave Your 
Husband ") 



De VORE, Dorothy; b. Fort Worth; educ. there 
and Los Angeles; stage exper., 1 season vaud. ; 
screen career, 15 comedies Lyons & Moran, 
many Christie comedies, First Nat'l ("45 Min- 
utes from Broadway"), Educational ("Mind 
Your Business," "Naughty Mary Brown," 
"Movie Mad"), Universal ("The Magnificent 
Brute"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 115; brown hair 
and eyes. Ad., 4560 Hollywood Blvd., Los An- 
geles, Cal. ; studio. Christie, Hollywood, Cal. 

DIBLEY, Mary; screen career, Stoll-Pathe 
("Lure of Crooning Water," "Garden of Res- 
urrection "). 

DICKSON, Dorothy; screen career, Metro ("The 
Silver Lining"), Famous Players ("Paying the 

DIONE, Mme. Rose; screen career, Goldwyn 
("The Woman and the Puppet," "The Great 
Lover"), United Artists ("Suds"), Famous 
Players ("Silk Hosiery"), Fox ("The Blush- 
ing Bride "). 

D1XON, Florence; screen career, opp. Earle Wil- 
liams for Vitagraph ("Captain Swift"), Hod- 
kinson ("The Silent Barrier"), Selznick ("The 
Road of Ambition"), Film Market ("The 
Supreme Passion "). 

DORALDINA, Mile.; b. San Francisco, Cal., 
known as " international screen star and 
world's greatest dancer." Stage career includes 
" Road to Mandalay," " Step This Way," 
" Frivolities of 1920," " Red Dawn," vaudeville 
headliner in " Doraldina's Sensational Review." 
Screen career starred in first Rudyard Kipling 
story adapted for screen (" Naulahka "), own 
company (" The Woman Untamed "), Metro 
("Passion Fruit"). Ad. Metro Pictures Cor- 
poration, New York. 

DORO, Marie; b. Duncannon, Pa., 1885; educ. 
Peebles and Thompson Sch. and Miss Bronson's 
Sen., N. Y. ; stage career, 1901, "Sherlock 
Holmes" with Gillette, "Richest Girl," "Oliver 
Twist," "Diplomacy," "Butterfly on the Wheel" ; 
screen career, Famous, Lasky ("Oliver Twist," 
"The Lash," "Lost and Won"), Lasky-Para- 
mount ("Heart's Desire"), Republic ("Twelve- 
Ten") Pioneer ("Midnight Gambols"). Hght., 
5, 4; wght., 115; brown hair and eyes. 

DREW, CORA; b. America; educ. there; stage 
career, from babyhood to age of 22; screen ca- 
reer, six yrs.. scenario and magazine arti- 
cles, ("Where are My Children?"), Maclyn Ar- 
buckle ("It's No Laughing Matter"), Fox 
("When a Man Sees Red"), 2 yrs. stk. with 
Griffith, Universal ("Prince of Ave. A"'), Fox 
("Black Shadows"), Hodkinson ("The Kentucky 
Colonel"), First Nat'l ("Nineteen and Phyl- 
lis"), Robertson-Cole ("What's a Wife 
Worth"). Hght., 5, 5; wght, 123; brown-gray 
hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 1640 Wilcox Ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal. Phone 579472. 

DREW, Mrs. Sidney (Lucille McVey) ; b. Sedalia. 
Mo., 1890; educ. Sedalia Coll. of Music, Ne- 
braska Sch. of Expression; stage career, enter- 
tainer for Redpath Lyceum, U. S. and Europe: 
screen career, Vitagraph (playing comedies 
directed by Sidney Drew), Famous Players 
("Once a Mason," "The Amateur Liar," "Har- 
old, the Last of the Saxons," "Bunkered," "A 
Sisterly Scheme," "Unconventional Maida," 
"The Charming Mrs. Chase," "Stimulating Mrs. 
Barton," "Emotional Miss Vaughn"), Vitagraph 
("Cousin Kate"). Pathe ('"After Thirty"). 

DUBOIS, Helen; screen career, Goldwyn ("The 
Girl with the Jazz Heart"), Vitagraph ("Prin- 
cess Jones "). 

DUBREY, Clare; b. N. Y., 1893; educ. in con- 
vents; stage career, stk.; screen career, Uni- 
versal. Fox ("When Fate Decides"), Rob-Co'e 
("Modern Husbands," "What Every Woman 
Wants"), World ("The Devil's Trail"), Pathe 
("The Old Maid's Baby," "The Sawdust Doll," 
"The World Aflame" ), Vitagraph ("The Wish- 
ing Ring Man"), Selznick ("The Spite Bride"), 
Ince ("Americanism"). Metro ("The Walk- 
offs," "Heart of a Child") Hodkinson ("The 
Green Flame," "House of Whispers"), Rob- 
ertson Cole ("Life's Twist"), American ("The 
Light Woman"), Pathe ("That Girl Mon- 
tana"), First Nat'l ("My Lady's Latch Key"). 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 130; auburn hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., Metro Studio. 

DUKE, Ivy; English actress; screen career, 
George Clark ("Duke's Son"). Stoll ("Squan- 
dered Lives," " The Lure of Crooning Water," 
" Testimony," " Garden of Resurrection.") 

DUNBAR, Helen; b. N. Y. ; educ. Eden Hall, Pa.; 
stage career, 16 yrs. in comic opera. Weber 
and Fields, own rep. co., "The Little Minister"; 
screen career, Essanay, Metro, Lasky-Para- 
mount ("The Squaw Man," "Young Mrs. 
Winthrop," " City of Masks," " Behold My 
Wife," " Sacred and Profane Love "), Realart 

("You Never Can Tell," "Her First Elope- 
ment," " The Little Clown," " House That 
Jazz Built," " The Furnace "). Nathan Hirsh 
Prod. (" Man of Courage "). Hodkinson 
("Fighting Through"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 
135; auburn hair, brown eyes. 524 No. Ardmore 
ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Studio ad., Lasky. 

DUNHAM, Maudie; b. Essex, England; educ. 
Holmwood Coll., Westcllffe-on-Sea, England; 
stage career, 5 yrs. musical comedy; screen 
career, Samuelson (London) ("Lads of the Vil- 
lage"), Barker (London) ("The Beetle"), Sam- 
uelson (Cal.) ("Temporary Gentlemen"). Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 105; blond hair, brown eyes. 

DUPRE, Louise; b. Atlanta, 1897; educ. Green- 
ville College, S. C. ; stage career, 10 yrs., "Paid 
in Full," "The Wolf," "Hanky Panky " ; 
screen career. Pathe ("Perils of Pauline"), 
Vitagraph, Famous Players, World, Mary Pick- 
ford, as her understudy in " Pollyanna." Hght., 
5, 1; wght., 105; fair complexion, blonde hair, 
violet eyes. Home ad., Hotel Richmond. 70 W. 
46th St., N. Y. C., Bryant 8216. 

DURFEE, Muita (Mrs. Roscoe Arbuckle) ; b. 
Los Angeles, 1897; early career in rnus. com. 
and vaud.; screen career, Keystone since 1913 
as comedienne ("His Wife's Mistake," "Mick- 
ey"). "The Rounders," "The Cabaret," "The 
Sheriff,'" "Bright Lights"). Ad., 316 W. 
97th St., N. Y. C. 

DWYER, Ethel; b. Tarrytown, N. Y. ; educ. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; stage career, mus. com. ; 
screen career, Universal, Westart (" Cotton and 
Cattle," "The Killer"), Screen Classics, Oscar 
Apfel Prod. ("Ten Nights in a Bar Room"). 
Hght, 5, 4; wght., 124; fair complexion, black 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 1533 W. 3rd St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Bensonhurst 5684-R. 

DWYER, Ruth; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. 
N. Y. C. ; stage career, musical comedy 2 yrs.; 
screen career, 1 yr. with Universal, Wistaria 
("The Lurking Peril"). Hallmark ("The 
Evil Eye"), Robertson-Cole ("The Stealers"), 
Selznick-O'Brien ("Clay Dollars"). Hght., 5, 
2%; wght., 120; blond hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
1533 West 3rd st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


EATON, Jean; screen career, Fox (" The Mother 
of His Children "), Realart ("Her First Elope- 

EDDY, Helen Jerome; b. N. Y. C.; educ. Los 
Angeles; screen career, Tourneur ("The County 
Fair"), Mary Pickford ("Pollyanna"), Sol 
Lesser ("One Man in a Million"), Pathe ("House 
of Toys"), American ("Light Woman"), Guy 
C. Smith ("The County Fair"), Famous 
Players ("City Sparrow"), Dwan ("Forbidden 
Thing"), Robertson-Cole ("First Born"), Hod- 
kinson ("The Other Woman"). Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 135; dark hair and eyes. Home ad., 
1911 No. Van Ness ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
Holly 3326. 

EDGINGTON, Ida; educ. Fogg School, Nashville, 
Tenn. ; screen career, series of Beauty Pictures 
for the Screen Magazine of the Universal Film 
Co., "The Burning Question," Catholic Art 
Assn. Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 128; light brown 
hair and dark eyes. 

ELVIDGE, June C.; b. St. Paul, Minn., 1893; 
educ. Penn. Coll.; early career, concert singer; 
stage career, Winter Garden, " Passing Show of 
1914"; screen career, world ("Stolen Orders," 
" The Quickening Flame," " The Love De- 
fender," " The Moran Deadline," " Three Green 
Eyes," " Coax Me," " His Father's Wife," " The 
Woman of Lies," " Poison Pen," " The Steel 
King"), Mayflower-Miller prod. ("The Call of 
Yukon"). Hght.. 5, 9; wght., 135; brown hair 
eyes. Ad., Bayside, L. I., N. Y. 

EMERY, Maude; screen career, Equity ("For the 
Soul of Rafael"), Vitagraph ("The Purple 

ESMONDE. Merceita (Mrs. Harry Northrup) ; b. 
Phila., educ. N. Y. C. ; stage career, 5 yrs. with 
Chas. Frohman; 'screen career, Empire All Star 
Corp., Famous Players ("Less Than the Dust " 
" Beautiful Adventure," " Oh, You Women "), 
Pioneer ("Thoughtless Women"), First Natl. 
("The Isle of Conquest"), Selznick ("The 
Perfect Lover"), present affiliation "The 
First Year " Comnany. Permanent ad., 
" Twelfth Night Club," 47 W. 44th St., New 

EVANS, Catharine; b. Alabama; educ. Notre 
Dame Convent; stage career, stock; screen 
career, Johnny Hines Co., Hugo Ballin Co., 
" Determination," Whitman Bennett Co., 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 124; fair complexion, light 
brown hair gray eyes. Home ad., 464 River- 
side Drive, N. Y. C. 



EVANS, Estelle; b. Dutmque, Iowa; educ. State 
Normal schl. ; screen career, one yr. stk. Trian- 
gle, Mary Pickford (" Daddy Long Legs," 
"Thru the Back Door"), William Fox ("Dark 
Shadows "), Numa (" Return of Tarzan "), Sid 
Chaplain ("King, Queen and Joker"), Allan 
Holubar ("Man, Woman and Marriage"), 
Anita Stewart ("The Invisible Fear"). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 160; gray hair, dark eyes. Home 
ad., 1436 S. Vermont ave., Los Angeles; West 

EVERETT. Agnes; screen career, Realart ("The 
Stolen Kiss," "Sinners"), Vitagraph ("The 
Vice of Fools "). 

EYTON, Bessie; b. Santa Barbara, Cal.; educ. 
there; screen career, Selig ("The Crisis," 
"Heart of Texas Ryan," "City of Purple 
Dreams," "The Smoldering Flame," "The Love 
of Madge O'Mara," "The Sole Survivor," "The 
Still Alarm," "Victor of the Plot," "Law North 
of 65"), Paramount ("Way of a Man with a 
Maid," "A Lady in Love"), Metro ("Man of 
Honor"), Vitagraph ("The Usurper"). 


FAIR, Elinor; b. Richmond, Va., 1903; educ. 
priv. schls. and priv. tuition here and abroad; 
stage career, mus. com. at Alcazar Theatre; 
screen career. RofoertsoVi-Cole (" Kismet "), 
George Loane Tucker ("Miracle Man"), Selz- 
nick ("Broadway and Home"), Vitagraph 
("It Can't Be Done"), Mary 'Pickford ("Thru 
the Back Door"). Hght.. 5, 4; wght., 120; 
brown hair and eyes. Home ad., Engstrum 
Apts., Los Angeles, Calif. 

FAIRBANKS, Gladys; b. 1889 and educ. Halifax. 
N. S. ; stage career, stock, "Poor Little Rich 
Girl," "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," 
"Redemption," 1918; screen career, Famous 
Players ("The Poor Little Rich Girl"), Metro 
("The Outsider"), Rankin Drew ("Who's Your 
Neighbor?"), Goldwyn ("Our Little Wife," 
"The Face in the Dark"). Hght., 5, 8; wght.. 
135; light brown hair, dark grey eyes. Ad., 
421 East 64th St., N. Y. C. ; Rhinelander 300. 

FAIRE. Virginia Brown; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1904; 
educ. there; screen career, 9 pictures for Uni- 
versal, Goldwyn ("Doubling for Romeo"), 
Rudyard Kipling ("Without Benefit of 
Clergy"), Hght., 5, 2; wght.. 115; hair, black; 
eyes, brown. 

FARLEY, Dorothea, also scenario writer; b. Chi- 
cago; educ. Rockford, 111., Seminary, Valpa- 
raiso Conservatory; stage career, since age of 
3, s f arred in own stk. co for several yrs., in 
dram. stk. and mus. com. ; screen career, Es- 
sanay, American, Universal, Keystone, Fox 
Sunshine, series of six Century Comedies now 
connected with Mack Sennett Prod. (" Small 
Town Idol," " Heartbalm "). Permanent ad., 
1526 N. Mariposa ave., Los Angeles. 

FARRAR, Geraldine; b. Melrose, Mass.; educ. 
Europe and America; stage career, from -1901, 
debut as Marguerite in "Faust" at Royal Opera 
House, Berlin, member Royal Opera House, 
Berlin, and Metropolitan Opera Co., N. Y., has 
appeared in many operatic roles, one of the 
greatest living prima donnas; screen career, 
Lasky ("Carmen," "Joan the Woman," "The 
Jaguar's Claws"), Artcraft ("The Woman God 
Forgot"), Goldwyn ("The Stronger Vow," 
"Shadows,"' "World and Its Woman," "Flame' 
of the Desert," " The Woman and the Pup- 
pet "), Asso. Exhib. ("The Riddle: Woman"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; black hair, gray eyes. 
Permanent ad., Metropolitan Opera House, 
N. Y. C. 

FARRINGTON, Adele; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. 
Lindenwood Coll., St. Charles, Mo.; stage ca- 
reer, comic opera leads with Amelia Bingham, 
Florence Roberts, 7 yrs. Belasco Stk Co.; screen 
career, Bosworth, Inc. ("Country Mouse"), 
Morosco ("Marcillina's Millions," "Roadside 
Inn"), Lasky ("House of Silence," "Something 
to Do"), Jesse Hampton ("Fugitive from Mat- 
rimony "), Lasky ("Too Much Johnson"), 
Carew (" Rio Grande "), Fairbanks (" Molly 
Coddle"), Hampton ("The Spenders"), Vita- 
rraph ("Black Beauty"), Selznick ("The 
'alace of Darkened Windows"). Hght., 5, 5; 
wght., 150; light hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
2159 Fairfield ave., Los Angeles; phone 578341. 

FA YE, Julia; screen career, Paramount (" Old 
Wives for New," "Six Best Cellers," "Don't 
Change Your Husband," " Something to 
Think About," " Life of the Party," " Forbid- 
den Fruit," " Male and Female "). Realart 
(" The Snob "). 


FAZENDA, Louise; b. Lafayette, Ind., 1895; educ. 
St. Mary's Convent, and L. A. High School, 
Los Angeles; stage career, short season stock; 
screen career, Universal, Keystone, Sennett- 
Paramount ("The Kitchen Lady," "Her First 
Mistake," "Her Screen Idol," "The Village 
Chestnut," "The Village Smithy," "The Fool- 
ish Age," "Hearts and Flowers," "Treating 
' Em Rough," " Back to the Kitchen," " It's 
a Boy," " Fireside Brewer," " Astray from the 
Steerage," "Wedding Bells Out of Tune"), 
Sennett-Untted Artists (" Down on the 
Farm") Sennett-First Nat'l ("Married Life"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 138; light hair, hazel eyes. 
Ad., 1132 LeMoyne ave., Los Angeles; studio, 
Mack Bennett Comedies, Los Angeles, Cal.; 
Wilshire 1222. 

FERGUSON, Elsie Louise; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. 
Normal College, N. Y. ; stage career, star in 
"Such a Little Queen"; screen career, Famous 
Players Productions last two ("Sacred and Pro- 
fane Love," "Footlights"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 
125; golden hair, blue eyes. 

FERGUSON, Helen; b. Decatur, 111., 1901; educ. 
Chicago; screen career, Blackton, Metro, Vita- 
graph ("The Gamblers"), Goldwyn ("Going 
Some"), Fox ("Shod With Fire," "Challenge 
of the Law," "Just Pals"), Vitagraph ("Ro- 
mance Promoters"), Universal ("Freeze Out"). 
Hght, 5, 3; wght., 115; brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., 1765-C N., Bronson ave., Los Angeles. 

FERRARI, Fanny; screen career, First National 
(" Passion's Playground "), Robertson-Cole 
(" Kismet "). 

FIELD, Elinor; b. Plymouth, Pa., 1902; educ. 
L. A. Poly. High; screen career, Sennett Come- 
dies, 18 mos. : Christie Comedies, 7 mos.. Strand 
Comedies, 10 mos. National (" Hearts and 
Masks," "The Kentucky Colonel"), Universal 
("Once to Every Woman"), Pathe ("The Blue 
Moon "), Vitagraph (" The Purple Rider "). 
Hght., 5, 1; wght., 102; blond hair, hazel eyrs. 
Ad., 827 Glendale ave., Glendale, Cal.; studio, 
National, Los Angeles. 

FIELDING, Margaret; b. Louisville, Ky. ; educ. 
New York: stage career, leading woman in stk. 
with Keith for* 6 yrs., 2 yrs. in vaud. ; screen, 
career. Fox ("The Moon Sprite," "Every Girl's 
Dream," " The Mischief Maker," " The Straight 
Way"), Serico ("The Jeweled Hand"). Hght., 
5, 5%; wght., 125; dark brown hair, brown eyes. 

FINCH. Flora; b. England; educ. English private 
school; stage career, began with Ben Greet 
in England, also in vaud.; screen career, Vita- 
graph ("A Night Out"), Biograph, Pathe- 
Thanhouser ("Prudence, the Pirate"), Flora 
Finch Film, Capellani ("Oh, Boy"), Flagg- 
Paramount ("The Unwelcome Guest"), Black- 
ton ("Dawn"). Film Frolics ("His Better 
Half"), First Nat'l ("Lessons in Love"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 110; fair complexion, dark 
hair, blue-gray eyes. Home ad., 253 W. 42nd 
St., N. Y. C. 

FISHER, Maggie Halloway; screen career, Real- 
art ("Jenny, Be Good"), Pathe ("Sherry"). 

FISHERv Margarita; Began stage career at age 
of 8; screen career, American ("The Quest," 
"Miracle of Life"), Equitable ("The 
Dragon"), Pollard Picture Plays ("Pearl 
of Paradise," " Miss Jackie of the Navy," " The 
Little Girl Who Wouldn't Grow Up," " The 
Butterfly Girl," "The Devil's Assistant"), 
American ("Molly Go Get 'em," "Jilted Jane," 
" Ann's Finish." " Square Deal," " Primitive 
Woman," " Mantle of Charity," " Put Up Your 
Hands," " Trixie-from-Broadway," " The Week 
End." Hght., 5; wght., 115; copper color hair, 
gray eyes. 

FISHER, Millicent; screen career. Ince-Para- 
mount-Artcraft ("Alarm Clock Andy"), 
Nathan Rirsh Prod. ("The Man of Courage"). 

FITZ-GERAL.D, Cissy; stage career, mgmt. Charles 
Frohman; screen career, Vitagraph ("The Win- 
some Widow," "How Cissy Made Good," "The 
Accomplished Mrs. Thompson," "Cissy's Inno- 
cent Wink," " Curing Cissy) ; producing series 
of comedies, " Cissy and Bertie," first release, 
" Cissy's Funnymoon." 

F1TZROY, Emily; screen career, Vitagraph 
("Deadline at Eleven"), Realart ("New York 
Idea," "Out of the Chorus"). Famous Players 
("Frisky Mrs. Johnson"), Cosmo ("Straight 
is the Way "). 

FLEMING, Alice, b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. there 
and Stibb's Seminary, Newark, N. J. ; stage 
career, leading woman in stk. cos., screen 
career Gasnier (" The Beloved Cheater "), Fox 
("His Greatest Sacrifice"). Famous Players 
("The Conquest of Canaan"). Hght.. 5, 6%; 
wght., 138; medium complexion, dark red- 
brown hair, green eyes. Home ad., 58 E. 96th 
St., N. Y. C.; Lenox 5342. 



FLEMING, Ethel; b. N. Y. C.; educ. Cleveland, 
O. ; stage exper., 2 seasons stk. and road cos.; 
screen career, Famous Players, Edison, Fox, 
Triangle ("The Pretender," "Silent Rider," 
"Tencterfoot Schoolmaster." "Smiles," "Pas- 
sions Three"), Robertson-Cole ("Modern Hus- 
bands"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 115; blond hair, 
blue eyes. 

FORDE, Eugenie; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. N. Y. C.; 
stage career, from 1898, with George Munroe, 
Chauncey Olcott, Wm. Faversham, Blanche 
Walsh; screen career, 7 yrs. Christie Com- 
edies, Selig, American (" Send Him Away 
with a Smile"), Goldwyn ("Sis Hopkins" 
with Mabel Normand, "Strictly Confidential"), 
American ("Fair Enough"). Universal ("The 
Road to Divorce," "The Virgin of Stamboul "). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 139; complexion dark, 
brown eyes, dark brown hair. Home ad., 5856 
Carlton Way, Los Angeles, Calif.; Holly 3779. 
FORREST, Ann; b. Denmark, 1897; educ. Den- 
mark; screen career, American, Universal ("The 
Birth of Patriotism," "The Midnight Man"), 
Triangle ("The Tar Heel Warrior"), Lasky 
("The Grim Game," "The Prince Chap"), Allan 
Dwan ("A Splendid Hazard"), Goldwyn ("Dan- 
gerous Days," "The Great Accident"), Para- 
mount ("Behold My Wife," "The Faith 
Healer"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 104; blond hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad.. Box 807, Laurel Canyon. 

FORREST, Edith; educ. high sch. and college, 
Mich.; stage career, 10 yrs. dramatic leads in 
prod, stock and vaud. ; screen ca.reer, Selz- 
nick ("The Imp"), Vitagraph ("The Golden 
Shower"), Metro ("The Lifted Veil"), Frohman 
("The Invisible Ray). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 
140; red 'hair, blue eyes. Ad., 270 W. 39th st., 
N. Y. C. ; Greeley 2429. 

FOSTER, May; screen career, First National 
(" 45 Minutes from Broadway "), Goldwyn 
("Milestones"), Fox ("Two Moons"). 
FOX, Lucy; screen career, Vitagraph (" The 
Winchester Woman," "The Flaming Clue"), 
American Cinema-United ("Women Men 
Forget "), Pathe (" The Empire of Dia- 
monds"), Realart ("Something Different"). 
FOX, Virginia; b. and educ. Charleston, W. Va. ; 
screen career, Senr.ett ("Fickle Fancy"), 
Buster Keaton ("Neighbors," "Haunted 
House," "Hard Luck," "The Goat"), Dunn 
("Monkey Business"). Hght., 5; wght., 110; 
brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 41980 Grand 
Avenue., Los Angeles; Pico 571. 

FRANCISCO, Betty; screen career, Hampton- 
Pathe ("A Broadway Cowboy"), Realart 
("The Furnace"), Paramount - Artcraft 
("Midsummer Madness"). 

FREDERICK, Pauline; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. 
Boston private sch. ; stage career, "Rog-er 
Brothers" successes. "Princess of Kensington." 
"Little Gray Lady," "Toddles," "When Knights 
Were Bold" "Samson" with Gillette, "Joseph 
and His Brethren," "Innocent" (starred) ; 
screen career. Famous Players ("Mrs. Dane's 
Defense," "A Daughter of the Old South," 
"Xa-x,a," "La Tosca." "Fedora"), Goldwyn 
("Woman on the Index," "Bonds of Love," 
"Fear Woman," "Peace of Roaring River," 
"Loves of Letty," "One Week of Life," "The 
Paliser Case," " Roads of Destiny," " Madame 
X "). Robertson-Cole ("Slave of Vanity," 
" Mistress of Shenstone," " Salvage." " Sting 
of the Lash"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 134; brown 
hair and blue eyes. Ad., home, 503 Sunset 
Blvd., Beverly Hills, Calif.; phone 559-146. 
FROST. Lorraine; stage career, " The Unknown 
Purple"; screen career, Realart ("Sinners," 
"The Deep Purple"), First National ("Truth 
About Husbands "). 

FULLER, Dale; b. Santa Anna, Calif. ; educ. Mills 
College, Calif. ; stage career, musical comedy, 
stock; screen career, Mack Sennett, Triangle, 
Sunshine Comedies, Universal ("Foolish 
Wives"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 110-118; dark hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad., 1124 Echo Park Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif.; Wilshire 3896. 


GALE, Alice; b. Phila., Pa., 1868; educ. Phila. 

Hign Schls. ; stage career, with Nat Goodwin. 
Leslie Carter, James O'Neil, Marie Doro, Otis 
Skinner, Billie Burke, Louis Mann, Booth, 5 
yrs. at the Grand Opera House Pittsburg, 3 yrs. 
at Girard Ave. theatre, Phila. ; 1 yr. at Proc- 
tor's Fifth Ave.; screen career, Fox ("The Darl- 
ing of Paris," "The New York Peacock," 
"Camille"), Select Pictures ("Magda"), Para- 
Artcraft ("L' Apache"). 

GANE, Vivian; b. Brookville, Kans.; educ. Kansas 
City; screen career, leading lady in series of Al 
Jennings' pictures, including "The Outlaw's 
Alibi," "The Deputy Marshal's Wife," "When 
Outlaws Meet." Hght., 5, 4; wght., 123; light 
brown hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 1224 West 
41st st., Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 26332; 
studio, Capital Film Co., Hollywood, Calif. 

GARDELLE, Yvonne; screen career, Paramount- 
Artcraft ("The Tree of Knowledge"), Robert- 
son-Cole (" Occasionally Yours "). 

GARRISON, Elizabeth; screen career, Metro 
("Nothing But the Truth"); First National 
("The Perfect Woman." "Truth About Hus- 
bands"). Vitagraph ("The Vice of Fools"). 

GAUNTIER, Gene; also scenario 1st; b. Wells- 
ville, Mo.; educ. studied drama in Berlin; 
stage career, stk. ; screen career, author and 
lead biblical film "From Manger to the Cross," 
Kalem ("Colleen Bawn," "Girl Spy Series," 
"Tragedy of the Desert," "Down Through the 
Ages"), Gene Gauntier Feature Players ("In 
the Form of a Hypnotist," "Daughter of the 
Confederacy"), 50 Kalem Irish dramas. Home 
ad., 3000 Prospect ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

GENTRY, Gladys; b. Louisville, Ky. ; educ. Mrs. 
Ely's Sch., N. Y., The Willeton Sch. for Girls, 
London, Eng. ; screen career, Metro, Famous 
Players, " The Man Who," " Out of the 
Chorus," Gouverneur Morris's special, " The 
Jade Necklace." Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 106; 
dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
904 Fitzgerald Bldg., N. Y. C. 

GEORGE, Gladys; screen career, Paramount 
("Red Hot Dollars," "Woman in the Suit- 
case," " Below the Surface," " The Easy Road," 
"Chickens"), Asso. Prod. ("Homespun 
Folks"). Realart ("House that Jazz Built"). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 102; auburn hair, dark hazel 

GEORGE, Maud; b. Riverside, Gal., 1890; educ. 
Los Angeles; stage career, Burbank stock, Los 
Angeles, 2 seasons with Conrad Le Marie over 
Orpheum circuit played in "Tne Sum n s i< a- 
vorite" for 1 season; screen career, Universal 
("Idle Wives," "Shadows of Suspicion," "Even 
as You and I," "Heart Strings"), Artcraft 
("Blue Blazes Rawden"), Ince-Para. ("The 
Marriage Ring"), Vitagraph ("A Rogue's Ro- 
mance"), Pathe ("The Midnight Stage"), Rob.- 
Cole ("The Lamb and the Lion"), Universal 
("The Devil's Pass Key"), Goldwyn 
("Madame X," "Roads of Destiny"). Hght., 
5, 7; stately type, olive complexion, black hair, 
dark brown eyes. Studio ad.. Universal City, 

GERBER, Neva; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. Immacu- 
late Heart Coll.; screen career, with Edwin 
August in "The Awakening," Metro ("The 
Great Secret"), Universal ("The Prodigal 
Widow." "Like Wildfire," "Caught in the Act," 
"The Phantom Ship," "The Spindle of Life," 
"Roped," "The Trail of the Octopus," "The 
Screaming Shadow"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 112; 
light brown hair, brown eyes. Ad. 217 N. 
Western ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 560576. 

GETWELL, Anetha; b. Washington, D. C. ; edu- 
cated Springfield, 111., and Normal College, 
Chicago; screeen career, Amer. Cinema "Win- 
digo'; Brewster Prods. ("Love's Deduction," 
"Dream of Fair Women"), Pantheon Picture 
Corp., "On the Back Lot." Athlete, versatile 
dancer. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 132; blonde hair, 
blue eyes, fair complexion. Ad., 904 Fitzgerald 
Bldg., 1482 Broadway Phone 5506 New York. 

GIBSON, Helen; b. Cleveland, Ohio, educ. Cen- 
tral High, Cleveland; early career, rodeo 
rider; screen career, Universal ("The Dyna- 
mite Special," "Man of God," "The Run of the 
Yellow Mail," "The Frustrated Holdup," "Fight- 
ing Mad"), number of 2-reel releases, Capital 
Film ("Peril of the Rails," "When Seconds 
Count," "Border Watch Dogs," "The Ghost of 
Canyon Diablo," "The Robber of the Golden 
Star," "Trail of the Rails," "Tapped Wires"), 
Helen Gibson Prod. ("No Man's Woman"), 
Spencer ("The Wolverine," "Girl of Gopher 
City'"). Hght., 5, 6; wght, 142; brown hair, 
hazel eyes, olive complexion. Ad. home, 4514% 
Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles; phone 599270; 
studio, Herman. 

GILL, Helen; stage career, "Business Before 
Pleasure," original "Fair and Warmer," "Ex- 
perience"; screen career, lead in Selznick Pic- 
tures ("Youthful Folly"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 
135; dark hair and eyes. 

GILMORE. Helen; screen career, David Butler 
Prod. ("Fickle Women"), Universal ("The 
Blazing Trail "). 

GISH, Dorothy; b. Dayton, O., 1898; stage career 
from 1902; screen career, Biograph, Reliance- 



Majestic, Fine Arts ("The Little Yank," "Chil- 
dren of the Feud," "That Colby Girl"), Griffith 
("Hearts of the World"), Paramount ("Battling 
Jane," "The Hope Chest," "The Hun Within," 
"Boots," "I'll Get Him Yet," "Peppy Polly," 
"Nugget Nell," "Out of Luck," "Turning the 
Tables," " Mary Ellen Comes to Town," " Re- 
modelling Her Husband." " Little Miss Re- 
bellion," " Flying Pat," " Ghost in the Gar- 
ret "). Hght., 5; blue eyes, fair hair. Ad., 
Griffith Studio, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

GISH, Lillian; b. Springfield, O., 1896; educ. fin- 
ishing schl.; stage career, from 1902; screen 
career, from 1912 engaged by Griffith for Bio- 
graph stock; went with Griffith to Reliance- 
Majestic and Fine Arts ("Birth of a Nation," 
"Intolerance," "Souls Triumphant"), Grifflth- 
Artcraft, "Hearts of the World," "The Great 
Love," "The Greatest Thing in Life," "Ro- 
mance of Happy Valley," "Broken Blossoms," 
"True-Heart Susie"), First National ("The 
Greatest Question "), Paramount (directed 
"Remodelling Her Husband"). Griffith ("Way 
Down East"). 

GLAUM, Louise; b. nr. Baltimore; educ. Mary- 
land; stage career, stk and several prod.; screen 
career, Thos. H. Ince ("The Wolf Woman," 
"The Sweetheart of the Doomed," "Love and 
Justice," "Golden Rule Kate"), J. Parker 
Read, Jr. ("Sahara," "Lone Wolf's Daugh- 
ter," " Sex," " Love," " Love Madness," " The 
Leopard Woman," "I am Guilty"). Hght., 5, 5; 
wght, 118; brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad. J. 
Parker Read, Jr., Prods., Thos. H. Ince Studio, 
Los Angeles, Calif.; phone W. 62. 

GLYNNE, Mary; screen career ("The Hundredth 
Chance"), Paramount ("The Call of Youth"). 

GODOWSKY, Dagmar; screen career. Universal 
("The Forged Bride," "The Path She Chose," 
" Hitchin' Posts," " The Marriage Pit," " Honor 

GOLDEN, Ruth Fuller; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Los 
Angeles; screen career, Vitagraph comedies, 
(" Over the Garden Wall," " Cupid Fore- 
closes," " Pegeen "), Universal ("Human 
Stuff," "Blue Streak McCoy"). Hght., 5. 7; 
wght, 128; light brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 
1729 Wiiiona Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; Holly 

GORDON, Eva; b. Alsace-Lorraine; educ. there; 
stage career, Berlin with Harry Walden, stock; 
screen career, Union Film Co. in Berlin, Great 
Northern Film Co. in Copenhagen, Metro 
("Under Suspicion"), World ("The Black Cir- 

. cle"), Hallmark ("The Chains of Evidence"), 
Jack London Film Co. ("The Star Rover"), 
Fox ("The White Moll"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 
135; blond hair hazel eyes. 

GORDON, Julia Swayne; b. Columbus, O.; educ. 
there; stage career, stk., vaud. and prod.; 
screen career Vitagraph ("The Soul Master," 
"'Son of the Hills," "The Message of the 
Mouse," "Soldiers of Chance," "The Hillman," 
"Over the Top," "The Soap Girl," "Love 
Watches," "The Captain's Captain," "The. Girl 
Problem," "Miss Dulcie from Dixie"), Black- 
ton-Pathe ("The Moonshine Trail"), Selz- 
nick ("Greater Than Fame"), Pathe ("Lift- 
ing Shadows"), Abramson ("A Child For 
Sale"). Cosmo ("Heliotrope," "Passionate 
Pilgrim"), Metro ("The Silver Lining"). 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 355 W. 51st st., N. Y. 

GORDON Maude Turner; b. Franklin, Ind., 1870; 
educ. Oxford, O., and Franklin Coll. Ind.; stage 
career, 16 N. Y. prod., including "Nothing u 
the Truth," "Divorcons," "Melting of Molly"; 
screen career, Fox, Goldwyn ("The Danger 
Mark"), World ("Home," "Bringing Up Betty," 
"The Oakdale Affair"), Gaumont ("Making Her 
His Wife"), Selznick ("The Honeymoon"), 3 
pictures with Marguerite Clark and 3 with 
Pauline Frederick, Famous ("Price of Posses- 
sion"), "Enchantment" with Marion Davies, 
unnamed picture with Pearl White. Hght.. 
5, 7%; wght, 150; white hair, blue gray 
eyes. Ad., Flanders Hotel, N. Y. C. 

GORDON, Sadie; screen career, Metro (" Old 
Lady 31 "). Goldwyn (" Bunty Pulls the 
String "). 

GORDON, Vera; b. Russia; educ. there; stage 
. career, Jacob P. Adler Stk. Co., with Sam Lie- 
vert in vaud., "The Land of the Free" with 
Florence Nash, "Why Worry" with Fannie 
Brice, "The Gentile Wife" with Emily Stevens; 
screen career, Universal ("Sorrows' of Israel"), 
International (" Humoresque "), Goldwyn 

("North Wind's Malice"), Selznick. ("The 
Greater Love"). Hght., 5, 5%; wght., 165; 
black hair and eyes. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

GORE, Rosa: screen career. Universal (" La, La, 
Lucille," " Pink Tights," " Once to Every 
Woman," "Colorado"), Robertson - Cole 

(" The Mistress of Shenstone "). 

GRAHAM, Mary; b. Denver, Colo.; educ. McGill 
Univ., Montreal, Cana. ; stage career, "Igno- 
rance "; screen career, Lubin (" The Man Worth 
While"), Hillfield, Inc. ("Woman's Man"), 
Romaine Fielding Prod. (" In Arizona," 
"Stampede"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 127; fair 
complexion, medium brown hair, dark gray 
eyes. Home ad., 50 W. 94th St.. N. Y. C. 
River., 7858; studio ad., Victor, 43d St. & 12th 
Ave., N. Y. C. 

GRAHAME-THATCHER, Mrs. J.; also director; 
b. Mobile, Ala.; educ. there and College of 
Wolfe Hall Denver; stage career, 9 yrs. at 
Madison St. Opera House, Chicago, with George 
Beban, Pearl Alexander, burlesque with Sam 
T. Jack; screen career, Metro-Yorke with Harold 
Lockwood, Exhibitors Film Co., Tri-State Pic- 
tures, own co. Mayotha Picture Players, Cos- 
mopolitan ("Oh, Teddy," "Reggie's Regenera- 
tion"). Hght., 5. 6; wght., 150; clear complex- 
ion, silvery gray hair, blue gray eyes. Studio 
ad., Cosmopolitan Film Corp., Kansas City, Mo. 

GREELEY, Evelyn; b. Lexington, Ky. ; educ. 
Frances Shimer Acad. and Univ. School for 
Girls; stage career, Poli Players Stock; screen 
career, Essanay, Dixie Film Co., World ("The 
Road to France," " The Allies," " Hit or Miss," 
" Bringing Up Betty." " The Oakdale Affair," 
"Me and Captain Kidd"), Oscar Apfel Prod. 
("Phil for Short"), Macaulay ("Diane of Star 
Hollow"); Fox. Hght, 5, 3T wght., 115; light 
hair, brown eyes. Ad., Colonial Studios Bldg., 
39 W. 67th St.. N. Y. C. 

GREEN, Dorothy; b. Petrograd, Russia, 1895; 
educ. N. Y. ; screen career, Lasky ("Country 
Boy"), Fox ("A Parisian Romance"), Metro 
("Devil at His Elbow"). International 
("Patria"), World ("Women and Wine," 
" The Grouch," " The American Way," " The 
Praise Agent," "Forest Rivals"), Paramount 
("The Dark Star"), Perret-Pathe ("The A B 
C of Love"). Independent ("Good Bad 
Wife"), Hght., 5, 6; wght., 118; black hair, 
green eyes. Ad., home, 121 St. Nicholas Ave.. 
N. Y. C. 

GREEN, Helen; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Georgetown 
Convent, Wash., D. C. ; stage exper., 1 yr. 
played Love in "Experience," 6 mos. stk. ; 
screen career, World, Metro ("The Amazon," 
"On the Quiet," "In Again. Out Again"), 
Sub-Deb series ("Woman and Wife," "Honey- 
moon for Three "), Paramount-Artcraft 
("Wanted, a Husband," "Easy to Get"), 
Goldwyn ("The Truth"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 
125; light hair, gray eyes. Ad., 21 W. 46th St.. 
N. Y. C. ; Bryant 4194. 

GREEN, Margaret; b. N. Y.. 1892; educ. there; 
stage career, "Seven Keys to Baldpate," "Broad- 
way Jones," vaud.; screen career, Pathe ("Ne- 
dra"), Mirror, Unity, Ivan ("One Law for 
Both"), Pathe ("The Angel Factory"), Pars- 
mount ("A Sporting Chance"). 

GREENE, Lillian; screen career, Bradley Prod. 
("Dangerous Love"), Federated ("Don't 
Leave Your Husband"). 

GREENWOOD, Winifred; b. Gonoseo, N. Y. ; .stJige 
career, vaud., stock; headed own co. ; screen 
career, American ("Lying Lips," "Ueclaina- 
tion." "Dust," "The Two Orphans"), y 
("The Crystal Gazer"), Universal ("The Derid- 
ing Kiss"), Hodkinson ("Come Again Smith"), 
Paramount ("Maggie Pepper," "Men, YVomen 
and Money," " The Lottery Man,". " Sick-u- 
Bed," "The Life of the Parly," "The Faith 
Healer, " The Dollar a Year Man," " Sacred 
and Profane Love"), Realart. ("Jerry"). 
Permanent ad., 44 Sunset Ave., Venice, Cnl. 

GREY, Olga; b. Budapest, Hungary; educ. Loa 
Angeles and N. Y. C. ; early career, concert 
pianist; screen career, American ("When a 
Man Rides Alone," "Trixle from Broadway"), 
Griffith ("Intolerance"), Triangle ("Luro of 
Wanton Eyes"), Pathe ("Third Eye"). light., 
5, 7; wght., 141; brown hair and eyes. Jloine 
ad., 1488 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Main 5284. 

GRIFFITH, Cecilia Frances; 1>. Bo.slon; educ. 
thf-re; stage career, "Everyman," "(Jirl From 
Rector's"; screen career, Metro ("The Yellow 
Streak," "The Kiss of Hate," "Notorious Gal- 
lagher"). Now playing in vaudeville. Tight., 
5, 6%; wght., 165; blond complexion, red hair, 
gray eyes; write scenarios. Ad., home, 19 
Adams st., Jvlas.s. 

GRIFFITH, Corinne; b. Texarkana, Tex.; ethic. 
Sacred Heart Convent, New Orleans; profes- 
sional dancer 1 yr. before beginning Hcreen ca- 



reer with Western Vitagraph ("The Last Man," 
"Love Watches," "Miss Ambition"); ingenue 
leads, later with Earle Williams; Vitagraph 
("The Adventure Shop," "Thin Ice," "A Gir'l 
at Bay," "The Girl Problem," "The Unknown 
Quantity," " The Climbers," " Deadline at 
Eleven," " The Garter Girl," " Bab's Candi- 
date," " The Whisper Market," " Human Col- 
lateral," " Broadway Bubble," " It Isn't Being 
Done This Season," " What's Tour Reputation 
Worth"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; light com- 
plexion, light brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
Vitagraph Studio, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

GRIFFITH, Katherine; b. San Francisco, Calif.; 
stage career, 15 .yrs.; screen career, Universal 
("Snow White," "Talk of the Town"), L-Ko 
Comedies, Vitagraph ("Irish Princess"), Lasky 
("Vicky Van," "Little Princess"), Artcraft 
"Huckleberry Finn"), Mary Pickford ("Polly- 
anna"), Equity ("Mid-Channel"). Hght, 5, 
7; wght., 165; black hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
1232 Gower St., Los Angeles, Calif. ; -Holly 2491. 

GUINAN, "Texas"; b. Waco, Texas, 1891; sta,,-c 
career, 6 yrs., Winter Garden Revues, Klaw & 
Erlanger, Shubert, John Cort, etc., "Hop O* My 
Thumb" in London; screen career, Triangle, 
World ("The Gun Woman," "Fuel of Life," 
"Love Brokers"), Frohman Amuse. ("The She- 
Wolf") Hght, 5, 6; wght, 136; light hair, blue 
eyes. Permanent address, 17 W. 8th st., N. Y. 


IIACKETT, Lillian; b. Chicago, 1899; educ. 
Mich.; stage career, stk. in Detroit; screen ca- 
reer, Universal (" Once a Plumber," " Blue 
Sunday"), Hallroom Boys ("Hired and 
Fired "), Edna Schley Prod. (" Down the 
Line"). Fox ("Don't Tickle"). Hght., 5; 
wght., 99; brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
5502 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. ; 
phone 597540. 

HAGAN, Dorothy; screen career, Hodkinson 
("The Westerners"), Universal ("Forged 
Bride," "The Smart Sex"). Pathe ("One 
Hour Before Dawn "). 

HAINES, Rea; screen career, Paramount ("Mary 
Ellen Comes to Town," "Always Audacious"), 
Vitagraph ("A Master Stroke"), D. N. Schwab 
("Smiling All the Way"), Metro ("Uncharted 
Seas "). 

HALE, Florence; many years on the stage in 
classic and melo-dramatic productions, includ- 
ing a wide range of characterizations in dra- 
matic stock companies. Eight years experience 
in moving pictures under the direction of Cecil 
B. DeMille, Thos. H. Ince, Charles Giblyn, 
Charles Miller, Richard Stanton, Reginald 
Barker, Scott Sidney, Raymond West, Jay Hunt, 
etc. Character actress. Age, 51; hght, 5, 6; 
wght., 155 Ibs. Ad., 6619 St. Francis Court; 
Phone Holly 3719. 

HALL., Mary; screen career, Fox ("The Shark"), 
Universal ("The Smart Sex"). 

HALL, Ella; b. N. Y., 11)7; educ. there; stag 
career, "Grand Army Man"; screen career, 
Biograph, Reliance, Universal ("A Jewel in 
Pawn," "The Little Orphan," "Bitter Sweet," 
"The Charmer," "The Spotted Lily," "We Are 
French," "My Little Boy," "Green Magic"), 
Paralta ("Heart of Rachael"), Bluebird 
("Which Woman"), Artcraft ("Under ti -. 
Top"), Francis Ford Serial ("The Gates of 
Doom"). Home ad., 1834 El Cerrita Place, 
Hollywood, Cal. ; studio, Francis Ford Studio. 

HALL, Lillian; "b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1897; cdu^. 
H. S. and business college there: stage ext T. 
stock in Phil.; screen career, Beth in Wm. 
A. Brady's "Little Women"; Norma Talmadge 
("The Safety Curtain"), Mutual ("Her Second 
Husband," "Wanted for Murder") THanei* 
("Taxi"\ Fox ("My Little Sister"), World 
(" Coax Me "), Rex Beach (" Going Some "), 
Pathe ("Sherry"), David Butler ("Fickle 
"Women"), Robertson-Cole ("An Arabian 
Knight"), Asso. Prod. ("Last of the Mohi- 
cans"), Universal ("A Shocking Night"), Fox 
("Oliver Twist, Jr."), opposite Antonio Moreno, 
Vitagraph. Hght., 5; wght., 100; blond hair, 
dark blue eyes. Ad., Hotel Van Nuys, Los An- 
geles, CaJ 

IIALLOR, Edith; stage career, Ziegfeld "Follies." 
"Intoxication" in "Experience"; starred in 
Comstook & Gest's "Leave It to Jane," 
with Wm. Collier in "Nothing But Lies"; 
screen career, dramatic lead in 6 pictures with 
Weber Prods., Selznick. Republic ("The Blue 
Pearl," "Children of Destiny"). Paramount 
("The Inside of the Cup"). Hght., 5. 6%; wght., 
135; auburn hair, hazel eyes. 

HAMMERSTELN, Elaine; b. -1897; granddaughter 
of Oscar Hammerstein, operatic impresario; 
educ. Armitage Coll.. Pa.; stage career, in 
"The Trap," later lead in "High Jinks": screen 
career, Jewell Productions ("The Co-Respond- 
ent," "The Battle Cry"), Harry Rapf Prod. 
("Wanted for Murder"), Selznick Pict. ("The 
Country Cousin," "Greater Than Fame," "The 
Woman Game " " The Shadow of Rosalie 
Byrnes," " Whispers," " Point of View," " The 
Daughter Pays," " Pleasure Seekers," " Poor 
Dear Margaret Kirby," " The Miracle of Man- 
hattan "). Wght., 120; complexion, fair; 
brown, wavy hair, gray eyes. Ad., c/o Selznick 
Pictures Corp., N. Y. 

HAMMOND, Virginia; b. Virginia; stage career, 
debut with E. H. Sothern, "If I Were King " 
"Our American Cousin," Shakespearian rep.. 
"What's Your Husband Doing?", "The Famous 
Mrs. Fair"; screen career. World ("The Hand 
Invisible," "Miss Crusoe"). Select ("The World 
to Live In"), Fox ("A Manhattan Knight"). 
Hght.. 5, 6; wght., 130; light hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 105 W. 55th St., N. Y. C. 

HAMPTON, Hope; educ. Dallas, Tex., and Sophie 
Newcomb School, New Orleans, La. ; screen 
career, Hope Hampton Prods, (lead in " A 
Modern Salome"), Paramount ("The Bait"), 
First Natl. ("Love's Penalty," " Star Dust)". 
Hght., 5. 3; wght., 118; auburn hair, dark blue 
eyes. Ad., Hope Hampton Prods., Inc., First 
National Releases, 1540 Broadway, N. Y. C. 

HANCOCK, Elinor; screen career, Fox (" The 
Splendid Sin," "The Tattlers"), Goldwyn 
.("Cup of Fury," "Out of the Storm"), Fa- 
mous Players ("The Rookies Return"), Uni- 
versal (" Tiger True "), Pioneer (" The Bar- 
barian "). 

HANDFORTH, Ruth; b. Springfield, Mass.; educ. 
New Haven, Conn.; stage career, 9 yrs. exper. ; 
3 seasons with " Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 
Patch"; screen career, Annette Kellermann 
("What Women Love"). Pauline Frederick 
("Slave of Vanity"), three pictures with Edna 
Schley. with D. W. Grijffith in stock for over 
2 yrs. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 130; red hair, brown 
eyes. Home ad., 1230 W. 45th St., Los Angeles; 
phone 269409. 

HANLON, Alma; b. N. Y., 1894; educ. N. Y. ; 
screen career. Kleine. Ivan ("The Faded Flow- 
er"), Fox ("Gold and the Woman," etc.), Tri- 
umph ("The Libertine"), Apollo ("God of Lit- 
tle Children," "The Mystic Hour," "The Golden 
Ood." "When You and I Were Young." "The 
Public Defender"), U. S. Amusement ("Behind 
the Mask"), Pioneer Film Corp. ("Sins of the 
Children"). Ad., Bayside, Long Island, N. Y. 

HANSEN, Juanita; b. Des Moines, la., 1897; 
educ. Cal.; screen career, Famous (opp. Jack 
Pickford), Fine Arts, American (heroine in 
"Secret of the Submarine"), Keystone. Univer- 
sal ("The Finishing Touch," "Broadway 
T.ove"), Ince-Para. ("Mating of Marcella"). 
Universal ("The Rough Lover," "The Bras 
Bullet" serial), First National ("A Midnight 
Romance"), Artcraft ("The Poppy Girl's Hus- 
band"), Fox ("Rough Riding Romance"). 
Metro ("Lombard!. Ltd."). Selig ("The Lost 
City" serial), Pathe ("The Phantom Foe," 
"The Yellow Arm"). Hght., 5.; wght, 115; fair 
Complexion, blond hair, blue eyes. 

HARDING, Lorraine ; b. Norfolk, Va. ; educated 
there. Screen career, Famous Players with 
Pauline Frederick in ("Resurrection") with 
Mabel Normand in "The Floor Below," Mae 
Marsh in "The Beloved Traitor," Gol-dwyn with 
Tom Moore in "Thirty a Week," Madge Ken- 
nedy in "The Service Star," Selznick ("The 
Glorious Lady"). Featured in a series of two- 
part classics, American Pictures Associates, 
Boston, Mass., and a five-part feature "Anna- 
belle Lee," Hodkinson with Doris Kenyon in 
("The Band Box"), society and various char- 
acters. Hght, 5, 5; wght, 120; brown hair and 
eyes, dark complexion. Home ad., 321 West 
105th st. Phone Acad. 5525. 

HARRIS, Marcia; b. Providence; educ. there; 
stage career, und. Broadhurst, Liehl^r and Co., 
Weber and Fields; screen career, Edison, Vita- 
graph ("The Foundling," "The Reformer"), 
Artcraft ("Poor Little Rich Girl"), Famous 
Players ("The Little Boy Scout"), Goldwyn 
(" Day Dreams "), Pathe (" The Bishop's 
Emeralds"), Fox ("Putting One Over"), Real- 
art ("Anne of the Green Gables"), Paramount 
("The Right to Love"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 
150: dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes. 

HARRIS. Mildred; b. Cheyenne, Wyo., 1901; educ. 
privately; screen career, Vitagraph, Reliance- 
Majestic. Fine Arts (" Old Folks at Home," 
"The Village Prodigal"), Universal ("The 



"Whim," " K.," " The Price of a Good Time," 
" The Man Who Dared God," " When a Girl 
Loves," " For Husbands Only," " Home," 
"Forbidden"), First National ("The Inferior 
Sex," " Polly of the Storm Country," " Social 
Mockery," " Woman in His House," " Old 
Dad," "Habit"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 108; blue 
eyes, brown hair. 

HARRIS, Virginia; b. and educ. San Francisco; 
screen career, American ("Calendar Girl"), 
W. H. Clifford Photoplay Co. ("A Prisoner of 
War," "Democracy," "When Arizona Won"), 
Federal ("The Spenders"). Universal with 
Carmel Myers. Hght., 5, 4%; wght.. 130; black 
hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 1721 Westmore- 
land Blvd., Los Angeles; phone 73853. 

HARRIS, Winifred; educ. Kew, Richmond, Eng- 
land; stage career, in England, "Madam X," 
"Sally Bishop," Prince of Wales, "Girl on the 
Film," Shakespearian prods, with Sir Herbert 
Tree, Sir Henry Irving; in America, "Taking 
Chances," "Co-respondent," "Cheating Cheat- 
ers," "Royal Vagabond," Cohan and Harris, 
"Light" in the "Bluebird"; screen career, with 
Norma Talmadge ("Panthea," "Daughter of 
Two Worlds"), Authors Films ("Crucible of 
Life"), several pictures with Vitagraph. Hght., 
5, 10; wght.. 170; light brown hair, dark blue 

HARRISON, Irnia; screen career, Tyrad Pictures 
("The Red Viper"), Johnny Dooley Com- 
edies, Buffalo ("The Daughter of Devil Dan"), 
Sterling Features (" The Fighting Kentuck- 
ians "). 

HART, Florence; screen career, Universal ("A 
Tokio Siren"), Paramount ("The Prince 
Chap"), Vitagraph ("It Can Be Done"). 

HART, Lallah Rookh; b. and educ. Denver, Col.; 
screen career, "The Wife," "A la Cabaret," "A 
Sanatarium Blunder," "Half and Half," 
"Heart's Strategy," Paramount ("Men, Women 
and Money"), playing mothers, maiden aunts, 
eccentric characters. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; 
dark complexion, brown eyes and hair. Ad., 
home, 427 Olive St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

HARTMAN, Greta; b. Chicago, 111., 1897; educ. 
private tutors and Sheldon School; stage ca- 
reer, Wilton Lackaye, Wright Lorrimer, cre- 
ated Mary Jane in "Mary Jane's Pa"; screen 
career, Famous Players, Fox ("The Painted 
Madonna," "Fantine" in "Les Miserables"), 
Argus ("The House Without Chillren"), Die- 
trick Kenyon Co. ("The Bandbox"), Pioneer 
("Atonement"), Fox ("Bride 13"). Hght., 
5, 5; wght., 135; brown hair and eyes. Ad., 630 
W. 135th St., N. Y. C. ; Morningside 5060. 

HASTINGS, Carey; b. New Orleans; educ. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; stage career, in "St. Elmo," "Girl 
from Rector's," stock, Richmond, Atlanta, etc.; 
screen career, Thanhouser, 2 yrs. (" The 
Vicar of Wakefleld," " Her Beloved Enemy," 
" Her New York," " Under False Colors," 
"Man Without a Country"). Select ("Hearts- 
ease"), Fleur de' Lys ("Empty Arms"); 10 
weeks Loew's vaud. circuit. Hght., 5, 5; 
wght., 140; brown hair, hazel eyes. (Ad,., 2155 
Mohegan ave., N. Y. ; Fordham, 4781. 

HATHAWAY, Jane; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Enchanted Barn," "The Wishing Ring 

HAVER, Phillis; b. Douglas, Kan., Jan. 6, 1899; 
educ. Los Angeles; screen career, Lasky, Key- 
stone, Sennett ("Never Too Old," "The Fool- 
ish Age," "Hearts and Flowers," "Among 
Those Present," "Salome vs. Shenandoah," 
" His Last False Step," " Married Life," 
"Love, Honor and Behave"), Asso. Prod. ("A 
Small Town Idol"), Hght. 5, 6; wght., 
126; light complexion, blond hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., home, 3924 Wisconsin st., Los Angeles, 
Cal. ; studio, Mack Sennett Comedies, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

HAWLEY, Ormi;-b. Holyoke, Mass., 1890; grad. 
New Eng. Conserv. of Music; stage career, 2 
yrs. in stock as leading woman: screen career 
starred by Lubin, "The Ragged Earl"; featured 
by World Film and Popular Players, starred 
by Mutual and Fox, has played lead in over 
250 photoplays ("Where Love Leads"), Ardsley 
Art Film ("Runaway Romany"), Famous 
Players ("The Antics of Ann," "Prince 
Ubaldo"), Betzwood-Goldwyn ("The Road 
Called Straight"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 130; 
fair complexion, blond hair, gray oyes. 

HAWLEY, Wanda; b. Scranton, Pa.; educ. Seat- 
tle, Wash., and N. Y. ; stage career, amateur 
theatricals in Seattle and concert work in U. S. 
and Canada; screen career, C. B. DeMille 
Prod. ("Old Wives for New," "For Better, For 
Worse"), Famous Players ("Douhle Speed." 
"Everywoman," "The Tree of Knowledge," 
" The Six Beat Cellars," " Mrs. Temple's Tele- 

gram," "Held by the Enemy"), Realart 
(" Miss Hobbs," " Food for Scandal," " Her Be- 
loved Villain," " La Veglione," " Her First 
Elopement," " The Snob," " The Outside 
Woman," "The House That Jazz Built"). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 110; blond hair, grayish- 
blue eyes. Ad., Realart Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

HAYES, Helen M.; b. Chattanooga, Tenn. ; age 
20; screen career, Warner's Features, Essanay, 
Art-O-Graf; at present appearing in series of 
western pictures with Superior Foto Co., latest 
prod. ' " Desert Scorpion " and " Out of the 
Depths." Hght. 5, 4; hair, light; eyes, brown. 
Ad.. Superior Foto Play Co.. Englewood, Colo. 

HEMING, Violet; b. Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.; 
educ. Malvern House School, Southport, Eng.; 
stage career, Wendy in "Peter Pan" at 12 yrs., 
created Rebecca in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook 
Farm," 2 yrs. leading woman for Geo. Arliss, 
"The Naughty Wife," 1918 "Three Faces East"; 
screen career, Goldwyn ("The Turn of the 
Wheel"), Blackton ("The Judgment House"), 
Selig ("The Danger Trail"), Para-Artcraft 
("Everywoman," "The Cost"). Hght., 5, 4; 
wght., 118; blond hair, blue eyes. 

HENRY, Gale; b. Bear Valley, Cal.; educ. Los 
Angeles, Cal. ; stage career, Temple Opera Co., 
Century Theatre, Los Angeles, 2 yrs. ; screen 
career, 5 yrs. with Universal, starred in one- 
reel comedies; commenced production of own 
comedies February, 1919. Hght., 6, 9; wght., 
128; dark hair, brown eyee. Home ad., 1546 
Winona Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.; studio, Bulls- 
eye Studio, Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 

HERNANDEZ, Mrs. George (Anna Dodge); b. 
River Falls, Wis. ; educ. State Normal Schl., 
River Falls; stage career, with McDonough 
Stk., Oakland, Cal., and with Walter Bentley 
Co.; screen career, Selig ("The Rosary"), Edi- 
son, Fine Arta, Universal ("The Heritage"), 
Goldwyn ("Leave It to Susan"), B. B. Fea- 
tures ("Hearts Asleep"), Brentwood ("Where 
There's a Will"). Humanity ("The Gift Su- 
preme"), Griffith ("Battling Jane"). King 
Vidor Co. ("The Jack Knife Man"), Selznick 
("Darling Mine"). Realart ("Burglar Proof," 
"Wanted A Blemish"), Sennett ("Molly 
O"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 196; brown hair, hazel 
eyes. Home ad., 2228 Duane st., Los Angeles. 
Cal. Wilshire 2647. 

HERRING, Aggie; b. San Francisco; educ. there; 
stage career, from age of 17, stock cos., vaud.; 
screen career, Triangle-Ince, Paralta ("Within 
the Cup"), Vitagraph ("Cupid Forecloses," "A 
Yankee Princess"), United ("A Man'y Fight"), 
First National ("The Hoodlum"), Hodkinson 
("The Lord Loves the Irish," "The Sage Brush- 
er "), "The Dream Cheater," "The Dwelling 
Place of Light," " Down Home "), Goldwyn 
("Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come"), 
Robertson-Cole (" Big Happiness "), Ince 
("Hairpins," "The Rookies Return"), Pathe 
("Lure of Egypt"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 165; 
blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., Los Angeles, Cal. 

HICKS, Maxine Elliott; b. Denver, Colo.; educ. 
private tutor; stage career, "The Things that 
fount." 8 mos. in Brady's Playhouse. N. Y.. 
"Seven Sisters," "The Little Princess," "Blue 
Bird"; screen career, Artcraft ("Poor Little 
Rich Girl'M. World ("The Little Duchess," 
"The Crimson Dove," "Neighbors"), Metro 
("The Eternal Mother"), Allen Holubar ("The 
Right to Happiness "), Lasky ("Double Speed," 
"Forbidden Fruit), Universal ("Gilded 
Dreams"), Robertson-Cole, William Taylor 
(" Sacred and Profane Love "). Hght., 5; 
wght., 90; chestnut brown hair, blue eyes. Ad.-. 
1227 So. Hoover st., Los Angeles, Cal.; West 

IIILBURN, Betty; educ. Horace Mann Sch., N. Y., 
St. Elizabeth Convent, Convent Station, N. J. ; 
stage career, "The Betrothal," "Tumble Inn"; 
screen career. Submarine Film Corp. ("Girl of 
the Seas"), Fox ("Heart Strings"), Selznick 
("Little Red Riding Hood"), Cosmo 
("Heliotrope"). Hght., 5, 2; wght, 104; dark 
brown hair and eyes. 

HILL,, Bonnie; screen career, Universal ("The 
Peddler of Lies," " The Road to Divorce," 
"The Dangerous Moment"), Fox ("Three 
Gold Coins"), Metro ("Billions"), Famous 
Players ("Silk Hosiery"). 

HILI , Josephine; b. San Francisco; educ. there; 
stage career, vaud. with Gus Edwards, featured 
with "Georgie Price"; screen career, Universal, 
lead and featured with Edgar Lewis Prods 
"The Sheriff's Oath," "The Four Bit Man," 
"At the Point of a Gun," "Love and the Law." 
"The Fighting Heart," "Shameless Salverson," 
"The Jack of Hearts." "The Voice on the 



Wire," "The Bronco and the Bronx"), Metro 
("Parlor, Bedroom and Bath"), Universal 
("Burnt Wings"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 110: 
light hair, blue eyes, Ad., studio, Universal City. 

HILL,, Maud; heavies; b. St. .Louis; educ. convent, 
Chicago; stage career, stk. in West; screen 
career, with Metro for several years; Fox, Chas. 
Miller ("A Dangerous Affair"), Schomer & 
Ross ("The Sacred Flame"), Edward Griffith 
("The End of the Road"). Important roles in 
prod, for Famous Players, Selznick, Indepen- 
dents. Hght., 5. 7; wght., 135; dark com- 
plexion, red brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 
t> West 107th st., N. Y. ; Academy 993. 

HILLMAN, Gertrude; screen career, Realart 
(" Something Different," " The Plaything of 
Broadway ). 

HOFFMAN, Ruby; b. Phila., Pa.; stage career, 
stock, Phila.; "Gentleman from Mississippi," 
and Daniel Frohman's "Detective Keene"; 
screen career, Famous Players (" The Slave 
Market "), Fox (" The Children of the 
Ghetto"), Kleine (featured in "The Danger 
Signal"), World, McClure ("Passion"), Pathe 
("The Fatal Ring," "The House of Hate"), 
Triangle ("Upside Down"), Hodkinson ("Cyn- 
thia of the Minute"), Fox ("Tiger's Cub"). 
Hght., 5, 6; brown hair and eyes. Ad., home, 
206 W. 52nd St., N. Y. ; Circle 4653. 

HOLLAND, Edna M.; b. 1896; stage career, with 
Edith W. Mathuson, David Belasco, "The Good 
Little Devil," " Servant in the House," " The 
Little Brother," "The Mandarin"; screen 
career, Vitagraph ("Confession of Madam 
Barrestoff "), Metro ("The Lifted Veil," "Al- 
ways in the Way "). Famous Players 
("World's Great Snare," "Feud Girl," "Shelt- 
ered Daughters"). William Steiner ("The 
Tenderfoot," "The Masked Rider"). Hght., 
5, 9; brunette. Ad., 324 W. 51st st., N. Y. C. ; 
Bryant 3582. 

HOLLISTER, Alice; b. Worcester, Mass.; educ. 
Convent Villa Maria, Montreal; screen career, 
Mary Magdalene in Kalem's " From the 
Manger to the Cross," with Sidney Olcott in 
Ireland in (" The Kerry Gow," " Vampire," 
" Destroyer," " Yellow Sunbonnet," " Lotus 
Woman "), Famous Players (" Her Better 
Self"), Goldwyn ("Milestones," "The Great 
Lover"). Ad., 414 32nd st., Woodcliff, N. J. 

HOLLISTER, Flora; screen career, Realart 
("Sweet Lavender"), Brunton ("The Coast of 
Opportunity"), Canyon ("The Fighting 
Stranger "). 

HOLLO WAY, Carol; b. Williamstown, Mass.; 
educ. Franklin, Mass.; stage career, Carleton 
stock and N. Y. prods., Youth in "Everyvvo'ti- 
an"; screen career, Lasky, American. Fine 
Arts, Vitagraph (" The Fighting Trail," " The 
Tenderfoot," " Vengeance and the Woman," 
" The Iron Test," " Perils of Thunder Moun- 
tain "), Fox ("Two Moons"), Yellow Stone 
Prod. ("Dangerous Love"), Metro ("The Sap- 
head"). Ad., 4417 Prospect ave., Hollywood, 
Cal.; studio, Vitagraph. 

HOLMES, Helen; educ. Chicago; early career, 
artist and artist's model; screen career, Key- 
stone, Kalem, ("Hazards of Helen"), Universal, 
Railroad stories, Signal-Mutual ("Girl and the 
Game," "Railroad Raiders," "A Desperate 
Deed," "The Lost Express," "Medicine Bend," 
"Whispering Smith"), S. L. K. serial, "The 
Fatal Fortune." Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; fair 
complexion, brown hair and eyes. 

HOPE, Gloria; b. 1901, Pittsburgh, Pa.; educ. 
Newark, N. J. ; screen career, Ince Triangle, 
Artcraft ("The Great Love"), Ince-Para. 
("Naughty, Naughty"), Paralta ("Heart of 
Rachael"). Universal ("Outcasts of Poker 
Flat," "Riders of the Law," "The Day She 
Paid"), Garson Prod. ("The Hushed Hour"), 
First National ("Burglar by Proxy"), Goldwyn 
("Gay Lord Quex "), Paramount ("Too Much 
Johnson"), Universal ("Road to Divorce," 
"Colorado"), Robertson-Cole ("The Third 
Woman," "Woman Who Understood"), Selz- 
nick (" Dangerous Hero "), Inter-Ocean 
("Seeds of Vengeance"), Fox ("The Un- 
tamed," "Prairie Trails," "The Texan"). 
Hght., 5. 2; wght., 106; light complexion, 
auburn hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1423 Curson ave., 
Hollywood, Cal. 

HOPE, Jean; b. Los Angeles, Calif.; educ. St. 
Mary's Select School; stage career, child toe 
dancer; screen career, Hal E. Roach ("A. D. 
1943," "June Madness," "Alias Alladin," 
"Mamma's Boy," "Running Wild," "The Love 
Lesson," "Queens Up," "Hobgoblins," "Pinning 
It On"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 118; blond hair, 
dark brown eyes. Home ad., 827 Castilar St., 

Los Angeles, Calif., Pico 1763; studio, Hal E. 

HOPKINS, May F.; b. N. J. ; stage exper.. 
" Loyalty," " The Grass Widow." " She's In 
Again," Ziegfeld Follies; screen career, C. K. 
Young ("Everybody's Girl," "The Deep Pur- 
ple"), Capellani ("Virtuous Model," "Easiest 
Way"), World ("Social Pirate") Vitagraph, 
Norma Talmadge ("Two Women"), Mayflower 
("Bolshevism on Trial"), Wharton ("Beatrice 
Fairfax"), Talmadge ("By Right of Pur- 
chase," " Petroleum Prince ", Producers Se- 
curity (" Diane of Star Hollow "), Asso. Prod. 
("I Am Guilty"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 123; 
blond hair, brown eyes. Ad., 243 W. 132nd 
St., N. Y. C. 

HOPPER, Mrs. De Wo*f; b. Pittsburgh; educ. 
tiiere; stage career, with Selwyn, Henry Harris. 
Shuberts, Arthur Hopkins, "The Quaker Girl," 
"Be Calm, Camilla"; screen career, Goldwyn, 
Geo. Cohan ("Seven Keys to Baldpate"), Anita 
Stewart Prod. ("Vfrtuous Wives"), Vitagraph 
("Third Degree"), Norma Talmadge ("Isle of 
Conquest"), Wm. Faversham ("Man Who Lost 
Himself"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; green eyes, 
brown hair. Ad., Algonquin Hotel, N. Y. 

HORTON, Clara Marie; b. Brooklyn, June, 1904; 
educ. private tuition; stage career, since 4 yrs.; 
screen career, Eclair 4 yrs., Universal 2 yre., 
Triangle 1 yr. Famous Players (" Tom 
Sawyer," " Huck and Tom," Youth in " Every- 
woman"), First Nat'l ("In Wrong"), Rex 
Beach (" Girl from Outside "), Selznick 
("Blind Youth"), Goldwyn ("Little Shepherd 
of Kingdom Come," " Prisoners of Love," " It's 
a Great Life "), Film Booking (" Servant in the 
House"), First National ("Nineteen and 
Phyllis"). Golden hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., 2060 Magnolia ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

HOTELL1NG, Louise; b. 1901 and educ. Ithaca, 
N. Y. ; screen career, Arrow ("Profiteers"), 
Grossman (."Million Dollars Reward"), Whar- 
ton ("Great White Trail," "Hun Within Our 
Gates," "Eagle Eye"). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 105; 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., 320 N. Tioga St., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

HOWELL, Alice; b. N. Y., May 5, 1892; educ. 
N. Y. pub. schs. ; stage career, mus. com. in 
1907, burlesque for 5 years.; Howell & Howell 
vaud. sketch 3 yrs. ; screen career, Keystone 
L-Ko (leading parts in " The Mother-in-Law," 
" Balloonatics," " The Honor of the Sawdust," 
"Neptune's Naughty Daughter"), Century 
("Alice of the Sawdust," "Her Horseshoe 
Obligation "), Comedies for Reelcraft Pictures, 
classic dancing. Medium height, fair com- 
plexion, light hair, hazel eyes. Ad.. Billy 
West Comedies, Cropper Dist., Corp., 207 So. 
Wabash ave., Chicago, II. 

HOWELL, Hazel; screen career, First National 
("45 Minutes From Broadway," "Old Dad"), 
Paramount ("A Full House"), Universal 
(" Fixed By George," " Desperate Youth "). 

HOWELL, Helen; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. Los An- 
geles; stage career. Lowe's and Pantages cir- 
cuits; screen career, Union Film Co. (co- 
starred with Alexander Alt in " Marked 
Women," " You Can't Tell." " In 24 Hours," 
" Captain Kids," " Pure and Simple," 
"Liquorish Lips"). Also secretary and 
treasurer of Union Film Co. Home ad., Christie 
Hotel, Los Angeles, Holly 3910. 

IIOWL.AND, Jobyna; b. Indianapolis, Ind. ; educ. 
Denver, Colo.; stage exper. years in B'way 
prods, "Nancy Lee," "Ruggles," "A Little Jour- 
ney," etc.; screen career, Norma Talmadge Co. 
("Her Only Way," "Way of a Woman"). Se- 
lect ("What Might Have Been"), long run, 
("The Gold Diggers"), legit. Hght., 5, 11; 
wght, 150; red hair, dark eyes. Ad., Hotel 
Algonquin, N. Y. 

HUFF, JLouise; b. Columbus, Ga.; educ. there and 
Horace Mann, N. Y. C. ; stage career, "Ben 
Hur," stock at tltica and N. Y. ; screen career, 
Famous Players ("Seventeen," "Great Expecta- 
tions," "Freckles," "The Varmint," "What 
Money Can't Buy," "The Ghost House," "Tom 
Sawyer," "Jack and Jill," "Bunker Bean"), 
World ("T'other Dear Charmer," "Sea Waif," 
"The Crook o' Dreams"), Famous Players 
("Oh, You Women"), Pioneer ("What 
Women Want"), Associated Producers ("Dis- 
raeli"); Arliss. Hght., 5; wght., 106; fair com- 
plexion, blond hair, violet eyes. Ad., home, 
64 W. 49th St., N. Y. C. 

HULETTE, Gladys; educ. by private tutor; stage 
career, with De Wolf Hopper, Bertha Kalich, 
Nazimova, also the original Tyty in New thea- 
tre prod, of "Blue Bird"; screen career, Bio- 
graph, Edison, Thanhouser ('Her New York," 
"Pots-and-Pans Peggy," "The Candy Girl," 
"The Streets of Illusion"), Astra ("The Cigar- 



ette Girl," "The Last of the Carnabys," "Miss 
Nobody," "A Crooked Romance"), Hallmark 
.("High Speed"), Arthur Beck ("The Silent 
Barrier"), Community ("Tomorrow"), also 
"The Brass Bowl." Hght., 5, 4; wght., 114; 
brown hair and gray eyes. 

HUME, Marjorie; screen career. Paramount 
("The Call of Youth," "The Great Day"). 

Hunt, Irene; screen career. Robertson-Cole 
("Moon Madness"), Metro ("Cinderella's 
Twin"), Fox ("The Big Punch," "Oliver 
Twist, Jr." ). 

HUNT, Madge; screen career, Fox ("The Lamp- 
lighter"), Universal ("The Blazing Trail"). 

HUNTRESS, Mary; h. Richmond. Va. ; educ. 
N. Y. C.; stage career, 10 yrs. exper., one yr. 
with Durand Prod. Co., Naples, Italy; screen 
career, Vitagraph ("Romance Promoters," 
"It Can Be Done"), Fox (" Ishmael "). Hght., 
5 6; wght.,"L35; brown hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., 5539^ Harold Way, Los Angeles; phone 

HURLEY, Julia; b. Greenwich Village. N. Y ; 
educ. N. Y. ; stage career, 48 yrs. with Char- 
lotte CusHman, under mgmt. E. L. Davenport, 
with Harrigan and Hart in "Mulligan Guards," 
"The Gentile Wife" with Emily Stevens; screen 
career, Famous Players ("Gismonda," "Easy to 
Get," "The Cost"), Wm. Brady ("Little Wom- 
en"), World ("Poison Pen"), Warner Bros. 
("Beware"), Arrow ("Woman's Man"), Ince 
("Guilty of Love"), "Disraeli" Realart ("New 
York Idea"), Hght., 5%; wght., 134%; silver 
gray hair, dark hazel eyes. Ad., 306 W. 46th 
St., N. Y. C. ; Bryant 394. 

HUTCHINSON, Betty; screen career, World 
("Me and Captain Kidd "), Select ("The Un- 
dercurrent "). 

HYLAND, Peggy, b. near Worcestershire, Eng- 
land; educ. Belgium; stage career, in "The 
Yellow Jacket," and with Cyril Maude's co. ; 
screen career, numerous prods, in England, 
Famous Players, Vitagraph (in support of E. H. 
Sothern in the first of his releases on the 
screen, "The Chattel"), Pathe, Fox ("Other 
Men's Daughters," "Marriages Are Made," 
"Bonnie Annie Laurie," "Rebellious Bride," 
"Merry-Go-Round," "Official Chaperone," "Girl 
in Bohemia," "Black Shadows," "Faith"), 
Sunrise Pictures ("Price of Silence"). Hght., 
5, 1; wght., 120; brown hair, green eyes. 


ILLIAN, Isolde C.; b. Milwaukee, Wis., 1899; 
educ. Milwaukee Downer Seminary and Col- 
legiate Centenary College. Hackettstown, N. J. : 
stage career, in stk. in Milwaukee from age of 
8; screen career, Thanhouser ("The Mill on the 
Floss," "The Reunion," "The Crimson Sabre," 
"Harry's Happy Honeymoon," "Rusty Reggie's 
Record"), "The Man Hunt." Hght., 6; wght., 
108; blond hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., home, 62 
Vernon ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

IVINS, Beth; screen career, Brunton-Hgdkinson 
("Live Sparks"). Universal ("In Folly's 
Trail "). 


JANIS, Elsie; b. and educ. Columbus, Ohio; stage 
career, vaud., "Vanderbilt Cup," "Slim Prin- 
cess," "The Lady of the Slipper," "Her Gang," 
1919; screen career, Selznick ("A Regular Girl." 
"The Imp"), War Work Abroad. Hght., 5, 
5%; wght., 120; brown hair and eyes. Home 
ad., Philipse Manor, Tarrytown, N. Y. 

JENNINGS, Jane; educ. Brooklyn and N. Y.; 
early career, teacher of dramatics; screen ca- 
reer, Vitagraph ("Lion and the Mouse," "The 
Gamblers." "Darkest Hour," "The Climbers," 
"Girl at Bay," "Out of the Dark"), Triangle 
("Taxi," "Woman Under Oath"), American 
Cinema ("Women Men Forget"). Famous Play- 
ers (" Lady Rose's Daughter," " The Cost," 
"The Gilded Lily"), Asso. Prod. ("What 
Women Will Do "), Vitagraph (" Heart of 
Maryland," " What's Your Reputation 
Worth?"), Perry Prod. ("The Story"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght.. 140: white hair, dark brown 
eyes. Prospcet 2270. 661 Prospect ave., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

JENSEN, Eulalie; b. St. Louis; stage career, 
with Bernhardt on tour in U. S. ; stk in St. 
Louis and Chicago, comic operas, screen career, 
Edison, Vitagraph (" Salvation Joan," " The 
Tarantula," " The Kid," " Mary Jane's Pa," 
" Tangled Lives," " Strength of the Weak," 
" Wild Primrose," " The Captain's Captain," 

"The Girl Problem," "Beating the Odds"), 
First National ("A Temperamental Wife"), 
Blackton ("Respectable by Proxy," "Man and 
His Woman," "The House of the Tolling Bell"), 
Vitagraph ("The Whisper Market") Fox-Fisher 
"In the Shadow of the Dome"), First National 
("The Passion Flower"). Address, care of 
Motion Picture News. 

JEROME, Sadie; screen career, George Clark 
("The Duke's Son"). Stoll Film ("Squan- 
dered Lives "). 

JOCELYN, Sylvia; screen career, Fox ("Three 
Gold Coins"), First National ("Passion's 
Playground "). 

JOHNSON, Edith; b. Rochester, N. Y., 1895; educ. 
Vassar Coll. ; screen career, Lubin, Universal 
("Behind the Lines," "The Scarlet Car," "For 
Love and Gold," "Giant Powder," "The Scarlet 
Crystal"), Selig ("The Franc Piece," "In the 
Talons of an Eagle"), Vitagraph ("Smashing 
Barriers," "Man of Might," serials with Wm. 
Duncan, " Love and Honor," " The Silent 
Avenger," "The Fighting Fate"). Hght., 5, 
4; wght., 135; light hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
home 1624 Hudson ave., Hollywood; studio, 
Vitagraph, Hollywood, Cal. 

JOHNSON. Norris; screen career, Paramount 
("Paris Green," "Let's Be Fashionable," "An 
Amateur Devil "). 

JOHNSON, Vida; screen career, Arrow 
("Wolves of the Street," "The Desert Scor- 
pion"), Universal ("Alias Miss Dodd "). 

JOHNSTONE, Juliaime; b. Indianapolis, Ind., 
1900; educ. Hollywood Sch. for Girls; stage 
career, solo dancer with Ruth St. Denis, Keith 
Circuit, own dancing act on Pantages circuit; 
screen career, David Butler (" Sitting on the 
World"). Brentwood (" Seeing It Thru," " Bet- 
ter Times"), Realart ("Miss Hobbs "). Hght.. 
5, 6; wght., 120; brown hair, gray eyes. Home 
ad., Hollywood Studio Club, Hollywood, Calif.; 
Holly 2716. 

JOHNSTONE, Justine; b. Hoboken, N. J. Edu- 
cated Emma Willard School, Larchmont, N. 
Y. Stage debut as Ziegfield "Follies" Girl.; 
screen career. Metro ("Nothing But Lies"), 
Realart ("Moonlight and Honeysuckle," 
"Blackbirds," "Plaything of Broadway," "Shel- 
tered Daughters"). 

JONES, Jessie; b. Garden City, Kan., 1892; educ. 
Univ. of Kansas; early career, professional 
model; screen career, Essanay ("The Un- 
known," "Strange Case of Mary Page"/, Selig 
"The Crisis," "History of Indiana"), Everett 
True Comedy Series; characters in ''Do the 
Dead Talk?" Specialty Feature Films and 
"Within Our Gates." Micheau Films; leads, 
Superior Film Co. and Castle Film Co. Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 128; auburn hair, green eyes. 
Studio ad., Castle Studios, 2332 N. California 
ave., Chicago. 111. 

JOY, Leatrice; b. New Orleans, La.; educ. Sacred 
Heart Acad., New Orleans, La.; stage career, 
8 mos. in stk. in San Diego; screen career, Wm. 
Farnum ("A Man Hunter"), Sel/.nick ("Just a 
Wife"), Geo. Loane Tucker ("Ladies Must 
Live"), Bert Lytell ("The Right of Way"), J. 
Warren Kerrigan ("A Dollar Bid"), National 
("The Invisible Divorce"), Hodkinson ("Down 
Home"), D. N. Schwab ("Smiling All the 
Way "), Goldwyn (" Bunly Pulls the String," 
"The of Two Worlds"). Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 125; black hair, brown eyes. Home 
ad., 1626 Vine St., Low Angeles, Cal.; phone 

JOYCE, Alice; b. Kansas City, Mo., educ. Anan- 
dale, Va. ; screen career, ICalem, Vitsigrsipli 
(" The Cambric Mask," " The Lion and the 
Mouse," " The Song of the Soul," " The Busi- 
ness of Life," " To the Highest: Bidder," " The 
Strength of the Weak," " The Winchester 
Woman," "Everybody's Girl," "The Captain's 
Captain," "Third Degree," " Snurk Divine," 
" The Vengeance of Durand," " The Sporting 
Duchess," "The Desperate Heritage," "Her 
Lord and Master," " Cousin Kale," " Dollars 
and the Woman"), "The Prey," "Vice of 
Fools," "The Scarab Ring." light., 5, 7; wght.., 
120; brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., Vitagraph, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


KANE, Gail; b. Phila., Pa.; educ. Mt.. Mary's, 
Newburgh, N. Y. ; stage career, with many 
prods., including "The Miracle AT. -in," "The Hy- 
phen"; screen career, All Klsir, An/.., Metro, 
Pathe, World, Mutual ("The Serpent's Tooth," 
"The Woman in Black," "The Unafraid," "For 
the Family Name," "Souls in Pawn," "South- 



ern Pride," "The Spectre of Suspicion," "The 
Bride's .Silence," "A Game of Wits"), Graphic 
("When Men Betray"), Mutual ("The Dare- 
devil"), Photoplay Libraries ("Empty Arms"), 
Pioneer ("Idle Hands"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
142; dark brown hair and eyes. 

KAYE, Frances Manila; b. Chicago, 111., 1898; 
educ. N. Y. C. ; stage exper., mus. com., "Rock- 
abye Baby"; screen career, Famous Players 
("The Make Believe Wife," "The Golden Bird," 
"Here Comes the Bride"), Paramount ("Littl* 
Miss Hoover," "Come Out of the Kitchen"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 128; brown hair and eyes. 

KECKLEY, Jane; Realart ("Sweet Lavender"), 
Paramount (" Sacred and Profane Love "). 

KEEFE, Zena Virginia; b. San Francisco, 1896; 
educ. in convent; stage career, vaud., rep. and 
on tour in "The Fatal Wedding"; screen career, 
Vitagraph, Ivan ("Enlighten Thy Daughter"), 
Arden Photoplays ("The Challenge Accepted"), 
Capellani-Pathe ("Oh, Boy"), Selznick ("Picca- 
dilly Jim," "His Wife's Money," "The Woman 
That God Sent," " Marooned Hearts," " Out of 
the Snows," "Red Foam"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 
120; dark hair, brown eyes. Ad., 230 W. 79th 
st., studio, care of Selznick Pict. Corp., N. Y. 

KELLERMANN, Annette; b. Sydney, New South 
Wales; early career, professional and exhibition 
swimming and- diving in all the principal cities 
in Australia, England, France, Austria, Ger- 
many, U. S., holder of several world's records; 
stage career, as "Prince Arthur" in Shake- 
speare's "King John," later at London Hippo- 
drome, on Keith and Orpheum circuits in U. S., 
with Shuberts; screen career, Universal ("Nep- 
tune's Daughter"), Fox ("A Daughter of the 
Gods," "Queen of the Sea"), First Nat'l 
("What Women Love"), Educational ("Art of 
Diving"). Ad.. 498 West End ave., N. Y., or 
707 Oak st.. South Pasadena, Calif. 

KELSO, MAYM; b. Dayton, O. ; educ. there and 
Cincinnati; stage exper., light opera, mus. com., 
vaud.; screen career, Paramount ("Old Wives 
for New"), Haworth ("His Birthright"), Lasky 
("Men, Women and Money," "Daughter of the 
Wolf," "Peg o' My Heart," "Don't Change Your 
Wife," "Jack Straw"), American ("The Week 
End"), Hampton ("Simple Souls"), Metro ("The 
Hope"), Marshall Neilan ("Never Get Mar- 
ried "), Jesse Hampton (" Help Wanted 
Male"), Lasky ("The Furnace," "Conrad in 
Quest of His Youth," "The Lost Romance"), 
Realart ("Ducks and Drakes," "The March 
Hare"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 145; blond hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., home, Stillwell Hotel, Los An- 
geles. Calil. 

KENNEDY, Madge; b. Calif.; educ. there and Art 
Students' League, N. Y. C. ; studied drama anil 
played in amateur theatricals; stage career, 
Col. stk., Cleveland, 2 yrs., leading comedy role 
in "Overnight," featured in "Little Miss 
Brown," " Twin Beds," " Fair and Warmer," 
"Cornered"; screen career, Goldwyn ("Baby 
Mine," " Nearly Married," " Friend Husband," 
" The Kingdom of Youth," " Primrose," 
"Daughter of Mine," "Day Dreams," "Leave It 
to Susan," " Through the Wrong Door," 
"Strictly Confidential ("The Blooming Angel," 
" Dollars and Sense," " Trimmed in Red," " The 
Truth," "Girl With the Jazz Heart," "The High- 
est Bidder "). 

KENYON, Doris; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1897; 
educ. Packer Coll. Inst. and Columbia Univ.; 
stage career, in " Princess Pat," " The Girl in 
the Limousine," "The White Villa"; screen 
career, Famous Players ("The Traveling Sales- 
man"), Essanay ("On Trial"), Pathe ("The 
Hidden Hand"). Wharton ("The Great White 
Trail "), D e Luxe Pict. (" Street of Seven 
Stars," "Twilight"), Dietrick-Beck ("The 
Band Box." " The Harvest Moon "), Inter- 
national ("Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford "), 
Famous Players ("The Conquest of Canaan"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 125; light complexion, brown 
hair and gray eyes. Home ad., 850 West End 
Ave.. N. Y. 

KERN, Cecil; b. Portland, Ore., 1892; educ. ther 
and Chicago; stage career, "The Man of the 
Hour," " Madame X." "Ben Hur," leads in 
stk," "Tea For Three"; screen career, 
Edison ("Girls I Know"), Vitagraph ("Gray 
Towers Mystery," "Fountain of Jewels"), Mc- 
Manus ("Bruised Humanity"), "The Little 
Gray Brother"). Vitagraph ("The Prey"). 
Ivan Abramson ("The Eternal Mother ">, 
William Steiner Prod. ("The House of Mys- 
tery"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 130: fair com- 
plexion blond hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1 W. 
G7lh st. N. Y. C. 

KING, Clo; screen career, Realart (" J-udy of 
Rogues' Harbor"), Fox ("Spirit of Good"). 

KING, Mollie; b. N. Y., 1898; educ. there; stage 
career. "Her Own Way," "The Royal Family," 
vaud., Winter Garden; 1918, Century Roof, 
"Good Morning, Judge"; screen career, World, 
Astra-Pathe ("Kick In," "The Double Cross," 
"Blind Man's Luck," "Seven Pearls," "On-the- 
Square Girl"), Screencraft ("Suspense"), Amer- 
ican Cinema ("Greater Than Love," "Women 
Men Forget"), "Her Majesty." Wght., 115; 
blond hair, hazel eyes. Ad., Hotel Arisoriia 
N. Y. C. 

KING, Ruth; screen career. Universal ("The 
Devil's Pass Key," "Alias Miss Dodd"), 
Equity ("For the Soul of Rafael "), Pathe ("A 
Beggar in Purple"), Fox ("The Cheater Re- 
formed"), C. B. C. ("Dangerous Love"). 

KINGDON, Dorothy; b. Auburn, N. Y. ; educ. N. 
Y. ; stage career, in stock and road productions; 
screen career, Pathe, Metro ("Romeo and Juli- 
et"), Famous, Ince ("The Belgian," "Her Fam- 
ily's Honor," "Out of the Depths"), Oriental 
Film Co., Ltd., of India ("Sakuntala," featured 
lead with all Indian cast). Hght., 5, 6; wght, 
130; golden brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., 22 
Allamount Rd., Cumballa Hill, Bombay, India. 

KINGSLEY, Florida; b. 1879, Jacksonville, Fla. ; 
stage career, stk. prods. ; screen career, Essanay, 
Metro ("The Turmoil"), Bluebird ("The Boy 
Girl"), Pathe ("The Iron Heart," "Mrs. Slack- 
er"), United ("Woman Under Oath"), Selznick 
(" Love," " Independence, B'Gosh "), " Sealed 
Hearts," " Greater Than Fame," " Youthful 
Folly"), Fox ("Thou Shalt Not"), Talmadgo 
("Dangerous Business"), Asso. Pict. ("Anna- 
bel Lee"), Hodkinson ("Made in America"). 
Hght., 5. 1; wght., 110; gray hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 3200 B'way. N. Y. C. ; Mngsde 972. 

KINGSLEY, Mona; screen career, Vitagraph 
("The Lion and the Mouse"), World ("The 
Oakdale Affair"), Selznick ("The Glorious 
Lady "). 

KINGSTON, Winifred; b. London, Eng.; educ. 
Scotland and Belgium; stage career, with Henry 
Miller, Joseph Gaites, Frohman, also stk., 
screen career, Lasky, Morosco. Fox, opp. 
Dustin Farnum in " David Garrick," " Dayy 
Crockett," "The Virginian," "The Squaw Man," 
Farnum-United, "Light of Western Stars," 
" Corsican Brothers," Dustin Farnum (" Traij 
of the Axe"), Lasky ("The Lifted Veil"). 
Hght., 5; wght., 105; gray eyes, reddish hair, 
fair complexion. Home ad.. 1284 Crescent 
Heights Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.; phone 573G4. 

KIRBY, OHie; b. Phila. ; educ. Bryn Mawr; stag* 
career, vaud.; screen career, Favorite Players, 
Kalem ("The Tiger's Claws," "The Girl Detec- 
tive," "Mysteries of the Grand Hotel," "Social 
Pirates," "Grant, Police Reporter," series). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 120; light hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 125 W. 49th st., N. Y. C. ; Circle 7.15. 

KIRKHAM, Kathleen; b. Menominee, Mich., 1895; 
educ. Cummock School there; stage exper., stk. 
in Los Angeles, with Dustin Farnum in "Vir- 
ginian," "Squaw Man"; screen career, Lew 
Cody ("The Beloved Cheater"), First National 
("The Beauty Market"), Frank Keenan ("The 
Master Man"), Artcraft ("Arizona," "He 
Comes Up Smiling")* Selznick ("Upstairs and 
Down"), Morosco ("The Third Kiss"), First 
Nat'l ("The Sky Pilot"), Universal (" Her 
Five Foot Highness"), Pathe ("Dollar for 
Dollar"), Metro ("Parlor, Bedroom and 
Bath"), Robertson-Cole ("Little 'Fraid Lady," 
"Nobody's Kid"),. Hugh Dierker ("When 
Dawn Came"), Paramount ("Beau Revel"). 
Hght., 5, 8; wght., 150; brown hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1135 Delaware ave.. Los Angeles, 
Calif.; phone 74802. 

KITSON, May; educ. Boston and N. Y. ; screen 
career, Famous Players ("Come Out of the 
Kitchen," "Firing Line"), World ("Woman of 
Lies"), "The Burning Question," Pathe ("The 
Thirteenth Chair"), Hallmark ("The Veiled 
Marriage"). Hght., 5, 6; wght, 138; gray hair, 
blue eyes. Ad., 27 W. 67th st., N. Y. C.; Col. 

KNOTT, Lydia; b. 1873; stage career, vaud. stk., 
Harlem Opera House in "Mrs. Wiggs of the 
Cabbage Patch"; screen career, World. Ince- 
Triangle ("Sudden Jim." "The Clodhopper"), 
Ince-Paramount ("His Mother's Boy"), Univer- 
sal ("Home," "The Pointing Finger"), Para- 
mount ("Heart of Youth," "What Every Woman 
Learns"), First National ("In Wrong"), Metro 
" Should a Woman Tell "), " Blackmail." " Lure 
of Youth"), Hodkinson ("Dwelling Place of 
Light," " The Breaking Point "), Asso. Prod. 
("Homespun Folks"), First Nat'l ("Peaceful 
Valley "). Hght., 5, 4. 

KNOWL.AND, Alice; b. Fort Fail-field, Me., 1879; 
educ. Boston; 10 yrs. legit, stage exper., Keith 



Stk. Co., "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," 
Lew Fields, "The Girl Patsy," etc.; screen ca- 
reer, "Delicious Little Devil" with Mae Mur- 
ray; Metro ("Satan, Jr."), Hampton ("Parish 
Priest"), Lasky ("Rustling a Bride," "The Six 
Best Cellars" "All Soul's Eve"). Ince ("The 
Heart Line"), Irvin Willat ("Partners of the 
Tide"). Hght., 5, 6, wght., 139; gray hair and 
eyes. Home ad., 1345 Beachwood Dr., Holly- 
wood. Calif.; Holly 1787. 


LA COUR, Elsie; screen career, Pathe (" The 
Hold-Up Man," "His Pal's Gal"). 

LAFAYETTE, Ruby; b. July 22, 1844, Augusta, 
Ky. ; educ. Gt. Western Fern. Seminary, Oxford, 
O. ; stage career of fifty yrs., appeared as Lucre- 
tia Borgia, Ingomar, Lady Audley; screen ca- 
reer, Universal, playing mothers, in "The Drag- 
net," "Mother o' Mine," Metro ("In His 
Brother's Place," "Old Lady 31"). Goldwyn 
("Toby's Bow"), Universal ("Big Bob"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght., 120; fair complexion, white 
hair, gray eyes. Ad., home, 680 S. Westlake 
ave., Universal City, Cal. 

LAKE, Alice; b. Brooklyn, 1897; educ. there; 
stage career, amateur theatricals, pantomime 
and dancing; screen career, Vitagraph, Mack 
Sennett, Universal, Roscoe Arbuckle, Christie, 
Metro ("Should a Woman Tell " "Shore Acres," 
The Misfit Wife," " Body and Soul," " The 
Greater Claim," "Uncharted Seas"). Hght., 5, 
2, wght., 106; light camplexion. dark brown 
hair, brown eyes. Ad., Metro Studio, Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

LAMBERT, Dorothy; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; stage 
career, understudy with E. H. Sothern, 4 sea- 
sons with Viola Allen, understudied "Martha" 
and "Mary Magdalene" in orig. prod, of "The 
Holy City," 2 yrs. in U. S. in "The Sign of the 
Cross," 2 yrs. in Gt. Britain, "Second to None ' 
"Apple of Eden," "Driven From Home,' "A 
Scrap of Paper"; screen career, Herkomer, 
Neptune, B. & C. Lucoque, Samuelson, Barker, 
Ideal British Actors. Hght., 5, 4; complexion 
fair, light brown hair, dark gray eyes. Ad., 
The Rehearsal Club, 29 Leicester Square, Lon- 
don, England. 

LANDIS, Margaret Cullen; b. Nashville, 1896; 
educ. Ward Seminary; screen career, Balboa 
(as fancy dancer, "Who Pays"? "Joy and the 
Dragon," "The Checkmate," "The Martinache 
Marriage"), "The Confession," "The Parted 
Curtain," also with Fairbanks and Mary Pick- 
ford, First Nat'l ("Harriet and the Piper"), 
Goldwyn (" Bunty Pulls the String"). Hght., 
5, 6%; wght., 123; blond hair, gray-blue eyes. 
Ad., Garden Court Apts., Los Angeles. Calif.; 
Holly 3420. 

LANE, Magda; screen career, Universal ("The 
Triflers," "Locked Lips"). 

LANGDON, Lillian; b. New Jersey; stage career, 
comic opera, stk., rep.; screen career, Famous 
Players, Fine Arts (" Diane of the Follies," "In- 
tolerance"), played in, Triangle ("Prudence on 
Broadway," "A Regular Fellow"), Fox T'The 
Rebellious Bride"), Vitagraph ("The Usurper"), 
United Artists ("His Majesty, the American"), 
American ("The Hellion"), Universal ("The 
Triflers "), Goldwyn (" Water, Water, Every- 
where," " The Great Accident," " Going 
Some"), Metro ("The Hope"), Realart ("Oh, 
Lady, Lady"), Robertson-Cole ("What's a 
Wife Worth"), wrote in collaboration, "The 
Higher Law," and other stage plays; picturized 
"The Price She Paid." 

LA PLANT, Laura; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole (" 813 "), Educational (" His Four 
Fathers "). First National (" The Old Swim- 
min' Hole "). 

LA PLANTE, Beatrice; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("The Beggar Prince"), Pathe ("Start the 
Show"), Universal ("Fixed by George"), 
Equity ("Hush"). 

LARRIMORE, Francine; b. France; stage career, 
playing leads from the first, farce, mus. com. 
and high comedy, "Scandal," "Nice People"; 
screen career, Metro ("Somewhere in Ameri- 
ca"), Edison ("Royal Pauper"), with Max 
Linder for Essanay, Fox ("Resurrection"), 
Gaumont ("Devil's Darling"). Hght., 5, 1; red 
gold hair, dark blue eyes. Ad,, 730 Riverside 
Drive, N. Y. 

LA RUE, Fontaine; educ. N. Y. Schl. of Dramatic 
Art; stage career, professional toe and Oriental 
dancing, stk., Chicago, 2 yrs.; screen career, 
Famous Players (" Boots," " The Sins of 
Rosanne," " The Faith Healer," " The Lost 
Romance," " The Lifted Veil "). Universal 

(" The Wild Cat of Paris," " The Woman Un- 
der Cover"). Hght. 5, 5; wght., 130; light 
brown hair, dark brown eyes. Home ad., 1802 
N. Van Ness ave., Hollywood. Calif.; phone 
597,623; and care of Equity, Los Angeles. 

LA VARNIE, Laura; b. and educ. Mo.; stage 
exper., 35 yrs., with Shubert, vaud., stk.; screen 
career, Biograph, Lasky ("Mickey"), Gold- 
wyn ("Head Over Heels," "The Old Nest," 
"The Alibi," "The Grim Comedian"). Cen- 
tury ("The Hermit of the Hills"), H. B. War- 
ner ("Dice and Destiny"). Hght., 5, 4; 
wght., 150; dark hair and eyes. Ad.. 2015 
Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; Wilt. 2804. 

LAWRENCE, Dakota; b. N. Y. C., 1902; educ. 
Wadleigh High, Art Students' League; screen 
career, Blazed Trail Prods.. " When Big Dan 
Rides," "The Hidden Pit," "Danger Patrol," 
"Across the Line," "Where Peril Lurks," "Code 
of the North," " Fate's Chessboard," " Heart 
of Big Dan "). now playing in Classic Dramas, 
Inc. Hght., 5, 6%; chestnut hair, dark eyes. 
Ar., Blazed Trail Prods., care of Arrow Film 
Corp., N. Y. C. 

LAWRENCE, Lillian; screen career, Lasky 
("Black is White"), Universal ("Risky Bus- 
iness "). 

LAZZARINI, Lorenza; screen career, Paramount- 
Art (" Thou Art the Man, Sick Abed," 

" Sins of St. Anthony "). 

LEUERER, Gretchen; b. Cologne, Germany; educ. 
Cologne Conservatory of Music; stage career, 
German musical stock; screen career, Universal 
("The House of Gloom," "The Greater Law," 
"The Little Orphan," "The Rescue," "The 
Pointed Finger," "The Cruise of the Jolly 
Roger, ' "The Silent Lady," "Green Magic"), 
Universal ("Red, Red Heart," "Kaiser, the 
Beast of Berlin," "The Model's Confesson," 
"Kentucky Cinderella";, Triangle ("Wife or 
Country"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 140; brown hair 
and eyes. 

LEE. Alberta; b. Akron, O. ; educ. Cleveland, O. ; 
stage career, began at age 15, James H. Wai- 
lick's "Queens of the Highway," "The Clans- 
man," "The Confession"; screen career, 3% yrs. 
Fine Arts; then Triangle, Vitagraph, Mrs. Lin- 
. coin in "The Clansman," "Intolerance," "The 
Lily and the Rose"), Triangle ("Prudence on 
Broadway"), Vitagraph ("The Wishing Ring 
Man"), Tyrad ("The Red Viper"), Universal 
("Rouge and Riches"). "Road to Divorce," 
"Magnificent Brute"), Robertson-Cole ("The 
Butterfly Man"), Metro ("The Cheater"). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 135; partially gray hair, 
dark eyes. 

LEE, Carey; b. Louisville, Ky. ; stage career, 
leading woman in stock, featured in vaud.; 
screen career, Pathe ("Iron Claw"), Reliance, 
Fox ("The Bondman," featured in "The Darl- 
ing of Paris," "The Crimson Stain," and many 
others), author of "The Nigger," "The Bond- 
man," "Samson," "A Gilded Fool"; Cosmopoli- 
tan Films, "The Miracle of Love." Hght., 5, 
6; wgnt., 140; fair complexion, blond hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 1808 Marmlon ave., N. Y. C. ; 
Tremont 6581. 

LEE, Dixie; educ. St. Francis De Sales Acad., 
Maysville, Ky. ; stage career, Chas. Frohman, 
Shuberts, Winnipeg Stk. Co., Cal. Stk. Co., 
Ibsen "Ghosts," "Lavender and Old Lace" and 
other Bway. successes; 2 yrs. star in vaud.; 
screen career, Fischer ("The Law of Nature"), 
Waldorf ("Where Bonds Are Loosed," "Dad's 
Girl"). Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 120; brown hair, 
hazel eyes. 

LEE, Jennie; b. Sacramento, 1859; stage career, 
began at 9 with John McCullough, .Joseph Jef- 
ferson, Edwin Booth, Mme. Modjeska, in stk., 
vaud.; screen career, Reliance-Majestic, Fine 
Arts ("Birth of a Nation," "The Children 
Pay," "Nana, the Flower Girl"), Fox ("One 
Touch of Sin," "The Innocent Sinner"), Tri- 
angle ("Madame Bo-Peep"), Artcraft ("The 
Little Princess"), Lasky-Paramount ("The 
Clever Mrs. Carfax"), Universal ("Riders of 
Vengeance," "Riders of the Law," "The Secret 
Gift"), Fox ("The Big Punch"). 

LEE, Lila; b. N. Y.; educ. private tutor; stage 
career, appeared at a very early age under 
mngt. of Gus Edwards, 10 yrs. in vaud.; screen 
career, Famous Players ("A Daughter of the 
Wolf," "Heart of Youth," "Male and Female," 
" Terror Island," " Hawthorne of the U. S. A.," 
" The Prince Chap," " Midsummer Madness," 
" The Charm School," " The Easy Road," " Dol- 
lar A Year Man"), Realart ("The Soul of 
Youth"). Hght., 6, 3; wght., 110; black hair 
and eyes. Ad., Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Calif. 

LEE, Louise; screen career, Vitagraph ("The 
Fortune Hunter "). Circle Film (" The Devil's 



Confession"), First National ("Lessons in 
Love "). 

LEE, Virginia; b. Mexico; educ. St. Scholastica's 
Acad., Covington, La., screen career, First 
National ("Scrambled Wives," "A Daughter 
of Two Worlds"), Robertson-Cole ("If Women 
Only Knew"), Burton King Prod. ("Love or 
Money"), Selznick ("The Servant Question"). 
Fox ("Luck and Pluck"), State Rights ("Be- 
yond the Law"). Hght, 5, 4%; wght., 120; 
fair complexion, blond hair, blue-gray eyes. 
Ad., 210 W. 104th St., N. Y. C. 

LEEDS, Dorothy; screen career, Educational 
(" Torchy's Big Lead," " Torchy's Double Tri- 
umph," "Torchy in High," "Torchy Turns 
Cupid "). 

LEEDY, Peggy; b. Parkersburg, W. Va., 1894; 
educ. Zanesville, Ohio; stage career, stock for 
6 mos. ; screen career, Famous Players. Fox, 
Juvenile Photo-Plays Co. Hght., 5, 8; wght., 
138; fair complexion, brown hair, blue gray 
eyes. Home ad., Barberton, Ohio; studio ad., 
Juvenile Photo-Play Co.. 30th and Euclid ave., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

LEHB, Anna; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. St. Catherine's 
Convent; stage exper., Bway plays; screen ca- 
reer, Triangle, Goldwyn, Fox ("For Freedom," 
"The Jungle Trail"), Triangle ("Upside 
Down"), World ("Home Wanted"), Rob-Cole 
("The Open Door"). Hallmark ("The Veiled 
Marriage," " Chains of Evidence "), Abram- 
son ("A Child for Sale"), First Nat'l ("The 
Truth About Husbands"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 
112; dark brown hair and eyes. Ad., Algonquin 
Hotel, N. Y. 

LEIGHTON, Lillian Brown; b. Auroraville, Wis.; 
edue. Wis. ; publisher country weekly paper, 12 
yrs. legit, stage exper., mostly stk. and vaud. ; 
screen career, 11 yrs., Lasky (" Joan the 
Woman," "Witchcraft," "Freckles"), Famous 
Players ("A Lady's Name," "Secret Service," 
"Louisiana," "All of a Sudden Peggy," "The 
Devil Stone"), Brentwood ("Poor Relations"), 
King Vidor ("The Jacknife Man"), American 
("30th Piece of Silver," "House of Toys"), 
Nell Shipman Prod. (" Girl from God's Coun- 
try"), Realart ("The Beloved Villain"), Irving 
Lesser Prod. ("Peck's Bad Boy"), Paramount 
(" Crazy to Marry," " Lost Romance "). Hght.. 
5, 3%; wght., 160; dark brown hair, hazel eyes. 
Ad., 1962 Cheremoya ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Holly 429, 

LEROY, Mile., Tosca; b. Paris, 1897; educ. 
private tutor, music studies with Prof. Ban- 
denelli in Italy, voice with Prof. Thompson in 
Moscow, also dancing, stage career, singer and 
dancer, Theatre of Fine Arts, Moscow; screen 
career, Iris Co. of Switzerland, Swiss National 
Cinema, Pathe Freres, and other continental 
producers; biggest productions, "Mimosa" and 
"Wandering Souls"; also played with Pola 
Negri. Hght., 5, 10; wght.. 130; fair com- 
plexion, auburn- hair, dark blue eyes. Mail ad- 
dress, 1980 Prospect ave., N. Y. C. 

LESLIE, Gladys; b. N. Y. C., March 5, 1899; educ. 
Washington Irving High School and Columbia 
Univ.; screen career, Edison, Thanhouser, Vita- 
graph ("The Vicar of Wakefield," "The Beloved 
Imposter," "Fortune's Child," "Miss Dulcie of 
Dixie," "Stitch in Time," "Too Many Crooks," 
"The Girl Woman," "Mystery of Gray Towers," 
"Golden Showers," "Midnight Bride," "Elsie in 
New York"), Abramson ("A Child for Sale"), 
Cosmo. ("Straight Is the Way"). First Nat'l 
("Jim, the Penman"). Hght., 5; wght., 95; 
light hair and complexion, brown eyes. Home 
ad., 1252 E. 26th st., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Midwood 

LESLIE, Lilie; b. 1892; stage career, stk. prods. 
Australia, "Experience," with Elliott, Comstock 
and Gest, Morosco, Belasco, in "The Boom- 
erang " ; screen career, Fox, Pathe. Metro 
("The Silent Woman," "Man Who Stayed 
at Home," "Diana Ardway," "Johnny on the 
Spot," "Satan, Junior"), Universal ("Little 
Brother of the Rich," "Blue Streak McCoy"), 
Fox ("Molly and I," "Would You Forgive?" 
"Love's Harvest"), Robertson-Cole ("The 
Butterfly Man"), Hodkinson ("No. 99"), 
Metro ("Best of Luck"). Hght.. 5, 5; wght., 
135; complexion, fair; red gold hair, brown 

LESLIE, Marguerite; b. Sweden; educ. Sweden 
and England; stage career, leads with Sir 
Charles Wyndham, Sir John Hare and in sev- 
eral other Chas. Frohman's London prods.; 
came to this country to play lead in "The 
Money Moon," Morosco; "The Secret" with 
Frances Starr, Belasco; screen career, Famous 
(in support of John Mason in "Jim the Pen- 
man"), World ("The Question"), Emory Film 

Corp. ("The Chosen Path"). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 
146; fair complexion, auburn hair, blue eyes. 
LESTER, Kate; b. England; educ. Normal Coll., 
N. Y. ; stage career, with Richard Mansfield, 
Julia Marlowe, John Drew, Mrs. Fiske; screen 
career, Famous Players, Edison, World ("The 
Unbeliever," "Little Women"), Goldwyn, 
" Cup of Fury," " Don't Neglect Your Wife," 
" Dangerous Curve Ahead," " Scratch My 
Back," "Made in Heaven," " Earthbound "), 
Jesse Hampton (" Simple Souls "). Ad., 7131 
Bagley ave., Culver City, Calif.; phone 70150. 
LESTER, Louise; b. Milwaukee, Wis.; educ. 
there; stage career, People's Stock, and Bush 
Temple, Chicago; screen career, Selig, Ameri- 
can ("Calamity Ann," "Mother of the Ranch," 
"Repaid"), Allan Dwan in "Luck of the Irish." 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 140; auburn hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 2110 Hollister ave., Santa Barbara, Calif. 
LEWIS, Eva; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. San Fran- 
cisco; stage career, various stock companies, 
screen career, Universal (" Riders of the 
Range," " Idle Wives," "'Jacques of Yukon," 
"Mother of Mine"), Crescent ("Chosen Prince"), 
L-Ko ("Wayward Sons"), Francis Ford ("Man 
of Mystery" serial), " Vitagraph ("Purple 
Riders"), Universal "Tiger True"). Hght., 5, 
5%; wght., 140; brown hair, gray eyes. Home 
ad., 416 Madison ave.. Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Wilshire 5395. 

LEWIS, Ida; b. England; educ. Montana; stage 
career, 30 yrs. in legit., appeared with elder 
Sothern, with many stk. cos. throughout West, 
in "Kindling," "East Lynne"; screen career, 
Horsley, Paralta ("A Man's Man"), Klotz & 
Streimer ("Whither Thou Goest?" "Patriot- 
ism," "Maid o' the Storm," "Heart of 
Rachael"), Rob-Cole ("Dangerous Waters"). 
Famous Players ("Mary's Ankle," "Paris 
Green"), First Nat'l ("Peaceful Valley"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 160; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 147 N. Coronado, Los Angeles, Calif.; Wil- 
shire 1681. 

LEWIS, Katharine; b. Newark, N. J., 1899; educ. 
Brooklyn; screen career, Vitagraph, 18 mos. 
(" Mr. Jack " series with Frank Daniels, 
" Walls of Convention," " Kennedy Square," 
"The Hawk," "The Soul Master"), First Na- 
tional ("Virtuous Wives" "Twin Beds"), 
Universal ("Everything But the Truth"), 
Frank Gersten ("The Unfortunate Sex"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 120; blond hair, blue eyes. 
LEWIS, Maude; screen career, Goldwyn 
("Madame X "), Robertson-Cole ("Slave of 
Vanity "). 

LEWIS, Vera; b. N. Y.; educ. Normal Coll.; 
stage career, 1897, rep., vaud. and stk., mgmt. 
Frohman, Shubert, Belasco; screen career, Fine 
Arts ("Intolerance"), Fox, Paramount ("Lost in 
Transit"), Metro ("As the Sun Went Down"), 
Walthal (" A Still Small Voice "). Goldwyn 
("The Blooming Angel"), Metro ("Lombard!, 
Ltd."), Fox ("The Devil's Riddle"), Realart 
("Nurse Marjorie," "She Couldn't Help It"). 
Ad., home, 8221 De Longpre Ave., Los Angeles, 
Cal. Phone 579977. 

LINDEN, Margaret; b. Australia; educ. there; 
stage career, "Madam X," "The Fortune Hun- 
ter," "Stop Thief," "Man Who Came Back"; 
leading woman with William Hodge in " The 
Guest of Honor"; screen career, World 
("The Grouch"), Constance Talmadge ("The 
Virtuous Vamp"), Famous Players ("Wanted, 
A Husband," "His House in Order"), Realart 
("The New York Idea'), Constance Talmadge 
("Beauty and Brains"). Hght.. 5, 7%; wght., 
142; brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 236 W. 70th 
st., N. Y. C.; Columbus 9808. 

LINDROTH, Helen; educ. America; stage career, 
15 yrs. legit.; screen career, Kalem ("From the 
Manger to the Cross"), Famous Players 
("Audrey," "The Spider," "Little Lady Eileen," 
"Seventeen"), Metro ("The House of Gold," 
"The Great Romance," "Shadows of Suspicion"), 
Goldwyn ("The Eternal Magdalene"), Mc- 
Manus Corp. ("The Gray Brother"), Inter- 
national ("The Passionate Pilgrim"), Selz- 
nick ("Point of View," "Worlds Apart," "The 
Fighters"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 160; brown 
hair and eyes. Ad., 315 W. 51st st, N. Y. C.; 
Circle 6745. 

LISA, Mona; screen career. Paramount (" To 
Please One Woman," "What's Worth While"), 
First National ("Good References"). 
LITTLE, Ann.; b. Sisson, Calif.; educ. Chicago 
and Los Angeles; stage career, stock in Los 
Angeles; screen career, Universal, American, 
Mutual, Selznick, Metro, Lasky ("Believe Me, 
Xantippe," "Less Than Kin," "The Squaw 
Man," "Excuse My Dust"). Famous Players 



("Rimrock Jones," "Alias, Mike Moran," 
" The Roaring Road," " Told in the Hills," 
"The Bear Trap"), National ("Lightning 
Brice " serial), Hart-Artcraft ("Square Deal 
Sanderson," " Service Stripes "). Para-Art 
("Cradle of Courage"), Arrow "The Blue 
Fox"). Hght., 5, 5; wght.. 112; black hair, 
brown eyes. Permanent ad., Rex Arms Apts., 
Orange St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

LIVINGSTON, Marguerite; b. Salt Lake City, 
Utah; educ. there; screen career, Paralta ("Ali- 
mony," "Within the Cup"), Pathe ("All 
Wrong"), Ince ("The Busher," "What's Your 
Husband Doing?"), Goldwyn ("Billie's For- 
tune"), J. D. Hampton ("House of a Thousand 
Candles"), Ince ("Lying Lips," "Brute Mas- 
ter," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 120; auburn hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., 1536% N. Serrano, Los Angeles; 
phone 599-826. 

LONDON. Babe; b. Des Moines, Iowa; educ. San 
Diego High Sch., Calif. Sch. of Arts and Crafts; 
screen career, Lyons-Moran (" Expert Eloper," 
"Too Many Burglars"), Douglas Fairbanks 
("When the Clouds Roll By"), Chaplin ("A 
Day's Pleasure "), Vitagraph ("Sauce and 
Senoritas," " The Rent Diggers," " A Parcel 
Post Husband," "The Laundry"), Fox 
("Merely Mary Ann"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
195; light brown hair, blue gray eyes. Home 
ad., 1010 Ingraham st., Los Angeles; phone 
Broad 4151. 

LOOMIS, Margaret; screen career, Paramount- 
Art (" Every Woman," " Told in the Hills," 
" Why Smith Left Home"," " What Happened 
to Jones," " Sins of St. Anthony," " Always 
Audacious," Conrad in Quest of His Youth "), 
Fox ("Three Gold Coins"). 

LORRAINE, Leota; b. Kansas City, Mo., educ. 
Univ. of Missouri at Columbia; screen career, 
Essanay 18 mos., Metro, Triangle, Ince- 
Para. ("Playing the Game," "The Kaiser's 
Shadow"), Goldwyn ("The Peat," "The Gay 
Lord Quex"), Fox ("Be a Little Sport"), 
Famous Players ("Luck in Pawn"), First Na- 
tional ("The Turning Point"), Universal 
("Her Five Foot Highness"), Metro ("The 
Misfit Wife"). Charles Ray ("The Girl 
Dodger"). Hght., 5, 5%; wght., 135; blond 
hair, blue eyes. Home ad., Box 808, Laurel 
Canyon, Cal.; Holly 880. 

LOVE, Bessie; b. Los Angeles, Cal.; educ. high 
schl. In Los Angeles; screen career, Triangle- 
Fine Arts ("A Sister of Six," "Intolerance," 
"The Heiress of Coffee Dan's," "The Doll's 
Shop," "Nina, the Flower Girl"), Ince-Triangle 
("The Sawdust Ring," "Wee Lady Betty," 
"Pernickety Polly Ann," "The Dawn of Under- 
standing," "The Enchanted Barn"). With Vita- 
graph for year, A. J. Callaghan Prod. (" The 
Midlanders," "Bonnie May," "Penny"), Rob- 
ertson-Cole ("The Swamp"), Ince ("The Sea 
Lion"), Ad., care of Willis and Inglis, L. A., 

LOVELY, Louise; b. Sydney, Australia, 1896; 
educ. Switzerland and Sydney; stage career, 
vaud., mus. com., in Australia, in vaud. for 2% 
yrs. ; screen career, Universal-Bluebird, Vita- 
graph, Fox-Farnurn (" The Lone Star Ranger,'.' 
" The Last of the Duanes," " Wolves of the 
Night," "Wings of the Morning"); Robertson- 
Cole ("The Butterfly Man," "The Tnird 
Woman"), Fox ("The Orphan," "Twins of 
Suffering Creek," " The Joyous Troublemaker," 
"The Skywayman,"" Connecticut Yankee in 
King Arthur's Court," " Partners of Fate." 
"While the Devil Laughs"). Hght.. 5, 2; 
wght., 128; fair hair, blue-gray eyes. Ad., 
home, 1746 Wilcox ave., Hollywood. 
LUNAN, Iris; screen career, Pathe ("The 

Flame," " Bars of Iron "). 

LUTHER, Anne; b. Newark, N. J., 1894; screen 
career, Reliance, Lubin, Selig, Keystone, Fox 
("Her Father's Station" "The Island of Des- 
tiny"), Ivan ( 'Moral Suicide"), Triangle ("The 
Marriage Bubble"), General ("Her Moment"), 
Pathe ("The Great Gamble"), Fox ("Woman, 
Woman," "The Jungle Trail"); Western Photo- 
plays, Inc., Wisteria Prods, Inc. ("Neglected 
Wives"). Hght., 5, 5; wght, 129; titian hair, 
blue eyes. 

LYNARD, Lenore; b. Philadelphia; educ. Drexel 
Inst. ; screen career, Jack Pickford ("Burglar 
by Proxy"), Madlaine Traverse ("What Would 
You Do"), Geraldine Farrar ("Flame of the 
Desert"), Goldwyn ("Dangerous Days"), Vita- 
graph ("The Wolf," "Diamonds Adrift"), 
Equity ("Whispering Devils"), First Nat'l 
("My Lady's Latch Key"), Metro ("The 
Groater Claim," "Madame Peacock "). Hght., 
5,6; wght., 138; blond hair, blue eyes. Home 

ad., 2225 W. llth st., Los Angeles, Calif.; phone. 

LYNCH, Helen; screen career, Universal ("Honor 
Bound"), Robertson-Cole ("What's a Wife 
W T orth, "). 


MacCLEAN, Grace; b. Detroit, Mich.; educ. there; 
stage career, 7 yrs. permanent stock and prods ; 
screen career, Ince ("Let's Be Fashionable"), 
Fox ("Sergeant Tim"), Universal ("Elmo the 
Mighty," "Blind Husbands"), Fox ("The 
Tomboy"). Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 128; brown 
hair, dark blue blue eyes. Home ad., 6511% 
Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 
577330 or 577333. 

MacDONALD, Katherine Agnew; b. Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; educ. Blairsville Coll.; screen career, Art- 
craft, Paramount, Betzvvood ("Headin' South," 
"Shark Monroe," "Riddle Gawne," "Mr. Fixlt," 
"Battling Jane," "Squaw Man," "The Woman 
Thou Gavest Me"). First National "The Thun- 
derbolt," "The Beauty Market" "The Turn- 
ing Point," " The Notorious Miss Lisle," " Pas- 
sions Playground," " Curtain," " My Lady's 
Latchkey," " Trust Your Wife," " Stranger 
Than Fiction"). Hght.. 5, 8; wght., 130; 
blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., MacDonald Fihu 
Corp., 904 Girard st., Los Angeles, Cal. 
MAC KAILL, Dorothy; b. Hull, Eng., 1903; educ. 
there and London, private dancing and vocal 
instructors; stage career, London Hippodrome; 
Century Theatre, N. Y. ; Ziegfeld's "Midnight 
Frolic"; screen career, "British Actors ("A 
Face at the Window", Eclair Comedies, Paris; 
Torchy Comedies (" Torchy's Millions," 
" Torchy Mixes In," " Torchy's Promotion," 
etc.), Marshall Neilan, " The Lotus Eaters." 
Hght., 5, 4%; wght.,, 121; fair complexion, 
blond hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 142 W. 64th 
st., N. Y. C. ; Col. 2684. 

MAC KAY, Ruth; screen career, George Clark 
("The Duke's Son"), Stoll Film ("Testi- 
mony "). 

MACLAREN, Mary MacDonald; b. Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; educ. Greensburg, Pa.; stage career, Win- 
ter Garden, N. Y. C., with Al. Jolson in "Pass- 
ing Show of 1914," "Dancing Around"; screen 
career, Universal ("Idle Wives," "The Model's 
Confession," "Vanity Pool," "Bread," "Shoes," 
"Saving a Family Name," "Petal on the Cur- 
rent," "Bonnie, Bonnie Lassie," "Rouge and 
Riches"), International ("The Wild Goose"), 
Douglas Fairbanks ("The Three Musketeers"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; blond hair, blue eyes 
Home ad., 127 No. Manhattan Place, Los Ange- 
les, Cal.; phone 560850; studio, Universal. 
MADDEN, Golda; b. Denver, 1894; educ. Univ. of 
Colo ; stage career, stk., William Collier; screen 
career, Biograph, Lubin, Pathe, Keystone, Na- 
tional ("Girl of My Dreams"), Brentwood 
("Turn In the Road"), Universal ("Fires of 
Rebellion").. Goldwyn ("Woman in Room 13"), 
Triangle ("Flying Colors"), American ("Jilted 
Janet"), Selznfck ("Branded" serial), Fox 
("Mother of His Children"), serial for Pathe. 
Hght., 5, 6; wght.. 125; light complexion, 
blond hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 1825 La 
Brea, Los Angeles, Cal. 

MADISON, Cleo; b. Bloomington, 111.; educ. 
Bloomington Normal Univ.; stage career, with 
James K. Hackett, Virginia Harned, in vaud. 
on Orpheum circuit, toured with o\\n e<> ; screen 
career, Universal, first success in "Trey of 
Hearts," has headed own co. and directed own 
prods, for a time ("The Chalice of Sorrow," 
"Retribution," "Black Orchids"), National 
("Romance of Tarzan," "Girl From Nowhere"), 
Universal ("Great Radium Mystery"), Metro 
("Price of Redemption," "Lure of Youth"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght.. 125; blue eyes, medium 
hair with reddish tinge. Ad., 1525 No. Bron- 
son, Los Angeles, Cal. 

MAJA, Zelma; screen career, Hodkinson ("Live 
Sparks"), Paramount ("The Six Best Cel- 
lars," "The Love Special"), Realart ("The 
Little Clown"). 

MALCOLM, Maud; b. Annapolis Royal, N. S., 
Canada, 1903; educ. Gardner Ep'scopal Sch.; 
screen career, leading role in "A Flower of 
the Hills," ingenue in "A Desperate Heritage," 
with Alice Joyce. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 106; fair 
complexion, light brown hair, dark grey eyes. 
Home ad., 225 West End Ave.. N. Y. C. ; Col. 

MALONE, Molly; b. Denver, Colo., 1897; educ. 
Denver and Los Angeles; screen career, Vita- 
graph, Lasky, Universal ("The Pullman Mys- 
tery," 'The Marked Man," "The Red Stain," 



"Birds of a Feather"), Arbuckle-Para. ("The 
Desert Hero," Back Stage," "The Hayseed," 
"The Garage"), Supreme Comedies ("Molly's 
Millions," "Mollie's Mumps," "Come in the 
Kitchen," "Her Doctor's Dilemma"), Goldwyn 
("Stop Thief," "It's a Great Life," "Just Out 
of College," "Made in Heaven"). Home ad., 
C.C2I St. Francis Court, Hollywood, Cal. 

MANN, Alice; b. Plalnfleld, N. J., 1900; educ. 
Boston Girls' Latin Schl. ; screen career, Fox 
("Help, Help, Police!"), ("Not Guilty"), Es- 
.sjuiay ("Pair of Sixes"), McClure ("The Yellow 
Eel"). ("The Black Sheep"). First National 
("Scrambled Wives"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 118; 
light golden hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 455 
Ft. Washington Ave., N. Y. ; Wadsworth 8S12. 

MANN, .Frances; b. Mill Hall, Pa.; educ. 
Boston Girls' Latin Sch.; stage career, 2 yrs. 
in stk., Orpheum, Phila. ; "Up Stairs and 
down," "Marry the Poor Girl"; screen career, 
Lubin, Vitagraph ("Youth"), Pathe ("Raven- 
gar"). Ivan ("The Sex Lure"), A. F. Beck, 
("The Isle of Jewels"), Pathe ("Trailed by 
Three"), Pioneer ("Place of Honeymoons"), 
Cosmo ("The Passionate Pilgrim"). light., 5, 
4; wght., 120; dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
Ad., home, 455 Ft. Washington Ave., N. Y. ; 
Wad.svvorth, 8812. 

MANN, Margaret;; b. and educ. Aberdeen, Scot- 
land; screen career, Universal ("Heart of 
Humanity," "Right to Happiness," "Once to 
Every Woman," "The Girl and the Goose"), 
Federal ("The New Disciple"), Vitagraph 
("Black Beauty"), Holubar ("Man-Woman- 
Marriage"). Hght., 5, 4 ] /&; wght... 165; grey 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 743 Lillian Way, 
' Los Angeles. Calif. 

MANNING, Aileen; b. and educ. Denver, Colo.; 
screen career, Goldwyn ("Edgar's Sunday 
Courtship"), Ince ("Her Husband's Friend"), 
Selznick ("Everybody's Sweetheart"). Brent- 
wood ("Heart of Twenty"), Metro ("Home 
Stuff"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 150; brown hair, 
dark blue eyes. Home ad.. 5455 Hampton 
Court. Los Angeles, Cal.: phone, 599721. 

MANNING, Marjorie; stage career, stk. co., and 
with Oliver Morosco; screen career, Famous 
Players ("His House in Order," "The Cost," 
"Miss Antique"), Hess-Ives ("Dismal Swamp"). 
Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 140; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Hotel Grenoble, N. Y. ; Circle 909. 

MANNING. Mildred; stage career, musical com- 
edy, in Broadway prods, for 8 yrs. ; screen ca- 
reer, Biograph ("Charity Ball," "Our Poor Re- 
lations," etc.), Vitagraph ("Mary Jane's Pa," 
"The Princess of Park Row," "Next Door to 
Nancy," "An Investment in Petticoats"), 
Hampton-Hodkinson ("The Westerners"), Rob- 
Cole ("Kitty Kelly, M.D."). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 
120; brown hair and eyes, olive complexion. 

MANON, Mareia; screen career, Paramount 
("Maggie Pepper," "The Test of Honor," "The 
Lottery Man"), Rob-Cole ("Woman Michael 
Married"), First National ("In Old Kentucky"). 
Dwan ("The Forbidden Thing"), Robertson- 
Cole ("Life's Twist"). 

MANSFIELD, Martha; b. Mansfield, O., 1899; 
educ. there; stage career, Winter Garden, "Cen- 
tury Girl" (Dillingham & Ziegfeld), A. H. 
Woods' "On With the Dance"; screen career, 
Essanay (Max Linder comedies), played oppo- 
site Montague Love and Eugene O'Brien, Film 
Specials ("Mothers of Men"), Famous Players 
("Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "Civilian Clothes"). 
Selznick ("The Wonderful Chance," "Society 
Snobs," "Gilded Lies"). Bradley ("Women Men 
Love"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 122; dark brown 
hair and eyes. Ad., care of Selznick, 729 7th 
Ave., N. Y. 

MARCEL, Inez; b. 1899; stage career, stk. p-ods.. 
with Klaw and Erlanger, Chas. Frohman; 
screen career, Hobart Henley Prod. ("Gay Old 
Dog"), Gaumont ("Making Her His Wife"), 
Catholic Arts Assn. ("The Burning Question," 
"The Transgression," "The Victim"), Curtis 
("Who Is Your Brother?"). Hght., 5, 7; com- 
plexion, light. Ad., 174 W. 109th St., N. Y. ; 
Academy 365. 

MARINOFF, Fania; b. Odessa, Russia; stage ca- 
reer, "The House Next Door," "Romance of the 
Underworld," "Within the Law," Arnold Daly's 
revival of Shaw's "Arms and the Man," Ariel 
in the tercentenary performance of Shake- 
speare's "The Tempest," "Karen," "Awaken- 
ing of Spring," "The Walk-Offs"; screen career, 
Famous Players ("One of Our Girls"), Kleine 
("The Money Master"), Pathe ("Nedra"), 
World ("Life's Whirlpool"), Artcraft ("Rise of 
Jennie Gushing"). Black hair and eyes. Home 
ad., 151 E. 19th St., N. Y. C. 

MARKEY, Enid; b. Dillon, Colo., 189C; educ Den- 
ver; stage careeer, Burbank stock, with Nat 
Goodwin, 1919 Al Woods, "Up in Mabel's 
Room"; screen career, Ince ("Civilization," 
"The Devil's Double"), Fox ("The Yankee 
Way," "Responsibility"), Corona ("The Curse 
of Eve"), National ("Tarzan of the Apes," 
Romance of Tarzan"), Shipman ("Mother, I 
Need You"). Hght.. 5, 4; wght:., 11!) ; dark 
hair, dark eyes. Ad., 859 Seventh Ave., N. Y. C. 
MARSH, Mae; b. Madrid, New Mexico, 1897; 
educ. convents in San Francisco; screen career, 
Biograph, Reliance-Majestic ("The Birth of a 
Nation"), Fine Arts ("Intolerance"), Goldwyn 
("Polly of the Circus," "The Cinderella Man," 
"Sunshine Alley," "Fields of Honor, 1'he Be- 
loved Traitor," "The Face in the Dark," "The 
Glorious Adventure," "All Woman," "Hidden 
Fires," "Money Mad," "Spotlight Sadie"). 
Hght., 5, 3; gray eyes, auburn, hair. Ad., Box 
84, R. F. D. No. 13, Los Angeles. 
MARSH, Marguerite C.; b. Lawrence, Kansas, 
1892; educ. San Francisco and Los Angeles;; 
stage career, two seasons with Raymond Hitch- 
cock; Morosco stock in Los Angeles; screen ca- 
reer, Biograph under Griffith, Essanay, Reliance, 
Fine Arts ("Mr. Goode, the Samaritan"), Tri- 
angle, Goldwyn, Rolfe ("The Master Mystery"), 
Oliver ("Craig Kennedy" serial), Hallmark 
("Phantom Honeymoon," "Wits vs. Wits"), 
Bradley ("Women Men Love"), Fox. light., 
5. 2; wght., 120; auburn hair, dark blue eyes, 
fair complexion. Ad., Hotel Monterey, N. Y C 
MARSTINI, Rosita; b. France, Sept. 19, 1887; 
educ. Belgium; screen career, Universal ("The 
Heart of a Tigress," "On the Trail of the Ti- 
gress," "Graft"), Fox ("A Tale of Two Cities," 
"The Innocent Sinner," "Flames of the Flesh"), 
Lasky-Paramount ("The Clever Mrs. Carfax," 
"Widow by Proxy"), Robertson-Cole ("Luck 
of Geraldine Laird"), Realart ("The Outside 
Woman"). Hght., 5, 61/2! wght., 147; light 
complexion, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. 
Home ad., Windsor Apts.. Los Angeles, Cal. 
MARTIN, Florence Evelyn; educ. San Francisco, 
Cal.; stage career, 3 yrs. with Oliver Morosco 
prods, playing leads, also one season with Geo. 
Tyler; screen career, Guy Empey Co. ("The 
Undercurrent"). ("Oil," renamed "Liquid 
Gold"), First National ("Scrambled Wives"), 
Independent ("Ever Faithful"). light., 5,' Z% 
wght., 120; dark brown hair, blue eyes. 
MARTIN, Vivian; b. near Gr. Rapids, Mich.; 
stage career, with Richard Mansfield in "Cy- 
rano de Bergerac," in "Officer 666," "Stop 
Thief," "The Only Son"; screen career, World 
Film, Fox ("A Modern Thelma"), Morosco- 
Pallas ("Her Father's Son," "Little Miss Op- 
tomist," "Molly Shawn," "The Sunset Trail," 
"The Trouble Buster," "Mary Gusta"), Para. 
("Her Country First," "Littlest Scrub Lady," 
"Mirandy Smiles," "Home Town Girl," "Little 
Comrade," "Louisiana," "His Official Wife"), 
Gaumont ("Husbands and Wives"), Goldwyn 
("Song of the Soul"), Abramson ("Mother 

MASON, Shirley; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1901; educ. 
private tutors; stage career, created part of 
Little Hal in "The Squaw Man," with Wm. 
Favorsham at the age of 4, "Rip Van Winkle," 
"Passers-By," also "The Poor Little Rich 
Girl," etc.; screen career, Edison, Famous 
Players ("Good-Bye Bill," "Gosh Darn the 
Kaiser"), Paramount ("The Rescuing Angel," 
"The Final .Close-Up," "The Winning Girl," 
"Treasure Island"), Fox ("Her Elephant Man," 
"Molly and I," "Love's Harvest," "Little Wan- 
derer," "Merely Mary Ann," "Girl of My 
Heart," "Flame of Youth," "Ming Toy," "The 
Lamplighter"). Hght.. 5; wght., 94; brown 
hair, light gray eyes. Home ad., 1770 Grand 
Concourse. N. Y. C. ; studio, Fox, Los Angeles, 

MATTOX, Martha; b. Natchez, Miss.; educ. East 
Miss. Coll.; stage career, several years In rep., 
stk. and prod., playing characters and heavies; 
screen career, Universal ("Scarlet Shadow," 
"Polly Put the Kettle On"), Famous Players 
("Huckelberry Finn'' 1 ),, American ("Eve in 
Exile"), Metro ("Old Lady 31"), Robertson-Cole 
("Butterfly Man"), Fox ("Firebrand Trevison," 
"Girl of My Heart"), Realart ("A Cumber- 
land Romance"), Selznick ("Everybody's Sweet- 
heart"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 164; dark brown 
haid and eyes. Home ad., 2117 Aaron St., Los 
Angeles Cal.; 54925. 

MAY, Ann; b. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1901; educ. St. 
Ursula Acad., grad. Schuster-Martin School or' 
Dramatic Art, 1916, 1 yr. at Little Playhouse, 
Cincinnati; screen career, Goldwyn, Famous 
Players. ("A Marriage for Convenience"), Met- 



ro ("Lombard!, Ltd."), Universal ("A Lovely 
Night"), Ince-Para., Chas. Ray, ("Paris 
Green," "Peaceful Valley"), Lasky ("Amateur 
Devil"), Morosco ("The Half Breed"). Hght., 
5, 214; wght., 103; black hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
care of The Studio Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 

MAY, Doris; b. Seattle, Wash.; educ. French Con- 
vent, Seattle; screen career, doubled for Marv 
Pickford in "The Little American"; Thos. H. 
Ince, "The Hired Man," "Playing the Game," 
in "23% Hours Leave," "What's Your Husband 
Doing?" "Mary's Ankle," "Let's Be Fashion- 
able," "The Jailbird," "The Rookie's Re- 
turn," co-star with Douglas McLean), Lesser 
("Peck's Bad Boy"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 117; 
golden hair, brown eyes. Ad., Thos. H. Ince 
Studio, Culver City, Cal. 

MAYO, Christine; stage career, in "Excuse Me," 
"Seven Keys to Baldpate," vaud., stk. ; screen 
rareer, Metro ("Spell of the Yukon." "Iron 
Woman," "Fair and Warmer"), Master Drama 
("Raffles"), World ("The Little Intruder"), 
Hampton ("A Fugitive From Matrimony"), 
Goldwyn ("Duds," "A Fool's Paradise," "Two 
Men and a Woman"), First Nat'l ("Don't Ever 
Marry"), Chadwick ("Wanda's Affair"), Selz- 
nick ("Palace of Darkened Windows"), Para- 
mount ("An Amateur Devil"). Pathe ("Girl 
in the Web," "When We Were Twenty-One"), 
specializes in vampire and emotional leads. 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; dark hair and eyes. 
Ad., 1803C Highland, Hollywood. Cal.; home 
ad.. 559 W. 164th st., N. Y. ; Aud. 5664. 

MAYO, Edna; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1893; educ. 
Girls' Coll., Philadelphia; stage career, starred 
in "Madame X," "Excuse Me," "Help Wanted"; 
screen career, Essanay since 1915 ("The Woman 
Hater," "The Little Straw Wife," "The Mis- 
leading Lady," "The Strange Case of Mary 
Page," "The Return of Eve," "The Chaperon"), 
American ("Hearts of Love"). Hght., 5, 3; 
wght.. 115; fair complexion, light hair, blue 

MeALPINE, Jane; screen career, Arrow ("Wall 
Street Mystery"), Empire State Film ("The 
Unseen Witness"). 

McAVOY, May; b. N. Y., 1901; educ. N. Y.; screen 
career, Goldwyn ("Perfect Lady"), United 
("Woman Under Oath"), Famous Players 
("Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch"), World 
("Hit or Miss"), Blackton ("My Husband's 
Other Wife"), Vitagraph ("Sporting Duchess"), 
Pathe ("Man and His Woman," "House of 
Tolling Bell," "Forbidden Valley"), First Nat'l 
("Devil's Garden," "Truth About Husbands"). 
Paramount ("Sentimental Tommy"). Star of 
"A Private Scandal." Hght., 4, 11; wght., 94; 
dark hair, blue eyes. 

McCOY. Gertrude; b. Rome, Ga., 1896; educ. Nas- 
sau, Tenn.; stage career, stk. and mus. com., 
"The Two Orphans"; screen career, 8 yrs. Bio- 
graph under Griffith, Pathe, Edison ("Through 
Turbulent Waters," "On the Stroke of Twelve," 
"What Could She Do?" "June Friday," "Friend 
Wilson's Daughter"), Gaumont ("The- Isle of 
Love"), Van Dyke ("The Lash of Destiny"), 
Authors Film Co. -Mutual ("The Silent Wit- 
ness," "Madame Sherry"), Artcraft ("The Dan- 
ger Mark"). Hght., 5, 6%; wght., 135; blond 
hair, blue-green eyes. 

McDOWELL, Claire; b. N. Y. ; educ. N. Y. ; stage 
career since babyhood, in "The Clansman," has 
acted with Faversham, Julie Opp, Marie Dress- 
ier; screen career, with Biograph for over 5 
yrs., Universal ("The Gates of Doom," "The 
Storm Woman"), Triangle (Everlasting Mercy," 
"Fighting Back." "The Ship of Doom," "The 
Follies Girl"), Fox ("The Feud"), First Nat'l 
("Heart o' the Hills," "Jack Knife Man"), 
Famous Players ("Woman in the Suitcase," 
"What Every Woman Knows," "Chickens"), 
Fox ("The Devil's Riddle"), Goldwyn ("Pri- 
soners of Love"). Republic ("The Gift Su- 
preme"), United Artists ("The Mark of Zoro"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 115; brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., home, Highland ave., Hollywood Park, 

McGOWAN, Roxana; b. March 15, 1899, Chicago, 
111., educ. Chicago and Houston, Tex.; screen 
career, Sennett ("Villa of the Movies," "Her 
Nature Dance," " A Bedroom Blunder," " LOVP 
Loops the Loop," " Summer Girls," " Her 
Screen Idol "). On road for 7 mos. with 
"Yankee Doodle in Berlin" Co. Hght., 5, 4; 
wght, 120; light complexion, brown hair, gray 
eyes. Ad., home, 1020 W. 75th St., Los Angeles, 

McQUADE, Mabel; b. Kokomo, Ind., 1897; educ. 
Darlington Seminary; stage career, dancing; 
screen career, Virginia Pearson Co. ("Impossible 
Catherine") Schomer-Ross ("The Hidden 

Light"), Metro ("The Misleading Lady"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 131; light complexion, blond 
hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 126 23rd St., Elm- 
hurst, L. I., N. Y.; Newton 2550. 

Mc-WADE, Margaret; screen career, Metro ("Why 
Germany Must Pay," "Stronger Than Death," 
"Shore Acres"), Fox ("Broken Command- 
ments"), Universal ("Alias Miss Dodd"), Real- 
art ("Food For Scandal," "La Veglione," "Her 
Beloved Villain"), Pathe ("Blue Moon"), Gold- 
wyn ("Tale of Two Worlds"). Hght., 5,4; wght., 
115; black hair, dark gray eyes. Home ad., 
6059 Hollywood Blvd., phone 579046. 

MERRIAM, Charlotte; screen career, Pathe ("The 
Honey, Bee"), Christie ("Pairs and Peaches"), 
Educational ("Shuffle the Queens," "Tea for 
Two," "Sandwitches"), Special Pictures ("Ball 
Room Romeo"). 

MERSEREAU, Violet; b. and educ. N. Y. ; stage 
career, child parts in stock, toured with Mar- 
garet Anglin, played Flora in orig. co. of " The 
Clansman," starred on road as Rebecca in " Re- 
becca of Sunnybrook Farm"; screen career, 
Famous Players, Universal (" Little Miss No- 
body," " The Girl by the Roadside, " Princess 
Tatters," " The Wild Cat," " The Raggedy 
Queen," "Souls United," "Together"), Bluebird 
("The Nature Girl"), Pioneer ("Finders Keep- 
ers"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 115; blond hair, dark 
blue eyes. Home ad., Hotel Monterey, N. Y. C. 

MICHEUENA, Beatrix; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("Just Squaw," "Heart of Juanita," "The 
Flame of Hell Gate"). 

MIDGLEY, Fannie; b. Cincinnati; stage career, 
from age of 15, with Henry Miller in "The 
Great Divide"; screen career, Melies, Biograph, 
Ince ("The Waifs," "The Apostle of Venge- 
ance," " Civilization," " The Man from Ore- 
gon," " Somewhere in France," "Jim Grims- 
by's Boy"), Paramount ("The Heart of 
Youth," "The Lottery Man"), United ("The 
Corsican Brothers"), Robertson-Cole ("Seeing 
It Thru"), Famous Players ("Always Auda- 
cious," "The Jucklins"), Realart ("All Souls 

MILHOLLAND, Helen; b. Kingston, N. Y.; educ. 
Canada and Paris, France; stage career, stk.; 
"Why Marry," Selwyn; vaud.; screen career, 
World Metro, ("The Soul Market"), Famous 
Players ("The Long Trail"), Creative ("Girl 
Who Didn't Think"), Arnold Daly ("My Own 
United States"). Hght., 5; wght., 110; light 
complexion, brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 
29 W. 61st St., N. Y. Columbus 8213. 

MILLER, Jane; screen career, Fox ("The Hus- 
band Hunter," "Beware of the Bride," "Why 
Trust Your Husband"). 

MILTON, Marjorie, educ. Wadleigh High Sen., 
N. Y. ; early career, receptionist in photographic 
Studio; screen career, Vitagraph ("A Woman 
at Bay"), Pathe ("The Black Secret"), Con- 
stance Talmadge ("In Search of a Sinner"). 
Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140; light brown hair, dark 
gray eyes. Ad., 15 W. 88th St., N. Y. C., River- 
side 7947. 

MINEAU, Charlotte; b. Bordeaux, France; educ. 
Convent de L'Assumption, Louisville, Canada; 
screen career, Essanay (Geo. Ade Fables, Swee- 
dy Series), 1917, in stk. with Chaplin, Pathe 
("Rosemary Climbs the Heights," "Carolyn 
of the Corners"), First Nat'l ("Married Life," 
"Love, Honor and Behave"). Hght., 5. 10; 
wght., 160; auburn hair, violet eyes. Home 
ad., 454 So. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
B'way 459. 

MINTER, Mary Miles; b. Shreveport, La., April 
1, 1902; educ. by private tutors; stage career, 
child actress supporting Nat Goodwin, Robert 
Hilliard, Mrs. Fiske, Bertha Kalich, Dustin 
Farnum, for 4 yrs. appeared in title role in 
"The Littlest Rebel"; screen career, Metro, 
American, Realart ("Anne of Green Gables," 
"Judy of Rogue's Harbor," "Sweet Lavender," 
"A Cumberland Romance," "Nurse Ma- 
"All Souls Eve," "Moonlight and Honeysuckle," 
"Jerry," "Little Clown"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
112; golden hair, blue eyes. Ad., Realart Pict. 
Corp., N. Y. ; Home ad., 701 New Hampshire 
Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

MINTS, Rose; born, Denver, Col.; stage career, 
"An Innocent Idea," "The Mirage" with Fl 
ence Reed, "The Brat," "Peg O' My Heart"; 
screen career, with Rubye de Remer in "His 
Temporary Wife," "The Way Women Love," 
"Luxury." Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; jet black 
hair, brown eyes. Permanent ad., 33 W. 67th 
st., N. Y. C. 

MITCHELL, Rhea; b. Portland, Oreg. ; educ. 
there; stage career, on Orpheum circuit, stk. 
at Alcazar, San Francisco; screen career, Lasky 
("The Goat"), Metro ("Unexpected Place"), 



William S. Hart ("The Money Corral"), Burston 
("The Hawk's Trail"), Robertson-Cole ("The 
Devil's Claim," "Good Women"), First Na-t'l 
("The Scoffer"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 110; blond 
hair, dark blue eyes. Home ad., 1742 North- 
western av,, Hollywood, Calif.; phone 599969. 

MITCHEIX, Yvette; b. San Francisco; educ. Los 
Angeles; stage career, Orpheum dancing act, 
"So Long Letty" ; screen career, Universal ("The 
Red Ace," "Flower of Doom," "The Door Be- 
tween," "Virgin of Stamboul," "The Petal on 
the Current," "The Wicked Darling"), Mitchell 
Lewis Prod. ("Last of His People"), Dustin 
Farnum ("Honor of His Family"), Mayer Prod. 
Co. ("The Inferior Sex"), Pathe ("Lahoma"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght.. 112; black hair, hazel eyes. 
Home ad., 6049 Selma ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Holly 348. 

MONTROSE, Helene; b. San Francisco; educ. 
there and Paris; stage career, with Francis 
Wilson, Frohman Co., operatic exper. in France 
and Italy; screen career, Famous Players ("Ca- 
reer of Katherine Bush," "Sadie Love," "Coun- 
terfeit"), Selznick ("The Country Cousin," 
"Bucking the Tiger"), Jose Prod. ("Mothers 
of Men"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; black hair 
and dark brown eyes. Ad., Great Northern 
Hotel. 118 W. 57th at., N. Y. 

MOORE, 'Colleen; b. Port Huron, Mich.; educ. 
Convent of Holy Name, Tampa, Fla. ; screen 
career, Triangle, Fine Arts, Ince, Selig 
(featured in "Little Orphant Annie," "A Hoosier 
Romance"), Paramount ("The Busher," "The 
Egg-Crate Wallop"), Fox ("The Wilderness 
Train"), Universal ("Common Property," "The 
Man in the Moonlight"), Christie Comedies 
(featured in "A Roman Scandal," "Her Bridal 
Night-Mare," "So Long Letty"). Fox ("The 
Cyclone"), Robertson-Cole ("The Devil's 
Claim"), First Nat'l ("Dinty," "The Sky 
Pilot"), Hugh Dierker ("When Dawn Came"). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 110; brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., 7119 So. Grand View, phone 51180 Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

MOORE, Eunice Murdock; screen career, Fox 
("Just Pals," "Two Moons"). 

MOORE, Mildred; b, Bridgeport, Conn.; educ. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; stage career, 3 yrs. in stk. 
Meriden, Conn, and Poli Circuit, mus. com., 
'Princess Chrysanthemum," Dolls in Toyland" ; 
screen career, Metro, Cayuga Films. Hght., 
5, 4; wght., 118; fair complexion, light brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., care of Merritc Craw- 
ford, 904 Fitzgerald Bldg., N. Y. C.; Bryant 

MORAN, Polly; screen career, Fox ("Sheriff 
Nell's Come Back," "Skirts,"), C. B. C. Film 
Sales ("In Again, Out Again," "High and 

MORNE, Maryland; b. England; educ. Convent in 
Chicago; stage career, "Alice in Wonderland" 
when 7 yrs. old, Adean stk. in St. Louis; screen 
career, Allan Dwan ("In the Heart of a Fool"). 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 130; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 4736 Franklin ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; Holly 531. 

MORRISON, Mrs. Priestly; educ. Missouri State 
Univ.; stage career, stk. in N. Y. C., Cleveland, 
Kansas City, Des Moines, Iowa, Los Angeles, 
etc., covering period of 25 yrs.; screen career, 
Famous ("Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Misleading 
Widow," "Wanted, A Husband"), World ("The 
Steel King," "The Praise Agent"). Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 130; brown hair, gray eyes. Ad., 
2059 Davidson ave., N. Y. Fordham 533 and 

MORSE, Grace; screen career, Paramount ("Let's 
Be Fashionable," "Hairpins," "Sins of Rosan- 
ne," "Burglar Proof," "The Charm School"). 
Realart ("The Saul of Youth"), Ince ("An Old 
Fashioned Boy"). 

MOSQUINI, Marie; b. Los Angeles, Calif., 1899; 
educ. Immaculate Heart Convent; screen ca- 
reer, Rolin Film Co. ("It's a Hard Life"), 
Harry Pollard Comedies ("Looking for Trou- 
ble," "Floor Below"), Harold Lloyd comedies 
(His Royal Shyness"), Pathe ("His Best Girl," 
"Make It Snappy," "Rush Orders," "No Chil- 
dren"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; olive complex- 
ion, brown hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 921 
Vernal st., Los Angeles, Calif.; Boyle 3498. 

MURPHY. Edna; screen career, First National 
("The Branded Woman"). Fox ("Over the 
Hill to the Poorhouse," "Fantomas," "Dyna- 
mite Allen"), Goldwyn ("The North Wind's 
Malice"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 118; blond hair; 
gray eyes; home ad., 926% No. Western ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

MURRAY, Mae; stage career, mus. com. ; screen 
career, Lasky-Paramount ("To Have and to 
Hold," "The Dream Girl"), Famous Players 

("The Primrose Ring"), Lasky ("A Mormon 
Maid"), Universal ("The Bride's Awakening," 
"What Am I Bid?" "Delicious Little Devil," 
"Modern Love"), Pathe ("Twin Pawns," "A, 
B, C of Love"), Paramount-Artcraft ("On With 
the Dance," "Right to Love," "Idols of Clay " 
"The Gilded Lily"). N. Y. C. 

MYERS, Carmel; b. San Francisco, April 9, 1901; 
educ. Los Angeles; stage career, 'The Magic 
Melody" at Shubert Theatre; screen career, Fine 
Arts, Metro (opposite Harold Lockwood in "The 
Haunted Pajamas"), Universal ("Sirens of the 
Sea") Bluebird ("The Dream Lady," "A So- 
ciety Sensation"), Universal ("My Unmarried 
Wife," "Who Will Marry Me?" "The Little 
White Savage," "In Folly's Trail," "The Mad 
Marriage," "The Dangerous Moment," "The 
Heart of a Jewess,"). Home ad., 5721 Carlton 
Way, Hollywood, Cal. ; Holly 4452. 


NADINA, Sylvia; b. France; educ. Poland; stage 
. career, concert singer; screen career, played 
leads in pictures in Poland and France; World, 
American Cinema, Leonce Perret, Horace 
Plimpton, Selznick, Famous Players. Hght., 
5, 7; wght., 135; fair complexion, dark hair 
and eyes. Ad., care of J. J. Livingston, 1440 
Broadway, N. Y. C. ; phone Bryant 6244. 

NARA, Anita; b. and educ. New Mexico; screen 
career, Lasky ("The Lost Romance," "The 
Great Moment"), Hal Roach ("The Golden 
Canyon"). Hght.. 5, 3; wght., 125; dark hair 
and eyes. Home ad., 510 Temple St., Los Ange- 
les, Cal.; phone 16685. 

NARCITA, Mile.; b. Madrid, Spain; educ. priv. 
tutors in Spain and Switzerland; stage career, 
danseuse solo interpretative feature dancing 
Europe and the Orient; s^roen career, Patria, 
Madrid, Royal Cinema, Ltd.. Montre 
("A Night of Temptation," "Too Late," "The 
Crystal CUD," "The Peacock," "The Ruined 
Heart," "When Men Promise"). Hght., 5, 5; 
wght., 129; medium complexion, dark hair, dark 
brown eyes. Ad., care of Merrit Crawford, 
904 Fitzgerald Bldg., N. Y. C. 

NAZIMOVA, Alia; b. Yalta, Crimea, Russia; 
educ. Zurich, Odessa and dramatic sch. at 
Moscow; stage career, stock in Kerson, Vilna 
and Petrograd; first appeared in N. Y. In 
1906, presenting "Hedda Gabler," "A Doll's 
House," "The Master Builder." screen 
career, Brenton-Selznick ("War Brides"), Metro 
("Revelation," "Toys of Fate," "Eye for Eye." 
"Out of the Fog," "The Red Lantern," "The 
Brat," "Stronger Than Death," "Heart of a 
Child," "Billions," "Madame Peacock," "Cam- 
ille"). Hght., 5. 3; wght., 116; black hair, 
violet eyes. 

NEGRI, Pola; b. Poland. Educated there. Made 
first big reputation as star of Russian Imperial 
Ballet in Czarist regime, being a wonderful 
dancer. Emotional actress of fofeign stage. 
First seen in America in "Passion," followed by 
"Gypsy Blood." Will appear as star of Fam- 
ous- Players productions. Ad., Care of Famous 
Players-Lasky Corporation, London, Paris or 

NESBIT, Evelyn; b. Tarentum, Pa.; educ. 
Shakespeare School at Pittsburgh and private 
tutors; stage career, 4 yrs. vaud., in Follies, 
Marigny theatre, Paris; London Hippodrome; 
screen career, Jos. Schenck ("Her Mistake," 
"Redemption"), Fox ("The Womaft Who 
Gave," "I Want to Forget," "Thou Shalt Not," 
"Judge Not," "A Fallen Idol," "My Little Sis- 
ter," "Woman, Woman"). Hght., 5. 3%; wght., 
122; brown hair, hazel eyes. 

NEWALL,, Marie; screen career, Aywon Film 
Corp. ("The Unknown Ranger," "Dangerous 

NICHOLS, Norma; b. Los Angeles; educ. Corn- 
mack Sch. for Girls, Los Angeles; screen 
career, Selig ("The Ne'er Do Well"), 1 year 
with Kalem, Famous Players ("Tides of 
Barnegat"), Metro ("Legion of Death"), Pathe 
("Ruth of the Rockies"), Larry Semon ("The 
Rent Collector," "The Bakery). Hght., 5, 2; 
wght., 118; black hair, blue grey eyes. Home 
ad., 981 Arapahoe St., Los Angeles, Calif.; Wil. 
1593: studio, Vitagraph, L. A. 

NIGHTINGALE, Virginia; b. in Vienna of Eng- 
lish and French parentage; educ. Los Angeles, 
San Francisco, Santa Barbara; screen career, 
2 yrs. with Mack Sennett, one of the orig. beau- 
ties with Mack Sennett studio, Vitagraph 
("The Miracle Afternoon" with William Dun- 
can, "The Silent Avenger"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
140; black hair, light blue eyes. Home ad.. 



1308 S. Hill st., Los Angeles. Calif.; phone 

NILSSON, Anna Q.; l>. Ystad, Sweden; educ. 
Sweden; stage career, in Sweden and America; 
screen career, Famous Players, Goldwyn, Metro 
("In Judgment of," "Way of the Strong," "No 
Man's Land"), Mayflower ("Soldiers of For- 
tune," "Luck of the Irish," "In the Heart of a 
Fool"), Asso. Exhibitors ("What Women Will 
Do"), Metro ("Without Limit"), Harry Rapf 
("Why Girls Leave Home"), Goldwyn ("The 
Lotus Eaters"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135: fai" 
complexion, blond hair blue eyes. Home ad., 50 
W. 67th st., N. Y. C. 

NORMAN, Gertrude; screen career, Robertson- 
Cole ("The Brand of Lopez"), Pathe ("Sher- 
ry"), Hodkinson ("Partners of the Tide"), 
Goldwyn ("Voice in the Dark). 

NORM AND, Mabel; b. Boston, Mass.; screen ca- 
reer, Vitagraph, Biograph, Keystone (starred in 
"Patty and Mabel," "Fatty and Mabel Adrift"), 
headed Mabel Normand Feature Film Co.. star 
in "Pat," "Mickey," "Mickey Gets Ready," 
etc., Goldwyn ("Joan of Plattsburgh," Dodg- 
ing a Million/' "The Venus Model," "Peck's 
Bad Girl," "A Perfect 36," "Sis Hopkins," 
"The Pest," "When Doctors Disagree," "Up- 
stairs," "Jinks," "Pinto," "The Slim Princess," 
"What Happened to Rosa." "Head Over 
Heels"). Dark hair and brown eyes. Ad., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

NOVA, Hedda; b. Odessa, Russia; educ. there, 
Petrograd, Berlin; screen career, Edgar Lewis 
("Bar Sinister," "The Barrier"), Vitagraph 
('Woman in the Web" serial), Universal ("Spit- 
fire of Seville"), Goldwyn ("The Crimson Gar- 
denia"), Katherine MacDonald ("The Turning 
Point"), Selig ("The Mask"), Cinema-Craft 
("Shadows of the West"). Hght., 5, 6; 
wght., 130; dark hair, brown eyes. 

NOVAK, Eva; screen career, Paramount (" The 
Testing Block "), Fox (" The Speed Maniac," 
"The Daredevil," "Desert Love"), Equity 

. ("Silk Husbands and Calico Wives"), Fine Art 
("Up in Mary's Attic"), Universal (Wanted at 
Headquarters," " The Torrent," " Society Se- 
crets," " The Smart Sex "), Famous-Lasky 
("O'Malley of the Mounted"). 

NOVAK, Jane; b. St. Louis, Mo ; educ. Notre 
Dame Convent; stage career, vaud.. mus. com., 
stk., 2 yrs. ; screen career, Clune Prod. ("Eyes 
of the World"), Wm. S. Hart ("The Tiger 
Man," "Selfish Yates"), Ince ("Nine O'clock 
Town," "String Beans," "Wagon Tracks"), Ha- 
worth ("The Temple of Dusk"), Rob. -Cole ("His 
Debt"), Marshall Neilan ("The River's End"). 
Famous Players ("Behind the Door"), Geo. 
Davis ("Isobel"), Goldwyn ("Great Accident," 
"Roads of Destiny"), Selig ("Kazan"), Pioneer 
("The Barbarian"), Hodkinson ("The Other 
Woman"). Hght., 5, 7; wght.. 135; blond hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 6629% Hollywood Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 577769. 

NUILLE, Ida; b. Boston, Mass.; stage career, 20 
yrs. with all leading productions, under Corn- 
stock & Gest in "Chin Chin Chow" for 2 yrs.; 
screen career, with Norma and Constarice Tal- 
madge. Hght., 5; wght., 130; brown hair, blue 
eyes. Ad., St. Paul Hotel, N. Y. ; Columbus 2905. 


O'BRIEN, Gipsy; educ. England; stage career, 
leads in "I Love You," "Cheating Cheaters," 
etc.; screen career, Famous Players ("Wanted. 
A Husband"), Vitagraph ("The Day Resurg- 
ent"), Metro ("Nothing But Lies"), First 
Nat'l ("The Master Mind"). Hght., 5, 5; wght.. 
125; auburn hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 142 W. 
44th st., N. Y. C.; Bryant 1062. 

O'BRIEN, Helen; ingenue and comedienne: b. 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa; screen career. Camel Adv. 
Film Co., "Pink Nitie," "Bad Bears." Castle 
Film Co., Emerald Co., "Do the Dead Talk?" 
Special Feature Films, Billy West comedy series. 
Alice Howell Comedies. Hght., 5. 5; wght., 128; 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

O'CONNOR, Kathleen; b. Dayton, O.. 1897; educ. 
St. Joseph's Convent and Notre Dame Acad. : 
screen career, Keystone, Rolin-Pathe, Fox ("Ace 
High," "Fame and Fortune," "Mr. Logan, U. 
S. A."). Universal ("Vamping the Vamp," "The 
Midnight Man," "Gun Fighting Gentleman" 
with Harry Carey, starring in "The Lion Man," 
"Bullet Proof," "Path She Chose"), Fox 
("Prairie Trails"). Hght., 5, 4%; wght., 125; 
fair complexion, light brown hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1723 Garfield Place, Hollywood, Cal. 

O'CONNOR, Loyola; b. St. Paul, Minn.; educ. 
Convent of Holy Name, Portland, Ore.; stage 
career, Frederick Warde, Frank Mayo, 7 yrs. 

in "Way Down East," 3 yrs. in "Ben Hur" 
(mgmt. K. and E.), 3 yrs. in "Rebecca of Sun- 
jiybrook Farm"; screen career, since 1913, Vita- 
graph, Fine Arts, Griffith ("True Heart Susie"), 
Wm. De Mille ("Tree of Knowledge"), Para- 
Artcraft ("The Love Burglar"), Cecil De Mille 
("Why Change Your Wife?"), First Nat'l 
("Harriet and the Piper," "Old Dad"), Real- 
art ("Eyes of the Heart"), Paramount ("The 
Faith Healer"). Ad., 7002 Hawthorne ave., 
Hollywood, Cal.; phone 577927. 

O'DARE, I'eggy; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. there; screen 
career, leads in L-Ko, 1 yr. Lehrman comedies. 
Universal ("For Life," "In the- Balance" lead 
with Eddie Polo, "Vanishing Dagger," "Ken- 
tuck's Ward," "Blind Chance" starring in series 
of two-reel pictures). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 124; 
blond hair, blue eyes. Home ad., GG15 St. 
Frances Court, Hollywood. Calif.; Holly 371B: 
studio. Universal. 

OLMSTED, Gertrude; b. Chicago; educ. La Sail e, 
111. ; won the Elks-Herald-Examiner Beauty 
Contest immediately after high school gradu- 
ation, and then began picture work with Uni- 
versal ("Tipped Off," "The Driftin' Kid," 
"Sweet Revenge," "Kickaroo," "A Key Too 
Many," "Fighting Fury," "The Big Adventure," 
"Three in a Thousand"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
117; chestnut brown hair, gray-blue eyes. 
Home ad., 6024 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles; 
phone 579-789. 

O'MADIGAN, Isabel; b. St. Louis; educ. Sacred 
Heart Convent; stage career, Belasco, "Heart 
of Wetona," "The Brat," "Common Clay"; 
screen career, Metro ("Pirate Gold," "Love De- 
fender," "Five Thousand a Minute," "Sylvia 
Goes on a Spree"), Famous Players ("The Make 
Believe Wife"), Artcraft ("Suspense"), Hall- 
mark ("Retribution"). Now playing in "Scan- 
dal" at 39th St. Theatre. Hght., 5. 7; wght., 
139; white hair, green eyes. Ad., 108 Wash- 
ington place, N. Y.; Spring 1798. 

OKTH, Louise; b. Denver, Colo.; educ. Hinshaw 
Conservatory; stage career, in Blanche Ring's 
'Yankee Girl," 2 seasons with Julian Eltinge in 
"The Fascinating Widow," Morosco stock in Los 
Angeles, Alcazar stock in "A Modern Eve"; 
screen career, L-Ko ("Mr. Shoestring in the 
Hole" and a number of others), Triangle 
("Three Black Eyes"). Light hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., Hotel Monterey, N. Y. 

OSIJORNE, Vivienne; stage career began Seattle, 
Wash., stock, home town; screen career, Pathe 
("In Walked Mary"), Famous Players ("The 
Restless Sex"), Fox ("Over the Hill to the 
Poorhouse"), Hodkinson ("The Foreigner"), 
Fidelity ("Love's Flame"), Abramson ("Mother 

OSTRICIIE, Muriel; b. N. Y., 1897; educ. pub. 
schls., N. Y. ; screen career, Eclair. Thanhou.ser. 
Vitagraph ("Kennedy Square," ""), 
Equitable ("A Daughter of the Sea," "A Circus 
Romance," "By Whose Hand?"), World ("The 
Man She Married," "A Square Deal"), Peerless- 
World ("Moral Courage," "The Dormant 
Power," "Leap to Fame," "Tinsel," 'What Love 
Forgives," "The Bluffer," "The Moral Dead- 
line." "The Hand Invisible"), Schomer-Frisa 
("The Sacred Flame"), Arrow ("Betty Sets 
the Pace," Betty's Green-Eyed Monster"). Ad.. 
141 W. 73rd St., N. Y. 

OTIS, Olita; screen career, Universal ("The 
Triflers," "Under Northern Skies," "Tho Tor- 
rent"), Fox ("While the Devil Laughs"). 
Famous Players ("Six Best Cellars"). 

OTTINGER, L,enora; screen career, Famous 
Players ("Frisky Mrs. Johnson," "The Gilded 
Lily"), Selznick ("Miracle of Manhattan"). 

OWEN, Seeiia (Signe Alien); b. Spokane, Wash.; 
educ. Bruno Hall, there, and in Copenhagen, 
Denmark; stage career, six weeks in stock, San 
Francisco; screen career, from 1914, Kalem, 
Reliance-Majestic, Fine Arts ("Martha's Vindi- 
cation," "Madame Bo-Peep"), Griffith ("Intol- 
erance," "Fall of Babylon"), Artcraft ('*Brand- 
ing Broadway," "The Sheriff's Son," "Breed of 
Men." "A Man and His Money," "One of the 
Finest," "City of Comrades" with Tom Moore, 
Tourneur ("The Life Line," "Victory"), Selz- 
nick ("Sooner or Later"), Republic ("The Gift. 
Supreme"). American ("The House of Toys"), 
Metro ("Price of Redemption"), Fox ("The 
Cheater Reformed"), Hodkinson ("Lavender 
and Old Lace"), Cosmopolitan ("The Woman 
God Changed"), ("Back Pay"). 


PAIGE, Jeane; b. Paris, 111., 1898; screen career. 
Vitagraph, featured in O. Henry subjects, "The 
Count and the Wedding Guests," Blue Ribbon 
Feature ("The Desired Woman"), Vitagraph 



("Tangled Lives," "King of Diamonds," "Dar- 
ing Hearts," "Too Many Crooks," "Beating the 
Odds," "The Darkest Hour," "The Fortune 
Hunter," "Birth of a Soul," "Hidden Dangers," 
"Black Beauty"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 115; dark 
hair and blue eyes. Ad., Vitagraph Studio, 
Hollywood, Calif. 

PALMER, Patricia; b. San Francisco, Calif.; educ. 
there; stage career, child parts for several yrs. ; 
screen career, 2 yrs., with Vitagraph for one 
yr., starring in two-reel O. Henry and Wolf- 
ville stories, ("The Canyon Hold-Up," "The 
Rose of Wolfville," with W. S. Hart in "The 
Money Corral," and "Dan Kurrie's Inning"), 
featured in Christie comedies, Para- Art 
("Sand"), Educational ("His Better Half," 
"Mixed Bedrooms," "Turkey Dressing"), 
Schlesinger ("Things Men Do"). Home ad., 
Melrose Hotel, 120 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles. 

PALMER, Violet; b. Flint, Mich., 1899; educ. 
Spokane and Seattle; stage career, in vaud. 
as child; also stk., mus. com.; screen career, 
Lasky, Kalem, Fox ("The Blue Streak"). 
Amer.-Pathe ("Eve in Exile"). 

PA RKAN, Peggy; b., Cedar Rapids, Iowa; educ. 
Univ. of Iowa; screen career, Balboa Film Co., 
Rainbow Pictures Corp., Diamond Film Co., 
"The Love Rustler," "Punish Water," "The 
Trail of Noreturn," "The Band of Hate," "Night 
Riders of Desert," now leading lady for the 
Border Feature Film Corp. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 
112; hair, dark brown; eyes, brown. Home ad., 
1229 W. 52nd St., Los Angeles; phone 269256; 
studio, Border Feature Film Corp., Bisbee, Ariz. 

PARKER, Grace; screen career, Realart ("Black- 
birds"), Arrow ("Luxury"). 

PARKS, Frances Craven; b. Dawson, Ga., 1902; 
educ. Atlanta, Ga. ; stage career, Alkahest Lyce- 
um Bureau through southern states; screen 
career, with D. W. Griffith for 2 yrs. ("The 
Girl Who Stayed at Home"). Wm. De Mille 
("Jack Straws" with Robert Warwick), Selz- 
nick ("The Figurehead"), Holubar ("Man-Wo- 
man-Marriage"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 105; dark 
brown hair", back eyes. Home ad., 1405 Stanley 
Ave., Hollywood, Cal.; studio, Hollywood. 

PARK, Peggy; b. Baltimore, 1894; educ. Notre 
Dame Convent, Md. ; screen career, Essanay 
("The Coward," leads in George Ade Fables), 
Metro ("Sowers and Reapers," "Winning of 
Beatrice"), Klever Comedies with Victor Moore. 
Fox ("La Belle Russe," "Lure of Ambition"). 
Int.-Famous Players. ("Cinema Murder"), Jans 
Prod. ("Love Without Question"), Selznick 
("Broadway and Home"), Broadwell Prod. 
("Cry in the Night"), Cosmo ("Straight is the 
Way"), International ("Just Around the Cor- 
ner"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 116; dark com- 
plexion, dark hair, brown eyes. Ad., 203 W. 
85th St., N. Y.; Schuyler 5734. 

PA VIS, Yvonne (Marie); b. London, England; 
educ. Eng. and continent; stage career, dram, 
stk. and vaud., U. S. A. and Europe; screen 
career, in Europe and U. S. A., Vitagraph 
("Easter Babies"), serial with Universal, Fa- 
mous Players, Triangle ("High Tide," "Tony 
America"), Metro ("The Walk-Offs"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("An Arabian Knight," "The First 
Born"), Famous Players ("Silk Hosiery"). 
Writes scenario. Hght.. 5, 3%; wght., 110; 
light complexion, black hair, dark brown eyes. 
Home ad., 5200 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, 
Col.; Holly 2230. 

PAWN, Doris; b. Norfolk, Neb., 1896; educ. busi- 
ness college; screen career, Universal ("Trey of 
Hearts"), Fox ("Blue Blood and Red." "The 
Book Agent," "Some Boy," "The Kid is 
Clever," Para. ("The City of Dim Faces"), 
Goldwyn ("Out of the Storm," "What Hap- 
pened to Rosa," "Guile of Women," "Toby's 
Bow," "Tower of Ivory," "The Strange Board- 
er"), Robertson-Cole ("Li Ting Lang"). 

PAYSON, Blanche; b. Santa Barbara, Calif.; 
educ. there; screen career, Keystone ("Wife 
and Auto Trouble," "Bathhouse Blunder," "Her 
Circus Knight"), Vitagraph ("His Diplomatic 
Mission," "Bums and Boarders," "Farms and 
Fumbles," "Beauties and Barbers"), "Sunshine 
Comedies ("Heart Smasher"). Hht, 6, 3; 
wght., 205; dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1260 W. 3rd st., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
phone 557304. 

PAYTON, Gloria; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. convent; 
stage career, stock and vaud. for 8 yrs.; screen 
career, American (played ingenues), Balboa 
("The Yellow Bullet," "The Grip of Evil"), 
Glendale Film Co. ("The Lone Bandit"), Fox 
("A Branded Soul"). Select ("Faith of the 
Strong"), Fox ("Sunset Sprague"). Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 118; black hair, brown eyes. Ad., care 
of Willis and Ingliss. Los Angeles, Cal. 

PEARSON, Virginia (Mrs. Sheldon Lewis); b. 

Louisville, Ky., 1888; educ. Louisville; stage 
career, stk. two seasons as the vampire in Rob- 
ert Hilliard's "A Fool There Was," followed 
Mme. Dorsiet in Faversham's orig. prod. "The 
Hawk"; screen career, Vitagraph, a few mos. 
in 1910, Famous ("The Aftermath"), Vita- 
graph 1915 ("The Vital Question"), Fox ("Royal 
Romance," "When False Tongues Speak," "All 
for a Husband," "The Bitter Truth," "A Daugh- 
ter of France," "The Firebrand," "Her Price," 
"The Liar," "Queen of Hearts," "Buchannon's 
Wife"), Pearson Prod. ("The Bishop's Emer- 
alds," "Impossible Catherine"). Hght., 5, 7%; 
wght., 145; dark brown hair and hazel eyes. 
PERCY, Eileen; screen career, American. "Some 
Liar." "Where the West Begins," "Brass But- 
tons"), Rob.-Cole ("The Gray Horizon," "The 
Beloved Cheater). Para-Artcraft ("Told in the 
Hills," "In Mizzoura"), Hampton-Hodk. ("Des- 
ert Gold"), Fox ("Man Who Dared," "Her 
Honor, the Mayor," "The Husband Hunter," 
"Why Trust Your Husband," "Blushing Bride," 
"The Tomboy"). 

PERCY, Thelma; screen career. Robertson-Cole 
("The Beggar Prince," "Seven Years Bad 
Luck"), Universal ("The Vanishing Dagger" 
serial), Metro ("The Star Rover). 

PEREDA, Christina; b. Mexico City; educ. Seville, 
Spain; stage career, in vaud. as dancer and 
pantomime and mus. com. in Spain, Cuba and 
Mexico, came to this country after several yrs. 
with Molasso's Pantomime Co., with "The Land 
of Jou," starred on stage when 8 yrs. old; 
screen career, Goldwyn ("The Woman and the 
Puppet"), Lew Cody-Gasnier ("The Butterfly 
Man"). Hght., 5, 5; wght, 125; black hair and 
eyes. Home ad., Continental Hotel, 626 S. Hill 
St., Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 10325. 

PERRY, Augusta; screen career, Arrow ("Wall 
Street Mystery"), W. L. Roubert Prod. ("Heri- 

PERRY, Kutherlne; screen career, Selznick 
("Sooner or Later," "Chicken in the Case"). 

PETROVA, Olga; b. Warsaw, Poland; educ. Brus- 
sels, Paris, London; stage career, from age of 
20, Shakespearean rep., played Ibsen, Bernstein 
and Strindberg in Europe, American debut at 
Folies Bergere, N. Y., under mgmt. Henry B. 
Harris; starred in "Panthea" and "The Re- 
volt," mgmt. Shuberts; screen career, Lasky- 
Paramount ("The Undying Flame," "The Law 
of the Land"), Metro ("The Soul of a Magda- 
len"), Petrova Pictures ("Daughter of Des- 
tiny," "The Life Mask," "Tempered Steel," 
"The Panther Woman"). Now fulfilling recital 
tour in vaud. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 130; red hair, 
green eyes. Ad., 125 W. 40th st., N. Y. 

PHILLIPS, Carmen; b. San Francisco, 1895; educ. 
Univ. of Cal.; stage career. Opera Companies; 
screen career, with Universal, Vitagraph, 
Christie ("Chased in Love," "There's Many a 
Fool"), Morosco - Paramount ("Forbidden 
Paths"), Bluebird ("The Cabaret Girl"), Rob.- 
Cole ("The Pagan God," For a Woman's 
Honor"), Universal ("Great Air Robbery"), 
Metro ("Right of Way"), Paramount ("Mrs. 
Temple's Telegram," "Always Audacious"), 
Realart ("All Soul's Eve"). Hght., 5,5; wght, 
130; brunette, black eyes and hair. 

PHILLIPS, Dorothy; b. Baltimore, Md.; educ. 
there, and Shaftesbury College; stage career, 
George Fawcett stk. co. in Baltimore. 2 sea- 
sons "Mary Jane's Pa," season with "Every- 
woman," as "Modesty," Henry W. Savage prod., 
created title role in "Pilate's Daughter"; 
screen career, Universal ("Talk of the Town," 
"Hell Morgan's Girl," "Heart of Humanity," 
"The Right to Happiness," "Ambition," "Once 
to Every Woman"). First Nat'l ("Man-Wom- 
an-Marriage"). Hght., 5, 3%; wght., 123; 
.Chestnut hair, dark gray eyes. Ad., 1510 
Laurel Ave., Hollywood; studio ad., First Na- 
tional Exhibitors Circuit, N. Y. C. 

PICKFORD, Lottie; screen career, "Mile-a-Min- 
ute Kendall," with Jack Pickford, "The Man 
from Funeral Range," with Wallace Reid, play- 
ing heavies. Ad., Brunton Studio, Hollywood, 

PICKFORD, Mary; b. Toronto, Can., 1893; stage 
career, in juvenile parts at age of 5, Valentine 
Stk. Co., Toronto, at age of 9 starred ir 
"The Fatal Wedding," played with Chauncey 
Olcott in "Edmund Burke," scored success in 
Belasco's "Warrens of Virginia"; screen career, 
Biograph, direction Griffith, "The Violin Maker 
of Cremona," first lead, 1-reeler, Independent 
M. P. Co., returned to stage for Belasco's "A 
Good Little Devil," went to Famous Players 
with entire cast for film version, "Tess of the 
Storm Country," Artcraft ("The Little Prin- 



cess," "Romance of the Redwoods," "Poor Lit- 
tle Rich Girl," "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," 
"M'liss," "Little American," "Amarilly of 
Clothesline Alley," "Stella Maris," "Johanna 
Enlists," "Captain Kidd, Jr."), First National 
("Daddy Long Legs," "The Hoodlum," "Heart 
o' the Hills"), United Artists ("Pollyanna," "The 
Love Light," "Thru the Back Door"). Hght, 
5; wght., 100; golden hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 
Mary Pickford Co., Los Angeles, Cal. 

PIERCE, Charlotte; b. Girard, 111.; stage career, 
professional dancing; screen career, Chas. Ray 
("Peaceful Valley," "The Barnstormers"). B. 
B. Hampton ("The Man of the Forest"). Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 115; light brown hair, green eyes. 
Home ad., 17031/4 S. Union Ave., Los Angeles; 
West 5635. 

PIKE, Grace; screen career, Realart ("Jenny Be 
Good"), Republic ("Mountain Madness"), 
Metro ("Extravagance"). 

PILLSBURY, Helen; screen career, Metro ("The 
Misfit Wife"), Famous Players ("The Charm 

PITTS, Za Su; b. Parsons, Kan., 1898; educ. 
Santa Cruz; screen career, has appeared in 15 
comedies with La Salle, Universal ("Behind the 
Footlights," "Why They Left Home"), Famous 
Players ("The Little Princess," "A Modern Mus- 
keteer," "How Could You, Jean"), Metro ("As 
the Sun Went Down"), Brentwood Prod. ("Bet- 
ter Times," "Seeing It Thru," "Bright Skies," 
"Heart of Twenty"). Paramount ("Men, Wom- 
en and Money"), Rob.-Cole ("The Other Half," 
"Poor Relations"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 115; blue 
eyes, brown hair, light complexion. Ad., 532 
S. Fremont Ave., Los Angeles; studio. Brent- 
wood Film Corp. 

POWELL, Mabel Alline; b. Dallas, Texas, 1898; 
educ. Page Seminary, Los Angeles; screen ca- 
reer. Vitagraph, Selig, Rolin. Hght., 5, 6: 
wght., 165; blond hair, brown eyes. Ad., Hotel 
Alexandria, Los Angeles. 

POWER, Jule (Mrs. Edwards Davis) ; b. Portland 
Ore.; educ. St. Mary's Coll., Portland; stage ca- 
reer, Baker Stk. Co., leads in "The Little Min- 
ister, "Her Own Way," "The Little Grey Lady," 
"The Road to Yesterday," Broadway prods, in 
support of Kelsey and Shannon, Wilton Lack- 
aye, Grace George; vaud. featured with Ed- 
wards Davis in "Found Out," "The Kingdom 
of Destiny," etc.; screen career, vampire in 
serial ("Gloria's Romance"), Fox ("Her 
Mother's Secret"), Metro ("The Silver Lin- 
ing"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 140; black hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad.. 44 W. 60th St., N. Y., 
or National Vaud. Artists, 229 W. 46th St., N. Y. 

POWERS, Maurine; b. Charleston, 111.; educ. 
Terre Haute, Ind., King Private classical 
school for Girls; screen career, Warner Bros. 
("Beware"), Democracy Photoplays ("Soul of 
Man"), with Florence Reed in "The Eternal 
Mother," "Why Girls Leave Home"; Lawrence 
Weber Prods., Metro. Height, 5, 2; wght., 96; 
fair complexion; hair, blond; eyes, blue. Ad., 
care of Merrit Crawford, 904 Fitzgerald Bldg.. 
N. Y. C. ; Bryant 5506. 

PRETTY, Arliiie; b. Wash., D. C., 1893; -educ. 
Wash, and priv. finishing sch. ; stage career, be- 
ginninp- with the Columbia players in Washing- 
ton playing ingenues and later leads for over 
3 yrs. ; screen career, began with "The Old 
Guard." Imp-Universal. Vitagraph ("The Dawn 
of Freedom," "The Surprises of An empty 
Hotel," "The Thirteenth Girl," "The Secret 
Kingdom"), Artcraft ("In Again Out Again"), 
Serico Prod. ("The Woman in Gray serial,) 
Famous Players-Lasky ("Life"), Selznick 
("The Valley of Doubt"), Arts and Science 
("Crossed Currents"). Hght., 5, 5%. Ad. 423 
120th St., N. Y. 

PREVOST, Marie; b. Sarnia, Canada, 1898; educ. 
Denver; screen career, Mack Sennett Comedies 
("Nature Dance," "Sleuths," "East Lynne with 
Variations," "His Hidden Purpose," "Never Too 
Old," "Yankee Doodle in Berlin," "Reilly's 
Wash Day," "When Love is Blind," "Love's 
False Faces," "The Dentist," "Uncle Tom With- 
out the Cabin," "Salome vs. Shenandoah," "The 
Speak-Easy," "Down on the Farm"). First 
Nat'l ("Old Swimmin' Hole," "Love. Honor 
and Behave"), Asso. Prod. ("A Small Town 
Idol"), Universal (starred in "The Butterfly"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 123; dark hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 451 So. Hampshire, Los Angeles, Cal.; 
phone 568-811. 

PREVOST, Marjorie; b. Denver, Colo.; edu. Oak- 
land and Los Angeles, Calif.; screen career, 
Chas. Ray ("OF Swimmin' Hole"), Metro 
("What's the Matter with Marriage"), Lasky 
("Million Dollar Girl"). Hght., 5. 4; wght., 
115: brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 451 S. 
New Hampshire, Los Angeles; phone 568811. 

PREVOST, Minnie; screen career, Realart 
("Food For Scandal"), Universal ("If Only 

PRICE, Kate; b. Ireland, 1872; educ. Pawtucket, 
R. I.; stage career, vaud. with Price and Steel, 
stk. and rep.; screen career, Vitagraph ("Officer 
Kate," "Fisherman Kate," "A Night Out"), 
Keystone ("The Waiter's Ball"), Vim 
("Mother's Child," "Fat and Fickle"), Amber 
Star, Jaxon Film Co. ("Week End Shop- 
ping"), Artcraft ("Amarilly of Clothesline Al- 
ley"), Fairbanks ("Arizona"), American ("Put 
Up Your Hands"), Fox ("Tin Pan Alley," "The 
Devil's Riddle"), Robertson-Cole ("Bright 
Skies"). Selznick ("The Figurehead"), First 
National ("Dinty"), Pathe ("That Girl Mon- 
tana"), Hodkinson ("The Other Woman"). Ad., 
1605 N. Kingsley, Los Angeles, Cal.; Holly 

PRUSSING, Louise; educ. Chicago Latin Sch. and 
Stamford, Conn.; stage career, Athalie in "The 
Country Cousin," Angela in "The Maid of the 
Mountains," "Avignon"; screen career, Selz- 
nick ("Sealed Hearts." "Out Yonder," "His 
Wife's Money," "A Fool and His Money," 
"World's Apart," "Girl From Nowhere"), 
Vitagraph ("The Co-Respondent"), "Hearts of 
the Northland." Hght., 5, 6; wght., 130; med- 
ium light hair, blue eyes. Ad., 66 W. 49th 
St., N. Y. ; Bryant 418. 

PULLIAM, Pauline; b. 1902; educ. Los Angeles- 
stage career, vaud.; screen career. Pahp 
("Carolyn of the Couriers"), Morosco ("Final 
Close Up"), Fox, Goldwyn ("Sis Hopkins"), 
Famous Players ("A Girl Named Mary," "All 
of a Sudden Peggy"), National ("Hall Room 
Boys" stories). Ad., 1731 N. Mariposa ave.. 
Hollywood, Calif. 

PURVIANCE, Edna Olga; b. Reno, Nev.; educ. 
there and San Francisco; screen career, with 
Charlie Chaplin at Essanay, Chaplin-First Na- 
tional ("A Dog's Life," "The Adventurer." 
"Easy Street," "Sunnyside," "Shoulder Arms," 
"The Kid"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 130; blond 
hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 402A Westlake 
Terrace, Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 55219. 


QUINN, Regina; screen career, Fox ("From Now 
On"), Graphic ("The Wrong Woman"). 


RALSTON, Esther; screen career, Paramount - 
Art ("Huckleberry Finn"), Equity ("Whisper- 
ing Devils"). 

RAMBEAU, Lillian; screen career, Realart 
("Jenny Be Good"). Robertson-Cole ("Occa- 
sionally Yours"). 

RAMBEAU, Marjorie; educ. San Francisco, Calif.: 
stage' career, star in "Sadie Love," "Cheating 
Cheaters," "The Fortune Teller," "The Un- 
known Woman," "Eyes of Youth"; screen ca- 
reer, Capellani ("The Fortune Teller"). 

RANKIN, Caroline J.; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 22, 
1889; educ. Chicago; stage career, with "Mrs. 
Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," and in stock in 
Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Harlem Opera 
House, N. Y., etc.; screen career, Fox ("Some 
Boy"), Keystone ("A Seminary Scandal"), 
Vitagraph ("Quarantined"), Ince-Para. ("A 
Nine o'Clock Town," "Coals of Fire," "Whci. 
Do We Eat." "Hard Boiled." "Up in the Air." 
"Lost in Traffic"), Lasky ("Lottery Man." 
"What Happened to Jones"). Fox ("Molly 
and I," "Her Honor the Mayor"), Max Linder 
("Too Much Pep"), Frazee Corp. ("After Bed- 
time"). Hght., 5, 7i/ 2 ; wght., 95; light brown 
hair and gray eyes. Home ad., 1528 N. Alex- 
andria ave., Los Angeles; phone Holly 3259. 

RANKIN. Doris; screen career, Paramount-Art 
("The Copperhead"), First National '" 
Devil's Garden," "The Great Adventure," "Jim, 
the Penman"). 

RAY, Allene; screen career, Bert Lubin 
("Honeymoon Ranch," "West of the Rio 

RAYMOND, Frances; screen career, Realart 
("Two Weeks with Pay," "The Little Clown"), 
Pathe ("Smouldering Embers"), Robertson-Cole 
("Steing It Thru," "Li Tang Lang"), Famous 
Players ("A Lady in Love," "City of Masks," 
"One a Minute"), Metro ("The Best of Luck"), 
Schwab ("Smiling All the Way"), Federated 
("The Midlanders"). 

RAYMOND, Helen; b. and educ. Philadelphia; 
stage career. "Oh, Oh., Delphine," "Twin Beds," 
"Very Good Eddie." and in London Music 



Halls; screen career, Metro ("Dangerous to 
Men"), with Carter de Haven in "Twin Beds," 
and "My Lady Friends"; United Artists ("Thru 
the Back Door"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 135; 
brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 1626 Vine 
St., Hollywood. Cal. ; phone 577979. 

REARDON, Mildred; christened by Henry Clive 
"The Girl with the Brown Byes," while with 
Florenz Ziegfeld; screen career, with Pathe, 
Fox, Cecil De Mille ("Male and Female"). 
Para.-Artcraft ("Every woman") , Equity 

("Silk Husbands and Calico Wives"), Fox 
("Number 17"). Golden hair, brown eyes; 
very small. 

REED, Florence; b. Phila., 1883; educ. Sacrecolus 
Convent; comes of theatrical parentage; stage 
career, includes stk. and many prods., with 
Walker Whiteside; Ramons in 'The Painted 
Woman"; screen career, Pathe ("The Woman's 
Law"), Brenon ("Lucretia Borgia"), Harry 
Rapf ("The Struggle Everlasting," "Wives of 
Men"), United ("Call of the Heart," "Woman 
Under Oath," "Her Game," "The Eternal 
Mother," "Her Code of Honor"), Ziegfeld 
Cinema ("Black Panther's Cub"). 

REED, Nora; educ. Houston, Texas; screen ca- 
reer, in stock with Famous Players-Lasky 
Corp., 6 mos. ; casting directress for Famous 
players, 1 yr. ; played in "Career of Catherine 
Bush," " Sinners," " Fear Market," Selznick 
("Miracle of Manhattan"). Fox ("Beyond 
Price"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 120; auburn hair, 
dark blue eyes. Studio ad., 130 W. 56th st., 
N. Y. 

REEVES, Myrtle; b. Atlanta, Ga., 1897; educ. 
Washington Seminary, Atlanta; screen career, 
Vitagraph and Balboa (third episode of "Red 
Circle" series, "The Grip of Evil," "Dawn of 
Wisdom"), Universal ("Eternal Love"), Blue- 
bird ("Playthings," "A Kentucky Cinderella"), 
American ("A Bachelor's Wife"), Vitagraph 
("Over the Garden Wall"), Universal ("Beau- 
tifully Trimmed"). Hght.. 5, 4; wght., 136; 
blue eyes, golden hair, and very fair com- 

RENFROE, Vida Estelle von Katz; b. 1900; 
educ. private schls. and convent; screen career, 
3 yrs., starting with the old Amber Star, Metro. 
James Montgomery Flagg, Geo. M. Cohan, Vim 
Comedies, Black Diamond Comedies, Sunshine 
Comedies (."Trial by Jury," "Work and Win 
'Em," "Moonshine on the Wabash," "His Cave- 
man Tactics"), Public Health Series ("Cleared 
for Action"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 100; dark 
brown hair and eyes. Ad., 436 E. 3rd St., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

REWCK, Ruth; b. Galveeton, Texas; educ. 
Texas and Arizona; stage career, 4 yrs., 1 sea- 
son in "Secret Service," 1 season "Shenandoah," 
stock; screen career, Paramount-Artcraft 
("Hawthorne of the U. S. A."), Hampton ("The 
Parish Priest " " The White Dove "), United 
Artists ("The Mollycoddle," "She Couldn't 
Help It"), Famous Players ("Conrad in Quest 
of His Youth," " The Jucklins," " The Witching 
Hour ") Robertson-Cole (" What Is a Wife 
Worth?"). Hght., 5, 2; blond hair, hazel 
eyes. Home ad.. 2320 12th ave., Los An- 
geles; phone 75454. 

REYNOLDS, Vera; screen career, Gayety Come- 
dies ("Bedlam," "A Saphead's Sacrifice," 
" Dry and Thirsty," " Parked in the Park." 

RHODES, Blllie; b. San Francisco; educ. San 
Francisco; stage career, on Orpheum circuit, 
soubrette in "Babes in Toyland" ; screen career, 
leads in dramas and comedies, with Kalem. 
Universal. Christie. Strand-Mutual ("A Two 
Cylinder Courtship," "Bluffing Father," "Some 
Nurse," "For Sweet Charity"); Natl. Robertson- 
Cole ("Girl of My Dreams," "In Search of 
Arcady," 'Lion and the Lamb," "The Love 
Call," "Hoop-la of the Circus," "Blue Bonnet"). 
Hght., 5; wght., 106; brown hair and eyes. 
Ad., home, 1847 Wellington road, LaFayette 
square, Los Angeles, Cal. ; studio, Billie 

RICE, Fanny; stage career, 25 yrs. appearing in 
cities in U. S., Canada, also vaud. in Australia 
and New Zealand; star of own prods.; screen 
career, Blackton ("Moonshine Trail," "Dawn," 
"Tinsel's Triumph," "My Husband's Other 
Wife"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 140; auburn hair, 
dark blue eyes. Ad., 340 Lafayette ave., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; Prospect 2086. 

RICH, Irene; b. Buffalo, N. Y. ; educ. St. Mar- 
garet's Girls' Sch. ; screen career, Paralta ("A 
Law Unto Herself"), Frank Keenan ("Todd of 
the Times"), Goldwyn ("The Strange Boarder," 
"Tough Proposition," "Street Called Straight"), 
National ("Blue Bonnet"), Fox ("Lone Star 
Ranger." " Wolves of the Night ") Goldwyn 

("Jes' Call Me Jim," "Just Out Of College," 
"Tale of Two Worlds," "Voice in the Dark"), 
Lesser ("One Man in a Million"), American 
("Sunset Jones"). Hght., 5. 6; wght., 138; 
dark brown hair and eyes. Ad., 703 N. Gramer- 
cy place, Los Angeles, Calif. 

RICH, Lillian; screen career, Pathe (" One 
Hour Before Dawn," " Felix O'Day," " Half a 
Chance," "Dice of Destiny," "The Sage Hen"), 
Universal (" The Red Lane," " Blazing 
Trail"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 119; dark brown 
hair; dark blue eyes. 2011 Vista Del Mar, 
Hollywood, Calif.; phone Holly 4999. 

RICH, Vivian; b. at sea; educ. Boston; stage 
career, 1 season with Gus Edwards, vaud.; 
screen career, American, Selig, Fox ("The 
Crime of the Hour," "Judgment is Mine," "The 
Price of Silence," "Beware of Strangers"), Ind. 
("Sins of the World"), Mitchell Lewis ("Ven- 
geance is Mine"), J. D. Hampton ("The Mints 
of Hell"), Fox ("The Last Straw," "Would 
You Forgive?" "A World of Folly"). Hght., 
5, 4%; wght.. 115; brown hair, dark brown 
eyes. Ad., 1323 N. Martel ave., Hollywood, 
Calif.; phone 577780 

RIDGEWAY, Fritzie; b. Butte, Mont., 1898; educ. 
there and Schl. Fine Arts, Chicago; stage ca- 
reer, stk. in N. Y. C., 2 yrs. vaud.; screen ca- 
reer, Essanay, Triangle .("Up or Down"), Fox 
("The Danger Zone"), Universal ("Fire Fling- 
ers," featured in "Winning a Bride," "Ranger 
of Pike's Peak," "Petal on the Current"), 
Morosco-Lasky ("Judy of Rogues' Harbor"), 
Sphinx Film Co. (featured in "The Fatal 30" 
serial). Hght., 5,5; wght., 130; medium com- 
plexion, brown hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., Box 
813. Laurel Canyon. Hollywood. Calif. 

RLLEY, Jean; b. Guthrie, Ark., 1902; educ. 
Oakland and Chicago; screen career, Metro 
("Castles In the Air"), Fox (" Evangeline "), 
Universal, also comedies. Hght., 5, 5%; 
wght., 120; blond hair, dark blue eyes. Home 
ad., 1108 McCadden pi., Hollywood, Cal.; Holly 

RISHELL, Myrtle; screen career, Metro (" Heart 
of a Child"), Hodkinson ("House of Whis- 

pers "). 

RITCHIE, Ethel; Universal ("Virgin of Stam- 
boul," " Once a Plumber," " Society Secrets "). 

ROBERTS, Edith; b. and educ. N. Y. C. ; stage 
career, began age 6; also in vaud.; screen career, 
Universal (" Lasca," " The Triflers," " Her Five 
Foot Highness," " Alias Miss Dodd," " The 
Adorable Savage," " White Youth," " The Fire 
Cat," " The Unknown Wife," " Ov>en Shut- 
ters"). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 105; fair com- 
plexion, light brown hair, brown eyes. Uni- 
versal Ctiy, Cal. 

ROBINSON, Daisy; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Quebec, 
Canada, N. Y. ; stage career, at very early age, 
played with Joseph Jefferson, Maude Adams, in 
"Peter Pan," Olga Nethersole; screen career, 1 
yr, Reliance-Majestic ("A Bad Man and 
Others"), Fine Arts ("The Price of Power," 
"Intolerance"), Morosco ("The Happiness of 
Three Women"), Lasky ("The Clever Miss Car- 
fax"), Douglas Fairbanks ("When the Clouds 
Roll By"), Fox ("World of Folly"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("Slave of Vanity"), Universal 
("Fixed By George"), Sunrise ("Price of 
Silence "), Hodkinson (" Partners of the 
Tide"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 115; dark brown 
hair, dark eyes. Home ad., 2652 Beachwood 
drive, Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 577729. 

ROBINSON, Gertrude May; b. N. Y. C., 1895; 
educ. N. Y. C. ; stage career, began as child 
actress at the age of 4, has appeared in "A 
Bonnie Briar Bush," "A Midsummer Night's 
Dream," "Rip Van Winkle " and "Ben-Hur" ; 
screen career, Biograph, Reliance, Victor, Lasky 
("The Arab"), Famous ("May Blossom"), Gau- 
mont ("The Haunted Woman," "The Qualitv 
of Faith"), Henley-Pathe ("The Gay Old Dog">> 
Goldwyn ("Milestones"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
105; dark brown hair and blue-gray eyes, olive 

ROBSON, May (Mrs. Stuart Robson) ; b. Aus- 
tralia; educ. Paris, London, and Brussels; stage 
career, from 1884, noted character portrayal as 
Aunt Mary Watkins in "The Rejuvenation of 
Aunt Mary"; screen career, Vitagraph ("A 
Night Out"), World ("A Broadway Saint"), 
Select ("His Bridal Night"), W. H. Prods. 
("The Lost Battalion"). 

ROLAND, Ruth; b. San Francisco, Calif.; stage 
career, since 3 yrs. of age, first appearing in 
Ed. Holden's "Cinderella" Co. at Columbia 
theatre, San Francisco; screen career, Kalem, 
Astra, Pathe ("Hands Up," "Tiger's Trail," 
"Neglected Wife," "Price of Folly," "Fringe of 



Society"), Ruth Roland Serials, Inc. ("Adven- 
tures of Ruth," " Ruth of the Rockies," " The 
Avenging Arrow"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 122; 
reddish brown hair, violet eyes. Ad., 605 So. 
Norton Ave., Ruth Roland Studio, Los Angeles; 
phone 23955. 

ROSE, Blanche; b. and educ. Detroit, Mich.; stage 
career, 18 yrs. exper., stk., one piece vaud. ; 
screen career, Universal ("Under Suspicion"). 
Charles Ray ("Old Swimming Hole," "Barn 
Stormers"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 140; brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 1636 Maltman ave., 
Los Angeles; phone 59667. 

KOYCE, Riza; b. Lancaster, Pa.; educ. Wadley 
High, N. Y. C. ; screen career, Selznick, World, 
Fox ("Sacred Silence," "Checkers," "The 
Shark"), Guy Empey. Hght., 5, 5%.; wght,, 
126; dark brown hair, gray-green eyes. Home 
ad., 155 W. 117th st., N. Y.; phone Harlem 

KOYCE, Ruth; b. Versailles, Mo.; educ. Loretta 
Acad., Kansas City; stage career, Woodward 
Stock Co., Lewis Stock Co.; screen career, Uni- 
versal ("The Beach Combers," "Little Brother 
of the Rich," "Chris Rube"), Ince, Lasky, Fox 
("The Splendid Sin"), with Eddie Polo in Uni- 
versal serial, " The Vanishing Dagger," Univer- 
sal ("Blue Streak McCoy," "If Only Jim," 
"All Dolled Up," "Vengeance Trails"), now 
in prod, for series of 2 reel Northwest Mounted 
pictures for Universal playing leads and 
heavies. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 130; black hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 1824 Highland ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif.. Holly 2002; studio, Universal 
City, Calif. 

RUBENS, Alma; b. San Francisco; screen career, 
Triangle ("Reggie Mixes In," "Master of His 
Home." "The Firefly of Tough Luck." "Blue 
Blood," " Gown of Destiny," " Regenerates," 
" The Answer," " Love Brokers," "Judith," 
"The Ghost Flower"), Ex. Mutual ("Diane 
of the Green Van"), Rob-Cole ("A Man's 
Country"), International (" Humoresque "), 
Cosmo ("World and His Wife"), Pioneer 
("Thoughtless Woman"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
130; black hair, dark eyes. Ad., care Pioneer 
Film Co., 729 7th ave., N. Y. 

RUSSELL,, Ethel; screen career, Arrow (" Trial 
of the Cigarette," "The Bromley Case"), also 
in " The Triple Clue." 


SADLER, Winifred; screen career, George Clark 
("D-uke's Son"), Stoll Film ("Squandered 
Lives," " The Lure of Crooning Water," " The 
Garden of Resurrection "). 

SAIS, Marin; b. Marin Co., Calif.; educ. Notre 
Dame Acad., San Jose; screen career, Lasky 
("City of Dim Faces"), Haworth ("His 
Birthright," " Bonds of Honor," " The Golden 
Hope "). Universal ("The Vanity Pool"), H. B. 
Warner (" Manya "), 6 yrs. with Kalem Co. 
as leading woman, also starred in serials " The 
American Girl," " Girl From Frisco," " Sting- 
aree," Arrow ("Thunderbolt Jack"). Ad., 
1325 N. Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

SALTER, Thelma; screen career, Paramount- Art 
("Huckleberry Finn"). Hodkinson ("Kentucky 
Colonel "). 

SAMPSON, Teddy; b. N. Y., 1895; stage career, 
vaud., comic opera, with Gus Edwards, Blanche 
Ring; screen career, Christie ("Good Morning 
Judge," "Are Honeymoons Happy?" "Our 
Little Wife"), Triangle (" Her American Hus- 
band," " Fox Woman," " Sympathy Sal," 
" Child of the Surf," " Big Jim's Heart," 
"Fencing Master"), Fox "Fighting for 
Gold"), lead in Capitol Comedies with Smiling 
Bill Parsons, Christie ("Don't Blame the 
Stork"), Selznick ("Chicken in the Case"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght., 110; black hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 1907 Wilcox ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
Holly 460. 

SAUNDERS, Alice (Mrs. Harry M. O'Connor); 
b. Holyoke, Mass., 1880; stage exper., stk. in 
Cal. and N. Y. for 20 yrs.; screen career, Selig, 
Diandp, Kalem, Fox, Lasky, Griffith ("Recon- 
struction," " The Wolf Faced Man," " The 
Haunted House," etc.). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 
140; auburn hair, blue eyes. Ad., 161 Date 
St., Riverside, Calif. 

SAUNDERS, Jackie; b. Philadelphia, 1893; educ. 
St. Joseph's Convent, Phila. ; stage career, Daw- 
son's Dancing Dolls; stock; screen career, Bio- 
graph, Pathe, Universal, Balboa (" Shrine of 
Happiness," " Flirting Bride," " Betty Be 
Good," "The Checkmate"), Famous Players 
" Miracle of Love," Cosmopolitan Film, 

"Dad's Girl," Fox ("Drag Harlan," "The 
Scuttlers"), Metro ("Puppets of Fate"). 
Author of several scenarios, including- " Rose of 
the Alley." Hght., 5, 3; wght., llf>; blond hair, 
blue eyes. 

SAVAGE, Aileen; educ. Madams of the Sacred 
Heart in Paris and San Francisco; screen 
career, Buffalo ("The Sport of Kings"). Fa- 
mous Players, ("The Cost." "Red Head"). 
Hght., 5, 4 ] ,; wght., 119; black hair, dark 
eyes. Ad., 62 W. 51st St., N. Y. ; Circle 3471. 

SCHADE, Betty Marie; educ. Chicago; 
stage career, vaud.; screen career, Goldvvyn, 
("Bonds of Love," "Thru the Wrong Door"), 
Select (" Happiness a la Mode "), Universal 
Fox (" A Girl in Bohemia," " Shod AVilh Fire"), 
Realart ("Soul of Youth"), Goldvvyn ("Pris- 
oners of Love "). Paramount (" Village 
Sleuth"), Fox ("Flame of Youth," "Wing 
Toy"). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; light com- 
plexion; blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., home. 
1726 Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.: 
phone 577112. 

SCHAEFER, Anne; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. Notre 
Dame Convent; stage career, 3 yrs. stock cos., 
4 yrs. Shakesperian rep. with Louis James, 
also played " The Green Clad Woman " in 
"Peer Gynt;" screen career, member of -the 
original Vitagraph Co. on West Coast as a fea- 
ture player, free lancing for 2 yrs., returned to 
Vitagraph stock, playing emotional character 
leads. Robertson-Cole ("Mary Carey"), 
Lasky (" Mrs. Temple's Telegram," " City of 
Masks"). Spencer ("Ranch of the Wolver- 
ine"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 160; brown hair 
and eyes. Ad., 6067 Salem pi., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; phone 577820. 

SCHRAM, Violet; b. San Antonio, Tex., Dec. 1, 
1898; educ. Chicago pub. and high schls; early 
career, professional reader for several yrs.; 
screen career, Universal, since Oct., 1915 
("Shoes," "Saving the Family Name." !..'h 
episode of " Graft," " Two Rebels, " Out of the 
Darkness," " The Woman with the Para- 
keets "), Metro ("The Walkoffs"), H. B. 
Warner ("The Grey Wolf's Ghost"), Tom 
Moore ("Toby's Bow"), Zane Grey ("The 
Desert of Wheat"), Fox ("White Lies"), 
Hodkinson ("Riders of the Dawn"), Robert- 
son-Cole ("Big Happiness"). Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 120; black hair, dark brown eyes. Home 
ad., 5674 DeLongpre, Hollywood. Calif.; Holly 

SC'HRAMM, Karla; b. Los Angeles; educ., there 
and Chicago; stage career, travelled as child 
pianist and composer through United States, 
Canada, Mexico and Europe, made debut as 
matured artist in Chicago at Music Hall; screen 
career, Lasky. Metro, Triangle, D. W. Griffith 
(" Broken Blossoms "), Douglas Fairbanks 
("His Majesty, the American"), National 
("Hearts and Masks," "The Son of Tarzan "), 
Goldwyn ("The Revenge of Tarzan"). Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 115; medium brown hair, dark gray 
eyes. Home ad., 468 S. Lake st., No. 5, Los An- 
geles; phone 558476. 

SCOTT, Mabel Julienne; b. Minneapolis, Minn.; 
educ. there, Stanley Gir.d' Coll. and North- 
western Conservatory; stage career, dramatic 
stock at Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City and 
Detroit, leading woman with Fiske O'Hara, 
starred in " The Intruder " in vaud. ; screen 
career, Rex Beach (" The Barrier "), Edgar 
Lewis ("The Sign Invisible"), Elk Film Co. 
("Reclaimed"), Graphic ("Ashes of Love"), 
Fox ("Sacred Silence"), Lasky ("The Sea 
Wolf," " The Round Up," " Behold My Wife," 
" The Jucklins "), Goldwyn (" The Concert," 
" Don't Neglect Your Wife "), Universal 
("Fanny Herself"). Hght., 5, 5%; wght., 125; 
dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ad.. Lasky 
Studios, Hollywood, Calif. 

SEDDEN, Margaret; screen career, Yankee-Kes- 
sel and Bauman (" Headin' Home"), Para- 
mount ("The Inside of the Cup"). Selznick 
("The Highest Law"), Jans ("Wings of 

SEDGWICK, Eileen; b. Galveston, Texas; educ 
Ursuline Convent, Galveston; stage career; from 
childhood, dram. stk.. vaud.. musical compdv 
with (5) Sedgwicks Co.; screen career, Uni- 
versal (" Lure of the Circus ", lead with Eddie 
Polo, " The Radium Mystery," " Man and 
Beast," " Dropped From the Clouds," " Trail 
of No Return." " No. 10 West Bound," " The 
Heart of Arizona"), Climax Film ("Love's 
Battle"), Fox ("Putting It Over"). Hght., 
5, 3; wght., 120; blond hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., Boulevard Apts., Hollywood 
Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 577332. 



SEDGYVICK, Josie; b. Galveston Texas; educ. 
cTrsuline Convent, Galveston; stage career, since 
babyhood, vaud., dram, stk., musical comedy, 
with (5) Sedgwicks; screen career, Triangle 
("Wolves of the Border," "Maternal Spark," 
" Boss of the Lazy Y," " Paying His Debt," 
"Beyond the Shadow," "Wild Life"), Fred 
Stone ("Duke of Chimney Butte "), Goldwyn 
("Jutoilo"!, Fox ("Camouflaged"), Robert 
Brunton (" Dare Devil Jack," " The Double Ad- 
venture," serials). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 132; 
blond hair, gray eyes. Ad.. 6511 y 2 Holly. Blvd., 
Hollywood, Calif.; phone 577332. 

SEGER, Lucia Backus; b. Smithport, Pa., educ. 
Lake Erie Coll., Painesville, Ohio; stage career, 
Hoyt comedies, Everett Stk. Co. Teck Theatre 
Stk. Co. ; screen career. Famous Players 
("Seven Swans," " Oh! You Women"), Truex- 
Paramount ("Stick Around"), Blackton ("My 
Husband's Second Wife "), Jaxon Films 
("Awakening of Cecily"), Sunshine Film Co. 
(Moon Comedies), Providence Film Co., Con- 
stance Talmadge ("The Perfect Woman"), In- 
ternational (" The Wild Goose "), Metro 
("Clothes"). Legend Film ("Mere Than a 
Million"), Fox ("Footfalls"), Hallmark ("The 
Discarded Woman "). " Should a Wife 
Work?" "What Children Will Do." Hght., 
5, 4; wght., 150; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
1547 St. Nicholas ave., N. Y. ; Wadsworth 3057 

SELBIE, Evelyn; b. Louisville, Ky. ; educ. there; 
stage career, 15 yrs. Proctor's Stk., N. Y., Al- 
cazar Stk., San Francisco, featured in " Human 
Hearts"; screen career, Universal ("Pay Me," 
" People vs. John Doe," " Mysterious Mrs. M.," 
"Hand That Rocks the Cradle"), 3 yrs. leads 
with Essanay, Brunton ("Devil to Pay," 
"Without Benefit of Clergy"), Select ("Seeds 
of Vengeance "), Hodkinson (" The Broken 
Gate"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; black hair, 
brown eyes. Ad., 1458 Elza ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; phone 597525. 

SELWYNNE, Clarissa; b. London, England; educ. 
there; stage career, 15 yrs. in classical and 
modern plays, in Eng. and U. S. ; screen career, 
6 yrs., Universal. Goldwyn (" Dangerous Days," 
(" Cup of Fury "), Lois Weber (" Home "), Vita- 
graph ("Black Gate"), Metro ("Marriage of 
William Ashe"), Lasky ("Sacred and Pro- 
fane Love"), Garson ("Straight from Paris"). 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; dark brown hair and 
eyes. Home ad., Boulevard Apts., Hollywood 
Blvd.. Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 577,336. 

SHAFER, Molly; screen career, Fox ("While 
the Devil Laughs"), Universal ("The Big 
Adventure "). 

SHAFFER, Marie; b. Hartford, Conn., 1876; educ. 
N. Y. ; screen career, Fox ("The Jungle Trail "), 
International ("Cinema Murder"), with Harry 
Morey in Vitagraph, Gaumont (" Making Her 
His Wife"), Abramson ("Some One Must 
Pay"), Metro ("The Fatal Hour".). Hght., 5, 
8%; wght., 155; hair, dark brown tinged with 
gray; hazel eyes. Ad., 230 W. 101st St., N. Y. ; 
Riverside 1724 

SHANNON, Ethel; b. and educ. Denver, Colo.; 
stage career, with E. H. Southern and Maude 
Adams; screen career, with Bert Lytell, 
" Easy to Make Money," William S. Hart, 
"John Petticoats," Earl Williams, "The Maste 
Stroke," "Charles Ray, "An Old-Fashioned 
Boy," All Star, " Birth of the Gods," " Beware, 
the Bride," " The Great Hope." Light hair. 
Home ad., 459 S. Figueroa st., Los Angeles, 
Broadway 459. 

SHANNON, Inez; screen career, Fox ("The 
Plunger"), Vitagraph ("Cousin Kate"). 

SHANOR, Peggy; b. W. Va., 1896; educ. Win- 
chester School, Pittsburgh, Pa.; stage exper,, 
stk., leads in Middle West; vaud. sketch, legit, 
with Anderson & Weber Sei\v\n & Co.. s.iu- 
berts; screen career, Pathe ("The House of 
Hate"), Fox ("The Queen of Hearts"), Fa- 
mous ("Here Comes the Bride"), Abramson 
("The Echo of Youth"), Supreme Productions 
("The Mystery Mind"). Wisteria Prods., 
Pathe ("The Sky Ranger"). Hght., 5, 5%; 
wght, 133; 'dark brown hair, dark eyes. Ad, 
140 W. 73d st., N. Y. C. ; Col. 5786. 

SHAYNE, Edith; screen career, Paramount 
("Buried Treasure," "The Education of Eliz- 
abeth "). 

SHEERIN, Doris; screen career, Hodkinson 
("East Lynne "), Harry Levey Service ("The 
Porcelain "). 

SHEPARD, Pearl; educ. N. Y. C. ; stage career, 
concerts as singer; screen career, Selznick 
("Break the News to Mother"), Graphic 
("Echo of Youth"), Vitagraph comedies, Gen- 
eral Film series, Pearl Shepard Comedies; fea- 
tures in over 70 comedies, in features; been 

m pictures over 5 yrs.; Paramount ("Price of 
Possession"), Abramson ("Mother Eternal") 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 125; auburn hair, hazel 

SHIPMAN, Edna; educ. Toronto, Canada and 
Los Angeles, Cal.; screen career, Canadian 
Photoplays (" Back to God's Country ") Uni- 
versal-Jewel ("The Trembling Hour"), Gold- 
wyn, Metro, Christie Comedies. Hodkinson 
("The Foreigner"). Hght., 5; wght., 110; 
light brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 253 W 100th 
st., N. Y. ; Riverside 4517. 

SHIPMAN, Nell; stage career, vaud., "The Piano 
Fiends," featured in " The Barrier," own co., 
stock; screen career, Fox, Vitagraph (" The 
Eighth Great Grand Parent," " Through the 
Wall "), Lasky, leading woman with Lou-Telle- 
gen ("The Home Trail," "Girl from Beyond," 
" A Gentleman's Agreement, " Baree Son of 
Kazan"), Curwood-Carver ("Back to God's 
Country "). Author of several scenarios. Dark 
brown hair, brunette complexion. Home ad., 
921 E. Wi.son st., Glendaie. i: , r ; Olen ,#-, 

SHORT, Florence; b. Springfield, Mass., 1893; 
educ. Finch School, N. Y. ; stage career, original 
Passion in " Experience," Hilda in " Sinners," 
stk., vaud.; screen career, Metro, " Kildare of 
Storm," " The Outsider," Why Germany Must 
Pay"), Griffith ("The Love Flower," "The 
Idol Dancer," "Way Down East "), Constance 
Talmadge (" Lessons in Love," " Beauty and 
Brains"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 139; dark brown 
hair and eyes. Ad., 156 W. 106th st., N. Y. ; 
Acad. 2343. 

SHORT, GERTRUDE; b. Cincinnati, 1901; stage 
career, at age of 5 yrs. with Nance O'Neil in 
"Golden Fleece;" with Thos. Jefferson, vaud., 
Mary Mannering, stock; screen career, Edison, 
Vitagraph, Universal ("Little Angel of Canon 
Creek," "Cowboy and the Lady"), Lasky 
("The Hostage"), Metro ("Blackie's Redemp- 
tion," "Cinderella's Twin"), Paramount ("The 
Heart of Youth," "In Mizzoura "). Realart 
("You Never Can Tell," "She Couldn't Help 
It," " Sweet Lavendar "). Now working with 
C. B. DeMille's all star cast. Wght., 95; hght., 
5,2; brown hair, blue eyes, light complexion. 
Ad., 1771 Cahuenga ave., Los Angeles. 

SHOTWEIX, Marie; b. N. Y. C., educ. Mme. Gar- 
diner's Schl., N. Y. C. ; stage career, original 
co. of " Madame Sans Gene," with E. H. So- 
thern, Frohman stk co., under Henry B. Harris, 
as Shirley in " The Lion and the Mouse;" screen 
career. Frohman Amusement Co. (" The Witch- 
ing Hour '), Acme ("The Thirteenth Chair"), 
co-starred with Edmund Breeze in Hallmark, 
("Chains of Evidence"), Die. rich-Be k ("The 
Harvest Moon"), Hallmark serial ("The Evil 
Eye"), Paramount ("Civilian Clothes"), First 
National ("The Master Mind"), Realart 
("Blackbirds"), Vitagraph ("Her Lord and 
Master"). Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 154; dark 
brown eyes, light hair, dark complexion. 

SIMPSON, Henrietta; educ. Emma Fullerton Priv. 
Schl., Phila., Pa.; stage career, with Daly; 
screen career, World (" Diamonds and Pearls," 
" Youth," " Phil for Short "), Pathe (" Light- 
ning Raider"), Metro ("Winning of Beat- 
rice"), Blackton ("House Divided"), Inter- 
national ("Cinema Murder"), Famous Players 
("Career of Katherine Bush"). Hght., 5, 7%; 
wght., 155; gray hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 204 W. 
70th St., N. Y. ; Columbus 1878. 

SINCLAIR, Maud B.; b. Cleveland, O.; educ. De- 
troit and Jackson, Mich.; stage career, Harris 
& Woods, Chas. Frohman, 3 seasons with " Old 
Lady 31;" screen career, Fox, Thanhouser, 
Famous and Metro, with Vivian Martin. Ad., 
Rehearsal Club, 335 W. 45th st., N. Y. C. 

SISSON, Vera; b. Salt Lake City, 1895; educ. Den- 
ver, Colo.; screen career, joined Universal; 
played leads opp. J. Warren Kerrigan, with 
co. 18 mos. (" The Bolted Door," " The Man 
From Nowhere"); 1915 joined Biograph (in 
"The Laurel of Tears," "The Trail of the 
Serpent", Metro ("The Iron Woman," "Para- 
dise Garden"), Lamree Film Corp. ("The 
Blackmailers"), General ("The Married Vir- 
gin ", Select (" The Veiled Adventure," " Ex- 
perimental Marriage"),' Paramount ("The 
Heart of Youth," "His Official Fiancee"). 
Transatlantic ("The Marriage Blunder"). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 120. 

SKINNER, Marian; screen career, Pathe ("The 
House of Toys"). Metro ("Billions." "Dan- 
gerous to Men "), Universal (" Breath of the 
Gods," " The Dangerous Moment "), Para- 
mount ("Brewster's Millions"). 



SNOW, Marguerite (Mrs. James Croze); b. Sa- 
vannah, 1892; educ. Loretta Heights Acad., 
Denver; stage career, since 1907, with James 
O'Neill in "Monte Cristo," H. W. Savage, 
screen career, Metro (" The Silent Voice," 
" The Half Million Bribe," " Notorious Gal- 
lagher," Artcraft ("Broadway Jones"), 
Pathe ("The Hunting of the Hawk"). Goldwyn 
("Woman in Room 13"), Pathe ("Felix 
O'Day "), Hodkinson ("Lavender and Old 
Lace"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 105; brown hair, 
brown eyes. Studio ad., Metro, Hollywood, 

SPAULDING, Nellie Parker; b. Machlas, Me.; 
educ. High school and Emerson Coll. of Expres- 
sion, Boston; stage career, Lyceum platform, 
vaud., stk. ; 20 yrs. stage exper. ; screen career, 
7 yrs.; Vitagraph ("The Midnight Bride"), 
Paramount ("The Pear Market"), Constance 
Talmadge ("The Love Expert," "Good Refer- 
ences"), Fox ("Dynamite Allen"), Hugo 
Ballin ("East Lynne"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
135; mixed gray hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 
132 22nd at., Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y.; New- 
town 2550. 

SPERL, Edna; screen career, Pathe (" Lochinvar 
o' the Line," " Caught in the Rapids," " Sin- 
gle-Handed Sam," "Laws of the Woods"). 
STANDING, Joan; screen career, Goldwyn ("The 
Branding Iron "), Famous Players (" Silk Ho- 
siery "). 

STANWOOD, Rita (Mrs. H. B. Warner); b. Sa- 
lem, Mass.; educ. there; stage career, "Excuse 
Me." "When Dreams Come True," "Ghost 
Breaker," " Pipes of Pan," " Under Cover," 
etc.; screen career, Jesse D. Hampton ("Gray 
Wolf's Ghost"), Famous Players ("Ghost 
Breakers," "Lost Paradise"). Hght., 6, 4%; 
wght., 122; brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 
Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, Calif 
STABKE, Pauline; b. Joplin, Mo., 1900; educ. 
there; screen career, Triangle ("The Shoes 
That Danced," " Innocents Progress," " Judith," 
"Alias Mary Brown," "Irish Eyes"), Tour- 
neur ("The Life Line"), Equity ("Eyes of 
Youth"), Mayflower ("Soldiers of Fortune"), 
Goldwyn ("Little Shepherd of Kingdom 
Come"), Vitagraph ("Courage of Marge 
O'Doone"), Fox ("The Untamed," "Connecti- 
cut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"), Select 
("Seeds of Vengeance"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 
110; brunette complexion, brown hair, dark 
gray eyes. 

STARR. Jane; screen career, Universal ("The 
Mad Marriage"), Goldwyn ("Guile of 
Women "). 

STAY ART, Edith; screen career, Arrow (" Thun- 
derbolt Jack"), Universal ("The Unknown 

STEADMAN, Vera; b. June 23, 1900, Monterey, 
Gal., educ. Los Angeles; screen career, 2 yrs. 
Keystone (" Hula Hula Land," " Tugboat 
Romeo"), with Sennett-Paramount ("A Bed- 
room Blunder," " A Pullman Bride," " Are 
Waitresses Safe?" "That Night," "Why Men 
Go Wild," " Watch Your Step. Mother," ^' Oh, 
Doctor, Doctor," "License Applied For," "Papa 
By Proxy"), Christie ("Marry Me," "Fit to 
Fight"), Educational ("Sand Witches," "Wed- 
ding Blues"), Robertson-Cole ("813"). 
Hght., 5, 2; wght., 118; dark complexion and 
hair, brown eyes. 

STEDMAN, Myrtle; b. Chicago; educ. Mrs. Ster- 
rett's Sch., Chicago; stage career, mus. com., 
light opera, stock, on road; screen career, Selig, 
Bosworth, Pallas, Morosco, Lasky (" Soul of 
Kura San"), Vitagraph ("In Honor's Web"), 
Select "In the Hollow of Her Hand"), Art- 
craft ("The Teeth of the Tiger"), Beach- 
Goldwyn ("The Silver Horde"), J. Parker 
Reed, Jr. ("Sex"), First Nat'l ("Harriet and the 
Piper," "Old Dad"), Goldwyn ("The Con- 
cert"), Robertson-Cole ("Black Roses"). 
Blond hair, blue eyes. 

STERLING, Edythe; screen career, Republic 
("The One Way Trail"), Arrow ("Vanishing 

STERLING, Jane; screen career, Goldwyn (" The 
Street Called Straight"), Metro ("The Heart 
of a Child"). 

STERROLL, Gertrude; screen career, Stoll Film 
("Bars of Iron"), Famous Players ("Call of 
Youth "). 

STEVENS, Elizabeth; educ. Packer Collegiate 
Inst., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; stage career, 4 yrs.; 
screen career, society leads, Famous Players, 
World, Metro, Equitable, Universal. Hght., 5, 
7%, wght., 131; blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
o/o J. H. Livingston, 1440 Broadway, N. Y.; 
Bryant 3805. 

STEVENS, Emilly; b. N. Y.; stage career with 
her aunt, Mrs. Fiske; " Tess," " Divorcons," 
"Man and Superman," "The Devil;" Broad- 
way star in " The Unchastened Woman;" screen 
career, Metro (" Wheels of Justice," " The 
Slacker," "Alias Mrs. Jessup." "Outwitted," 
" Daybreak," " The Wager," " The Soul of a 
Woman," " A Man's World," " Kildare of 
Storm," "Daybreak"), Schomer-Ross Prod. 
("The Sacred Flame"), Pioneer ("Place of 
Honeymoons "). 

STEVENS, Grace Elizabeth; b. Chicago, 1875; 
Am. Acad. Drama; stage career, stk., concert; 
screen career, Thanhauser (" Mill on the 
Floss"), Metro f" Life's Shadows"), Fox ("A 
Modern Cinderella"), Goldwyn ("Fair Pre- 
tender"), World ("Moral Dead Line," "Power 
and Glory"), Select ("Break the News to 
Mother"), Briggs comedies ("Married Life"), 
"Fall of the Romanoffs " "Third Floor Back." 
Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 156; dark complexion, 
brown hair. Home ad., 747 Quincy St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; Bushwick 1692. 

STEWART, Anita; b. Brooklyn; educ. Eras- 
mus Hall; screen career, Vitagraph ("The 
Girl Philippa," "The Goddess"), First National 
("Virtuous Wives," "A Midnight Romance," 
"In Old Kentucky," "Mary Regan"), Louis 
Mayer ("Kingdom of Dreams," "Human De- 
sire," "Mind-the-Paint Girl"). First National 
("The Fighting Shepherdess," "The Yellow 
Typhoon"). Light hair, brown eyes. Ad., Los 
Angeles, Calif., and New York, N. Y. 
STEWART, Katharine; b. Kent, England; educ 
Germany; stage career, 22 yrs.; screen career. 
Empire All-Star Corp. ("Please Keep Smil- 
ing"), "Please Help Emily"). Whitman-Ben- 
nett ("The Great Adventure"). Hght., 5. 5; 
wght., 185; dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 
St. Margaret Hotel, N. Y. 

STEWART, Lucille Lee; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.; stage 
career, vaud.; screen career, Biograph, Vita- 
srraph ("The Conflict." "His Wife's Good 
Name," "The Ninety and Nine"), Metro ("Five 
Thousand an Hour" "Our Mrs. McChesney"), 
Ex-Mutual ("The Eleventh Commandment"), 
Selznick ("The Perfect Lover," "Sealed 
Hearts"), Fox ("Eastward Ho!"), First 
Nat'l ("The Woman Gives"), Jans ("A 
Woman's Business"). Hght., 5, 4; fair com- 
plexion, blond hair, dark blue eyes. Home 
ad., Brightwaters, L. I., N. Y. 

STINSON, Bessie; screen career, Blackton-Pathe 
("Respectable by Proxy"). Vera McCord Prod. 
("The Good-Bad Wife"), Graphic ("The 
Wrong Woman "). 

STOCKTON, Edith; educ. Rock Island, 111., and 
Barrett Inst.. Chicago; stage career, dram. stk.. 
Cleveland, Chicaero, mus. com. N. Y : screen 
career, Fox, Artclass Film, Plympton ("Through 
the Storm"), Realart ("Out of the Chorus"), 
with Edith Taliafero in " Keep to the Right." 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 128; blond hair, blue eyes. 
STONEHOUSE, Ruth; b. Denver, 1894; educ. 
Monticello Seminary, Godfrey, 111; early career, 
professional dancer; screen career, Essanay, 
Universal, Triangle ("The Phantom Husband"), 
Universal ("Love Never Dies"), Rolfe ("The 
Master Mystery"), Arrow ("The Masked 
Rider"). Metro ("The Four-Flusher," "The 
Hop," " Parlor, Bedroom and Bath," " The 
Hope," "Are All Men Alike"), Asso. Prod. ("I 
Am Guilty"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 105; olive 
complexion, light hair, brown eyes. Ad., per- 
manent, 321 Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, Calif. 
STOREY, Edith; screen career, Vitagraph ("An 
Enemy to the King," "Mr. Aladdin From 
Broadway"), Metro ("The Legion of Death," 
"The Silent Woman." "Island of Regenera- 
tion," "Tarantula," 'The Christian"; been in 
service driving an ambulance; now with Ha- 
worth ("The Prire of Folly." "The Claim." 
" Dust of Egypt "), " Moon Madness," " Beach 
of Dreams"). Add., 676 Riverside Drive, 
N. Y. 

STUART, Julia; b. Scotland; educ. there; stage 
career, own co., under Liebler, Booth Tarking- 
ton's play, "The Country Cousin"; screen career. 
Lubin, Eclair, Peerless ("The Flash of an Em- 
erald," "The Master Hand," "The Ballet 
Girl"), Selznick ("Common Law"), Famous 
("Traveling Salesman"). Fox ("The Painted 
Madonna'"). Ad., 305 W. 45th st.. N. Y. 
STUART, Madge; screen; Stoll Film ("The 

Tavern Knight," "The Branded Soul"). 
SULLIVAN, Helene; screen career, Paramount- 
Art ("Jack Straw"), Equity ("For the Soul 
of Rafael," "Mid-Channel"), Metro ("Par- 
lor, Bedroom and Bath "). 



SULLY, Janet Miller; b. Boston, 1876; stage ca- 
reer, from 1885, "Pinafore," 10 yrs. in stk., 
vaud., mus. com.; screen career, since 1915, 
Horsley (appeared in all of the 60 Cub com- 
edies), Chaplin ("Easy Street," "A Dog's Life," 
"The Adventurer," "The Cure"), Universal 
("Midnight Madness," "The Petal on the Cur- 
rent"), Metro ("Fair and Warmer"), National 
("Hall Room Boys"). Hght., 5, 5V&; wght., 
160; black hair, hazel eyes. Ad., Rutland Apts., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

SUMMERVILLE, Amelia; screen career, Para- 
mount-Art (" The Witness for the Defense," 
"April Folly"), United Artists ("Romance"). 

SURTEES, Catherine; b. San Antonio, Texas, 
1901; educ. Los Angeles Polytechnic; screen 
career, 9 months stock with Fox, 6 mos. stk. 
with Rolin as ingenue lead. Hght 5, 2; wght., 
100; Titian hair, green eyes. Home ad., 763 
Vine St., Hollywood, Calif.; Holly 2624. 

SWANSON, Gloria; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. there; 
screen career, Essanay, Universal, Keystone, 
Sennett-Paramount ("The Pullman Bride"), 
Triangle ("Her Decision," "Every Woman's 
Husband," "Shifting Sands," "Station Content"). 
Famous Players ("Don't Change Your Hus- 
band," "For Better, For Worse," "Male and 
Female," "Why Change Your Wife?" "Some- 
thing to Think About"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 
112; brown hair, blue eyes. Ad., Lasky Studio, 
Hollywood, Calif. 

SWEET, Blanche; b. Chicago; stage career, with 
Gertrude Hoffman, Chauncey Olcott; screen 
career, Biograph ("Judith of Bethulla," "Oil 
and Water"), Griffith ("The Escape"), Lasky 
("The Warrens of Virginia," "The Storm"), 
Independent release ("The Unpardonable Sin," 
"The Hushed Hour"), Hampton ("A 
Woman of Pleasure," " Cressy," " The Deadlier 
Sex," " Cinderella Jane," " Simple Souls," 
" Girl in the Web," " Help Wanter Male," 
" Her Unwilling Husband," " That Girl Mon- 
tana"). Home ad., 6737 Witley Terrace, Los 
Angeles, Calif.; phone 577691; studio, J. D. 


TALBOT, Mary; b. Indianapolis. Ind.; educ. 
there, Girls Classical Sch. and Mrs. Hopkins 
Priv. Sch., Glencove, N. Y. ; stage career, with 
Maude Adams Company, Road shows, E. A. 
White productions; screen career, First 
National, National Film, with J. Warren Kerri- 
gan. Annette Kellerman, " Parrott and Co.," 
" What Women Love," " Live Sparks," " Ken- 
tucky Colonel," " Girl From Nowhere." Hght., 
5, 3; wght., 115; blond hair, hazel eyes. Home 
ad., Sunland, Cal. ; Sunland 51-R. 

TALMADGE, Constance; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Apr. 
19, 1900; educ. Erasmus Hall; screen career, 
Vitagraph, Triangle ("Intolerance"), Selznick 
("Scandal," "The Honeymoon"), Select ("Up 
the Road With Sallie," "A Pair of Blue Stock- 
ings," "Mrs. Lefflngwell's Boots," "Sauce for 
the Goose," "Romance and Arabella"), First 
National ("A Temperamental Wife," "The Vir- 
tuous Vamp," " Two Weeks," " The Love Ex- 
pert," " In Search of a Sinner," " The Perfect 
Woman," " Good References," " Dangerous 
Business," " Mamma's Affair," " Lessons in 
Love"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 120; golden hair, 
brown eyes. Ad., 318 E. 48th st., N. Y. 

TALMADGE, Natalie; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.; educ. 
Brooklyn schs. and Erasmu," Hall; screen ca- 
reer, Vitagraph; gave up acting to become 
assist, gen. mgr. Norma Talmadge Film Corp.; 
financial mgr. and asst. studio mgr., Comique 
Film Corp., playing occasional leads; played 
with Norma Talmadge in "The Isle of Con- 
quest," and " Yes or " No," " The Passion 
Flower," with Constance Talmadge in " The 
Love Expert"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 100; brown 
hair and eyes. Ad., 318 E. 48th st., N. Y. 

TALMADGE, Norma; b. Niagara Falls, N. Y., 
1897; educ. Brooklyn schls. ; entered motion 
pictures at age of 14 with no previous stage 
experience; first associated with Vitagraph, 
later Fine Arts; starred in "The Crown Prince's 
Double," Triangle, Fine Arts ("The Social 
Secretary," "Panthea"), Selznick-Select ("The 
Ghosts of Yesterday," "De Luxe Annie," "Her 
Only Way," "The Forbidden City," "The Heart 
of Wetona," "The Probation Wife," "The New 
Moon," "The Way of a Woman," "The Isle of 
Conquest," "She Loves and Lies"), First Na- 
tional (" Daughter of Two Worlds," " The 
Woman Gives," " Yes or No," " Branded 
Woman," " The Passion Flower," " The Sign 
on the Door," "The Wonderful Thing"). Hght., 

5, 2; wght., 110; dark hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
Norma Talmadge Film Corp., 318 E. 48th St., 

TAMS, Irene; educ. Notre Dame Seminary, New- 
ark, N. J.; stage career, vaud. and ingenue 
lead with "Elixir of Youth"; screen career, 7 
yrs., with Biograph and Edison for 2 yrs., 
World ("Lola"), Milo ("Hired Help," "En- 
tanglement," "Home-Coming," "Fireman's 
Dream," "The Storm"), Triangle ("Taxi"), 
Capellani ("Oh, Boy!"), ("Determination"). 
Hght., 5, 1; wght., 115; brown hair, gray eyes. 
Ad., 230 W.-79th st., N. Y. C. ; Schuyler 6460. 

rAPLE*, Rose Elizabeth; b. Petersburg, Va., 
June 30, 1883; educ. Maiden, Mass., and Boston 
Univ.; stage career, 1900-10, Chauncey Olcott, 
"Sign of the Cross," "Lion and the Mouse," 
etc.; screen career, Biograph, Vitagraph, 
'Money Kings," "Rip Van Winkle," "Memories 
That Haunt," "Vanity Fair," etc.; 1916-17, 
toured country for Vitagraph in interest of 
better pictures; 1917, joined Famous Players 
for same work; at present mgr. of Club and 
Social Section of Non-Theatrical Dist. Dept., 
Famous Players-Lasky Corp. Hght., 6, 6; 
wght., 137; brown hair, gray eyes. 

TAYLOR, Estelle; screen career, Fox (" The Ad- 
venturer," " While New York Sleeps," " Blind 
Wives," "Foot Falls"), Goldwyn ("The Re- 
turn of Tarzan "). 

TAYLOR, Pauline; b. N. Y.; educ. N. Y. C. ; 
stage career, stk., with Eva Taylor in vaud.; 
screen career, Thanhouser ("Hidden Valley"), 
Apex ("Couple Wanted," "With All Improve- 
ments," "Furnished Complete," "In Bad"). 
Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 128; light brown hair, 
dark blue eyes. Ad., Apex Pictures Corp., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

TEARE, Ethel; screen career, Fox ("Her 
Naughty Wink," "Ten Nights Without a Bar- 
room," " The Jazz Bandits," " Hold Me Tight," 
" Pretty Lady," " Roaring Lions on Parade," 
"The Tomboy," "Skirts"). 

TELL,. Alma; screen career, Famous Players 
("On With the Dance," "The Right to Love," 
" Paying the Piper "). 

TELL, Olive; b. N. Y. C.; educ. France; stage 
career, Sargent School of Acting, N. Y., stk., 
prods. "Cousin Lucy," "The Intruder," "Ro- 
mance," "Under Pressure," etc.; screen career, 
Empire, All-Star-Mutual ("Her Sister," "The 
Unforeseen," "The Girl and the Judge," 'The 
Smugglers"), Metro ("Secret Strings," "To Hell 
With the Kaiser"), Universal ("The Trap"), 
Jans Pict., Inc. (" Love Without Question," 
"Wings of Pride," "A Woman's Business"), 
Metro ("Clothes"), Selznick ("Worlds 
Apart"). Hght., 5, 5%; wght.. 127; brown 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., care Jans Pictures, Inc., 
729 Seventh ave., N. Y. 

TENNANT, Barbara; b. and educ. London; stage 
career, Shakespearean rep. ; screen career, fea- 
tured lead in "The Dollar Mark," "The Marked 
Woman," "The Price of Malice," "The Closed 
Road," Universal ("Wolves of the North"). 
Hght.. 6, 5%; wght., 124; auburn hair, 
hazel eyes. Ad., 2307 Holly drive, Hollywood, 

TENNEY, Beth, also seen, writer; b. Manchester, 
Eng., 1893; educ. Notre Dame Convent, Bait.; 
stage career, stk., "Oh! Oh! Delphine," "The 
Love Cure"; screen career, Klever Komedies, 
double for Ethel Cla,yton in "Private Petti- 
grew's Girl"; featured in "The Thirteenth 
Chair," "Echo of Youth," "Woman, Woman," 
Gaumont ("Temporary Wife"), Famous ("Oh, 
You Woman"), McManus ("Lost Battalion"), 
Triangle ("Three Black Eyes"), Pioneer ("Sins 
of Children"), Graphic ("The Eternal 
Mother"), Ziegfeld ("Black Panther's Cub"), 
Lahr (" Contrasts "), Propaganda (" Evi- 
dence "), Talmadge ("Brains and Beauty"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 130; fair complexion, blond 
hair, dark eyes. Ad., 130 W. 85th st., N. Y. C.; 
Schuyler 3956. 

TERRY, Alice; b. Nashville, Texas, 1896; educ. 
Washington, D. C. ; stage career, "Nobody 
Home," "Go To It," Washington Square Play- 
ers; screen career, Crystal ("Strictly Business"), 
Vitagraph ("The Bottom of the Well," "Love 
Watches," "The Clarion Call," "Thin Ice"), 
Metro (" Hearts are Trumps," " Four Horse- 
men of the Apocalypse," " The Conquering 
Power"). Hght., 5,1; wght., 115; fair com- 
plexion, blond hair, gray eyes. 

TERRY, Ethel.; b. 1898; stage exper., mus. com., 
classical fancy dancing; screen career, leads 
in Wm. H. Clifford Photoplay Co. ("The Snail," 
"Denny from Ireland," etc), Egyptian slave 
girl in "Intolerance." Hght., 5, 1; wght., 117; 



dark hair and eyes. Home ad., 1012 N. Ver- 
mont ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 597046. 
TERRY, Ethel Grey; b. Oakland, Calif.; educ. 
Notre Dame, Boston, Mass. ; stage career, with 
Belasco in "The Lily" two seasons; lead in 
"The Smouldering Flame," "Search Me," Irving 
players, Little Theater, Los Angeles, stk.; 
screen career, Famous ("Sign of the Cross ), 
Vitagraph ("Arsene Lupin," "Craig Kennedy" 
serial), Oliver ("Carter Case"), American Cine- 
ma ("Greater Than Love"), World ("Phil for 
Short"), Mayflower ("Mystery of the Yellow 
Room"), Goldwyn ("Going Some?" "The Pen- 
alty"), Realart ("Food for Scandal"). First 
Nat'l ("Habit"). Hodkinson ("The Breaking 
Point"). Hght.. 5, 6; wght., 130; dark com- 
plexion, brown hair and gray eyes. Ad., 260 
W. 57th St., N. Y., and 1903 Wilcox ave., Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

TERRY. June Ellen; screen career, United Art- 
ists ("Romance"), Metro ("Coincidence"). 
THEBY, Rosemary; b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. Sar- 
gent Dramatic Sen.; screen career, Universal 
("Too Much Women," "Boston Blackie's Little 
Pal," "Unexpected Places," "The Shooting of 
Sadie Rose"), Artcraft ("The Winged Mys- 
tery"), Metro ("The Great Love"), Mayflower 
("A Splendid Hazard"), Robertson-Cole ("Kis- 
met," "Good Women"), Pathe ("The Dice of . 
Destiny"), Fox ("Connecticut Yankee in King 
Arthur's Court," " Partners of Fate "). Hght., 
5, 5; wght., 124; dark brown hair, hazel eyes. 
Home ad., 1907 Wilcox ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Holly 460. 
THOMAS, Jane; screen career. Goldwyn ("The 

North Wind's Malice," "Restless Wives"). 
THORNE, Lizette; screen career, Lasky ("Mary's 
Ankle"), Federated Film ("Penny of Tophill 

THURMAN, Mary; b. Richfield, Utah; educ. Univ. 
of Utah; screen career, Fine Arts ("Sunshine 
Dad"), Keystone ("His First False Step," "The 
Late Lamented"), Sennett-Paramount ("A Bed- 
room Blunder," "That Night"), Pathe ("This 
Hero Stuff." "The House of Betty"). Allah 
Dwan ("In the Heart of a Fool"), Famous 
Players ("Sand"), Pathe ("Valley of Tomor- 
row") First Nat'l ("The Scoffer"), Fox ("Bare 
Knuckles"). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 123; chestnut 
hair, gray eyes. Ad., 133 Edgcliff Drive, Los 
Angeles. Cal.; phone Wilshire 6057. 
TILBURY, Zeffle; screen career, Film Specials 
("Mothers of Men"), Metro ("Clothes," "The 
Marriage of William Ashe"). 

T1NCHER, 1'ay; b. Topeka, Kan.; educ. there and 
Chicago; stage career, vaud. one season; screen 
career, Reliance-Majestic, Fine Arts, Griffith 
("Battle of Sexes," "Don Quixote"), Triangle 
("Bill, the Office Boy" series), Christie ("Rowdy 
Ann," "Dangerous Nan McGrew," "Wild and 
Western," "Go West, Young Woman"). Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 110; black hair, brown eyes. Ad.. 
Christie Studio, Los Angeles, Cal. 
TITHERIDGK, Madge; b. Melbourne, Australia; 
educ. England; stage career, 17 yrs. with Cyril 
Maude, Sir Herbert Tree, Lewis Waller, Coque- 
lin, Sir George Alexander; screen career, Barker 
(London), ("Brigadier Gerard," "The Woman 
Who Was Nothing"). Hght.. 5, 3; wght., 120; 
black hair, brown eyes. 

TITUS, Lydia Yeamans; b. Australia; educ. there; 
stage career, from early age, toured world with 
husband in own entertainment; screen career, 
Universal ("High Speed," "The Edge of the 
Law," "Little Marian's Triumph"), Artcraft 
("Romance of Happy Valley"), Paramount 
("Happy Though Married"), Vitagraph ("Yan- 
kee Princess"), Goldwyn ("Peace of Roaring 
River," "World and Its Woman," "Strictly Con- 
fidential"), Universal ("Gun Fightin' Gentle- 
man," "The Mad Marriage," "All Dolled Up," 
"The Freeze Out"), Metro ("Marriage of Wil- 
liam Ashe"), Famous Players ("Deep Waters," 
"Beau Revel"), Robertson-Cole ("The Con- 
cert"). Hght., 4, 9; wght., 140; brown hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 1515 S. Figueroa st., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

TONCRAY, Kate; stage career, with Thomas 
Keene, Alexander Solvini, Nat Goodwin, mgmt. 
Chas. Frohman. Shubert, Belasco, Brady, etc. ; 
screen career, Biograph, Reliance-Majestic, Fine 
Arts ("Little Meena's Romance," "The Little 
Yank," "The Failure"), Artcraft ("Rebecca of 
Sunnybrook Farm"). Para. ("Battling Jane"), 
Famous Players ("The Charm School"), Gold- 
wyn ("Prisoners of Love"). 5408 Hollywood 
Blvd., Los Angeles. Cal.; phone 597538. 
TRAVERS, Beverly; screen career. American- 
Pathe ("The Week-End," "Their Mutual 
Child"), Paramount-Art ("A Full House"). . 

TRAVERSE. Madlaine; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. 
Europe; stage career, since 12 yrs. old, vaud., 
stk and road, featured at Cohen's Grand opera 
house, Chicago, and Gaiety, N. Y. ; screen ca- 
reer, Artcraft ("The Poor Little Rich Girl"), 
Ivan ("Sins of Ambition"), Fox ("The Cailliaux 
Case," "The Danger Zone," "The Love That 
Dares." "Gambling in Souls," "The Splendid 
Sin," "The Snares of Paris," "Lost Money.". 
"The Hell Ship," "What Would You Do?" "The 
Penalty," " The Tattlers." "The Iron Heart." 
"The Spirit of Good"). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 165; 
dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., Holly- 
wood Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal.; Holly 4101; 
studio, Fox. 

FREVELYN, Una; b. English ship; educ. Ward 
Belmont Schl. for Girls, Nashville, Tenn.; stage 
career, 4 yrs., 2 seasons with A. H. Woods, 
N. Y. C., "Common Clay," "Cheating Cheaters," 
dram, stk.; screen career, old Lubin Co. ("Lost 
in Mid Ocean"), Goldwyn ("Venus Model"). B. 
B. Features ("Her Purchase Price"), Universal 
("The Woman in the Plot," "The Devil's Pass- 
key"), Lois Weber ("What Do Men Want"), 
light., 5, 4%; wght., 128; very fair hair, hazel 
eyes. Ad., 5656 de Longpre Ave., Los Angeles, 
phone 597734. 

TREVOR, Olive; b. New Orleans, La., 1899; educ. 
Ward-Belmont, Nashvile, Tenn.; stage career, 
dram, reading, vaud., artist's model; screen 
career, Universal, Gaumont ("The Haunted 
Manor," etc.), Vitagraph ("Col. Nutt" series, 
etc.), Fox, Triangle ("Taxi"), Frank Hall ("The 
Other Man's Wife"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 118; 
reddish hair, green eyes. 

TUCKER. Lillian; screen career, Universal ("The 
Marriage Pit"), Paramount ("What Every 
Woman Knows"). 

TURNER, Florence; b. N. Y. ; educ. there; stage 
career, 4 yrs., with Mantell, Grace George, 
Henry Irving; screen career, Vitagraph, Turner- 
Trimble-Edwards ("A Welsh Singer"), Mutual 
("East Is East," "Doorsteps"), Arrow ("Fool's 
Gold"), Robertson-Cole ("Brand of Lopez"), 
Metro ('^Passion Fruit"), Universal ("All Doll- 
ed Up"). Hght., 4, 10; wght., 102; dark com- 
plexion, black hair, dark eyes. Ad., home, 
Burch House, Walton-on-Thames, Eng. ; ad., 
Hotel Alexandria, Los Angeles, Cal.; studio, 
Universal Film Co., Universal City, Cal. 
Tl RNER, Muriel Godfrey; screen career, Univer- 
sal ("All Dolled Up," "Desperate Youth"). 


UZZELL, Corene; b. and educ. Houston, Texas; 
stage career, with H. W. Savage, Klaw & Erlan- 
ger, Al Woods; screen career, Pathe, Famous 
Players, Mutual, Fox, ("On Trial," "Seven Keys 
to Baldpate," "Conquered Hearts," "A Woman 
of Impulse," "Thunderbolts of Fate"). World 
("The Oakdale Affair," "The Clouded Name",) 
San Antonio Pictures Corp. ("Mr. Potter of 
Texas"), Frohman Amuse. Corp. ("The Invis- 
ible Ray" serial), U. S. Picture Corp. ("Deter- 
mination"). Hght., 5. 6; wght., 134; black 
hair, brown eyes. Ad., 158 W. 15th st., N. Y. ; 
Watkins 5383. 


VALE, Vola; stage career, in amateur theatricals 
in Rochester, N. Y. ; screen career, Biograph 
(stk. member, later played leads for 2 yrs), 
Universal ("The Adventure of the Last Cigar- 
ette," "The Woman He Feared," "The Price of 
Silence," "Eagle's Wings"), Lasky ("Each to 
His Kind"), Balboa ("The Secret of Black 
Mountain"), Paramount ("The Son of His 
Father"), Ince-Artcraft ("The Silent Man." 
"The Bloodhound"), Vitagraph ("The Hornet's 
Nest"), Paramount ("Happy Tho Married"), 
Rob.-Cole ("Heart in Pawn." "Hearts Asleep"). 
American ("Six Feet Four"), Metro ("Alias 
Jimmy Valentine," "Someone in the House"), 
Vitagraph ("A Master Stroke"), Fox ("The 
Iron Rider"). 

VALENTINE, Louiszita; screen career. Vitaerraph 
("The Sea Rider," "The Gauntlet"), Metro 
("Polly With a Past"). 

VALENTINE, Vangie; b. Milwaukee, Wis., 1901; 
educ. Milwaukee; entered stage work at 5 yrs. 
did the Fairy in "Blue Bird," Century Roof 
show, "Miss 1917," leads for Gus Edwards in 
"Band Box Review," Ziegfeld's Midnight Fro- 
lics; screen career, "Her Uncle's Wish," "Velvet 
and Rags," "Measured Steps," Macauley Pict. 
("When Bearcat Went Dry"), Bloxbe Film 



(Young American Series), Griffith ("Rom- 
ance"). Hght., 5. 3; wght., 110; fair complexion, 
blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 245 W. 51st st., N. 
Y. C. 

VALERIE, Gladys; b. Wheeling, W. Va. ; educ. 
N. Y. C.; stage career, concert and opera; 
screen career. World ("Heart of a Girl"), Fam- 
ous Players ("Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage 
Patch"), Select ("Marie, Ltd."), Blackton 
("Dawn"), Screencraft ("Golden Nugget"), 
Famous Players ("The Curse"), Pioneer 
("Thoughtless Women"), Schomer ("The Hid- 
den Light"). Hght, 5. 5; wght.. 125; fair 
complexion, blond hair, brown eyes. Home ad., 
Hotel Grampion, 182 St. Nicholas ave., N. Y. ; 
Morningside 3892. 

VALLI, Virginia; b. Chicago, 1895; educ. there; 
stage career, interpretative dancing; screen ca- 
reer, Essanay, World, Taylor Holmes ("The 
Very Idea"), Fox ("The Plunger"), Metro 
("The Silver Lining"), Hope Hampton ("Love's 
Penalty"), Famous Players ("Sentimental Tom- 
my"), Metro ("The Man Who"). Dark hair 
and eyes. Ad., Hotel Bretton Hall, 86th st. 
and Broadway, N. Y. C. 

VAN BUREN, Mabel; b. Chicago; educ. there; 
stage career, stock; screen career, Biograph, 
Vitagraph, Kinemacolor, Selig, Fox, Clune 
("Ramono"), Lasky ("The Sowers," "The Silent 
Partner," "The Jaguar's Claws," "Uncon- 
quered," "The Squaw Man's Son," "Hashimura 
Togo," "Countess Charming." "The House with 
the Golden Windows," "The Victoria Cross," 
"Conrad in Quest of His Youth," "The Money 
Master"). Abrams ("Hearts of Men"), Metro 
("Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"). Hght., 
5, 3%; wght., 136; dark hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
home, 4347 Kingswell ave., Hollywood; Holly 

VANN, Polly; b. Scranton; educ. Mount St. 
Mary, Scranton; stage career, vaudeville, 
screen career, Universal, Metro ("To the 
Death"), Mayflower ("Scrap Paper"), Universal 
("Hard Lines"), Pathe ("Crooked Daggers"), 
Selznick ("Regular Girl"), Triangle ("Three 
Black Eyes"), Talmadge Pictures. Hght., 5, 
4%; wght., 132; dark complexion, dark brown 
hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 3544 Broadway, N. Y. 

VAN NAME, Elsie, also scenario writer; b. Staten 
Island, N. Y. ; educ. N. Y. ; stage exper., stk., 
road shows; screen career, 5 yrs. Universal 
("John Ermine of Yellowstone," "The Mystery 
Ship"), Francis Ford ("Who Was the Other 
Man," "The Silent Mystery"); wrote "Mystery 
Ship," "Isle of Intrigue," "Silent Mystery." 
Francis Ford Studio, 6040 Sunset boulevard, 
Los Angeles, Calif.. Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140; 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

VERNON, Agnes; b. Oregon; educ. Chicago, 111 , 
Kansas City, Mo.; screen career, Universal- 
Bluebird (late pictures, "Taking Father Home," 
"Bringing Home Father," "The Clean-Up, " 
"Sky High"), Keystone ("Dangers of a Bride," 
"It's Up to You," "A Stormy Knight"), Rob.- 
Cole ('Bare-Fisted Gallagher"), Hght., 5, 4; 
wght., 115; light complexion, brown hair, brown 

VIDOR, Florence; b. Houston, Texas, 1895; educ. 
convent, high schl. there; screen career. Famous 
("The Bravest Way," "Old Wives for New," 
"Till I Come Back to You"). Robertson-Cole 
("Turn in the Road," "Poor Relations," "The 
Other Half," "Better Times"), First Nat'l. 
("The Family Honor," "Jack Knife Man"), 
Asso. Prod. ("Lying Lips"), Paramount ("Beau 
Revel"). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; olive com- 
plexion, brown hair and eyes. Home ad., 1719 
Selma Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 578666; 
studio ad., 6642 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. 


WALCAMP, Marie; screen career, Bluebird 
("Hop, the Devil's Brew," "The Flirt," "John 
Needham's Double"), Gold Seal-Universal 
("Onda of the Orient," "Liberty," "The Silent 
Terror," "The Quest of Virginia," "The Red 
Ace," "The Indian's Lament"), International 
("Patria," "The Lion's Claws," "Tongues of 
Flame," "The Red Glove" serial). Universal 
("The Red Robe," "The Dragon's Net"). Ad., 
Universal City; now in China. 

WALES, Betty; b. Middlebury, Vt., 1900; educ. 
Castle School, New Rochelle, and Dwight 
-School, Englewood, N. J. ; stage exper., ingenue 
In revival of "Get Rich Quick Wallingford," 
lead opp. Wm. Collier in "Nothing But the 
Truth"; screen career. Famous Players ("Oh. 
You Women"), Hodkinson ("King Spruce"). 

Hght., 5, 41/j, ; wght., 132; brown hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 264 Riverside Drive N. Y. 
C. ; Riverside 9933. 

WALKER, Charlotte; b. Galveston, Tex., 1878; 
educ. there; stage career from 1895, recent ap- 
pearances as star or leading woman in "The 
Wolf," "Just a Wife," "Boots and Saddles," 
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine," "The War- 
rens of Virginia," "Two Virtues"; .screen ca- 
reer, Lasky ("Out of Darkness," "The Trail of 
the Lonesome Pine"), McClure ("Sloth"), Mu- 
tual ("Pardners"), Julius Steger ("Just a 
Woman"), Fox ("Every Mother's Son"), Pathe 
("Eve in Exile"). 

WALKER, Lillian; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; educ. 
Brooklyn; early career, photographer's model; 
stage career, in stk. and vaud. ; screen career, 
Vitagraph ("Princess of Park Row," "The Star 
Gazer"), Ogden Film Corp. ("The Lust of the 
Ages," "The Grain of Dust," "Embarrassment 
of Riches"). Hodkinson ("The Love Hunger," 
"The White Man's Chance," "A Joyous Liar"). 
Select ("The Better Wife"). Grossman serial 
("$1,000,000 Reward"), Radisoul ("You and 
I"). Hght, 5, 1%; wght., 120; blond hair and 
blue eyes. 

WALLACE, Catherine; screen career. Realart 
("Jenny Be Good"), Goldwyn ("The Cow- 

WALLACE, Dorothy; screen career, United ("A 
Man's Fight," with Dustin Farnuni), poster girl 
for James Montgomery Flagg, appeared in 
Flagg serials, also supported Gloria Swanson. 
Olive Thomas, Selznick ("The Spite Bride"), 
Metro ("Parlor, Bedroom and Bath"). 

WALLACE, Irene; b. New York City; educ. 
dancing and dram. sch. ; stage career, in 1915 
original automatic doll on Keith time; 2 yrs. 
in vaud. dancing act; screen career, 3 yrs. 
Universal. 1 yr. Selig ("In for the Night," 
"In Dangerland"). Hght., 5; wght., 110; brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 117 S. Manhattan 
St., Los Angeles; phone 567-384; studio, Selig. 

WALLACK, Ann; screen career, Paramount-Art 
("Humoresque"), Metro ("Nothing But Lies"). 

TALTERS, Dorothy; stage career, Belasco. 
r 'What's Wrong," Savage, "The Great Name," 
Frohman, "Lottery Man," "What Ails You?"; 
screen career, Famous Players ("Misleading 
Widow," "Little Miss Hoover"), Carl Carlton 
("No Children Allowed"), Fox ("Woman, 
Woman"), World ("Relatives"), Town and 
Country. Flagg Comedies, Constance Talmage 
("Good References"), Famous Players ("Away 
Goes Prudence," "The Quarry"), Griffith ("Fly- 
ing Pat"), with Pearl White; Fox, with Lee 
children. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 196; reddish gray 
hair, gray eyes. Ad., 226 W. 50th st., N. Y. ; 
Circle 4673. 

WALTON, Gladys; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. Port- 
land, Oregon; screen career, Universal ("The 
Secret Light," "Pink Tights," "Risky Busi- 
ness," "Rich Girl, Poor Girl," "All Dolled Up," 
"Desperate Youth," "The Man Tamer"). Hght., 
5, 1%; wght., 113; hazel brown hair, hazel 
grey eyes. Home ad., 456 S. Western ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal.; studio, Universal. L. A. 

WALTON, Olive; characters; b. Garden City, 
Kansas; educ. Topeka High Sch.; screen career. 
Westerns, " Camp-fire Embers," " Do the Dead 
Talk? ". Specialty Feature Films, Castle Films. 
Hght., 5, 5; wght., 120; red hair, green eyes. 
Ad., Castle Studios, 2332 N. California Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

WARD, Carrie Clark; Goldwyn ("The Paliser 
Case," "Out of the Storm'), Metro ("Old Lady 
31"), Fox ("The Orphan"). Robertson-Cole 
("Black Roses"), First National ("Bob Hamp- 
ton of Placer"). 

WARD, Fannie; b. St. Louis, 1875; stage career 
from 1890, various B'way productions, on tour 
In " Marriage of William Ashe," " New Lady 
Bantock," "Madam President," also in vaud.; 
screen career, Lasky; " The Years of the Lo- 
cust," " Betty to the Rescue," " Her Strange 
Wedding," " The Crystal Gazer," " The Sun- 
set Trail," " On the Level," " The Lure of 
Crooning Waters," " The Winning of Sally 
Temple," Pathe ("The Yellow Ticket," "The 
Narrow Path," " Cry of the Weak," " Common 
Clay," "The Profiteers," "Our Better Selves"). 
Joan ("She Played and Paid"). Hght., 5, 1; 
wght., 125: fair hair, blue eyes. 

WARD, Lucille; b. Dayton, O., 1885; stage career, 
15 yrs., name part in " Tillle's Nightmare," 
also in stk.: screen career, since 1912, in char- 
acter comedy and leads, with Imp, Keystone, 
Beauty Comedies and Mutual Masterpieces, 
Morosco ("Happiness of Three Women," "The 
Road to Love"), American-Mutual ("Annie- 
For-Spite," "The Frame-up"), Metro ("Ama- 



teur Adventuress"), Lasky ("Fires of Faith"). 

Paramount ("Secret Garden," "The 13th Com- 
mandment," "The Traveling Salesman"), Pathe 
("Smouldering Embers"), Metro ("The Cheat- 

WARE, Helen; b. San Francisco; educ. N. T. 
Normal Coll.; stage career, from 1899, as 
understudy, leading woman or star; appeared 
with Maude Adams, Rose Stahl, Blanche Bates, 
Robert Edeson, "Within the Law"; screen 
career, Fine Arts, Bluebird, Selig ("Garden of 
Allah"), starred in "Third Degree," "The Es- 
cape," "The Revolt," Crystal ("The Price"). 
Universal ("Secret Love"). Triangle ("Cross 
Currents"), Realart ("The Deep Purple"). Fox 
("Colorado Pluck"); clubs: Twelfth Night, 
Three Arts Club, Society of Arts and Letters. 
Ad., 339 Rye Beach ave., Rye, N. Y. 

WAKE, Virginia; screen career, Universal ("Her 
Five Foot Highness," "The Mad Marriage"). 

WARNER, Marion; b. Indianapolis, 1893; educ. 
St. Annis Acad., Victoria, B. C. ; screen career, 
NYMP, 1912-14, Selig (leads in "The Cycle of 
Fate," "The Far Journey," several Selig animal 
pictures), Corona ("The Curse of Eve"), Diando 
("Very Young Love," "Daddy's Girl," "Daugh- 
ter of the West," "Old Maid's Baby"); now 
with King Cole comedies. Hght., 6, 3; wght., 
120; blond hair, gray eyes. 

WARREN, Mary; b. Phila.; educ. St. Cecelia 
Acad., Scranton, Pa., 2 yrs. mus. com., Al Jol- 
son; screen career, 5 yrs. Vitagraph, Universal, 
Triangle, Hampton ("What Every Woman 
Wants"), Goldwyn ("One of the Finest"), Para- 
mount ("Girls"), Goldwyn ("Heartsease," "City 
of Comrades," "Guile of Women"), Universal 
("Prince of Avenue A"). Hght., 6, 4; wght.. 
134; titian hair, violet eyes. Ad., 7059 Jas- 
mine ave.. Palms, Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 

\VARRENTON, Lule; b. Mich.; duc. Calif.; early 
career, elocutionist in Notre Dame Univ.; stage 
career, from age 17, Shakespearian roles, toured 
British Isles, organized and headed own co., 
produced children's plays; screen career, 5 yrs. 
Universal (acted, dir. and wrote seen. "A Bird's 
Christmas Carol," "Bit o' Heaven," "Star 
Dust," "The Littlest Fugitive"), Triangle, 
Goldwyn ("Heart of the Sunset"), Ince ("String 
Beans"), with Tom Mix in "Whirlwind Trail," 
Fox ("Be a Little Sport," "Merry-Go-Round"), 
Selznick ("The Sin That Was His"), with 
George Loane Tucker in "Ladies Must Live, 
Universal ("Reputation"). Ad., Virbert Lodge, 
Sunland, Calif. 

WARWICK, Virginia; screen career, Metro 
("Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"), Fox 
("Hands Off"). 

WASHBURN, Hazel; b. Albany, Oct. 25, 1898; 
educ. Albany, N. Y. ; stage career, 2 yrs. with 
Ziegfeld Follies, 2 yrs. vaud. musical; screen 
career, Metro ("Revelation"), Select ("Ordeal 
of Rosetta"), World ("The Wasp"), Pathe. 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 125; blond hair, dark eyes. 

WATERMAN, Ida; stage career; played in "Secret 
Service" with Wm. Gillette; "The Boomerajig"; 
also with Maude Adams, etc.; screen career, 
Betzwood-Goldwyn ("A Misfit Earl"), Fox 
("Lure of Ambition"). Para.-Artcraft ("The 
Counterfeit," "Lady Rose's Daughter," "On 
with the Dance"), Vitagraph ("Her Lord and 
Master"). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 150; gray nair, 
blue eyes. Ad., 203 W. 14th St., N. Y. C.; 
Farragut 2650. 

WAYNE, Maud; screen career. First National 
("The Fighting Shepherdess"), Paramount-Art 
("The Fighting Chance," "Behold My Wife"), 
Universal ("Fixed by George," "Risky Busi- 

WEER, Helen; b. Chicago, 111. 1900; stage career, 
with David Warfield in "Music Master" for 2 
yrs.; in "Hitchy Koo" Revue in 1918; screen 
career, left school to go into motion pictures, 
6 mos. with Essanay, World, Frohman, Famous 
Players, Lubin, Fine Arts ("The Social Secre- 
tary," "House Without Children"), Argus En- 
terprises, Inc. ("A Broadway Saint"). Metro 
("Lure of Youth"). Hght., 5%; wght., 99; 
blond hair. Ad., 687 Madison ave., N. Y. 

WEHLEN, Emmy; educ. Vienna and London; 
stage career, with London Gaiety Co., Daly's, 
leads in "The Merry Widow," "Dollar Prin- 
cess," in London, and "Marriage a la Carte," 
"Tonight's the Night," "The Girl on the Film," 
etc., in America; screen career, Metro ("The 
Duchess of Doubt," "The Outsider," "The Shell 
Game," "House of Gold," "His Bonded Wife," 
"Sylvia on a Spree," "The Amateur Adven- 
turess," "Fools and Their Money," "A Favor to 
a Friend"), Pathe ("Lifting Shadows"). Hght., 
5. 3; wght., 110; blond hair, brown eyes. Ad., 
Hotel Netherlands, N. Y. 

WELLS, May; screen career, Metro ("Old Lady 
31"), Universal ("Breath of the Gods"). 

WENDELL, Bunny; b. Boston, 1896; educ. Bos- 
ton; stage career, in "Follies" of '13, '14, '15, 
with Castles in "Watch Your Step," and with 
Raymond Hitchcock in "Beauty Shop," and 
"Betty," vaud. with Joseph Santley, 3 seasons 
with "Jack O'Lantern"; screen career, Famous 
Players, Artcraft ("Less Than Dust"); now 
rehearsing with "The Night Boat." Hght., 5, 
4; wght., 125; brown hair, blue eyes, fair com- 
plexion. Ad., home, 812 Lexington ave. N. Y. C. 

WEST, Lillian M.; b. N. Y. C.; educ. there and 
New Jersey; stage career, musical comedy and 
dramatic; screen career, Fox, Triangle, Selig 
("Auction of Souls"), Morosco ("Louisiana"), 
World ("Woman of Lies"), Sphinx serials ("The 
Fatal Thirty"), Universal ("Colorado"). Hght., 
5, 5; wght., 130; brown hair and eyes. Home 
ad., Hotel Glidden, Los Angeles, Cal. 

WESTOVER, Winifred; b. San Francisco, Cal.; 
educ. Dominican Coll. (convent at San Rafael) ; 
screen career, 2 yrs. with D. W. Griffith, Fin* 
Arts, playing leads opposite De Wolf Hopper, 
Wilfred Lucas, Douglas Fairbanks, etc., "In- 
tolerance," Para.-Artcraft ("John Petticoats"), 
Pathe ("This Hero Stuff," "Hobbs in a Hur- 
ry," "All the World to Nothing"), Metro ("Old 
Lady 31"), Fox ("Forbidden Trails," "Fire- 
brand Trevison"), Famous Players ("The Vil- 
lage Sleuth"). Selznick ("Bucking the Tiger"). 
Hght., 6, 3; wght., 128; blond hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., 5120 Hollywood Blvd., Los 
Angeles, Cal.; phone 597429. 

WHIPPLE, Clara Brimmer; b. Missouri; educ- In 
convent in Germany and finishing schl. in 
Switzerland; stage career, Pittsburgh stock, 
Henry Miller's "Dragoon Claw"; screen career, 
Kalem, Equitable- World ("The Gilded Cage"), 
Rolfe-Metro ("The Stolen Triumph"), Louis 
Weber Prod. ("The Man Who Dared God"), 
Paramount ("Pettigrew's Girl"). 

WHISTLER, Margaret; b. Louisville, Ky., 1888; 
educ. Notre Dame Coll., Washington, D. C.; 
stage career, vaud., stk. and circus throughout 
Eng. and U. S., with Blanche Bates in "The 
Girl of Wall Street"; screen career, since 1911, 
Lubin, Universal ("Behind Life's Stage," "Her 
Soul's Temptation," "Come Through," "Mary 
from America"), Selznick ("Poppy"); is painter 
and designer of gowns for Fox Sunshine come- 
dies. Hght., 5, 3; wght., 134; light brown hair, 
brown eyes. Ad., Fox Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

WHITCOMB, Mabel; b. Manchester, Eng.; stage 
career, 15 yrs. with Sir Charles Wyndham, 
Beerbohm Tree, Drury Lane, Frohman prod.; 
screen career, 2 yrs. Goldwyn, 3 yrs. World, 
Mayflower ("Bolshevism on Trial"), Famous 
Players ("Should a Wife Forgive"), Prizma 
World ("His Father's Wife." "Broadway 
Saint"), Pioneer ("Place of Honeymoons"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 145; blond hair, brown 
eyes. Ad., Coytesville, N. J.; Fort Lee 41-R. 

WHITE, Pearl; b. Missouri; attracting attention 
of theatrical man by reciting "Hamlet's Solil- 
oquy," played Little Eva in "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin"; screen career, first appeared in Wild 
West pictures, because of her ability to ride, 
starred with Pathe ("Perils of Pauline," 
"Elaine" series, "The Iron Claw," "The Fatal 
Ring," "Pearl of the Army," "Hazel Kirke," 
"May Blossoms," "New York Lights," "The 
House of Hate," "The Lightning Raider," "The 
Black Secret"), Fox ("The White Moll"), "The 
Mountain Woman," "Tiger's Cub," "The Thief," 
"Know Your Men," "Beyond Price"). Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 120; light hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
care of Fox, N. Y. 

WHITNEY, Claire; b. New York City; educ. N. Y. 
Wadleigh H. S.; stage career, a one-act vaud. 
mus. com., also in stock; screen career, from 
1909, Biograph, Fox ("The Victim," "The New 
York Peacock," "When False Tongues Speak," 
"Thou Shalt Not Steal," "Canaille"), Select 
("Shirley Kane"), Metro ("The Man Who 
Stayed at Home"), Para.-Art. ("Career of 
Katherine Bush"), Ed Jose ("Mothers of Men"), 
Select ("Isle of Conquest"), Wistaria ("Neg- 
lected Wives"), Metro ("Love, Honor and 
Obey"), Cosmo ("The Passionate Pilgrim"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; blond hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 50 Morningside ave., N. Y. C. 

WIGGIN, Mrs. Margaret A.; b. Indiana; educ. 111. 
& Kan.; screen career, Essanay, Selig, Roth- 
acker, Wholesome, Geo. Ade Fables, "Gift of 
Gab," "The Penny Philanthropist," with Peggy 
O'Neil. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 150; white hair, 
blue eyes. 

WILKINSON, Mary B.; b. Lafayette, Tenn., 1852; 
educ. Franklyn, Ky.; early career, teacher, 



court reporter, proof-reader; screen career, Bio- 
graph, Fine Arts ("Bread Line"), D. W. Grif- 
fith, Famous Players ("Rose of the Rancho," 
etc.). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 98; silver hair, hazel 
eyes. Ad., Imperial Apts., 350 S. Figueroa St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. ; studio, Famous Players. 
WILLA, Susanne; b. Los Angeles, Cal.; educ. 
Paris and San Francisco, Cal. ; stage career, 
Cohan and Harris, musical com. leads, with 
Emily Stevens, in "Within the Law," Belasco 
stk. ; screen career, Pathe, Brenon ("Sylvia 
of the Secret Service," "Kick In," "Arms and 
the Woman." "Empty Pockets"). Hght., 5, 
2%; wght., 106; blond complexion, golden red 
hair, green eyes. Ad., 140 W. 65th St., N. Y. 
WILLARD, Mrs. Chas.; screen career, Film Mar- 
ket ("The Supreme Passion"), Realart ("The 
Plaything of Broadway"). 

WILLIAMS, Cora; educ. Boston, Mass., and Lon- 
don, Eng. ; stage career, 15 yrs. in dramatic 
companies, stk., etc.; in comic opera as prima 
donna, soubrette and comedienne; screen ca- 
reer, 2% yrs. with Edison, Metro ("The Pur- 
ple Lady"), Famous Players ('JThe Parisian 
Wife," "Eyes of the Soul," "Witness for the 
Defense"), Fisher-Rolfe ("Love Wins"), Cam- 
merait ("Somewhere in Love"), Selznick 
("Love," "Greater Than Fame"), Fidelity 
("Love's Flame"). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 130; 
grayish hair, brown eyes. Ad., 315 W. 58th 
St., N. Y.; Columbus 6405. 

WILLIAMS, Kathlyn; b. Butte, Montana; educ. 
Wesleyan Univ. and N. Y. Schl. of Dramatic 
Art; stage career, "When We Were Twenty- 
One," "Mrs. Dane's Defense," "The Man of the 
Hour"; screen career, Morosco-Paramount 
("The Highway of Hope," "Big Timber"), 
Lasky ("Out of the Wreck"), Artcraft ("The 
Whispering Chorus," "We Can't Have Every- 
thing"), Select ("The Better Wife"), Para- 
mount ("A Girl Named Mary," "Tree of 
Knowledge"), Famous Players ("The Prince 
Chap," "Conrad in Quest of His Youth," "For- 
bidden Fruit'), Equity ("Hush"), Hodkinson 
("The U. P. Trail"), Famous Players ("A Pri- 
vate Scandal"). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 138; blond 
hair, blue-gray eyes. Ad., home, 264 So. Kings- 
ley Drive, Los Angeles, Cal. 

WILLIAMS, Lottie; screen career, Paramount- 
Art ("A Full House"), First National ("Twin 
Beds"), Reaiart ("All Soul's Eve"). 
WILSON, Alice; screen career, Hodkinson ("The 
Dream Cheater"), First National ("Passion's 
Playground"), Pathe ("Payment Guaranteed"). 
WILSON, Edna Mae, b. N. Y., 1903; educ. there; 
stage career, orig. Dulcie in "The Things That 
Count," Puck in "Midsummer Night's Dream," 
"The Prince Chap," etc.; screen career, Fine 
Arts, World, Edison, Biograph, Universal, Re- 
liance-Majestic, Pathe, National ("Tess of the 
Mountain Country," "The Fall of a Nation"), 
Lasky ("Maggie Pepper"), Brunton ("A Man's 
Country"), Universal ("Once a Plumber"); 
fancy, toe and classic dancer. Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 98; natural blond, curly hair, dark eyes. 
Ad., 530 E. Jefferson st., Los Angeles, Cal. 
WILSON, Janice; screen career, Paramount-Art 
("The White Circle"), Geo. Hamilton Prod. 
("The Mask"). 

WILSON, Lois; b. Pittsburg, Pa. ; educ. Ala. Nor- 
mal Coll.; screen career, representative of Ala. 
in Universal's Beauty Contest, Paralta ("A 
Man's Man." "Turn of a Card," "His Robe of 
Honor," "One Dollar Bid," "End of the 
Game"), Lasky ("Love Insurance," "Why 
Smith Left Home," "It Pays to Advertise," 
"Too Much Johnson," "Thou Art the Man," 
"City of Masks," "A Full House," "Midsummer 
Madness," "City of Silent Men"). Hght., 5, 
5%; wght., 120; brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 
Lasky Studio, Hollywood. Cal. 

WILSON, Margery; b. Gracey, Ky.; educ. Sandv 
Valley Seminary; screen career. Griffith 
("Double Trouble," "Intolerance"), Ince-Tri- 
angle ("Wolf Lowry," "The Clodhopper," "The 
Mother Instinct," "The Kentucky School Mas- 
ter"), Triangle ("Mountain Dew," "Wild Su- 
mac," "Bearing Her Cross," "The Law of the 
Great North West." "The Finger Print," "The 
Hand at the Window," "Marked Cards," "Pri- 
mal Lure," "Eye of the Night"). Herman Film 
Co. ("That Something"), Goldwyn ("The 
Blooming Angel"). Ad., 443 S. Berendo ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

WINDSOR, Claire; b. Cawker City, Kansas; educ. 
Washburn College. Kansas; screen career. Lois 
Weber Prod. ("What Do Men Want." "To 
Please One Woman," "What's Worth While," 
"Too Wise Wives"). Hght., 5, 6%; wght., 
140; blond hair, blue eyes. Home ad.. 4634 

Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles; phone 73867; 
studio, Lois Weber. 

WISE, Mary Lee; b. Louisville, Ky. ; educ. Bos- 
ton, Mass. ; stage career, 2 seasons with Shu- 
bert in "The Wolf," and "The Feud"; screen 
career, Astra ("Our Better Selves"), Julian 
Eltinge ("Clever Miss Carfax"), Holubar 
("Once to Every Woman"), Marguerita Fisher 
("The Week End"), Mary Pickford ("Thru 
the Back Door"). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 155, 
auburn hair, dark grey eyes. Home ad., 612 
S. Alvarado, Los Angeles, Cal.; Wilshire 6744; 
studio Brunton. 

WOLBERT, Dorothea; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; educ. 
Mt. Vernon Inst., Baltimore, Md. ; stage career, 
20 yrs., Chas. Frohman, "The Masqueraders," 
"Charlie's Aunt," A. L. Willard's "Middleman," 
"Span of Life," stock cos.; screen career, New 
Art Film ("The Solitary Sin"), Fox ("A Man 
of Sorrow"), Vitagraph ("Hurrying Fear and 
Geraldine"), "The Enchanted Barn," "Cupid 
Forecloses," "Smashing Barriers," "The Last 
Man"), Montgomery & Rock; 2 yrs. with Rolin, 
Lyons-Moran ("La. La. Lucille"), Universal 
("Pink Tights," "A Scream in Society," "Maids 
A-Courting," "Romeo and Juliet," starred In 
20 one-reel comedies). Hght., 5; wght., 112; 
light brown hair, gray eyes. Home ad., 1538 
El Centro ave., Hollywood, Calif.; studio, Fran- 
cis Ford. 

WOLFE, Jane; b. St. Petersburg, Pa.; educ. 
Edgehill Inst., Pa.; stage career, with Klaw 
and Erlanger, in "Buster Brown," "The Ruse," 
"What Happened to Jones"; screen career, Art- 
craft ("Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," "Under 
the Top," "Cruise of the Make-Believes," 
"Mile-a-Minute Kendall," "The Girl Who Came 
Back," "Thirteenth Commandmant," "The Six 
Best Cellars"), Famous Players "Vicky Van," t 
"Men, Women, and Money"), C. B. DeMille ' 
("Why Change Your Wife?"), Paramount 
("Thou Art the Man," "The Round Up," "Be- 
hold My Wife"). Hght.. 5, 5; wght., 128; 
brown hair and blue-gray eyes. Ad., Lasky, 
WOOD, Dorothy; screen career, Universal 

("The Smilin' Kid," "Saddle- King"). 
WOODTHORPE, Georgie; screen career, Fox 
("Rose of Nome"), Metro ("Madame Pea- 

WOODWARD, Mrs. Eugenie; b. Cincinnati, O.; 
stage career, stk. in San Francisco, "Henrietta," 
with Julia Marlowe in Shakespeare, with Otis 
Skinner, Wm. Hodge; screen career, World Film 
("Bought and Paid For," with Alice Brady), 
Fox ("East Lynne," "Sporting Blood"), Than- 
houser ("Last of the Carnabys"), World 
("T'other Dear Charmer"), with Lionel Barry- 
more in "Copperhead," American Cinema 
(Stormy Petrel"), Selznick ("Greater Than 
Fame"), Paramount ("The Kentuckians"). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 128; gray hair, brown eyes. 
Home ad., 70 Morningside Drive, N. Y. ; Morn- 
ingside 1100. 

WORTH, Lillian; educ. N. Y.; stage career, leads 
and seconds in musical comedy and dramatic 
stock, small parts in N. Y. prods. ; screen career, 
2 yrs. with Pathe Freres, B. & C. Film, London, 
England; S. S. Crellberg ("The Fatal Fort- 
une"), First National ("In Search of a Sin- 
ner"), Goldwyn ("Girl With the Jazz Heart"). 
Hght, 5, 8; wght., 139; blond hair, hazel eyes. 
Ad., 135 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Main 

WORTH, Peggry; screen career, Hallmark 
("Chains of Evidence"), Selznick ("Red 
Foam"), Howells Sales ("You Find It Every- 

WRIGHT, Helen; b. St. Paul, Minn.; educ. Chi- 
cago seminary; stage career, with DeWolf 
Hopper in "Wang," with Dell Fox, Leslie Car- 
ter, David Warfield in "The Grand Army 
Man"; screen career, joined Otis Turner Uni- 
versal Co., playing character leads ("A Doll's 
House," "Sirens of the Sea," 'The Field of 
Honor," "The Car of Chance," "The Brass 
Bullet" serial), Fox ("The Speed Maniac"), 
Robertson-Cole ("The Mistress of Shenstone"), 
Goldwyn ("The Alibi"), Garson ("Mid Chan- 
nel'), Cinema Craft ("Shadows of the West"), 
Herman ("That Something"). Hght. 5, 7; 
wght., 175; gray hair, brown eyes. Home ad.. 
7705 Emelita Ave., Hollywood, Calif.; Holly 


YORKE, Edithe; screen career, Paramount ("The 
False Road." "Below the Surface," "Chick- 



ens"). Ass. Prod. ("Homespun Folks," "Lying 

YOUNG, Clara Kimball; b Chicago; educ. St. 
Xavier's Acad., Chicago; stage career, from age 
of 3, stock, vaud. and prods.; screen career, 
Vitagraph ("My Official Wife"), World ("Ca- 
mille," "The Yellow Passport," "The Feast of 
Life"), at present with own company ("The 
Foolish Virgin," "The Easiest Way," "The Rise 
of Susan," "Magda," "Shirley Kaye," "The Sav- 
age Woman," "The Marionettes," "The Road 
Through the Dark," "The Claw," "Cheating 
Cheaters," "Byes of Youth," "Forbidden Wom- 
an"), Equity ("For the Soul of Rafael," "Mid- 
Channel," "Hush," 'Straight From Paris"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 135; dark hair and eyes. 
Ad.. Hollywood, Cal. 

YOUNG, Lassie; b. Portland, Ore.; educ. Brunot 
Hall, Spokane, Wash.; screen career, in stock 
with Christie, B. B. Hampton (ingenue lead 
in "The Dwelling Place of Light"), Selznick 
("The Poor Simp"). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 115; 
light brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 6051% 
Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.; Holly 2377. 

YOUNG, Lucille; b. Lyons, France; educ. there 
and Mich. ; stage career, vaud. ; screen career, 
Fox, Fine Arts, Ince ("Fuss and Feathers"), 
American ("High Play"), Griffith ("The Great- 
est Thing in Life"), Ince-Para. ('The Virtuous 
Thief," "Man in the Moon"), Fox ("Fighting 
for Gold," 'The Daredevil," "The Terror"). 
Paramount ("The False Road"). Hght., 5, 4; 
wght., 125; dark brown hair and eyes. Ad., 
1210 No. Alvarado St., Los Angeles, Cal., phone 


ZANOU, Thalia; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Halstead pri- 
vate school, N. Y. C. ; stage career, danced 
publicly since 5 years of age, premier of Greek 
Ballet, interpretative, ballet, character, ori- 
ental dances, dramalic pantomine. Hght., 5, 
3; wght., 112; brown hair. Work known by 
members N. Y. Lodge M. P. D. A. Personal 
rep., Lillian R. Gale, Motion Picture News. 



ALEXANDER, Little Ben; b. Goldfield, Nev., 
screen career, Griffith ("Hearts of the World"), 
King Vidor ("Turn in the Road," "Battle of 
Youth"), Tourneur ("White Heather"), Paral- 
ta ("Heart of Rachel"), C. K. Young ("The 
Better Wife"), Robertson-Cole ("Josselyn's 
Wife," "Tangled Threads"), Universal ("The 
Triflers"), First National ("The Family Hon- 
or"), Pathe ("The Heart Line"). Hght., 4. 4; 
wght, 61; blond hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
1800 Winona. Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif; phone 

ALEXANDER, Lois; b. 1908; educ. private tutor; 

short stage career; 7 years screen career with 

parts; Hindoo Princess in "Twenty Thousand 

' Leagues Under the Sea." Ad., home, 640 West 

129th St., New York City. 

AXZELLE, Violet; b. Feb. 3, 1912, Baltimore; 
screen career, Universal, Technicolor, World 
Film, "A Fool's Paradise," "A Wife's Folly." 
"Behind the Veil," "For the Sake of a Baby." 
"The Gulf Between' (first m. p. in natural 
color), "Rasputin the Black Monk," "The 
Girl from Bohemia"), Schomer-Ross ("The 
Sacred Flame"), Pathe ("Behold the Man"). 
Fair complexion, yellow hair, blue eyes. Ad., 
home, West Fort Lee, N. J. 


BARRY, Wesley; b. Los Angeles, Cal.; educ 
there; screen career, Mary Pickford ( 
Long Legs"), Blanche Sweet ("The Unpardon- 
able Sin," "A Woman of Pleasure"), Anita 
Stewart ("Her Kingdom of Dreams"), C. B 
DeMille ("Male and Female"), Marshall Neilan 
Prod. ("Don't Ever Marry," "Dinty," "Bob 
Hampton of Placer," "Go and Get It"). Hght., 
4, 6; wght., 84; red hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
4634 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

BASKETTE, Lena; b. San Mateo, April 19, 1907; 
educ. Notre Dame, Redwood City, Cal., studied 
dancing with Vestoff, former partner of Pav- 
lowa; screen career, Universal ("Brother Jim," 
"Shoes," "A Romany Rose," "Mysterious 
Egypt," "The Lonely Little Prince," " A 
Prince for a Day," "The Caravan," "Dream of 
Egypt," "Amelita's Friend," "Marianna's Tri- 
umph," "Juvenile Dance Supreme," etc ). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 115; brown hair and eyes. 
Home ad., 1323 Orange Drive, Hollywood, Cal. 

BATISTA, Miriam; b. N. Y. City, 1914; stage 
career, played in legit, prod. "The Whirlwind." 
with Maude Adams in "A Kiss for Cinderella," 
Shubert's "Floradora," "Doll's House." "Tho 
Red Dawn"; screen career. International ("Hu- 
moresque," "Boomerang Bill," "Just Around th^> 
Corner"), Metro ("Eye for Eye"). Black hair 
and eyes. Ad., 362 W. 45th st., N. Y. C. ; Long- 
acre 3449. 

BELLE, Tul*; b. Christiania, Norway, 1909; 
educ. New Rochelle; screen career, Than- 
houser ("Fear of Poverty," "The Vicar of 
Wakefield," "Through the Open Door"), Metro 
("The Brand of Cowardice"), Thanhouser 
("Woman and The Beast"), Maurice Tourneur 
("The Blue Bird"), Helen Keller ("Deliver- 

ance"), George Loane Tucker ("Miracle 
Man"), Famous Players ("Doll's House"), First 
National ("Old Dad"). Brown hair, blue eyes. 
Ad., 1055 No. St. Andrews Place, Hollywood. 

BOt'DWIN, James Watson; 4 yrs. old; b. Seattle, 
Wash.; screen career, Fox, Geo. Kern Prod. 
Hght., 3, 2; wght., 35; golden hair, blue eyes 
Home ad., 1003% N. Mariposa, Los Angeles, 
Calif.; phone 598560. 

BOWES, BUly; 4 yrs. old; b. Denver, Colo.; 
screen career, Allan Dwan ("The Splendid 
Hazard"), Lois Weber ("What Do Men Want"). 
Fox Sunshine ("Three Good Pals," "His Vaca- 
tion." Hght., 3, 4; wght., 35; light hair, blue 
eyes. Home ad., 1042 Third ave., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; phone 73867. 

BUTTERWORTIl, Frank; also leads and come- 
dian; b. Lancashire, Eng., 1906; screen career, 
Ince, Universal ("When You and I We e 
Young," "The Circus," "When Hearts Were 
Trumps," "The Children of the Mission," 
"Amarilly of Clothesline Alley," "The Honor- 
able Algy"), Vitagraph ("The Enchanted 
Barn"). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 104; fair com- 
plexion, brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., home. 
6100 Elenor ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

CARPENTER, Francis Wilburn; b. Glen wood 
Springs, Col., 1911; screen career, Fine Art* 
(in juv. co. under Director Franklins, "Chil- 
dren in the House," "Going Straight"), Fox 
jack and the Beanstalk." "Aladdin and Hi.- 
Wonderful Lamp," "The Girl with the Cham- 
pagne Eyes," "True Blue," "The Mikado, 1 
"The Forbidden Room"), Goldwyn ("Jinx"). 
L'ght hair, blue eyes. Ad., home, 1316 Lyman 
PI . Los Angeles. 

C'ARR, May Beth; screen career, Fox ("Over the 
Hill"), First National ("The Great Adven- 

CARR, Stephen; screen career, Famous Players 
("The Restless Sex"), Fox ("Over the Hill"), 
T'athe ("The Yellow Arm"). 

CASWELL, Nancy; b. Los Angeles, 1913; stag*' 
exper. with Wm. and Dustin Farnum in "The 
Littlest Rebel"; screen career, Fox ("Riders of 
xe Purple Sage," "Rainbow Trail," "The 
Blindness of Divorce"), Paralta ("Within the 
i up." "Blue Blood"). Universal ("The End of 
the Rainbow"), Fox ("Call of the Soul," "Un- 
der Crimson Skies"), Metro ("Shore Acres"). 
Blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1544 N. Western. 
VTollvwood, Cal. 

CONNELLY, Robert Joseph; b. Brooklyn, 1909; 
* ! een career, with Kal.em Co. at 3 yrs. old; 
Vitagraph ("Sonny Jim" series, "A Prince in 
a Pawnshop," "Bobby, Director," "Bobby, 
Philanthropist," "Bobby, Pacifist," "Bobby's 
Bravery," "Just What Bobby Wanted"), O. 
Henry ("The Discounters of Money," " The 
Bottom of the Well," "Her Right to Live"), 
''^rson-Neilan ("The Unpardonable Sin"), 
World ("What Love Forgives"), International 
r'Humoresque"), Select ("The Greatest Love">. 
Ad.. 483 E. 9th st., Brooklyn. 

COOGAN, Jackie; b. New York, 1915; educ. pri- 
vate tutors; stage career, made first appearance 
at age of 16 mos.. played with father in An- 



nette Kellermann's vaud. act. screen career, at- 
tracted Charles Chaplin for title role of "The 
Kid," starred in "Peck's Bad Boy." Appears 
about four years of age. Hght., 3, 1. 

COOLEY, Hal; screen career, Ince ("An Old 
Fashioned Boy"), Fox ("The Tomboy"). 

CORBIN, Virginia Lee; b. Prescott, Ariz., 1912; 
model for artists; screen career, Lasky, with 
Farrar and Fannie Ward, 8 mos. Universal, 
with Ben Wilson; played with Allen Holubar 
in series of pictures written for her; Metro, 
Balboa, Fox ("Jack and the Beanstalk," "The 
Mikado," "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp," 
"The Babes in the Wood," "Treasure Island," 
"Ace High," "Six Shooter Andy," "The Forbid- 
den Room"), Robertson-Cole ("The White 
Dove"). Light hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1421 
Cherokee, Hollywood, Cal. 

COTTON, Billie; actress aged 12 yrs. ; b. Minne- 
apolis, Minn.; educ. Los Angeles; screen career, 
Goldwyn ("Earthbound," "The Old Nest"), 
Garson ("Midchannel"), Metro ("Cinderella's 
Twin," "Camille"). Hght., 5; wght., 85; light 
brown hair, hazel eyes. Home ad., 7330 Foun- 
tain ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Holly 1813. 

CRUMPTON, Charles; b. London, England; stage 
career, "Mother," "Happy Ending," "Rip Van 
Winkle," "Hansel & Gretel," "Eyes of Youth," 
"Through the Ages," "Luck of the Navy", 
screen career, Universal ("Toy Soldier"), 
Chapin ("Abraham Lincoln."), Fox ("Green 
Eyed Monster"), World ("Rasputin"), Art- 
craft ("Doll's House), Vitagraph ("Golden 
Goal"), Canadian ("A World's Shadow"), 
Famous Players ("Hulda from Holland"). 
Blond hair, brown eyes. Ad., 108 W. 86th st., 
N. Y. Schuyler 7314. 


DePEW, Joseph; b. Harrison, N. J., July 11, 1912; 
educ. private tutor; stage career, with Alice 
Brady, "Drifting," 20 weeks on Keith and Proc- 
tor. Warburton Stk., "Hands Up," Harris' "The 
Hero"; screen career, Selznick ("A Good Fel- 
low," "Clay Dollars"), D. W. Griffith ("Dream 
Street"), Whitman Bennett ("Salvation Nell"), 
Constance Talmadge ("Good-for-Nothing"). 
Hght., 4, 2; wght., 64; dark complexion, brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 539 Hamilton st., 
Harrison, N. J. ; Harrison 2188. 

DE RUE, Carmen; b. Pueblo, Colo., 1908; educ. 
private tutor; screen career, Lasky ("Squaw 
Man," "Brewster's Milions," "Master Mind"). 
Universal (leads for yr. in child co. with 
Gordon Griffith and Billy Jacobs), Majestic 
(lead for 1 yr. in child co., dir. Franklins), 
for one vr. featured as one of Fine Arts 
"kiddies"; has appeared in more than 100 
photoplays; Fox ("Jack and the Beanstalk," 
"Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp." "Babes 
in the Woods," "Girl with the Champagne 
Eyes"). Hght., 5, 0; wght.. 95; light hair, 
brown eyes. Home ad., 1766 La Brea ave., 
Hollywood, Calif. 


EASON, Reaves, Jr.; screen career, Universal 
("Two Kinds of Love," "The Big Adventure"). 
Home ad., 6200 Fountain Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

EVANS, Madge; b. N. Y. C. 1909; educ. private 
tuition; stage career, Mimsey in "Peter Ibbet- 
son" with John Barrymore; screen career, 
child parts in Famous Players ("Zaza," "The 
Seven Sisters"), Peerless- World ("Seventeen." 
"Beloved Adventuress," "The Burglar," "Little 
Patriot," "True Blue," "Web of Desire," 
"Maternity," "Neighbors," "Wanted, a 
Mother," "Love Not," "Home Wanted," 
starred in "Little Duchess," "The Volunteer," 
"Adventures of Carol," "Gates of Gladness"), 
Prizma ("Heida"). Home ad., 50 Cathedral 
Parkway, N. Y. C. 


FIELD, Helen; b. Los Angeles, Calif.; studied 
dancing under Mr. Eagan; screen career, 2 yrs. 
with Fox ("The World of Folly," "While the 
Devil Laughs," "Noah's Lark," "Just Pals"), 
Universal ("Christmas Eve at Pilot Butte"). 
Hght., 3, 9; wght., 50; blond hair, dark brown 
eyes. Home ad., 5417% Sunset Blvd., Holly- 
wood, Calif; Holly 3945. 

FRENCH, Georgia Louise; age 9; b. Seattle, 
Wash.; educ. Los Angeles, Calif.; screen career, 
Vitagraph ("Black Beauty"), Universal ("Son 
of Neptune," "Helping Mother," "Tangled 
Hearts"). Hght., 4, 8; wght., 78; dark curls, 
dark eyes. Home ad., 516 N. St. Andrews Place, 
Los Angeles, Calif.; Holly 1106. 


GARY, Nadia Louise; b. 1912; stage career, But- 
terfly Baby with Boston Opera Co., with Mrs. 
Fiske in "Wake Up Jonathan," 1920-21; screen 
career, 4 yrs., Goldwyn, Fox. World, Metro, 
Artcraft, Constance Talmadge ("The Virtuous 
Vamp"), Ivan Abramson ("The Mother Etern- 
al"). Home ad., 2 Abbey Court, 4640 Broadway, 
N. Y. C.; Wads. 3780. 

GIRACI, May; screen career, Famous Players 
("The Prince Chap," "The Faith Healer"), Na- 
tional ("The Son of Tarzan"), Metro ("The 
Cheater"), Universal ("Reputation"). 

GRAUER, Ben; b. N. Y. C., 1910; stage career, 
Geo. C. Tyler, "Penrod"; J. D. Williams, 
"Betty at Bay"; Shubert, "Maytime"; screen 
career, Fox, Stage Women's War Relief, Uni- 
versal, Griffith ("The Idol Dancer"), Am. Pict. 
Corp. ("Annabel Lee"), Baumer Film ("Golden 
Circle"), Walsh-Fielding ("Chances Women 
Take"). Hght., 4, 5; wght., 75; brown hair, 
dark brown eyes. Ad., 201 W. 112th st., N. Y. C. 
Cathedral 8762. 


HEADRICK, Richard (Itchie) ; b. Los Angeles, 
Calif., Apr. 29, 1917; educ. priv. tutors; early 
career, gave swimming exhibitions at 6 mos. of 
age; screen career, Metro ("Should a Woman 
Tell," "Shore Acres," "The Greater Claim"), 
Vitagraph ("Diamonds Adrift"), Edgar Lewis 
("Sage Hen"), Wm. S. Hart ("The Toll Gate," 
"The Testing. Block," "The Whistle"), Louis 
B. Mayer ("Woman in His House," "Play- 
things of Destiny," "Retribution"). Hght., 3, 3; 
wght., 39; light hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 1346 
E. 39th st., Los Angeles, Calif., South 4326. 

HENRY, John, Jr. (Don Marion Davis) ; b. Holly- 
wood; screen career, Mack Sennett ("Back to 
the Kitchen," "His First False Step," "Down 
on the Farm," "Great Scott," "Let 'er Go," 
"Married Life," "Home Brew," "Small Town 
Idol," "Ouch, Doctor," "Star Border"). Hght., 
3, 1%; wght., 37; blond hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., 5723 Sunset blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; Holly 
3932; studio, Warner Bros., Los Angeles. 

HORTON, "Little Aida"; b. 1914, Long Island; 
screen career, Vitagraph (tiniest leading: lady 
Bobby Connelly series, "A Bachelor's Child- 
ren," "The Desired Woman," "The Mating:," 
"Compliments of the season"), Miller Prod. 
("High Speed," "Heart of a Gypsy"), Rowland 
West ("The Silver Lining"), Catholic Art 
("Luring Shadows"). Hght., 3, 6; wght, 34; 
fair complexion, blond hair, blue eyes. Home 
ad., Aqueduct, Woodhaven, P. O., L. I., N. Y. 
Rich. Hill 892-R. 


IRVING, Mary Jane; b. Columbia, S. C., 1914; 
screen career, Brunton Studios ("The Temple 
of Dusk," Ince ("His Own Law," "The Home 
Stretch"), B. B. Hampton ("A Certain Rich 
Man"), Haworth ("The Brand of Lopez"), Wil- 
lat ("Partners of the Tide"), Allan Dwan 
("John Arcabad"), Wm. S. Hart ("Traveling 
On"). Home ad., 828 S. Burlington ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 


JACKSON, Peaches; screen career, Pathe ("Rio 
Grande," "Lahoma"), Paramount ("The Prince 
Chap"), Hugh Dierker's Prod. ("When Dawn 
Came"), United Artists ("Thru the Back 

JOHNSON, Lawrence; screen career, Famous 
Players ("His House in Order," "The Right 
to Love," "Guilty of Love"), First National 
("Salvation Nell"). 



JONES, Johnny; b. Beloit, Wise.; educ. Caldwell 
Mil. Coll, N. Y., schools in L. A.; stage career, 
"The Barrier," "Salomy Jane" Co.; screen ca- 
reer, Harold Bell Wright Co. ("Shepherd of 
the Hills"), Morosco ("The Shuttle"), Wm. 
Fox ("Walls of Jericho"). "Edgar" in Booth 
Tarkington "Edgar" series. Hght.. 4, 6; brown 
hair, grey eyes. Home ad., 4211 Delmar ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif.; phone 599941. 

JOY, Gloria; b. Oct. 16, 1911, Los Angeles; stage 
career, Little Theatre. Los Angeles, speaking 
and dancing parts; screen career, leads in 
"Wanted .a Brother," "No Children Wanted," 
"The Locked Door," "Little Miss urouii u\>. 
"Miss Mischief Maker," "The Midnight 
Burglar"); with Dorothy Phillips in "The Talk 
of the Town." Brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 
home, 1133 Lake Shore ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

- K- 

KAY, Honey Beatrice; b. N. Y. C., 1907; 
specialty characters; screen career, World 
with Louise Huff; Fox ("Why I Would Not 
Marry"), Universal ("Santa and Genii"), 
Goldwyn, with Mabel Normand; Chas. Miller 
("Crowded Hour"), Screen Letter Box. Blond 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 312 W. 48th st., N. Y. C. 
Bryant 8560. 


LAWRENCE, Little Adelaide; b Brooklyn, 1905; 
.photographer's model; screen career, Vita- 
graph ("Easter Babies"). Reliance ("The 
Barefoot Boy"), Pathe ("Little Keeper of the 
Light"), Kalem ("Little Wanderer"), Fox 
("The High Born Child and the Beggar." 
"The Queen of Hearts"). Fair complexion, 
auburn bronze hair, brown eyes. Ad., 274 Rut- 
land Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

LEE, Frankie; b. Gunnison, Colo., 1912; screen 
career, Mayflower ("The Miracle Man"), Thos. 
Ince, Realart, Mary Pickford, Fox ("Clung"), 
Robertson-Cole ("The Swamp"), Allan Dwan 
("Sins of Martha Queed"), Frothingham ("The 
Other Woman"), B. B. Hampton ("The Killer"). 
Hght., 4, 1; wght., 50; dark brown hair, dark 
blue eyes. Home ad., 7600 Fountain ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif.; phone 578318. 

LEE, Jane; screen career, Fox ("The Clemenceau 
Case," "The Spider and the Fly," " A Daugh- 
ter of the Gods," "Patsy," "Two Little Imps," 
"Trouble Makers," "Love and Hate," "Ameri- 
can Buds," "Doing Their Bit," "Swat the 
Spy," "We Should Worry," "Tell It to the 
Marines," "Smiles"). Series of 2-reel come- 
dies for Rogers Film Corp., Masterpiece Film 
("Circus Imps," "Dixie Madcaps," "Hicksville 

LEE, Katherine; b. Glasgow, Scotland; .stage 
. career, with Lew Fields; screen career, Fox 
("The Clemenceau Case," "The Spider and the 
Fly," "The Daughter of the Gods," "Love and 
Hate," "The Two Imps," "The Trouble- 
makers," "American Buds," "Doing Their 
Bit," "Swat the Spy," "We Should Worry," 
"Tell It to the Marines," "Smiles"). Series of 
2-reel comedies for Rogers Film Corp., Master- 
piece Film ("Circus Imps," "Dixie Madcaps," 
"Hicksville Terrors"). Auburn hair. 


McALJSTER, Mary; b. Los Angeles, 1910; educ. 
private; screen career, Biograph, World, Ess- 
anay ("Borrowed Sunshine," "Little Shoes," 
"The Little Missionary," "On Trial," "Where 
Is My Mother?" "The Uneven Road," "The 
Little White Girl," "The Bride of Fancy," 
"Pants," "Young Mother Hubbard," "The Kill- 
Joy," "Whosoever Shall Offend," "Do Children 
Count?" erial), Pathe ("Half a Chance"). 
Brown eyes, yellow hair. 

MESSENGER, Buddie; b. 1909, San Francisco; 
screen career, Universal; Fox, "Gloriana," 
"The Street Urchin," "Fighting Joe," "Jack 
and the Beanstalk," "Treasure Island," "Alad- 
din," "Babes in the Wood"), First National 
("The Hoodlum"); Goldwyn ("Edgar's Little 
Saw," "The Old Nest"). Excels as a heavy. 
Fair complexion, light brown hair, brown eyees. 
Ad., home, 5423 Sunset blvd., Hollywood, Cal. 

MONAHAN, Janethel; b. N. Y. C., 1907; stage 
career, understudied Gogo and Mimsey in 
"Peter Ibbetson," with John Barrymore; 
screen career, Juvenile Film, "Chip of the Old 
Block," "Chip's Elopement," "Chip's Rivals," 
"The World War in Kidland," "For Sale, a 
Daddy," "Chip's Carmen," "Chip's Movie 
Co."; Universal ("Me and My Gal"), 10 two- 
reel comedies by Atlas Film Corp.; Prizma 
("May-Days," "Whittier's School Days"). 
Hght., 4, 6; wght., 79%; chestnut hair, dark 
blue eyes. Home ad., Center Ave., West Fort 
Lee, N. J. Post Office Box 155. Ft. Lee 211-R. 

MONAHAN, Joseph; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1908; 
stage career, "Peter Ibbetson" with John 
Barrymore; screen career, 2 yrs. under dir. of 
Jas. A. FitzPatrick, in "Chip of the Old 
Block," "Chip's Elopement," "Chip's Rivals," 
"The World War in Kidland," "For Sale, a 
Daddy," "Chip's Carmen," "Chip's Movie Co., 
as Willie Lincoln in "Chapin's Lincoln Cycle," 
Universal ("Me and My Gal"), 10 two-reel 
comedies by Atlas Film Corp., Prizma ("May- 
Days," "Whittier's School Days"). Hght., 4. 
6; wght., 77%; dark brown hair, dark blue 
eyes. Home ad., Center Ave., West Ft. Lee. 
N. J. P. O. Box 155. Ft. Lee 211-R. 

MOORE, Mickey; b. Victoria, B. C., Canada. 1916; 
screen career, Louis B. Mayer ("Polly of the 
Storm Country"), Famous Players ("Something 
to Think About"), Selig ("The Mask"), Realart 
("All Souls Eve"), Fox ("Clung"). Hght., 3, 
4; brown hair, dark brown eyes. Home ad., 
1739 Vine st., Los Angeles, Calif. 

MOORE, Pat; b. England, 1914; screen career, 
Ince ("Sahara"), Universal ("The Sleeping 
Lion"), K. MacDonald Pict. ("The Turning 
Point"), Macarthy ("Out of the Dust"), May- 
flower ("A Fool at Heart"), Famous Players 
("The Squaw Man"), Fox ("Queen of Sheba"), 
Goldwyn ("Madame X"). Hght., 3, 9; brown 
hair and eyes. Home ad., 1739 Vine st., Los 
Angeles, Cal., phone 57427. 


KAE, Zoe ("Baby"); b. Chicago. July 13. 1910; 
screen career, 6 yrs., Biograph and Universal, 
star of "Gloriana," "Through Baby's Voice," 
"The Little Pirate," "Danger Within," "Heart 
Strings," "By Speshul Delivery," "Naked 
Hearts," "Bobby's Bargain," leading parts in 
"The Desperado," "The War Waif," "Bettina 
Loved a Soldier," "We Are French," "The 
Kaiser the Beast of Berlin," etc. Wght., 72; 
blond hair, blue eyes. Ad., 1015 Manzanita ave., 
Los Angeles. 

REDDEN, Arthur L.; b. Boston, Mass., July 
17, 1908; educ. Los Angeles; screen career, 
New Art Film ("Solitary Sin"), Metro ("Way 
of the Strong"), Brentwood ("Other Half," 
Van Dusen's Home"), Universal "Burnt Wings," 
"Road to Divorce"), David Butler ("Smiling 
All the Way"), Vitagraph ("The Purple Ci- 
pher"), Neilan ("Bob Hampton of Placer"), 
Howell Prod. ("Home Sweet Home"). Hght., 
4, 11; wght., 85; brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1324 W. 31st st., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
West 6459. 

KHINECKE, Helen; stage career, Winthrop 
Ames, "The Betrothal," stk. co. in Akron, O., 
"An Old Sweetheart of Mine," ballet dancer 
and oriental dancer; screen career, "The Farm- 
er," "The Magician," Selznick ("Sealed 
Hearts") Hght.. 4. 7: wght., 86; light, curly 
hair, blue eyes. Ad., 202 W. 88th st., N. Y. 

ROSHER. Dorothy; screen career, Famous Play- 
ers ("Young Mrs. Winthrop," "Thou Art the 

ROSS, Little Etna; screen career, Miller ("Deliver- 
ance"), Cosmopolitan ("The Restless Sex"). 


SMITH, Little Bernice; b. Portland, Ore., 1911; 
stage career, Fisher Circuit, Bert Levy Circuit, 
featured at the Hippodrome, Portland; screen 
career, began with Universal at 4 yrs. of age, 
"The Finest Gold," has played with Murdock 
MacQuarrje, and also with Helen Holmes in 
railroad pictures etc., with Gloverio Comedies. 

STONE, George; b. 1911, Cleveland, O.; now be- 
ing educated by tutor; screen career, Biograph, 
Majestic, Fine Arts; in child parts; has ap- 
peared in "Going Straight," "The Little School 



M'am," etc., Triangle ("An Even Break," 
"Wild Shumac"), Fox ("Ali Baba and the 
Forty Thieves"), Artcraft ("Till I Come Back 
to You," "The Poppy Girl's Husband"), Fox 
("The Jungle Trail," "The Speed Maniac"), 
Hampton - Pathe ("Fighting Cressy"), Fox 
("Just Pals"), First National ("The Scoffer"), 
Paramount ("The Whistle," "White and Un- 
married"), Federated ("Penny of Tophill 
Trail"), Universal ("Desperate Trails"). Blue 
eyes, brown hair. 

SULLIVAN, Ruth; screen career,, Abramson ("A 
Child For Sale," "Mother Eternal"), Republic 
("Children Not Wanted"). 


TANSEY, Sheridan; screen career, Paramount 
("The Two Brides"), Fox ("Over the Hill"), 
Harry Levey ("Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge"). 


VERDI, Freddie; b. N. Y., 1909; educ. N. Y. schs. ; 
stage career, leads, "Daddy Long Legs," "Merry 
Wives of Windsor"; screen career, Selznick 
("The Foolish Virgin"), Triumph ("Prima 
Donna's Husband"), Edison, ("The Little Cheva- 
lier"), Vitagraph ("Cousin Kate"). Fair com- 
plexion, brown hair and eyes. 

VOLARE, Lorna; b. Australia, 1912; educ. at 
home; screen career, World, Metro, Selznick 
("Secret of the Storm Country," "The Moth"), 
Julius Steger ("Just a Woman"), Fox ("His 
Greatest Sacrifice"). Golden brown hair, large 
blue eyes. . 


WARD, Baby Ivy; b. London, Eng., 1914; screen 
career, Metro ("The Great Secret," "The 
Slacker," "Draft 258," "The Winning of Bea- 
trice," "A Man's World," "Silent Woman"), 
World ("Neighbors"), Wm. A. Brady ("Little 
Women"), Leah Baird Co. ("As a Man 
Thinks"), Charles Richmond Co. ("Everybody's 
Business"), Artcraft ("Doll's House"), Uni- 
versal ("Heads Win"), Canadian Co. ("A 
World's Shadow"), Paramount ("Guilty of 
Love"). Blond hair, hazel eyes. Ad., 108 W. 
86th St., N. Y. : Schuyler 7314. 

WARD, Freddie Fay; b. San Francisco, 1907; 
screen career, Universal, Triangle, Brunton, 
Fox; Village Boy, Italian and French parts. 
Dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. Ad., 434 N. 
Alvarado st., Los Angeles, Cal. ; Wils. 6169. 

WOODRUFF, Eunice Elenor; 5 yrs. old; b. Los 
Angeles; educ. there; screen career, Griffith 
("Crossed Currents"), Vitagraph ("Ashes"), 
Famous Players ("Lady of Red Butte," "Vive 
la France"). J. P. McCarthy ("Out of the 
Dust"), Pioneer ("Virtuous Sinners"), etc. 
Hght., 3, 11; wght., 60; blond hair, blue eyes. 
Home ad., 1331 Fleming st., Los Angeles, Calif. 


YEAGER, Irene; b. N. Y. C. ; age 7 yrs.; screen 
career, 4 yrs., J. Parker Read ("Love Mad- 
ness"), King Vidor ("Jack Knife Man"), Sam- 
uelson ("Her Story"), Frothingham Prod. ("The 
Breaking Point"), Brentwood Prod. ("Heart of 
Twenty"), Allen Dwan ("Sins of Martha 
Queed"). Hght., 4; wght., 55; blond hair, dark 
blue eyes. Home ad., 4326 Franklin ave., Holly- 
wood, Calif.; Holly 2997. 


(osmopolitan Productions 

"I T > 


"The Restless Sex" 

Marion Davies 

"The World and His Wife" 

"The Passionate Pilgrim" 


"TKe Inside of the Cup" 

"Straight Is the Way" 

"Buried Treasure" 

Marion Dalies 

u r> 

"TKe Wild Goose" 

TKe Woman God CKanged" 

"TKe Bride s Play" 

Marion Dalies 

AlSJ unbroken series of past successes for the 
exhibitor. A list of current and future releases 
that will loom biggest and brightest in the gear's 
record of the industry. 

Cosmopolitan Productions is proud of its achievements 
and confident of its future. Each picture has been 
and each picture always will be the xtfork of the world's 
acknowledged leaders in authorship, direction, scenic 
and technical artistry and titling and editing. 




Cosmopolitan Productions Star] 

CNTHUSIASTICALLT acclaimed ever>tohere 
*? in "The Restless Sex" and " Buried Treasure, " 
Miss Dalies has before her the promise of even 
greater popularity through the huge success "The 
Bride's Play" is assured of making. 



v Personally Directed 


for Vitagraph 

"Trumpet Island" "Dead Men Tell No Tales" 

"The Heart Of Maryland" 



with Lionel Barrymore 



Directing Special Productions 

rougtj Paramount 






tntf r 1 

o IV 


Film Editor-in-Chief 


IS J2 XV "^TO R.IC C 1 T "V" 






Bride of Kenmore 


Marion Davies 

The Jack Knife Man 

Member of 
American Society of Cinemalographers 

Cosmopolitan Productions 

International Studio 

New York 

















Originals Adaptations 

"Ask the Director who's used one!' 

Current Releases: 

The Woman God Changed 

Boomerang Bill 
Find The Woman 

Cosmopolitan Productions 

Green Room Club New York City 

is year, as in past years, Motion Picture 
News is far ahead of all competitors in volume 
of advertising. 

|[ Advertising Managers seek always the 
strongest medium wherein to exploit their 

News has been selected over other trade 
papers in the field, because 

The News Alone Covers the Field 




ABRAMSON, Ivan, director and scenario 
writer; b. Vilna, Russia; educ. Vilna; early 
exper., impresario of Ivan Abramson Opera 
Company for 7 years, wrote many plays for 
Jewish stage, dir. Jacob P. Adler for 15 yrs.; 
screen career, Ivan ("Enlighten Thy Daugh- 
ter," "Sins of Ambition," "Babbling Tongues,") 
Graphic ("When Men Betray," "Ashes of Love," 
"Moral Suicide," Someone Must Pay," "One 
Law for Both," "Echo of Youth"), '"A Child 
for Sale," "The Wrong Woman," "Mother Eter- 
nal"). Studio ad., 729 Seventh ave., N. Y. 
Home ad., 207 West 110th st, N. Y. 

ADOLFI, John G.; b. N. Y.; educ. N. Y. and 
Philadelphia; stage career, 10 yrs.; screen ca- 
reer, since 1909, leading man for Vitagraph, 
etc.; "Queen of the Sea," with Annette Keller- 
man, "The Cavell Case" with Juia Arthur, 
"Who's Your Brother" with Edith Taliaferro. 
Dir. Robertson-Cole ("The Wonder Man," "The 
Little 'Fraid Lady"). Member M. P. D. A. 
Ad., Friars Club, N. Y. 

ALLEN, Major Jack; educ. Balto., Md.; self 
producer and distributor of special nature and 
wild animal pictures; naturalist, traveler, cav- 
alryman in Spanish-American war. Studio 
ad., Universal, Universal City, Cal. 

ANGELES, Bert; b. London, Eng.; educ. Baling, 
Eng., Irving School, U. S. A., Univ. of Edin- 
burgh, Scotland; stage career, legit, comedian, 
stage director, prod, dramatic plays, mus. com- 
edy & vaud. acts, "Lion and the Mouse," "Lilac 
Domino," etc.; screen career, directed for Vita- 
graph, Geo. Kleine, Triangle, Santa Barbara 
Co., "Playing With Fire," "Hand of Fate," etc. 
Home ad., N. V. A. Club, 229 W. 46th st., N. Y. 
C., Bryant 4020. 

APFEL, Oscar C.; b. and educ. Cleveland, O.; 
stage career, producer and director Chicago 
Opera House, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, 
Buffalo; screen career, World ("The Inter- 
loper," "Tinsel," "Merely Players," "The Man- 
darin's Gold"), Lasky ("The Squaw Man," 
"Cameo Kirby"), Fox ("A Soldier's Oath," 
"Battle of Hearts," "End of the Trail," "Man 
of Sorrow"), Paralta ("A Man's Man," "Turn 
of a Card"), Selig ("Auction of Souls"). Blazed 
Trail ("Ten Nights in a Barroom"). Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y. 

ARCHAINBAUD, George; b. Paris, France; 
educ. France; screen career, with Eclair in 
Paris and U. S. A., Beacon Film, Peerless 
World, Pathe Freres; producing director for 
Gail Kane, Ethel Clayton, Kitty Gordon, Alice 
Brady, Montague Love, Louise Huff, Creighton 
Hale and June Caprice. "The Brand of Satan," 
"A Maid of Belgium," "The Cross Bear- 
er," "The Awakening," "A Damsel in Distress," 
Selznick, dir. Elaine Hammerstein, Eugene 
O'Brien, Conway Tearle in "Shadow of Rosalie 
Byrnes," "Marooned Hearts," "Wonderful 
Chance," "Pleasure Seekers," "The Bride From 
Nowhere," "Miracle of Manhattan," "Hand- 
cuffs er Kisses." Member M. P. D. A. Ad., 
City Club, 55 W. 44th St., N. Y. 

AVERY, Charles; b. Chicago, 1873; educ. Boston; 
stage career, covering 12 yrs., supporting W. H. 
Crane, William Faversham, starred in "Charlie's 
Aunt," original company "The Clansman"; 
screen career, member of original Biograph, 
with original Bison, Keystone; dir. Ar buckle 
1 pictures played in cast 19 pictures with 
Charles Murray, all "Hogan" series. "Sub- 
marine Pirate," "The Last Scent," and others 
with Sid Chaplin, dir. Ford Sterling, L-Ko 
Comedies.- Height., 5, 4%; dark complexion, 
gray hair, eyes. Ad., home, 2028 Sunset Blvd., 
Hollywood, Cal.; Wil. 6099. 


BADGER, Clarence G., also writer-; b. San Fran- 
cisco, 1880; educ. Boston, Mass.; early career, 
edit, work "Youth's Companion" and Pacific 
Coast newspapers; screen career, free lance 
writer, and scenario staff of Lubin, Universal, 
Keystone, became director for Keystone, 1915; 
Sennett-Paramount, Goldwyn ("A Perfect 
.??", " SIs Hopkins," "Leave it to Susan," 
"Strictly Confidential," "Almost a Husband," 
Jubilo," "The Strange Boarder," "Water, 
Water Everywhere," "Kingdom of Youth," 
Jes' Call Me Jim," "Man Who Lost Himself," 
"Honest Hutch," "Boys Will Be Boys"). Ad., 
Goldwyn Studio, Culver City, Cal., home ad 

BAKER, George D.; b. Champaign, 111.; stage 
career with Walker Whateside, McKee Rankin, 
Nance O'Neil, Brady & Grismar, Litt & Dind- 
wall, Russ Whytal, stock and vaud., also for 
six years mgr of own productions with Jas. 
W. Castle, under firm name of Baker & Castle, 
producing "Graustark," "In The Bishop's Car- 
riage," "The Goose Girl." Newspaper experi- 
ence, cartoonist and special articles Chicago 
Times, Nashville American, Judge; began pic- 
ture career with A. E. Smith, Vitagraph. One 
yr., John Bunny and Flora Finch comedies, 
then features, "Dust of Egypt," "Price for 
Folly," "The Shop Girl," "Tarantula," "A 
Night Out," etc. Metro 3 yrs. "The Wager," 
"The White Raven," "His Father's Son," "The 
Shell Game," "Peggy Does Her Darndest," "The 
Lion's Den," "Toys of Fate," "Revelation," 
etc. Director General Metro Coast studios, 
supervising Lytell and Allison features. One 
yr. International, "The Cinema Murder," 
"Heliotrope," "Buried Treasure," "Proxies," 
for William Faversham, "The Man Who Lost 
Himself," Sawyer & Lubin, "Without Limit." 
(Metro release.) Author of "The Wager," 
"Tarantula," "Long Live the Queen," "What 
Shall It Profit," "Sowers and Reapers," "In 

Judgment Of " "Her Inspiration," "As the 

Sun Went Down." Ad. 130 West 44th street. 

BALLIN, Hugo; b. N. T. C. 1880, educ. New York 
and Europe; member Natl. Inst. Arts and Let- 
ters, Natl Academy of Design; conducted 
scenic studios in N. Y. and elsewhere; screen 
career, Goldwyn art director, 3% yrs., dir. 
"Baby Mine" and others. Now prod, with own 
co. "Pagan Love" "East Lynne," "Ave Maria," 
etc. Ad., 366 Fifth ave., N. Y. C. 

BARKER, Reginald; producer-director; b. Win- 
nepeg, Can., 1886; educ, Scotland & Calif.; 
stage career, wrote and staged first play at 16, 
managed own stk. co., Kansas City, stage mgr. 
and actor with Henry Miller, Olga Nethersole, 
Emily Stevens, Robt. Hilliard, Walker White- 
side; screen career, Ince W. S. Hart's first, 
("The Bargain"), Geo. Beban's first ("The Cow- 
ard"), Paralta ("Madame Who," "Carmen of 
the Klondike," "One Woman"), Goldwyn 
("The Turn of the Wheel," "The Hell-Cat," 
"Shadows," "The Stronger Vow," "The Brand," 
"Crimson Gardenia," "Girl From Outside," 
"Bonds of Love"), Reginald Barker Prod. 
("Flame of the Desert," "Woman and the 
Puppet," "Dangerous Days," "Branding Iron," 
"Godless Men," "The Old Nest"). Member 
M. P. D. A. Home ad., 122 S. Ardmore, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BARRY, J. A.; b. Troy, N. Y. educ. La Salle Inst.; 
early career, newswriter and publisher; screen 
career, executive and prod, asst, to D. W. Grif- 
fith 1914-17 during prod, of "Birth of a Nation," 
"Intolerance" and Triangle features; dir. First 
National ("Stick and Stones," "Stranger than 
Fiction," "Trust Your Wife," "Passion's Play- 
ground," "The Turning Point"), Goldwyn ("The 
Fear Woman"), Special ("The Betrayal"). 
Home ad., 690 Magnolia ave., Pasadena, Calif., 
Colorado 4189. 

BARRY, Joseph J.; educ. N. Y. ; stage career. 7 
yrs. in vaud., stock and musical comedy; screen 
career, Nestor, 101 Bison, Universal, Vogue, 
Fox, Metro, American, Jack London Pictures, 
Kalem, Blazed Trail Prod. Hght., 5, 8; wght., 
150; blond hair and gray eyes. Ad., N. V. A. 
Club, 229 W. 46th st., N. Y. ; phone Bryant 

BARTLETT, Charles E.; b. Minneapolis, Minn.; 
educ. Denver, Colo.; stage career, 10 yrs., 
started in child parts, played lead in largest 
stock company in Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake 
City and Los Angeles; screen career, 9 yrs. as 
leading man and feature director with Beaver 
Film Co., Portland, Ore. 

BASIL,, Joseph, also comedian; b. Brooklyn, N. 
Y.; educ. there; early career, physical instructor 
in public schools, swimming teacher and all- 
around athlete; screen career, Vitagraph, 
("Meddlers and Moonshine," "Bombs and 
Blunders"), Motion Picture Prod. Co. ("Some 
Baby," "Her naughty Knight"), Equality Photo 
Play Corp. ("Naughty, Naughty"), King Cole 
Comedies. Home ad., 1011 Ocean ave., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Mansfield 3621. 

BEACH, Rex, also author; b. Atwood, Mich., 
1877; educ. Rollins Coll., Chicago Coll. of Law, 
Kent Coll, of Law; author of "The Spoilers," 
"The Barrier," "The Silver Horde," "Going 
Some," "The Ne'er-Do-Well," "The Net," "The 
Iron Trail," "The Auction Block," "Heart of 
the Sunset," "Rainbow's End," "Crimson Gar- 
denia," "The Brand," "The Girl From Out- 
side," "The North Wind's Malice." Mem- 



ber Player's Club, Lambs Club. N. Y. Ath- 
letic Club. Home ad., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

BEAL,, Frank; b. Cleveland, 1865; educ. Univ. of 
Kansas; stage career, with Frohman and W. 
A. Brady, first as actor then as stage director, 
12 yrs. directing stock cos.; 2 yrs. gen. dir. 
Liebler & Co.; screen career, from 1908, with 
Selig, American, Pathe, Fox ("The Danger 
Zone," "The Divorce Trap," "Chasing Rain- 
bows," "Broken Commandments," "Thieves," 
"Tin Pan Alley"). Author of "Her Moment." 
President M. P. D. A. 1918. Ad., home, 7106 
Hawthorne ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BEAUDINE, William; b. N. Y. C., 1892; educ. 
N. Y. ; screen career, Biograph Comedies, Ka- 
lem, Ham & Bud Comedies. Ethel Teare Com- 
edies, Universal, Joker Comedies, Gale Henry 
& Billy Franey, Triangle, Keystone Comedies, 
Christie"Homespun Hero," "Hey, Rube," "Sea- 
side Siren," "Seven Bald Pates," "Movie Mad," 
"Petticoats and Pants," "Save Me, Sadie") 
Ad., 8201 Fountain ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
Holly, 713. Studio ad., Christie Studio, Los 
Angeles, Cal. Member M. P. D. A. 

BEAUMONT, Harry; b. Abilene, Kan.; educ. St. 
Joseph, Mo.; stage career, 10 yrs.; screen ca- 
reer, 7 yrs. with Edison as actor, directed 18 
mos. for Essanay, Selig, Goldwyn (since July, 
1918, "Thirty a Week," "Go West, Young Man." 
"A Man and His Money," "One of the Finest," 
"Lord and Lady Algy," "Gay Lord Quex," 
"Toby's Bow," "Going Some," "Two Cents 
Worth of Humaneness," "The Great Accident," 
"Stop Thief," "Officer 666"). Home ad., 617 
Canyon drive, Beverly Hills, Cal. 

BENEDICT, Hal; b. San Francisco, Calif.; educ. 
Minneapolis, Minn. Graduate Chicago Art In- 
stitute. Early career, stage, vaudeville. Screen 
career began at Essanay. Directed come- 
Will and Gordon Dooley, directed two-reel 
featurette starring Claire Whitney and Robert 
Emmett Keane. Ad., Hal Benedict Studios, 
College Point, L. I. 

BENNETT, Chester; b. San Francisco; educ. 
Leland Stanford Univ. ; early career, admitted 
to bar in Calif., practice of law in Los Angeles; 
screen career, business representative for Uni- 
versal asst. dir. to Jas. Young, dir. of Earle 
Williams for Vitagraph ("When a Man Loves," 
"The Purple Cipher," "The Romance Pro- 
moters," "Diamonds Adrift," and Antonio 
Moreno, "Three Sevens," "Secret of the Hills"). 
Member M. P. D. A. Ad., Western Vitagraph 
Studio, 1708 Talmadge St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BElt ANGER, George A.; b. Sydney, Australia, 
March 27, 1893; educ. N. S. W., Australia; stage 
career (Australia), "Sweet Lavender " and 
Shakespearean rep. ; screen career, juvenile 
Biograph and directing .asst. D. W. Griffith all 
features up to and including "Birth of a Na- 
tion"; directed (Griffith-iviutual) 6 productions, 
leading man Blanche Sweet, Bessie Love, 
Louise Huff, co-star Constance Talmadge (Re- 
liance), "Half Breed," "Manhattan Madness," 
"Broken Blossoms" ; director staff of D. W. 
Griffith; Fox Film Corp. ("Find the Woman," 
"A Manhattan Knight," "Number 17"), League 
of Nations ("Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge"). 
Ad., Hotel Algonquin, N. Y. C. 
BERTRAM, William; b. Ontario, Can., 1880, 
stage career, stk. in Spokane and San Fran- 
cisco, supported Mrs. Leslie Carter; screen 
career, with Pathe, 1912, in Indian parts; di- 
rected "Buck Parvin" series, Diando ("A Little 
Patriot," "Dolly Does Her Bit," "Cupid by 
Proxy," "Milady of the Beanstalk," "Dolly's 
Vacation," "Sawdust Doll," "The Old Maid's 
Baby"), World ("The Arizona Cat Claw"). Ad., 
care of M. P. D. A., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BINNEY, Harold J., producer-director; b. Kansas 
City, Kans., June 3, 1889; educ. Univ. of 
Washington; stage career, 3 yrs. vaud., "The 
Girl I Left Behind Me," "Cigarette," "Shenan- 
doah," etc.; screen career, Biograph, I. M. P., 
Keystone ("Hash House Fraud," "Court House 
Crooks," "The Submarine Pirate," "The Snow 
Cure," etc.); since 1916 independent producer 
personally directing his own productions, 
among which were all "Josh Binney" Comedies, 
and all "Masterpicture" features; late produc- 
tions are "Her Uncle's Wish," "Velvet and 
Rags," "Measured Steps." Now operating un- 
der name of Canadian Photo-play Productions, 
Ltd. Ad., Studio, Canadian Photo-play Pro- 
ductions, Ltd., New Toronto, Canada. 
BLACHE, Mme. Alice; b. Paris, 1878; educ. con- 
vents in Paris and Geneva; screen career, 
started as sec to M. Gaumont in Paris, later in 
charge of Gau. studio (Paris) 1897, Solax 1910 
Co.; producing "The Pit and the Pendulum," 
"The Rogues of Paris," formed with Herbert 
Blache U. S. Amusement Co., producing "The 
Dream Woman," "The Empress," "Sea Waif," 

"House of Cards," "When You and I Were 
Young," "Behind the Mask." Bessie Love in 
"The Great Adventure"; Dolores Cassinelli in 
"A Soul Adrift." 

BLACHE, Herbert; b. London, Eng. ; educ. Lon- 
don and Montpelier, France; screen career, 
Gaumont, Blache Feature, U. S. Amust. Corp, 
Pathe; dir. Petrova, Florence Reed, Mary Miles 
Minter, Frank Keenan, Emily Stevens, Edith 
Storey, Ethel Barrymore, King Baggot, Nazim- 
ova ("The Brat," "Stronger Than Death"), 
Screen Classic (May Allison in "The Walk- 
o.ffs"), Metro ("The Hope"), Realart ("The 
New York Idea," "Out of the Chorus"). Ad., 
Friars Club, N. Y. 

BLACKTON, J. Stuart, Director General of own 
company; b. 1875, Sheffield, Eng.; commenced 
educ. at Eton, Eng., finished in America, C. C. 
N. Y. ; early career, newspaper writer and 
artist, pioneer in motion picture industry since 
1897; organized Vitagraph Co. in 1900; most 
notable productions. "The Christian," "Island 
of Regeneration," "The Battle Cry of Peace," 
"The Common Cause"; founded Motion Picture 
Magazine 1910; organized Motion Picture 
Board of Trade of America and elected its 
first president in 1915; organized Blackton 
Productions, Inc., 1917, merged into J. Stuart 
Blackton Feature Pictures, Inc., 1919 ("A 
House Divided," "The Moonshine Trail," "My 
Husband's Other Wife," "The Blood Barrier." 
"Passers-by"). Pres. and Dir. Gen. J. Stuart 
Blackton Photoplays, Ltd., producing in Eng- 
land, and starring Lady Diana Manners. Ad., 
Bush House, Aidwych, Strand, London, Eng- 

BLAKE, Ben; b. 1892; educ. Columbia Univ.; 
stage career, one year in stock; screen career, 
started with Imp in 1910; assisted many well- 
known directors for several years; co-directed 
with Hobart Henley on "Parentage," directed 
and supervised Universal Educational pictures, 
Harry Levey ("Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge"), 
Harry Levinson Corp. ("The Porcelain Lamp"). 
Ad., home, 1815 Seventh ave., N. Y. 

BLYSTONE, J. G.; b. 1892; screen career, Uni- 
versal, 3 yrs., directed Joker comedies, wrote 
many of his own scenarios, joined L-Ko at its 
formation, directed "Balloonatics"; produced 
many successful comedies, released on Univer- 
sal ("A Surf Scandal," "Love Behind Bars"), 
Fox Sunshine Comedies ("Virtuous Husbands," 
"Yellow Dog Catcher," "Her Naughty Wink," 
"The Quack Duck Hunter"), all Clyde Cook 
Comedies for Fox. Studio ad., Fox Sunshine 
Comedies, Hollywood, Cal.; home ad., 6901 
Hawthorne st., Hollywood, Cal. Member M. P. 
D. A. 

BORZAGE, Frank; b. Salt Lake City, 1893; educ. 
Salt Lake City; stage career, from age of 14, 
stock and rep., last stage appearance in "The 
Prisoner of Zenda"; screen career, Universal, 
Lubin, American, Mutual, Lasky, Essanay 
("The Curse of Iku"), Macauley Photoplays 
("Whom the Gods Would Destroy"), Triangle 
("Toton," "Shoes that Danced"), Fred Stone 
("Billy Jim," "Duke of Chimney-Butte"), In- 
ternational ("Humoresque"), Cosmopolitan 
("Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford," "Back Pay"). 
Member M. P. D. A. Permanent ad., 3974 Wil- 
shire Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BOTTER, Henry P.; educ. Boston, Mass.; stage 
career, actor and director in stock and pro- 
ductions, also vaudeville; screen career as 
actor and director with Edison, Biograph, 
Kalem, Essanay and Monmouth Film Co. Ad., 
316 W. 51st St., N. Y. 

BOWMAN, William J.; b. Bakersville, N. C.- 
educ. Lordsburg Coll.. Pomona, Cal.; early ca- 
reer, draftsman; stage career, rep. stock, vaud., 
with Mantell; toured Orient in Shakespearean 
rep.; screen career, Thanhouser ("Merchant of 
Venice"), American. Triangle, Vitagraph 
("Master of the Mine"), Keystone, Quality 
("Second in Command," "Silent Voice"), Uni- 
versal ("From Broadway to a, Throne"), inde- 
pendent producer Para-Artcraft ("False 
Faces"), Pathe ("The Avenging Arrow"). 
Ad., Elks' Club, Santa Monica, Cal. 

BRABIN, Charles; b. Liverpool, Eng., 1883; educ. 
Coll, St. Francis Xavier, Eng. ; stage career, in 
"Medal and the Maid"; screen career, from 
1908, Edison and Vitagraph as dir., Essanay, 
("The Raven"), Vitagraph ("The Price of 
Fame." "Mary Jane's Pa," The Sixteenth 
Wife"), Metro ("Social Quicksands," "Red, 
White and Blue Blood," "The Poor Rich 
Man"), Fox ("Buchanan's Wife," "Thou Shalt 
Not," "La Belle Russe," "Kathleen Mavour- 
neen," "While New York Sleeps," "Blind 
Wives." "Foot Falls"). Ad., care of Ed. 
Small, Inc., N. Y. 



BRACKEN, Bertram; b. Texas; educ. Yale; early 
career, worked in a bank and was member of 
15th U. S. Cavalry for 1% yrs. ; screen career 
Melies Co., Lubin, 2 yrs. Fox, 1 yr. direct. 
Henry B. Walthall; Fox ("The Eternal 
Sapho," "East Lynne"), Walthall ("Long Arm 
of Mannister," "The Confession," "The Boom- 
erang"), Selig ("The Mask," "Kazan"), First 
National ("Harriet and the Piper"). Dir. 
series two-reel dramas for Selig and Rork. 
Studio ad., Selig Studios, 3800 Mission Road, Los 
Angeles; home ad., 1832 Gower St., Los Angeles, 
Cal.; phone 578535. 

BRADBURY, Robert North; b. Walla Walla, 
Wash.; educ. Baker Sch. and Chicago; stage 
career, Baker Stk. Co., Portland, Ore., 7 yrs. 
featured over Orpheum and Pantages circuits; 
own companies; screen career, Universal, Lasky 
("To Have and to Hold"), Kalem ("The Har- 
vest of Gold," "The False Prophet," Mitchell 
Lewis ("Faith of the Strong," "Last of His 
People"), Bradbury Prod. ("Into the Light"), 
Vitagraph ("Courage of Marge O'Doone"), 
Pathe "(The Death Trap"), Schlesinger 
("Things Men Do"). Ad., 418 Mason Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

BRENON, Herbert; b. Dublin, Ireland, 1880; 
educ. St. Paul's and Kings Coll., London; early 
career, stage dir. and owner of m. p. theatre; 
screen career, Universal ('Neptune's Daugh- 
ter"), Fox ("A Daughter of the Gods"), 
Brenon-Selznick ("War Brides"), Brenon-Se- 
lect ("The Lone Wolf"), Brenon ("The Fall 
of the Romanoffs"), independent producer 
Herbert Brenon Film Corporation ("The Pass- 
ing of the Third Floor Back," with Sir 
Johnson Forbes-Robertson). Propaganda pic- 
ture for British Government; Norma Tal- 
madge Co., ("The Passion Flower," "Sign on 

the Door," "Garden of Allah," "The Wonder- 
ful Thing"). Republic ("12-10"). Ad., Lambs 
Club, N. Y. 

BROWN, Melville W.; b. Portland, Ore.; stage 
career, Baker Stk., Portland, Ore.; Milwaukee, 
Wis., Spokane, Wash., 4 seasons vaud. ; screen 
career, scenario writer for Triangle, Chaplin, 
Goldwyn, Universal, Vitagraph, directed Mont- 
gomery & Rock, Vitagraph Studio. Home ad., 
2045 Pinehurst Road, Hollywood, Cal.; phone 
577254; or P. O. Box 142, Hollywood. 

BROWNING, Tod; b. Louisville, 1882; educ. 
there; stage career, toured world at head of 
"Lizard and Coon" Co., "Mutt and Jeff," 
"World of Mirth"; screen career, actor, Bio- 
graph, Reliance-Majestic, Fine Arts, dir. Fine 
Arts, 25 Majestic two-reelers and features, 
Metro, Universal (Edith Roberts in "The De- 
ciding Kiss," "Set Free;" Mary MacLaren in 
"Unpainted Woman," "Petal on the Current," 
"Bonnie Bonnie Lassie"; Priscilla Dean in "The 
Brazen Beauty," "Wicked Darling," "Exquisite 
Thief"), Tod Browning-Jewel Prod. ("The Vir- 
gin of Stamboul," "Outside the Law," "Her- 
self"). Author and dir. of "Set Free" and Out- 
side the Law." Home ad., 2209 Canyon Dr., 
Hollywood, Cal., Holly 2412; studio, Universal 

BRUCE, Robert Cameron; b. Stowe, Vt., 1887; 
educ. Univ. of Iowa, Univ. of Minn.; early 
careei, retail lumberman, rancher; screen ca- 
reer, with Katherine F. Carter, Inc., and Ed- 
ucational prod, scenics, including "Me and 
My Dog," "The World of Dreams,." "Wanderer 
and the Whozitt," "River Gray and the River 
Green," "Wolf of the Tetons," "Frozen Thrills," 
"Sundown," "Water Trails," "The Castaway," 
"Tropical Nights," "Man Who Always Sat 
Down," "Strolling Minstrels"). Ad., Education- 
al Film Corp., 729 Seventh ave., N. Y. 

BRUNTON, Robert A.; b. Glasgow, Scotland; 
educ. London, at Royal Academy schls. ; stage 
career, scenic artist with Henry Irving at Ly- 
ceum theatre, London, made 3 tours of Amer- 
ica with Irving as scenic director, 3 yrs. with 
Shuberts as scenic artist, 3 yrs. with Oliver 
Morosco; screen career, art director and mgr. 
of prod., Ince-Triangle; executive head of Robt. 
Brunton studios, 5341 Melrose ave., Los Angeles, 

BUCHANAN, Thompson, supervising director; b. 
N. Y. C. ; educ. Louisville, Ky., Univ. of the 
South; early career, newspaper man, author, 
playwright; wrote "Woman's Way," "The Cub," 
"Life," "Lulu's Husband," "Civilian Clothes"; 
screen career, author of "Woman's Way," "The 
Cub" and "The Rack" for World; "World and 
Its Woman," Goldwyn; author of novels, "The 
Castle Comedy," "Judith Triumphant". 

BUCKINGHAM, Thomas; b. Chicago; educ. Univ. 
of 111.; screen career, Century Film Corp ("Tale 
of a Dog," "Should Waiters Marry?" "A One- 

Cylinder Love Riot," "Should Tailors Trifle," 
"Twin Crooks," "His Fearful Finish," "The 
Kid's Pal," "A Dollars Worth," "Tough Luck"). 
Home ad., Hillvren Apts., Los Angeles, Cal.; 
studio ad., Century. 

BUEL, Keiiean; originally on legit, stage; joined 
Kalem shortly after its organization, 7 yrs. 
there, wrote and produced "Civil War" pic- 
tures; joined Fox 1915 ("Blazing Love," "We 
Should Worry," "Doing Their Bit," "I Want to 
Forget," "Woman, Woman," "My Little Sis- 
ter"), Hallmark ("The Veiled Marriage") 
Member M. P. D. A., 234 W. 55th St., N. Y. 

BURT, William P.; b. St. Peters, Minn.; educ. 
Denver, Boston; stage career, on legitimate 
stage for several yrs.; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Thanhouser, Metro, Astra-Pathe; characters, 
heavies; Pathe (acted in "The Lightning 
Raider"), with Geo. B. Seitz, Inc. Home ad. 
393 Central Park West, N. Y. C. 

BUTLER, Alexander Beaubien; b. Beamsville, 
Ont., Canada-; educ. Hamilton, Can.; stage 
career, United States, So. America, So. Africa, 
Australia Gt. Britain; with Charles Frohman 
and George Edwards; screen career 1912, pro- 
duced first feature film, "East Lynne" for 
London Co., Barker, London (dir. "Five 
Nights," "The Beetle"), Samuelson ("Just a 
Girl," "My Lady's Dress," "Damaged Goods," 
"Sorrows of Satan," "The Admirable Crich- 

BUTLER, Fred J.; b. Idaho City, Idaho; educ. 
Univ. of Calif. ; stage career, 30 yrs. exper. as 
actor and stage director; screen career, direct- 
ing David Butler Pictures. Home ad., 514 S. 
Mariposa ave., Los Angeles, Calif., Wilshire 
1347; studio, Brunton. 


CAB ANNE, William Christy; b. St. Louis, 1888; 
educ. St. Rose Acad., Culver Military Acad.; 
early career, spent in Navy; stage career, 1908- 
1910; screen career, since 1910, Fine Arts (dir., 
Douglas Fairbanks' first pictures, 5 yrs. Grif- 
fith's Chief of Staff, author and dir. of "One of 
Many," "The Slacker," co-author and dir. of 
"Draft 258," dir. Metro's first serial. "The 
Great Secret," own company ("Fighting 
Through"), W. H. Special ("A Regular Fel- 
low"), Goldwyn ("The Post"), Lew Cody ("Be- 
loved Cheater"), Robertson-Cole ("Life's 
Twist," "The Stealers," "What's A Wife 
Worth?" "Live and Let Live"). Ad., 929 So. St. 
Andrews PI., Los Angeles, Cal. 

CAMPBELL, Colin; b. Scotland; educ. St. An- 
drews, Madras; stage career, played in many 
well known prod, and managed several cos. 
both on the road and in N. Y. ; screen career, 
director at Selig for 7 yrs., directed over BOO 
pictures, "Monte Cristo," "Garden of Allah," 
"The Beauty Market," "The Spoilers," "The 
Rosary," "The Ne'er Do Well," "The Crisis," 
"The Corsican Brothers," Wm. Farnum in 
Big Happiness," etc. Home ad., 1517 Orange 
Grove, Los Angeles, Calif.; studio, Brunton. 
Member M. P. D. A. 

CAMPBELL, Maurice; b. Philadelphia; educ, Hill 
School, Pa., & N. Y. Univ.; stage career, author, 
producer and director of legit, plays, "Mistress 
Nell," "Sweet Kitty Bellaire," Shakespeare, 
"Ibsen," for 20 yrs. ; screen career, Famous 
Players ("Burglar Proof"), Realart ("Oh, 
Lady, Lady," "Ducks and Drakes," "Two 
Weeks With Pay," " A March Hare," "One 
Wild Week"), etc. 

CAMPBELL, Webster; b. Kansas City, Mo.; educ. 
there and Ann Arbor, Mich. ; screen career, as 
actor for Paramount, Selznick, Vitagraph, 
directed for Vitagraph, "What's Your Reputa- 
tion Worth" 

CAMPBELL, William S.; b. Ashley, Pa.; educ. 
Ashley High Sch.; early career, 10 yrs. vaud. 
and motion picture mgr.; screen career, 3% 
yrs. with Keystone, directing numerous Sennett- 
Paramount comedies; Fox Sunshine, Universal, 
series of Joe Martin, Orang-Outang comedies, 
1920 prod, series of 12 animal comedies for Edu- 
cational. Now prod, of Campbell Animal Come- 
dies, making series of 13 to be released by Edu- 
cational. Ad., 4534 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 

CAPELLANI, Albert; b. Paris, 1874; one of 
pioneers in Moving picture art; 17 yrs. moving 
picture career with Pathe; 5 yrs. in America, 
World Film, Selznick, Clara K. Young Corp., 
Metro directing Madame Nazimova in "Eye 
for Eye," "Out of the Fog," "The Red Lan- 
tern" ; at head of own producing corp., starring 
Marjorie Rambeau, Dolores Cassinelli, June, 
Caprice, International ("Inside of the Cup." 
"Wild Goose" "The Young Diana"). 



CABEWE, Edwin; b. Gainsville, Texas; educ 
Univ. Missouri and Texas; stage career, 16 yrs. ; 
screen career, Lubin, Rolfe-Metro in "The Voice 
of Conscience," "The Splendid Sinner," "The 
Trail of Yesterday," "The Snowbird," "God's 
Half Acre," "The Final Judgment," "Pals 
First," "Shades of Suspicion," "The Way of 
the Strong," "It's Easy to Make Money" at 
head of own producing company; has made the 
"Right to Lie." "The Web of Lies." "Rio 
Grande"; Selig ("Isobel, or Trails End"), 
"Habit" with Mildred Harris, "Playthings of 
Destiny," "Invisible Fear," "Something Money 
Can't Buy" with Anita Stewart. Home ad., 
Christie Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif. Member 
M. P. D. A. 

CARLETON, Lloyd B.; b. N. Y.; educ. Colum- 
bia Coll.; stage career, with Maude Adams, 
dir. Fawcett Stock Co.; screen career. Than- 
houser, Lubin, Fox, Selig, Universal, dir. "Walls 
of Jericho," "The Idler," "Their Sinful In- 
fluence," Way of the World," "The Unattain- 
able," "The Morals of Hilda," "The Devil's 
Bondwoman," Lloyd Carleton Prod. ("The 
Amazing Woman"), Republic ("Mountain Mad- 
ness"). Member M. P. D. A. Home ad., 5846 
Carleton Way, Hollywood. 

CAZENEURE, Paul; also actor and scenario edi- 
tor; b. Revel, France; educ. Paris, New York, 
Boston; 30 yrs on French and Amer. stage, sup- 
porting famous stars, starring in own co. for 
over 10 yrs.; screen career, directed for Fox 
("Spirit of God," "The Iron Heart," "Her 
Honor, the Mayor," "The Square Shooter," 
"Sunset Sprague"), as player for Ince ("His 
Wife's Friend"), Fox ("The Adventurer," 
"Heart Strings," "If I Were King," "Queen of 
Sheba"). Home ad., 5622 Harold Way, Holly- 
wood, Cal., Holly 4761; studio, Fox West Coast. 

CHAUDET, Louis W.; b. Manhattan, Kan., 1884; 
early career, photographer; stage career vaud., 
road shows, Belasco stk. ; screen career, Selig, 
as actor, photographer, asst. dir., Universal 
(Nestor comedies), Smiling Bill Parsons, 8 
comedies, "The Girl of My Dreams," "Merry 
Andrews" (Rhodes), "Long Lane's Turning" 
(Walthall), National ("Hoop-La," "The Love 
Call," "The Blue Bonnet" (Rhodes), Selznick 
("Common Sense"), Pinnacle ("Black Sheep"). 
Member M. P. D. A., Los Angeles Cal. 

CHAUTARD, Emile, director; b. Paris; educ. 
France; stage career, leading man, Paris, and 
Theatre Royal; screen career, with Eclair in 
Paris, Peerless, C. K. Young ("Magda"), Pathe, 
World, Famous Players-Lasky ("The House of 
Glass," "The Marionettes," ' The Ordeal of 
Rosetta," "Hr Final Reckoning," The Daugh- 
ter of the Old South," "Paid in Full," "Under 
the Greenwood Tree," "The Parisian Wife," 
"The Marriage Price," "Out of the Shadows," 
"Eyes of the Soul"), Mayflower Photoplays, Inc. 
("Mystery of the Yellow Room"), "The In- 
visible Foe," Ziegfield Cenema ("The Black 
Panther's Cub"). Member M. P. D. A. Home 
ad., 790 Riverside drive. N. Y. 

CHRISTIE, Al. E., supervising: director; b. Lon- 
don, Canada; educ. N. Y. ; early career, with 
Liebler & Co. in productions starring "Wilton 
Lackaye, May Irwin, William C. Hodge and 
others; screen career, produced Nestor Com- 
edies, producer of more than 700 comedies; 1916 
organized Christie Film Co., and produced 
Christie Comedies for independent release; 
prod. 3 features, also one and two reel Vanity 
and Gayety comedies, released thru Edu- 
cational. Ad., Christie Film Co., Inc., Holly- 
wood, Cal. Member M. P. D. A. 

CLEMENS, James H.; b. England; educ. Pa. and 
Ky. ; stage career, Orpheum, Circuit; screen 
career, 3 yrs. with Universal, 1 yr. Morosco, 2 
yrs. Triangle, 1 yr. Keystone-Triangle, 1% yrs. 
Christie, directed Gayety Comedies featuring 
George Ovey. Independent ("The Ting Tong 
Man"), Beverly Syndicate ("Chubby and the 
Mermaids"). Home ad., 1238 Cherokee st., 
Hollywood, Cal. Holly 2114. 

CLEMENTS, Boy; b. 111., 1877; on stage 22 yrs.; 
screen career, Essanay ("Snakeville" series), 
'Universal ("Slippery Slim" series, Pat Rooney 
Features), Sierra Features, Universal ("Fat 
and Foolish," "A Proxy Elopement," "The Im- 
patient Patient," "The Bright Lights," "See- 
ing Things," "The Potato Patriot," "Too Much 
Women"), Triangle ("Crown Jewels"), Hall- 
mark ("When a Woman Strikes," "The Reck- 
oning Day"), Mitchell Lewis ("King Spruce"). 
Member M.P.D.A. Home ad., 6824 Whiteley 
Terrace, Hollywood, Cal. 

CLIFT, Denison; b. San Francisco; educ. Stanford 
Univ. ; short story writer, novelist and play- 
wright; author of "Wolves of the Rail," for 

William S. Hart, "The Midnight Patrol," Ince- 
Select special; "Wedlock" for Louise Glaum; 
"And a Still Small Voice" for Henry B. Walt- 
hall; "His Birthright" for Sessue Hayakawa; 
the following original stories and continuities 
for Fox stars, "Rose of the West," "The Snares 
of Paris," "Lost Money," "The Hell Ship," 
"What Would You Do?" and "The Little 
Wanderer" for Shirley Mason, scenario editor 
for Fox, 1919; director of Fox features, 1920; 
toured Europe studying picture conditions; di- 
rected super-features for Ideal Films, Ltd., of 
London. Ad., 1762 Tamarind Ave., Hollywood, 

CLIFTON, Elmer; stage career, from 1907, in 
"The Girl of the Golden West," "The Dollar 
Mark," mgmt. Belasco when latter was Coast 
stk. director, two B'way prods, with Richard 
Bennett; screen career, Reliance-Majestic (Phil. 
Stoneman in Griffith's "Birth of a Nation," "In- 
tolerance"), Fine Arts, Universal ("Smashing 
Through," "Kiss or Kill"), Para ("Battling 
Jane," "The Hope Chest," "Peppy Polly," 
"Nugget Nell," "Out of Luck," "Turning the 
Tables"). Will produce independently. Ad., 
1 E. 53rd St., N. Y. C. 

CLINE, Edward Francis; b. Kenosha, Wis., 1892; 
educ. Lake Forest, Chicago; screen career, Key- 
stone ("The Winning Punch"), Sennett-Para- 
mount ("Those Athletic Girls," "Sheriff Nell's 
Comeback," "A School House Scandal," "Train- 
ing for Husbands"), Fox-Sunshine ("Ten Nights 
Without A Barroom"), Metro ("One Week." 
"Convict 13," "Neighbors," "The High Sign"). 
Member M. P. D. A. Home ad., Alvarado Apts., 
Los Angeles, Cal.; Wilsh. 5010. 

COHEN, Emanuel; b. Hartford, Conn.; educ. 
there and Columbia Univ. ; screen career, 6 yrs. 
as editor and director of Pathe News. Studio 
ad., 35 W. 45th st., N. Y. C. Bryant 1390. 

CONWAY, Jack; b. Graceville, Minn., 1887; educ. 
there; stage career, from 1907, in stock, melo- 
drama in "Mrs. Temple's Telegram"; screen 
career since 1911, Selig, Bosworth, Reliance- 
Majestic, Fine Arts, Universal ("Bitter Sweet," 
"Judgment of the Guilty"), Bluebird ("A Jewel 
in Pawn"), Triangle ("You Can't Believe 
Everything," "Restless Souls"), Metro ("Lom- 
bard!, Ltd."), Federal ("Desert of Wheat," 
"The Dwelling Place of Light," "The U. P: 
Trail"), Pathe ("The Money Changers," "The 
Spenders," "The Killer"), Aywon ("Lure of 
the Orient"). Member M. P. D. A.. Home ad., 
2211 Budlong ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

COOPER, J. Gordon; educ. St. Francis Xavier 
College; screen career, Fox, features for Oliver 
Productions, Inc., starring Herbert Rawlinson, 
Hallmark Prods., ("The Evil Eye"). Ad., 537 
West 149th st., N. Y. C. ; Audubon 2040. 

COX, George L.; b. Chicago, 111.; educ. America 
and .Europe; stage career, David Warfield, Nat 
Goodwin, Mrs. Leslie Carter, stk. and rep.; 
screen career Selig Polyscope, Advance Motion 
Picture Co., American, Cox Feature Film Co. 
Pathe ("Payment Guaranteed," "30th Piece of 
Silver," "Their Mutual Child," "The Week 
End," "The Gammesters," "The Hellion," "The 
Tiger Lily"). Member M. P. D. A. Home ad., 
3834 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

CRAFT, William James; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. there; 
stage career, 5 yrs. stk., rep. and prod.; screen 
career, began in 1910, Kalem ("Hazards of 
Helen"), 3 yrs. official photographer Pathe with 
Canadian Exped. Forces; Universal ("The 
Great Radial Mystery," directed 5 pictures for 
Universal, State Rights ("White Riders," "Side 
Walks of New York," "Way of the Law." 
"Love's Battle," "Sergeant Hammond of the R. 
N. M. P."). Home ad.. 2120 Santa Monica 
Blvd. Santa Monica, Cal. 

CRANE, Frank H.; b. San Francisco; stage 
career, with William Collier, Arnold Daly, 
James A. Herne; screen career, Pathe 
World Alliance Film Corp., London ("The Door 
That Has No Key"). Ad., Friars Club, N. Y. 

CRISP, Donald; b. London, Eng. ; educ. there; 
screen career, Biograph, Majestic, Mutual, 
Clune ("Ramona" "Eyes of the World"), D. 
W. Griffith ("played role of "Battling Burrows" 
in "Broken Blossoms"). Famous Players 
("Poor Boob," "Love Insurance," "Putting It 
Over," "Something to Do," "A Very Good 
Young Man," "Why Smith Left Home," "Too 
Much Johnson," "The Six Best Cellars," "Held 
By the Enemy"), Pioneer ("The Barbarians"), 
Famous Players Lasky British ("Appear- 
a.nces"). Member M. P. D. A. Ad., care of 
Famous Players-Lasky. 

CROSLAND, Frederic Alan; educ. East Orange 
Preparatory School and Dartmouth College; 
early career, newspaper game since college, 



"N. Y. Globe," also short stories various maga- 
zines; stage career, with Annie Russell in Sher- 
idan's "Rivals," Goldsmith's "She Stoops to 
Conquer," Shakespeare stage manager and 
juvenile parts; screen career, played in pic- 
tures with Pathe, Edison, etc., started directing 
at age of 21, directed "The Unbelievers" for 
Edison, "The Whirlpool" for Famous Players, 
"The Country Cousin," "Greater than Fame," 
"Glorious South" for Selznick; directed the 
compiling of the Photographic History of the 
War, "The Point of View," "Broadway and 
Home," "Worlds Apart." Ad., 1 W. 67th St., 
N. Y.; Columbus 4204. 

CRUZE, James; b. Ogden, Utah, 1884; educ. 
there; stage career, medicine shows, touring 
country, later formed own co., toured several 
yrs. in "Heart of Maryland," joined co. playing 
Shakespeare and stock melodrama; screen ca- 
reer, Metro, Paramount ("The City of Dim 
Faces," "Less than Kin," "Johnny Get Your 
Gun"), Artcraft (played in "Under the Top," 
"Johnny Get Your Gun"), Paramount ("You're 
Fired," "Alias Mike Moran," "The Roaring 
Road," "The Love Burglar," "Valley of the 
Giants," "The Lottery Man," "Hawthorne of 
the U. S. A.," "What Happened to Jones," "Mrs. 
Temple's Telegram," "A Full House," "Always 
Audacious," "The Charm School," "Dollar a 
Year Man"), Realart ("Food for -Scandal"). 
Black hair, dark eyes. Ad., Lasky Studios, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

CULLISON, Webster; also author; b. Baltimore, 
Md. ; educ. there and Washington; stage ca- 
reer, 19 yrs., owner, ^actor and stage director; 
screen career, 11 yrs. producer of pictures, 
World, Lubin, Equitable, etc., O. Henry stories 
for Eclair, May Allison with Metro, Juanita 
Hansen and George Chesbro with Selig in "The 
Lost City," author of "The Pest," "Speed," 
etc. Now directing Webster Cullison Prod. 
Home ad., 5123 Harold Way, Los Angeles, Cal.; 
Holly. 883. 


DALY, Wm. Robert; b. Boston, 1872; educ. Bos- 
ton Latin School; stage career, with Frohman, 
Liebler, H. B. Harris and Julius Cahn, as actor 
and director; screen career, began 1910, Imp- 
Universal, Selig, etc., "The Militant," "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin," "Miracle Mary," "Calvary's 
Shadow." "Unto Those Who Sin," "The Mak- 
ings of Crooks," "At Piney Ridge," "Down 
Home." Member M. P. D. A. Home ad., 1956 
Franklin Circle, Hollywood, Cal. 
DAVENPORT, Charles E.; b. Easton, Pa., 1884; 
educ. Pa. ; stage career, since childhood, stk.. 
rep. and Shakespearean; training under the 
late James Booth Roberts and George Bangs; 
screen career, acting and directing Lubin, Reli- 
ance, Majestic ("The Strength of the Weak," 
"The She Wolf," "Virgin of the Fire," "The 
Half Wit"), Stage Right and Government prod. 
"Governor's Boss," "Kavah," "Rule of Rea- 
. son," "House that Jack Built," "Broken Bar- 
riers"), Sholom Aleichem Series in preparation. 
Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

DAVID, Charles Norman, also laboratory expert; 
b. Chicago, 1889; screen career, 3 yrs. in print- 
ing, perforating and laboratories at Essanay. 
founder of the Active Motion Picture Co. and 
Interstate Film Producers; cameraman on trav- 
elogues for Chicago Herald Land Bureau in 
Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and 
Texas; director and cameraman of 15 Ebony 
Comedies; cameraman on "Do the Dead Talk?" 
produced by Special Feature Production Co.; 
director "Castle Comedies." Ad., Castle Studios, 
2332 N. California ave., Chicago, 111. 
DAVIS, J. Charles, 2nd; b. New York City; educ. 
there; screen career, Goldwyn, Famous Play- 
ers, Universal. Now supervising director of 
Salient Films. Inc. ("The Shadow," "The Call 
of the Open"). Home ad., 573 W. 192nd St., 
N. Y. C., Wad. 7343; office ad., 110 W. 40th st, 
N. Y. C., Bry. 1361. 

1>AVIS, William S.; stage career, staged many 
Broadway productions for the Frohmans, Har- 
rison Grey Fiske, etc.; screen career, for 6 yrs. 
Edison, Biograph, Fox ("The Fool's Revenge"), 
Metro ("Alias Mrs. Jessup," "Under Suspicion," 
"The Brass Check," "With Neatness and Dis- 
patch," "No Man's Land," "In Judgment Of"), 
United Pictures. Inc.. Supreme Pictures, Inc. 
Paramount ("The Copperhead"). Author of 
many scenarios. 

DAWLEY, J. Searle; b. Del Norte, Colorado; educ. 
Scott Saxton Coll. of Oratory, Denver; stage 
career, 4 yrs. stage mgt. for Lewis Morrison 
Faust Co., 2 yrs. in vaud., 5 yrs. in stk.; screen 

career, Edison, Famous Players, directed Mary 
Pickford, H. B. Warner. Billie Burke, Marguer- 
ite Clark ("Snow White," "The Seven Swans"), 
Elsie Ferguson in "The Lie," "Doris Kenyon in 
"Twilight" and "Harvest Moon," wrote and di- 
rected "Everybody's Business" for Chas. Rich- 
man Co., "The Phantom Honeymoon" for Hall- 
mark. Fox (" Woman or Tiger." "Beyond 
Price"). Author of 18 stage plays and several 
scenarios. Member M. P. D. A. Ad., 218 W. 
48th st., N. Y. C. 

DAWN, Norman; b. Santa Barbara Rancho, Pjrov. 
of Salta, Argentina; screen career, scenic cine- 
matographer 7 yrs. Gaumont, Biograph, Ince, 
Keystone; over 2 yrs. with Universal, produc- 
ing 2 and 5 reel pictures, "Sinbad the Sailor," 
"The Eternal Triangle," "Two Men of Tinted 
Butte," "Lasca," "Down by the Rio Grande," 
"Hermit Creek," "The Line Runners," "The 
Adorable Savage," "White Youth," The Fire 
Cat," "Wolves of the North." Ad., Universal 
Studio, Hollywood, Cal;; home, 1435 Grand 
Canal, Venice. Cal. 

DEAN, Ralph; educ. N. Y. and Chappaqua; stage 
career, Chas. Frohman, Liebler & Co., Henry 
Savage, "Heir to the Hoorah," Cohan and Har- 
ris, 5 yrs. dramatic; screen career, Edison, 
Colonial, Frohman, 2 yrs. directed Geo. Irving; 
directed "The Rainbow," "The Accomplice," 
"The Song of Sixpence," "Madam Sherry." 
Member Lambs Club. Home ad.. Chamber st., 
Bayside, L. I.. N. Y. 

DE CORDOVA, Leander; educ. Collegiate School 
and Private Tutors, Kingston, Jamaica, and B. 
W. Indies; stage career, starred in " The Shadow 
Behind the Throne," "Wireless the Loop-Hole," 
"Your Flag 1 and Mine," with Klaw and Er- 
langer, etc.; screen career, Rolfe Directed 
("Scream in the Night"); McManus Corp. 
("Lost Battalion"), Metro ("Love, Honor and 
Obey," "Polly With a Past"). Ad., Edward 
Small, 1493 Broadway, N. Y. C. 

DE COURCY, Walter; b. Houston, Texas; educ. 
Pittsburg, Pa.,and Santa Clara College, Calif.; 
stage career, Redmond Stock Co., and Warren 
Stock Co., San Francisco; automobile racing; 
screen career, now producing own pictures. 
Business ad., 408 Mason Bldg., Los Angeles, 
Calif.; phone 19570. 

DE GRASSE, Joseph; b. France; educ. N. Y.; 
stage career, from 1883, actor and producer of 
classic drama, own co. ; screen career, from 
1909, Pathe (leads and director), Lubin, Uni- 
versal, Argosy ("After the War"), Ince-Para. 
("Market of Souls"), First Natl ("Heart of the 
Hills"), Para-Art ("L' Apache"), "Wild Cat of 
Paris," with Priscilla Dean, "My Friend's Wife," 
Dorothy Dalton, "The Golden Hope," Edith 
Storey, "The Undertow," Sessue Hayakawa. 
Chas. Ray ("45 Minutes from Broadway," 
"Nineteen and Phyllis," "Old Swimmin' Hole"), 
Bessie Love ("Bonnie May"). Member M. P. 
D. A., Los Angeles Cal. Ad., 213 W. Windsor 
Road Glendale, Cal. 

DE LACY, John V.; b. N. Y. C.; educ. Yale Univ.; 
stage career, 12 yrs. vaud. legit, prod.; screen 
career, Famous Players, Fox. Universal, World, 
Metro, "Broadway Jones," "Wanted For Mur- 
der," "Queen of the Seas," "Retribution," "The 
Cavell Case," "The Auction Block," "Prunella," 
"Doll's House," "Rose of No Man's Land," 
"The Unpardonable Sin," Craig Kennedy serial, 
"The Carter Case," "Temperamental Tenants," 
"The Beaury Heiress," etc. Hght., 5, 8; wght. 
145; dark brown hair, blue eyes. Home ad., 
167 E. 61st St., Plaza 6719; Friars Club and 
Green Room Club. 

DE LA MOTHE, Leon; b. New Orleans, La.; 
educ. Mt. St. Mary Acad., Emmittsburg, Md., 
Notre Dame Univ.; stage career, 10 yrs. exper. 
as stock director and featured heavy man, also 
with "Slaves of the Mine," and featured in 
"Texas"; screen career, director with St. Louis 
Motion Picture Co. for 2 yrs., Warner's Fea- 
tures 1 yr., Lubin Film Co. 2 yrs., Universal 3 
mos.. Selig 6 mos. Home ad., 2027 Reservoir 
st., Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 53289. 
DEL RUTH, Hampton, editor and supervising: 
director; b. Venice, Italy, 1888; educ. Oxford 
Univ., England; screen career, NYMP Co., some 
successful scenarios are: "The Passer-by," "Old 
Black Joe," "Count of Monte Cristo," "The 
Lighted Way," "The Struggle Everlasting," 
"Ties of Fate," "Love Tales of Hoffman"; 6 
yrs. with Keystone and Sennett-Paramount 
Comedies; editor and supervising director of 
Wm. Fox Sunshine Comedies. Ad.. Los Angeles. 
Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 
DeMILLE, Cecil B., director general, Famous 
Players-Lasky Corp.; b. Asheville, Mass.; educ. 
mil. schl., Amer. Acad. Dram. Arts, N. Y.; 
stage career prominent parts In all-star road 



cos. over the U. S. for 7 yrs., produced number 
of stage successes, including "Return of Peter 
Grim," with David Warfield, wrote and dir. 
several musical operettas; screen career, Para- 
mount Pictures ("Joan the Woman," "The 
Whispering Chorus," "We Can't Have Every- 
thing," "The Woman God Forgot," "Old Wives 
for New," "For Better, For Worse," "Don't 
Change Your Husband," "Male and Female," 
"Why Change Tour Wife?" "Something to 
Think About," "Forbidden Fruit," "The Affairs 
6f Anatol." Member M. P. D. A. Ad., Lasky 
Corp., Hollywood, Calif. 

I)E MILLE, William C.; b. Washington, N, C.. 
1878; educ. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1900; author 
of "Strongheart," "The Warrens of Virginia," 
"The Woman" and other plays and sketches; 
screen career, Famous Players-Lasky, 1914 
("The Ragamuffin," "The Heir to the Hoorah," 
"The Clown." "Hashimma Togo," "The Wid- 
ow's Might," "One More American," "Peg o' 
My Heart," "The Tree of Knowledge"), '"The 
Prince Chap," "Conrad in Quest of His Youth," 
"Midsummer Madness," "What Every Woman 
Knows," "The Lost Romance"). Ad., Lasky 
Studio, Hollywood, Cal. Member M. P. D. A. 

DILLON, Edward; b. N. Y.; stage career, juv. 
and com. leads in "The Sporting Duchess," juv. 
lead and stage mgr. for Otis Skinner, Dustin 
Farnum, with Rose Melville in "Sis Hopkins" ; 
screen career, Biograph, Reliance-Majestic, 
Fine Arts ("The Doll Shop." "Might and the 
Man"), Paramount, Fox ("Luck and Pluck," 
"Putting One Over," "Never Say Quit." "Help, 
Help, Police," "The Winning Stroke"). Metro 
("Parlor, Bedroom & Bath"), Famous Players 
("Frisky Mrs. Johnson," "Education of Eliza- 
beth"), Realart ("Sheltered Daughters"). Mem- 
ber M. P. D. A. Ad., 234 West 55th st. ( N. Y. 
Friar's Club, 110 W. 48th St., N. Y. 

DILLON, Jack; b. N. Y., 1886; educ. St. Francis 
Xavier, N. Y. C. ; stage career, stk., "Officer 
666," "The Right of Way," "Via Wireless," 
"The Rosary"; screen career, Kalem, Famous, 
Nestor, Universal. Lubin. Keystone. First Na- 
tional, Metro, "The Right of Way/' starring 
Bert Lytell; wrote original story for Jack Pick- 
ford in "A Burglar by Proxy," also wrote for 
Fox; "An Heiress for a Day" and "Limousine 
Life," with Olive Thomas; "The Silk-Lined 
Burglar" and "Wanted A Husband," starring 
Priscilla Dean, "Hop o' My Thumb," with Mary 
Pickford. "Black Birds." "Playthings of 
Ruin." Ad., home. 905 Camden Drive, Los 
Angeles, Cal. Member M. P. D. A. 

DONOVAN, Frank P.; b. Rosendale, N. Y.; stage 
career, vaud., with Del Henderson in "From 
Sing Sing to Liberty," etc.; screen career, 
Manhattan Features, Yankee, Universal, State 
Right Series ("Bullin the Bullsheviki"), . Bio- 
graph ("Pardon Me," "Neptune's Stepdaugh- 
ter." Gertrude Selby Comedies). Vitagraph 
("Boobs and Bumbs"), O. Henry's stories. 
Reelcraft pictures, Smith-Donovan comedies 
and features, with Marguerite Clayton, Pearl 
Shepard. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

DOWLAN, William C.; b. St. Paul; educ. Chris- 
tian Brothers, St. Paul; stage career, 14 yrs. 
with Morosco stk., Los Angeles; screen career, 
Universal (played lead in "Drugged Waters," 
dir. "The Madcap"), American (dir. "Youth's 
Endearing Charm"), Metro ("Rose of the 
Alley," "Nobody," "The Winding Trail." "The 
Outsider"), Triangle ("Restless Souls"), Fox 
("Cowardice Court"). Universal ("Loot." "Un- 
der Suspicion," "The Peddler of Lies," "Locked 
Lips"), Metro ("Chorus Girl's Romance"). 
Home ad., 1642 Shumway ave., Hollywood, Cal.; 
studio. Universal. 

DUNLOP, Scotty; screen career, Fox ("Vagabond 
ijuck," "The Hell Ship," "The Elephant Man." 
"Forbidden Trails," "Words and Music," "Be a 
Little Sport," "Love is Love," "Twins of Suffer- 
ing Creek." "Challenge of the Law," "The Iron 
Rider," "The Cheater Reformed"). Ad., Fox 
Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

DWAN, Allan; b. Toronto, Can.; educ. Notre 
Dame, Ind. ; screen career, Essanay (scenario 
writer), American (seen. edit, and dir. for 3 
yrs.). Famous Players (dir. "Wildflower." 
"David Harum"), Selznick ("Panthea"), Gold- 
wyn ("Fighting Odds"). Triangle ("Man Who 
Made Good"). C. K. Young ("Cheating Cheat- 
ers"), Artcraft ("Mr. Fixit," "Bound in Mo- 
rocco," "He Comes Up Smiling," "Heading 
South"), Louise Glaum ("Sahara"), Allan Dwan 
Prod. ("Soldiers of Fortune." "Luck of the 
Irish," "A Splendid Hazard," "In the Heart of 
a Fool," "The Scoffer") Asso. Prod. ("The For- 
bidden Thing," "A Perfect Crime," "The 
Broken Doll"). Ad., 6642 Santa Monica Blvd.. 
Hollywood, Calif, 

EAGLE, Oscar; b. Gallipolis, Ohio; educ. Chick- 
ering Coll., Cincinnati, Ohio; stage career, di- 
rector and actor, directed "Some Time" "The 
Melting of Molly," "An Ideal Husband," "A 
Sleepless Night," "The Little Whopper," "The 
Little Blue Devil"; screen career, Selig, 2 yrs. 
Reliance, Famous Players ("The Dictator"), 
World ("The Cotton King," "Sins of Society," 
"The Fruits of Desire," with Robert Warwick, 
"The Little Mademoiselle," with Vivian Mar- 
tin), American Pict. Asso. Co. ("Home, Sweet 
Home"). Member M. P. D. A. Permanent ad., 
Lambs Club, N. Y. 

EABLE, William P. S.; b. 1884, N. Y. C.; educ. 
Barnard School and Columbia Univ. (gradu- 
ate) ; early career, writer, playwright and pho- 
tographer; screen onreer. Vitatgraph. produc- 
ing features only, "Womanhood," "Within the 
Law," "His Own People," "Mary Jane's Pa," 
"The Law Decides"), World ("T'Other Dear 
Charmer"), C. K. Young Co. ("The Better 
Wife"), Ince ("The Lone Wolf's Daughter"), 
Selznick ("The Broken Melody," "The Woman's 
Game," "Whispers," "Dangerous Paradise," 
"Road of Ambition," "Poor Dear Margaret 
Kirby," "Gilded Lies," "The Convict"). Home 
ad.. 700 W. 179th st., N. Y. C. ; studio ad., Selz- 
nick Pictures Corp.. N. Y. 

EASON, Reaves; b. Prize Point, Miss.; educ. Mon- 
rovia and Berkley Coll., Cal.; stage career, 1 
yr. drama, stk. with Nielson Stk. Co. and Be- 
lasco, Orpheum and Pantages doing character 
songs; screen career, American ("In Sheep's 
Clothing," "Poet of the Peaks"), Mitchell 
Lewis (author, producer, actor and dir. of 
"Nine-Tenths of the Law"), Universal ("Human 
Stuff," "Blue Streak McCoy," "Pink Tights," 
"Colorado," "Two Kinds of Love," "The Big 
Adventure"). Hght., 6; wght., 158; brown hair, 
blue eyes. Home ad., 6200 Fountain ave., 
Hollywood. Cal.; Holly 2247. 

EDWARDS, Harry; screen career, 5 yrs. director 
of comedy, Universal, Fox, L-Ko, National; 
directed 12 pictures for the Hall Room Boys, 
Flanagan and Edwards. National ("Knocking 
'Em Cold"). Pricefilms ("His Pajama Girl"). 

EDWARDS, J. Gordon; b. Montreal, Can.; educ. 
Quebec; stage career, rep., toured U. S. and 
England with Wilton Lackaye, Amelia Bing- 
ham, James K. Hackett. stage director and pro- 
ducer for Fox Acad. of Music, producing 250 
plays; screen career, "Cleopatra." "Camille," 
"Salome," "The Soul of a Buddha." "Under 
the Yoke," "A Woman there was," "Lone Star 
Ranger," "When Men Desire," "Wolves of the 
Night," "Last of the Duanes," "Wings of the 
Morning," "The Joyous Troublemaker," "If I 
Were King," "Drag Harlan," "The Scuttlers," 
"The Queen of Sheba," "His Greatest Sacrifice." 
Ad., Fox, Los Angeles, Cal. Member M. P. 
D A. 

ELLIS, Robert du Reel, also actor; b. Brooklyn; 
educ. Francis Xavier Coll., N. Y. ; stage career, 
mgmt. Shuberts, Klaw & Erlanger; screen 
career, Kalem. Metro ("In for Thirty Days," 
"Peggy Does Her Darndest"), Paramount-Art- 
craft ("Louisiana," "The Third Kiss"), Selz- 
nick ("Upstairs and Down," "The Spite 
Bride." "The Figurehead," "The Daughter 
Pays," "A Divorce of Convenience"). Member 
of M. P. D. A. Ad., care of Selznick Picture 
Corp., N. Y. 

EMERSON, John, author and supervising: di- 
rertor; b. Sandusky, O., 1874; educ. Oberlin 
Coll., Heidelberg Univ., Univ of Chicago; stage 
career. 2 yrs. with Mrs. Fiske. 4 yrs. stage dir., 
with Shubert, leads with Nazimova. 4 yrs. gen. 
stage dir. for Chas. Frohman, 2 yrs. starring in 
"The Conspiracy"; screen career, Famous Play- 
ers, Fine Arts (produced "Old Heidelberg." and 
in collaboration with Anita Loos, "The Ameri- 
cano," "Macbeth." "The Social Secretary," 
"In Again, Out Again," "Wild and Wooly"), 
Paramount ("Oh, You Women"). Constance 
Talmadge Co. ("A Temperamental Wife." "Vir- 
tuous Vamp," "In Search of a Sinner," "The 
Love Expert," "Dangerous Business"). Emer- 
son-Loos Prod. ("Red Hot Romance"). Pres. 
Actors Equity Ass'n. Member of M. P. D. A. 
Ad.. Lamhs Club, 130 W. 44th st., N. Y. C. 

ESTABROOK, Howard; b. Detroit, 1884; educ. 
Detroit; stage career, with Chas. and Dan. 
Frohman, David Belasco, Chas. Dillingham, 
Arthur Hopkins, Lee Shubert, W. A. Brady, etc. 
Screen career as star, Kleine ("Officer 666"), 
also World, Metro, Pathe International: as di- 
rector, Paramount ("Giving Becky a Chance," 
"The Highway of Hope"), Selznick-Select ("The 
Wild Girl"), as independent producer, "Aesop's 



Fables" in cartoons. Ad., Lambs Club, N. Y. ; 
studio ad., Cinema Art Studios, 6 W. 48th St., 
N. Y. C. 

FIELDING, Romaine, also author; b. Corsica; 
educ. Shattuck Mil. Acad., Univ. of Minn., and 
Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons (M. D.) ; early 
career on N. Y. Herald several yrs. ; melo- 
dramatic plays; screen career, Lubin (wrote, 
produced and acted in "The Toll of Fear," 
"Eagle Nest," "The Garden of the Gods," "The 
Valley of Lost Hope," "In the Hour of Disas- 
ter"), Peerless-Brady ("Moral Courage," 
"Youth"), Ira Lowry ("For the Freedom of the 
World"), Romaine Fielding Productions, star- 
ring Mabel Taliaferro and Romaine Fielding. 
Arrow Film ("Woman's Man"), Jaxon ("The 
Rich Slave"). 

FISCHER, David G.; educ. Univ. of Virginia; 
stage career, "Brown of Harvard," "Blue 
Mouse," for Shuberts, Virginia Harned, Julia 
Marlowe Bush Temple Stk. Co. Shubert Stk. 
Co., author of "Lavender and Old Lace," "The 
Master's Violin," "Immigrants," "John Rawn," 
"Purchase Price" etc. ; screen career, American 
("College Chums," "The Battleground," "The 
Silent Message"), Premier ("Ambition"), 
Fischer Prod. ("Law of Nature"), Waldorf 
"Where Bonds are Loosed," "Dad's Girl"), Fox- 
Fischer ("In the Shadow of the Dome"). Per- 
manent ad., 208 W. 69th st., N. Y. C. 

FISHBACK, Fred; b. Bucharest, Rumania, 1894; 
educ. N. Y. ; screen career, Mack-Sennett ("Be- 
ware of Boarders," "Cactus Nell," "Interna- 
tional Spy"), Sunshine Comedies ("Merry Jail- 
birds," "Money Talks"), Fishback Century 
Comedies ("A Jungle Gentleman," "Baby Doll 
Bandit," "Over the Transom," "Fine Plugs," 
"Dog Doctor/' "Playmates," "Society Dogs"). 
Member M. P. D. A., Los Angeles, Calif. 

FITCH, George; stage career, stk. ; screen career, 
technical director for all Herbert Brenon 
prods., also lor Warren Producing Co., "Wartare 
of the Fle'sh." Director of British & Colonial 
Kinematograph Co., Ltd. Ad., 56 Bloomsbury 
st., London, W. C., England. 

FITZGERALD Dallas M. ; b. La Grange, Ky. ; 
educ. Louisville, Ky. ; screen career, Metro- 
("Life's Darn Funny," "Puppets of Fate," "Off- 
shore Pirate," "Cinderella's Twin," "Black- 
mail," "Price of Redemption," "Big Game"), 
Artclass (The Open Door"), Monopol 
("Mothers of Liberty"). Home ad.. 6267 Yucca 
St., Hollywood, Calif., phone 577392. Member 
M. P. D. A. 

FITZGERALD, J. A.; b. Kansas City, Mo.; educ. 
Chicago Univ.; stage career, 2 yrs, rep., 1 yr. 
stk., rough rider in Buffalo Bill show; screen 
career, World ("The Stampede"), Famous Play- 
ers ("In Arizona"), J. A. Fitzgerald Prod. 
("Native Born," " "The Serpent"), has directed 
Rubye de Remer, Marguerite Clayton, Paul 
Panzer, Charles Gilpin. etc. Home ad., 166 W. 
129th st., N. Y. C., Morningside 1183; studio, 
147 W. 44th St., N. Y. Bryant 1131, 

FITZMAURICE, George; b. France; screen ca- 
reer, Kleine (dir. "Stop Thief"), back to Pathe 
(dir. features, including "Arms and the 
Woman," "The Iron Heart," "Blind Man's 
Luck," "Sylvia of the Secret Service," "On-the- 
Square Girl," "The Recoil," "The Mark of 
Cain," "Innocent," "Common Clay," "Japanese 
Nightingale") Famous ("The Avalanche," "The 
Society Exile," "The Witness for the Defence," 
"The Counterfeit," "On With the Dance," 
"Right to Love," "Idols of Clay," "Paying the 
Piper," "Experience"). Home ad., Great Neck, 
L. I.; studio ad., Famous Players-Lasky Corp., 
N. Y. 

FITZPATRICK, James A., also seen, writer; b. 
1895; Shelton, Conn.; educ. Yale Univ. and 
Frohman Acad., N. Y. C. ; early career, 2 yrs. 
newspaper work; author of magazine articles 
and vaud. sketch; stage career, 1 yr. in rep., 1 
yr. in vaud. ; screen career, Juvenile Film and 
Cosmofotofllm, author and director of "The 
World War in Kidland," "Chip of the Old 
Block," "Chip's Elopement," Jax Film Co. 
("Keep Smiling," "Cupid at Work," "Dust 
Unto Dust," "Uncle Sam's Reason"), Prizma 
("May Days," "Memories"). Ad., Prizma, Inc., 
71 W. 23rd st., N. Y. C. 

FLEMING, Carroll; early career, director on dra- 
matic stage, author of spectacles at N. Y. Hip- 
podrome, wrote "Sis Hopkins," wrote and di- 
rected "The Choir Singer," "The Master Hand," 
produced "Fancy Free" with Clifton Crawford 
for Lee Shubert; screen career, Thanhouser 

("Song of the Heart/' "Rajah's Diamond," 
"Turn of the Road." etc.), Pathe (early epi- 
sodes of "The Iron Claw," "The Hidden Hand") 
Goldwyn ("Milestones"). 

FLEMING, Caryl Stacy; b. Cedar Rapids, la., 
1890; educ. Chicago hgh. schl. and coll.; stage 
career, 7 yrs. in stk. and vaud.; screen career, 
Universal, Eclair, Mutual, Federal, Kleine. Ter- 
ris, Victor Moore comedies. Produced "Amer- 
ica Must Conquer" for Liberty Loan; Keeney 
("Her Family's Honor"), World ("The Clouded 
Name"), Physical Culture, Fad and Fancies 
Comedies, McManus ("Bruised Humanity"). 
Member Green Room Club, N. Y. Home ad., 
276 Riverside Drive, N. T. 

FLEMING, Victor L., b. Los Angeles; worked with 
Alan Dwan at Fine Arts; Artcraft ("A Regular 
Guy," "Wild and Woolly," "Down to Earth," 
"The Man from Painted Post"); dir. Douglas 
Fairbanks ("When the Clouds Roll By"), 
Talmadge and John Emerson productions. 
Home ad., 1618 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, 

FLNN, Emmett J.; b. Denver, Colo.; educ. Sa- 
cred Heart Coll., Denver; screen career. First 
National ("Alimony"), Goldwyn ("Racing 
Strain," "Bondage of Barbara"), American 
("A Bachelor's Wife," "Yvonne from Paris," 
"Other Side of Eden"), Fox ("Eastward Ho," 
"The Lincoln Highwayman," "Shod \vi 
Fire," "The Man Who Dared," "The Untamed," 
"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's 
Court"). Home ad., 4912 Rosewood ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal. ; phone 567321; studio. Fox Studio, 
Los Angeles. 

FORD, Francis, director and actor; b. Portland. 
Me., 1882; stage career, with Amelia Bingham 
in stock, etc. ; screen career, Melise, NYMP, 
Universal ("Purple Mask," "Good Morning, 
Judge," "The Greatest Sacrifice," "The Phan- 
tom Ship"), F. Ford Prod. Co. ("Berlin via 
America," "The Isle of Intrigue"), Ford Minia- 
tures ("The Silent Mystery"), star and director 
of "The Mystery of 13," and "The Gates of 
Doom" series. Berwilla Film ("Thunderbolt 
Jack," "Man From Nowhere," "Cyclone Bliss"), 
Victor Kremer ("I Am the Woman," "Flower 
of the Range"), played part of Lincoln and dir. 
"The Heart of Lincoln." Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
160; fair complexion, black hair, gray eyes. 
Ad., Ford Studio, 6040 Sunset blvd., Los 
Angeles , Cal. Home ad., 1403 Vine st., Holly- 
wood, Cal. Member M. P. D. A. 

FORD, Hugh; b. Wash., D. C. ; educ. Univ. of 
Cal. ; stage career, many prods, covering a 
period of 20 yrs.; staged "Joseph and Hu 
Brethren," "The Yellow Ticket," "The Melting 
Pot," "Garden of Allah," "Bird of Paradise," 
"Potash and Perlmutter"; screen career, Fa- 
mous Players ("Prince and the Pauper," "Such 
a Little Queen," "Sap ho"), Artcraft ("Seven 
Keys to Baldpate," "His House in Order"), 
Special ("The Woman Thou Gavest Me," 
"Secret Service"), Famous Players ("Lary 
Rose's Daughter," "Civilian Clothes," "Price of 
Possession," "Call of Youth," "The Great Day"), 
Member Lambs Club and N. Y. A. C. 

FORD, Jack; b. Portland, Me., 1895; educ. Univ. 
of Maine; screen career, from July, 1914, Uni- 
versal ("The Round Up," "A Marked Man," "A 
Woman's Fool," "Roped," "Outcasts of Poker 
Flat," "Fight for Love." "Ace of the Saddle," 
"Bare Fists," "Rider of the Law," "A Gun 
Fightin' Gentleman," "Marked Men," "Hitchin* 
Posts," "The Freeze Out," "The Wallop"), Fox 
("Just Pals," "The Big Punch"). Ad., home, 
Virginia Apts., Hollywood, Cal.; studio, Uni- 

FRAME, Park B.; b. Seattle, Wash.; educ. Ju- 
neau, Alaska; screen career, J. D. Hampton 
(dir. "The White Washed Walls," "The Mints 
of Hell," "Man Who Turned White," "The 
Pagan God," "For a Woman's Honor," "The 
Gray Wolf's Ghost"). Home ad., 1471 Milton 
ave., Hollywood, Cal.; phone 577448. 

FRANKLIN, C. M.; b. San Francisco, 1890; educ. 
there; early career, cartoonist for San Fran- 
cisco "Bulletin," "Call," "Examiner"; screen 
career, Keystone, Majestic, Fine Arts ("A Sis- 
ter of Six"), Fox ("Jack and the Beanstalk," 
"The Mikado," "Aladdin and the Wonderful 
Lamp," "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves"). 
Realart ("You Never Can Tell." "All Soul's 
Eve," "A Private Scandal"). Ad., L. A. Ath- 
letic Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 

FRANKLIN, Harry L.; b. 1879; educ. St. Louis 
and Denver; stage career, 22 yrs. light com- 
edian and juvenile leads with Chas. Frohman. 
A. H. Woods, etc. ; screen career, Metro and 
International ("The Winning of Beatrice," 
May Allison. "Kildare of Storm," Emily Ste- 
vens, "Sylvia on a Spree," Emmy Wehlen, 



"Johnny on the Spot"), Metro ("That's Good," 
"After His Own Heart," "Full of Pep," "In His 
Brother's Place," "The Fourflusher"), Univer- 
sal ("Rouge and Riches," Mary McLaren "Alias 
Miss Dodd," "The Secret Gift"). Ad., 7952 
Norton ave., Hollywood, Cal. Member M. P. 
D. A. 

FRANKLIN, S. A.; b. San Francisco. 1893; educ. 
there; screen career, Selig, Bosworth, Majestic, 
Fine Arts, Fox ("All Baba and the Forty 
Thieves"), Norma Talmadge Co. ("The Safety 
Curtain," "Her Only Way," "The Forbidden 
City," "The Heart of Wetona," "The Probation 
Wife"), Vitagraph (played in "A Rogue's Ro- 
mance"), Universal (played in "The Sleeping- 
Lion"), First National ("The Hoodlum,' 
"Heart of the Hills," "Not Guilty"), Hodkin- 
son ("Down Home"). 

FRANZ, Joseph J.; b. Utica, N. Y., 1883; educ. 
Christian Bros. Acad. ; stage career, actor and 
dir. with Elsie De Tourney in Shakespearean 
rep., on tour in "Lion and the Mouse," "Squaw 
Man," "Three Weeks"; screen career, 8 yrs. 
Jesse Hampton ("Barefisted Gallagher," "Sage 
Brush Hamlet," "Dangerous Waters." "The 
Blue Bandana," "Parish Priest," "Broadway 
Cowboy," "Fightin* Mad," with Wm. Desmond; 
"Grey Wolf's Ghost," H. B. Warner). Ad., 
Hampton Studio, Hollywood, Cal.; home ad., 
43839 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. 


GASNIER, Louis J.; b. Paris, France; screen ca- 
reer, associated with Pathe Freres 17 yrs., 14 
yrs. as Gen. Mgr. and 2 yrs. Vice-Pres.; 1916, 
organized Astra Film Corp. serving as Pres. 
and Gen. Mgr. ; produced Fannie Ward features, 
Mrs. Vernon Castle features for Pathe; "Hands 
up," "The Tiger's Trail." "The Third Eye," 
serials for Pathe; March 1919, organized Lew 
Cody Prods.; supervised production of "The 
Beloved Cheater," "The Butterfly Man"; super- 
vising dir. Dustin Farnum, "Corsican Brothers," 
"Square Shooting Dan," Robertson Cole ("Kis- 
met," "Good Women"). Home ad., 3847 Hudson 
Blvd., No. Bergen. N. J. ; studio, Verdugo Road, 
Glendale Calif. 

GAYE, Howard; b. England; educ. there; early 
career, British diplomatic and Govt. service; 
special writer for London newspapers; stage ca- 
reer, with Beerbohm Tree, Chas. Hawtrey, 
Forbes-Robertson; screen career, Reliance- 
Majestic, Fine Arts ("Diana of the Follies," 
"Intolerance"), Fox ("The Scarlet Pimpernel," 
"The Spy"), Mena Film Co. ("By Super Strat- 
egy"), Metro ("The Uplifters") First National 
("Passion's Playground," "My Lady's Latch 
Key"), Robertson-Cole ("A Slave of Vanity," 
"What's a Wife Worth"), Paramount ("To 
Please One Woman." "Sacred and Profane 

GEORGE, Burton; b. Lake Charles. La.; educ. 
La. State Univ.; stage career, Baldwin-Melville 
Stock, San Francisco, San Antonio Stock, Den- 
ver Stock, Willard Mack Co.; screen career, 
Biograph, Eclair, Reliance, Lubin, Edison, Uni- 
versal-Red Feather ("The Isle of Life"), with 
Fox to direct Geo. Walsh, Amer.-Pathe ("Eve 
in Exile"). 

GERRARD. Douglas, also actor; b. Dublin, Ire- 
land, 1885; educ. Univs. of Dublin and Heidel- 
berg, Germany; stage career, Shakespearean 
rep., Eng. com., classic plays in England and 
Australia, modern drama under Frohman and 
others in Eng.; in U. S., leading man with 
Viola Allen, Ethel Barrymore, Grace George; 
screen career, Rex. Pathe, Kalem, Famous 
Players, Universal (dir. "$5,000 Reward," "The 
Sealed Envelope," "Playthings," "Should a 
Woman Tell?" "The Velvet Hand," "His Di- 
vorced Wife," "The Phantom Melody," "Sins 
of the Father," "Better Half"). Home ad., L. 
A. Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Cal. Member 
M. P. D. A. Studio, Universal City, Cal. 
GIBLYN, Charles; b. Watertown. N. Y.; educ. 
hgh. sch. ; stage career, stock, rep., mus. com., 
as actor and mgr. ; with Harrigan and Hart, 
Wm. Gillette, Sothern, mgmt. Chas. Frohman, 
H. W. Savage; screen career, 2 yrs. with Uni- 
versal, Ince ("Honor Thy Name"), Triangle- 
Ince ("The Vagabond Prince," "Somewhere in 
France"), Select ("The Studio Girl"), F. P. 
Lasky ("Let's Get a Divorce," "Sunshine 
Nan"), Goldwyn ("Peck's Bad Girl," "Just for 
Tonight," "A Perfect 36"), Selznick ("Upstairs 
and Down," "The Spite Bride"), Fox ("Tiger's 
Cub," "The Thief." "The Mountain Woman," 
"Know Your Men"). Ad., M. P. D. A., 234 W. 
55th St., N. Y.; L. A. Athletic Club 

GILLSTROM, Arvid E.; b. Gotenberg, Sweden, 
1889; educ. Sch. of Mines, Colo.; early career, 
mining eng., leasing and prospector; screen 
career, asst. dir. Kalem, Keystone ("Hearts 
and Swords," "Their Social Splash"), King Bee, 
26 comedies, Mack Sennett, 4 yrs. ("The Snow 
Cure," etc.), Fox ("Smiles," "Tell It to the 
Marines," "Swat the Spy"), Famous Players 
("So This Is America," "The Con in Econ- 
omy"). Ad., home, 1855 Winona Blvd., Holly- 
wood, Cal., and Hotel Astor, N. Y. 
GITTENS, Wyndham; b. at sea; educ. W. Indies 
and Harrow, Eng.; early career, newspaper and 
magazine writer, also on trade publications; 
screen career, Biograph, Melies, Universal as 
screen editor, with Triangle as director 1 ("The 
Ship of Doom," "The Second Floor Front," "Me 
unt Gott," Gittens Prod. ("Give and Take"). 
Ad., home, Wellington Apts., 953 West 7th St., 
Los Angeles; Pico 2111. 

GOLDAINE, Mark S.; b. Hartford, Conn.; educ. 
there and Pittsburgh W. U. ; stage career, 20 
yrs., 15 yrs. stage director; screen career. 
Equitable, Universal, National, ("At It Again," 
"Professional Ethics," "When Martin Gets 
Here," "Home-Brewed Youth." "Indigo Sun- 
day," "Angel Feathers"), now dir. series of 
two-reel com. starring George Bunny. Author 
of several plays and sketches. Home ad., 1514 
Rodney Drive, Los Angeles, Cal.; phone 597848, 
personal rep. c/o Don Hix, 204, Baker-Detwiler 
Bldg., L. A. 

GORMAN, John; b. Boston. Mass.; educ. Boston 
College; stage career, 10 yrs. exper. as actor on 
legit, .and vaud., wrote six successful plays and 
150 vaud, acts; screen career, Liberty Motion 
Picture Co., ("American Gentleman"), Pioneer 
("Soul of a Child," "Little Mother"), John Gor- 
man Prod. ("Little Orphan," "Corruption," 
"The Light Beyond," "Soul of a Butterfly," 
"Fate"). Home ad., Hollywood Hotel. Los 
Angeles, Calif., Holly 4101; studio, Louis Mayer 

GOULDING, Alf.; b. Melbourne, Australia; educ. 
there; stage career, 25 yrs. with J. C. William- 
son, Australia, Pollar Opera Co., Orpheum Cir- 
cuit 3 yrs., Morosco 1 yr., Marie- Dressier 6 
mos. ; screen career, 1916, 3 two-reel Fox Com- 
edies, directed Harold Lloyd for \% yrs., Rolin 
Pathe ("Cash Customers," "Open Another Bot- 
tle," "His Best Girl"). Home ad., Glendale, 
Cal. Glen 540-J. 

GRANDON, Frank; b. Chicago; educ. Chicago 
Univ.; stage career, road and stock; screen ca- 
reer, Biograph, Imp (dir.), also dir. for Lubin, 
and Griffith-Triangle ("Strathmore," "Cross 
Currents"), Metro (dir. Mme. Petrova and Ed- 
mund Breese), Universal, Famous Players 
("Heart's Desire," "The Little Soldier Girl"), 
Mutual ("Love's Law," "The Dare Devil"). 
Sherry ("Wild Honey"), National ("The Lamb 
and the Lion"), Walthal ("Modern Husbands"), 
Cinart Co.. ("Price of the Prairie"), Billy 
Rhodes ("Nobody's Girl"). Home ad., 423 W. 
21st St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

GRANVILLE, Fred Le Roy, also cinematograph- 
er; b. Victoria, Australia; educ. there and New 
Zealand; early career, naturalist and photog- 
rapher; screen career, 2 yrs. with Allan Hollu- 
bar ("Heart of Humanity," "Ambition"), photo- 
graphed rescue of Stefansson Arctic expedition, 
only white man to cross No. Eastern Siberia 
with camera; lived 15 yrs. in South Sea Islands; 
directed 2-reel subjects for Universal, directed 
Peggy Hyland for Samuelson, Ltd., of England 
Sunrise ("Price of Silence"), Universal ("The 
Smart Sex," "The Fighting Lover"). Home ad., 
Finley ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; Holly 2880. 
GREEN, Al.; b. Perris, Cal.; stage career, 2 sea- 
sons in various prods.; screen career, asst. dir. 
Garson ("Silk Husbands, Calico Wives" with 
House Peters), dir. Goldwyn ("Double Dyed de- 
ceiever," "Just Out of College"), Mary Pick- 
ford ("Thru the Back Door," "Little Lord 
Fauntleroy"). Ad., home, 9 Sunset ave., Venice, 

GRIFFIN, Frank- C.; b. Norfolk, Va., 1861; educ. 
Phila. ; early career, drama, stock, vaud. ; 
screen career, Lubin ("Blood Will Tell," "His 
Wedding Day"), produced for Universal, Lubin 
and Keystone ("Maggie's False Step"), Fox 
("Where Love Leads"), Mack Sennett Com- 
edies, special comedies for Universal, Frank 
Griffin Prod. ("Three Paces West"), Fox-Sun- 
shine ("Her Private Husband," "A Roaming 
Bathtub"), Al St. John (Ship Ahoy," "The 
Aero-nut"). Author of "Half Angel." Ad., L. 
A. Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Cal. Studio ad., 
Al St. John Studio, Los Angeles. 
GRIFFITH, David Wark, gen, mgr. own co.; 
b. 1880, LaGrange, Ky. ; on stage 2 yrs.; screen 



career, since about 1908, first as actor, then as 
director for Biograph, where he introduced 
innovations which changed the whole course 
of motion picture art; first to use "close-ups" 
and "cut backs"; trained a large number of 
screen players who have since become stars, 
1914, assumed charge of Reliance-Majestic 
studios for Mutual; producer of "Judith of 
Bethulah," "Birth of a Nation," "Intolerance," 
"Hearts of the World," "Broken Blossoms," 
"Way Down East," "Dream Street"). Ad. 
Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

GRIFFITH, E. H.; b. 111.; educ. Chicago; early 
career, newspaperman, 5 yrs. reporting, edit, 
work, magazine and feature writer, author of 
stage plays: "The Finish," London, 1910, "Three 
in One"; screen career, Vitagraph, ("The Vice 
of Fools," Alice Joyce, "The Garter Girl," 
"Bab's Candidate," Corrine Griffith), Robert- 
son-Cole ("If Women Only Knew," "The 
Awakening of Ruth," "One Touch of Nature," 
"Billy and the Big Stick"), First National 
("Scrambled Wives"), Famous Players ("The 
Land of Hope," "Dawn of the East"), Recon- 
structions and adaptations include works of 
Richard Harding Davis, Rex Beach, Peter Kyne 
and others. Permanent ad., c-o Edw. Small, 
1493 Broadway, N. Y. C. 


HADDOCK, William F.; b. Portsmouth, N. H., 
1877; educ. Burdett Coll., Boston; stage career, 
stk. ; screen career, Edison, Melies, Eclair, All- 
Star, Life Photo, Gotham, Gaumont ("Tempest 
and Sunshine," "Devil's Darling," "I Accuse," 
"As a Woman Sows," "The Ace of Death," 
"The Unsuspected Isle"), Rolfe ("The Master 
Mystery"), Oliver ("Craig Kennedy" serial). 
Ad., home, 117 Sherman ave., N. Y. C.; St. 
Nich. 3200. Member M. P. D. A. 

HALE, Albert W. ; educ. Bordeaux, France; stage 
career, producer; screen career, Famous Play- 
ers, Vitagraph, Pathe Freres, Thanhouser, 
American. Ad.. Union League Club, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

HALL, Al; stage career, 5 yrs.; screen career, 
asst director for four years, directing 15 Nick 
Carter Stories. Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

HALL, George Edwardes, also scenario writer; 
b. and educ. Bklyn. ; stage career, with Chas. 
Frohman, Edwin Booth, Stuart Robson, stock; 
screen career, since 1904, 6 yrs. with Herbert 
Brenon, Henry Lehrman, Harold J. Binney, 
author of "War Brides," "Fall of the Roman- 
offs," "The Lone Wolf." Several yrs. at Imp, 
Sheldon Lewis production of ("Dr. Jekyll & Mr. 
Hyde"), Robertson-Cole ("Retribution"), Brit- 
ish & Colonial ("Where Is My Husband?"), 
London ("The Temptress"), Pan ("The Magic 
Skin"), Harmony (".Judge Her Not," "Wolves 
of the Range"). Home ad., 6415 Roman, Los 
Angeles, Gal.. Holly 5502. 

HALLOW AY, John; b. Philadelphia, 1889; stage 
career, Dumont's Minstrels, mus. com., vaud. ; 
screen career, Lubin, Pathe, American, Inde- 
pendent ("The Road to Nowhere"). Home ad., 
Savoy Hotel. Los Angeles, Calif. 

HAMBERG, Alfred P.; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; educ. 
Univ. of Pa. ; stage career, producer for Wm. A. 
Brady, Werba & Luescher and own company; 
screen careen, D. W. Griffith, Pathe, Universal, 
World, Equitable, Independent. Home ad., 
Hotel Auditorium, Los Angeles, Calif. ; Pico 

HAMILTON, Gilbert P.; b. Chebeaque, Me.; B 
yrs. speaking stage in stock throughout East 
and Hopkins theatre, Chicago; screen career 
began in developing dept. Edison, then to Bio- 
graph as cameraman, 4% yrs. with Essanay as 
supt. of factory and production; directed 
numerous photoplays, including " Price of 
Crime," "Peril of the Plains," "Lust of the 
Red Men," "Even Unto Death," Century ("In- 
herited Passions"), Triangle 1 yr. ("The Ma- 
ternal Spark"), "Every Woman's Husband," 
"The Golden Fleece," World, directed June 
Elvidge, "The Woman of Lies," "Coax Me," 
etc. Directed Helen Holmes in "The Danger 
Trail," Home ad., Gates Hotel, Los Angeles, 
Member M. P. D. A. 

HAMPTON, Benjamin B.; early career, newspaper 
and magazine editor; screen career, with Rex 
Beach organized Rex Beach Pictures, Inc. ; first 
producer to specialize on novels of famous au- 
thors and on all-star system; some of prod., 
"The Westerners," "Desert Gold," "The Sage- 
brusher," "Riders of the Dawn," "Dwelling 
Place of Light," "The U. P. Trail," "The Spend- 
ers," "The Money Changers," "The Killer," "A 

Certain Rich Man," "Man of the Forest," "The 
Mysterious Rider." 

HAMPTON, Jesse D., producer; b. Galesburg, 
111.; educ. Knox College; early career, news- 
paper, magazine and advertising business sev- 
eral years; screen career, organized Jesse D. 
Hampton Productions, starring Blanche Sweet, 
H. B. Warner and Wm. Desmond. Robertson- 
Cole ("Uncharted Channels"). Ad., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

HANSHAW, Dale; b. Grafton, W. Va.; educ. 
there, Pittsburgh and N. Y. ; early career, 
3 yrs. producing vaud. acts; screen career, 
World, Metro, continuities and scenarios for 
Universal, "The Nature Girl," "The Unfinished 
House," "Together," produced "Healtho- 
grams," "Federation," "Physical Culture Pho- 
toplays," wrote and dir. Transatlantic. Board- 
ing School Girls series, edited and directed 
Screen Snapshots, dir. Stereopeed Prod., at pres- 
ent Western Prod. rep. for National Exchanges, 
Inc. Ad., Gre'en Room Club, N. Y. C. 

HARRIS, Harry B.; b. Cork, Ireland; educ. State 
Normal School, Wise.; stage career, 10 yrs. with 
Klaw & Erlanger, Shuberts, Belasco, Frohman, 
Brady as actor; screen career, Universal ("Risky 
Business," "Rich Girl, Poor Girl," "Desperate 
Youth," "The Man Tamer"). Home ad., 1511 
N. Kenmore, Hollywood, Calif., phone 59093. 

HARRISON, Saul E.; b. Brenham', Texas; educ. 
N. Y. City; stage career, mus. stock, 6 yrs., 
dram, stock, 3 yrs.; screen career, Universal, 
Metro, Edison ("The Customary Two Weeks"), 
2-reel Flagg-Para. comedies ("Tell That to the 
Marines," "Independence, B'Gosh!" "Perfectly 
Fiendish Flanagan"), Grossman Pictures, serial 
("One Million Dollars Reward"), May Tully 
Prod. ("Old Oaken Bucket"), "Girls You 
Know" series by Flagg. Home ad., 2900 Briggs 
ave., N Y. C., or Green Room Club, N. Y. C. 

HARTFORD, David M.; b. Rockland, Mich.; 
educ. Ann Arbor, stage career, 30 yrs. as actor 
and dir., last engegement as dir. for Morosco 
for 5 yrs; screen career, dir. for Universal, 
Famous Players ("Tess of the Storm Coun- 
try"), Ince ("The Bride of Hate"). Paralta 
("Madame Who?" "Inside the Lines," "The 
Infernal Net," by Sarah Bernhardt), Curwood- 
First Nat'l ("Back to God's Country," "The 
Yellow Back"), David M. Hartford Prod. ("No- 
mads of the North," "The Golden Snare"). 
Home ad., 110 So. Benton Way, Los Angeles, 
Gal.; Wilshire 1696. Member M. P. D. A. 

HARTIGAN, P. C.; b. Cork, Ireland, 1881; educ. 
Trinity College, Dublin; early career, army 
officer in South Africa; screen career, began at 
Western Kalem (3 yrs. as mgr. and director, 
dir. dramas and reel comedies), 1 yr. with 
Pathe (dir. "I Love the Nurses" and other 
comedies), Vitagraph ("The Life of Moses," 
"Twelfth Night"), Nevada Film ("The 
Planter"), Fox ("A Fallen Idol." "The Ad- 
venturer"), Robertson-Cole ("The Wonder 
Man"), Selznick ("Out of the Snow"). 

HARVEY, John ("Jack"); b. Cleveland, O., 1881; 
educ. pub. sch., Cleveland; early career, bari- 
tone in many prods., also in every branch of 
amusement business from circus to opera; 
screen career, Vitagraph, Thanhouser, Univer- 
sal, Imp ("When Thieves Fall Out"), Ernest 
Truex Comedies, Paramount-Briggs Comedies. 
Ad., Lambs Club; M. P. D. A. Green Room Club, 
New York 

HAYDON, J. Charles; b. Frederick, Md.; educ. 
St. John's prep. sch. and Holy Cross Coll., 
Mass.; stage career, with Chauncey Olcott, 
"Mistress Nell," about 6 yrs.; screen career, 
Kinemacolor, Bosworth, Rex. Essanay, directed 
"The Family Divided," "The Scapegoat," 
"John Barleycorn," "The Strange Case of 
Mary Page," "The Sting of Victory," "The 
Night Workers." Ad., Green Room Club N. Y. 
HEERMAN, Victor; b. London, England; educ. 
N. Y. ; stage career, with Nat Goodwin in "A 
Mid-Summer Night's Dream"; screen career, 
Keystone, Mack Sennett, Fox, "The Two 
Crooks," "She Loved a Sailor," . "Watch Your 
Neighbor," "Are Waitresses Safe?" First 
National ("The River's End"). Selznick 
("Chicken in the Case," "Divorce of Conven- 
ience"), Home ad., Los Angeles Athletic Club, 
Los Angeles, Cal. ; B'way 444; Member M. P. 
D. A. 

HEFFRON, T. N.; b. Virginia City, Nev., 1872; 
educ. Santa Clara Coll., Cal.; stage career 
actor and stage director for Cohan and Harris, 
Wm. A. Brady, Mrs. Fiske, A. H. Woods, Chas. 
Frohman, heavies in stk. ; screen career from 
1911, Thanhouser 1 yr., Biograph 1% yrs.. 
Famous Players, American (dir. Kolb and 
Pill "A Peck of Pickles"), Triangle ("Tho 



Stainless Barrier," "The Sudden Gentleman," 
"The Veil," "The Price of Applause"), Rob- 
Cole ("The Prodigal Liar"), United ("A Man's 
Fight"), Lasky ("Thou Art the Man," "City 
of Masks"), Fox ("Fire Brand Treyison," "Sun- 
set Sprague"), Realart ("The Little Clown," 
"A Kiss in Time"). Member M. P. D. A. Home 
ad., 504 So. Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

HEMMER, Edward; b. Boston; educ. Harvard 
Univ. ; stage career, prod, and played Keith 
and Orpheum circuits, stage dir. for Brady, 
played Belasco and Frohman; screen career, 
manager for Mary Pickford for 5 yrs., president 
of Edward Hemmer Prod. ("Sunshine Harbor," 
"Birthright"). Ad.. Elks Club, N. Y., Bryant 

HENABERY, Joseph; b. Omaha, Neb.; educ. 
there; early career, architectural drafting and 
railroading; stage career, San Carlos Opera 
Co.. Geo. W. Lynch Co. ; screen career, from 
1910, Universal, Reliance-Majestic, Lincoln in 
Griffith's "Birth of a Nation." Fine Arts ("In- 
tolerance," "Children of the Feud"), Artcraft, 
"The Man from Painted Post," "Say, Young Fel- 
low"), United Artists ("His Majesty,. the Amer- 
ican"), Famous Players ("Life of the Party," 
"Brewster's Millions"), Realart ("Don't Call Me 
Little Girl," "Moonlight and Honeysuckle". 
Home ad., 1753 Orchid, Los Angeles, Cal., phone 

HENDERSON, Dell; b. St. Thomas, Ont., Can.; 
stage career, stk. leads in Chicago, St. Paul, 
Minneapolis, Omaha; screen career, Biograph, 
Triangle, Famous Players, Chas. Frohman, 
World ("Love in a Hurry," "Courage for 
Two," "Three Green Eyes"), Fox ("The Shark," 
"The Dead Line," "The Plunger"), Arrow 
("Dead or Alive"). Ad., Lambs Club, 130 W. 
44th St., N. Y. C. Member of M. P. D. A. 

HENLEY, Hobart; b. Louisville. Ky., 1887; educ. 
Univ. Cincinnati; stage career, stock in Cincin- 
nati, Cleveland, Buffalo; screen career, from 
1913, Universal ("June Madness"), Frank Seng 
("Parentage"), Pathe, Goldwyn ("The Face in 
the Dark," "The Glorious Adventure," "All 
Woman," "Money Mad," "One Week of Life," 
"The Peace of Roaring River," "Woman on the 
Index," "Too Fat to Fight"), Hobart Henley 
Prod. ("The Gay Old Dog"), Paramount 
("Guilty of Love"), Selznick ("Sin That Was 
His," "Society Snobs"), First National ("Star 
Dust"), starring Hope Hampton. Member of 
M. P. D. A., N. Y. 

HERSHOI/T, Jean; b. Copenhagen, Denmark; 
educ. Jesuit Coll., Copenhagen; stage career, 12 
yrs. in Denmark Sweden and Norway: screen 
career, NYMP and Universal, 2 yrs.; Triangle 
one yr. ("The Servant in the House"), First 
National ("Whom the Gods Would Destroy"), 
American-Lifeograph ("The Golden Trail," 
"Men of Today and Tomorrow"), B. B. Hamp- 
ton ("A Certain Rich Man," "The Mysterious 
Rider," "Man of the Forest"), Metro played in 
("Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"). Home 
ad., 7804 Fountain ave., Los Angeles,. Cal., 
Holly 4514. 

HICKMAN, Howard; b. Columbia, Mo.; educ. San 
Jose, Calif.; stage career, from 1898, toured 
with Bernhardt; screer career, Paralta ("The 
White Lie," "Heart of Rachael," "Two Gun 
Betty"), B. B. Features ("Trick of Fate," 
"Josselyn's Wife," "Tangled Threads," "Her 
Purchase Price," "Beckoning Roads"), Pathe 
("The Killer," "Lure of Egypt"), Robertson- 
Cole ("Nobody's Kid"). Hght., 6; wght, 150; 
dark hair and eyes. M. P. D. A., Los Angeles, 

HILLYER, Lambert, also scenario writer; b. So. 
xiend, Ind., 1893; educ. Wilson M. A.. Somer- 
ville, N. J., Drake Univ., Des Moines, Iowa; 
early career, newspaper work, short stories, 
prof, baseball; screen career, American, Mu- 
tual, Eastern Film Corp.. Triangle, Ince, Art- 
craft, Hart Prod., as author wrote 17 pictures 
for Triangle-Ince, including "Sudden Jim." 
"An Even Break," which he also directed; dir. 
and also prod, for Wm. S. Hart in 1917-21, in- 
cluding "The Narrow Trail," "Riddle Gawne," 
"Square Deal Sanderson," "The Money Corral," 
"Sand," "Toll Gate," "Testing Block," "The 
Cradle of Courage." "Travelin* On," "White 
Oak." Home ad., 354 S. Harvard, Los Angeles, 

HOLLYWOOD, Edwin L.; b. N. Y. ; educ. N. Y.; 
screen career, Peerless-World, Lasky ("Sweet 
Kitty Bellairs," "Thousand Dollar Husband"), 
Pickford ("Less Than Dust," "Pride of the 
Clan"), Hoffman ("One Hour"), Goldwyn 
("Polly of the Circus"), Arden ("The Chal- 
lenge Accepted" with Zena Keefe) ; first gov. 
picture. "The Immigrant," Vitagraph ("Birth 

of a Soul," "Flaming Clue," "The Sea Rider," 
"The Gauntlet"). Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. Y. C. 

HOLT, George; b. Fall River Mass.; educ. there; 
stage career, played several seasons in vaud., 
stk., and rd. cos.; screen* career. Lubin, Vita- 
. graph, Lasky-Para., ("Sacrifice"), directed Uni- 
versal ("Kingdom Come"), W. M. Smith Prod. 
("White Masks," "Crossroads," "Trails End," 
"Gold Grabbers," "Traitor's Hour," "The Phan- 
tom Desperado"). Capital ("Boss of the Fly- 
ing H"). Home ad., 1144 5th st., Santa Monica, 

HOLUBAR, Allen J.; b. San Francisco, Cal., educ. 
there; stage career, stk., rep., on tour in "Girl 
of the Golden West," " Man of the Hour," 
" Everywoman," leading man in stock in prin- 
cipal cities; screen career, from 1914, Universal 
(lead in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the 
Sea," dir. and lead, "Heart Strings"), Bluebird 
("Sirens of the Sea"), Jewel ("Talk of the 
Town," " Heart of Humanity," " Right to Hap- 
piness," " Once to Everywoman "), First Na- 
tional ("Man-Woman-Marriage"); member 
M. P. D. A. Studio ad., Universal Film Co.; 
home ad., 1510 Laurel ave.. Hollywood, Calif., 
studio. First National, N. Y. C. 

HOPPER, E. Mason; b. Vermont; educ. Univ. of 
Maryland and abroad; stage career, began at 
14 yrs., in many branches of theatricals; 
screen career, directing 8 yrs. for Essanay, 
Pathe, Famous Players, Goldwyn, producer 
of more than 300 photoplays, author of over 
400 produced scripts, " As the Sun Went Down," 
"Boston Blackie's Little Pal," "When Bear- 
Cat Went Dry," Goldwyn ("Edgar's Jonah 
Day," " It's A Great Life," " Hold Your 
Horses"); member of M. P. D. A. Home ad., 
119 Dwight St., Santa Monica, Calif.; studio, 
Goldwyn Studio, Culver City, Calif. 

HORAN, Charles; b. N. Y. ; educ. Fordham, 
Columbia and Harvard; stage career, grand 
opera and stock; screen career, played leads 
at Thanhouser, Metro ("The Quitter"), Gold- 
wyn ("Polly of the Circus"), Triangle ("Three 
Black Eyes"), Grace Davison in "A Convert of 
Revenge," "Man's Plaything," " Love, Hate and 
a Woman." Permanent ad., 620 Riverside Dr., 
N. Y. C. 

IIORNE, James W.; b. San Francisco, 1880; educ. 
San Francisco; Belasco and Mayer Stk. at 
Alcazar theatre 9 yrs. in " Brewster's Millions." 
mgmt. Cohan & Harris; screen career, since 
1912 Kalem (scenario ed., became manager 
when Geo. Melford resigned. Universal (" The 
Midnight Man"), Pathe ("Hands Up," "The 
Third Eye." serials), Lew Cody ("Occasionally 
Yours," " Dangerous Pastimes "), Ince (" The 
Bronze Bell "). Home ad., 1445 Valley View 
rd.. Verdugo, Los Angeles, Cal. 

HOURY, Henry; b. and educ. Paris. France; 
stage exper., leading man 'Paris theatres, An- 
toine, Chatelet, Gymnase; screen career, Eclipse, 
Paris, Vitagraph Co. of America (direct. Corin- 
ne Griffith in " Love Watches," " Clutch of Cir- 
cumstance," " Miss Ambition "), Bushman- 
Bayne Prod.; for 1920, 10 episodes "When We 
Love," with Arnold Daly in " The Haunted 
House," " L'Infante a la Rose." Ad., 3 Place 
de la Madelaine, Paris, France. 

HOWE, Eliot; b. Boston, Mass.; educ. Harvard 
Mil.. Sen. and Univ. course at Throop Inst. of 
Tech.; stage career, age of 7 to 12; screen career, 
Paralta ("With Hoops of Steel", Pathe ("Silver 
Girl," " Todd of the Times"), Frank Keenan 
Prod. ("Crooked Roads or Straight"), B. B. 
Hampton ("A Certain Rich Man," "Man of the 
Forest," " The Mysterious Rider," " Hearts 
Haven"). Ad., Federal Photoplays, Brunton 
Studio, Hollywood, Calif. 

HOWELL, W. A.; b. Cincinnati, O., 1877; screen 
career, director, producer; since 1910 organizer 
of independent picture producing companies. 
William A. Howell Prod. Office, 703 Market 
st., San Francisco, Calif. 

HOYT, Harry O., also scenario writer; b. Min- 
neapolis. 1885; educ. Univ. of Minnesota, Col- 
umbia Univ., Yale Univ. ; written short stories 
and novels for 15 yrs., motion picture plays 
for 11 yrs.; editor for Fox, Metro, Goldwyn; 
over one hundred feature pictures adaptations; 
author of following features: " Courage for 
Two," " Road to France," " Beloved Black- 
mailer," " By Hook or Crook," " Queen of 
Hearts," " Just Sylvia," " I Want to Forget," 
"The Sea Waif"; directed "Hand Invincible," 
" Thru the Toils." " Broadway Saint," with 
Montagu Love, " Forest Rivals," with Dorothy 
Green; directed Catherine Calvert in "That 
Woman," Asso. Exhib. ("Rider of the King 
Log"), Independent ("Free Air"). Ad., Yale 
Club, N. Y. C. 



HUHN, A. O.; b. Hanover, Kansas; educ. on 
Pacific Coast; stage career, played in several 
successful N. Y. prod., 2 yrs. gen. stage dir. of 
stk. for Chas. E. Blaney; screen career, 2 yrs. 
asst. dir. for Pox, Screencraft ("Suspense"), 
Cort Film ("The Melting Pot"), Ideal Features 
("The Flare-Back"), Irving Cummings in 
"Man's Law." Home ad., 342 W. 45th at., N. Y. 
C.. Longacre 5790. 

HUMPHREY, William J.; screen career, Vita- 
graph ("Tale of Two Cities." "Midnight 
Bride"), Ivan ("Two Men and a Woman," 
"Babbling Tongues"), Rialto De Luxe ("The 
Unchastened Woman"), Humphrey Pictures 
(" Atonement "). 

HUNT, Jay, also scenario writer; b. Phila., Pa., 
1865; educ. Univ. of Pa.; stage career, charac- 
ter actor and director, author of several plays, 
screen career, 1 yr. with Vitagraph. Horsley, 
Universal, Metro ("The Promise"), 3 yrs. for 
Ince, Pathe, Texas Guinan, Celebrated Come- 
dies, etc. Member M. P. D. A. Home ad., 6619 
St. Francis Court, Hollywood, Calif., Holly 3719. 

HUNTER, T. Hayes; b. Philadelphia, 1882; educ. 
Univ. of Pa.; stage exper., 3 yrs. stage mgr. 
for David Belasco, produced " The Girl of the 
Golden West " and others in co-operation with 
Mr. Belasco; screen career, director general of 
the Biograph Co., producing Klaw & Brlanger 
Biograph features; independent producer and 
sole director of " The Border Legion " featuring 
Blanche Bates and Hobart Bosworth, " Once 
to Every Man," with Jack Sherill and Mabel 
White; also produced "Fire and Sword," "The 
Puppet Jury," Goldwyn ("Desert Gold," "The 
Cup of Fury," " The Light in the Clearing." 
" Earthbound "). Ad., Lambs' Club. N. Y., 
M. P. D. A., Los Angeles, Calif. 

HURST, Paul C.; b. Calif .;. educ. there; stage 
career, 5 yrs. ; screen career, Universal, Lasky 
("Rimrock Jones"). Vitagraph ("Woman in 
the Webb," "Iron Test"), National ("Light- 
ning Brice "), Kalem ("Return of Stingaree "), 
Pathe (" Tiger's Trail "), Cinema-Craft 
("Shadow of the West"), Pinnacle ("Black 
Sheep "). 

HUTCHINSON, Craig; b. Austin, Minn., 1892; 
educ. Mil. School; early career, newspaper 
work on the Coast; screen career, scenario 
writer for Keystone, writer and dir. for L-Ko, 
Universal, 4 mos. dir. comedy; orig. new weekly 
burlesque "The Weakly Indigestion"; dir. of 
New Gaiety comedies, Christie (" Biff, Bang, 
Bomb "). Home ad., 5403 Romayne st., Holly- 
wood, Calif.; Holly 1475. 


INCE, John; b. N. Y., 1879; educ. N. Y. ; stage 
career, from 1888, in many prods., including 
"Ben Hur." "The Great Divide," etc.; screen 
career, Lubin, World ("The Struggle"), Equit- 
able ("Sealed Lips," "Secret String," "Blind 
Man's Eyes "), Metro (" Should a Woman Tell," 
" Please Get Married," " Old Lady 31," " Held 
in Trust," " Someone in the House," " Passion 
Fruit"). Member M. P. D. A., Los Angeles, 

INCE, Ralph W.; b. Boston, Mass., 1887; stage 
career, Richard Mansfield Co., " The College 
Widow"; screen career, first as actor and then 
director, Vitagraph (appeared as Lincoln in the 
"Lincoln" series), directed Jewel Prod. ("The 
Co-Respondent "). Petrova Pict. and Metro, S-L 
Pictures ("Virtuous Men"), Selznick Pict. 
Corp. ("The Perfect Lover," "Sealed Hearts," 
" Out Yonder," " His Wife's Money," " Highest 
Law," "The Last Door"), Select ("Red Foam," 
" Justice "). Ad., Lambs Club, 138 W. 44th st., 
N. Y. 

INCE, Thomas H., producing director; b. New- 
port, R. I., 1882; stage career, song and dance 
artist in "Poets and Puppets " with James A. 
Herne in " Shore Acres," Edwin Arden in 
" Ninety and Nine," star in " For Love's Sweet 
Sake," vaud. ; screen career, appointed director 
general NYMP 1909; director general and one 
of the three vice-presidents in charge of mfg. 
Triangle; laid out plants at Inceville. near 
Santa Monica, Triangle at Culver City, and 
the new Thomas H. Ince Studio at Culver 
City, Cal. Now producing photoplays featur- 
ing Dorothy Dalton, Charles Ray and Enid 
Bennett for Paramount program. Notable pro- 
ductions, " The Wrath of the Gods," " Civiliza- 
tion," Dorothy Dalton in " Vive la France," 
" Extravagance," Charles Ray in " String 
Beans," "Greased Lightning," " The Busher," 
" Hayfoot, Strawfoot," Enid Bennett in "Happy 
Tho' Married," " Partners Three," " Nemesis," 

MacLean and May in "23% Hours Leave," 
"What's Your Husband Doing?" "Mary's 
Ankle." Hobart Bosworth " Behind the Door," 
"The Bronze Bell." Ince Special. Ad., Cul- 
ver City, Cal. Member M. P. D. A. 
INGRAHAM, Harrlsh; b. London, Eng.. 1881; 
educ. Bedford Modern School, England; Lon- 
don University; early career, school teacher; 
came to the United States in 1902 for stage 
career in stock with Forepaugh Company, 
Cinn., O. ; Dominion Stock Co., Ottawa, Can.; 
with Adelaide Thurston, leads; own company 
in vaudeville 2 yrs.; screen career, Pathe (2 
yrs.), David Horsley ("The Painted Lie," "Un- 
lucky Jim," " The Single Code," " The Eye of 
Envy," "Heirs of Hate"), Lasalida-Pathe 
("When Baby Forgot"), Triangle ("Child of 
M'sieu "), Ro.-Cole (played in "A Sage Brush 

INGRAHAM, Lloyd; b. Rochelle. 111.; stage 
career, stock director for Oliver Morosco, 
Harry Bishop; screen career, Reliance-Ma- 
.iestic, Essanay, Fine Arts, American ("Charity 
Castles," " Her Country's Call," " Peggy Leads 
the Way," " A Daughter of Joan," " The Eyes 
of Julia Deep"), Thos. H. Ince ("What's Your 
Husband Doing?" "Mary's Ankle," "Let's Be 
Fashionable"), Hodkinson ("Lavender and Old 
Lace," "Keeping Up With Lizzie"), First Na- 
tional (" Twin Beds," " Girl in the Limousine," 
"Marry the Poor Girl," "My Lady Friends"). 
Member M. P. D. A. Ad., Willis & Inglis, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

INGRAM, Rex; b. Dublin, Ireland, 1892; educ. 
St. Columba's Coll., Trinity Coll., Dublin and 
Yale; studied sculpture under Lawrie; stage 
career, pantomine abroad; screen career, Edi- 
son and Vitagraph, scenarist of Fox Prods. 
("Blindness of Devotion," "Galley Slave," 
"Cup of Bitterness," "Song of Hate"); dir. 
first Bluebirds made in East ("Broken Fet- 
ters," "The Great Problem"), wrote and dir. 
on the Coast. Bluebird ("Chalice of Sorrow," 
"Flower of Doom"), Paralta ("His Robe of 
Honor"), Universal-special ("The Beach- 
Comber"), Metro ("Shore Acres/' "Four 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse," "The Conquer- 
ing Power," "Hearts Are Trumps"), Universal 
("Under Crimson Skies"). Studio address, 
Metro, Los Angeles, Calif. 

IRVING, George; b. N. Y.; educ. N. Y. ; stage 
career, with Chas. Frohman 13 yrs., appearing 
with William Gillette, Maude Adams, Francis 
Wilson, and others; screen career, genl. prod, 
dir. for Frohman ("The Witching Hour"), 
Petrova Pictures ("Daughter of Destiny"), 
Metro ("To Hell with the Kaiser"), Goldwyn 
("Hidden Fires"), Artco ("As a Man Thinks," 
"The Capitol"), Select ("A Glorious Lady"), 
Lewrence Weber ("The Blue Pearl"), Metro 
("The Misleading Lady"), Weber ("The 
Wakefield Case"). Member of M. P. D. A. 
Home ad., Bayside, N. Y. ; Bayside 2823-J. 


JACCARD, Jacques; b. near N. Y., 1885; educ. 
in France; stage career, 4 yrs. as stock pro- 
ducer; screen career, 1910, American, Inter- 
national, Universal, wrote many of the scripts, 
sometimes appeared as juvenile heavy, adapted 
and produced " Terrence O'Rourke " series, 
directed first numbers of " Diamond From the 
Sky " for American, Anti-Vice M. P. Corp. 
("Is Any Girl Safe?", dir. and seen.). Universal 
("The Quest of Virginia," "The Red Ace," 
" Cyclone Smith," Spur and Saddle series and 
first aerial feature, " Cassidy of the Air Lanes," 
" Under Northern Lights," " The Scarlet Rider," 
" Son of the North," " The Death Trap," 
. " Honor Bound," " If Only Jim," " The Pony 
Express"), Fox ("The Terror"). Member 
M. P. D. A. -Los Angeles, Calif. 

JAMES, James Wharton; b. Richmond, Ky. ; educ. 
Wm. Jewell Coll., Mo., stage exper., stk., in- 
structor Dramatic Art; screen career, Artcraft 
("Wild and Wooly"), Universal ("Man Who 
Dared God," " The Preacher's Son," " Marrying 
Off Dad," "The Accusing Foe"), Metro ("Al- 
most Married"), Pickford ("Pollyanna"), 
writes and dir. own stories, "Call From the 
Wild." Studio ad., Pacific Film Co., Culver City, 

JOHNSON, Tefft; b. Wash.; educ. Georgetown 
Coll ; stage career, mgmt. David Belasco 12 
yrs., appearing with Mrs. Leslie Carter and 
Blanche Bates in " The Heart of Maryland," 
"Under Two Flags"; screen career, Edison, 
Vitagraph ("Turn in the Road," "Writing on 



the Wall "), Tefft Johnson (" Sonny Boy at the 
Bat," "Sonny Boy in School Days," " Sonny 
Boy and the Dog Show"), World ("Love De- 
fender," " Love Net," " Love and the Woman," 
"Home Wanted"). Ad., Green Room Club, 
N. T. 

JONES, Grover; b. Terre Haute, Ind. ; educ. 
private schools; early career, newspaper re- 
porter; screen career, scenic artist at Uni- 
versal, scenario editor Morosco Studios; seen, 
writer for Larry Semon; directed Milburn 
Moranti in the Mercury Comedies, released by 
Bulls-Eye Film Corp. Home ad., Los Angeles, 
Cal. ; studio, Mercury Comedies, Long Beach, 

JONES, Richard, also studio mgr.; b. St. Louis; 
screen career, with O. T. Crawford in St. 
Louis 2 yrs., 4 yrs. with Keystone ("Mickey"), 
Sunshine, Sennett Special (" Yankee Doodle in 
Berlin," " His Last False Step," " Down on 
the Farm"). Ad., Los Angeles Athletic Club, 
Los Angeles; studio ad., Mack Sennett Come- 
dies, Los Angeles, Cal. 

JOOS, Therdo; also scenario writer; b. California; 
stage career, 7 yrs. dramatic; screen career, 
Universal, Glumes Film, Reelcraft, Vitagraph, 
Border Feature Film (" Girl of the Rancho," 
" The White Squaw," " The Outlaw," " Queen 
of Diamonds" serial, " The Wlid Cat," " The 
Moonshine Feud," " Night Riders of the Des- 
ert"). Home ad., 1340 N. Milton st., Holly- 
wood, Calif., Holly 1360; studio, Border Feature 
Film Corp., Bisbee, Ariz. 

JOSE, Edward; b. Antwerp, Belgium; educ. Paris 
Conservatory for Pianists; stage career, for 20 
yrs. in France, Belgium, S. America and Eng- 
land, stage director for Antoine and Sarah Bern- 
hardt; screen career, Pathe ("The Light That 
Failed"), Selznick ("Poppy," "The Moth"), 
Artcraft (" La Tosca," " Resurrection," "Fe- 
dora "), Artcraft specials (" My Cousin," " The 
Beautiful Romance," " Two Brides," " Fires of 
Faith"), Anita Stewart Prod. ("The Fighting 
Shepherdess"), Select ("Isle of Conquest"), 
Ed Jose Prod. (" Mothers of Men "), Asso. 
Exhib. ("What Women Will Do"), Vitagraph 
("Her Lord and. Master," "The Scarab Ring," 
"The Prodigal Judge"). Ad., Friars Club, 
N. Y. 

JULIAN, Rupert; screen career, "The Kaiser, the 
Beast of Berlin," Universal (dir. and played in 
" The Fire Flingers," dir. " The Sleeping 
Lion"), Bluebird ("The Millionaire Pirate"). 


KEIJLETTE, John William; also scenario 
writer; b. Lowell, Mass.; screen career, Uni- 
versal, asst. dir. Violet Mersereau features; 
Thanhouser, seen, writer for 2 yrs.^ Fox Film 
Corp., co-director and writer on Vivian Martin, 
June Caprice, Lee Children, George Walsh, 
Peggy Hyland, Evelyn Nesbit features; directed 
Paramount-Briggs comedies (" Saturday," 
"Burglars," the Circus series, " The Sticky Six," 
" Buried Gold "), composer of popular songs. 
Home ad., Elks Club, 116 W. 43d st., N. Y. C. 

KELLEY, Albert Jerome; b. Meriden, Conn.; educ. 
there and New Haven; early career, newspaper 
reporter in New England cities; screen career, 
asst. dir. and sub-title writer at old Edison 
Studios, N. Y. ; 5 yrs. asst. and co-dir. with 
Metro, associated with Madame Nazimova, Bert 
Lytell, May Allison, directed Viola Dana in 
" Homestuff." Home ad., 6081 Sunset Blvd., 
Los Angeles, Calif., Holly 1261; studio, Metro. 

KELSEY, Fred A.; b. Sandusky, O., 1884; educ. 
high sch. ; early career, sailor on Great Lakes; 
stage career, playing juveniles, comedians, 
heavies, in " Secret Service," " House of a 
Thousand Candles"; screen career, Nestor, Re- 
liance-Majestic, Fine Arts, Thanhouser, Uni- 
versal (" A Slave of Fear," " The Fugitive," 
" The Outlaw and the Lady." " The Texas 
Sphinx," "The Honor of an Outlaw," "A 44- 
Calibre Mystery," " Six Shooter Justice," " The 
One Way Trail," "Reforming a Reformer"), 
Metro ("Puppets of Fate"). Member M. P. D. 
A. Ad., 2209 Fairfield, Hollywood, Cal.; Holly 

KELSON, George; b. England; educ. Univ. of 
London, stage career 5 yrs. London, 6 yrs. Eng- 
lish provinces; screen career, World (" The 
Way of the Strong," " The Tenth Case," " The 
Way Out," " The Purple Lily "), Brady (" Stolen 
Orders," "Little Women"), Mayflower ("Bol- 
shevism on Trial "), Canadian Prod. (" The 
World Shadow "). Ad., Friars Club, or home, 
535 W. 135th St., N. Y. ; Mngside 4357. 

KENNEDY, Aubrey M.; b. Winnipeg, Man., 
Canada; educ. St. Mary's Coll., Dayton. O. ; 
early career, author; screen career, 3 yrs. Gen. 
Mgr. for Essanay, 2 yrs. Gen. Mgr. for Ameri- 
can, 3 yrs. Gen. Mgr. of prods, for Universal, 
2 yrs. Gen. Mgr. of prods, for Goldwyn; 
author and director of " The Yellow Menace " 
a serial, " The Masked Rider," serial, 12 2-reel 

KENTON, Erie Cawthorne; b. Norborne, Mo. ; 
educ. Kansas City, Mo.; screen career, Mack 
Sennett ("-Small Town Idol," "Married Life," 
" Down on the Farm," " Salome," " Home Tal- 
ent"), Warner Bros. ("The Love Egg"). 
Home ad., 833 S. Grand ave., Los Angeles, Calif., 
phone 10483. 

KERN, George H., producer; b. Des Moines, Iowa; 
educ. there and St. Louis; stage career, actor, 
director and singer, with David Belasco, Metro- 
politan Opera Co. ; screen career, prod, manager, 
Christy Film Co.; general manager, Itala-Ar- 
gentine Film Co., Buenos Ayres; now prod, and 
director-in-chief of Geo. H. Kern Productions. 
Ad., Hollywood studios, Hollywood, Calif. 

KING, Burton; b. Cincinnati, 1877; stage career, 
in " Strongheart." " Graustark." " Shot Gun 
Opera"; screen career, Equitable ("Man and 
His Angel"), Metro ("Black Butterfly," "A 
Soul of a Magdalen," "To the Death"), Pathe 
(" Seven Pears "), Selig (" Out of the Shadow," 
"The Font of Courage"), International 
(" Flower of Faith "), Rolfe (" Master Mystery " 
Houdini serial), Selznick ("Scream in the 
Night"), McManus ("Lost Battalion"), Wis- 
taria (" Lurking Peril " serial), Hallmark (" The 
Discarded Woman"), J. W. Film ("Every 
Man's Price "). Green Room Club, N. Y. 

KING, Carleton S.; b. Dec. 15, 1887, St. Louis. 
Mo.; educ. St. Louis, Chicago and N. Y. C.; 
stage career, comedian in opera and mus. 
com., also comedy-drama with Francis Wilson 
Co., etc.; screen career, 2 yrs. with Edison 
(played leads and directed " The Way Back." 
" Breaking the Shackles," " A Child in Judg- 
ment"), Dixie Films, Vitagraph ("Dry Valley 
Jackson"), Famous Players ("Uncle Sam, M. 
D."), Paramount Magazine ("Ain't"), Master 
Pictures (" Roman Candles "), stage dir. for 
Wm. DeMille Prod. Home ad., 1353 Cahuenga, 
Los Angeles, Calif., Holly 5158. 

KING, Henry; b. Chrlstiansburg, Va. ; educ. 
Roanoke; 10 yrs. legit, stage exper. as actor, 
Shakespearean roles in stk., also " The Lion 
and the Mouse," "Graustark," etc.; screen 
career, Ince, Paramount (" 23% Hours Leave "), 
Jesse D. Hampton (" Fugitive From Matri- 
mony," " Help Wanted Male," " One Hour Be- 
fore Dawn," " Haunting Shadows," " Dice of 
Destiny," "When We Were Twenty-One"), 
Robertson-Cole ("Mistress of Shenstone," "Sal- 
vage," "The Greater Love"). Member M. P. 
D. A. 

KIRKLAND, David; b. San Francisco; educ. 
Univ. of Calif.; stage career, with Robert Ede- 
son, Maud Adams; screen career, Essanay (" The 
Children of the Forest "), Fox (" House of 
Terrible Scandals"), Universal ("The Crippled 
Hand"); director. Emerson, Loos Prods., ("A 
Temperamental Wife," "A Virtuous Vamp," "In 
Search of a Sinner"). Member M. P. D. A. 
Ad., Los Angeles Athletic Club Calif. 

KNOL.ES, Harley; b. Rotherham, England, 1S80; 
educ. Cambridge Univ. ; stage career, stage 
mgr. and prod. Liebler & Co.; screen career, 
World ("Who Is Sylvia?" "The Price of 
Pride," "The Little Duchess"), World ("The 
Voluneer," " His Brother's Wife," " The Ad- 
ventures of Carol," " Wanted, a Mother," 
"Stolen Orders"), Brady Prod. ("Little 
Women"), Mayflower Photoplay Corp. ("Bol- 
shevism on Trial "), Famous Players, " Half an 
Hour" with Dorothy Dalton) Alliance Film Co., 
"Carnival," Middlesex, England. Member 
Friars Club and M. P. D. A. New York, N. Y. 

KOL.KER, Henry, also 1 actor; educ. Quincy, 111.; 
stage career, 20 yrs., 15 yrs. annual appearing 
in N. Y. as leading man in B'way prods. ; screen 
career, Metro (played in " The Parisian Tigress," 
" Blackie's Redemption," with Nazimova in 
" The Red Lantern "), Rob-Cole (directed 
" Woman Michael Married," played in " Her 
Purchase Price"), directed "The Third Genera- 
tion," Brentwood (" Bright Skies," " Heart of 
Twenty"), Selznick ("Palace of Darkened 
Windows," " The Greatest Love," "The 
Fighter," " Bucking the Tiger," " Man of 
stone"), United Artists ("Disraeli"). Ad., 
Lambs Club, 130 W. 44th, New York. 

KUL.L., Edward; b. and educ. Chicago; screen 
career, Selig, 8 yrs. as cameraman; Universal, 4 



yrs., then director (" The Vanishing Dagger," 
" The Diamond Queen," " The Terror Trail," 
" Vengeance Trail," series of six Northwest 
Mounted Stories. Home ad., 311 Colorado Blvd., 
Glendale, Calif., phone 797-M. 


LAEMMLE, Edward; b. Chicago, 111., 1889; educ. 
Armour Inst. of Technology; early career, ma- 
chinist, clerical work; screen career, Universal 
" The Cowboy Editor," " The Pulpit Punch." 
" The Outlaw," " The Rim of the Desert," " Cow- 
ard of Covelo," " The Range Riders," " Under 
Blazing Skies"), etc. Home ad., Boulevard 
Apts., Hollywood, Calif., phone 579718. 

LAMBART, Harry; b. Dublin, Ireland; educ. Trin- 
ity Coll., Dublin, and Edinburgh Univ.; early 
career, officer British cavalry for 9 yrs., stage 
career, light comedy, with Geo. Edwardes, 
Frank Curzon, Cyril Maude in London, char- 
acter parts in " Three Faces East," " A Night 
at an Inn," "The Bluebird"; screen career, di- 
rector at Vitagraph 1910-15, "An Officer and a 
Gentleman," "Spirit and the Clay," "The 
Diver," "The Test," producer of official picture 
at the Panama Pacific Exposition, Author's Film 
("The Silent Witness," "The Crucible of 
Life "), vice-pres. and dir. gen. Lambart Film 
Corp. and Mirror Films, Inc. Ad., Royal Auto- 
mobile Club, Pall Mall, London. 

LAMBERT, Glen; b. Richmond, Va., 1894; educ. 
choir school, Cathedral St. John the Divine, 
N. Y. ; stage career, Boston stk. co., vaud. pro- 
ducer; screen career, Florida Photoplays, "Child 
of the Sea," " The Dream Man " Superior Fea- 
tures, " The Rounder " also with Biograph, 
Crystal, Eclair, Klutho; author 73 produced 

LANE, Tamar; educ. Boston, Prince Schl. and 
Stamford Acad. ; has written articles and 
stories for leading newspapers and magazines; 
in theatrical and motion picture business for 
10 years, serving in various capacities; photo- 
play editor Boston Evening Record; editor 
Screen Magazine; author and director of sev- 
eral pictures made by Plaza Film Co. ; Gen. 
Mgr. Character Pictures Corp. Ad., 200 W. 
lllth st.. N. Y. C. 

LAWRENCE, Edmund; b. Bridgeport, Conn.; 
educ. Brooklyn, N. Y., stage career, character 
actor and comedian, Julia Marlowe, Francis 
Wilson, E. H. Sothern, Daniel Frohman, Lillian 
Russell, DeWolf Hopper, the Shuberts; screen 
career, Fox Film Corp. (." Lure of Ambition," 
" Queen of Hearts," " The Liar," " Her Price," 
" The Love Auction," " A Daughter of France," 
" The Fire Brand," " The Merry-Go-Round," 
" Lost Money." "What Would You Do?" Home 
ad., 274 Rutland road, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; phone 
Flatbush 5461. 

LEHRMAN, Henry; b. Austria; educ. there; 
screen career, Biograph, Imp, Keystone, helped 
organize L-KO, organized Lehrman Sunshine 
Comedies in 1917 with William Fox, organized 
and president of Henry Lehrman Prods., Inc., 
producing comedies for First Nat'l release, 
Sunshine Comedies (" Wild Women and Tame 
Lions," "Who's Your Father?" "A Tight 
Squeeze," " A High Diver's Last Kiss," " Mon- 
grels," "The Fatal Marriage"), Lehrman 
Prods. " The Twilight Baby," " The Kick in 
High Life"). Ad., 6717 Franklin ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif.; Holly 2329. 

LEONARD, Robert Z.; b. Denver, Colo.; stage 
career, with Calif. Opera Co., property man, 
comedian, stage mgr. in comic opera and 
drama, has sung in over 100 light operas; 
screen career, Lasky ("A Mormon Maid," 
"Life's Pendulum"), Famous Players ("The 
Primrose Ring"), Universal ("Primrose Vir- 
tue," " The Bride's Awakening," " Modern 
Love," " Delicious Little Devil "), Cosmopolitan 
("Miracle of Love," "Restless Sex"), Famous 
Players ("The Gilded Lily," "Heedless 
Moths "). Home ad., 1 W. 67th st. N. Y. C. 

LE SAINT, Edward J.; b. Cincinnati, Ohio; educ. 
there; stage career, 20 yrs. in stk. and on the 
road; screen career, Universal ("The Long 
Chance," "The Three Godfathers"), Fox ("The 
Devil's Wheel," " The Bird of Prey," " Kultur," 
" The Strange Woman," " The Call of the Soul," 
" The Wilderness Trail,' " The Speed Maniac "). 
Home ad., 850 N. Andrews blvd., Los Angeles, 
Calif. ' Member M. P. D. A. 

LE SAINT, Stella Razeto (Mrs. Edward J. ; 
b. San Diego, Caif. ; educ. San Francisco; stage 
career, 10 yrs. in stk. and on the road; screen 
career, Majestic, Kinemacolor, Selig, Universal, 

dir. Ed Le Saint, co-director with Mr. Le Saint 
on everything he makes. Home ad., 850 N. An- 
drews blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.; Wilshire 2931. 

LESSEY, George A.; b. Amherst, Mass.; educ. 
Dean Acad., Williston Sem. and Amherst Coll.; 
stage career, in all branches of theatrical busi- 
ness; screen career, Thanhouser (Romeo in 
"Romeo and Juliet"), 3 yrs. with Edison (dir. 
" The Birth of the Star Spangled Banner," etc.), 
Universal in 1914 (dir. King Baggott), Metro 
"The Purple Lady"), Wharton, Inc. (" Patria," 
"The Eagle's Eye"), De Luxe ("Twilight"), 
Hallmark ("Wits vs. Wits"), Selznick ("A 
Divorce of Convenience"). Temporarily re- 
turned to acting, 1921. Home ad., 34 W. 75th 
st., N. Y. C. Member M. P. D. A. 
LE STRANGE, G. S. (Dick); also Comedian; 
b. Weisbaden, Germany, 1882; educ. New York 
Univ.; stage career, stk., vaud., with Savage 
and Shubert, "Girl of the Golden West" on 
tour; screen career, Lasky, Fox, Selig, Morosco. 
Metro leads, Sunset Pict. ("Sundown Slim"), 
Edison ("Five Dollar Bill," 'Whirligig of 
Life"), directed 20 reel serial featuring Grace 
Davidson, "Bolsheviki of the U. S. A." Pioneer 
("The Hidden Code"). Hght., 6; wght., 185; blue 
eyes, blond hair. Home ad., Ill Hollister ave., 
Ocean Park, Cal. 

LEVERING, Joseph; b. Columbus, Ind. ; educ. 
Kansas City, Mo. ; screen career, Art Dramas 
("Little Miss Fortune," "The Road Between"), 
Erbograph ("The Little Samaritan" with 
Marion Swayne, "The Victim," "The Trans- 
gressor"). Gaumont ("His Temporary Wife," 
"Making Her His Wife") Gaumont ("Husbands 
and Wives"). Home ad., 518 W. 204th St., 
N. Y. C. ' 

LEWIS, Charles, also scenario writer; b. Brook- 
lyn; educ. Brooklyn; screen career. Jungle Film 
Co., Universal, Kinetophote Corp., Imp. Novelty; 
produces, directs amateur pictures ("The Dim 
Light" Lewis Films, directed "Visions," both 
with full amateur casts). Now dir. local pic- 
tures with full amateur casts in Western States. 
Home ad., 61 Bay 23d St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

LEWIS, Edgar; b. Holden, Mo., 1872; as a boy 
was shanghaied and taken to England, later 
4 yrs. with circus; stage career, long period 
of rep. and stock; screen career, Solax, Re- 
liance, Photoplay Prods. Co., Life Photo, 6 yrs. 
Fox, Lubin ("The Great Divide," "The Bar- 
rier"), Edgar Lewis ("The Bar Sinister," "The 
Sign Invincible," "Calibre 38," "Other Men's 
Shoes," "Sherry," "Lahoma," "A Beggar in Pur- 
ple," "Sage Hen"). Ad., 1119 Westchester 
Place, Hollywood, Calif. 

LINDER, Max; b. Bordeaux, France; educ. there 
and Paris; stage career, stk. in Europe; screen 
career, Pathe (Max comedies), Essanay (wrote, 
dir. and starred in "Max Comes Across," "Max 
in a Taxi," "Max, the Heartbreaker," "Max 
Plays Detective," "Max Wants a Divorce"). 
Prod. 5 reel comedy for Robertson-Cole. Hght., 
5, 4; wght., 125; dark complexion, black hair, 
brown eyes. Ad., Universal City, Cal., and 220 
W. 42nd st., N. Y. 

LITSON, M. N.; b. N. Y., 1878; educ. Coll. City, 
N. Y. ; stage career, productions, "Sword of 
the King," "Robin Hood," "Ninety and Nine"; 
screen career, Paragon ("Paying the Price"), 
Peerless ("Nathan Hale"), Thanhouser ("Pa- 
triot and Spy"), Biograph, Edison, Metro ("The 
Eternal Question"), Artcraft ("Pride of the 
Clan," "Poor Little Rich Girl"), production 
mgr. at Goldwyn Studio. Studio, Goldwyn, 
Culver City. Calif. 

LLOYD, Frank; b. Glasgow, Scotland; stage ca- 
reer, stk., rep., came to America at head of 
Walker's rep. cos.; also vaud.; screen career 
(heavy in Rex releases, then dir. own co). Fox 
("Les Miserables." "Tale of Two Cities," 
"Blindness of Divorce," "Riders of the Purple 
Sage"), Goldwyn ("World and Its Woman," 
"Loves of Letty," "Silver Horde," "Madame X," 
"The Great Lover," "Tale of Two Worlds," 
"Roads of Destiny," "Voice in the Dark"); 
member M. P. D. A. Home ad., 1765 N. Vine 
st.. Hollywood, Calif. 

LOUIS, Will; b. Woodfleld, Md.; stage career, 
15 yrs. as stock actor and stage manager; 
screen career, has directed numerous pictures, 
specializing in comedies, with Lubin, Edison, 
Solax, Vim, Goldwyn (played in "Jubilo"). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 150. Home ad., 3651 N. 15th 
st., Phila. 

LOWRY, Ira M.; b. Phila., 1888: educ. there; 
screen career, began 1903, familiar with every 
branch of the industry through personal ex- 
perience; designed 400-acre plant now used by 
Betzwood Film Co., of which he Is vice-presi- 
dent and general manager; Betzwood ("The 



Eyes of Truth," "Sandy Burke," "Oh, 
Johnny," "Speedy Meade," "A Misfit Earl," 
"Road Called Straight"), dir. 12 Toonersville 
Trolley comedies. Ad., Betzwood Film Co., 
Port Kennedy, Pa. 

LUND, O. A. C.; also writer; b. Stockholm, 
Sweden; educ. Upsala Univ.; stage career, 
Folk Theatre, Stockholm, and Royal Dramatic 
Theatre; screen career, Eclair, World, Uni- 
versal, Metro ("The Dollar Mark," "The 
Marked Woman"), Fox ("The Painted Ma- 
donna," "Hearts Revenge," "Peg of the 
Pirate"), Universal (Violet Mersereau in "To- 
gether," "The Unfinished House"), Bluebird 
("The Nature Girl"). Member M. P. D. A. Ad., 
Green Room Club, N. Y. C. 


MACDONALD, J. Farrel; b. Waterbury, Conn., 
1875; educ. Yale; ex-officer U. S. Army; stage 
career 18 yrs. ; screen career from 1908 with 
G. M. Andersen, with Griffith (Biograph) ; 
Imp. as actor and dir., Pathe as director pro- 
duced all 5 and 6 reel Oz features, Keystone- 
Triangle, Universal ("Roped." "A Fight for 
Love," played in "Marked Men"), American 
("Molly of the Follies," "A Sporting Chance"), 
Pathe ("This Hero Stuff"), Universal ("Bullet 
Proof," "Path She Chose," "Hitchin" Posts." 
"The Freeze Out," "Desperate Youth," "The 
Wallop"). Ad., home, 1443 Martel ave., Los 
Angeles. Member M. P. D A 

MACDONALD, Sherwood; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Yale 
Univ., Ph. B. ; early career, lawyer, author; 
screen career, Republic, Triangle ("What 
Every Mother Knows," "Muggsy," "Sunny 
Jane," "Checkmate," "Wildcat." "Bit of 
Kindling." "Betty Be Good," "Bab the Fixer," 
"Red Circle" serial) Robertson-Cole ("Cold 
Steel"). Home ad., 1221 W. 7th st., Los 
Angeles, Cal. ; phone 60121. 

MacGBEGOB, Norval; b. River Falls, Wis., 1865; 
stage exper. 20 yrs., lead and manager for 
Nance O'Neil; 5 yrs. mgr. Janet Waldorf in 
world tour; screen career, 8 yrs., independent 
release "100 Years of Mormonism," Selig,,Uni- 
versal, Calif. Film. Corp., Select "Children of 
Banishment" (Mitchell Lewis) Metro ("Mutiny 
of the Elsinore"). Home ad., Sierra Madre, Cal. 
Member M. P. D. A. 

MACKENZIE, Donald; b. Edinburgh, Scotland; 
educ. Stewart's Coll., Edinburgh; with Au- 
gustin Daly Co., Whitney Opera Co., played 
with Lew Fields In "The June Bride"; screen 
career, Pathe ("The Perils of Pauline," "The 
Spender," "The Pardon," "The Shielding Shad- 
ow," "The Challenge," "The Seven Pearls," 
Oliver ("Craig Kennedy" serial), S. L. K. Corp. 
("The Fatal Fortune" with Helen Holmes). 
Ad., Green Room Club, N. Y. 

MACQUABBIE, Murdock, also actor; b. and 
educ. San Francisco; stage career, played the 
waif in "Lights o' London" at age of 7, in 
rep., etc., with Henry Miller, W. A. Brady, 
Joseph Jefferson, E. S. Willard, in leading 
parts, several seasons in stock; screen career, 
with Biograph, was first lead with Kinema- 
color, to Universal in 1913, Signal ("Stain in 
the Blood," "Nancy's Birthright"), American 
("The Gambler's Last Love"), Selznick ("Pan- 
thea"), Bernstein ("Humility," "Loyalty," 
"Justice"), National ("The Son of Tarzan" 
serial, Universal ("Twisted Souls," "The 
Keeper of Hell Gate"). Goldwyn ("The Silver 
Horde"), Arrow ("Thunderbolt Jack"). Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 150; brown hair, gray eyes. Mem- 
ber M. P. D. A. Home ad., 1967 Beechwood 
Drive. Hollywood, Cal. 

MAIGNE, Charles; b. Richmond, Va., Nov. 11. 
ISSl; educ. Univ. of Notre Dame; early 
career, newspaper man, war correspondent, 
magazine writer, officer in U. S. Army; screen 
career, adapted and directed Famous Players 
("The Copperhead"), Artcraft ("The Invisible 
Bond," "Firing Line"), Select ( "Redhead," 
"World to Live In"), Special ("Quest of the 
Big 'Un"), Famous Players ("The Copper- 
head," "A Fighting Chance," "Frontier of the 
Stars," "The Kentuckians"), Realart ("A 
Cumberland Romance"). Ad., Lambs Club, 
N. Y. Member M. P. D. A. 

MABCUS, Siegbert T.; b. N. Y. C. ; educ. College 
of N. Y. C. ; early career, chemical engineer, 
screen career, Fox, Goldwyn, ("North Wind's 
Malice"). Home ad., 2001 Morris ave., N. Y. C., 
Ford 2722. 

MABSHAIX, George E.; b. Chicago, 1891; educ. 
St. John's Mil. Acad. ; Wisconsin and Univ. of 

Chicago; screen career, 4 yrs. with Universal 
"Love's Lariat," "Liberty" serial), dir. "Ad- 
ventures of Ruth," Ruth Roland Serials. 
"Ruth of the Rockies," Fox ("Prairie Trails," 
"Hands Off"). Member M. P. D. A. Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

MABSTON, Theodore M.; stage career covering 
a period of 20 yrs., creating and playing many 
leading character parts in B'way prods.; with 
Mary Mannering, H. B. Warner, Wm. H. 
Crane, etc., appearing in "The Man of the 
Hour," "The Girl from Rector's," "Quo Vadis," 
"Alias Jimmy Valentine," "The Squaw Man"; 
screen career, Pathe, Kinemacolor, Vitagraph, 
(dir. "Mortmain," "The Secret Kingdom"), 
McClure ("Greed," "Sloth," "Wrath," of 
"Seven Deadly Sins" series)' Universal ("The 
Girl by the Roadside," "The Raggedy Queen"), 
Vitagraph ("The Black Gate"). 

MABTIN, Al; b. and educ. Milwaukee, Wise.; 
stage career, vaud. ; screen career, 5 yrs. with 
Essanay, dir. Leo and Blanche White in come- 
dies, six Alt and Howell comedies, now making 
series of comedy-dramas for Leo White. Home 
ad.. 2021 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

MABTIN, E. A.; also scenario writer; stage 
career, with R. B. Mantell, Frank Mayo, 
general stage mgr. for David Belasco, author 
and producer of the play "Wyoming," stk. 
producer for 6 yrs.; screen career, Selig ("When 
a Woman's Forty," "The Fighting Fishmaid," 
"In Tune with the Wild," "The Lost City" 
serial "Miracles of the Jungle"). Home ad., 
3463 Mission road, Los Angeles, Cal.; studio, 
Selig Zoo. 

McCABTHY, J. P.; screen career, 5 yrs. as tech- 
nical director and assistant to D. W. Griffith, 
organized McCarthy Picture Productions, pro- 
duced "Out of the Dust," "The Weakness of 
the Strong." Office, Markham Bldg., Holly- 
wood, Cal.; home ad., 7519 Emelita ave., Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

McCOLLOUGH, Fhilo; b. San Brendo, Cal.; 
educ. there and Los Angeles; screen career, 
Selig, Mutual, Kalem, Metro, Bluebird ("The 
Dream Lady," "Rich Man's Darling"), Allan 
Dwan Prods. ("Soldiers of Fortune," "The 
Spleendid Hazard," "Heart of a Fool)," "The 
Scoffer"), Ince ("Market of Souls"), Fox ("The 
Untamed"). Home ad., 1341 Stanley ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal., studio, Fox. 

McGILL, Lawrence B.; b. Courtland, Miss., 1869; 
educ. Courtland Acad.; stage career, for 20 
yrs. directed traveling rep. and stock cos., 
producing more than 400 plays; screen career, 
dir., American-Eclair, Reliance-Majestic, All- 
Star, Metro, Arrow ("Children of St. Anne," 
"Arizona," "Pierre of the Plains," "The Price 
He Paid," "The Sealed Valley," "How Molly 
Made Good," "The Woman's Law," "Crime 
and Punishment"), Astra Pathe ("The Girl 
From Bohemia," "The Angel Factory"). 
Member M. P. D. A. 

MeGOWAN, John P.; director general, also actor; 
b. S. Australia; educ. Australia; stage career, 
with Robert Mantell, William Faversham, H. 
W. Savage, also in stock and vaud. ; screen ca- 
reer, Kalem, Lasky, formed Signal Corp. with 
S. S. Hutchinson to feature Helen Holmes, pro- 
duced "Girl and the Game," "Whispering 
Smith," "Medicine Bend," "Diamond Runners," 
"The Railroad Raiders," "The Lost Express," 
serial "Lure of the Circus," Universal ("Elmo, 
the Fearless," "Seal of Satan" serials), Robert- 
son-Cole (starred in and ' dir. "Cold Steel"), 
dir. and starred in "The Nerve of Nolan," 
"Discontented Wives" for State Rights. Mem- 
ber M. P. D. A. Los Angeles, Cal. 

MeGOWAN, Bobert F., also scenario writer; b. 
Denver, Colo.; educ. Denver pub schls. ; screen 
career, seen. Universal ("The Search of a Wife," 
"Their Only Son," etc.), Christie ("A Blessed 
Blunder," "Nearly a Papa"). Thos. H. Ince, 
National, directed Christie Comedies, has writ- 
ten and produced nearly 100 comedies, also 
Universal features, Flanagan Edwards, Carter 
De Haven, Chester Comedies, Gatzert Prod., 
home ad., 5343 Lexington ave., Los Angeles, 

McMACKIN, Archer; b. Lake City, Iowa; educ. 
Univ. of Chicago and Cornell; early career, 
magazine and newspaper writer in Chicago, 
reporter and special writer to Record-Herald; 
screen career, started writing for Essanay, 
Biograph and Lubin, later editor, Essanay, 
also wrote publicity, conducted contest which 
produced the word "photoplay" now uni- 
versally used; wrote more than 500 orig. 
stories and prod, nearly 400 subjects, best 
pictures, Essanay ("The Final Judgment," 



"The Right of Way"), American ("In the 
Purple Hills," "Everyheart"), National 
("Nothing But Nerve"), Model-Gale Henry 
("This Way Out"). Ince ("The Rookie's Re- 
turn"). Home ad.. 205 N. Broadway, Los 
Angeles, Cal. ; Pico 875. 

McRAE, Henry Alexander; b. Ontario, Can.; 
educ. there; stage career, on graduating from 
school toured with own co. for 2 yrs., later 
operated stock cos. in Seattle, Portland, Sac- 
ramento and San Francisco; took shows to 
Japan, Hawaii, the Orient; screen career, 1 yr. 
with Selig, Universal (dir. Bison animal and 
other features, dir. "The Pirate of Panama"), 
Bison ("Giant Powder," "A Night with Whis- 
pering Smith"). Formerly direc